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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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terrifying moment. >> reporter: i was wa. >> i was explosion threw me through the first set of doors. and there were people on the ground everywhere. >> the man was able to find his wife and daughter, thankfully they're okay. manchester police is setting up a phone number for loved ones to call. arianna grande is said to be all right. she is a pop singer and actress. she's released three albums and had the most top ten singles of any artist in 2014. she was in europe as part of her dangerous woman tour, her fan base is largely people in their teens and early 20s. we confirmed this breaking news
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just before 4:00 this afternoon, you can download the abc7 app and enable push alerts to keep getting more updates on this deloping story. now to tonight's top local story. a proposal to build a new high school just blocks away from a county jail. >> a parent emailed us about this issue that faces a vote tomorrow from the unified school district. the plan is to use the space to build a new high school. >> abc7 news reporter wayne friedman has our story. >> in dublin today, gabrielle blackmon picked up her two daughters at the elementary school. >> the dublin school board may vote to build a high school two long blocks from santa rita
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jail. >> it's insanity, it's a stupid location for a school, across from a prison. it's got to be a joke, it's a bad dream. >> reporter: but dublin has faced a population explosion in recent years, all the these school kids won't fit into the already existing dublin high. thus the search for a new campus in this city with not a lot of land left. >> i don't think we have any location in our field of vision right now that's completely ideal, no. but i think this actually has great possibilities. >> michelle mcdonald works for the school board who will hold a vote on this issue tomorrow night. they'll be getting an ear full. >> i think this community is angry that their children are not being fairly represented by this board. >> the alameda county sheriffs have told us they haven't had an issue with a release in 20 years. we have an elementary school that's .10 mile away.
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we have never had an issue in 15 years. >> it just takes one instance for there to be a problem, one, you want to take that risk with your kid? now at 6:00, the search for a palo alto bank robbery, this man went into the bank of america on litman avenue this afternoon, and gave the teller a note. the suspect is just under 5.5 feet tall. if you recognize him, call police. developing news now, we now now a pleasantton police officer shot and killed a man who had a replica gun. police released a photo of that replica gun. they say the wife of 50-year-old shannon steel called saturday. she said he was in the garage where he had guns. police say an officer shot and
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killed steel. b.a.r.t. crews will have to replace some damaged section of track, it will happen overnight so it will not disrupt service. it's still not clear what caused the train to derail. no one was hurt when that train derailed. b.a.r.t. is accused of collecting personal information on passengers, and even tracking some people. the b.a.r.t. watch app used to anonymously report crimes monitored user locations without consent. b.a.r.t. released a statement saying the safety and privacy of our riders are a priority and we want to make clear that we not using elert systems to identifyy passengers. advocates say it's about
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harm reduction but not everybody is on board. melanie woodrow is live at city hall in san francisco. >> reporter: members of the task force that are studying these potential safe injection sites say the ultimate goal is to save lives. but others say that needs to be balanced against overall public safety. in 90 days, this task force plans to issue a report analyzing the potential for what's known as safe consumption services in san francisco, place where is people could use drugs without being stigmatized. >> i don't want to make it easy for people to use drugs, but i also would have liked for my sister for example to have a place that could have saved her live. . >> reporter: today advocates and supporters of safe injection sites held signs that said facts are greater than fear. >> the reason we're here is because our friends are dead,
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our family members are passed on the streets, in bathrooms, in allies. >> reporter: there are similar sites in country, including canada, here locally park city law enforcement service has concerned. >> if it saves live, we're all for that, but again we're concerned what happens after these individuals inject drugs after they go back into the neighborhood. >> are they going to become more aggressive? unbalan unbalanced. >> reporter: while the conversation is far from over, many here today say this is a step in the right direction. >> this is the san francisco i have heard about back in the day. >> reporter: when it comes to public health and public policy. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. a northern california man has died of botulism after eating gas station cheese. he contracted the rare form of
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poison from nachos he bought outside of san francisco. today his family said he was in a near coma state and died surrounded by loved ones. workers at the ferry building stopped an attempted kidnapping this morning. police say a woman was walking with her 2-year-old son when another woman grabbed the boy andri yanked him away. >> the mother was in a struggle and this alerted pedestrians and other shoppers that something was wrong, they immediately jumped in and helped the subject. >> you can tell she was confused and probably not stable. >> police have charged the man with attempted kidnapping. the mom and the boy were taken to a local police station to recover from the shock. a man was asked to move
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seats on a plane to china because of his prosthetic leg. kate larsen spoke to aviation experts about the recent issues caught on camera. >> oh, my god. wow. >> reporter: tim took this cell phone video of an employee asking him to get out of his seat because of his prosthetic leg. >> i do feel discriminated against. >> reporter: seaward said he paid extra for a seat with more leg room, has sat in exit rows many times and can perform the necessary safety duties. >> they said i wasn't a normal person and they said they were going to kick me off the plane. >> i think in his case he did the right thing. >> reporter: a retired airline
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pilot said that seaward was diskram natured against. >> asserting your right at the time of an issue with a carrier could result in a delay, could result in a removal. >> sea ward's story has elicited a strong reaction on social media from a flying public bomb gua barreded with story this is year of passengers being ejected from planes, like dr. david dao being dragged off a united flight. >> it's easier for people to be held accountable for their actions. in the past when we didn't have video. it would be one person's word against another. >> reporter: the faa policy allows people with prosthetics to sit in an exit row. at san francisco international airport, kate larsen, abc7 news. >> asiana airlines did reach out to tim about this incident.
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and did apologize for what happened. apple's new campus is just about finished, we'll get a sneak peek behind couper teen know's spaceship. and next, we're live in san jose, with the hiccups getting in the way of a flood prevention project. i'm spencer christian, now our heat is ready to retreat, a cooldown in my accuweather forecast. a homeowner's compl
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[ seagulls squawking ] we are live right now over breaking news where a train has
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hit a car. this is in palo alto. the train involved belongs to cal train. the train was scheduled to be in menlo park at 5:00 p.m. the crash happened just a few blocks away from embarcadero road. we're told that no fatalities are involved. in a tweet, cal train describes it as a fender bender. the car is already off the tracks but five trains are affect and currently delayed. after last winter's floods, efforts are under way to keep them from happening again. abc7 news reporter david lui is live to describe what happened. >> reporter: if you have ever done a bathroom or kitchen remodel, the last thing you want are surprise expenses.
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you can see from sky 7 what a big project it is. hundreds of homes and commercial buildings es lie in aie in aie i zone. >> if the area is flooded and passengers can't get access to our station, that affects the service. >> reporter: however the two partners in the project, the army corps of engineers and the valley water district have now added some new conditions to offset environmental harm. the valley water district says restoring wet lands or creeks could cost an additional $50 million. the corps of engineers calls the project a dinosaur because it uses stones that aren't environmentally friendly. >> this is a project that's been on the books that we're trying
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to finish up. >> reporter: the new mitigation measures proposed last month surprised the water district. >> there was a statement they would consider in theeee whether compensatory legislation was involved. they said it was not a requirement and would be a consideration. >> reporter: the regional water board says the army corps and valley water have until october 2 to file its mitigation plans. funding them is still uncertain. a list of the top companies leads tonight's bay area business watch. these are places in america where linkedin says people are most interested ining alphabet, amazon is second, face boork comes in third, salesforce which is close to completing the tallest building in san francisco. despite some negative press,
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uber rounds out the top five. stocks started the week off on a positive note, the dow gained 90 points closing just under 21,000, the nasdaq went up by 50 points, the s&p added 12. apple's new state of the art headquarters in cupertino is in the final stages of completion. but as a few employees quietly begin to work there, we have a new look at the futuristic campus. >> reporter: it was the brain child of steve jobs, today after the anticipated opening date, the complex is just about finish, sky 7 flew over the site this afternoon. you can see the perfect circle design of the main building. i also want to show you this pretty sun set view. sky 7 spotted workers installing solar panels on the roof today. some of the park like features
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are taking shape. take a look, some of the 9,000 trees have been planted and this giant found fountain is under construction. steve jobs theater looks mostly completed. that's this structure right there. but the actual auditorium is under ground and that's where future apple unveilings will be held. you can also see tunnels that take construction crews inside he ring and employees can go from one end of the campus to the other. there will be a visitor center with an a apple store and cafe open to the public. a senate plan to offer health care to everyone in california could cost $400 million. for comparison, the entire state budget last year was $170 billion. the plan would eliminate insurance companies, give all
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californians coverage. it would eliminate deductibles and co-pays. it would come with a cost, half of the $400 billion would be covered by current spending, however the other half would require a state payroll tax. >> it would improve the coverage for millions who are uninsured and whose high deductible and co-pays limit and prevent them from accessing care. >> the senate is reviewing the legislation and has not set a date to vote on it. today is a spare the air and . >> air pollution legals are set to reach unhealthy legals. abc7 nice weather
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meteorologist spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> here's a look at the projected high temperature range in san jose for the next seven days, notice this is a perfectly symmetrical pattern here. bowing out at 73 degrees, thursday and friday coming right back up to 77, 79 and then back up to 82 degrees at the end of the seven day period. and the high temperature pattern that most of the bay area will see over the next seven days. it's still sunny and quite warm over some of our inland areas right now. in fact our 24-hour temp change is warmer than in fairfield yesterday, but all other temperatures are a few degrees cooler than they were yesterday. we have a few little skinny fingers of fog reaching out over the city right now, it's currently 59 in san francisco, 68 in oakland, 72 in mountain
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view and 55 in half moon bay. here's a look at emeryville, with the fog stacked up at the coastline there. 77 in santa rosa, 76 in napa, that's mild. 94 right now in fairfield, 91 at concord and 89 at livermore. and these are fingers of fog reaching out from mt. tam. we'll see coastal fog expanding overnight, cooling trend will be with us through friday, and we'll have milder weather for memorial day weekend. here's our fog pattern overnight and notice it will surge across the bay and locally inland and then during the early morning hours, we'll see a pull back to the coastline, and by mid afternoon or so into early evening, we'll see fog at the coast, but bright and sunny over our inland areas and over the bay. it will be mainly in the low to mid 50s, but some locations will see lows dropping into the upper 40s. then highs tomorrow will range from upper 50s at the coast, to mainly mid 70s right around the
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bay, and we'll see a few upper 80s in some of the warmer inland locations, in fact antioch will top out at 90 degrees tomorrow. by thursday we'll see most locations around the bay area, 5 to 15 degrees cooler on thursday than they were today. here's a look at the accu-weather seven day forecast. looks like we'll see a little bit of increase in clouds as it gets cooler wednesday, even cloudier thursday, and cooler thursday and friday. then monday memorial day is looking nice and sunny and mild with temperatures back into the mid 80s inland. a clipper card can get you on to almost all bay area transit agencies. coming up, find
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happening now, a discussion about making it easier to bike and walk around one of the main access poifbt points of the b.a.r.t. hill station. they're making it safer for drivers, walker and cyclists. one day, you could will able to load money on your clipper card through your phone. but not for another five years. today the metropolitan transportation commission discussed what changes could be made for the next generation
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clipper card. one option is including bay area bike share, also called bay area go bike. oakland police are asking for your help in finding the vandals who damaged the gardens at lake merit. >> it seems pretty sensible for somebody to come in here and do damages to such a beautiful and serene place. >> workers arrived early this morning to repair the electrical system damaged in the weekend attack. the vandals also ripped the front tires off a utility vehicle and damaged some eagle scout equipment. friends of the gardens of lake merit are asking for donations to help make repairs as well as some voluntary labor. finding affordable housing is one of the hardest parts of living in the bay area, meet one woman who says she's trying to help, but local regulations get
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in the way. and next a 7 on your side investigation into
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an update now on that breaking news in manchester england where police have confirmed 19 people are dead and 50 others are hurt after what they are calling a terrorist incident. some sort of an explosion is believed to have happened outside an arianna grande concert. listen closely, you should be able to hear a boom. [ explosion ] >> facebook has activated it's safety check for people in the area, and manchester police are working on setting up a phone number for concerned loved ones to call. incredibly generous localers are offering places to stay tonight
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if they can't get home. you can express your feelings by sharing this image, it's on our abc7 news facebook page. in san jose, a land owner wants to help the city come up with a solution for affordable housing. >> she's offering to fund the project herself and even has space on lincoln avenue, but the city is pushing back on the idea. >> reporter: today what we're doing is we're reading an excerpt. alana is a teacher at willow glen middle school, every year she questions where to move out of the bay area because of the high cost of living and lack of affordable housing. >> the city will lose good teachers, if you have someone like myself who is a single parent, it is next to impossible. >> reporter: that's why land owner sarah chapman is taking action, she wants to build between 8 to 16 affordable apartments for teachers charging them $2,000. >> i would only charge them
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$1,000 a month in rent and then $1,000 would go towards a downpayment, so in three years that can wire a $650,000 condo. >> reporter: but chapman can't move forward because her land is owned commercial. she needs the city to grant her a permit for mixed use residential so she can go ahead with affordable housing. officials say that san jose doesn't have enough land for housing use. >> in san jose, only 50% of our land is zoned commercial and industrial. generating important money into our general funtd, that funds libraries, parks, police and fire, those are really important services. >> reporter: city planners want chapman to put more city services on the land. chapman is getting a chance to go before the planning commission on wednesday night and it will decide what to
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approve the project. bail is set at $3 million tonight for the wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy in a deadly crash. she's accused of causing a crash in san ramon last year that killed a 2-year-old boy. she was charged with public intoxication after she was found lying on the ground. today the defense called its first witness in the sentencing phase of the sierra lamar murder trial. the defendant's mother was the first to take the stand to try to persuade a jury to spare her son. the state is looking into a complaint from a hayward woman when she paid her home warranty company for an upgrade that she
6:33 pm
didn't even get. >> michael finney has been looking into this as well a. >> reporter: we purchase home warranty insurance to protect ourselveses from unexpected expenses and untimely repairs, one woman says her warranty company hasn't held up her end of the deal. charlene does the best she can to maintain her 57-year-old mobile home in hayward, right now she lives in the home with lucky the cocatoo. she says she's not able to maintain the home. >> i'm not as young as i used to be. >> reporter: that's why she purchased this home warranty from first american home buyers protecti protection. wen her heater broke down, she filed a claim. she says first american offered to pay her $500 rather than repairing or replacing the heater. first american has a right to do
6:34 pm
that under the contract. charlene is not obligated the accept the offer. >> i was not happy. >> reporter: she decided to contact 7 on your side. we contacted first american and they told us it would agree to replace the heater. we would later learn from charle charlene, she was asked to pay 1,075 toward a new heater. >> i wanted heat. >> reporter: charlene says first american informed her that the law required mobile homeowners replace their heaters. >> heaters would have to be at 90% heat efficiency. mine was at 80%. >> reporter: u.s. department of energy, california energy commission and a local heating contractor all told us there was no such law. >> the minimum efficiency for furnaces in california is 80%, so there's no code that requires high efficiency furnaces.
6:35 pm
>> we notified first person about our finding, and it said that our home warranty contracts has terms, conditions and limitations, as a result there may be out of pocket costs for some items or repairs. first american said it would work with charlene on a resolution, but charlene said no resolution was everybody offered. we showed our contractor the work order from first american. >> it states right in here, 92% efficient furnace. >> he said that was not what was installed in charlene's home. >> it's 80%. >> it is an 80%? >> reporter: it was also a different model. the work order paid for a payne heater, that was 96% efficient. charlene told us a contractor who installed her coleman
6:36 pm
originally bought a heater that didn't fit. he found another heater to replace it. the contractor said he was following instructions from first american. we reached out to first american again, it stood by its original statement. >> i'm just angry at the home warranty company and probably a little bit the installer, because i don't know what's going on. >> i will stay on top of this and i'll let you know what happens. >> coming up at 11:00, you have a really interesting story. >> to show a numeric rating on a scale of 1 to 100. >> i look for the 90 plus, if i'm not going to buy something. but is t >> reporter: but is the wine you're buying highly rated? it's not safe to go in the water, and look, you're seeing the reason next.
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find out why there are so many more sharks off our california coast than usual.
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you.
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don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. today president trump became the first sitting u.s. president
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to visit the western wall in israel. it's part of his first foreign trip which is taking him to five countries in nine days. today the president left saudi arabia and arrived in tel aviv, met with the president of israel and prime minister netanyahu. >> but we are more than friends we are great allies, we have so many opportunities in front of us. but we must seize them together. >> meanwhile, back at home, the president's former national security advisor will not cooperate with a senate investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election, michael flynn will invoke his fifth amendment right against incrimination. the trump administration is standing by its earth to crack down on sanctuary cities despite a court ruling against it. u.s. attorney general jeff sessions released a final guidance in a memo that defines
6:41 pm
a sanctuary jurisd this comes despite a ruling last month that temporarily blocked that effort. san francisco district attorney dennis herrera issued a response to the memo saying quote, this guidance memo is coming from an administration that has a different explanation for things seemingly every time you turn around. this memo is self-serving and we can't trust it or rely on it. how san francisco is remembering this pioneer of gay rights.
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[ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] harvey milk was born 87 years ago today. me grew up, became an entrepreneur and activist and the first openly gay man to hold public office before he was assassinated just 11 months into his term. as abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains, his ideas live
6:45 pm
on and they're being celebrated today on harvey milk day. >> reporter: it's one of 26 displays around the neighborhood. the kids at harvey milk civil rights academy, took part in windows for harvey, honoring harvey milk all over the castro. >> he stands for so many things like equality for all. this holiday, it's about harvey, but it's about our community as well. >> reporter: so the community got free admission to the museum on milk's birthday. >> it's never too early to expose this little one to the history and culture of san francisco. >> reporter: a culture that wasn't always so welcoming of differences. >> this tape is only to be played in the event of my death of assassination. i ask for you to continue to grow. >> reporter: it all started right here.
6:46 pm
milk's ideas have echoed across the country. >> teresa sparks, the mayor's transgender affairs director. >> the laws in our country change, it's represented by a main bow flag. >> a documentary about himming is being played for students and seniors. >> harvey's message of giving them hope is very important for youth. >> reporter: it's the best birthday gift they can imagine. >> it's about giving young people out there hope. got to give them hope. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. queue the theme music for jaws, several california beaches are closed because of dozens of shark sightings. two great white sharks were
6:47 pm
spotted today and 25 were spotted off this same beach yesterday. about two weeks ago some beaches farther north were also closed because of multiple shark sightings. >> there do seem to be a few more sharks than usual. it is their breeding and mating season. so the ecosystem is very strong. this time of year is also spawning season for grunion which those sharks feed off of. >> reporter: the beach was closed after helicopters spotted 15 more great white sharks just off the coast. the barrier is a beautiful place, and abc7 news viewers prove it. this picture has the #abc7now which helped us find it and feature it on the. >> that's a great shot. here's a look from the roof of our abc7 news studios.
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>> later in the week, we'll probably see a little bit les of the blue and more of the clouds. it's still going to be beautiful. we have low clouds and fog at the coast, sunny skies inland. overnight fog will be dense along the bay. then tomorrow the fog pulls back to the coastline giving us sunny conditions in the bay and inland. and how about old forecast, temperature will be in the low 80s graduation time. dropping into the low 70s after 6:00 p.m. partly cloudy, much cooler on wednesday, increasing clouds through thursday. a cooling trend through friday. milder weather on saturday and sunday and especially monday which is memorial day. it's going to be a lovely memorial day. >> there's still one team that can sweep their western conference finals, but i forget
6:49 pm
what their name is. >> the dubs? >> the dubs. >> coming up on game four, the western conference finals ask under way in san antonio. the warriors t
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game four of the western conference finals is under way in san antonio. les take in some of the early highlights. the spurs and greg popovich have their back against the wall and they don't like it. curry stayed on the court for a while, no foul was called. san antonio got off to a slow start, but dany green knocks off this three. and kevin durant pulling up for a three-pointer. rookie patrick mccall got the start tonight. he picks up another 3, part of a 13-0 run. patrick goes through all five defenders in this basket. now with eight minutes left in the second quarter, spurs lead san antonio 40-39. boston rallied from a
6:53 pm
21-point third quarter deficit and beat the defending champ at home. one reason for the loss, lebron james who scored three points and none in the third quarter. >> you got to play the whole night and play aggressive. it's the eastern conference finals. it's nothing for him. what he does, what he brings, it's not enough, he knows that, we know that, and we'll just expect him to be better on day four. >> having won 7 of their last 9 games, the giants are trying to keep that momentum going in chicago. john lackey got the start, and joe panic takes them deep to left. it's panic's eighth home run of the season. albert lemore jr. makes the
6:54 pm
catch, robbing him of extra bases. it's panic with the big hit, this ball goes over the head of jason hi jason hayward. and this ball keeping carrying, it will go for a double. and eduardo she becomes the school's first female athletic director since season jose state combined its mens and women's programs in 1987. >> we must elevate the success of all our teams and create sustainable resources. it is imperative that football lead the way and we are experiencing a new era of spartan football. after going through a drive through yesterday, scott dixon
6:55 pm
was robbed at gunpoint. the two were making a food run for a group of drivers. fortunately no one was hurt. two teenaged boys were later arrested and charged with robbery. dixon's team owner later joked, well, there goes that taco bell sponsorship. next time they might be going to mcdonald's. we can laugh about it, fortunately no one got hurt. >> maybe they go to wendy's, mcdonald's. anywhere but taco bell. >> thanks, rick. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofi tv 20 cable 13 at 11:00. we're staying on top of our breaking news from manchester england. 19 people are confirmed dead and dozens more hurt in a likely terrorist attack at the arianna
6:56 pm
grande concert. and the bachelorette result, rachel lindsay will be on jimmy kimmel live. >> all right, that's it for this edition of abc7 nudews, look fo breaking news on the abc7 news app and on twitter.
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