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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 24, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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great signs, but it will be some time before he makes a full recovery. >> these children are getting shot and it's not just fair. >> maria fletcher says she's had enough of the violence in the neighborhood. >> just put the guns down. you know, these people are not going to get up and walk after they get shot. they're going to grieve, the parents are going to be hurt. >> reporter: the bring is in children's hospital recovering from gunshot wounds. >> it's just disheartening to see crimes against our youth in our community because it impacts the trajectory of their future and ours. >> reporter: it happened in the fruit vail neighborhood. it's unclear what prompted the shooting or even where the shots
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came, from but police say the boy was not the intended target. >> if you're in this area, whether you're driving through or walking through or if you're at a property that has video surveillance, that can help us solve this crime. >> a soccer family is helping to raise money for the family with a go fund me page. >> if you want to help support the b isai and his family, you can go to nbc 7 website. today libyan security forces detained the brother of concert bomber 22-year-old salman abedi in tripoli. today more raids were carried out across manchester and beyond. authorities have now taken seven people into custody. >> i think it's very clear that this is a network that we are
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investigating, and as i have said, it continues at a pace, there's extensive investigations going on and activity going on across greater manchester as we speak. >> armed soldiers have been dispatched across the united kingdom. british authorities say they ha have taken a closer look at the bomb and have concluded that abedi had help building it. all shows through the first week of ariana grande's shows have been this sunday's indianapolis 500 race will be heightened security. >> one thing that fans may notice this year, there may be an increased presence of law enforcement folks, armed law enforcement folks, wandering through the grounds. >> full coverage of the indy 500 begins at 8:00 a.m. this sunday
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only on abc7. developments in the trial of four county guards have pleaded not guilty. they're charged in the beating death of mentally ill inmate michael tyree back in 2015. closing arguments wrap up today, if convicted, the men could be sen techbsed to life in prison. police say they fired the deadly shots. kate larsen has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the investigation is still very much ongoing and the nerves are still rattled here in this neighborhood, the woman who lives in that mint green house says that she was watching tv with her family downstairs when bullets ripped through her two upstairs bedrooms, she's just glad she decided to stay up late.
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cell phone video shows police carefully approaching a man they shot overnight in south san francisco. but the suspect, a man who lives in the neighborhood was already dead, shot and killed by south san francisco police around midnight on cork place. karen recorded the cell phone video and says she recognized him as her neighbor. >> his head, his face, there was a lot of blood. i saw this man's head, his neck, blown off. >> he opened up his truck, he pulled out this big rifle. >> reporter: before the shooting, stella says she watched from her window as police pulled out their guns. >> that's when the gunshots start shooting. >> reporter: police say the suspect was holding the shotgun in the street when they arrived and that he refused to obey their commands. >> they just says, drop your gun, drop your gun, three times. >> but police won't say if the suspect returned fire. but bullet holings through the walls and glass doors of
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neighborhood homes are evidence of the many rounds fired. >> there was a lot of yelling and then i heart around like nine gunshots. >> at the time the young man speaking who did not want to be identified didn't realize that his jeep was caught in the cross fire, bull let holes through his trunk and rear window. >> reporter: south san francisco pd and the san mateo district attorney's office are still investigating. neighbors who knew the man for years say he was quiet and stuck to himself. two months after he was arrested, an east bay man has pled guilty to charges that will send him to prison on a ten-year sentence, 33-year-old pablo ruiz pled guilty to committing sex acts on an unconscious minor. detectives in virginia got in touch saying that ruiz was trading child porn over the internet.
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ruiz will have to register as a sex offender. a former playboy model will be cleaning up graffiti because she secretly took pictures of someone in a locker room. she posted it on snapchat with the caption, if i can't unsee this, then you can't east ever. mathers says she meant to send the picture privately to a friend, but accidently posted it publicly. in addition to community service, she i'm serve three years probation. today abc7 news received special permission to fly drone view 7 over alamo square in san francisco. the iconic park reopened after a multimillion dollar restore ration. reactions after a long renovation process, wayne? >> reporter: behind me, a world famous view and people taking advantage of it tonight. you have the green grass, you have the painted ladies, you have the skyline of san
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francisco ever changing and people taking it in for the first time in a year. the park is assessable to people again. a place they called home during rebuilding, in short, hallowed ground. today after one year and almost $6 million of work, alamo scare park reopened with new trees, new grass, drought resistant plants and improved efficiency. >> it went from the most water wasted park in our system, to the most water efficient system. >> we have had les visitors, it's been stressful. >> reporter: because at the a a alamo square deli, with the park closed pretty much kept them close. this is a shot of alamo square park before they pulled the fences down.
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after today, though, no regrets. >> i'm pretty grateful for all they did with the landscaping, we sat down on this grass and it kind of feels like a mattress. >> reporter: where else in the city can someone take a nap and wake up to a city's past, present and future in one glance. unmatched in the city, from alamo square park, in san francisco, wayne friedman, abc7 news. jurors from a san francisco court today ruled two former professors infringed on uc patents when they used plant material from the school to develop a new type of strawberry for their own company. damages have yet to be determined. california grows 80% of the strawberries eaten in america. and strawberries grown at uc davis account for 60% of all
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strawberriesati strawberries nationwide. we'll have cooling clouds the next couple of days, but memorial day weekend will bring back the warmth, i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. making the perfect wine with an eye in the sky. why drones a s ars are buzzing napa valley. and
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we have breaking knew details on the mystery of a missing uber tridriver. a husband and father that hasn't
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been seen for ten days, they have identified a person of interest and believe foul play is involved. he owed money to a manage for a gaming debt. police were going to interview tang, but they believe he got scared and possibly fled to his native cambodia. last night investigators from the special crimes unit says that they found his car stripped of everything on saturday. tennis superstar sarina williams is going from the tennis court to the boardroom. she hopes to inspire change when it comes to encouraging companies to diversify their ranks. >> reporter: she's known as one of the greatest athletes of all time. and now serena williams is set
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to inspire others in a new way. >> i'm now silicon valley official and i got to go to work. it's kind of cool. >> reporter: the tennis great announcing on social media, her new role with survey monkey. >> it's one more individual that children of color are able to look up to and say i absolutely can do it. >> reporter: survey monkey encourages businesses to hire women. in a statement she says, i feel like diversity is something i speak to, change is always happening, change is always building, what is important to me is to be at the forefront of that change. >> if i'm really good friends with sheryl sandberg, we go way back. and she thought it would be a really good idea. she also sits on this board. >> sandberg is coo at facebook.
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her late husband was survey monkey's ceo. >> the board is an important aspect of any company. you can't say they just collect a chunk of change, the board has influence, it's a big deal. and right now they're all old and they're all white. >> she just has a good track record of communicating and empathizing with other people. i'm so tired of both political parties talking about incrementalism, america has always thought big and boldly. what has happened to us? >> think big, that's the advice today from former vice president joe biden who gave the annual class stay address to ann arbor class of 2017. biten told students they're
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graduating at a moment of great change. mark zuckerberg is scheduled to give harvard's commencement speech. tomorrow he will receive an honary degree. united airlines ceo offered a reassurance to shareholders. oscar munos says the company is doing all it can to be more customer friendly since video surfaced of a passenger being forced off a plane last move. employers of united contractors demanded higher pay. united's stock fudged during the day, it actually closed down by 9 cents, the dow closed up by 74 points and the s&p closed at a record high 2404.
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tonight the president is -- the donald trump administration recently agreed to funding $650 million project to electrifial cal trains. >> governor jerry brown attended a climate conference in the netherlands. >> what is real is that in future, investing in climate will bring growth and will bring jobs. >> reporter: the netherlands considers california to be in the forefront of the climate battle against the trump administration. >> president trump is a >> the president met with the pope today, known as a defender of the environment. >> don't underestimate the power of the holy father.
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>> reporter: the president has said he would decide if the u.s. would continue supporting the paris climate change agreement following this current international trip and after sitting down with the group of seven nations. within his administration, secretary of state rex tillerson supports the agreement. proof that the president may be changing his stance on climate change is his recent commitment to fund a $650 million federal grant to electrify all right, time to check on our weather as we work our way into the week, we wish it were a little -- >> you're thinking it's friday, late friday. >> actually i'm thinking friday on sunday. you know, there is nothing average about bay area weather,
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the trend recently has been the temperatures go way up above average and go way below average and bounce back up again, so we're using concord as ourrrrrrr we'll see low 70s in congress kord, temperatures will come up to 76 on saturday, and nearly 90 on monday, which is memorial day and then it will remain warm for a couple of days and temperatures taper off again, that's the pattern we'll see all around the bay area for the next few days, with temperatures falling and rising for the weekend. we're showing 24 hour temperature change, which is quite a drop. 16 degrees cooler in concord, 14 degrees cooler in antioch and fairfield. here's the view from our south beach camera, downtown san francisco, looking at bright skies, with a few clouds over the bay, it's 64 across the bay
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in oakland, mountain view 69, 70 in san jose, 57 in half moon bay. looking westward from emeryville, it's currently 57 in santa rosa, 62 in fairfield, 66 in concord, and 69 in livermore. here's the view from mt. tam. over the bay we have clouds at various legals of the atmosphere. we'll see widespread low clouds overnight. patchy morning drizzle along the coastline and we'll be warming up for the holiday weekend. let's look at overnight conditions, we'll see the fog move from the coast out over the bay and inland, much as it did last night. once again, chance of patchy drizzle mainly near the coastline. and by mid morning we'll see the fog pulling back from the coastline and lingering low
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clouds at the coast. overnight lows will be generally in the low to mid 50s, so it will be generally mild overnight. tomorrow's high also not be very high at all. inland areas will see highs in the low to mid 70s, upper 60s to near 70 around the bay, upper 50s on the coast. coming up, friday, saturday and sunday in napa, it will be bottle rock music festival. and sky condition will get brighter and temperatures will be climbing from low 70s on friday to upper 70s on sunday. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast for the entire bay area, we'll see much cooler than average temperatures tomorrow and friday, under mostly cloudy skies. much warmer on sunday, and on monday we'll see high temperatures inland in the upper 80s, mid up toer 70s around the bay and 60s on the coast.
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a lovely day off for some of us. >> not all of us clearly. coming up next, abc777777777 claims that tesla employees are working in dangerous conditions. michael
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ride share could get a little bit more expensive in san francisco. the supervisor wants to add a fee that would ease congress jessation. there's concern about the number of drivers that circle the block slowly. the fee could be similar to one that was imposed in massachusetts which adds 20 cents per ride. a new report out today backs up some of the accusations tesla workers have been making recently about conditions at the freemont plant. >> kristen here with the findings and the tesla response. >> tesla motors are regarded asd the car of the future. today the oakland based nonprofit work safe posted this report conducted after it was approached by the united auto workers union. the big headline, workers there
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were injured at a much higher rate than the industry average. for example in 2015, for every 100 tesla workers, 8.8 were injured. the industry average 6.7. >> tesla is about 30% higher than the industry average in terms of overall injuries. and more than double the industry average in terms of more serious injuries. >> tesla sent abc7 news a response, we have had some challenges in the past as we were learning how to become a car company. but what matters is the future. and with the changes we have made, we now have the lowest injury rate in the industry by far. work safe says more than half of the injuries at tesla arer go nomically related. you can expect more testing on tesla in the coming months as the push to unionize comes up. north bay based employmen
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website asked people how often they take vacation or paid time off. the average american worker took about half of the paid time off allotted to them. 2/3 of them admitted they did work while on say indication and 25% say they were contacted by a colleague about work. new at 6:00, a drone's view of a vineyard to find out how it can help make better wine. and next, why doctors are hopeful a partially paralyzed cal rugby
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. we have come from being broken to having hope. >> hope, that's what a father has for his son's future. even with an injury that has left him partially paralyzed. challenges do lie ahead for robert paylor, a cal rugby player who fell on his head and became partially paralyzed at a game in santa clara earlier this
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month. >> his doctor and father gave reporters an update on his condition. >> reporter: it has been a difficult 2 1/2 weeks since cal sophomore robert palor arrived at baylor medical center. a cervical disk was removed that was pushing against hiss spinal cord after landing on his head during a rugby game on that 6. he remains paralyzed. there is hope in that robert does have some sensation running from his head to his toes. >> people who have sensation that go all the way to the bottom of their spinal cord have a better chance of having recovery of those types of strength in their hands and eventually in their feet. so we can see that with this type of injury. >> reporter: recovery could take a year and a lot of physical
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therapy. >> we're interested in seeing how his hands recover, that's one of the most important areas to be able to do thing like go to school without support systems. >> reporter: his father says the injury has brought out the best in his son. >> he's very goal oriented and he knows he wants to get wherever he needs to be and whatever he needs to do he'll do it. >> reporter: and this picture taken yesterday shows his attitude. >> the fact that he has in this his soul gives me hope that he's going to make it. >> good to see him smiling, even in a difficult situation. hundreds of teachers stayed out of the classroom during a one-day strike in petaluma. teachers picketed within schools that stayed open late for support staff. teachers they have been working
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without a contract for a year. >> we're fighting for a fair contract. we're fighting for respect, for our working conditions, we feel our district has been unfair in the way they have handled negotiations. >> the school says it has a contractual agreement that teachers eastern at least above the average of districts in the north bay. it took corrupt practices and a broken promise by the governor to get the controversial bill approved, the taxpayer association claims the bill was approved after state lawmakers made secret deals out of the public eye. the lawmaker who is benefit the most from the deal they'll get more than a billion dollars in pork in exchange in their support. >> was there a quid pro quo, absolutely, there was a quid pro quo, was it legal? it stinks to high heaven.heaven.
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>> caltrans says the money will help it catch up on long overdue repair work. a drone flew over a napa vineyard. wine country is abuzz over the newest tool in the vineyards, jonathan bloom explains, drones weren't just great at taking pictures, they're making great wine. a story that's new at 6:00. >> reporter: the next time you uncork a delicious bottle of napa valley cabernet, you may have this drone to w jorge used to -- >> you can fly one block, two, three, four, five six, the entire field. >> this app that flies a drone over field and vineyards taking high resolution pictures and stitching them together. >> vineyards are the perfect
6:34 pm
consumer, they're very high value. >> flying every week or two, the drone can find a problem like this irrigation leak before the problem becomes a bigger one. compared to walking over the vineyards, flying over them can be much faster, but it can also help detect >> the data coms from a cloud. >> the virus which can actually consume the environment and in many cases, if the vine is experiencing it, the vine has to be ripped out of the ground. >> reporter: they caught it in time before it spread. sky vision already has its eyes on new markets. >> we're thinking strawberries,
6:35 pm
almon almonds, citrus. >> those pricey pricey napa val wine. in the napa valley, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. holiday weekend plans can't involve california rivers because they're too dangerous. king's river is closed to swimmers and boaters. there's a large amount of inflow from meltoff from the sierra. >> the water is flowing at a very fast rate. you can see bushes and trees in the water which catch boaters and swimmers. >> and in addition to the debris, the water temperature is very low. a live look from mt. tam. shows, wow, the fog really rolling in, spencer will have your holiday weekend forecast in 10 minutes. and next, see how the meeting went between the president and th
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happening now, president trump is in brussels ahead of a big nato summit. he met with pope francis at the
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vatican this morning. the pair had a contentious relationship during the campaign, but president donald trump was all smiles today. >> he is something, he is really great. we had a fantastic meeting and it was very beautiful. we're liking italy very much. >> belgium was the fourth stop on his overseas tour. reaction coming in from both sides of the aisle from from the cbo on the republican health care plan. >> unless millionai millionaire, donald trump care is a nightmare. this should be the final nail in the coffin to sabotage our health care system. >> that report found that 23 million americans would lose their insurance over the next nine years and it would reduce deficits by $109 million.
6:40 pm
the house bill is currently being modified by senate republicans, the senate is expected to make major changes to that bill. contra kos costa blue moms unveiled at memorial for a high school student who died in combat. eric hodges was serving in iraq when he was killed in 2004. now he will always be remembered at el diablo high school. >> we want to make sure that our fallen warriors here in contra costa county are not forgeten. their sacrifice should be remembered and we wait a minuted to make sure that happened. >> this is the third memorial the group has placed at an east bay high school, and they hope to put up nine more, each costs about $5,000. $8 billion, that's how much
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you pay taxes and fees and bills so maybe it's time somebody pays you for a change. >> chances are you do have some money coming to you, it could be a little or maybe even a life changer. michael finney shows us how to find it. >> there you go. i've been telling folks about this for a long, long time. yet there are still billions of dollars just waiting to be claimed by millions of us here in california. so i went out and helped viewers find their money. most were surprised by what they found in a very happy way. the treasures are here waiting to be claimed. solid gold coins, rare baseball cards, savings bonds now worth more than half a million dollars, belongs to someone out there, maybe you. >> my office is holding on to $8
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billion in property. >> the state controller says 36 million of us have cash or valuables just waiting to be claimed. that's nearly one item for every man, woman child and california. >> we make it easy, we ask that everyone check regularly. >> while the state is held holding on to gems like these, most of that is cash, bank dividends, stocks, things no one knew about. the state returns $600,000 worth of valuables every single day. it's as simple as typing your name into the claim database. >> you're rich, you did better than me. >> 7 on your side helped people hunt for unclaimed treasures during our ask finney event
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earlier this month. more than half of those who tried got something. >> $9.27. >> maybe it's there. >> well it says it's there. >> i'll get us a couple of tacointaco in s and beer. >> gary found >> $135 of ibm stock dividends. >> $2.06. and another >> i found $108.12. >> those shares are worth 9 bucks each, together it's nearly $1,000. it was a lot of fun and a lot of
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surprise. >> oh, thank you. >> i'm really shocked that the state actually owes us for a change. >> thank you, michael finney. >> athena and gary here have a question, i guess we were just helping you out? >> $135 is waiting to be picked up. >> that proves my theory, abc7 rocks. >> this is wonderful. >> to find any money you may have coming to you, go to our websi website, also be sure you look up the names of your parents and grandparents. the state is holding on to $100 million in life insurance benefits. you may have inherited benefits you don't even know about. >> one of our colleagues found she was owed $1,000. >> another one nearly $9,000. >> oh, my goodness, get that money. >> i'm owed $2.50 i'm
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disappointed yet again. the bay area is a beautiful place and abc7 news viewers prove it. steve shared this great from sausalito today. >> here's a look at live doppler 7, on we go to overnight conditions, temperatures will be a bit mild, generally in the low to mid 50s, and we'll see possibilities of drizzle near the coastline. then tomorrow, bright skies and low clouds will linger at the coastline, and highs will be below average, only low 70s inland, 50s on the bay, 60s on the coast. meanwhile, great conditions for piedmont hills high school tomorrow. here's you're accuweather 7-day forecast. we'll have a warming pattern
6:49 pm
beginning on saturday, on sunday we'll have high temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90. it's going to be beautiful weather for memorial day. >> sports is next, most of the warriors getting set for the nba finals, but one is getting set for his new job. an dennard span, showing hiss love. can the gia [ inhales, exhales ]
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oh, and right now it's our lowest price ever on our temperature balancing i8 bed. save $700. go to for a store near you. well, how should we put this? the giants' offense is bad. by many calculations, they have the worst offense in baseball. only scored 161 runs in 48 games. if they keep up that pace that will be the worst season in giants history. bottom of the second, giants up 1-0. top of the third, dennard span, high and deep and kyle hendrix third of the year. and bomb. fourth. rizzo again, off of moore again. at this point, rizzo has seen
6:53 pm
three matt moore pitches and homered on two of them. right now 3-2 cubs in the seventh. a's and marlins top of the fourth at the coliseum. two-run shot off edmonson vulcaz. jet lawry, a's up 4-1. sonny gray finally healthy and bussing through the marlins. john carlos stanton, a's win 4-1 and are heading off on a road trip in the bronx. after taking a few days off the warrior also have their first nba finals practice tomorrow, they still don't know who they'll playing on thursday june 8. meanwhile another team will poach one of the key members of
6:54 pm
the warriors behind the staff. schlank is in his fifth season of the warriors before that he was the directors of players personnel. look at the show and go, the cavs, really, tyree came back from a 21 point halftime deficit. lebron gets most of the headlines, but never, ever three on kyree. >> i say to myself, they cannot tie up this series, we cannot go to boston 2-2. >> he's one of the best point guards in the league, and he commanded us to be better. >> hard to know what to expect from the 49ers this upcoming season as they begin a full scale rebuilding job, but you
6:55 pm
can expect to see bowman back from a torn achilles. remember, bowman came back from a catastrophic achilles injury. plans on being one of the starters in the new 4-3 defense. period. >> i won't be on the sidelines, i'm going to tell you that now. i have done everything i needed to do to get back to where i am today. i'm ahead of schedule, i don't feel anything in my achilles or my knee. and guys can see that out there on the field. >> spencer just said, that is one tough dude. years ago the debate was who's better, colin kaepernick or wilson. cap posted some decent numbers last year. but his erratic accuracy and the national anthem protests have so far left him without a job. imagine seeing kap as a seahawk,
6:56 pm
running arm levy stadium. see if it turns out that way. >> join us at 11:00, on 20. there's more on the disappearance of a bay area un're driver. his name is bob tang. san francisco place are updating on us the case right now, and we'll have more on abc7 at 9:00 and 11:00. >> it's an original movie event, "dirty dancing" reimagined, nearly 30 years after the release of the film "dirty dancing." check out all the dancing and the drama. >> that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter, abc7newsbay, area. >> have a great night.
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welcome. good luck. let's go to work. now the categories... followed by... and finally, not history but... and these will be headlines from hearst-owned newspapers in the past. tanya, back to you. hearst story, $200. mackenzie. -what is the "titanic"? -yes. take hearst story for $400. matthew. -who is elvis presley? -right.


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