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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 1, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, president trump says he'll announce today if the u.s. will withdraw from the paris accord. nearly 200 countries have signed on to the landmark climate agreement. so will the u.s. break rank? we're live in washington. breaking overnight a massive explosion rocks an ethanol plant in america's heartland. new pictures in showing the leveled building. what we're learning about injuries. tiger woods, dazed and confused. police released dash cam video. see what he told officers and the damage to his car. plus, developing overnight, mr. met gets fired. the lovable mascot goes rogue after a major loss. see the video of that cost him his job.
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what a loss for the mets. >> he was not happy about that score of 7-1. >> yes. >> a good thursday morning to you all. we'll have more on that coming up. we start off with a decision that the world has been waiting for. will the u.s. back out of the paris climate accord. >> the president is expected to make an announcement this afternoon right there at the courthouse. sources say he plans to back out of the landmark agreement, a decision that would please his base but anger many around the world. but he's still listening to arguments we're told on both sides of the issue. abc's kenneth moton joins us from washington, d.c. kenneth, where it will be a busy day. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and diane. and true trump fashion, the president teased his big announcement in a tweet saying he will reveal his much anticipated decision on that paris climate agreement later today in front of the cameras at the white house. today, will he stay or will he go? president trump leaving the world in suspense on the paris climate agreement. >> are you leaning toward getting out? >> you're going to find out very
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soon. >> reporter: the president tweeting late last night he will announce his decision at 3:00 p.m. in the white house rose garden. sources say trump likely to keep that campaign promise. >> we're going to cancel the paris climate agreement. >> reporter: but the 11th hour negotiations are having an impact. >> i'm hearing from a lot of people. both ways. >> reporter: chief strategist steve bannon in more than 20 gop senators are pushing for withdrawal. ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner want to stay in the deal. along with apple's tim cook and tesla's elon musk who called to lobby trump. musk threatening to resign from white house advisory councils if the president walks away. world leaders of the g7 summit even pope francis made their personal pitches to trump last week. nearly 200 nations agreeing to cut carbon emissions, the only countries that haven't signed, nicaragua and syria. >> that mark where the glacier used to be. >> reporter: part of president obama's legacy is now a political gamble for trump who wants to increase fossil fuel
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output to revive the coal industry. >> i see nothing good coming out of this. this is a success tur. it won't have any substantive impact on the energy in the u.s. >> reporter: there's also concern that the u.s. could lose its seat at the global table when it comes to negotiations on environmental policy. diane and kendis. >> that announcement expected at 3:00 p.m. eastern time from the rose garden. thank you. the other big headline in washington this morning, former fbi chief james comey is set to break his silence about his conversations with the president. >> abc news has learned comey will testify in an open congressional hearing as early as next week. comey is expected to talk about his private meetings with the president and that could include memos comey wrote after those discussions. more than 40 house democrats are demanding jared kushner's security clearance be revoked until the russian meddling investigations are over. the lawmaker sent a letter to the white house citing meetings the president's son-in-law had with russian officials and report that's tried to establish a secret back channel with the
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kremlin. they say all those steps should be taken to protect national security. meanwhile, hillary clinton is making some big allegations about the russia probe saying the russians had to have american help. >> at a conference in california clinton outlined several factors behind her loss including russian interference. she believes russians stole potentially damaging information and then got help from inside the u.s. on how to weaponize that info. >> the russians in my opinion and based on the intel and counter intel, people i talked to could not have known how best to weaponize that information unless they had been guided and here's -- >> by american. >> guided by americans and guided by people who had -- >> president trump responded quickly tweeting crooked hillary clinton now blames everybody but herself refuses to say she was a terrible candidate. clinton responded tweeting, people in covfefe houses shouldn't throw covfefe. >> that tweet, of course, was referencing the president's
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baffling midnight message that nearly broke twitter yesterday. >> yes, this jumbled tweet introduced the world to the newly coined world covfefe and it wasn't taken down for nearly six hours. the president made light of it, of course, with the follow-up tweet that you see here. who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe? enjoy. >> sean spicer declined to explain the meaning of the word during an odd off camera briefing but seemed to suggest that the tweet was deliberate. >> do you think people should be concerned that the president posted what of an incoherent tweet last night and that then it stayed up for hours? >> no. >> why did it stay up so long? is no one watching this? >> i think the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant like -- >> what is covfefe? >> what does it mean? >> what is covfefe? >> so many questions coming out of the white house press corps.
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covfefe by the way quickly became the president's number one retweet since the inauguration. >> it's apparently a legit word in a language. the birth control mandate in the affordable care act may be on the way out. hundreds of thousands of women currently receive free contraception under the health care law but a draft regulation posted online would allow any employer to deny the free birth control coverage for religious or moral reasons. the white house has now commented on that document. comedian kathy griffin's apology for posting a gruesome image of donald trump's fake severed head was apparently not enough for cnn. the cable news network has fired griffin from its new year's eve broadcast, a gig she had for the last ten years. the comedian has lost at least one live stand-up engagement and one commercial endorsement. breaking overnight a massive explosion rocked a corn milling plant in central wisconsin. the blast sparked a major fire which leveled at least one structure. emergency crews and medical
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helicopters arrived at the scene within minutes and treated several people suffering from burns. they're still trying to figure out how many people were actually injured in all of this and the extent of those injuries. now let's take a look at today's weather. we can expect some strong storms to roll through the southern plains, those follow tornado warnings posted in parts of kansas late wednesday. and today june 1st marks the start of the atlantic hurricane season. forecasters say there will be up to 17 named storms. as many as nine of them will reach hurricane strength between 2 and 4 storms will be classified as major hurricanes and for those not ready for summer, there's skiing in june in vermont. >> oh. still ahead why your fingerprint might soon be all you need to board a plane.
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new this morning, a privacy breach involving a plastic surgeon to the stars. thousands of patient records stolen. who is to blame? police released the dash cam video from tiger woods' arrest. see how his field sobriety test went and see the damage to his car. mom was diagnosed with alzheimer's at 58 years old. for me, it was heart-wrenching. bea: it takes a toll on everyone. i mean, it's a depressing disease to watch unfold before your eyes. you just don't see -- the person's soul is, like, gone. lisa: this disease just ravages a family. it changes your life. the magnitude of it is indescribable. art: now is the moment. if we work together, we can stop this epidemic. grace: contact brightfocus and learn more.
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police body cam videos show never before seen images of the massacre at the pulse nightclub in orlando. >> got his hands. >> come out. come out. >> come out. we're the police, man. >> officers rushing into the
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club not realizing the extent of the chaos and horror that they would find inside. they ran into patrons hiding from the shooter and then they ran into the shooter himself. in the end 49 people were killed and dozens more injured in the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. we're going to have more on this compelling and exclusive video on "good morning america." a malaysia airlines plane was forced to turn around minutes after takeoff when a passenger stormed the cockpit, threatening to detonate a bomb. the man who police describe as mentally ill got up from his seat then rushed to the cockpit door claiming he had a bomb. that's when some brave passengers tackled him and tied him up with belts. police now say it's not terror related but they're still under investigation that plane was heading from melbourne, australia, back to kuala lumpur. a beverly hills plastic surgeon is blaming a disgruntled employee for a massive security breach. thousands were stolen from dr.
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kadri. patients' photos were posted on social media. information for as many as 15,000 people may have been compromised. and ohio is suing five drugmakers claiming they helped create the state's opioid epidemic. the state's suit says the companies intentionally misled patients about the dangers of painkillers leading to thousands of deaths from overdoses every year. one drugmaker called the accusations unfounded. another says it is committed to working toward a solution to the crisis. delta air lines is testing new fingerprint boarding pass technology. the passes are being tried out in washington, d.c. the initial phase of testing allows passenger enrolled in their clear service to use fingerprint as proof of identity. the next phase would allow users to check their bags and board their flights. southwest airlines is testing a plan to help passengers get off planes faster. for the next two weeks travelers at three airports can exit through the front and the rear doors. those airports san jose,
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sacramento and burbank. southwest is hoping faster exiting will help improve on time performance. well, let's hope. >> get off the plane. when we come back lebron james speaks out about race in america after someone vandalized his home. plus, he's out. why the mets fired its mascot. the guy that's supposed to make us all smile overnight. >> bye, mr. met. ok honey you play with your monkey while i get your little brother cleaned up. daughter: uh oh. monkey swimming. irreplaceable monkey protection. detergent alone doesn't kill bacteria, but adding new lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria with 0% bleach. daughter: uh oh. lysol. what it takes to protect.
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orleans, houston and kansas city. and police in florida have released video of the dui arrest of tiger woods. >> it shows him stumbling and see him appearing dazed and at times disoriented. abc's marci gonzalez with more. >> reporter: tiger woods struggling to keep his balance. >> stand right here for me. with your feet together and facing me. >> reporter: appearing disoriented in this newly released police dash cam video from early memorial day morning near his home in jupiter, florida. >> what i want you to do is place your hands behind your back. >> reporter: his arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence shortly after 2:00 a.m. when a patrol officer spotted woods' black mercedes stopped in the road, engines running and both front tires flat. >> there it is, a win for the ages. >> reporter: police say one of the world's most recognizable athletes was asleep at the wheel and had to be woken up. the responding officer reporting that the golfing legend's speech was flow and slurred and he did not know where he was. >> okay, do you know where you're going? >> no.
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>> reporter: then that field sobriety test showing woods wobbling and stumbling. >> have you had anything to drink tonight? >> no. >> are you sure? >> yes. >> reporter: a breathalyzer supporting that claim. 000, no alcohol in his system. woods telling officers he takes several prescriptions including vicodin and in a statement to abc news woods is apologetic and says he blames an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. >> a 16-year-old girl is accused of killing an uber driver near chicago in what police say was an unprovoked attack. grant nelson was stabbed to death on memorial day. high school student eliza wasny attacked him with a machete moments after getting in his car. she is charged with first degree murder and then being charged as an adult held without bond. to washington, d.c. now, disturbing discovery at the national museum of african-american history and culture.
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visitors found a noose on the floor of an exhibit. it wasn't part of the exhibit. museum officials have condemned it as an act of hatred and intolerance. this is the second noose found at the smithsonian in less than a week. the other one was left at a nearby hershorn museum of contemporary art. someone spray painted a racial slur on the front gate of lebron james' mansion. it is believed it was captured by a surveillance camera but casting a shadow on the start of the nba finals. >> no matter how much money you have, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, being black in america is -- it's tough. and we got a long way to go. >> neither lebron or his family were home at the time. he and the cleveland cavaliers open the championship series tonight in oakland against golden state.
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coverage of that game starts tonight at 8:30 eastern, 5:30 pacific right here on abc. up next in "the pulse," the national spelling finals come around today. after the preliminary round so how did the youngest competitor do at just 6 years old? >> our first look at the world's largest plane. >> that's a big one. >> yep. check out our facebook page, chelsea clinton opens up about her mother's election loss and hear why she calls it an unexpected blessing for her family coming up on
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in the preliminary round. >> the field is now down to 40. 6-year-old edith fuller stepped to the microphone as the youngest ever participant. her first word, nyctinasty. nyctinasty. can you spell it? >> n-i-x -- >> nyctinasty, n-y-c-t-i-n-a-s-t n-y-c-t-i-n-a-s-t-y, nyctinasty. >> correct. >> so not quite, kendis. >> you were close. >> edith spelled that and her second word correctly but her scores on preliminary written tests weren't high enough to keep her in the competition. >> oh, but just to show that she really is a 6-year-old kindergartner, she after she found out she didn't make it to the next round she ran to her father and burst into tears. oh, the new champion by the way will be crowned tonight.
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coverage on espn starts at 8:00 p.m. but maybe she'll be back next year. >> she just turned 6 years old solity of retry the bee. next to mr. met one of the most recognizable mascots in baseball had a rough night. >> so did the mets, by the way. this video going viral overnight, mr. met making an obscene gesture at a fan during last night's mets loss to milwaukee. the team cracking down saying the employee who was in the mr. met costume won't ever be allowed to wear that uniform ever again. >> ouch. >> yeah, that's rough. the mets also apologized for the incident. he only has four fingers. >> we should point that out. he doesn't have a middle finger. >> he doesn't have a -- >> there was an arm gesture. the mets lost 7-1. can you kind of understand one. >> 7-1. he was just trying to point out -- >> we scored one with a little arm action.
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microsoft coy founder and billionaire paul allen has been busy for the last six years building the world's largest plane. >> the stratolaunch has emerged for the first time. how big is it? 385-foot wingspan, 50 feet tall and weighs 500,000 pounds and that's without fuel. >> so that's a football field across there, right for the wingspan. >> massive. >> the plan is for stratoto launch and carry rockets into space and then launch them into orbit. >> all right. good stuff. more news after this.
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good morning. it's thursday, june 1st. there's something special, and not just our wardrobe but the bottom of the scene. >> there she is. >> thanks for turning out early for the game coverage. >> i know you will be all day long, just staring at that clock. mike, as a distraction from that, what is the weather like today? >> how about the fog? hi, everybody. let's open up the weather window and show you what i'm talking about. look at the exploratorium this morning. i ran pn into drizzle on my way work, and you may also, and
4:28 am
especially if you are crossing the bridges, like the san rafael bridge. and 67 to 69 for the bay and inland neighborhoods. and 56 at 7:00, and then 55 to 66, so a little chilly. of course we will have the forecast as you go in and out of oracle arena. that's coming up soon. the fog is thick on the golden gate bridge. we had a fog advisory and i through and it's thick in patches. as far as the bay bridge goes, no fog here and a little delay for cash paying folks. and the ramp from 880 in san leandro to 238 is now open, and it was closed and matt keller will have more on that in a bit. we have more of a suspect tied to a shooting in san ae
4:29 am
talk. the suspect is wearing blue underwear and backing towards police right there. it all started yesterday before 6:00 and police were called to lemon tree way as a reported shooting, and victim died at the hospital. the two people detained are being questioned. new developments in the hazing scandal involving the napa high school. one of two students that won their appeal last night was a student that we talked to in march, and johnny torres was the first to have his expulsion overturned two weeks ago. two of the original nine players remain expelled. and as for the criminal cases, the district attorney pressed
4:30 am
charges for nine of them and are investigating 12 others. this morning we are hearing from steph curry. >> amy hollyfield is live for us at oracle arena. >> reporter: all gold everything. that is the theme today. look at the arena, here, and so the arena is ready for the big game. the warriors had practice yesterday and they talked about the epic match-up and what is on the line and facing lebron james and all of them saying they feel good. steph curry is speaking out this morning on "good morning america" in an interview, and they talk about all kinds of topics including the price of fame. >> on a daily basis, that's the hardest thing, just go to a grocery store and pick up stuff and not run into


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