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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 1, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live, live where you live, this is abc 7 news. the day warrior fans have been waiting for is here. we are live, hours from tipoff for game one of the fifteens. we've launched the countdown at the bottom of the screen, tracking the time until espn's coverage kicks off here on abc 7. >> less than six and a half hours, and awaiting trump's big decision. set to go public in one hour with his choice on the country's role on the paris climate accord. police officers open fire on a man, police say they were justified, but the family is outraged as the investigation continues into what happened before shots were fired. thank you for joining us. i'm jessica castro.
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>> i'm kristin sze. that man is in critical condition after being shot and arrested by the police. his family has a different story. we are live in martinez with what both sides are saying. >> reporter: the suspect's parents are upset claiming their son, who has two children of his own, he was threatened by police, but police are saying it's the other way around. we counted three bullet holes on the door of the dodge coop towed away for evidence. the police say 20-year-old kevin was inside the car last night when officers fired. >> 30 shots going off, like, seriously, not exaggerating, 30 shots. >> reporter: police were looking for him for a week saying they spotted him driving recklessly but would not stop. a couple days later when they saw him again, he purposely crashed his car into a patrol vehicle and ran away. officers finally caught up with him last night on ellis road in
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martinez and say he tried to escape by ramming into a patrol vehicle again. officers fired multiple rounds. his family says he's in critical condition. >> they put him in the ditch, so then they empty all them bullets into him. doesn't sound right. >> reporter: his father disputing events. witnesses he spoke with say it was police rammed into the car kevin was in. >> i'm not saying my boy's an angel, but does not deserve to be shot out like this. >> reporter: police are not saying whether decarlo had a weapon or how many shots were fired. right now, they say officers feared for their lives, and caused them to shoot. live from martinez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. new video this morning from the suspect tied to a deadly shooting in antioch. it's slowed down here to you can see the blue suspect in blue underwear backing towards the police. a woman was taken into custody. it started before 6:00 last
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night when police were called to sycamores drive. the victim drove away and hit several cars before he was found on l street near the highway 4 overpass. he died at the hospital. the two detained are now being questioned. happening today, president trump set to make a major announ announcement. does he pull the u.s. from the a major landmark climate change deal? decision coming in the next hour with his inner circle deeply divided. here's the latest, including what's at stake. >> reporter: negotiations are entering the 11th hour as the president reveals whether he'll keep a major campaign promise or co commitment to combatting climate change. >> i'm hearing from a lot of people both ways. >> reporter: overnight, tweeting his much anticipated decision will be today at 3:00 p.m. in the rose garden. white house officials say the
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president is poised to keep his promise. >> we're going to cancel the paris climate agreement. >> reporter: under the agreement, more than 190 countries committed to cutting greenhouse gases. countries that have not signed? syria, and nicauraga.nicauraga.. lobbying has been fierce in and outside the white house, deeply dividing trump's inner circle. the chief strategist bannon and 22 senate republicans pull for trump to pull out of the deal, and gary cohen, daughter, and son-in-law jared kushne saying to stay, and the pope, apple ceo, and tesla's head musk lobbying to say, musk threatening to retire from the counsel if trump backs out of the deal. the president is a very impulsive, reactive personality,
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so if we all liked paris agreement, he may decide to get out of it. >> reporter: it's a signature achievement for president obama's legacy to fight climate change and is now a political gamble for president trump who wants to increase miss sill fuel jut put to revive the coal industry. >> stay with us for continuing coverage on the paris climate agreement. abc news has a live special report at noon when the president announces his decision from the white house rose garden. this midday, new details now on former fbi director james comey's plan to break silence about his meetings with president trump and set a date to testify before the senate intelligence committee thursday, a week from today. the senate inquiry focuses on the nature of the encounters with the president leading up to the abrupt firing last month. two under arrest accused of kidnapping their own 88-year-old relative. the sheriff's office said sheryl
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and eric mills took the victim from a home without permission last night. the victim is okay, unharmed, 85 miles away from the home. they face elder abuse and kidnapping charges. >> new developments in the scandal involving the napa high school football team. sources tell abc 7 news the county school board overturned two more expulsions. one of two students who won their appeal last night was allen, a student we spoke with in more much, and the jv quarterback had his expulsion overturned weeks ago, so that means two of the original nine players are expepped. as for the criminal cases, they filed charges against six members of the team last week, and prosecutors say they are are investigating 11 others. >> planned parenthood closed three clinics in the bay area including the central richmond and pittsburgh officers and they
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are largely closed due to low reimbursement rate if california. the clinics close at the end of the month leaving 20 clinics in the northern california district. a vote set today on a troempl plan to build a cement factory and deep water ship terminal. the city counsel will allow the public to comment at 4:00 p.m. prior to the vote. the planning commission rejected the plan back in march, but ireland base orson repeals, wanting to spend $50 million to turn an old flower plant into a cement factory. environmentalis environmentalists, union, and neighborhood groups oppose it because they say it would bring ship loads of toxic, industrial waste to the area. new this morning, the city of san jose jumps into the self-driving car business. they formally announced the launch of the autonomous vehicle initiative. they are sharing information how
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they might pilot projects in san jose. >> we want to do this safe lly ensure this improves quality of life in the city and certainly a lot of concerns whether or not autonomy will be safe. >> the city says it's trying to get ahead of the transportation challenges with san jose's population predicted to grow by an estimated 40% by the year 2040. they are accepting ideas through late july. dub nation, the day is chance for redempls tonight. >> we are hours away from coverage of game one here on abc 7. the warriors ready for a showdown with the cavaliers. >> everyone's ready. >> amy hollyfield is live with the excitement. amy? >> reporter: hi, jessica. this is the team store here at or call arena. fans are scooping up warriors
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gear to prepare for tonight's game. there's a line of people waiting to get in the store when they open. they waited two hours to get inside the store. safe to stay, the fever is in full effect. >> oracle arena is ready. there's 19596 t-shirts ready for the fans who will be at tonight's soldout game. fans stay they are ready too. >> oh, i've been waiting for this for a while. you know, i think everybody else will be, but i'm just -- hopefully it's a good game, and hopefully warriors come out on top. >> some fans got an early start on game day, showing up at oakland's lake restaurant to watch a 7:00 a.m. live broadcast of espn's "first take." >> i'm a die hard fan of the that's what i do, all day, every day, warriors girl, all day. >> reporter: players said they were hoping for this do over. in an interview with "good morning america" they refer to
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the loss after being up three games to one. >> for us to get back on top, i would say it would be a good feeling to redeem ourselves from last year knowing that it's going to be -- >> fans have no doubts. >> we might not sweep them, but we take them in five. lebron can go home and cry, it's going to be fine. >> there's not a lebron jersey in sight here. it's all warriors. the store is open until the game is over. they have a long day ahead of them. a a lot of fans, though, in here buying stuff. you can tell from the looks of things here. i you are lucky enough to have tickets, they open the doors to oracle arena at 4:00 this afternoon. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> all right, amy, thank you so much. looks like you are lucky right there. kicking off tonight at 5:00 with larry and mike live at oracle with the dubs on 7 pregame show. game one, espn's coverage
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starts at 5:30 here on abc 7, your home for the nba finals. whether you're at the game, at home, at the bar, we want to see how you are watching the game. the fans are sharing their warriors pride, so we want to see more. post those photos and videos. social media, use #dubson7. >> pets and kids always welcome. >> absolutely. >> plenty of jobs, but not enough people. >> in the south bay this morning, city leaders are trying to confront the housing crunch that's happening head on. one week after a brush fire, we check in with little kids who seem to be doing just fine. as we open the weather window in the midday show here, you'll see the sun breaking through. low clouds, fog, drizzle that we had, 59 in daly city, and warmer tomorrow, and the weekend is
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new video of goats, comfortable in the new home after escaping a grass fire last week. the goats are doing just fine now. you can see them having time with kids. capturing dramatic images of the small herd of goats that were trapped between the flames and a fence on thursday. most managed to escape with minor injuries. minor burns, but one goat unfortunately passed away. the goats have been taken in by
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farm sanctuaries or private citizens. >> speaking of new homes, more money means more problems often, and economic booms can mean higher rent in housing, and happening right now, a meeting of the minds at san jose as the city continues to grow. abc 7 news reporter is live at san jose state with what economists say is the key to more growth. matt? >> reporter: jessica, economists say uncertainty in washington makes it difficult for them to predict what's going to happen here in the future, but what's certain here in santa clara county, more housing is needing for more growth. traffic is not the only thing slowing down in the south bay. as san jose state's economic summit this morning, a message. there's plenty of jobs, just not enough people, quote, you can't grow e an economy without people. to at this point in time, san jose, if they want to continue to see labor market growth, a, they have to import more and more people, question is, from where?
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>> reporter: the economists say more way to grow is more housing. rental and home prices skyrocketed with high demand and low supply. affordability is a factor, and genderization and social issues will be reality. >> the question people in santa clara county ask themselves in this point in time is, do they want country club california, or doo they want a california that's really good for everybody. >> reporter: the major says economic growth is a double-edged sword. >> we had a wonderful economy creating a lot of misery. >> reporter: affordable housing must be a priority, but expect more high-rises, not single family homes. >> that's the vision, the downtown is key area, where we have a lot of transit and restructure, build up, not out. >> reporter: now, the santa clara report discusses wages, investments, and the stay's economy. go to for more.
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in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. napa rocking again. >> less than a week after bottle rock music festival, they look ahead to next year. the date set, and why you want to plan ahead. and a live look now, east bay hills camera not showing you much. could that be fog? yes, indeed. meteorologist mike superhero fight turns to love. >> batman and talia. >> smooth move, batman. >> holy ring of gold, batman. >> next "right this minute."
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sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes music it's sesame street live elmo makes music playing city national civic san jose june 10th & 11th tickets on sale now through ticketmaster now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> calendar changed, but the weather pattern is the same, may gray to june gloom.
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there's a little fog hang iing around, but mainly sunny this afternoon. the weekend is trending cooler and breezy and summer warmth can be push the off into the next week. all right. so you know it's dubs on 7. you know the game's here, coverage starts at 5:00. hopefully you'll tune in. if not and you're headed to the game, this is what to expect. 5:00, hour to get there ahead of time, get your t-shirt, get settled in, meet the people you are used to seeing at the game, and from 6:00 to 8:00 in the game, average game is over two hours, temperatures develop to 60, and as you leave, down in the 50s. have the hoodie ready. outside, what's going on as far as those delays at sfo? they are still hanging around 43 minutes, average arrival delay now. exercising, watch for the extreme sun today. out and about, it's comfortable for us. it's going to be breezy north of the bay bridge and east of the golden gate. if on the water, small craft
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advisory from 1:00 this afternoon to 10:00 this evening. 3:00 this afternoon to 3:00 saturday morning breezy at the coast. you can see the temperature in daly, 59, sunset 60. 65 in downtown, the mission, and east bay, breezy, north, that keeps oakland at 70, berkley at 79. going to san mateo, and down in the south bay, san jose, exact copy. up in the north bay, it's breezy. that'll hold us at 79 in santa rosa and 73, and the east bay valleys, 76 in pleasanpleasantt. several graduations today. look at the temperatures, starting at 71, dropping to 66, one of the warmer outdoor graduations. 66 at 4:00, dropping down to 62 by 7:00. go across the bay, up the hills
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a little bit, and piedmon at and last stop, dublin high school, we are going to start off at 73, and drop down to about 63. we'll all be feeling the chill. no, you won't feel anything by the time graduation is over other than relief and exaltation. this is a look ag the seven-day forecast. a little warmer tomorrow, and you see the cool breezes drop us down saturday and sunday and rebound to summer temperatures, 60s at the coast, 70s at the bay, and 90 inland next week. >> looking great for graduation. >> it does. >> they don't care about the weather. >> not unless it's raining. not this time of year. bottle rock organizers have planned next year's festival. this is the construction zone at the napa valley exhibition where
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80 groups performed last weekend. check it out. mark the calendars because next year's fest is set for the weekend of may 25th. no word yet on when tickets are on sale, though, but bottle rock, some expected to huge draw crowds, more than 120,000 fans showed up to this year's three-day festival and they expect more next year. >> growing quickly, right? >> yeah. is your pup just obsessed with endless fetch? look at this. so is this retriever.
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coming up at 4:00, how a coaster could be the key to a warriors win tonight as they kickoff the finals here on abc 7. . at 5:00, the pregame show brought to you by jeep. larry and mike are live at oracle with the matchup everyone wants to see, warriors versus the cavs. game one cove romg, you don't want to miss it. >> okay. sometimes as an only child, you entertain yourself, right? >> right. >> same goes for the clever dog in texas. trevor spotted this retriever going in the water to play an endless game of fetch. this is at the springs pool in austin. >> yeah, watch. he knows exactly where to put
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his toy with the water flowing there, catches the current, there he goes, jumps in, and goes after it. >> does this over and over again, never gets tired. he knows how to amuse himself. good reminder when there's a will, there is a way. >> you know, i was an only child, and -- >> you could have done that. >> yeah. >> play fetch with yourself? yeah? >> that's a smart dog. from us here at abc 7 news, thank you so much for joining us. reminding you to look at the countdown clock to espn's coverage of game one here on abc 7, oh, only six hours away. >> ticking down. we're excited. go dubs! news continues now online and an bye bye!
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>> it's a simple game, really. i set them up, they knock them down, and they walk away with a very big check. let's get this party started. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? here we go. today's contestant has turned down some high-paying jobs so he could devote his time to making a real difference in the world. from houston, texas, please welcome brian wood. hey, brian. how you doing, buddy? >> chris, how you doing? very nice to meet you. >> good to meet you as well. welcome to "millionaire." >> thank you. thank you. >> so you went to law school. >> i did. i did. >> you got a ton of offers, very high-paying, lucrative offers-- >> that's--that's true. >> and you went, essentially, the charitable, benevolent route. >> well, i try. i mean, i, uh--you know, growing up as a kid, i always wanted to change the world, and, uh,


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