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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 1, 2017 4:30pm-5:02pm PDT

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taking pictures with a bunch of people. if the warriors are feeling any stress at all, it certainly is not clear. now, they haven't played in a long time. nine days off and they've only played 13 games in the last 46 days. you just saw a shot of steph curry there going through his warm ups. i think that's much more preferable than the situation last year when steph was hurt, hobbled through the okc series. the warriors were able to overcome a deficit in that series, but he struggled in the nba finals. one final thought to wrap it up. steve kerr talked about playing with joy. some of the assistant coaches in the warm ups were talking about that's great, but against the cavs we need grit and we need physicality. certainly when dealing with lebron jim cramer. in 15 minutes i'll talk with an old friend from espn. there is a huge international contingent of media here. i'll get you that and our own pregame show coming up at 5:00.
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that's a wrap. dan, alma, back to you. >> look forward to that. thanks so much, larry. >> abc7 news was at the alameda county food bank where they are putting cleveland on notice. laying down the challenge once again as the food banks vie for dominance in the food court. it's online fund-raising competition to see who can bring in the most dough during the nba finals. >> throwing down the gauntlet to our friends in cleveland. what we hope is to put a big dent in hunger, have some fun rivalry, and get fans engaged in our work. >> it's a great idea that does some good. the mayors of both cities launched the competition in place of the more traditional city hall wageers. the san francisco food bank is also in on this and yo can help end hunger now and meet this challenge. here's all you do. just go to our website, we have a link set up there for you. >> well, today warriors fans are sporting all of their gear,
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especially the superstitious fan. >> laura anthony is live to tell us about an east bay man who has a lucky warriors themed small kitchen appliance, laura. >> reporter: well, that's right, dan. when it comes to sports and playoffs, especially everybody has their lucky stuff, you've got the hats, the jerseys, the socks. here at mo-mo's in walnut creek, they have a special drink. a warrior drop. their signature drink for the playoffs for the finals. earlier we met a guy who has a lucky toaster. >> this toaster here is responsible for the last 28 games. >> reporter: it looks like any other toaster to the naked eye. to die hard fan roni reyes, this isn't just any small appliance. it is one with special powers at least since klay thompson signed it in march. >> ever since then we've been
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undefeated. >> reporter: 27-1 actually. the one loss came when thompson wasn't playing. >> and he looked at it, is that a toaster? >> reporter: here's a photo of thompson signing the toaster at an autograph event in san francisco. >> he recognized some of the signatures. he recognized david lee right there. and he recognized draymond. so i'm like, yeah, draymond and david lee right there. that's cool, it's the first time i've ever seen this. >> reporter: since then he haded jim barnett. reyes and his toaster have become celebrities. at least among his coworkers. do you let the toaster out of your sight? >> not at all. >> reporter: and he will never, ever use it for its intended purpose. >> it injures burns the logo onto the bread. it doesn't toast it that well. >> reporter: that's okay, as long as the warriors toast the gachlz in the finals. laura anthony, abc7 news. >> love it. like the past two years, the warriors will host official watch parties at the oracle
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arena when they head back to cleveland. watch party tickets for games three and four game on sale monday. season ticket holders get the first crack at 10:00 in the morning. priority wait list begin at 11:00. tickets are $20. and abc7 is the only place to watch every game of the finals. here' the schedule. game one at oracle. game two is also in oakland sunday at 4:30. game three is in cleveland. wednesday at 5:30, and game four is also in cleveland next friday, june 9th at 5:30. >> have to settle in for what should be an exciting series. abc espn coverage begins at 5:30 here on abc7. join sports director larry beil and mike shoe nan for #dubson7 pregame show brought to you by jeep. larry and mike will be live at oracle arena tonight at 5:00 p.m. as the three pete final gets underway. >> well, three bay area planned
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parenthood centers will be closing for good at the end of this month. the centers are in central richmond, pilts burg, and vacaville. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow explains why these three locations were chosen. >> reporter: planned parenthood of northern california provides health care and education to approximately 155,000 people a year, everything from cancer screening to birth control. now the provider has announced it will close centers in central richmond, pittsburgh, and vacaville on june 30th. >> this is a decision that was made in a really careful and deliberate way. >> reporter: that's because planned parenthood chose locations that are close to other locations. >> on july 1st we want to be able to keep seeing everyone who needs us at the nearby locations or other locations. >> reporter: employees will also have the option of working at other locations. still the news concerns pro choice advocates. >> we will lose people who provide family planning and abortion services in communities that need it the most. we're fighting for immigration
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rights and civil rights, and we're fighting for lgbtq rights. we cannot forget that mmrajority of women in this country are facing health care disparity. >> reporter: they are not limited to federal action. low medical rates impact the organization. >> we continue to offer the services, but the reimbursement doesn't keep up with the cost. >> reporter: planned parenthood supporters are urging lawmakers to set aside funds from the tobacco tax to support a med-i cal rate increase for family planning services. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> a herd of goats narrowly escaped a fire in milpitas and a week later we have new video showing the recovery of one of the most badly burned animals. >> i'm spiencer christian. we have sunny skies as the warm up continues. i'll have the accuweather forecast in just a moment. >> is there enough staff to clean the cages, to walk the dogs as much as they need to be walked? >> tonight on abc7 news at
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11:00, an abc7 eye team exclusive, critics say the contra costa county animal shelter is under staffed, mismanaged and overwhelmed. the women in charge answer our questions. >> and we continue to await a verdict in san jose on the trial of three jail guards accused of beating an inmate to dea wow means you save 50% or more. there are three stages of wow. denial... is this price right? acceptance...
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♪ go warriors, you can see it on the display of a-c transit
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buses across the east bay. game one of the finals is right here on abc7 in just over one hour. >> ticket demand for games one and two of the finals is off the charts. in fact, according to stub hub, in the last five years, only games one and two of the 2015 finals between the warriors and the cavs ranked higher than this year. international sales are on the rise as well, up 140% over last year, with fans from 29 countries purchasing tickets. one final note from stub hub. warriors fans are more willing to support their team on the road, buying 15% more away game tickets than cavs fans. >> all right. stay with us. 49 more minutes to abc-espn coverage of the finals. you but let's move on. goats escaping the fire last week is on the road to recovery. a love creek sanctuary and farms tells us charlie is getting better. today he woke up hungry, which that's a good sign obviously.
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he's being treated at u.c. davis. they are bringing him this stuffed animal to play with today. sky 7 captured the small herd of goats that got trapped between the flames and that fence you see in the front of the screen last thursday. most managed to escape with minor burns but one goat did not survive. and this is new video today of other goats in that herd in san jose. they seem to be enjoying their new home and their new friends who are treating them so kindly. >> a pair of osprey chicks born in richmond have names this afternoon. after almost two weeks of voting this morning the golden gate audubon society named her after rosie the riveter. is it live or a picture? that's one still bird. the names were chosen during an online vote. the chicks were born about two weeks ago. >> not even blinking. droneview7 gives us a look at a san francisco institution that could soon reopen after being closed for a decade.
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>> and we're looking live at blue skies from our camera in the east bay hills. spencer will return to update the forecast in just five minutes. >> stay tuned for that. before we move on for a break, let's update the breaking news, abc7 news reporter david louie reported the verdict is imminent in the case of three correctional officers on trial for the death of an inmate. we plan to bring you that
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sky 7 live over oracle arena as we count down to game one of the nba finals, the warriors and the cavs which you can see right here on abc7. so happy to have my old friend here and i'm so envious because you are going to do the play by play for espn spanish channel for espn. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> how many people, how many countries will that broadcast go to? >> u.s., puerto rico, and all of latin america. so, from tijuana to -- and the best part, larry, is we're growing the sport. we're turning soccer fans into hoop fans and specifically into dubs fans. a lot of new converts to dub nation. >> you were telling me the
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support in latin america, especially for the golden state warriors is just rising so rapidly. >> everybody loves a winner, right? everybody loves the show they put on. but what's surprising to me, for example, in argentina, you can imagine the spurs are the number one team. but to find golden state fans that say, i love manu, but i want the dubs to win no matter what and i want them to win in four games. it's something new to me. it's shocking to me. >> we can hear your broadcast on abc7 tonight. >> yes. if you do listen to me in spanish, you're listening to the secondary audio program. fidget with your audio settings. >> either way you learn. >> you'll learn spanish with me. >> you've been telling me for years, larry, come on, we need you on deportes. >> i've seen you speaking spanish for a while. >> i've rehearsed a lot of that, un poco.
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give me steph curry. >> the only thing is nylon. net, i go steph curry. >> and that means? nothing but net? >> nothing but net. you'll be hearing a lot of that in the series. >> we hope so. it is so good to see you. >> thank you, larry. >> old friend from espn in bristol. listen to him on espn deportes.o guys, we have a big pregame show. he's using my own lines against me. 5:00, 5:00 the jeep pregame show #dubson7. >> he's using it with authority. >> oh, yes. >> muches gracias. >> he's encouraging you to speak more spanish. this is highly entertaining. >> scary. >> thanks, larry. all right. well, pride month has started in the bay area. happening now in san mateo the
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first lgbtq center in san mateo county is hosting a grand opening ceremony. the center is on 11th avenue on el camino real. grand opening continues through 7:00 tonight. >> it's decision today telegraph hill institution, not just hoit tower, but the cassel which sits right below as you can see in the video shot by droneview7. >> the san francisco planning commission is considering whether to allow the restaurant to reopen. it closed in 2007 after decades in business. >> city planners have recommended that the planning commission grant conditional use authorization to reopen the restaurant in the landmark building despite concerns about traffic. >> spacex will have to wait until saturday to launch its first recycled cargo ship. a lightning strike near the kennedy space ship in florida delayed the launch of the spacecraft. it first flew into space three years ago. aviation buffers are still buzzing over the largest plane ever built. enormous, strat owe launch
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debuted yesterday in the mojave desert. it has a wing span larger than a football field and is powered by six boeing 747 engines. its first flight is months away, the first rocket flight launch could happen as early as 2019. it is co-owned by microsoft co-founder paul allen. >> sunny and mild, a live look at doppler 7. patchy fog, we'll see the fog extending across the bay locally overnight. overnight lows will be mainly in the low to mid 50s. many of our farther inland locations will be clear overnight. tomorrow will be sunny day with just a little patch of fog lingering at the coast line. highs will range from low and mid 60s at the coast to mid 70s around the bay, mid-'80s in the warm est inland locations and in san bruno tomorrow is the graduation ceremony for cappuccino high school at 1:00 p.m. and all throughout the
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afternoon. it is going to be sunny and mild with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s in san bruno. that is my gift to the graduates. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. wish i had a job for you, too, but i don't. [ laughter ] >> this weekend we'll see partly cloudy skies. it will be nice and bright, though. high temperatures will drop off a few degrees from tomorrow's highs but will start warming up again monday. tuesday looks like the highest with 90s inland. >> heating up. >> thanks, spencer. >> up next go inside the dejong museum for a sneak peek at an art exhibit. >> next at 5:00, draymond is on the court and so is lebron james. they are ready for a rematch. >> i don't want to feel what i felt last year. >> steph curry looking for redemption. the team now has kevin durant. fans hope he's heading to an up stoppable team. >> we'll see what happens. it's a team game. >> we're definitely excited.
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>> and we are just minutes away from the #dubson7 pregame show brought to you by jeep.
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and we have breaking news from santa clara county where abc7 news reporter david louie is tweeting that all three deputies in the michael tyree beating death have been found guilty of second degree murder. jurors could not reach a verdict on counts 2 and 3. >> abc7 news is live at the san
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jose county courthouse where the verdict is being read now. we have details on the complicated case and complex verdict on abc7 news tonight at 10 effect 30. >> well, san francisco's legion of honor and dejong art museum is recognized as having some of the best collections of american art in the world. >> except something has been missing all this time. tomorrow night they will display works of art by prominent african-american artists. >> the question is why did it take so long. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez tells us why. >> reporter: guard dogs attacking black men, a reality of the civil rights era now embedded in the fabric of american history. yet the art world has neglected to recognize and celebrate african-american art. >> it's often thought of that a lot of the african-american art is less than and it's not as valued, it's not as appreciated. >> reporter: today the fine arts museum announced they have acquired 62 works by 22 contemporary african-american artists. they will now be part of their
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permanent american art collection. the director of the museum's max holine took over last year and noticed a gaping hole in the collection. >> a big chapter is missing and that's really in this case the whole story, the history, the appreciation of african-american art, especially from the deep south. >> reporter: most of the artists were born in the era of jim crow segregation, carrying with them the memories of their ancestors. the slave ship by thornton dial is a moving image of their transatlantic voyage. while revealing they also touch upon universal issues. >> racism, poverty, religion, class differences. and, so, it's a story that we can all relate to whether we have that unique african-american experience or whether we're from the south or whether we're from the bay area. >> reporter: board member belva davis believes it is an acknowledgment of a complicated
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past. >> this is a trigger for human emotion. the trigger to connect us back to our souls if we accept it. it really makes me emotional. >> reporter: the exhibition opens this friday night and will be in this gallery for the next ten months before it moves on to the permanent collection. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> and you can get the latest news any time with the abc7 news app, you can download it for free. just be sure to enable push alerts to be the first to know aout breaking alerts where you live. >> next the lineup, the #dubson7 free game show brought to you by jeep, followed by nba count down. game one starts at 6:00 p.m. followed by the toyota after the game show. now, after basketball coverage is done, text wheel of fortune, at 9:30, followed by jimmy kimmel live and we'll be back with you for a full hour of abc7 news starting at 10:30 tonight. >> great night. thank you so much for joining us
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>> in 2015 the splash brothers ended a 40-year drought thinking the injury ravaged cavs k. >> cavaliers? no. >> in 2016 with curry hobbled and suspended, king james came back roaring from an insurmountable three-game deficit. >> once again, cleveland! this is for you. >> in 2017 they meet again. no injuries, no excuses. no mercy. >> i think it's a rivalry. >> the finale of the trilogy begins now on abc7.
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>> oh, you've got to be pumped after watching that sky 7 high above oracle arena as we get set for game one of the nba finals, the warriors and the cavaliers. it's the rubber match, the trilogy, and it should be epic. welcome inside oracle arena. it's the #dubson7 pregame show brought to you by jeep. larry beil along with mike shumann. you can feel the energy in this building. before we even get started, i'll point out the count down clock as we count you down to the abc's pregame show, nba count down at 5:30 with michelle and the gang. just to situate you here, we're on the baseline. the warriors bench is off to our right. and behind us about 30 feet or so is where tyree irching rose up and drilled the dagger 3 in the final seconds of game 7 of the nba finals last year. as you check out, kevin durant warming up for game one. and ever since tyree hit that
5:01 pm
shot, we have to have the rematch. we have to have the trilogy. we waited a year and here it is. >> well, he gets hurt, the warriors win. they get hurt, cavaliers win. >> you could not ask for a better match up. there are so many story lines to this match up and of course we'll get to those in the next half hour. >> that is for sure. so, we are pumped. the players are just as or more excited and they talked about meeting for the third straight year in the finals. >> it's a special thing. you know, we're definitely excited about, but most importantly, like i said, the goal is to win a championship regardless of who you're facing. >> definitely great both teams are here for a third straight time. we know each other well. we've added some pieces along the way. we'll see what this series holds. >> great memories of that, and terrible memorandum ritz of last year, but they're both lessons that you can learn going into


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