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tv   ABC7 News 1030PM  ABC  June 1, 2017 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> chasing the championship, steph curry and the warriors kick it into high gear in game one of the nba finals. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. i'm alma daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. we're beginning our 11:00 p.m. newscast early to bring you special coverage of game one of the nba finals. you saw the dubs victory right here on abc7. they beat the cavs 113-91. >> we have live team coverage. sports director larry beil inside oracle arena. hey, larry. >> funny shot with steph kicking his legs up. not sure what's going on there. the warriors had dynamic duo going tonight, kevin durant and steph curry. they were the only warriors to score double figures in the entire game. that was more than enough.
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they beat cleveland in game one of the nba finals 113-91. we'll look at the highlights. celebrities were out, kevin heart you just saw on jimmy kimmel tonight. so was jay z. and rhianna who was talking smack to kevin durant. maybe lebron was distracted by rhi-rhi. k.d. turns right by him. 38 for durant. look at lebron answering. he had 28, but also eight turnovers. steph curry unlike last year in the finals when he was hobbled with knee and ankle injuries, just abusing the big man tristan thompson and the warriors with durant to block at one end, stop and pop three by steph at the other. he had 28. warriors win it 113-91 leading the series now one game to none as we bring in abc7's mike shumann. you talked with some of the coaches. they wanted some grit, they wanted some physicality in game one. they got it. >> they did. as we talked about in the
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pregames, games one and three are toughest to win. they had to come out and set the tone. steph with 28, afterwards k.d. said it's only one game. >> it's hard to do what we want to do and it's hard to, you know, stay locked in for 48 minutes. so, just trying to do my best to be there for my teammates and, you know, to play up to my standards as an individual as well. >> the focus what's in front of you. win one game, we look to sunday try to do it again. we've been here before and know there's a lot of work left to do. >> the goal at hand which we want to accomplish is going to be definitely a tough one. so, game one of the series is done and you now move on to game two. >> we can't relax at any time. we've got to keep thinking, next play, next play, next play and our guys are fan tact doing it. >> well, if you recall last year, every game was a blowout except game 7.
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i think -- the only thing we can take from this is they got a w in game one and they're looking ahead to game two. cleveland will come up with some adjustments. >> they have to. game two will be totally different. we've seen momentum can swing back and forth wildly in this series. you have to hold home court and the warriors at least started out properly in game one. we'll see. >> exactly. >> game two is sunday and it's an early tip off 5:00. lots more coming from oracle in the newscast. for shu, larry beil, alma and dan, back to you. >> all right, guys. >> katie continues with the live coverage. >> she's live with the fan frenzy. katie? >> reporter: alma, we know warriors fans is something else. a win turns this arena and this area out here into a dance party and a fire works show. >> oh, my god, kevin durant, the slam dunks, i mean, the defense,
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i mean, there was no competition tonight. i enjoyed that game. it was awesome. >> just beating them by so many points was great. taking control of the whole game and just dominating. >> warriors in five. >> we'll give the cavs one, yeah. >> does winning ever get old? >> [ bleep ] no, no. not at all. i don't think so. not at all. >> reporter: it's easy to be a warriors fan. it's not so easy to take some of the jobs inside the arena and later in the show i will introduce you to a man that has arguably one of the most important jobs at the warriors game and he's been doing it for more than 50 years. dan and alma, back to you. >> that's great. okay, katie, we'll see you in a little bit. >> up next, game two, we have coverage of game two of the nba final sunday at 4:30 only on abc7. >> more dubs coverage as we move on. new details now on three former jail guards in santa clara county who are now going to jail themselves. today a jury found matthew
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ferris, jere and rafael guilty of second degree murder in the beating death of a mentally ill inmate. michael tyree died at the main jail in san jose. he had severe internal injuries to his liverspleen. the district attorney says the verdict sends a message. >> the perpetrators of the crime are law enforcement officers or not, we will hold them accountable and there will be justice, and there is justice in this case. >> the family had no comment and quickly left the courthouse. sentencing is in september. they could get 15 years to life. at 11:00 katie marzullo is live with the lessons the sheriff's department is taking from this case. jurors in the penalty phase will deliberate on monday. the case of antolin garcia torres started on tuesday. prosecutors want the death
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penalty. the defense is asking for life in prison. >> there is strong worldwide reaction to president trump's decision to withdraw the united states from the paris climate agreement. >> several cities are lighting up landmarks as a sign of support for this pact. paris city hall, the new world trade center in new york and boston city hall are all smiening green tonight. here's abc news reporter janai norman. >> reporter: the president fulfilling a key campaign promise. >> the united states will withdraw from the paris climate accord -- [ applause ] >> reporter: more than 190 countries have signed on committing to cut greenhouse gas emissions in order to combat climate change. only syria and nicaragua have not signed on. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> reporter: dozens of american companies including apple, citigroup, wal-mart and exxon/mobil have urged president
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trump not to quit the agreement, arguing participation would help. but in the rose garden today, trump arguing the agreement is bad for the american economy, though saying he's open to finding a way to make the accord more appealing. >> begin negotiations to reenter either the paris accord or really entirely new transaction on terms that are fair to the united states. >> reporter: the world reacting. paris city hall going green in support of the agreement. 61 u.s. mayors pledging to adopt, honor and uphold the paris accord's commitment and president obama releasing a statement saying trump joins a handful of nations that reject the future. but the leaders of france, germany and italy releasing a joint statement saying the paris climate accord cannot be renegotiated. the french president taking a direct shot at trump. >> make our planet great again. >> reporter: janai norman, abc
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news, washington. >> in response to the president's decision, governor brown says president trump has chosen the wrong course. he's wrong on the facts, wrong on science, totally wrong. brown will travel tomorrow to talk climate change with the leadsers. >> tesla ceo elon musk says he is leaving the presidential councils of which he is a member. it is not good for america or the world. >> disney ceo bob either tweeted, as a matter of fact principal i have resigned over the paris agreement. disney is the parent company of abc7. >> this is the cover of daily news tomorrow trump to world, drop dead. pulls out of the climate pact, decides to hell with science, earth's future. >> well, developing news in the philippines where at least 36 people are dead after a violent robbery at a resort, cnn has obtained these pictures of the suspect accused of stealing $2.3 million in gambling chips before going on his rampage,
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shooting but not aiming at tourists, pouring gasoline on gaming tables and setting them on fire. the 36 victims suffocated from the smoke and were found dead in a bathroom at the resort's world manila hotel and casino. police found the aspect's body on the fifth floor next to his rifle. they say he burned himself to death. >> the former fbi director fired by president trump will break his silence next week. james comey is set to testify before the senate intelligence committee next thursday, one week from today, of course. the committee is investigating russia's possible interference in last year's election. the senate inquiry will focus on the nature of comey'sers presidt trump. >> abc7 news continues. tiger woods inside jail tonight. we're getting our first look at the disgraced golf star after he was arrested for dui. >> plus 3 $65,000 in overtime? the bart employees taking home the huge paychecks. >> and making bay area streets safer with the help of self-driving cars, the south bay
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a handcuffed tiger woods is seen tired and unable to keep his head up in new police video released today of his dui arrest. the championship golfer is seen nodding off as he is waiting for a breathalizer test at the palm beach county jail in florida. the test found in alcohol in his system. police arrested woods monday on suspicion of dui. woods blames his condition on an unexpected reaction to prescription drugs. >> scary moments for passengers on a united plane this morning.
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ua 1738 had to turn around minutes after took off from chicago after the engine caught on fire. the flight bound for miami apparently hit a bird. passengers say the crew did a good job calming everyone down. the landing was rough, but there were no reports of any injuries. k-mart shoppers, beware. it is warning some of its stores were targeted by hackers. they appear to have infiltrated payment systems. sears is urging customers to check their credit card statements. the company has set up a web page for concerned kucustomers. >> three bart janitors earned $365,000 in overtime last year, more than doubling their regular pay. according to our media partners at bay area news group. two janitors racked up more than 125,000 in o.t., another put in 115,000. each was assigned to clean downtown stations in san francisco. bart says they implemented a no overtime policy and implemented
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a hiring freeze for janitors. >> new tonight, the bay area's largest city is seeking help from autonomous auto makers to help make san jose streets safer and less congested. >> it is hoping to tap into talented over two dozen silicon valley companies. here's abc news reporter david louie. >> reporter: by this fall san jose could become the first large city to see its congested streets testing how autonomous vehicles can improve safety and break the bottlenecks that drivers curse. >> we want to ensure this is something that improves safety and not simply becomes a beta test for a company that is at the edge. we want to ensure that we do this in a way that improves the quality of life for our city and that's why we're being proactive. >> reporter: san jose is asking tech companies involved in autonomous vehicles to submit proposals. two round table meetings held earlier this year brainstormed about better ways to link passengers at the downtown cal train station to the san jose airport. self-driving cars might be a lot cheaper than an $800 million light rail link.
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busy stevens creek boulevard is always choked in traffic. silicon valley has 26 companies working on the technology. >> they're all looking at autonomy, and if we can't give nemanja a place to test and can't give them a place to drive these self-driving cars they're going to go elsewhere and leave the valley >> reporter: liz is director of the auto tech council. >> we'll see proposals from giant companies like google and small companies that we haven't even heard of yet. >> reporter: reducing pedestrian fatalities by using autonomous vehicles is another goal. last year 18 people were killed crossing san jose streets. in 2014 and '15 the toll was 23. a 20-year high. >> it was an important door that they opened and i'm sure there will be a lot of people trying to rush in. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. >> just a nice day all the way around today and great for anyone going to the game and enjoying some tailgating outside. >> it was nice. there was a warm up today. >> absolutely. temperatures were above average for a change.
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i do want to show you the weather has been so pleasant. unfortunately with this nice widther does come high grass, pollen, trees have been running moderate. if you've been sniffling, sneezing, weeds are low. you can blame it on the grasses and trees. they have been pretty much out there moderate to high. and that will continue as we head into tomorrow. right now live doppler 7 showing you some signs of things to come. notice there is very little fog on live doppler 7. it's one little patch and that means tomorrow we're in for a warm up. from our em had i ville camera we have terrific visibility across the bay. 55 in san francisco in the low 60s from oakland to mountain view, san jose, mild in gilroy, 61 degrees, live look from our golden gate bridge camera, if you were with us last night you know this was completely fogged in. not the case tonight. we can actually see it. 60 in santa rosa, 67 in novato, napa in the upper 50s same thing with livermore. one other live picture from kgo roof camera. wind is not an issue. so it is going to be sunny and
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warmer tomorrow. a brief cool down this weekend with signs of summer early next week. hour by hour forecast starting at 11:00 tonight, one little patch of fog you'll notice on the san mateo coast. as we head towards tomorrow morning, not expecting much. patchy fog just near the coast, and then for the afternoon the fog will try to make its way back, but won't quite make it. so, we're going to have to wait until late friday night going into saturday to get some fog back into the picture. tomorrow morning temperatures in the 50s. you will have to just watch out right near the coast briefly as that fog will be low and pretty much right down on the deck. for the afternoon milder day mid 60s near the coast. it's a warmer day inland. you're going to be up into the mid-'80s and like i said, everyone will be seeing the sun for friday and it's a nice looking forecast for all the graduates. lin brook high school in san jose, 9:30 graduation, 60 degrees at 9:00, it's going to be sunny it's going to be bright. tem durz will be really quite comfortable around 11:00 a.m., 68. at noontime, warmer conditions, 71 degrees. congratulations to those
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graduates. temperature for san jose, average high is 78. you're above it tomorrow. then falling below it for the weekend and then you're back up again really a warmer early start to the workweek and as you check out the accuweather seven-day forecast, you will see all the temperature swings. download the accuweather dwrap you' app, you'll be able to keep track of it. you'll see fog, cloud cover. next week we'll introduce you to something we haven't seen in a while. low 90s. temperatures back down again wednesday and thursday. the seesaw effect i call it. >> thanks, sandhya. >> dubs fans are known for their lucky charm. coming up you'll meet the man who says his autographed toaster is one of the reasons the dubs keep winning games. >> first abc7 news was inside san francisco's museum for who are these people? the environmentally aware. the ones with their eyes on the sky and our air. they say our climate's in need of repair.
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officers delivered a simple gesture of kindness to a 9-year-old girl whose father suddenly died last month. the officers walked annie to school, something she enjoyed doing with her dad. annie was alone when her father passed. officers responded with the difficult task of consoling her. >> san francisco's art museums are consistently recognized for having some of the best collections of american artwork, but something has been missing and today the dejong museum in golden gate park has announced it acquired 62 works of art by african-american artists. it will be a permanent part of the art collection. >> a big chapter has been missing and that's really in this case the whole story, the history, the appreciation of african-american art, especially from the deep south. >> the exhibition opens tomorrow and will be on display in a temporary gallery for ten months before it moves to the permanent
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exhibit. >> coming up, the luck of the toaster. >> it's a real thing. >> it's a real thing. a bay area man who swears his ♪ >> it's a real thing. a bay area man who swears his ♪ ♪ >> it's a real thing. a bay area man who swears his
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ends sunday. go to for a store near you. all right. as we said at the top and as we hope you saw live tonight, the warriors coasted to victory tonight against the cavs. >> abc7 news reporter laura anthony has the story of an east bay man who is swearing by his lucky warriors themed toaster. you heard that correctly, a
10:57 pm
toaster. >> i said the toaster right here, this toaster is responsible for the last 28 games. >> reporter: to the naked eye it looks like any other toaster. but to die hard warrior fan ronnie reyes, it's one with special powers at least since klay thompson signed it in march. >> ever since then we have been undefeated. >> reporter: 27-1 actually. the one loss came when thompson wasn't playing. >> he's like, is that a toaster? >> reporter: here's a photo of thompson signing the poster at an autograph event in san francisco. >> he recognized the signatures, david lee right there, and he recognized draymond. i'm like, yeah, draymond and david lee right there. that's cool. that's the first time i've ever seen this. >> reporter: since then he's added the penmanship of former warrior jim barnett. the toaster has become a celebrity at least among his coworkers. do you let the toaster out of your sight? >> not at all.
10:58 pm
>> reporter: and he will never, ever use it nor its intended purpose. >> it just burns the logo onto the bread. it doesn't really toast it that well. >> reporter: that's okay as long as the warriors toast the cavs in the finals. laura anthony, abc7 news. >> okay, we told you about the celebrity power in the stands of the game. tonight we found one of those celebs biggest fans is right here in our abc7 news room. watch this. >> for now we want to get back to after the game with larry, harry and donald because, guys, the warriors were on fire! oh, my gosh that's -- >> yes, they were. >> tell him i said hi. >> alma hitting the high note there. we have a guy who can hit some notes. >> okay, is that adorable? alma had her own moment when bay area rapper vallejo native and long time warriors fan made a guest appearance e-40 after the game tonight. you had no idea. that surprised you. >> i was just in shock. larry swears he didn't hear me
10:59 pm
otherwise he would have relayed tell him i said hi. >> that was so cute. don't be go away. our coverage of the nba finals continues. >> yes, we are inside oracle arena. larry. >> no, really my head set went out. i think you sleeked so high it blew out my ear piece, i didn't know what was going on. the warriors got kevin durant specifically for nights like this and for games like this. did he ever deliver. we'll have all the highlights coming up from the warriors 113-91 bin in game one of the nba finals. we'll be back live here at oracle. >> i'm dan from the only on abc7 news, the women in charge answer our question. >> and south bay deputies found guilty of murdering an inmate. the emotional outbursts playing out in court. >> plus the dramatic body camera video just released by san francisco police. >> and the bay area pastor
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