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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 2, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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♪ >> it doesn't matter how old that song is, i will always dance to it, and we have a reason to dance this morning. the celebration continues. fans so excited about warriors' win, game one of the nba finals last night. you may be surprised when you find out what steph curry and kevin durant are doing today, though. >> that's usher. >> good morning on this friday,
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june 2nd. hopefully that game put you in a good mood and you are ready to start the day on this friday. >> are you sure they are not listening to rihanna? >> absolutely not. >> no, not at all. >> boos. wow. good morning, everybody. it gets intense during the playoffs, doesn't it? here's a look at clouds over the coast, and can you see no fog at the golden gate bridge right now, and light breezes. 53 to 57 at 7:00, and we will stay in the upper 50s to low 60s at the coast, and check out the temperatures around noon at the bay. 75 to 82 at 4:00, and then 69 to 71. enjoy a quiet day weather-wise. hopefully the commute is the same. let's see what sue has to tell us. i love the shot of the golden gate bridge still with three lanes in both directions. if you take the golden gate ferry from larkspur, 7:30 boat
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is a slow boat from larkspur to san francisco, and the 8:45 is canceled, and the 4:00 coming canceled, and the 4:00 coming home hraurb larkspur is canceled, and then the 5:30 is a slow boat. at 5:02, we want to get back to breaking news we are tracking on the peninsula. >> amy hollyfield is on the scene of a water main break in belmont. do they have to evacu >> reporter: the families tell us when they woke up this morning they thought they heard rain and that was the w rushing toward their home. you can see the water flowing in belmont. firefighters have decided to evacuate two homes here because they are worried it could do
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damage to the homes or invade the houses. there's a huge hill behind this home, so with the water flowing downhill, that's why they decided to go ahead and evacuate the homes. they got the call about the water break 3:25 this morning, and we have seen two cars of homeowners driving around with children in the backseat, not sure where to go and not sure what to do, but they can't go home. they have been evacuated. one man told us he did not want to go on camera and felt a little disshovelled being woken up in the middle of the night with this happening. the water department is here right now trying to get the water shut off. we're live in belmont hollyfield, abc7 news. i am tracking a investigation in the south bay in a bad crash involving a san jose police officer. you can see the ford explorer
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smashed in the front and it happened before midnight in san jose. the other car involved, the white one, has damage to the front passenger side. we're told the officer in the suv was not hurt and neither was anybody in the white car. no word on what led to the crash or who was at fault at t poi point. we are told drugs and alcohol have been ruled out. there's a big investigation happening right now. there's a lot of san jose police department involved in this, and the good news here is that simply nobody was hurt. we don't know if there was only one police officer in that vehicle or perhaps if there were two. we don't know if there were numerous people in the white car either. for now this video just coming in. back to you. >> thank you. a sea of green at several world landmarks this morning in reaction to president trump's decision to with draw from the paris climate agreement, and everywhere from paris to new
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york to the boston hall as well. the monument to the revolution is on the right. now the question is what is next for the u.s.? how will this affect our country? complete with draw might not be finished until 2020. the president claims his decision will save the country $3 trillion and 6.5 million jobs. jobs. on "gma" stephanopoulos asked kelly conway if trump still thinks the environmental change is a hoax. >> does he believe global warming is a hoax? >> you will have to ask him that. >> so no answer that. the president is open to negotiating a new deal. the leaders of france, germany and italy quickly
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idea so that's going nowhere. >> you saw mayor ed lee in front of that photo. and disney i of abc7. and then in a tweet, musk says climate change is real and leaving paris is not good for america or the world. and then ignoring sexual harassment claims now out of a job. the company said it has no choice to fire her after her allegations were illegitimate. her attorney calls the move clear retaliation, and she claims she was cat called, and taunt and paid less than the ma male counterparts.
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she was given successive engineering roles over her male counterparts when she did not have a emergency nengineering d. another student saw the gun and reported it yesterday at a high school. they also searched his home and found a 9 millimeter handgun along with meth and marijuana. and then a pastor in jail this morning accused of a horrific crime. police say he assaulted children and adult members of his church. >> reporter: as members for mass, they found out their pastor was in jail. this church volunteer tells a friend it's for sexual abuse of children. the police arrested gomez today
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after several people came forward with similar stories of sexual abuse, as children and as young adults. >> a person who is in a position of power is able to prey on people, and it's disturbing, because normally those empowered are trusted by the victims. >> reporter: she says some people mentioned he touched a female member's breast and she left the church. the suspect is married with three adult children that live in guatemala. police believe the assaults took place here in this building. in menlo park, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. b.a.r.t. station lo lots, one person taken into custody for burglarizing 16 cars. two teens were arrested for auto
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burglary near the b.a.r.t. daly city station. 5:08. the nba finals got started with a bang for us warrior >> golden state beat the cavaliers. they coasted to victory. 113-91. kevin durant had a great game, scoring 38 points to go along with eight rebounds and eight assists. >> you are talking one of the best players in the game. we're tough to beat when he's doing that. he just did what we expect of him. we will seek him out and give him a ball and guys have to defend him and he was amazing tonight and i expect nothing less. >> steph curry, and kd, and others will help to open a learn
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& play zone, and it allows youth to explore. up next, it's on to game two, and the coverage starts at 5:30. we have lots of beauty shots going through the game, and that made us look good. >> it's not that hard. >> absolutely. i wonder if anybody in the crowd had an umbrella for all the dunks he was raining down. i will be here all morning. let's talk about graduation. let's head over to san ramon valley high school, home of the wolves. warm sunshine at 5:00, and becoming comfortable by 7:00 and heading to grad night, about 67 degrees. here's a look down at 280 at 17. you can see it's a sunny start in the south bay. and watch out for the extreme
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sunshine. brighter today but breezy and on the bay today, slower breezes for you. here's a look at temperatures along the east bay shore. 57 in hayward. oakland about 56. san leandro, 52 degrees. we have 50 right there in novato, santa rosa and pacifica. and 55 in san carlos. concord, about 58 degrees. and if you are traveling around, 77 in l.a. a hot 103 in palm springs. and 82 in yosmite where the flood warning is over for now because of the rapid snow-melt. in tahoe, we are going to have 75 today. 77, the warmest day tomorrow. breezy and 72 for sunday. here's a look at what is going on as far as temperatures. warmest today and a little cooler tomorrow and a little cooler on sunday, but our hottest days are monday and tuesday. i will show you those coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. another great shot of the golden gate bridge behind you,
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mike, with light traffic come into san francisco. we have a steady stream of headlights headed in the westbound direction. no delays, though. everybody is moving at the limit. and then a nine-minute drive across the span, so you are looking at about 30 minutes all the way from rodeo and crocket into san francisco, which is very nice friday light. roadwork on 780 in vallejo has been picked up. that's good news. both directions of 780 from highway 80 to laurel street now wide open and looking good. we'll come back and take a look at your north bay commute in a few minutes. a new change upset privacy advocates. some travelers asking for a social media passwords. social media passwords. the big step taking
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suddenly has 1000 bottles too many. we've got name-brand, top-quality groceries priced 40-70% off every day. bargainomics. that's our business model. and our business model is... delicious. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ exactly what you don't want to see when you are looking out the window, right? flames coming out of the engine. the flight had to turn around minutes after it took off from chicago because the engine caught fire. why did that happen? it was going to miami and somewhere in the journey it hit a bird. passengers say the crew did a good job calming everybody down and the landing was rough but no reports of anybody getting hurt. jurors in the penalty phase
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of the mannequ accused of killi sierra lamar. deliberations in the case for torres started on tuesday. prosecutors want the death penalty and the defense is asking for life in prison. and then honoring two of the fallen heroes. repeated desecration and vandalism forced them to remove the memorial for the two that died battling a fire in 1997. and now they ago to the websitet lynn tobg donate money to get the link to the gofundme campaign. and k mart is warning some of its stores that were targeted by hackers, and there's a web page for some of the concerned shoppers. k mart's parent company, sears,
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is urging customers to check their credit card statements. for now we want to get back to after the game with larry, carry, and donald, because guys, the warriors were on fire! oh, my gosh! tell him i said hi. >> we have guys that can hit notes. >> that was really funny. >> i want to hear more. i want to go deep into that. that was our colleague who is an anchor in the evenings, and she's a big fan of rapper e 40. >> kevin hart, and jay-z at the game, and we talked about this, and so was a little performer named rihanna, who is not a
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warrior's fan. but the dog is. >> no, he had to watch it on abc7 news, and show us your warrior's pride. use the your photos on air. watching the half-time show, and michelle beetle kept bouncing around listening to rob. i wish i could afford to go. did you find any of the 1.9 million pennies in your couch yesterday, reggie? >> still looking. east bay hills here, you can see the fog along the coast is spilling into parts of our neighborhoods around the bay, but rest assure the afternoon becomes sunny and warmer today. a cool breeze this weekend and a summer spread monday and tuesday. look at the winds. you can see they are coming in across the san bruno gap at
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about 9 miles per hour. not very fast whatsoever. let's see what it does to the highs today. down in the south bay, in the 70s. everybody else in the low to mid-80s with san jose at 80. on the peninsula, near 80 and down to 70 in millbrae. check out the upper 60s in downtown south san francisco and sausalito. about 79 to 83 through the north bay valleys. berkeley at 72, and everybody else in the mid to upper 70s with oakland at 73. as we head inland, 82 at san ramon, and brentwood at 87. tonight more cloud cover and temperatures around 51 to 57 degrees. those cool breezes will drop our temperatures back closer to average saturday and into sunday, and then a quick hit of some summer warmth monday and tuesday before another cooling trend wednesday and thursday. so a little bit of a roller coaster. sue? up early on this friday morning watching abc7 news, and you will find out traffic is light in san jose. 101 and 880 right there and a
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beautiful sky this morning, and look at that southbound direction. there's hardly any cars going there. northbound you see the sensors we have an issue in the castro area, after eden canyon on the dublin grade, a car partially blocking the fast lane. there was a minivan and car that got into it, road rage involved, and chp is on scene to calm everybody down and get the cars out of there and we will check in again in just a few. in this morning's "gma" first look, summer travel is right around the corner but it's not too late to find big savings in an unlikely place. big box stores are great for
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laundry things, and vacations? >> the reason they can offer amazing travel deals is because they have so many members. the more members they have the bigger the market, the bigger the market the more the companies want to sell to them. if you check the find print, you may find that they come with lots of free bonuses, and that could be free transfers from the airport or breakfast for the entire family. >> and more tips to save you money coming up at 7:55 a.m. >> i want breakfast for the entire family. tourists that want a vacation near the u.s. may have to jump through another hoop. the u.s. can now ask for social media handles and e-mail addresses going back five years. the trump administration says that online information will
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help weed out people that tend to do us harm. authorities and companies have come under increasing pressure to help detect potential terrorists threats by monitoring social media accounts. a goat that was severely burned during a grass fire last week is recovering well. charlie is getting better. he woke up hungry yesterday, which is a good sign they say. he's being treated at uc davis. there was a small herd of goats that were trapped and most managed to escape with minor burns, and one goat did not survive. and the goats are enjoying their new home and friends there. coming up, seven things you need to know as you start your need to know as you start your day.
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coppertone sport stays on strong when you sweat and is strong enough to stop up to 98% of the sun's damaging uv rays. coppertone. because protection matters. here are the seven things you
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need to know, jess. >> number one from our live desk, breaking news in belmont. a water main reeking havoc in one neighborhood, and two homes have been evacuated near san juan boulevard. water still flowing downhill right now and the water department trying to get it shut off. high profile business leaders reacting to president trump's decision to with draw from the united states from the paris climate accord and that includes executives from silicon valley's apple, google and tesla. game two is sunday at oracle arena. if you are not going you can watch the game only on abc7, and coverage begins at 4:30 p.m. let's look at what is going on outside this morning. you will notice the lack of cloud cover from the mount tam cam. mid-80s in san jose, and mid to
5:26 am
upper 60s in san francisco. we have some larkspur gate ferry changes for your commute. the 4:00 p.m. from san francisco is canceled, and it will be a slow boat at 5:30. california is one step closer to ending daylight-savings time. the state assembly passed a bill to repeal the state's 67-year-old daylight saving time time. national doughnut day is today. several major companies, including dunkin' donuts and krispy kreme is giving a doughnut away. san jose considers a flexible way to take some of the frustration out of your morning commute. >> reggie, you talked about the
5:27 am
warriors game last night. everybody talking this morning about that moment between kd and rihanna, and i will have a little more. we have been digging into the whole thing. whole thing. >> it's about
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sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes music it's sesame street live elmo makes music playing city national civic san jose june 10th & 11th tickets on sale now through ticketmaster
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. curry, deep three. tucks it in! >> that, my friends, is the curry cancan. >> warriors rollover the cavs in game one of the nba finals. >> everybody is happy about rihanna this morning and the stare down. >> that's pretty good. >> that's pretty good. the whole back story we will get into, so that's coming up. good morning, everyone. it's 5:29, and happy friday to
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you. we have a better sunrise today and so we're happy about that, and looks better than 24 hours ago. >> not nearly as shady as it was in there. not even close. we have a few late arriving clouds as you can see from the sutro tower right there, a thin cloud deck that will not last more than a couple of hours this morning. let's talk about what is going to happen with your day planner, if the computer wants to cooperate. let pea wame walk over and wake. it stayed up also watching the game so it may be a little tired. temperatures in the low to upper 50s this morning. we will be in the upper 50s to lower 60s at the coast. 75 to 82 around the bay and inland by 4:00. great evening on tamp, temperatures around 70 at 7:00. so far it's a great friday commute. the san mateo bridge, a 17 minute drive from 880 over
5:31 am
towards 101. everybody moving at the limit there. and the metering lights just turned on the bay bridge toll plaza, and of course if you can carpool, that's always a great way to go. we will come back and look at an accident on the dublin grade in just a couple minutes. tracking breaking news at 5:30. evacuations underway in a peninsula neighborhood. >> amy hollyfield is live for us in belmont. amy. >> reporter: reggie, evacuated residents just learned they are not going to be going home anytime soon. a structural engineer will check the homes before letting them back in. look at the water flowing and flooding here, the front yard, the driveway and backyard. it's all coming downhill and there's a big hill behind this home and that's where the water main break happened. they got the call at about 3:25
5:32 am
this morning that the water main had broken and the residents said it sounded like it was raining. you can hear it rushing here in this neighborhood. the water department is here working to get the water shut off. they have evacuated at least two homes. residents say they don't know if any water has invaded their homes because they are evacuated, they are not allowed in. from what we can see, the homes look okay, and firefighters, though, worried about what could happen especially with it coming downhill, and that's when they decided to make them leave their homes. it sounds like that is going to be hours before they are allowed back in. reporting live in belmont, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. breaking news where police are investigating a deadly shooting early this morning. one person is dead. it happened around 2:00 this morning on 84th avenue near international boulevard. officers closed off some of the streets to investigate. there's also a car that looks like it crashed into a tree there. we put a call into oakland
5:33 am
police to get more information and will bring you more information as it comes in. the conviction of three jail guards for the death of an inmate sends a strong message nobody is above the law. a jury found the three guilty of second-degree murder in the beating death of a mentally ill inmate. michael tyree died with severe internal injuries to his liver and spleen. and rosen said everybody is entitled to be treated like a human being regardless of the circumstances. >> we will hold them accountable and there will be justice, and there is justice in this case. >> the guards' families had no comment and quickly left the courthouse. the judge set sentencing for september 1st, and the men could get ten years to life.
5:34 am
our media partners on the bay area news group obtained new documents at state regulators studying why the balcony gave way with 13 people on it, and six people died and seven were hurt. the report lists construction failures and it says more water resistant plywood should have been used. in april the state revoked the license of the genera contractor that built the balcony saying the company used cheaper and weaker material than plans specified. and vta and the city of san jose have an idea that may help out your commute. >> jeanine is live in san jose. >> reporter: natasha, the commute is just starting to build here on highway 87. a lot of these drivers use it to get to 101, 280 and 85. it can get very congested, which is why the city of san jose and the valley transportation
5:35 am
authority teamed up and just approved $225,000 to study how to make it better. our media partner, the "mercury news," will examine whether creating flex lanes is feasible and the focus will be on the corridor between highway 85 and 101. the paper says the study will see whether it's possible to remove the two emergency lanes on each side of the highway to make room for a flex lane and that would act as an extra lane during the commute and would turn back into a regular shoulder the rest of the time, and a decision on whether to require a toll would not be made until the study determines whether the lane would fit or not. the study is expected to be completed by the end of the year. reporting live from san jose, abc7 news. >> thank you. a whole lot of warrior fans are waking up happy this morning following the blow out of the cavs last night. did you see kevin durant?
5:36 am
>> i did. and the warriors cruised -- really, that's a good way to put it, they had no problem, to a 113-91 victory and lead the series now, one game to none. >> we could be better off t tha we were tonight, and in the finals, you get a "w" and we'll take it. >> don't worry about any story line or anything that doesn't matter to the game, and we were really, really good in that department. >> with the victory the warriors became the first team in nba history to start a post season 13-0. >> the team is now looking ahead to game two on sunday and possibly having head coach, steve kerr, back on the sidelines. sources tell us that he is feeling better. they say if kerr feels well over the next few days without any setbacks he could coach sunday's game. he has been out since the middle of the first round of the playoffs due to complications from back surgery nearly two years ago.
5:37 am
well, guys, i hate to break it to you, because all the finals talk i am seeing at the live desk this morning is not about the game, it's about kd's apparent stare down of rihanna, after a three-pointer in the fourth quarter, and it appears she hackled him. and some guys dig digging and found out who the real culprit was, and we showed you the stare down earlier in the newscast, and we have been digging for video of the opposite view so you can try and see rihanna, because in the first view, you cedar rasee durant, and he lookt her, and so take a look at the new clip we found. >> people thought rihanna yelled brick as kd shot the free throw, and it was her friend sitting next to her.
5:38 am
d durant made the shot and appeared to stare her down, and rihanna, she is known for being a hard core lebron fan, but it was not her. she was yelling he's still king to warrior fans, so it doesn't look like she's switching sides. i don't know why she has been a long-time lebron fan. i traced it back as far as 2006 when he played for the heat. >> interesting. a lot of tweets, she said the king is still the king, with a word that could not be included in that. >> edited a little bit. >> coverage of the game two starts here on abc7 at the nation and the world are reacting to president trump's decision to pull out of the
5:39 am
paris climate accord, and he called the agreement to combat global warming a bad deal for the u.s. officials for new york, california and washington state immediately announced they are forming the u.s. climate alliance to uphold the paris agreeme agreement. 61 u.s. mayors are pledging to do the same including pittsburgh, and we mentioned pittsburgh because the president mentioned that in making yesterday's announcement. >> what he did was not only bad for the economy of the country but also weakened america. >> the president's decisions sparked protest in washington, d.c. and new york, and big companies like apple and exxonmobil said staying in the agreement would make the world more competitive in business. and then brown said california will resist the president's decision. >> this is an insane move by this president. the world depends on the
5:40 am
sustainable future. he's going to the other way. it's going to affect peoples' health and the stability of countries and our entire future, so yes, this is bad, and it's tragic, but out of that tragedy i believe america and the rest of the world will mobilize. >> governor brown told politico he will spend a week in china meeting with high level chinese officials. check out the cover of this morning's "daily news," and it reads trump to world:drop dead. he decides to hell with science and earth's future. and then trump administration is petitioning the supreme court to take up his ban. the fourth circuit court of appeals found the ban intentionally bars muslims from the u.s. the appeals court is second
5:41 am
guessing the president's motivations is what the president says. fingers crossed, we won't have any delays. clouds on the increase right now. if you are on the roads, dry all day. if you are going to be on the bay, a lighter breeze than what we have had most of the week and a lighter afternoon if you are taking mass transit. and another high school sending seniors off into the real world, and temperatures going to be jumping from 60 to 65 during the graduation ceremony. 68 at 11:00, and by noon, a sunny 71. congratulations, oakland, hayward, 56. we have san ramon and livermore at 52. fremont and san jose at 54. napa and san rafael, about 55. here's a look at san rafael looking south on 101. and grass pollen is going to be high, and the uv index, quick
5:42 am
burning today about ten to 15 minutes. a warm push for everybody, and even out to the coast today. look what happens tomorrow. the breezes come back and we see the biggest drop along the coast into san francisco and around the bay, and a few 80s hanging on inland and hardly any 80s by sunday, but i do have a surge with 90s in it, and we'll see you in a bit with that. here's sue. >> we have moderate traffic conditions for this friday, and it's good. look at the green on the map with exception of traffic coming out of tracy and it's better than normal. we will take a look at one other problem spot on the dublin grade, and chp is iffy on the location of the accident, and they are saying east bay 580 after eden canyon, and you can see at the intersection of the junction there seems to be slow traffic there as well, and possibly with as incident in the
5:43 am
westbound direction of the interchan interchange, and we will check back and see if chp can clear that up for us. and we will update your b.a.r.t. closures this weekend next. and then b.a.r.t. janitors, what they are making in over time? time? >> we are hoping to make this a
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5:45 am
5:46 am
today marks six months since one of the worst tragedies in oakland's history. 36 people died when the ghost ship caught fire. there are questions about why people were unable to get out. today is also the legal deadline for victims or relatives to file claims against the city, county and state. a news conference from kathy griffin. she says the trump family is bullying her. she said she will explain the true motivation behind the image that caused so much controversy. griffin apologized but the photo still got her fired from her cnn new year's eve gig, and president trump tweeted out she should be ashamed of herself for posting the image. posting the image. watch
5:47 am
>> the shooting happened where officers responded to a possible home invasion. one suspect fired first and one officer identified as a 12-year veteran fired back. nobody got hit. police released body cam videos from the three responding officers during a community meeting yesterday. new details coming in from the philippines this morning after a violent robbery as a resort. we have learned 22 of the 36 victims were guests of the manila resort. the rest were employees, and we also learned this morning hotel security shot and wounded the gunman, and the gunman later took his own life inside the room at the manila hotel and casino. the suspect was seen stealing $2.3 million in gambling chips before putting gasoline on the gaming tables setting them on fire and the 36 victims died of
5:48 am
smoke inhalation. three b.a.r.t. janitors earned a staggering $365,000 in combined overtime last year more than doubling their regular pay. than doubling their regular pay. two janitored clean stations in downtown san francisco. b.a.r.t. has a no overtime and hiring freeze. and then the airport is getting two new federal grants totaling $1.2 million, and the money going to safety equipment like a emergency generator and a new vehicle for aircraft rescue and firefighting. they also received $15 million last year for infrastructure and security upgrades.
5:49 am
mike nicco, can we expect the blue skies and golden sunshine to celebrate this morning? >> absolutely. we have a little fog as you look from the exploratorium over towards the port of oakland, a little haze. warm and sunny this afternoon. warmth will ease over the weekend and the hottest days will be monday and tuesday. the coast will be breezy, just about the entire time, now through 3:00 monday morning. 24 to about 38-mile-per-hour winds. let's see what it does to the temperatures along the coast. daly city because of the sunshine today about 64. the sunset is going to be right around of 66. and on the bay side, 68 degrees. going to the east, 73 in oakland today. castro valley, 76. and hayward, 75. on the peninsula, on the coast side, of 66 at half moon bay. and then down in the south bay, exceeding the average, 86.
5:50 am
and milpitas, 76. and then 82 is sonoma. east bay, getting a little uncomfortable possibly, strong sunshine about 85 in concord. pittsburgh and pleasanton, 84 degrees. tonight mostly cloudy conditions and the cloud cover will be more expensive than this morning, and temperatures spread about 51 in santa rosa. here's my accuweather 7day forecast. the breeze is kicking into the bay tomorrow and you can see the drop in temperatures, and low to mid-60s at the coast and mid to upper 70s around the bay and 90s inland. our hottest days, monday and tuesday. we have b.a.r.t. issues for the weekend we want to tell you about. first of all, let's go to the maps where green is good, slow traffic coming up over the altamont pass, that's typical, and chp is assuring me it's east bay 580, and it's partially blocking left lane and a tow truck is on the scene there, and you can see the yellow and red
5:51 am
sensors right there with 580 and 680 merge. we are getting reports of an accident on the peninsula, and we will update that in a minute. warm springs and south fremont b.a.r.t. stations this weekend are closed due to track work and so free shuttle buses will be in place, and right now both ace trains number one and three are out on schedule this morning, and once again, an accident near marsh road on the bay shore freeway and we'll check back in a few minutes. the search for the cause of autism. how a child's teeth could hold critical clues. and what state lawmakers want to do to protect marijuana want to do to protect marijuana users from did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? want to do to protect marijuana fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. enter sleep number and the semi-annual sale going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore.
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it's a bill approved by the state assembly would bar police from helping federal drug agents from using this bill will go to the state senate. a recall to tell you about now at 5:54. toyota is recalling 32,000 tacoma pickups in the u.s. because of a stalling problem. toyota has not said if the defect caused injuries or accidents and it said it will mail owners and fix it for free. and walmart wants employees to drop off packages on their way home from work. they are matching online
5:55 am
delivery addresses with the routes workers drive. walmart is testing the program in new jersey and arkansas. a young girl from the central valley is coming home now with a national title. >> she knows what it means. >> m-a-r-o-c-a-i-n. >> is that correct. >> congratulations! you are the champion! >> that's 12-year-old ananya vinay. she is just stunned. she can't believe it. this year's national spelling bee winner, congrats to her, a sixth grader from fresno, and she spelled marocain to win, and she will get $40,000 in cash and prices. do you see one of her family members wearing a warrior's t-shirt. >> where is she?
5:56 am
is she okay? >> she looks mildly happy. >> she doesn't seem to know how to act. >> i think it's so surprising. >> it's like, can i let it go? yeah, let it go. you just won and beat everybody in the country. 70 and 55. those are the temperatures we started in oakland and we end at 73 and 57. today your temperature, 10:00 in livermore, 66. noon, 73. and 76 at 6:00, and if you are going to oakland today, the nationals crossing the bay to take on the a's. and 66 dropping down to 58. hi, sue. we will take a look at the traffic maps where green is good and looking friday light with a little slow traffic up for the ultimate pass. 31 minutes from tracy up and over all the way to the dublin and pleasanton interchange. not bad at all. several cars involved, wrong way
5:57 am
in several lanes here on 101 before marsh and traffic stacking up towards willow, and the alternate is getting busy, too, so we will check back on this one. taking care of the four-legged law enforcement officers, and proposal that would require a requirement plan for dogs. and then a water main break flooding a belmont neighborhood right now, and amy hollyfield is live with the effort to clean up this mess. you can keep tabs on weather and traffic where you live by and traffic where you live by looking at your
5:58 am
5:59 am
coming up on 6:00 a.m., the breaking news is this water main break in the east bay sending water flooding into an east bay neighborhood. some of them forced from their homes in the middle of the night. >> all this happening near san juan boulevard in belmont, and that's where abc7 news reporter,
6:00 am
amy hollyfield, is live. >> reporter: pewe are on the peninsula in this is san juan boulevard, water is still flowing very strongly. the water department is here and they are working to get the line shut off. we have been told that they have been able to throttle it, meaning they have been able to turn it as tightly as they can and get it slowed down, but they have not been able to get it clamped and stopped. this break happened at 3:25 this morning. the fire department ordered the evacuation of at least two homes and they are not going to let them back home until structural engineers can check the structures to make sure they are okay, and that could be hours. we can see flooding in yards and driveways and can't tell if water has gone into the homes and the residents don't know because they are not being allowed inside. water is coming down the hill. you can hear it


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