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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 2, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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amy hollyfield, is live. >> reporter: pewe are on the peninsula in this is san juan boulevard, water is still flowing very strongly. the water department is here and they are working to get the line shut off. we have been told that they have been able to throttle it, meaning they have been able to turn it as tightly as they can and get it slowed down, but they have not been able to get it clamped and stopped. this break happened at 3:25 this morning. the fire department ordered the evacuation of at least two homes and they are not going to let them back home until structural engineers can check the structures to make sure they are okay, and that could be hours. we can see flooding in yards and driveways and can't tell if water has gone into the homes and the residents don't know because they are not being allowed inside. water is coming down the hill. you can hear it rushing.
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it sounds like a waterfall. residents said when they woke up they thought it was raining. we have seen them driving up and down the street and not quite sure where to go with kids tucked in the backseat, and one family went for coffee and came back and said, they have not turned out the water yet? they don't know what tpo do or where to go, but can't go inside. >> hopefully it will be a better day for the rest of you and the forecast looks good today. >> sunshine and breezy at the coast and warmer for just about all of us this morning. let's look at what is going on. you can see the clouds creeping up the coast there. they have not quite made the right-hand turn at the golden gate bridge because the air is not moving that fast. look at the flag there on the golden gate there on the right side of the screen, it's not moving. temperatures, waking up in the mid to upper 50s this morning. a little cooler than yesterday. and temperatures low 50s to low 60s at the coast, and let's focus on the bay and inland, and
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71 to 75, and 75 to 82 at 4:00, and then a real nice evening shaping up. head outside and enjoy yourself, temperatures around 70 degrees. we have a cooling trend for the weekend and summer heat coming up in my accuweather 7-day forecast. any friday light out there, sue? >> yeah, it's pretty friday light except for one area trouble near harsh, several cars and lanes involved. they required two tow trucks to clean it up, and it's 101 just before marsh and traffic stacked up to willow so you may want to consider elcamino, and so cars are wrong way and several lanes are blocked northbound 101 before marsh. we will check on this and changeses to your larkspur
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and then an accident being investigated including a police cruiser. it happened before midnight near 4th street and matrix boulevard. it's unclear what led to the crash but police say drugs nor alcohol were factors. alcohol were factors. a pastor of a small congratulaticongres congregation is in jail for molesting children and kwruyoun adults. >> a person in a position of power is able to prey on people, and it's disturbing because normally those in power are trusted by the victims. >> the police believe the assaults took place inside the church and there are more victims out there. and then auto burglaries at
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b.a.r.t. parking lots. one person was taken into custody charged with custody charged with burglarizing 16 cars. take a look. landmarks around the world lit up in green this morning in protest of president trump's decision to with draw from the paris climate agreement. you can see the new york world trade center, and also boston city hall in the far area here, just many of these sites lit in support of the accord. a new development in the last hour, an anonymous japanese official says japan is not joining in the protest of the president's decision, and its making its own statement separate from the countries and did not say why. president trump said the u.s. will begin to negotiate to
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re-enter the accord or a new deal on terms fair to the u.s. george stephanopoulos asked kellyanne conway if he still believes global warm something a hoax. >> believes in clean air and a clean environment and he believes we have to negotiate better deals for the country and there's a balance between environmental protection -- >> i will ask you one more time, does he believe global warm something a hoax? >> you will have to ask him that. > > >> a disney is the parent company of abc7. and elon musk leaving two of the president's advisory counscils, and he said leaving paris is not good for america or the world. the female engineer that
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sued tesla for her sexual harassment claims is out of a job. the palo alto-based company said it had no choice to fire her after a neutral third-party investigator calls her claims illegitimate. tesla says the suit is a miscarriage of justice especially as she was given engineering roles over her male counterparts when she did not have an engineering degree. and then started with a bang for the warriors fans. >> for the third straight year the warriors beat the cavs in game one. kevin durant had a monster game scoring 38 points to go along with eight rebounds and eight ase assis assists. >> you are talking about one of the best players in the game. we are tough to beat when he's
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doing that. he just did what we expect of him. we will seek him out and give him the ball and guys have to defend him and he was amazing tonight and i expect nothing less. >> the warriors have today off, but, you know, they are doing good. steph curry, and jd, and jones will help to open a learn and care safe zone. last year dubs players joined the nba in a similar event at east oakland pride elementary. game two is happening sunday. espn's coverage starts at 4:30 here on abc7 for the second game of the finals. coming up next, a new record just broken by a condo. looking outside live, the golden gate looking beautiful. we are getting a real sunrise
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today. it's just gorgeous. we're keeping weather and we're keeping weather and traffic up thr
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cloudy along the coast right now but the increased sunshine
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coming there, but a bit breezy for your activity planner. extreme sunshine, and slower breezes on the bay. 51 in dublin and pleasanton. cool spots, 60s around antioch and pittsburg. upper 40s around santa rosa and napa. temperatures around the state today, 90s through the central valley. 103 in palm springs, and tahoe, the flooding subsided just a little from the snow-melt. 75 today and 77 tomorrow and 72 and breezy on sunday. the lake level is nice and high and lots of water, so it's good news. here we go with golden gate ferry changes for your morning and afternoon drive this morning. 7:30 boat to san francisco is going to be a slow boat and that's coming up a little over an hour from now. and 8:45, that is
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and then the 4:00 is canceled, and 5:30 will be a slow boat. we have an accident on t peninsula bay shore freeway and will have an update on that. a condo just broke the record for the most expensive one sold in the city. the sale price $15.872 and the condo has 4,000 square feet inside. it's inside the brand-new pacific heights building at sacramento streets. >> it's funny because it's called the pacific heights. how a child's teeth could hold critical clues. hold critical clues. a (by laughs) hold critical clues. a ♪
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it's 6:15. want to show you scary moments, you look outside your plane window and see one of the engines on fire. it was flight apparently somewhere between takeoff and getting up to altitude it hit a bird.
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passengers say the crew did a good job calming everybody down and the landing, they say, was rough but no reports of anybody getting hurt. stockton firefighters need your help honoring two of their fallen heroes. repeated vandalism on the statues forced them to remove it. you can go to the website,, to donate money to the department's gofundme campaign. understanding why some children develop autism and some don't have been looked at for decades. baby teeth could give you clues. they found a child's risk all depends on how many metals they were exposed to and at what age,
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and this is toxic and nutritional met annuals like lead and zinc. some police dogs may soon get government retirement checks. the assembly's proposed budget includes $100,000 to provide police dogs with a retirement plan of their own. they would receive $2,000 for getting paid for medical costs. the dubs had a lot of celebrity power at game one of the nba finals including bay area rapper, e-40. >> one of our colleagues is apparently a big fan, as you are about to see. >> now we want to get back to after the game with larry, and donald because, guys, the warriors were on fire! oh, my gosh, e-40! >> yes, they were.
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>> that's so funny. >> that's great. a cute he made a guest appearance on after the show last night, and kevin hart and jay-z were there. >> as was rihanna, but we will not talk about that. >> that's all i want to talk about, but we will get into that later. >> we will have to do that on social media. we don't have time for that, unfortunately. let's talk about something else that may give you shade later today. may need an umbrella -- >> there we go. take a bow, mike. >> that's another one of her songs. >> i like that one. i was thinking of the one she did with eminem. the fog is trying to make a late surge but won't last.
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let's talk about what is going on with our winds. very light in most neighborhoods. only 12 in fairfield. because of that we are going to warm today. we don't have that cool breeze down the south bay, at least not to san jose. 80 and mid-80s around morgan hill and gilroy, and 80s around sunnyvale and milpitas, closer to the wadder. 80 in redwood. and sunshine will develop along the coast and still breezy and temperatures around 63 to 66 degrees, and 68 in downtown san francisco. how about 79, san rafael to 83 in santa rosa, and along the east bay shore, 72 in berkeley, and 73 to 78 in a come graduations. we will start up in santa rosa at 11:30 this morning, and temperatures start at 72, and then near 80 by the time you are
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ending there. and then one more, we will head down to milpitas high school. at 5:00, 76, and at 6:00 when you start graduation, 74 dropping down to a comfortable 67 by 8:00. congratulations to everybody and hope you have a great and safe evening. and then cooler on saturday and sunday. the heat is on, at least inland for monday and tuesday. let's take a look at a couple trouble spots for your friday morning drive. we will head out and take a look at our traffic maps, and this is northbound 101 at the on-ramp to 101 but traffic is slow on 101 northbound through san jose from 280 up towards the scene of the accident so we will take a look there and see what's happening as far as other slow traffic the peninsula, and 101 before marsh, this is now only block
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the right lane and traffic is beyond willow in the northbound direction, and you may want to take 280. we will come back in a bit with clarity on the san jose accident story road on-ramp in just a bit. >> thanks, sue. google honoring pride fla creator gilbert. today would have been baker's 66th birthday. he died earlier this year. he created the pride flag in san francisco in 1978 and is credited with helping to find the lgbt rights movement. if you want to share it, i put it on my twitter. and then questions about concert tickets coming up next. concert tickets coming up next.
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6:24. we have new details on a story jessica first brought you from the live desk yesterday. k mart is warning some of the stores they were targeted by hackers. we linked this to you
6:25 am should teens who make money by mowing lawns have a business license? >> this is happening in one alabama town, and at least they are considering it. it started with a local landscaper threatened to report a girl that mowed lawns. the city of garden dale requires anybody operating a business to buy a $110 license. and that girl's grandfather took up the issue with the city. the mayor says the city council will come up with a solution on monday. >> what about that lemonade stand? >> that's what i am one tkuwond. would it be cheaper to buy concert tickets at the box office or online? >> hi. that's a great question. back in the day ticket buyers avoided all the fees by buying at a box office in person but no
6:26 am
more, times have changed. sometimes can you get a deal by going to the box office but sometimes you can't, and often you don't. i don't think it's fair but it is legal, so before making the trek to the box office, check the website or call ahead to make sure you won't be wasting your time looking for a discount that doesn't exist. by the way, thanks for your question. >> share your question on social media with the #askfinney. south bay commuters could soon see relief. the proposal to add lanes to a busy freeway. the warriors looking ahead to game two of the nba finals, and when head coach steve kerr could be back on the sidelines. a heads up if you own a harley davidson motorcycle. a huge recall. i am gathering details. that's next. i have got a look from mount tamalpais this morning. let's open up the weather window and show you the clouds are trying to sneak in right now, but they are going to go away
6:27 am
and that means mid-60s at the coast for your extremes there, coast for your extremes there, and mid-80s in santa rosa.
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this is "abc7 mornings." >> waking up to a win! >> yeah. >> i feel like the golden glow is all apart of what we are
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getting today. >> very appropriate for this day, june 2nd. >> maybe it's going to predict the winners by what the forecast is going to be? >> yep. >> no pressure there. outside, golden sunshine and a blue sky for most of us. let's look at where the clouds are right now. tracking them along the coast, and they are dropping down a little bit and visibility down to four miles and they are making their way into the bay, so a late surge won't last long. we will stay in the upper 50s and low 60s at the coast. check out the temperatures around the bay and inland, 75 to 82 at 4:00. enjoy a comfortable evening around 70 degrees. and then let's go to the south bay, the story on-ramp to northbound 101 is blocked with an accident. traffic is stacking up behind the scene there, and you will have to use the next exit which
6:31 am
is the 280 entrance. 101 before marsh, we are seeing slow traffic back into palo alto now due to the accident in menlo park in the clearing phases. we want to get back to breaking news that we are tracking this morning. families evacuated by a water main break and they are finding out they won't be returning home anytime soon. >> amy hollyfield was the first to arrive this morning in belmont. amy, what are you seeing now? >> reporter: reggie, we have moved since we saw you last. we have gone uphill to where the main broke and you can see the officials gathered right around the spot where they think it happened, underneath or right in btween and underneath those two homes here. and they are worried about the driveway there and the retaining wall up here. here's what it looked like down below and why they are so worried. this is san juan boulevard downhill from the break. firefighters advised people in
6:32 am
four homes to evacuate, two up above and two below, and they want structural engineers to check out the homes before they return, and it's unclear if the water went into the homes, and one resident said it sounded like it was raining outside at 3:25 this morning, and another told us they heard thudz and thought it was an animal and then they heard a roar and thought it was an earthquake and then they looked outside and saw the water. it was flowing for a couple hours, and they still have a long ways to go here, and they think they will have to shut down the street and bring in heavy equipment to do excavating, so this is a long way from being finished. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. we have baking news in oakland where police are vest gayi investigating a deadly shooting.
6:33 am
officers closed off streets as they are investigating. there's also a car that looks like it crashed into a tree. we have put in a call to oakland police to get information and will bring it to you as it comes in. new documents aobtained fro state regulators. six people died. seven were hurt. the reports list construction failures including dry rot. it says more water resistant plywood should have been used and in april the state revoked the license of the company that built the balcony stating they used cheaper materials than specified. flex lanes could be coming to the highway corridor. jeanine is live for us in san
6:34 am
jose. >> reporter: we are here along highway 87. it's a little bit of friday light out here, but you can still see red brake lights. this is the thick of the commute and when it gets really bad it gets jammed up. the corridor is heavily used here and they use it to connect to 101 and 280 and the "mercury news" is reporting the city of san jose just approved doing a study that will examine whether it's possible to create flex lanes on highway 87 and the lanes would start at highway 85 and go to 280. they are going to see if it's feasible to make room for a flex lane and those lanes would be used during the commute and shift back to a regular shoulder the rest of the time. a decision whether to require a toll wouldn't be made until the study determines whether the lane would fit or not. $225,000 has been approved for
6:35 am
the study and is expected to be fin herbed by the end of the year. reporting live from san jose, abc7 news. this morning the nation and the world reacting to president trump's decision to pull out of the paris climate accord. the president called the nearly 200 nation plan a bad deal for the u.s. now officials in new york and california and washington state immediately announced they are forming the u.s. climate alliance to uphold the paris agreement. 61 u.s. mayors are pledging to do pittsburgh. >> what you did was not only bad for the economy of this country, but also weakened america. >> the president's decision sparked protest in d.c. and new york, and big companies like apple and exxonmobil said staying in the agreement would make the world -- excuse me,
6:36 am
staying in the agreement would make the world more competitive in business. >> jerry brown said this. >> this is an insane move by this president. the world depends on a sustainable future. it's going to affect people's health and the stability of countries and our entire future, so yes, this is bad, and it's tragic, but out of that tragedy, i believe, america and the rest of the world will mobilize. >> governor brown told politico he will spend the week in which i not participating in a global clima climate summit. and following our big win, the blowout over the cavs in game one last night. did you see kevin durant. >> he dominated the cavs scoring a game high 38 points. and the warriors cruised to
6:37 am
victory 113-91 and now lead the series one game to none. >> we could be a lot better than we were tonight. but in the finals you get a "w" and we'll take it. >> we just have to be ourselves and worry about any other story line, it doesn't matter to the game, and we were really, really good in that department. >> with that victory the warriors become the first team in nba history to start a post season 13-0. >> the team looking ahead to game two on sunday. and possibly having head coach steve kerr back on the sidelines. sources from the sister network say kerr is feeling better and if he is feeling well over the next few days without any setbacks he could coach sunday's game. he has been out due to complications from back surgery nearly two years ago. >> i just read somewhere on twitter saying they thought rihanna was the best part of the
6:38 am
game last night, and there was a stare down in the fourth quarter, and it appears that she was heckling him and he gave her a look and shook his head and the reporter asked kd about it after the game. >> shot a three and put a dagger in him, and looked at the crowd toward rihanna. was that on purpose? do you remember that? >> i don't even remember that. >> don't get in that trap. >> yeah. >> not cool. >> have fun with that. >> and there was another incident at the free-throw line, the team at our sister network, espn did digging and they found out it was rihanna's friend that was yelling brick as kd took the shot. and so who knows? rihanna is known for being a hard core lebron james fan, and at one point she even stood up and bowed to lebron, and then the crowd was telling her, have a seat, miss.
6:39 am
she dabbed towards the crowd. there's a whole back and forth going on on the sidelines there. >> all right. you know, abc7 news is your home for the nba finals. rihanna, you can come to our side, we will welcome you, at least some of us will. and don't miss the next game sunday. i like that she has a friend do all the dirty work for her, that was good. stayed there, cool, and her friend did that. san mateo bridge, we are looking to the west. you can see it's bright out there. a few clouds hanging around but we will call it good, dry all days. and a warmer afternoon if you are taking mass transit. south bay, 51 in santa clara, and some of the cool spots, 56 in san jose, and los gatos, 57. and alameda, 56. lafayette, 54. novato 52 degrees right now.
6:40 am
here's a look from the sutro tower and you can see clouds trying to sneak across san francisco. we are going to have a index today. lynnlook high, graduation. 70 degrees by the time you are finished there. san ramon high school in danville, 76, then at night, 67 degrees. we have a couple trouble spots. let's update you right now as we roll through your morning commute. better news in san jose. the story on-ramp to northbound 101 is re-opened. we had a crash blocking that on-ramp for a time and traffic is still slow on 101. for the weekend, warm springs and south fremont b.a.r.t. stations will be closed. they are doing maintenance there. they will have free shuttle buses and those will be running every 15 minutes. right now we have 57 trains on
6:41 am
time. muni buses and rail looking good this morning. ace trains three and five running on time out of the central valley. we have an accident out of the east bay and we'll look at that in a few minutes. want to tell everybody about breaking consumer news coming in. a huge recall from harley davidson. they are recalling 46,000 motorcycles because of faulty oil lines. the recall covers the 2017 electric trau glide, the road king street glide and road glide models built last year and this year, and the oil line can come loose and spill oil on the path of the rear tire. and they have caused two crashes and one injury, so if you have one of those bikes call your dealer, and they will inspect it and fix it free of charge and that recall starts this morning. back to you. >> thank you, jess.
6:42 am
kathy griffin is ready to talk, what she claims the trump family is doing to her. >> b.a.r.t. has hundreds of workers, but three of them are sweeping up $365,000 in overtime. we are trying to make it a we are trying to make it a better day with weath handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
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handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
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santa clara county district attorney says the conviction of three jail guards for the death of an inmate sends a message nobody is above the law. the three were found guilty of second-degree murder in the beating death of an mentally ill inmate. he had severe internal injuries to his liver and spleen. rosen said everybody is entitled to be treated like a human being. >> if the perpetrators of the crime are law enforcement officers or not, there will be justice and there's justice in this case. >> the guards' families had no comment as they left the house, and the sentencing is for september 1st, and they could get 15 years to live. and today marks six months since 36 people died when the
6:46 am
ghost ship caught fire in december. there are a lot of questions about the safety of the building and how it was being used and why people were unable to escape. today is the legal deadline for victims or relatives to file claims against the city, county or state. manila police trying to identify the suspect that used gasoline to start a casino fire that killed 36 people. we learned 22 of the victims were guests of the world resort casino. the gunman got away but later took his life inside a hotel room. he was seen stealing $2.3 million in gambling chips before powering gas on the gaming tables and setting them on fire. happening today, a news conference from kathy tkpwregri. the comedian said she will explain the two motivation behind the image that caused so much controversy.
6:47 am
she's holding of what looked like a severed head of the president. the photo got her fired if the cnn news years eve gig and cancelled her shows. san francisco police have released dramatic body camera video of an officer-involved shooting in the city's bayview district. >> watch out! >> the may 21st shooting happened where officers responded to a possible home invasion. authorities say one suspect fired first and one officer identified as a 12 year veteran, thompson, fired back. nobody actually got hit. the suspects ran from the scene and officers caught and detained one and police released the body cam video from the three reresponding officers at a community meeting yesterday. and then more than doubling their regular pay according to our media partners, and two
6:48 am
janitors racked up more than $225,000 in ot, and another brought in $115,000. since they have implemented a no over time policy and a hiring freeze for janitors. a young girl from the central valley is coming home with a national title. >> m-a-r-o-c-a-i-n. >> that is correct. >> congratulations! >> that is ananya vinay who looks shocked and doesn't know what to make of it, but that's one proud dad there. this year's national spelling bee winner a fresno sixth grader. she successfully spelled marocain, and along with a trophy, she will get $40,000 in cash and prices. and one of her family members, wearing number 30. what are they doing with the
6:49 am
other kid? they are holding him up? >> it's a moment of celebration. >> okay. now to an adorable video you have to see. >> every time outfielder aaron mar scores, they have a handshake routine, and it's great, right? the batboy is the coach's son. the video of the handshake took place at the championship on friday. >> is he defying gravity? what is happening in the middle there? >> he's just a big strong man that can throw a child up into the air. >> that's really cool. >> mike, are you going to throw us up later like you usually do on fridays? >> glen is over on facebook live, we'll do it there. my kids are way too big to be doing that to, and coaching little league, it was so much fun. and look at the bright sunshine out there, grab the sunglasses and get ready for warmer
6:50 am
temperatures even out to the coast. the warmth will ease. hottest days are monday and tuesday, when we all head back to work. if you are going to the coast, a lot of sunshine today. the breezes will continue all the way through 3:00 monday morning. downtown san francisco, 68 degrees. breezy at the coast, daly city, 64. we will be about 69 in south san francisco. 73, warmer along the east bay shore but comfortable. fremont, 76. let's go to the peninsula where we will have 74 in san mateo to possibly 79 in redwood city. and then here's a look at what is going on in the south bay, 80 degrees, so exceeding the average in san francisco. calmer conditions in santa rosa, and the cool spot is 69. inland, mid to upper -- we will see mid-80s, how about that? here's a look at one of our
6:51 am
schools, 60 to 65 degrees and even 71, and congratulations you guys. a little cooler on saturday and sunday, the breezes will be fastest on sunday and then look at the 90s inland on monday and tuesday. we have friday light in some spots, not all spots. we will give you an update on the accident on the bay shore freeway near marsh road. a tow truck has arrived on the scene. and you may want to try elcamino real. drive times moderate out of the central valley, tracy to dublin, under 40 minutes. highway 4 westbound into concord, under 30 minutes, and san rafael into san francisco, a brisk 16 minutes, a nice ride and a beautiful ride over the golden gate bridge this morning. changes to the larkspur golden
6:52 am
gate ferry today and we will update that when we come back. monitoring breaking news in the orlando area. the entire area near the pulse nightclub is shut down and police are investigating this suspicious suitcase, the purple one you see in the middle of your screen and it was found near the nightclub, the sight of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history that claimed 49 lives. we are coming up on the anniversary, june 12th, in just two weeks, and the situation right now very fluid. i will keep monitoring it. there are businesses evacuated nearby right now and check for updates on my twitter account. back to you. >> thanks. big upgrades heading to the san jose airport, and if you fly through there you won't notice them, it's behind the scenes stuff. the federal grants are going to safety equipment, like a generator and a new vehicle for aircraft rescue and firefighting. the representative helped to
6:53 am
security grants, and last year security grants, and last year she helped
6:54 am
things you need to know before you go. number one, breaking news in belmont, four homes evacuated after a water main break that ran for three hours before crews were able to shut it off. structural engineers need to check the area before residents
6:55 am
can return home. investigators trying to figure out what caused the crash between the san jose police officer and another car. it happened just before midnight near matrix boulevard. the officer's ford explorer had major damage but nobody got hurt. and then the woman that sued tesla is out of a job. tesla fired after a neutral investigator found her allegations to be, quote, illegitimate. her attorneys say this is clear retaliation. number four, high profile business leaders are reacting to president trump's decision to with draw the united states to the paris accord. appe number five, following your friday light commute today with golden gate ferry changes, the larkspur will be a slow boat at 7:30, and a cancelation on the
6:56 am
8:45 and 4:00 afternoon as well. and then slip into the bay, we will be warming today. 80s inland. number seven, oh, waking up to a win! the warriors blew out the cavs last night in game one of the nba finals. game two is sunday at oracle arena and if you are not going in person, the coverage on abc7 begins at 4:30 p.m. >> not only if not only do w win, but rihanna becomes a fan of the warriors. >> let's extend a olive branch. >> she does what she wants, and so i think we will not be able to push her in that direction. >> come over to our side. it's so much better. >> it's the winning side, too. >> we're back in 25 minutes. "gma" is next.
6:57 am
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please good morning, america. president trump defiant. pulling out of that landmark climate deal. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. overnight, protests right outside the white house. buildings around the world from new york to paris lighting up to show support for the deal. business leaders outraged. now the president trying to reassure world leaders. his counsellor, kellyanne conway, here live this morning. deadly casino attack. a masked gunman storming a philippines resort, gunfire ringing out. >> oh, my god, you guys, i can hear gunshots. >> the suspect settling gambling tables on fire sparking terrorism fears. at least 35 people killed. hundreds of tourists trampling each other to escape. heavily armed police racing to the scene.


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