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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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a mysterious breach at this water tank. now tonight neighbors in one bay area community are told not to drink what comes out of the tap. thanks for joining us, i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. this water warning, people to avoid drinking tap water in the sunshine gardens lonny? >> broken and notice. do not drink notices for 1,000 people in south san francisco. residents pulled into this water bottle pick-up station off chestnut avenue in south san francisco, not exactly the friday they planned but families
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need drinking water. >> i'm taking two for now. >> residents learned by e-mail about a breach at smaller water tank on in hill side in sunshine guards. >> i thought it was saver than that. >> water officials say vandals broke a lock and sprayed graffiti. >> big red j.m. we don't know what it means. the police department is investigating right now. >> preliminary testing doesn't show contamination. as precaution flushed out thousands of gallons of water from the tank and asking customers not to drink the water for now. >> hoping to hear it's n n now leery. >> we've gone through the water drought before, we can manage
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this. >> final test results will be back saturday afternoon. abc7 news. five bay area restaurants may have served ahi tuna containing hepatitis a. recalled the frozen yellowfin tuna cubes. came from vietnam and philippines and distributed last month. blue hawaii cafe, boughito poke and poke shake, fenix and -- including fever, loss of appetite and stomach pain. no illnesses reported. 14 people poisoned after eating toxic deathcap mushrooms. three people needed liver transplants, including 18-month-old girl.
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also permanent damage to the nervous system. mushrooms flourished in the wild in rainy months. player kicked off the team. terrell brown taken into custody with four other people. new details from katie marzullo. >> we don't believe it's random act of violence but remeditated. >> reporter: police say brown was part of a group that beat up and robbed a man. victim' ex-girlfriend lurid him to mariner park where brown and three others attacked him. stealing wallet, phone and belt. arrested a short time later after using credit card at in-n out burger. >> we believe the girlfriend set this in motion. arrested her for same crimes.
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>> video. university released a statement that reads terrell brown who completed his freshman year at san jose state university as member of the men's basketball team was dismissed from the team today for violating the rooms. just reaching the students. >> have a lot of discipline. it's shocking. >> makes me ashamed. he has san jose state's name attached to everything he does. >> hope the basketball team can move forward with the situation. >> brown and othered charged with four felonies. abc7 news. two men detained but not charged in murder of visitor. got into argument outside hotel on van ness, led to a fight. don't believe weapons were involved. died at hotel. police arrived, locked it down.
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not letting people leave. >> how do we get out? police were like why do you want to go out? because everybody is like a suspect i think. >> police detained the suspects. a short time later. australian embassy is assisting the family. fighting back against hate speech. second time in two days, racist graffiti inside the school. school officials not identified the vandal or vandals, students responded with forum to educate people about black history and the n word. >> people have to be educated on what we have to go through as students, as african-american students. >> school district sent out letters and superintendent promised to address the issue on a broader level. berkeley police asking for
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public's help solving a cold case. >> heather bloom not seen or heard from since 2005. katie is live with the latest. >> reporter: we've learned that heather bloom's last known caregiver may be out of the country. police want to see if you recognize the woman in this picture. heather bloom is depend adult, last seen in 2005 living here in berkeley. police say heather and mother visited from brooklyn but heather stayed with her sister when mom returned to new york. >> i guess must be hiding here or something, never saw that lady at all. >> here's a sketch of what she might look like at 40 years old. reported missing in 2009. police say she has down's syndrome and requires care.
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>> hope is cared for at medical facility and somebody working there sees the picture and comes forward. >> landlord says he never saw heather. evicted sister because he said she owed in missed rent. tracked her down to former employer in el cerrito. say she left a year ago to norway on a student visa. attempts to reach her unsuccessful. anybody who recognizes heather is asked to call police. abc7 news. people are being warned to stay away from unstable building in downtown berkeley. mlk and alston way, building restored as part of a housing project involving at least two buildings on the property. construction worker driving a bobcat bumped into the building
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knocking it off temporary supports. owner said it should be fixed tomorrow. looks like no summer of love concert celebrating 50th anniversary of that. denied permits for promoter to throw a celebration in golden date park for a second time. released a letter saying it was larger than previously discussed, didn't have proper event coordinator or infrastructure and hand-drawn map of the area not up to standard. six months since the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland. examines the possible criminal and civil charges. and the fallout from kathy griffin's gory photo shoot felt here in the bay area. clouds are increasing. accuweather forecast is coming up. east bay school celebrating
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today is six months since the devastating fire at the ghost ship art collective in oakland. >> today also the last day for those who lost loved ones in the fire to make a claim against the city of oakland. >> dan noyes looks at possible charges. >> reporter: i found a restoration crew hired by insurers at ghost ship this week. can't wait to take the building
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down, would be best for everyone they said. but civil and criminal cases must first play out. take many months or years. director of the criminal justice center. >> so many people contributed to this, district attorney has to make decisions how many to charge. >> you're saying not a question of if charges are coming but how many will be charged? >> that's my supposition. >> he think it's a certainty because of the conditions that led to the fire. happen hasered electrical wiring that often sparked. rickety staircase that easily burned and made escape impossible just a few. believing that charges are coming because of the many complaints made about the man. >> manslaughter charges and probably convictions seem extremely likely here. this is an egregious a case of
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homicide liability for a fire as i've seen. >> alameda district attorney's office wouldn't give me a date but said they have a team all dedicated to the matter and conducting a careful and thorough criminal investigation. authorities for the owner declined to comment. tony sara and his company are working for -- released this report. claiming the fire started in the building next door and reasonable doubt here is overwhelming and should reasonably foreclose any criminal charges against him. recall that the atf couldn't conclude where it originated. >> absolutely didn't start in the building next door but in the ghost ship. >> mary alexander is the lead plaintiff's attorney. naming buildings owner, man who
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reason ghost ship and many others. working for lawyers and urging other people to come forward to meet the deadline. >> government claims should be presented by day. they can be mailed today and be valid. person can do it themselves without a lawyer. >> reached through facebook. wouldn't comment on what happened that night. mika said thank for reaching out. prayers and blessings best medicine for us right now. >> he wrote the story of my criminal woerjlessness is killing me. the for it's madness and i must endure. also asked for help paying his bills saying none of the money raised for the ghost ship victims reached him, his wife or three children.
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posting entire message at uptown theater in napa is just latest venue to cancel upcoming kathy griffin show because of photo shoot. held up a likeness of the president's receivered head. feels bullied for expressing first amendment right. >> hurtful to me. >> it's censorship. >> i'm going to make fun of the president and make fun of him more now. >> earlier this week griffin apologized for going too far. republican mike reid called it a desperate attempt to change the conversation. weekend weather. this just in, it's friday. >> i'm glad you've noticed. look at time lapse from east bay hills camera. sun went down at 8:27 tonight.
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high thin wispy clouds coming in made for pretty sunset. really the fog has not come back in full force. lovely sunset there and see minor changes as we head into tomorrow. average high for concord is 80 degrees. next couple of days will be cooler in the bay area. close to average but spike in temperatures early next week and then back down again. springtime pattern, ups and downs. live picture from emeryville camera. visibility is fine. not much fog except in the west. live doppler 7 tracking patchy fog in half moon bay and quite a bit of cloudiness that will be with us to tomorrow morning. 50s, 60s, comfortable.
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sutro tower camera, lovely view towards san francisco. fog near the coast overnight. cooler weather this weekend and warm-up to start the work week. biking this weekend, weather is good. sunny skies. sailing, gentle breeze. also nice. and hiking, comfortable to mild conditions expected. tomorrow morning is heavy cloud cover, high level and patchy fog. upper 40s to mid-50s and tomorrow afternoon the clouds will thin out. fog will disappear and everyone will see sunshine for saturday afternoon. biggest difference is temperatures running a little bit lower than today. today we saw a warm-up. tomorrow is breezy near the coast. low to mid-60s, inland low to mid-80s and plenty of sun.
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download the accuweather app to plan your weekend. accuweather seven-day shows you the temperature trend, going down for the weekend. as we head into monday, summer heat returns, 90s inland, 60s coast. microclimates present. heat backs off tuesday and midweek, more cloud cover and one computer model that wants to throw in shower or 2 on thursday still there. not all agree. j
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huge resource for students. nba learn and play gone. gym, library, resource room and family area. safe place to learn. created in schools throughout the world not just this country. in the middle of playoffs, taking the time out. >> still giving back. >> we're going to talk about the warriors. looking ahead to game two, we have a preview. and giants found offense in philly and this family is excited for different reasons. next in sports.
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the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer. struggling giants grak another kid from aaa in an attempt to find offense. austin slater, eighth round pick. thrown into the fire. starting in right field and batting eighth. ty blach on the mound, first giant slater, first major league hit. family scampered up to see his
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debut. tossed a complete game, shutout, ending a three-game slide. a's hosting the nats. matt joyce, see you. tie it at 2-2. first hit off strasbourg. after that all nationals. jayson werth going deep. strasbourg was cruising. four hits in seven innings and seven strikeouts, including a visually frustrated khris davis. most runs the a's have given up all season. mark marquez's last season as cardinals head coach. rowenta single scores chris prescott. john gavin mowing down cardinals. ten ks on the night. stanford loses, play byu
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tomorrow afternoon. warriors, 22 point victory. last year they won game one lost the series so don't get ahead of yourselves. more dunks than the warriors had turnovers but klay thompson expects the cavs to be fired up. >> could be deflating for anybody when someone is getting tomahawk dunks like that. but it's not going to affect them on sunday. they wanted to come in here and get one. that's the goal of a road team. we have to have mindset of the must-win. that means nothing if we lose on sunday and don't take of business. >> see it here on abc7. 5:00 p.m. tip-off and stay tuned after the game as we break down the game. this sports report by river rock
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casino. it's easy to get excited after game one. but think cleveland will take at least one game in their place and they were up 3-1 last year. >> i know but don't want to think about it. >> it can happen. proved last year. >> thanks. >> abc7 news continues online, twitter, facebook and all mobile have to travel from its source to the bottle? a hundred miles? a thousand miles? how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser always bottled at the mountain source.
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how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. all right. that's our report. as always, appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz for sandhya and shoe and all of us, thank you for joining us.
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on "jimmy kimmel live," tonight's episode of "jimmy kimmel live" is brought to you by u2 super-fan hally cohen. hally has seen the band over 30 times, and once even pretended to marry a bono impersonator. enjoy the show hally, you are a sad weirdo! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, u2, and nba hall of famer, karl malone. and now, with or without you, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, very nice. welcome.


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