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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 6, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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5:00 a.m. welcome to tuesday, june 6. >> it's dark and early, obviously won't always be that way. it will be a little cooler today, mike. >> yes, just a little bit. >> the sun will come up. >> well, we hope. we assume? >> i can pretty much guarantee that's going to happen but i'll give you odds if you want. here's a look at what's going on with our winds. i've overlaid them with live doppler 7. 18 miles per hour fairfield. not very strong around the bay as our flags are bright right now on the ferry buildings.
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when roof camera, 44 to 55. 55 at the coast to 73. hazy sunshine at noon. by the time the sun set, 55 to 68 degrees. hi, sue. >> good morning, everyone. we are off to a quiet start which is nice, in san rafael, the sky is lightening up and traffic is very light past the north gate mall. on in to central san rafael, you're looking at a 20 minute drive from novato to the golden gate bridge area. no metering lights at the bay bridge yet. if you have to be up and out, at least we have light traffic and we have road work just getting ready to to be picked up north 101 at the sir frances drake off ramp. a couple exit ramps are being worked on but that should be picked up here shortly. >> sue, thank you. 5:01. we are tracking breaking news
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this morning. british police have released the i.d. of the third terrorist in the attack at the london bridge. he's been identified as 22-year-old youssef zaghba from east london. he was not on police or intelligence radar. he's believed to be an italian national of moroccan descent. he was well known to police as an isis sympathizer who tried to go to syria to join isis. police say the three suspects kill kill seven people. >> what about people living in the united states on the radar known to authorities? >> the fbi says it has active investigations in all 50 states but a lot fewer people who are considered active threats than in great britain. they have 23,000 people they're trying to keep tabs on. the other two attackers were identified yesterday. happening today, first lady michelle obama will be at apple's worldwide developers' conference in san jose. matt keller is live at the convention center for day two of the event, good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning,
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reggie, this was a surprise announcement from ceo tim cook, but i want to show you something that's different today than yesterday. they have west san carlos street back open. huge crowds out here so they closed down the road and as my photographer ian zooms in you can see they still have security measures out here, they have officers, security guards and they also have metal detectors in front of the front doors. you can expect big crowds though here later this morning from the former first lady. tim cook called it a fire s.a.d. side chat with developers. he touted michelle obama and said she's devoted her entire career to encouraging young people, women and doers. >> she'll be talking about empowering people from all walks of life to change the world. this is a very special treat and i encourage everyone to come. >> the session is called a conversation with michelle obama and lisa jackson. jackson served as head of the
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environmental protection agency for four years under president bama.our years under president she works for apple as the vice president of environment policy and social initiatives. the event is scheduled to start at 9:00. reporting live from san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, we appreciate it, thank you. to developing news, san francisco police are looking for two adults who were seen abandoning a young boy by the side of a road. it happened just after 6:00 last night at sloat boulevard and great highway near the city zoo. medics from the fire department witnessed what happened and notified police. the child was not hurt. the adults drove away with possibly another child inside of the car. the judge in the syrierra lamar murder trial is expected to sentence life in prison. katie marzullo has the story. >> he gets to live the life, sierra doesn't, his family doesn't grieve, we do for the rest of our
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parents are grieving that he wasn't given the death penalty. >> i feel at peace he won't harm another child, the anxious will be in our lives forever. >> reporter: this legal analyst expects the defense will file a motion for the new trial based on the fact the lead investigator on sierra's case was found to have provided false testimony in another murder trial. >> for the defense it's an uphill battle. it's not easy to get a new trial. get deference is give on the the jury verdict. the question is, if there is a new trial, can it be held in santa clara county? >> reporter: he says there could be a change of sven you because of the media coverage. if there is a new trial, garcia-torrez would not face the death penalty again. the jury's recommendation of life without parole would stand. 15-year-old sierra disappeared in morgan hill five years ago. her body has never been found. volunteers have conducted 1,200 searches. search koord late inncoordinato
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says they followed the trail closely looking for news. >> the dirt and the plant material on the clothes and how that might match up with certain regions. >> reporter: he says they will continue to search for sierra. in san jose, katie marzullo, abc 7 news. happening today, an arraignment for the man accused of killing an australian tourist in san francisco. matthew bait was headed for his hotel friday when he got into an argument with david mario. bates family says he was sucker punched. the 33-year-old fell and hit his head and died from severe head trauma. mario is from southern california, he faces involuntary manslaughter, assault and battery charges. a study concludes oakland police officers speak less respectfully to people who are african-american. researchers studied body cam video from 2014. they found officers were more likely to use sir and ma'am and
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please and when speaking with black motorists the officers used "my man" and used their first name and told them to keep their hands on the wheel. san francisco employees in the hall of justice deal with sewage leaks and rodent infestations. the building also contains asbestos. a report by the city's budget analyst finds the city could save $95 million over ten years by renting office space for various agencies somewhere else. new details in uber's efforts to lead its problems. they've hired frances fre help travis kalanick. frei's hiring comes as uber plans to release details on an investigation into their culture. employees accuse uber of pervasive sex discrimination. some of google's street view plans to show how air pollution
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affects the city. the areas you see that are orange, yellow and red indicate places with the most pollution, like near freeways. special equipment enables google's street view cars to analyze those air samples. let's talk about what's going on by looking at suit roe tower. mount diablo in the distance. sutro. exercising today, exercise caution with extreme sunshine. a little breezy at the beach and briey north of the bay bridge. look at our uv index, it's one short of being as high as it can be. a 10 on the scale of 1 to 11. the sun is at its strongest in the next couple months. temperatures around the low 50s in san francisco, we have 54 in union city and san leandro, walnut creek 55. tra ussy 61. 51 at richmond.
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let's faulk about what will happen today at the coliseum. 62 at 7:05, dropping down to 58 degrees. here's 280 and 17. you can see hazy down in the south bay right now. the next couple days temperatures will taper a little bit hardly noticeable today and tomorrow but it will be thursday. san francisco about 64, 62 in the north bay, the rest in the low to mid-70 's. an hour by hour look at the rain coming up and storm impact scale in june, you better believe it. >> we have slow and light conditions -- not slow but light conditions at the richmond/san rafael bridge. a couple cars heading towards the toll plaza and a truck with its emergency blinkers to the shoulder so it's not causing delays there. you can see other emergency crews coming up. here we go to san jose. sun is coming up, 101 the
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headlights headed in the northbound direction. light conditions as well. let's look at your mass transit if you are heading out this morning. bart has 43 trains on time, no delays with the golden gate ferries or buses. train number one out of the central valley is on time. we'll look at your drive dimes if you have to be out early at least the traffic flow is nice and light. >> sue, thank you. it's investors versus the board. the showdown at google's parent company alphabet over a gender pay gap report. >> marin county with an electric vehicle project seeing a breakdown of where the $240,000 in funds is going. in funds is going. look at the security camera
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[ discordant piano notes ] i'm sure it's not funny to the homeowners but this is hilarious to me. this big bear left the scene of the crime on a sour note. he made his way into vail, colorado, he made off with food from the freezer and ransacked the place. the homeowner thought she was hit by human bandits and called police who suspected it was an animal from the beginning. their hunch confirmed when they turned on the surveillance video and saw the evidence. >> that's really funny. new details on this recent
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disastrous i.t. meltdown that left passengers stranded. according to the bbc, it was cau caused by human error. an engineer disconnected the power supply but the damage was caused when it was reconnected in an uncontrolled way. the mistake caused disruptions at uk airports, bay area travelers felt it, too. they say an independent investigation is under way to learn from the experience. watching developments in melbourne, australia, after yesterday's deadly hostage situation and look at this, authorities searching the suspects' home to find any proof of a connection to isis after the terror group claimed responsibility but this was the scene yesterday. the gunman killed a man and took a woman hostage before dying in a police shootout. we've learned the man was acquitted of plotting a terror attack at a sydney army base back in 2010. reggie? >> jess, thank you.
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a high school teacher in the east bay died a day after retiring and we are seeing the true impact he had on his students. a go fund me page has reached nearly $25,000 in one day. his last day at high school was on friday and he was found dead saturday night. the family is still waiting for word on the cause. according to "the east bay times" he taught for 35 years. more than 400 people have donated to his go fund me and we have a link at if you would like to help. >> so sad. investors with googles's parent company alphabet are asking shareholders for a report on a pay gap the tech giant insists does not exist. it would include the pay gap between male and female employees across race and ethnicity, base, bonus and equity compensation. the board is recommending shareholders vote against the proposal. google has been accused by the u.s. department of labor of extreme pay discrimination against women. in an effort for
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transparency, thes uc board of regents investigated allegations the president's office tried to interfere with an audit. that audit found president janet napolitano's office stashed a secret $175 million fund and took part in misleading budget practices. the investigation will be led by a former california supreme court justice and a final report is expected next month. happening today, google is expanding its pay service swietd. waze lets commuters pick up extra passengers going the same direction. passengers pay a small fee. rides need to be reserved hours in advance. the pilot program has been happening in the bay area for months but after hearing from customers and making tweaks they're ready to roll it out across california. electric vehicle projects in marin are about to get a major financial volt to the tune of $240,000 according to our media partner the marin ij. the money will be used for green vehicle technology including $75,000 for an electric bus
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pilot program, $35,000 for charging stations at sonoma marin area rail transit stops and $55,000 for public charging stations. the plan was approved by the transportation authority of marin. the money is coming from measure b, approved by voters in 2010. still looking for a place in as much to watch game three of the nba finals? how about civic center plaza? >> the city is letting you watch the game on a jumbotron for free. alcohol won't be sold or allowed during the broadcast. if you're going, get there early to grab a good spot. city officials recommend taking municip municip muni or bart. tickets cost $20, you can get them at or just watch it at home. espn and abc's coverage of game three of the nba finals starts tomorrow night at 5:30 on abc 7. before that, join larry beal and mike shumann.
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shu will be live in cleveland, tipoff is at 6:00 p.m. we'll look at our weather with mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. let's talk about live doppler 7. you can see the cloud cover trying to push in coastal valleys and through the golden gate into the bay. right now not too much in the way of cloud cover in san rafael but looking south on 101 you'll run into that deck as you head towards the golden gate bridge. becoming mostly sunny and seasonal. chance of light showers thursday, friday and saturday coolest afternoons. let's start in the south bay, 57 in milpitas, low 80s in los gatos, morgan hill and gilroy. we have abraham lincoln high school graduating at 1:30. sunshine and comfortable, mid-70s. if your' sitting in the strong sunshine it could feel warmer. congratulations and have a safe evening. 75 about everywhere on the peninsula. we'll flirt with 60 along the coast, still breezy there.
5:19 am
66 downtown. south san francisco 68. sausalito in between at 67. near 60 along the north bay coast and temperatures flirting with 80 in our valleys. near 70 in berkeley to orinda, castro valley and fremont. 81 san ramon to 86 brentwood. you can see the cloud cover, i drizzle at the coast, 50 to 56 degrees. let's look at what will happen with our wet weather. here we go at 7:00 to thursday morning through noon. the northwest corner of sonoma county, lake mendocino county the best chance of getting wet weather. light showers during the evening and overnight, there's been wet weather falling apart so a couple hundredths of an inch of rain which is enough for one. light on our storm impact scale. coolest friday, a slight rebound saturday. summer returns monday. sue. good morning. east shore freeway where traffic is flowing nicely up and down,
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looks like east to west and west to east. the maze is looking good. if you are driving from highway 4 in hercules your drive is 35 minutes into the macarthur maze. no metering lights yet at the toll plaza. doesn't look like it, and we have light conditions on the upper deck into san francisco. checking your drive out of the central valley where we see typically slow speeds under 20 miles an hour and then things pick up once you're over the altamont pass. here's your drive time, just under 45 minutes tracy to dublin, westbound 580, antioch to concord, westbound 4 is looking great and if you're traveling from san rafael marx written into san francisco under 20 minutes. we'll be back to look at your south bay commute in a few minutes. a driver somehow survives after his car was crushed by a dump truck filled with travel. it happened after a near-collision in china. surveillance video of the
5:21 am
accident shows the black audi almost colliding with the truck at a gas station. both vehicles came to a stop but the truck's momentum took over dumping bounds of travel on the suv then crashing on top of it. some people nearby rushed to rescue the driver who got out without significant injuries. there's a movement forming to keep an uber office out of oakland. the company acquired the former sears building on broadway in 2015 but it has yet to move in. the green lining institute wants uber to agree to preserve oakland as a diverse city before doing so. the group set a 10-point platform to keep oakland from overgentrifying that includes providing recruiting and hiring oakland residents and maintaining nonprofits for aspiring artists. in today's gma first look, a stunning reversal for ten students accepted at harvard the elite school revoking their admission after allegedly posting offensive images on social media -- messages, rather. here's the story. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, the dark side of
5:22 am
an online student chat room started by some incoming harvard freshmen that's caused administrators to revoke their admissions. the university's own paper, the harvard crimson, reports that a group of 10 students accepted to the class of 2021 and meeting on the college's official facebook page created an alternative page full of memes containing provocative and derogatory images and captions. the content too offensive to show with r-rated memes poking fun at topics like the holocaust, sexual assault and targeting ethnic groups. >> people forget even though this is a private facebook group, there are still ways for this to get out there. coming up at 7:00 a.m., sunny hostin will be live with more about the controversy. with your gma first look. abc news, cambridge, massachusetts. coming up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. we're getting new details about what to expect from thursday's hearing involving former fbi director james comey. and outrage after soccer
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officials disqualify a team from officials disqualify a team from a
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or $0 copay. it's 5:25, here are the seven things you should know. ghost ship creator deric al men that and his right hand man max harris have been arrested. almena is being held at alameda jail. breaking news i'm tracking at the live desk, the third suspect in saturday's london terror attack has been identified and he is said to be this man, 22-year-old youssef zaghba from east london. authorities say he was not on police or british intelligence radar. number three, day two of bill cosby's sexual assault trial and today's testimony will focus on accusations made by the temple university employee who claims cosby drugged and assaulted her at his home near philadelphia. michelle obama making a stop in silicon valley today. the former played in thely will be speaking about empowerment at
5:26 am
apple's annual worldwide developers conversation in san jose. tim cook calls it a fire sat chat with developers. number five, not quite as warm today, our extremes are getting a little closer as we look at the east bay hills. it's those areas in the valleys that will be warmest. livermore, antioch and brentwood but upper 50s for bodega bay, daly city and pacifica. we're following your tuesday morning commute. metering lights just turned on a couple minutes ago. traffic started to stack up here. otherwise, fairly light traffic this morning. knock on wood. number seven, what might be the longest uber ride ever. a part time driver says he drove three chinese businessmen 650 miles from dallas to nashville for a meeting. he says their flight was delayed several times before getting canceled, they were desperate. the tab for that? $1,100. >> i wonder if they tipped. coming back with 90 minutes of
5:27 am
news including the stand santa clara lawmakers are set to take against climate change. and the bay area "star wars" collector who hopes the force is with him as he tries to find stolen memorabilia. >> and i'm watching local >> and i'm watching local international breaking news
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good morning, dark and early, getting lighter out there on this tuesday, june 6. sue, good to see we don't have those massive traffic issues. >> not yet, thankfully. >> knock on -- whatever this is. >> here, right here. there you go. is. >> and mike, cooler temperatures today. >> you might hurt your hand. cooler today but comfortable for most of us. hi, let's look at the cloud deck. ceilings about 800 feet. it's climbing up but won't make it over the east bay hill. you will start off the most
5:30 am
sunshine but look for mt. tamalpais this morning. you can see the cloud deck swirling around in the chaotic fashion. fashion. i'll post that later later @mikeniccoabc7. by the time the sun sets at 8:30, most of us in the low 60s so grab a coat. here's sue. >> we'll look at the san mateo bridge which was a nightmare. it's been a nightmare for the last couple days. no change, traffic is flowing about a 15 minute drive from hayward towards foster city. you can check my twitter account for updates, @suehalltraffic if you need to do that before you head out. slow traffic out of the central valley. a 35 to 40-minute drive up and over the things pick up in livermore. bart, 46 trains no delays, ferries no problem, ace trains
5:31 am
looking good out of the central valley. developing news in the ghost ship fire. one of two men newly charged in connection with the fire is back in alameda county. the district attorney's office says the master tenant of the building is partially responsible for 36 deaths. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the santa rita jail. amy? >> reporter: he was just brought to this jail and booked at 7:00 last night, he was brought here from lake county. first he appeared in superior court there in lake county and we have exclusive video you'll only see on abc 7 news of that appearance. this is 47-year-old derick almena. he was the tenant of the ghost ship warehouse and hosted a concert on the building's second floor on december 2. prosecutors say it was an illegal unpermitted party space with blocked exits and paying guests were not able to get out. 36 people died in the fire. almena and harris knowingly created a fire trap with inadequate means of escape.
5:32 am
they then filled that area with human beings and are now facing the consequences of their actions. >> reporter: almena moved his wife and three kids to lake county after the fire. that's where police found and arrested him yesterday. prosecutors haven't said whether they'll charge the owner of the warehouse. almena's right hand man, max harris, has been charged and is being al m almena's bail is $1.8 million. live in dublin, abc 7 news. make sure you're up to date on the latest by downloading our free abc 7 news app and enabling push alerts. california governor jerry brown says he's disappointed in the president over his decision to pull out of the paris climate accord. the governor made the comments at a clean energy conversation in beijing. brown says the president's decision will prove temporary because of the urgency of the issue and says signs will bring the u.s. back to the forefront of fighting climate change.
5:33 am
>> we face not just the technical barrier, we face political barriers. there are still some in powerful places who are resisting reality, who are resisting the obvious science that we know governs or lived. brown signed agreement with china's government in two provinces to fight climate change together. he reiterated the need for u.s. states to take lead on the issue. the santa clara county board of supervisors will vote on a climate change agreement. the board calls for other counties to fight climate change. the board is meeting at 9:30. much of the south bay is at significant risk of sea level rise because of climate change. new developments in the london terror attack. british police have identified the third terrorist as youssef zaghba, a 22-year-old moroccan man from italy. he was well known to police as an isis sympathizer. seven people were killed,
5:34 am
another 40 injured in saturday's attack. this morning, the chimes of big ben echoed throughout the city for one minute. people across england stopping what they were doing to honor the victims. we are getting a new look at security video from that night. look at the restaurant manager on the left of your screen saving many people, ushering them inside before holding the door and blocking the terrorists from getting inside. the other two terrorists were identified as khuram butt and rachid redouane. theresa may has promised a full review of the country's counterterrorism strategy. the war of words between london's mayor and president trump is getting more heated. the mayor is demanding the british government cancel a state visit planned by the president. on twitter, mr. trump attacked the mayor over what he said after saturday's terror attack. mayor khan said there was no reason to be alarmed if they see an increased police presence. it seems the president took those comments out of context
5:35 am
and later called the mayor's explanation a pathetic excuse. >> i don't think we should be rolling out the red carpet to the president of the usa in the circumstances what his policies go against everything we stand for. this renewed mayor khan's call to scrap trump's visit. earlier this year he insisted the president's visit be canceled after trump tried to impose the travel ban. a federal contractor from georgia is facing charges for leaking top-secret documents regarding russian hacking. 25-year-old reality lee winter is accused of printing a classified intelligence report then giving it to the online news site the intercept. the intercept story included a redacted nsa document which detail how old russians infiltrated u.s. companies. it included a phishing e-mail claiming to be from google sent to election officials. it's not known if the officials opened that e-mail. former fbi director james comey is looking forward to testifying on the russia probe and his dealings with president
5:36 am
trump that according to chair of the senate intelligence committee. comey will speak twice, once at a televised public hearing and a second time behind closed doors when he'll reveal more confidential information. abc news will bring you live coverage of comey's testimony thursday morning set to start at 7:00 a.m. our time. a car fire is being blamed for the fast-moving grass fire in the east bay. sky 7 hd over orinda as crews fought the flames from the ground and the air. a fire broke out alongside westbound highway 24 and fish ranch road. drivers face delayed because emergency vehicles blocked three westbound lanes on 24. the driver of the burning vehicle tried to put out the fire but couldn't. people in sonoma county are casting their vote today. measure c would create rent control. landlords wouldn't raise rents by 3% a year, supporters say it will protect renters but it only covers units built before 1995
5:37 am
and opponents say that leaves too many people out. also up for vote is measure d which is a new tax on cannabis businesses. many counties have a similar tax on the books. and measure e, a parcel tax for sonoma valley hospital. it would raise an existing tax by 20% to $250 and raise almost $4 million for a year for the $4 million for a year for the hospital. only about 12 miles per hour on the wind, not too aggressive. clouds to sunshine today, breezy spots north of the bay bridge if you'll be on the water. mass transit a little drizzle the closer you are to the coast. the san ramon valley temperature around 51 to 54. concord at 57. same thing in antioch. pittsburgh is the warm spot at 62, livermore 51. san jose at 55, san carlos at 55. san francisco, you're waking up to 52.
5:38 am
novato 48 degrees. here's sfo probably going to have flight arrival delays. tree pollen, grass pollen moderate if you've been suffering, nothing will change today in that respect. . let's go down to san jose where we have another high school graduation. gunderson high school. always reminds me of grumpy old men when we do this one. same thing at 4:00. by 5:00 more comfort and 75, the light breeze at 73. temperature we'll top out at 79 at san jose, 80s in the inland east bay and north bay. 70s around the bay, 60s at the coast. almost average, a little cooler tomorrow. coolest thursday. here's the reason why. we're still tracking a chance of some wet weather thursday we'll look at walnut creek. if your travels take you from concord to pleasant hill into the 24/680 interchange, you're moving at the limit. about an eight-minute drive from concord to highway 24 and san
5:39 am
rafael also looking good out of novato. no slowing yet. taillights headed in the southbound direction past the civic center, looking good there. we have an accident just coming into the traffic center. it's westbound 80 by pinole valley road, possibly two of the left lanes blocked there and i am seeing traffic slowing beyond highway 4 in the westbound direction so we'll check on this in just a few minutes. >> when they look at me they think i'm a boy but i'm really not. >> this girl's soccer team was disqualified from a tournament because officials thought she was a boy. now soccer stars are stepping in. >> a judge has decided on whether california's high-speed [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after.
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cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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this eight-year-old nebraska girl's soccer tournament was cut short in part because her hair was cut short. millie hernandez was recently booted from a girl's soccer tournament because officials thought she was a boy. the clubs rules state boys cannot play on a girls team. officials refused to reverse their decision even after hernandez's family and coach showed legal documents confirming she was a girl. the panel didn't budge. in fact, officials disqualified the entire team. >> just because i look like a
5:43 am
boy doesn't mean i am a boy but they don't have a reason to kick the whole club out. >> hernandez says she doesn't like her hair long. like her hair long. former team usa stars wambaugh and mia hamm their support. a georgia man is accused of stealing $200,000 worth of prized "star wars" action figures. the owner is steve sansweet, the founder of rancho obi wan in petaluma where roughly 400,000 pieces of memorabilia are stored. sansweet, who worked for lucas, says more than 100 pieces were stolen by a friend who stayed at the compound. in march, the sonoma county's district attorney's office charged edward cunningham with felony grand theft. several people are facing trespassing charges
5:44 am
a protest inside one of san francisco's immigration building. they want the release of two construction workers detaped a month ago at travis air force base. their lawyer filed a motion to stay their deportation. neither construction worker is eligible to plead their case before a judge because they were deported 5 years ago and reentered the country illegally. at the live desk, tracking another airline incident. a passenger bitten by an emotional support dog on a delta flight from at than to san diego. the victim was reportedly sitting in the window seat and the dog owner was in the middle seat whith his dog when witnesss say he was mauled. the passengers say the dog was a lab/pointer mix, the passenger was taken to the hospital. delta says local law enforcement cleared the dog for another flight to san diego but in a kennel. the passenger suffered severe injuries to his face. as of this morning, the owner not expected to face any
5:45 am
charges. reggie? thanks, jess. firefighters in ja ja s geo rescued several people trapped on the floor of their apartment building because the complex removed the stairs. residents said they found crews taking the stairs out yesterday morning. there was a notice on the door saying they would not have access to the stairs until thursday. management says they warned residents to vacate while they fixed the shaky stairs that partially collapsed last weekend. the fire marshal says the complex could be cited for code violations. neighbors living around the oroville dam say repair work on the spillway is going on day and night. far from complaining. they say they're grateful it's happening. look at that. that's the ground level view of one of two controlled blasts on the lower shute of the spillway. here's how it looked from above. the controlled blasts are expected to take place more frequently as crews race against
5:46 am
a november 1 deadline to finish repairs. workers are expected to start pouring the concrete for the spill way's replacement by the middle of the month. in february, more than 200,000 people had to be evacuated when lake oroville reached capacity and water could not be released fast enough because of the damaged spillway. >> if you see smoke coming from santa theresa county park, no reason to worry. the fire department will be conducting live fire department today and tomorrow at the park off of bernal road. this gives crews the chance to train for wildfire season. the training goes from 8:00 to 5:00 today and tomorrow. if you see smoke coming from another area other than the park that's when you should call 911. happening today, the warriors will hold their first practice at quicken loans arena in cleveland as they get ready for game three of the nba finals. the team took off from oakland international yesterday afternoon and i want to know what kevin durant is eating that is making him such a star. >> he had panda express. i don't know. >> he deserves it. kevin durant the early
5:47 am
front-runner for mvp in the series was one of the first warriors on board. the dubs need two more wins to bring home the title. there are still tickets available for tomorrow's watch party at oracle arena. >> now all i want is chinese fast food. if you would rather stay home, coverage of the nba finals starts tomorrow evening on abc 7. before that, join larry beal and mike shumanm for the dubs on 7 pre-game show. shu will be live in cleveland and tipoff at 6:00 p.m. >> i learned steph will often eat the same meal whether from jam jamba juice or quizno's. >> aisha doesn't cook for him? i'd rather go with her food. >> whatever makes him win. >> what if aisha cooked for them small that would be awesome. here's a look from the
5:48 am
exploratorium camera. it will become sunny and cooler. chance of showers continues thursday. summer warmth returns next week. the breezes will pick up in intensity and speed north of the bay bridge. 2:00 this afternoon to 9:00 and down at the coast the 24 to mile per hour winds continue until 3:00 tomorrow morning. 76 in sunny veil, 57 in milpitas. deeper into the valley, los gatos morgan hill and gilroy. 68 in millbrae, 72 in san mateo. we'll be near 60 along the coast, not as much sunshine as yesterday. 66 in downtown san francisco. three degrees comer than yesterday. 80s in the north bay. as you get closer to the water, upper 70s. we have tamiscal graduating
5:49 am
today. down to 67 by 67. so a little chilly by the end of it, congratulations, everybody, 69 today in berkeley. 70 to 75 for the rest of the east bay, then 81 in san ramon to 86 in brentwood tonight look at that cloud cover, temperature 60 to 56. look at thursday, a storm impact scale? he's kidding, right? not especially if you live in the north bay. we'll look at the rainfall and how much to expect coming up in the next weather hit. know it will be cooler friday and saturday and 80s and 90s by next week. >> do i need to cover my outdoor furniture? my pillows? one on the impact scale? i'll do that, san rafael, looks like some wet. 5:25 was the magic time when the metering lights went on. big delays to the macarthur maze, once you're past the metering lights, things are sluggish on the upper deck into
5:50 am
san francisco. a couple problems near pinole valley road. westbound 80 we have two lanes blocked near pinole valley road. left lanes are blocked and traffic is stacking up and to san jose northbound 87 near curtner, an accident blocking the slow lane, so slow traffic building from highway 85 towards the scene of that accident. we'll check on both of these with an update minutes. mickey drexler is stepping down. he shaved j. crew's image through its catalog and brick and mortar store. he was the former ceo of gap. he was hailed as making that brand cool green. j. crew has hit hard times in recent years. they're carrying a massive $2 billion debt. james brett, the president of home furnishing brand west elm will replace drexler. fremont joined other bay area cities in offering an
5:51 am
exchange zone for the public to conduct exchanges safely. it will be in the fremont police department's public parking lot. the goal is to provide a safe alternative for people to trade goods from sites like craigslist. the parking lot has surveillance cameras. people are urged to only do business during the day. another legal setback for opponents of california's high speed rail project. a judge in sacramento ruled against a santa rosa based group who claim it will be polluting. the state will be allowed to use money for a greenhouse gas company to pay for the $64 billion project. new at 6:00, wruhere should your infant sleep at night? a new study that can help everyone get a better rest. and stanford is making a and stanford is making a change after banning their
5:52 am
the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
5:53 am
a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
5:54 am
the stanford marchi ining b will be able to hit the road again. the move will let the band travel to away games again. band members will still face an alcohol ban until the end of the football season. the coolest thing to come out of apple's worldwide developers conference is a cool to keep you and your family safe. >> this is the do not disturb while driving option that rolls out with ios 11 later this year. it blocks text messages and social media posts while you're driving so you're not tempted to check your phone. it sends an autoreply alerting the sender you're driving. you can select certain people whose texts will come through if the feature is turned on. >> we want to know what you think about this. we posted a poll on twitter
5:55 am
asking you yes or no and most of you are saying yeah, you'd give it a try. let's talk more about that storm impact scale and what to expect thursday with light showers across mainly the north bay, north of the golden gate and along the peninsula coast. two-tenths of an inch of rain, here we go. 5:00 thursday morning most of us dry, there may be drizzle out there. towards noon you can see measurable rain. up across the north bay. as we head through the evening commute some rain in the form of light showers and sprinkles could make it down to the san mateo bridge and once the sun sets other places like mountain view, san jose, river and the santa cruz mountains could see more. a couple trouble spots for your tuesday morning commute. we have slow traffic out of the central valley for about a 45-minute drive up and over the
5:56 am
altamont pass. westbound 80 near pinole valley road, you can see traffic is road, you can see traffic is stacking up towards the car northbound 87 an accident near curtner, left lane blocked. traffic is building back to highway 85 for a 20-minute delay. and reports of an accident on the peninsula southbound 101 before broadway burlingame and so far i don't see much slowing here possibly because it's moved to the right hand shoulder. we'll check back in a few minutes. san francisco's oldest recreation center got a $14 million facelift. it looks very nice. abc 7 news was there when mayor ed lee and other dignitaries christened the renovated glen canyon recreation center in glen park. everything is new, including that basketball court and refurbished gym. the playground got a refresh and people will be able to scale a new rock climbing wall.
5:57 am
the first one ever to be built at a city rec center. visitors to paris can zip line from the second floor of the iconic eiffel tower for the next week. it's 400 feet up. the 800 foot long trip reaches a speed of about 60 miles an hour. this is not the first time a zip line has been strung up but it's the longest. >> parisians have to think that's gauche. new at 6:00, a proposal in the north bay could mean parents will be off the hook when their kids end up in juvenile hall. day two of apple's big developers conference in san jose. the message former first lady michelle obama is expected to deliver to attendees. plus at the live desk, still digging for details on the breaking news in london, the third attacker named in third attacker named in saturday's
5:58 am
5:59 am
a live look at the sunrise from our east bay hills camera
6:00 am
as we approach 6:00. >> a chance for rain is on the way. just a chance, but first a cooldown for the bay area and welcome to tuesday, june 6. glads y glad you're here. >> why not panic? that means they'll watch us. i'm kidding. the storm impact scale is for the north bay. wet weather is a couple days away. 18 mile per hour wind at fairfield, a little stronger sea breeze this morning. hasn't made it to the east bay. you can see sunshine southbound walnut creek. temperatures running from the mid-40s to mid-50s at 7:00. 69 to 74 bay and inland at noon. 72 to 77 at 4:00 and temperatures in the mid to upper 60s at 7:00. let's find out if the commute is as smooth as the weather. sue? >> depends on where you are. we have a couple rough spots. we'll take y


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