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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 6, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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this is abc 7 news. i love her. it's really exciting. i want to get the chance to talk to her. >> former first lady michelle obama the star attraction this morning in san jose sharing the stage with apple ceo tim cook before a surprise conversation at the worldwide developers' conference. thank you for joining us today. >> michelle obama speaks passionately about values, leadership, and what you can do in what's believed to be her first visit to the bay area since leaving the white house. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live for us. matt? >> reporter: today's sessions include privacy and your apps, introducing dragon drop, and what's new in swift.
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of course, there was one event more popular than the others. people react differently to surprises. >> first i almost cried. >> getting emotional when tim cook announced monday former first lady michelle obama would be speaking today at the worldwide developer's conference. >> this is a very special treat, and i encourage everyone to come. >> never thought i'd have a chance to see her in person speaking, so i was really, really excited, and i knew i was not going to get sleep tonight. >> reporter: apple opened up the doors for the bright lights of the media world friday when they showcased the new products. >> it's absolutely beautiful, and we call it? home pod. >> reporter: today, a conversation with michelle obama and lisa jackson was closed to the media. >> press coming today or no? >> i hasn't heard. >> no idea. >> reporter: social media posts said she talked about leadership, community, and family. women, in particular, say they are inspired by her past work and message. >> in a typically male-dominated
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area, it's daunting to get in there and have your voice heard in the same way, and to have a strong female figure, even if sloo she's not a developer, have her talk to us. >> breaking into the field more and more, and it's because of people like michelle obama letting us know it's okay to be powerful. >> reporter: i just checked the schedule, and it does not appear there's more big surprises. the event runs through friday. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. turning to paris where prosecutors are launching a counterterrorism investigation after an unidentified assailant attacked police with a hammer outside of the notre dame cathedral. officers eventually shot and wounded the attacker. jessica castro is following that this morning. >> reporter: we learned the attacker yelled, quote, this is for syria, before carrying out the attack. it was a chaotic scene this morning at one of the most
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visited landmarks in paris. several hundred people held inside the cathedral following the attack. look at the photo released a short while ago. folks inside the cathedral with hands up as police investigated to get the situation under control. meanwhile, the surrounding area was evacuated too. paris police said he attacked with a hammer and kitchen knives. he was shot twice in the chest. he's hospitalized right now, and police have not released any information on the suspect's age or identity. >> we have no idea what was going on. it was definitely -- it was terrifying. i mean, we were just in london two days before when that terrorist attack happened as well, to we're just a little scarred from that. >> reporter: only one officer was hurt. no word yet on extent of the injuries, but he is expected to survive. right now, there's a huge investigation underway. it's unclear when the famous cathedral will reopen for tourism. in fact, they only let out folks
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held inside slowly so there are still people there right now. abc 7 news. >> jessica, thank you. now to the london terrorist attacks. authorities today released the name of a third suspect in saturday night's assault that killed seven people and injured 48 others. abc news reporter lana zach has the latest. >> reporter: authorities have known for years that 27-year-old -- >> had an isis flag. >> reporter: suspected terrorist was featured in a british tv documentary called the jihadi next door. >> should have we have known? >> they named all t suspected trrszsuspect ed terrorists, but a british citizen born in pakistan and the third name this morning. born in morocco, and saturday night, police believe they carried out the murderous intent. in the video, you see the knife
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wielding terrorists trying to enter a restaurant while the manager holds the door. lives saved. others would be lost. in london this morning, a moment of silence was held for the victims. among them, canadian, australian, and londoner. >> it's important for us all to carry on with our lives in opposition to those who try to destroy us. >> that sentiment at the core of the nation's spirit and echoed by london's mayor. >> this is a proud and patriotic briti british-muslim, i say this, you do not commit these disgusting acts in my name. >> reporter: we learned more details about the suspected terrorists this morning including that he worked for the london underground, mass transit agency, leaving that position in october. the country's top counterterrorism official in the
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u.k. says their strategies now need to dramatically change. abc news, washington. police say a missing man from central valley and attempted murder suspect are actually one in the same. palo alto police released a booking photo of chen, traveling to the bay area with the intent to murder three of his doctors. the family reported that the 58-year-old missing last wednesday. police say he was upset about his medical condition. no word on what he's been treated for. the chp spotted him in san jose. they arrested him. they say he had two loaded firearms in the car. happening today, the man accused of killing an australian tourist in san francisco is set to appear in court. matthew bate was headed to the hotel friday after celebrating the warriors' win when he got in an argument with david marilo. it escalated into a fight, and bate's family saidfuls sucker punched who fell, hit his head,
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and later died. he's from southern california and faces involuntarily manslaughter, assault, and manslaughter charges. the arrest made this morning, heard from the attorney of the two men in custody. the da's office said derek and max harris knowingly created a fire trap killing three dozen people. we are live in the jail where he is held right now. amy, i know you talked to the lawyer today. >> reporter: reggie, he was just here visiting his client. he says they want to make public comments, but not yet. they scheduled a conference for friday morning that's after he is arraigned. now, derek has already appeared in court. that was yesterday in lake county, and he had charges red to him, but did not enter the plea. this is video from the court appearan appearance, and he arrived here to the county last night, and sheriffs spokesperson said he's kept in a cell by himself
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because he is a high profile case. he was the tenant of the ghost ship warehouse, and prosecutors say he hen the co-defendant hosted an illegal, unpermitted party where the exits were blocked and paying guests could not escape the fire. >> they knowingly created a fire trap with inadequate means of escape, they filled that area with human beings and are now facing the consequences of their actions. >> reporter: he's moved his wife and three kids to lake county after the fire. that's where police found and arrested him yesterday. his right hand man, max harris, was arrested in l.a. he's transferred here to the county in the next day or so. his attorney attempt to make their client escape bail. they intend to vigorously defend him. reporting live in dublin, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. on the peninsula, mountain
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view police are designate for help to find a missing 11-year-old boy. he was last seen at huff elementary school this morning. he's in 5th grade. he was wearing a white t-shirt and khaki pants when vanishing. he's 5'1". if you see him, call mountain view police right away. san fransisco police look for two adults seen abandoning a young boy by the side of the road after 6:00 last night at slope boulevard and great highway. this is close to the zoo. medics from the fire department witnessed what hapened and called the police. the child was not hurt. witnesses say the adults drove away with possibly another child inside the car. happening today, the california supreme court will hear arguments in the case challenging proposition 66. that's the death penalty initiative approved by voters last fall. if they uphold this, that opens the door to resume executions for the first time since 2006. one of the most hotly contested requirements is requiring the
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courts to decide all death penalty appeals within five years of sentencing. right now, appeals take up to 25 years. just ahead on abc 7 news, day two of the bill cosby trial. the defense tries to discredit a prosecution witness who said the comedian assaulted her too. and apple may have dpoufoun way to end texting while driving. and do you know where your umbrella is?
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do not disturb while driving, car, video capable, or blue tooth, or any notifications text and if you're driving, you can't respond at that moment. i like that idea. >> i don't know why we wouldn't try it, right? just ahead, global warming a a major issue here on earth, but nothing compared to one planet very far away. also, the new guidelines for newborns that are bound to confuse new parents. >> see what santa cruz looks like, okay, it's better. not going
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update to a story brought to you earlier in the newscast involve 6 involving a missing student in mountain view. happy to report that the student has been found safe and a big thank you from mountain view police for helping spread the word. all right, nasa says a newly discovered planet is so hot it's being vaporized by its own star. incredible, really, a massive planet called kelp 9b, nearly three times bigger than jupiter and orbits a star that's twice as hot as the sun. it whips around it a half earth day. only one side of the planet
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faces the star, and reaches up to 7800 degrees. the other side of the planet it in perpetual darkness. >> sounds like a steady forecast there. >> hot and hotter. >> yes. going to be hot today. no doubt about it. let's talk about what happened this morning. look at that. oh, isn't that gorgeous, i i love watching. i don't know what clouds to watch, high clouds from the ripple action there or our low marine layer clouds rolling through the bay. now they pull all the way back to the coast, and you can see they are hanging out there, leaving most of us mostly sunny, and the coast has more sunshine than what you see right now, not as much as yesterday. temperatures close to average, chance of light showers thursday, friday and saturday are cool this afternoon. now, going to be out on the water north of the bay bridge east of the golden gate, areas in the delta, seas are choppy into the evening hours and continue to be at out the beaches.
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advisory until 3:00 tomorrow morning. warm spots, upper 70s, low 80s, in the north bay and south bay. low to mid-60s along the coast into san francisco. we've got several senior classes graduating san jose. the bulldogs at 1:30, mid-70s, sunshine makes it feel hotter than that. make sure you find the shade and sunscreen if you're going to be out there. lincoln high lions graduate at 1:30, 75 degrees, a light breeze for you, and keeping it in the south bay. while we're down there, gunderson high school grizzlies here, temperatures upper 70s to mid 70s, comfortable by the end, and up to fire birds at 4:00, dropping into the 60s. may need a jacket if you're a parent or sibling watching your brother, sister, son, daughter
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graduate. congratulations, every. still, a nice breeze at the golden gate keeping us cooler today at 3:00, 50s at the coast, 72-78 at the band. and inland 62-72, and going the game tonight? 62 at first pitch at the coliseum. storm impact scale. 1, it's light for a chance of light showers in the north bay, and you can see through most of the morning commute, there may be a slight chance of rain in santa rosa, but it's in the afternoon and evening hours. you can see once we get through the evening commute, coup p hundredths inch possible. north bay could have the most rain. it's light. because of that, and friday, saturday will be cooler, and sunday and monday the warming trend. >> okay, thanks, mike. new study in the journal of pediatrics regarding babies and sleep may be confusing. babies get less sleep at night and sleep for shorter stretches when they sleep in their parents' room after four months
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old. that contradicts before saying infant's share a room for six months to reduce risk of sudden infant death syndrome. dr. ashton talked about how to prevent sids. >> babies should never sleep on soft surfaces or same bed as their parents. they can be smothered or crushed. they should be sleeping on their backs. that's the campaign, back to sleep. that's the way to remind. mothers say, i put you on your tumny, go to sleep on your back, and no soft pillows or blankets. vicinity. >> she doesn't think the decision to have the baby sleep alone will make or break the bond. >> chances are, uber drivers have gotten a few odd requests, but nothing compares to the call this
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coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, expansion for google could be a boom for the south bay. thousands of jobs expected to open up in downtown san jose, and moving is never easy, but it doesn't have to be stressful. 7 on your side making it less hectic tonight at 5:00. this is moving season, you know, end of spring before summer.
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>> do i know, i just did it. it's always stressful. >> true. >> he can make it less, though. uber first, possibly the longest ride ever. >> it was just a profitable day. >> driver brent is home in texas after spending 24 hours on the road. he says it all started as an odd request. three visitors from china really needed to get to a business meeting in nashville from dallas, so they hit the road. >> he says the 650 mile trip took 11.5 hours. he said he's still waiting for uber to fully process the fare because it's so high, more than $1100. he expects his portion is going to be around $800. >> oh. >> my question is, do you tip? what do you tip? >> you tip. >> when it's not high. >> maybe not 15%. >> no. no. when you do the math, might make sense for them. three people, right, they needed
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to get there, and they couldn't. >> yeah. i would say just give them a high rating. that's important too. >> just a high rating. >> wow. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> $800 for the trip. and, again, gas money too. >> oh. second career? >> got to go! the twins are going to be big sisters. >> and they're going to reveal to us in this video what they're having. >> open it, girl. >> boy or girl, next "right this minute."
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>> you know, they say money can't buy happiness, but i've given away a lot of money on the show, and those people, well... they all look happy to me. so why stop now? let's play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [audience cheers] all right, our returning contestant has been living paycheck to paycheck for the last 17 years, but we're hoping that will all end today. from new york, new york, please welcome back brian roland! [cheers and applause] well done, bud. >> thank you so much. [chuckling] >> how you doing, man? >> man, i'm doing really good. >> are you? >> yes, i am, yes, i am. >> sitting there on a pile of cash. >> i'm telling you, a huge pile for myself. >> we talked a little bit yesterday about what you do,


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