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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 6, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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evidence police recovered. >> reporter: palo alto police say yue chen was a stage 4 cancer patient who drove more than 200 miles from visalia to the bay area to murder at least three doctors who had treated him more than a year ago. >> as soon as visalia police department contacted us, we viewed this threat as real and credible. >> chen's wife contacted police after he took off in a rental car last week with two registered firearms leaving a note behind that said, if today i do not kill them, their sins will continue. san jose chp officers stopped chen on southbound 101. >> we don't know where our interdiction may have stopped a crime or saved a life. in this case we do. >> reporter: they discovered a notebook with the names and home addresses of doctors, a face mask and two registered hand guns. >> they did have extended capacity magazines which were illegal. the guns were loaded. one of those guns had 30 rounds of ammunition in it. the other had 16 rounds of ammunition and as i say, they
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were within arms reach of him. >> reporter: investigators also recovered a note titled why do i kill, with the reason, revenge, and this is the possible result if you treat people as an animal. >> several agencies hadn't come together to cooperate on this in a pretty time sensitive way, it is very likely we would have had multiple deaths on our hands here. so, we're very relieved for the sake of all these doctors we were able to get him when we did. >> reporter: chen is being held at santa clara main jail on three counts of attempted murder. in palo alto, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> right now we take you to breaking news from san leandro. take a look. a fatal accident blocking lanes right now on northbound interstate 880. sky 7 is live over the scene just south of davis street. >> now, we are told the crash involves the motorcycle rider and an suv. it is believed the motorcycle rider is the one who died. as you can see, three lanes of the nimitz are closed right now. >> and some cars are being diverted off the freeway onto
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davis street and that's causing total gridlock on san leandro streets. you can probably see it as we show you, trucks are now allowed to use interstate 580 to get around the traffic on 880. now this. >> and as sky 7 was checking out that crash on 880, our pilot saw this, a grass fire that started just before 5:00 p.m. look at these pictures. this is right across from the accident scene as you can see there. at do little drive and williams street. >> there is a person standing right there very close to the fence. you see fire fighters that could be this case on the scene there. we will keep you updated on both these breaking san leandro stories on the abc7 news app. a fight outside a san francisco hotel that led to the death of an australian tourist, the district attorney says two groups of men had been out drinking and got into an argument early on friday at the da vinci villa hotel. authorities say 34-year-old david maril lorks punched matthew bait causing him to fall down the hotel stairs and later
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die. he is being charged with involuntary manslaughter, assault and battery. his family and coworkers were in court today as he pleaded not guilty to the charges. >> he's in shock. he's a gentle hard working man with two little girls. and now he finds himself, he's never been in trouble in his life. >> his defense attorney claims the punch was in self-defense. bates family members plan to take his body back to australia. >> an uber driver is accused of assaulting a passenger in his car. 42 year old becker drove a woman from oakland to ma rag a last monday. police say estopped before reaching the woman's destination, got into the back seat, held her down and salted her. police chief credits the victim with stopping the attack. >> we are fortunate in this case the young lady had the presence of mind to interrupt the attack that was going on and was able to get it to stop. and thank goodness she was obviously traumatized, but was not physically injured.
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>> police arrested becker five days later at his san francisco home. he's out on bail and has not yet been charged. uber has not commented on this incident. in the meantime, uber has been in the midst of a p.r. fire storm for much of the year after a former employee accused of mismanagement of sexual harassment and discrimination, and now the company is taking action. abc7 news reporter kate larson is live near uber headquarters in san francisco. kate, a big meeting there today and a bunch of people fired. >> reporter: absolutely. you know, an uber spokesperson tells me that the head of uber's hr held a company-wide meeting today that was streamed live to their 12,000 employees around the world, explaining that many people had been fired amid hundreds of hr claims. sources tell me of the 20 uber employees fired, some were senior executives. most of whom were working out at uber san francisco offices. this all started back in february when a former uber engineer susan fowler wrote a
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blog post alleging sexual harassment and discrimination during her time at the tech giant. as a result, uber commissioned two investigations. for the first, uber hired attorneys and perkins coie to look into the sexual harassment claims raised by fowler which eventually expanded to include 215 claims to hr, 54 of which are discrimination, 47 sexual harassment, 33 bullying, 19 harassment, 13 retaliations, three physical security, and one wrongful termination. 100 employees were cleared of wrongdoing, 31 received additional hr training, 7 people were given final warnings, 57 employees and cases are still under review, and of course 20 people were just fired. >> it shows me that uber is trying to make good on its promises from earlier in the year. >> reporter: the cnet reporter covers uber and says uber's actions today may be what current employees want to see.
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>> worry that the company has this bad reputation and they want to make it better. that's what i've heard from people within the company. >> reporter: according to uber, they hired former u.s. attorney general eric holder to lead their second investigation into company culture. the results of the investigation were recently submitted to uber's board and the details will likely be revealed soon. in san francisco, kate larson, abc7 news. >> santa clara county prosecutors today charged a former 49er with felony domestic violence. tramaine brock is accused of punching his girlfriend in the face and trying to strangle her several times, including once as she held their one-year-old child. the 28-year-old brock faces up to five years in prison if convicted. brock was arrested on april fifth. the team released him the very next day. he had been a 49er for seven years. san francisco leaders help to save lives with the domestic abuse initiative. abc7 news was at the police station in the bay view district where the pilot program will
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begin tomorrow. officers have been trained to ask potential domestic violence victims a series of questions to determine if they are high risk for death or serious injury. the officers will put the women in contact with a domestic violence professional. >> it could happen to any group of any economic strata. and this is why it's so pervasive and that we have to really have a focus on this. >> a panel made up of people across several agencies will meet month to month to discuss the most critical at-risk cases. >> tonight police are looking for a couple seen abandoning a child in san francisco. it happened just after 6:00 p.m. yesterday along sloat boulevard near the great highway and the city zoo. police are worried the second child in the car may be at risk. vic lee is live with the story tonight. vic? >> reporter: well, dan, police are only releasing a little bit of information at this time, presumably they are still looking for the couple who a
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be abandoned that child who is in safe hands in child protective services here. it happened last night shortly after 6:00. the couple left a child here at the rest stop at great highway and sloat boulevard. a source with knowledge of the investigation tells us the child is about 5 years old. that same source tells us the couple is from arkansas and that there may be another child still with them. the abandonment was on a lot of people's minds at the beach today. sean a watson came here with her daughter ava. >> they have another child, they saw them dump that baby, that child who think, what if i'm next. that makes my blood boil. >> reporter: john stanley and his son jack were at the beach. he was shocked. >> i cannot imagine how a parent could do that to their kid. crazy. >> reporter: shandra johnson is with a human services agency.
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she wants the public to know there are places couples can take their children if they need help. >> it is a better practice of using a hospital, fire station, a school, somewhere where you can speak to someone who understands the network of child protective services. they can make sure the child is in immediate care, not in imminent danger out in the public. >> reporter: police say there are no physical injuries to the child. vic lee, abc7 news. >> a popular hiking trail in san francisco's presidio has been closed after a pair of close calls with coyotes. the park trail cuts through the heart of the presidio running between the national cemetery and park presidio boulevard. dog walkers report encountering coyotes on the trail. one coyote snapped at a dog, a bit aggressive. it is pupping season and they are known to be aggressive as they get their pups ready to venture out into the wilderness. the trail will reopen once pupping season is over. >> next at 5:00, a popular east bay teacher dies one day after
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retiring. his family and coworkers are in shock. >> we were going to spend more time on our bicycles and i was going to get a paddle board, he was going to get a paddle board. >> also fighting climate change from santa clara to overseas, state and local lawmakers are leading the way. >> also making moving easier. 7 on your side michael finney with tips to make it less
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horrible story here. high school in pleasanton is mourning the death of a beloved teacher. he passed away the day after he retired. eric teal was only 65 years old, with a long bucket list, things he wanted to do in life. now his colleagues have set up a go fund me beige for his family. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez on a teacher who never gave up on his students. >> reporter: his death came as a surprise to staff at the high
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school in pleasanton. everyone agrees dying unexpectedly the day after you retire -- the appeal from his son. >> i talked to him after the graduation ceremony they had on friday. he was going out to celebrate. >> reporter: the 65-year-old biology teacher died the following day. so far the cause of death has not been determined. on sunday he was meant to go see the play hamilton with another teacher, dennis. >> he was just full of life, full of happiness and i was his other side, you know, crazy from new york, had the attitude and he would always be positive. come on, we have to go get 'em. >> reporter: he spent 38 years teaching, 25 at amadore. he won numerous awards including educator of the year awarded by the national society of high school scholars. he showed us all the comments left by other teachers and students on teal's facebook page. >> his influence is insane.
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i didn't expect that at all. it makes me extremely proud of him. >> reporter: school is out for the summer, but many have dropped by to leave flowers. tom hall, who also retired the same day, said teal had many plans. >> he was going to spend time with the family and we were going to spend more time on our bicycle. s i was going to get a paddle board, he was going to get a bad l board. >> reporter: a go fund me page has been set up by another teacher. in pleasanton, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> another passing, jim little et in san bruno, he won his 1,000th game just last year. in fact, he started the program there in 1976 as a favor to the administration. he ended up staying 41 years. his daughter said he died of complications of als sunday night. jim was 76 years old. >> new at 5:00, hawaii has
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become the first state to enact law that implements parts of the paris climate agreements. >> the law signed just about an hour ago now, expands strategies to reduce greenhouse emissions in the state. >> the governor says the state looks forward to working with other states to fight global climate change. >> they are counting on other counties to fight climate change. >> the board of supervisors is responding to president trump's decision to withdraw from the paris climate. they vote today clean the environment and seek wider support for its campaign. >> to approach other counties throughout the nation, to join us in an alliance of counties, and to either become signatory to the accords if that's indeed what they allow the city's coalition to do, or at least fully endorse the paris climate agreement. >> the cities of san francisco and fremont are also in the game. both city councils have released open letters reaffirming their
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commitment to the fight against climate change. now, governor brown is in china for one week strengthening california's partnership with china, inciting climate change. he attended an energy conference, met with chinese president xi jinping in beijing, and signed agreements with china in two provinces to reduce carbon emissions and promote clean energy. brown told his host, he's disappointed with president trump pulling out of the paris accord, and said there's too much complacency in the u.s. and the world. >> all right. now let's turn to consumer news and making moving easier. a lot of people do it this time of year. >> right. 7 on your side michael finney is here with more on that. yeah, michael. >> totally stressful. late spring, early summer, those are the busiest times of year for moving. millions of us are packing, wrapping, and schlepping, moving is never easy or fun, but consumer reports has some good tips to help reduce the chaos. moving to a new home can be stressful. to make it as simple and sane as possible, consumer reports
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reveals its best tips. first, don't move what you don't want in your new home. sell that unwanted stuff from your attic or basement at a garage sale or online. plan ahead. will your big sofa, entertainment center or other large furniture fit through the doorways of your new place? more measuring means less regret. don't move your food. a month before your move, stop buying frozen foods and eat what's in your fringe and freezer. as for packing, empty suitcases, baskets and hampers should be filled with bulky or heavy items like bedding or books. assign each room unique colored stickers. put them on the sides of boxes and make a chart for your movers. take a picture of the back of your electronics so you can easily hook them up again. loose wires and remotes should be tucked in a plastic bag and taped to the unit. the same goes for anything you take apart. keep the bits and pieces with the thing they came off of.
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the first night after your big move should be cozy, not chaotic. so, pack the items you need right away in a separate bin, and move it yourself. this includes valuables, baby and pet items, toiletries and cleaning supplies. most important, the bedding you'll need for a good night's sleep in your new home. okay, one more tip. about a week before you move, go to the post office to change your address information. program the date you'd like your mail forwarded so you won't miss any -- >> what if we want to miss our bills? [ laughter ] >> that would be nice for a change. >> it would be. >> thanks, michael. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. >> hi there, everyone. game three is right here on abc7 news tomorrow night. obviously the dubs are going to be in cleveland but when they take on the cavs if you're going to the watch party, 67 degrees, temperature will be dropping as the day goes on to about 62. so, it will be cool outside of
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oracle arena eventually. when the game gets underway it will be nice and mild outside. all right. right now i do want to show you what it looks like on live doppler 7 and we are tracking fog near the coast. also seeing high clouds passing across the bay area. and as you look at this live picture from our south beach camera you can see wispy clouds, not going to harm anybody but it is signaling a change. 58 in san francisco, 64 in oakland, 67 in mountain view. temperatures have come down today in every location compared to yesterday. from our mount tam cam one of the reasons why it's cooler is the sea breeze is back. the fog is lingering as we look right now. and temperatures are in the 70s really quite comfortable from association to napa, 74 in livermore, 82 in concord. the east bay hills camera you see a few clouds right now. you're going to see a lot more as we head into tomorrow. clouds will increase tomorrow. showers thursday, and a much cooler pattern friday and saturday. tomorrow morning when you get going there will be some fog and
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low clouds around. temperatures in the upper 40s to the mid 50s. as we head into the afternoon hours, those numbers will actually come down. they'll belower than today so we'll see our warm est spots barely making it to the 80s inland. upper 60s to coast side, and the heaviest cloud cover will be in the north bay. eventually everyone will start to see the increase in the cloud cover for wednesday. as far as graduations are concerned, you don't have to worry about any rain for tomorrow. in lark steph curpur, san andre school, 6:00, 67 degrees, good weather to graduate. on the storm impact scale, we have a 1 coming in thursday morning through friday morning. light showers are expected north bay geting a quarter of an inch of a rain. elsewhere a tenth of an inch. when you look the at the hour by hour forecast you'll see what i'm talking about. light rain in the north bay on thursday. heading into 10:00 a.m., past the commute obviously, it is still wet arounder hoo. so, time to pull tout those
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umbrellas. 1:00, the showers will be barely getting to the golden gate and as we head into 4:00 p.m., just about anybody will have a possibility of seeing a few showers. 6:00 p.m. in the east bay. thursday night into friday morning, the showers shift into the south bay. and this is where you'll see it between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. on friday. so, yes, this will impact your morning commute if the computer models tend to trend wet for friday morning. just a heads up. download the accuweather forecast app. you can track doppler 7 and the showers passing through the bay area. now, in terms of rainfall totals rjs if you do get any rain it will be less than a tenth of an inch. in santa rosa could pickup as much as a quarter of an inch of rain. accuweather seven-day forecast, a cooling trend that continues. we are leaking at low 80s inland tomorrow, upper 50s pretty much all the way into the weekend for the coast. one on the storm impact scale, light system for thursday going into early friday morning. and then we'll dry out in time for the weekend. below normal for temperatures, especially friday, saturday
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before the numbers rebound on sunday and we warm it up early next week, 60s to 80, dan and kristen. >> very nice. sandhya, thank you. >> a critical hearing on the death penalty in california. the changes voters approved in november could be at stake. that's next. then at 5:30 on "world news tonight with david muir." >> coming up we're on the scene with yet another terror attack. the famous notre dame cathedral. what the attacker was shouting. an exclusive reporting with the fired fbi director is prepared to tell the american people coming up. >> all right, david, thanks very much. and another look at our breaking news in san leandro. a fatal accident is blocking traffic badly on northbound interstate 880 as you can see. sky 7 is live over the scene just south of
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a warning tonight from the state department of public health about the risk of salmonella infection with contact from live poultry. a recent outbreak has been linked to flocks of kitchens and
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ducks kept in people's back yards. baby chicks and ducklings are of particular risk. they may have salmonella on their bodies even when they appear healthy. symptoms include diarrhea, fever and some abdominal cramps. >> after hearing arguments today about the constitutionality of a voter approved initiative to speed up executions, opponents of proposition 66 are suing to block the measure from taking effect. it was narrowly approved in november and would require courts to review death penalties appeals faster. opponents say the measure takes away the judicial power to run the courts. supporters argue it is about justice. >> it takes over 20 years now to get a murderer who was absolutely guilty from the trial to an execution. virginia takes 5 to 7 years. we are doing something wrong out here. >> with 380 death penalty appeals to review, justices today admitted theres no way
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they can clear the backlog within the proposition's five year requirement. >> bart's ban on so-called man spreading may be ending. on thursday bart's board of directors will look at rescinding the ordinance that punishes passengers who are seat hogs. the policy finds people who take up more than one seat during commute hours $100 for the first offense. that includes using an empty seat for a back pack or luggage. the ban was never enforced because no one could figure out how to enforce it. now bart board president tells s.f. gate it's time to get rid of that ordinance. just common courtesy. >> i was going to say, exactly. kevin durant cut short why the
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coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, we're live in oakland with the continued calls for more criminal charges related to the deadly ghost ship warehouse
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fire. and a sneak peek at the plans for a new google plex in san jose, at a location some call perfect. plus 7 on your side michael finney looks at bikes that don't just rely on pedal power. all coming up on abc news at 6:00. kristen and dan? >> we'll see you then, alma. steph curry and the teammates seemed loose at the workout in cleveland. every game needs to be treated with respects. >> the change in venue will spark a lot of energy from them. we have to play even better to try to get a win in game three than we have in the first two games, knowing how much they could feed off the home crowd, how inspired lebron is probably going to be. >> the warriors had a two-games to none lead in the finals last year when they traveled to cleveland but they were blown out 120-90. coach steve kerr says the team is focused to prevent a repeat of that. >> meanwhile kevin durant was in the middle of today's news conference when this
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>> i don't know what those sounds are. >> scaring me a little bit up here, but -- >> it might be the plumbing. >> yeah. >> it was the plumbing. the noises were coming from the air vents. they were apparently checked out and fixed. the interruption forced an early end to the news conference. >> coverage of game 3 starts tomorrow at 5:30 right here on abc7. just before that join beil and shumann. >> shu will be live in cleveland. be sure to tune in. >> it's not going to work. they know that, right? "world news tonight with david muir" is up next. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us, we appreciate
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your time. we'll see you again at 6:00. >> bye-bye. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the panic, this time a terror attack in paris. tourists running for their lives at one of the most popular tourist sites in the world. notre-dame cathedral. we have new surveillance. the suspect with a hammer and the knives. on the inside, the people with their hands in the air. what the suspect was shouting. our correspondent on the scene. here at home tonight, the countdown to comey. we have exclusive reporting. what abc news has learned, what the fired fbi director is prepared to say in front of congress and the american people. the top-secret document leaked. the 25-year-old air force veteran, behind bars tonight. and what the classified document reveals about the russians and efforts to hack software used in voting machines across this country. the moment arrives for bill cosby. his accuser on


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