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tv   ABC7 News 1030PM  ABC  June 7, 2017 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> right now, on abc 7 news, comeback in cleveland. kevin durant and the warriors make a late surge inside lebron's kingdom. and tonight, they're just one game away from another nba championship. we hope you saw it. it was something else. good evening. >> we're starting our 11:00 p.m. news early tonight to bring you special coverage of game three of the nba finals. it was a nail-biting game here on abc 7. the dubs surged to secure victory. >> let's begin with larry beale live right here in the studio with us. larry, what a night. >> it was an amazing game. warriors used an 11-0 run in game three.
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kevin durant hilt the shot of the night. now, just one victory away from sweeping cleveland in the nba finals. kyrie irving, unstoppable at times. kiss off the glass there. klay thompson finding his offensive stroke. went for 30. dubs down by one. 50 seconds left. kevin durant, pullup for three. and the warriors close the game on an 11-0 run. they steal game three. 118-113, the final. up 3-0 games. we go to abc 7's mike shuman where they have to be just stunned. >> well, there's no question there. the cavalier fans left here, the q just stunned, a good word to put it. the warriors play with a lot of joy. they needed to play with some grit and they did that, just that tonight.
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kevin durant with the pullup three was unbelievable. let's hear what the star had to say after the game. >> i don't want to relax. it's not over. you know, this is a crazy game. anything can happen. i don't want to relax or feel like it's over. it's not. >> we know how hard it is to win a championship. what all goes into it and how important each game is. now that you, you know, can look ahead to friday, is that. we want 16 wins. no matter how we get there. now that we're in this situation, why not take care of business? >> the warriors become the first team from professional sports to win 15-straight games in if postseason. reporting from the q. larry? >> thank you. and the warriors have a chance to make history.
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15-0. no team has gone 16-0. and the warriors can get that done friday in game four in cleveland. we will have it for you right here on abc 7. tipoff friday night at 6:00. >> that's exciting. >> thanks, larry. continue our live team coverage. >> we go live to oracle arena, where the dubs fans cheered on the team today. >> reporter: nobody told the dub nation in a the warriors were on the road. i promise you that oracle was as loud as a home game. confetti in the hair and the full game experience. minus the court. the watch party at oracle arena was a chance for 15,000 people to experience a finals game. but at the much lower price of $20. fans say they had to cheer loud enough for their team to hear all the way in cleveland. >> of course i did. i can feel their energy.
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it's like the game is right in front of me. but it's not. i feel like i'm in cleveland. i can feel it. we did i't. i feel like i helped them win. >> reporter: in case it was too loud to hear, she felt like she helped the warriors win. it's that kind of energy that the dub nation brings. and a portion of the proceeds for tonight's event go to charity, the warriors foundation and aeg oakland foundation. later in the show, i'm going to introduce you to a warriors fan who is painting a canvas. and also, the proceeds go to a good cause. >> great stuff. katie, thank you. >> are they excited? i can't tell. yeah. if you were in san francisco tonight, you may have heard dub nation's roar. abc 7 news was at civic plaza for a free watch party.
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the action was larger than life on a jumbotron in front of city hall. for fans, it was infectious. >> i love them. they're superstars. >> let's go, warriors. here we go, baby. another championship under our belt. another ring for us. >> it was a family-friendly event. no alcohol allowed. the city is yet to announce if it will hold a free watch party for game four on friday. >> that's a pretty good bet. how fun was that seeing everybody jump up and down. game four, up next. abc's coverage starts friday at 5:30, on abc 7 right here and right before game four, join larry and mike for the "dubs on 7" pregame show. it all starts at 5:00 p.m. >> that was insane. we're sticking with crazy. we're on storm watch tonight. we are tracking a late spring storm on live doppler 7. >> we'll keep the energy going. keep it crazy around here.
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on your feet as we do have, you're looking at rain on live doppler seven. we're pretty dry here in june. but one or two days we get some of this stuff. this storm is moving in and bringing some light rain in santa rosa. street-level radar. winds are highway 101. wet roadways right now. roenick park, pen grove, it's a 1 on our storm impact scale. a light system. scattered showers one-tenth of elsewhere. when you can expect the rain, 4:00 to a: 5:00 in the north ba. and it doesn't end there. if i were you, i would plan on a longer drive tomorrow morning and allow that extra time. the rest of your hour-by-hour forecast coming up. >> thank you. now, we'll move from the spectacle of tonight to a big one coming tomorrow of a different sort. developing news tomorrow morning, millions of americans
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will watch when fired fbi director james comey testifies on capitol hill. >> comey is expected to reveal more about possible contacts between russia and president trump's campaign. >> stephanie ramos has more. >> reporter: the day before fired fbi director james comey testifies before the senate intelligence committee, his opening remarks are released. in the explosive statement, comey starts from the beginning of his relationship with president trump. writing, i first met president trum trump-elect january 6th, in a conference room at trump tower. tom comey was there to brief the president. the next time they meet, frump is president. comey talks about his conversations with president trump. about former national security adviser michael flynn and his communications with russia. according to comey, the president tells him, i hope you can see your way to letting this go. to letting flynn go. the fbi director says he tried
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to explain the importance of the department of justice independence from the white house. >> given the recent news about ongoing investigations. >> reporter: on capitol hill today, the same committee had tough questions for the top intelligence officials. all of them refusing to say whether or not president trump asked them to intervene in comey's russia investigation. >> i have never been directed to do anything i believe to be illegal, immoral, or inappropriate. >> reporter: their responses frustrating republican and democratic senators. >> i'm not satisfied with i do not believe it is appropriate or i do not feel i should answer. what's your legal basis for your refusal to testify to this committee. >> reporter: in james comey's prepared testimony, he details the three times he told president trump he was not the subject of an open counterintelligence case. meaning he was not personally under investigation at that time. in washington, stephanie ramos, abc news. you can watch james comey's
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testimony live right here on abc 7. george stephanopoulos will anchor the coverage tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. right after "abc 7 mornings." a key part of the administration took part in a heated exchange on capitol hill. >> are you willing or not willing to give him the authority to be fully independent of your ability stach torely legally to fire him? >> he has the full independent that is authorized -- >> are you willing to do -- >> the chair is going -- >> harris asked for specific annalses from rod rosenstein. he faced questions about the authority of a special coupnsel to investigate ties between president trump and russia. a toddler force-fed meth at a bay area playground. the new details we're learning about this disturbing crime.
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a woman accused of putting meth in a 2-year-old's mouth in a berkeley park is expected to be arraigned tomorrow to hear the formal charges against her. abc 7 news has obtained the complaint and probable cause democrats against adesandhya thomas. she aboved a tootsie roll into a toddler's mouth. she later confirmed it was meth. the little boy was on the playground with his nanny. thomas was a stranger. she face as attempted murder charges. a fugitive wanted in virginia was arrested last night in san francisco. investigators received a tip
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daniel nickerson was hiding out among the homeless population. they took him into custody last night. he has many priors. he was last arrested in 2013. he's being held in san francisco's county jail until he can be extradited. you can see on this map where a gas station clerk was shot and robbed. the victim was working alone at the chevron on washington avenue. the suspect appeared to be a shopper. then, pulled out of gun and demanded cash. the clerk complied before being shot. he remains in critical condition. the suspect grabbed money and ran. check this out. this is a good tale here. two south bay crooks stole two boxes of these yellow devices. they thought they were cell phone chargers. these yellow boxes led police right to them. >> eight hours later, we had them in custody. >> reporter: they were able to
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zero in because they didn't know what they had stolen from this tech company. they took two boxes of tracking devices. they're used to track shipments and notify if the cargo has been dropped or exposed to temperature change. >> they know where it is. they know when it moves. and they know they can be within two minutes of react iing. >> reporter: the trackers were among $30,000 worth of equipment stol stolen. police had a real leg up. >> we put an application on the phone. he and his fellow officers could track live in their patrol car where these two individuals were driving. >> reporter: their every move was captured. they went to a house in san jose. then, a stuorage unit in alamed. there were other burglaries. this man is amused what the thieves planned to do with the trackers. >> i think the individual was trying to sell cell phone
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chargers, not realizing we knew where he was. >> reporter: the suspects, a man and a woman, left tracks behind. one drank half a bottle of beer in the fridge. and a tissue with bloodstains was found after one cut a finger. >> they're not very smart. their actions led us right to them. >> reporter: in santa clara, 7 news. today, agencies practiced how they would respond to two different energies. abc 7 news was in alameda when shooting victims were on the ground and smoke filled the air. the drill simulated an active shooter situation, along with a hazardous chemical release. >> you train how you play. that's one of the things we instill in our people. if you're going to be training, make it the real thing. if the real thing comes um,
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you're going to know what to do. you can't ask questions. you just have to do it. >> "operation seasick" will continue with more drills tomorrow. a gorgeous night around the bay area, particularly if you were watching the warriors win. >> sandhya patel has what is coming our way. sandhya? >> raining threes for the warriors tonight. as we look on live doppler 7, we're talking about rain hitting the pavement, at least in the north bay. not all this moisture is reaching the ground. where it is, i'm going to take you in to street-level radar. as you notice, the yellows indicating moderate rain. stony point road, primrose avenue. also tracking moderate showers heading out of bodega bay. you will notice it will be in the graten area by 11:04 p.m. tonight. a few minutes away. emeryville camera, a live look. and it's not going to look like
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this tomorrow morning. things will be turning slippery across most of the bay area. 57 in san francisco. low 60s oakland, san jose. we have a south wind ahead of the system. that's keeping it nice and mild. a look from our kgo roof camera. wind is not an issue tonight. 56 in santa rosa. in the upper 50s to low 60s elsewhere. and one other live picture from our golden gate camera. expect slick roadways tomorrow morning. we're going wet conditions for the morning commute tomorrow. isolated showers in the evening. and cooler than normal through the upcoming weekend. on our exclusive storm impact scale, this is a 1. a light system for tomorrow. expecting scattered showers. and it will be a light wind, what we're expecting. here's your hour-by-hour forecast. 4:00 a.m. if you're an early commuter, the rain is primarily in the north bay. by 5:00 a.m., it's in the east bay, san francisco. 6:00 a.m., that commute becomes wetter as we head towards the peninsula. around 7:00 a.m.
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and 8:00 a.m., around the time you might take your kids off to school, scattered showers. a slower commute than normal, especially when it hadn't rained in a while. you'll want to take it easy out there. 10:00 a.m., scattered showers continue. and the trend continues in noontime before it becomes isolated in the evening commute. you're looking at lingering showers around 9:00 p.m. in the south bay. 11:00 p.m., the lingering showers pushing out of the south bay. in terms of our rainfall totals, really we arverage about a tent to an inch this time of year. in the entire month of june, some places will get to close the entire month in one day. santa rosa, but san jose, you may only pick up 1/100th. temperatures in the 50s. and you will need to use your umbrella. tomorrow afternoon, cloudy across the bay area. cooler inland.
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60s, 50s, coastside. and we'll have showers around. i know it's graduation time. redwood high school in redwood city, 4:00 tomorrow. we'll have cloud cover, but there's a possibility of a shower. it should not spoil the celebration. you can download the accuweather app. and keep track of the live radar here. spring showers on the storm impact scale. it's a 1 for thursday. lingering clouds on friday. we dry out and go with a cooler-than-normal weekend. upper 50s to low 70s. temperatures will rebound on monday. we'll warm it up for you tuesday and wednesday. >> all right. thank you, sandhya. young kids hoping to be the next steph curry. who doesn't, right? coming up, the smart basketball and how it is revolutionizing
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you're looking at a roundup
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that took place at golden gate park this morning. the caretaker found 25 horses were running loose around 5:00 this morning. wranglers and police officers had them corralled in about two hours. officials don't know how the horses broke free or if someone let them out of their stable. oakland school officials are hoping they increased their high school graduation rate for a fifth-straight year. abc 7 news was at castlemont high school today. the graduation rate hadn't been finalized. but it's tended upward to nearly 66% last year. >> it's been the hard work and consistent effort of the total community. >> i'm not going to be another statistic because i come from low-income or i don't go to a private school. >> oakland's new superintendent plans to continue programs credited with boosting graduation rates.
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high school students earn college credit. coming up, the handicapped parking scheme that got this man charged with felonies.
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you saw some incredible shooting in tonight's game between the dubs and the cavs. you also something else. amazing ball handling. >> as jonathan bloom explains, now there's a smart basketball that will teach you to dribble like the pros. >> reporter: it seems like steph curry can shoot from anywhere and get nothing but net. but what he does before the shot is just as impressive. >> you can't go anywhere. you can't create separation between yourself and a defender, if you can't handle the basketball. >> reporter: she begins every workout with ball handling. and now, she has some high-tech help from a smart basketball called dribble up. >> the benefit is that you're able to train and work on your ball handling skills outside of
10:58 pm
the time you're with me. >> crossovers. crossovers from one hand to the other. >> reporter: from dribbling to freestyling, the dribble up app takes players through routines with constant feedback. >> if that meter isn't up in the green area, you push yourself to want to get it there. >> reporter: part of what makes the dribble up ball unusual is there's nothing unusual about it. all of the magic happens on your phone. >> this ball itself, we design it to be tracked using your camera. >> the pattern on the surface of a nice basketball. one you can shoot with in a game. but making a game out of a boring part of practice is where it shines. >> just use our app to do the practice you're already doing. it will be more fun, more effective. and you get graded on every drill. >> you're an a-plus student. >> strive to be the best. >> reporter: he was an a-plus student. he wasn't the athlete. >> my brother was ten-times
10:59 pm
better at sports. mark was playing spo was building robots that played sports. >> reporter: it's fitting that the two brothers founlded dribble up together. and eric's skills are improving. in oakland, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> don't go away. our coverage of the nba finals is next. larry beil is here. >> i want to get one of those basketballs and work on my game. seemed like certain defeat for the warriors. they take over in the final three minutes and steal the win away. one victory away from the title. all the highlights, postgame interviews, coming up. inside enemy territory. we're live in cleveland, with the fans that aren't rooting for the dubs. they do exist. other news, an hiv and hepatitis scare.
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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news.


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