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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 8, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> i was concerned you'd lie about the nature of the meeting, so i thought it important to document it. >> fired fbi director comey blasts the trump administration accusing the president of working to defame him and the fbi and telling lies to the american people. thank you for joining us today. >> what a day on capitol hill. james comey front and center testifying for the first time since being fired by president trump. it came at a time when comey led the investigation into russian interference into the u.s. election. >> we heard answers why he did not come forth sooner, saying
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the president obstructed justice, and how comey leaked information to the media. >> reporter: good afternoon, if you thought all the major headlines dropped yesterday with the written testimony of james comey, you were wrong. comey went further than ever before. he even matter of factually telling the senate he arranged for a friend to release information about his memos. >> you swear to tell the truth -- >> the director put his account up against president trump's in the long awaited public testimony of james comey. >> the administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi by saying that the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led, that the work force had lost confidence in its leader. those were lies, plain and simple. >> reporter: before saying a word, written remarks made
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public recalling nine conversations with president trump spotlighting what the president asked of comey and why he was fired. >> think about it. the president of the united states asking the fbi director to drop an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: after he was fired and the president tweeted about secret tapes, he prompted comey to release information about the memos. >> i asked a friend of mine to share content of the memo with a reporter. not by myself, for a variety of reasons, but i asked to to prompt the i pointment of a special counsel. >> reporter: he felt completely vindicated because comey's written testimony confirmed the president's story, that comey told the president he was not personally under investigation, but they dispute comey's accounts that trump asked for loyalty or to go easy on flynn. he was asked about that too. >> it's not for me to say the confers with president was in effort to obstruct. it was a disturbing thing, very
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concerning, but that's a conclusion the special counsel will work towards. >> reporter: and we are expecting any moment now that the president's personal attorney will speak to reporters among the things he's likely to address, the fact that james comey never was told directly by the president that he needed to drop the investigation into michael flynn, and he's likely to refute comey's testimony that part of the reason why he kept these detailed memos was because he was concerned that the president might lie. reporting live from the capitol, lanazak, back to you. >> thank you. >> the attorney is expected to speak shortly, and when that happens, we'll have a special report and bring that to you live. in the meantime, this morning's comey hearing had bay area residents riveted. there was a similar effect on them as the nba finals drawing people to bars and gyms to watch together. matt keller is live in a bar in
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newark. strength in numbers, matt? >> reporter: well, kristin, back to business as usual here at the sports bar in newark. the sportings are back on the tvs, replacing what was called the super bowl of washington. o'sullivan's sports bar is warriors ground. this is a facebook live in game three of the nba finals. the crowd was huge at the home of the 110-foot bar. but this morning, curry sat the bench on the 30 big screen tvs while the former fbi director james comey testified before the senate intelligence committee. >> it's a big thing going on. there's substance in it, not the draw of sports, but interesting news. >> what did you come in for? >> the fantastic bloody marys. >> they are more interested in the nba, nfl, and mlb, rather than what happened in the fbi, but if you own the remote, you decide what's on tv.
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>> i follow it all the time, and i watch it, and i'm very interested in it. >> reporter: because you're the owner of the bar, you choose what to put up there, right? >> correct. right now, it's early in the morning, so this is what's going on. there's no live games. >> i feel current, yeah, no, i'm not here for the politics, just the bloody mary's. >> reporter: while the hearings were no moneymaker here, the finals is expected to bring in triple to quadruple the amount of business they normally do for a friday night. reporting live in newark, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the coverage comets now on abc 7 news app. download it for free and enable push alerts for updates on the developing story. >> you can see people behind me with umbrellas. that's the top story today. the bay area back on storm watch. it's been a while, right? rain fell steadily overnight, and look at the video where sho sheets of rain fell down.
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it's not let up in the bay area, including, as you can see, a live picture from mount tam. the lens is wet there. hi, everybody. folks with the umbrellas, the fact that they could watch us or have the app to give them an idea what to expect, good news. here's whavrs going on as far as other areas, you can see walnut creek right there, there's steady rain in the morning hours. a couple hundredths of an inch. the most we had was a quarter inch in santa rosa, and everybody else nothing, but that could change. there's still some good looking radar returns, sure, they are green, meaning it's light rain out there. as we put it into motion, you can see the cold front slowly working its way through our neighborhoods, so we'll keep a chance of rain showers in the forecast for the next couple
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hours, and that's why our storm impact scale is a 1. we'll never see rain in the south bay, but the tenth to a quarter inch for the rest of us. that's coming up. thank you. one person shot and killed and another critically wounded after leaving a bar this morning. the shooting happened outside a bar at the fair oaks plaza strip mall on east dwyane avenue at 2:00 a.m. sky 7 was over the scene earlier when officers got there, they found one man shot dead in the parking lot near a white suv. another victim was found not far away. he's hospitalized in critical condition, but is expected to survive. police believe it may have started with a fight. >> obviously, some type of altercation in the parking lot between these two victims, and some other parties. how many that is, we don't know right now. >> investigators are checking with businesses at the strip mall to see if there's video that can help them with the case. new developments in the arrest related to the ghost ship fire. one of the two men in custody
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was to be in court today, amy hollyfield spoke to the attorney who is asking for a delay. >> reporter: he was in court this morning, and so were some loved ones of some of the victims who died in the fire. they were wearing buttons with pictures of the victims. they did not want to comment after the hearing. no cameras allowed in the courtroom, but there were cameras inside an appearance earlier this week, in lake county, where he appeared after the arrest, video only on abc 7. he did not enter a plea today. that was postponed. he is charged with 36 counts of involuntary man fire when the warehouse caught fire in december. city officials say he created a fire trap allowing too many people to live there and attend the concert without proper fire escapes and legal wiring. the attorney made a statement after today's hearing. >> this case is one of the most
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profound tragedies to strike the bay area in living memory. despite the strong emotions, we do not feel that the public good will be served by prosecuting our client. this creates a distraction so that the local government doesn't have to address the fundamental issues of housing inequality in fire safety that will continue to be a problem in this community. they have not addressed their failings. >> reporter: his attorney did not say why he wanted to postpone today's plea by 30 days, only that he wanted to link up court dates with the co-defendant, max harris, set to be brought here from l.a. later today. the court set a date for the two to appear next week. live in oakland, abc 7 news. >> thank you. happening today, a discussion that could lead to huge connects. the planning commission is considering shutting down part
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of the great highway permanently. the extepgs would be on skyline boulevard to stop erosion and rising sea levels threatening the tunnel that keeps sewage from spewing into the ocean. the goal is to shut down southbound lanes and force traffic on the northbound side. beach, restrooms, and a parking lot will be moved inland to create more beach space. new details involving a water main break overnight. we're told water service has been restored to the 20 homes impacted this morning. the southern fire district tweeted a short video showing water flowing down harrison avenue. fesh officials say one fire hydrant was lost. on the brink of history, a win away from sweeping the cavaliers in the nba times. >> could be the first time in nba history to go a perfect 16-0 in the playoffs. >> it would be something. the warriors beat the cavaliers in game three last night.
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kevin durant sank a crucial three pointer in the final seconds putting them ahead for good. >> 118-113 the final score, 31 points for durant, but said there's more work to do after the game. >> this is a crazy game. anything can happen, so i don't want to relax or feel like it's over. it's not. you know, i'm just trying to end joy this moment, not trying to look at the future or past, just stay in the present, enjoy the moment, for what it's worth, and just keep pushing. >> at home in oakland, 15,000 fans packed the arena for a watch party. they were making noise. i promise. a a portion of the proceeds go to charity. the warriors community foundation and aeg oakland foundation. tomorrow night's watch party is sold out.
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there we hear them. in san francisco, hundreds of fans packed the plaza to watch the game for free at city hall. they have no plans yet for a watch party tomorrow for game four. espn and our coverage of the game four starts tomorrow at 5:30 here on abc 7, and before that starts, you can join abc 7 larry and mike for the dubs on 7 pregame show brought to you by jeep. larry and mike are live tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. dub nation takes creativity to the new level, and one fan uses talents to give back. we'll show you how. money talks. waves
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now to developing news out of san diego where an investigation is underway in a concert brawl caught on camera. you'll see it here. police say someone rushed the stage during xx's performance. sucker punch the rapper and knocked him out last night at observatory north park. that attack then triggered a fight between security and ten other people. at one point, a 19-year-old man was stabbed. he reportedly suffered nonlife threatening injuries. security was able to take the rapper off the stage. sfo's investigating claims by a group of airport workers who say they were underpaid. unite here, the union remitting employees in airport kitchens, published a report accusing lsg sky chefs of wage violations. the company could owe $22,000 in
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back wages to 136 workers. the quality standards program requires contractors to pay minimum wage which increased by 30 cents at the start of the year. airports may impose a fine. still to come, bay area artist creating one of a kind caps featuring dubs and other sports teams for charity. a live look at the rooftop camera. look at that. all gray. a little wet out there as well with rain. what is going on? guess it's, in fact, june. mike nicco has the forecast.
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all right, if you're in the south bay, i know what you're saying and what you're thinking, and we talked about how you may not get anything out of this, but i wanted to show you that other parts of the bay area, it happened, we had some measurable rain. you can see the showers streaking across the bay as we look from the exploratory camera at pier 15, and see some of the ferry there that were rolling across on a choppy morning, a little bit, not too bad. san jose, you can see a little sun breaking through the clouds there. chance of showers tapering throughout the evening hours, so the commute will be drier than the morning commute, out for the kids, graduations, some of those are coming up, baseball game,
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soccer, all of that stuff, it's quieter than it was this morning. one more chance of a weak storm in the north bay. we'll get warm weather. the pass has a nice radar return right there, and also a slug of moisture from daly city, south san francisco, brisbane, and down to redwood city. if it reaches the ground, that's all for your chance of measurable moisture. in the north, clearing is taking place, but i don't think we're going to completely clear out during the daylight hours. that's why we have a chance of wet weather in the forecast. also, some mid temperatures. low to mid 60s. let's talk about the gramguations. in fact, redwood high school, 3:00, isolated shower possible, 4:00, and hopefully by 5:00 and 6:00, that threat will be over. temperatures will be starting in the 70s dropping into the mid-60s. heading over to richmond, if you
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had a graduation any other time today, it would be wet, but you're in the evening hours so it's in the low 60s and cloudy. down to the san leandro, you have the mid to upper 60s. and morgan hill, absolutely no rain coming your way, cloudy, mid to upper 60s. lows tonight are in the low to mid-50s. all right, so, from now until 4:00, scattered rain possible -- oh, what happened to the seven-day there. producer, do we have time to go over here? >> yeah, yeah. >> i'll set it up correctly. sorry about that. i don't know why it skipped there there. i'll do it manually. all right. seven-day forecast there. increasing sun tomorrow, backside of the cold front, temperatures about the same. that other cold front, while most of us are dry, reenforces cooler than average weather through sunday. monday, back to average, and tuesday and wednesday, we are
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warmer than average. again, be ready through 7:00, a chance of scattered rain. >> at least the sup's coming back for the weekend. >> right. kids are out of school, and they have water slide parties today. >> pool parties not the best now, sorry. all season long, warriors dazzled us with heroics, but now we have artistic inspiration for an east bay man. nick's current canvas is hats, painting them at the starbucks, and he sells autographed hats and gives proceeds to charities that help inner city kids, sport, and arts programs. >> a lot of people don't wear the hat, like, i'm not wearing it. wear the hat. what if it's dirty? wash it. >> he puts so much of his soul and his love into those things, and watching him paint, he's a true artist. >> yes, got to be water proof paint. that's great. hats take three hours to paint, to get your hands on one, swing
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by the starbucks. >> has a corner to himself there. interesting. >> and wifi. nice place to work. >> that's true. doing chores around the house is not fun for kids, but one dad knows how to get his kids super excited about washing the
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coming up at 4:00, hundreds of people waiting for housing options on the streets of oakland, what the big line of people say about the housing crisis in the bay area. and at 5:00, what's lurking in your mattress, and why is it a good idea to check right now? >> well, okay. a lot of of children think their dad is the world's best. >> of course, yes, but four kids in canada think dad is pure magic. >> he makes a rainbow appear out of seemingly nowhere. look at that. this is in montreal, helping dad wash the car when he created magic. >> he created a rainbow by straying water from a how long through a fidget spinner. that was not my guess, but that's cool. the gadget turned into the water into a fine mist that looks like a rainbow. >> the best part is the pose. >> he owned it. >> he did. >> i guess we'll keep the fidget spinners. creative use. >> i want to see one of those.
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>> really? >> those things in the hand? >> your boys are too old, but the kids are obsessed, they are in class, a distraction, but, look, it's a great scientific experience. >> a teaching tool, teachers. >> oh, reggie. >> have a great day! >> oh, spinning my wheels. by. >> you're speechless, really? >> i know! now reporting, george stephanopoulos. >> and we are coming back on the air right now because president trump's attorney marc kasowitz is about to give president trump's response, his first response to that blistering testimony this morning from
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james comey, the former fbi director fired by president trump on may 9th and comey testified before the intelligence committee today laying out a series of meetings he had and phone calls he had with president trump over the last several months where he detailed how he believed that president trump had asked him for a pledge of loyalty back in january, had directed him in an oval office meeting in may -- in february to let the flynn investigation go, also contradicted the president on several points saying he believes he was fired because of the russia investigation. marc kasowitz, the president's personal attorney and john, we are getting some indication of what he's going to say. john carl? >> yes. we have a draft of his statement, after i received it i was told this is simply a draft and still had gone through some edits, but the president's lawyer firmly pushes back on the notion that he ever asked for comey's loyalty. firmly pushes back on the notion that he ever asked comey to let the flynn investigation go, and
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claims some vindication on the question of whether or not he did anything wrong, pointing out that comey confirms that he had told the president three times that he was not under investigation, and very interestingly, george, this statement or this draft statement from the president's lawyer hits comey very hard for admittedly releasing information on what he calls privileged conversations. >> this is marc kasowitz, president donald trump's personal attorney. he'll make a short statement. we will not be taking questions. this is also michael bo of the kasowitz law firm. >> ladies and gentlemen, i'm marc kasowitz, president trump's personal lawyer. contrary to numerous, false press accounts leading up to today's hearing, mr. comey has now finally confirmed publicly what he repeatedly told president trump privately. that is that the president was not under investigation as part
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of any probe into russian interference. the president -- mr. comey also admitted that there is no evidence that a single vote changed as a result of any russian interference. mr. comey's testimony also makes clear that the president never sought to impede the investigation into attempted russian interference in the 2016 election, and in fact, according to mr. comey, the president told mr. comey, quote, it would be good to find out, closed quote, in that investigation if there was, quote, some satellite associates of his who did something wrong, closed quote. and he, president trump, did not exclude anyone from that statement. consistent with that


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