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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 8, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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of san jose. >> david is live with the details. >> reporter: ama and dan, residents are on edge because there is no known suspect responsible for these fires. you can see from this grocery store the fires are happening overnight when residents are asleep and vulnerable. willow is a street lined by small shops started by immigrants to support their families. merchants and residents are very worried. >> you're scared because you never come in the beginning and you don't know what's going on here. >> reporter: of the six fires the worst happened at patron grocery and liquor at willow and vine and started in a storage building and two interior buildings were damaged. other fires targeted dumpsters or construction debris waiting to be hauled away. all happened within a 1 mile area. >> all the fires are under investigation with our arson unit and haven't made a
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determination at this point. they're still under investigation talking to people and witnesses and looking at surveillance if there is any. >> reporter: they hope these cameras might help identify a suspect. john owns this row of stores along with several rental properties and can't imagine why anyone would target this neighborhood. >> our whole family is here. i have them behind, too, they're all families. >> reporter: and they worry what will happen while they sleep. they are continuing to investigate. >> any time we have fires coming in this same vicinity is suspicious. >> reporter: the grocery store not only sustained damage but closed for the day after losing its electricity. abc7 news. >> now to our other top stories, the congressional hearing that captivated the country. >> there were several big
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headlines from the fbi director james comey's testimony today including this one he helped the press learn about a memo detailing a meeting with president trump. >> he said he gave it to a friend so he would share it with the press. when asked why he didn't give the memo to the press directly. he gave this response. >> i was worried the press were camping outside my house and i was worried it would be like feeding seagullsali at the beac. >> he said he made the memos because he suspected the president would lie about it. >> he was worried the president wanted him to end the probe into former national security advisor michael flynn. >> i took it as a direction. it's the president of the united states with me alone saying, i hope this. i took it as this is what he wants me to do. didn't obey that but that's the way i took it.
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>> comey accused the trump administration lying several times in his testimony but the president's attorney refutes those claims. >> the president never said quote let flynn go close quote. >> reporter: the president chose not to respond to comey's testimony. today was the first day since april 15th the president did not send a single tweet. >> two bay area lawmakers were front and center at the hearing while others were quick to condemn him afterwards. >> democratic senators feinstein and harris are both on the senate intelligence committee. harris' background as a former d.a. in san francisco was on full display. >> the president essentially asked you for a loyalty pledge. are you aware of him making the same request of any other members of the cabinet? >> i am not. >> this president is clearly obsessed with this investigation to his -- to have talked to him
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nine times, whereas he talked to president obama two times. that's quite extraordinary. >> i would like to see us launch an independent commission. i wrote legislation to do that and democrats and republicans are supporting that. >> republicans were largely silent on the comey hearing that includes kevin mccarthy of bakersville. look at his tweets. he says nothing about it. he accused comey of politicizing the fbi. and saying carmella harris' tough questioning raised her profile at least in the public portion of the hearing. >> thank you. this morning, we were at a sullivan sports bar in newark where almost all tvs were tuned into comey's testimony. they're usually into the nba but the owner makes the call. >> it's not quite the draw of
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sports but interesting news. >> comey's testimony lasted for hours this morning and we sent out alerts through the abc7 news app as news came about and surfaced. and a live blog ran throughout the hearing you can find our our website, as well as a video of his opening statement. >> here we are, early june and surprising to say we're on storm watch. these raindrops show us exactly why. abc7 news was in the ygnacio valley this morning. here's a live look across the bay area, san jose, san francisco and gray skies everywhere. spencer christian is here to show us how much this added up to. >> all right, dan. we have a few spots around visible throughout the bay area. we have lots of clouds. rainfall is tapering off and
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spots of green. emeryville and clouds and 62 at san francisco, san jose, 71, 69, half moon bay. a little rainy in half moon tam you can see by the camera lens. wet in the higher elevations and damp down below. higher elevations in santa rosa, 62, 64. we will see a few drizzly spots in san jose. as we get to the late night hours the showers and drizzle will taper off and as the morning commute is winding down it will be drying out. i'll give you a look how sunny and cool it will be in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. here's how much we've gained in rain. a year ago almost the entire state was in a drought and
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three-quarters of california is completely out of drought status. new at 6:00, the third victim of a rollover accident has died. it happened when the pickup truck with seven people inside clip adminny van 10 days ago. 21-year-old garcia died last saturday but the information was just released. two 17 year-olds also died in the crash. police say speed was a factor. new at 6:00, ghost ship harris's booking photo was just released. prosecutors say harris was the right hand of ghost ship founder, derick almena, whose hearing was postponed so they can be heard together. he is charged with 36 counts of manslaughter. the attorney doesn't think the public good would be served by a
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trial. >> it's a distraction so the local government doesn't have to address the fundamental issues of housing in equality and fire safety. >> they will be back in court next thursday. hundreds of people lined up in the rain today for a chance at affordable housing. look at these pictures of sky 7 that captured the line going around the block and some people camped out overnight. they were hoping for a unit inside hotel oaklandville lang, a century old inn converted into affordable units for seniors. and the seniors that have to wait and hope. >> reporter: it was around this sidewalk and block as folks were lined up hoping for a spot on the waiting list for apartments in this building here. it's important to note the city of oakland and hotel oakland run their own section 8 programs. their goal is the same and
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getting harder to reach. >> you can't put people in harm's way to even secure housing. >> reporter: harm is what she feared would happen to hundreds of seniors camped out in the cold across the street from her law office. fortunately they suffered more discomfort than actual harm. >> it's cold and the rain right here this morning and everybody is waiting. >> reporter: tim was here helping his parents to fill out an application to get on a waiting list inside the hotel oakland, a former inn that now calls itself a senior citizens village. 600 applications were handed out in an hour and half and the remaining seniors were sent away. they say that's par for the course. >> there may be 100 units and get 2500 applications. that's how great the need is. >> reporter: she talks about affordable housing that offers subsidy to the poor and eld lir. a dwindling number of landlords
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aren't accepting the section 8 tenants because they can make more on the open market. >> it's obvious based on this and what we see on the freeways and encampments, there's a serious housing crisis. >> reporter: the oakland officials say they're doing what they can but they had two-thirds of their budget cut during the financial crisis. they were lucky enough to get an application and hope to trade it in for a home. >> i'm not sure. perhaps they send a letter. >> reporter: "abc news." an apartment under construction in emeryville has been burned twice in a year. >> now, both fires have been declared arson. a look at the suspect in one of the fires next. the steps berkeley is taking that would make the city a leader in the environment and plastic straws. there's widespread pride [ birds chirping ]
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federal investigators looking into two fires that happened ten months apart at an emmiville apartment complex now say they were started by arson. it's near the oakland's border. here's our reporter with the photos of the suspect believed to have been involved in the most recent fire. >> reporter: this is the closest image of the suspect atf unveiled today. investigators say on may 13thy the person you see on this bicycle wearing a hooded jacket, carrying a backpack, canvassed
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the holiday development building before the fire, then entered the building. >> after examining all the evidence, atf determined the cause of the may 13th fire to be incendiary, meaning it was intentionally set and considered an act of arson. >> reporter: the may 13th fire was the second at this development. the initial fire ten months earlier on july 6th. the atf says that fire was also arson. >> this is a violent crime. we are very fortunate we did not lose lives in both of these incidents. >> reporter: from the beginning, developer rick holiday said he believed beth fires were arson. holiday has also said he will build again. today, emeryville's mayor says he supports that decision. >> this incident will not call into question our overall direction of the city. >> reporter: information about the fires for atf rewards total
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up to $100 million. a busy month leads bay area's business watch. the port of oakland said it handle more imports in may than th years. it accounts for half of the business. they are larger than they used to be and overall cargo is up. the sale of yahoo! to verizon was set and the price dropped after yahoo! users were made public. yahoo! stock gained today as did most stocks. yahoo! added five points and indeed gained 24. the golden state warriors have captured the hearts of the
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nation. >> and in china. >> reporter: in chinatown, san francisco, fans don't have to look far for a sense of warriors' pride. >> i have a display in the window and they come in and ask. >> reporter: we love golden state but dub nation extends across the pacific, especially in china, a country that likes to win. >> we're a west coast team, a 7:00 start is 10:00 in the morning better than an east coast team. >> reporter: they seem to be more relatable to the chinese cording to the international producer, howard chen. >> if they're not inclined, there's hope for them. if they practice, they could maybe like steph curry. he's like a symbol for hope. >> reporter: an internet company that creates content for the market. >> the percentage of people that are nba fans in china is more than half the population of people in this states.
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it's because there's a lot of people in china. that's what it comes down to. >> reporter: basketball isn't just a means of cultural exchange between china and the u.s., it's a huge moneymaker for the nba. the warriors have also capitalized on their success tapping into the market with jerseys that celebrate the country's heritage. >> they have big stars, steph curry, klay thompson and kevin durant. they love shooting the ball and shooting threes. the excitement is really high. >> reporter: chinese viewership via 10 cent has been high with more than 30 million web clicks of the game. abc7 news. espn and abc's coverage starts tomorrow at 5:30 on abc7. right before game 4, join sports director larry beil and mike shumann. larry and shue will be live
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tomorrow. >> and preparing for what could be the championship winning game tomorrow. >> we hope. now, time to turn to the weather and drizzly dreary day. >> weird june. >> it starts off as a weird june and hope it ends up as a not so weird june. many people are asking when is it going to warm up? not for a while. we're using the high temperature rang in san jose for the next seven days as a pattern. the average high of san jose is 79 degrees. notice how temperatures are going well below average the next several days dropping to a high of only 67 degrees on sunday and temperatures rebound a little bit on monday, still not back up to average yet and finally back to average on tuesday and next wednesday and thursday we see highs in san jose between 85 and 90 degrees. that's the basic pattern not necessarily the exact numbers but the basic pattern in the next seven days.
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let's stroll to live doppler 7. i'll stroll, you stay there. we have cloudy skies with little pockets of scattered drizzle. the rainfall totals in the last 24 hours, in this eastbound and south bay, shoreline, from no rain to .01 of an inch. san francisco bay had a tenth of an inch in the last 24 hours. and napa, between .3 and .2 of rain in the wettest region. 59 at half moon bay to mid and upper 60s around the bay and upper 60s although a couple locations are above 72 degrees, 72 at brentwood and 71 from san jose. this is a view from the rooftop camera. we will have isolated showers or drizzle into the wee hours of the morning. it will be mainly sunny in the afternoon and average weather this weekend. this is our forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening,
6:20 pm
cloudy skies, still pockets of scattered drizzle around the bay area. the rain may not be widespread but you may encounter a patch of drizzle. around midnight or so we will see the drizzle tapering off and clouds start to part by the beginning of the morning commute and by midday we will see clouds pulling back to the coastline and mainly sunny skies over the bays and inland. it ranks from upper 50s at the coast to mainly low 70s in this mildest inland locations and tomorrow evening in novato, graduation time at san marin high school. it starts at 7:00 p.m. it will be sunny until sunset and in the 60s in the early evening hours with temperatures dropping into the 50s later. this is the accuweather 7-day forecast. partly cloudy skies the next few days, cooler than average temperatures and temperatures rebound monday and warms up
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nicely by midweek next week. it will feel almost like summer by thursday. >> thanks. at
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pool party at walnut creek. ahoped saturday and you can get in free all day long if you want to join in on the celebration and fun. an elite bay area athlete can hit the ground running now that he has the perfect equipment a new prosthetic leg. >> this is all from a charity whose mission is to provide prosthetics to the bay area. >> he tried out for the first time. >> after weeks of grinding and months of measurements and years of pain. kim's new running leg is ready. >> wow. perfect. >> reporter: despite losing his leg when he was 8 in an accident in china, kim yu has become a triathlete competing in dozen races since he moved to san francisco from china more than eight years ago. >> i'm finding my own identity. >> reporter: his old worn out running leg was slowing him down
6:25 pm
literally until he mate artie who creates prosthetics at ucf's orthopedic institute. >> nothing stops him. i'm just glad to help him in whatever way i can. >> reporter: there was still the matter of cost. prosthetic running legs cost about $15,000 and aren't covered by insurance. yu, a county healthcare worker couldn't afford to go out-of-pocket. that's where christopher perkins comes in. he helped run his family's famous harley davidson dealership after his father passed away from cancer a few years ago. >> my dad is a very selfless man. if he was able to see what is happening and what we were able to provide for kim he would be all smiles. >> reporter: he lost his foot and now they have ha foundation and raise money for people who need special prosthetics. >> everything happens for a reason.
6:26 pm
that's why i'm here. so very happy. >> reporter: he plans to take his new leg on a run first thing tomorrow morning. abc7 news. >> looking good. a hold gift gone horribly wrong and triggered a lawsuit. >> the pictures and present she says made her sick to her stomach. the venerable plastic drinking straw could be the latest thing outlawed in the city of berkeley. the
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this is the received from my boss at christmas. >> the owners of a construction company are under fire for giving an employee a confederate purse for a gift. that employee has filed a lawsuit. >> it's run by a husband and wife team.
6:30 pm
>> it made me sick to my stomach. >> reporter: she says it was a holiday gift from her boss, a rhinestone purse with a confederate flag on it. inside photos of her boss and his wife dressed in donald trump attire with more confederate memorabilia behind it. >> my boss dressed up like trump and took pictures in front of a confederate flag and put those pictures inside of a bag. >> reporter: these photos show southland owner ken and his wife, anita appear to be taken inside an office cubicle. here is a picture of them outside in a linkedin page. >> the was sworn at and denigrated to do jobs others wouldn't because she was a woman and african-american and said this is not okay. >> reporter: she worked as a project administrator at southland for an hour and a half and said there were a few other
6:31 pm
incidents including a week before the christmas party when she and a co-worker were called into his office. >> he told us we were his bleep and we needed to take notes on the project he was going to discuss. >> reporter: we reached out to them at their office and e-mail but no reply. they did state their core values. southland construction seeks to serve our customers, vendors and employees as we serve the lord jesus christ by displaying honesty, integrity, loyalty, respect for others and themselves. >> they portrayed themselves to be christians. i am a christian. for them to do something like that to someone says a lot about their character. >> reporter: abc7 news. new at 6:00, the court date for the mother accused of abandoning her 5-year-old daughter at the zoo. she's accused of pushing her daughter out of a stopped car at
6:32 pm
the san francisco zoo monday and driving away with her 1-year-old son. both children are now in the care of child protective services. >> there's been a setback in the recovery of a goat severely burned while trying to escape this milpitas grass fire. veterans at uc davis who are looking at charlie the goat placed him back on an iv after he experienced stomach trouble and drop injury. vets say he's a fighter and hope he will get better soon. they captured the small herd of goats that got trapped between the flames and all but one of the goats survived. there may be new leadership following the terror incidents. the conservative party may have lost its majority. some analysts thought prime minister theresa may gambled by calling the election seven weeks
6:33 pm
ago, and may campaigned on a smooth exit and the european leader is a critic of president trump. apologizing to a reporter for body slamming him last month, gyianforte. >> i'm sick and tired of you guys. you did the same thing last month. get the hell out of here. >> asking him about the republican healthcare plan, he accepted today's apology. gianforte is donating $50,000 to the fund to protect reporters called press freedom. there is something that will just cost you an extra pair of pants. the ale house in north beach is hosting pants for pints. you give them a pair of pants and they give you a free pint of
6:34 pm
beer. that's a fair trade, right? it's the brainchild of a grad student that interns at a resource center for people living on the street. she said trousers would fill a big demand. >> one of the things we need is pants. a basic necessity a lot of us take for granted. when you are living below the poverty line there's never enough of. >> the event runs until 8:00 tonight. >> happening tonight, the possible beginning of the end for plastic straws in berkeley. like banned plastic bags there are major concerns about the plastic drink utensils. jonathan bloom has a look at who could be affected? >> reporter: what do you think of the straw? >> you can't complain because it doesn't bend. >> reporter: four years ago they began using straws made out of stainless steel. >> 1,000 straws a day, why are
6:35 pm
we putting them in the landfill? >> reporter: a question being asked a lot in berkeley whether disposable plastic straws should be illegal. >> whether it is something we would reduce or outright ban. >> reporter: that's what the city asked the environmental commission to study. >> the business side of me says stay out of it and don't get involved and don't impose anything on us. the problem is there are turtles in the ocean with straws up their noses. >> reporter: that's exactly what's shown in this video that went viral two years ago. >> the fish are eating plastic and ends up in our stomach. >> reporter: there are special implement just for cleaning the straws and other options. glass and heavy duty paper that almost feels like cardboard and even straws that feel like bamboo. >> i drink it out of the cup and it works just fine. >> reporter: every rule has
6:36 pm
exceptions. >> i usually don't use straws but i need them. >> reporter: the big bobo straws are not widely available for other materials. most say they can adapt to a community known for recycling and banning plastic bags. >> we were told we were crazy hippies, look where we are now. >> reporter: in berkeley, abc7 news. >> that video of the sea turtle with a straw stuck in his nose brought a lot of attention about the plastic straw debate. to see more about this turtle go to >> this is not just a doghouse. >> not just a doghouse, more on this exhibit. and live from the c
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happenings tonight, the bay area will celebrate the life of a man who created the gay pride. he died last month. he created the flag that became the international symbol of gay
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pride. it is expected to begin in just minutes at 7:00. the 150th birthday of an architect who left his mark on america. you're looking at one of the smallest structures designed by frank lloyd wright. this doghouse is one of the smallest buildings designed in san rafael. wright died at the age of 91 in 1959, shortly before the civic center opened in the early '60s. imagine having a home where the p [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked.
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california's prop 13 keeps your current tacks low. most don't know your children and grandchildren can inherit that tax break. >> who knew? michael finney is here to explain how it works. >> a lot of attorneys don't know. this can really save your family some money. imagine getting a property today but only paying property taxes charged 40 years ago. it can happen. showing me around the silicon
6:44 pm
valley neighborhood where he used to live. >> reporter: did you grow up in this neighborhood? >> i did. i grew up in the house next door. >> reporter: all during her life her father invested in homes and by the time of his death he had quite the legacy to pass on. >> his children received 20 properties all together. >> reporter: a nice inheritance to be sure. it wasn't just the properties that got passed along, it was the property taxes, too. >> we were able to keep the property taxes from when my grandmother purchased some of the properties. a $2.5 million property now the property taxes have been $2,000. >> reporter: wow! >> as an example. >> reporter: $2,000 rather than $26,000 a year. attorney john martin is an expert in those things and made sure evette and her siblings got the full benefit of the law. >> it may be extremely valuable in retirement being on a fixed income, being able to stay in the place they grew up or where
6:45 pm
they're living now can be extremely important. >> reporter: john understands and works with propositions 13 and 58. prop 13 restricts the growth of property taxes, prop 58 allows that tax rate to be passed on to heirs. >> with property values escalating so quickly in california, suddenly prop 13 and prop 58, avoiding change in ownership at death, becomes that much more important respective to other tax issues. >> reporter: you and your family can do the same thing, too. but you must have your paperwork in order. to make sure, consult an attorney. remember, we're talking about taxes that can be handed down generation after generation after generation. even if you don't need it right now, doesn't seem all that important to you, you might really want it later. i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hotline is on friday, 10:00 to 2:00.
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415-954-8151. you can also reach me on my facebook page at >> her father was busy. that's great. thanks, michael. >> it has been a rainy day today. take a look at this live look outside over san francisco bay from our camera pointing at south beach. >> what is going on? spencer is back up with the forecast. >> maybe i can answer that for you, dan. here's a look at live doppler 7. what's going on now is spotty drizzle lingering around the area and that will be the pattern. however by early morning drizzle should be over, still cloudy and temperatures mainly in the 50s. tomorrow morning mainly sunny skies, closuds linger at the coast and temperatures linger to low 70s. and a watch party for game 4 of the nba finals. the game will be in cleveland but the fans will be raising a
6:47 pm
lot of hoorays here. late afternoon early evening hours, 64 degrees going into the arena and 58 degrees coming out of it. hopefully with smiles. and the forecast dry and below average through sunday and next thursday, inland highs around 90 degrees, a big change from where we are right now. >> it all happens tomorrow night. >> that's right. >> looking for that perfect ending, right? that would be sweet. coming up, the warriors one win away from perfection. can they make
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6:50 pm
with a win tomorrow night in cleveland, warriors will not just capture their second nba title in seven years but become the first league in history to go undefeated in the playoffs. >> cleveland has nothing to lose in game four and come out with no fear. meanwhile warriors can be the first team to go undefeated in the post-season. >> incredible opportunity. durant for three. kevin durant from downtown and golden state takes the lead. >> warriors had a voluntary shootaround and most of the team was there. when you're one game away from a perfect post-season you tend to stay focused. >> closeout games are always the hardest. we've been on both sides of that. we know cleveland is not the type of team that will lie down. >> no team in all of sports has gone 16-0 in the post-season. the thought did arise in the locker room last night. >> it came up once last night.
6:51 pm
i think the only reason it came up because we want to win this next game and we win that, it's 16-0. >> reporter: the cavaliers have mixed emotions on this 16-0. >> you're the one team that can make that happen. >> we can. we have opportunity to and we have to put our best basketball out there on the court. we bring our a game, play smart enough, i mean, we'll do it. >> i don't think we're talking about 16-0. i don't think anyone on our team cares about that. we want to win the game because we want to win the championship. >> reporter: when you're one win away from winning the title with history in your mind, it creeps into your head. >> it wasn't a goal of ours to start the post-season now that it's attainable, it would be icing on it. >> reporter: reporting in cleveland, mike shumann, abc7 sports. last night's victory was a team effort, it was kevin durant
6:52 pm
who made the biggest shot of the contest hitting that three-pointer to put warriors on top for good with just 45 seconds left. so far he is averaging 34 points a game along with 10 rebounds and six assists. no surprise he's a candidate for series mvp. >> i play hard on the floor with passion and energy and joy. that's all i'm concerned about. not about me. about our group. i'm trying to put everything together for my teammates as far as having confidence and playing smart and hard. >> it looks like he understands, this is his moment, this is his time. he's earned it. he's been in this league for a long time. he's, i think, at the top of his game. >> following tomorrow night's contest, be sure to stick around for after the game. larry beil will be in the studio with former warrior and mike shu. all the reaction from cleveland. giants closer blew a two run
6:53 pm
lead in the ninth today but san francisco still managed to win the series finale in milwaukee. fans not too happy with the pitcher as he gives up a home run to eric sogard. nearly won it on this smash but nunez makes a game catching catch. can't believe it. in the tenth san francisco gains the lead. the giants take a 9-5 lead. brewers try to rally but a game inning double play and giants win 9-5 and split the four game series. patriots signed julian edelman to a two year $11 million contract extension. the 31-year-old wide receiver/kick returner has led new england in receiving three of the past four years. he led for more than 1100 yards.
6:54 pm
edelman has been part of two super bowl championship teams. of course we're hoping the warriors will be 2 out of 3. >> join us tomorrow night on channel 13. no tracks no driver. the experimental train system that is promising to take passengers into the future. a 15-year-old boy shot and killed with a pellet rifle "abc news" at 11:00. people who live in the community tell us about the tragedy. >> stay with us, we'll be back with you with "abc news" at 11:00. >> "jimmy kimmel live" with zac efron and connie nielsen. >> that's it for us and we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a claims adjudicator from westerville, ohio... a business development manager from norwalk, connecticut... and our returning champion, a lawyer from pittsburgh, pennsylvania... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. bala, as you just heard, is a good champion. $33,000. didn't happen by accident. scott and sarah, you've got your work cut out for you. but good luck to all three. here we go into the jeopardy! round.
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