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tv   ABC7 News 1030PM  ABC  June 9, 2017 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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these gentlemen, zach lavine and jamal crawford, you guys are good friends, right? >> yes. >> that's my boy. or at least i thought. >> jimmy: zach asked jamal to appear in a psa for his charity. which ben fitz under privileged kids. what is the name -- well, you didn't know the name -- the name of the charity is -- >> children without hoverboards. >> jimmy: my cousin sal set up a shoot for a fake charity called children without hoverboards. jamal had no idea what hoe ev was walking into. jamal showed up for what he thought was a good cause. which turns out was not good at
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all. >> at all. ♪ >> cousin sal here with zach lavine. who is about to play a horrible prank on his friend jamal crawford. >> it's going to be perfect. >> tom lennon helping us out. >> guys, guys, everybody is supposed to be in these. hang on. come on, guys. >> hospital shoes? >> guys, if you come out, please put the booties on. everyone is seeing this? i don't want to do this again. okay, cool. action, jafar. jamal, sorry. >> hi, i'm shoogt guard jamal crawfo crawford. every 30 seconds in this country, a child goes without a hoverboard. we're the richest nation on earth, and this shouldn't happen. >> this was fantastic. can you turn as if you didn't know the camera was there? >> for sure. >> you're not on a sound stage, you're in a real place?
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i don't have time so just turn crazy fast. >> okay. >> and -- action, jamal! >> hi. i'm jamal crawford. >> cut. >> i can't -- it will be a wipe later, but just come out and be like -- can you get any lower, jamal? that's perfect. that's perfect. as slow as you can come up and in. ready? action. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> hi. i'm l.a. clippers shooting guard jamal crawford. >> ten times faster. >> eight times faster. >> every 30 seconds in this country, a child goes without a hoverboard. it's hoveriffic. >> just do 20, just make them different. we call this wild hoveriffics. quer going to do 20.
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>> it's hoveriffic. it's hoveriffic. it's hoveriffic. it's hoveriffic. >> are we sure it's not horrific? let's get both. let's get both. like, super excited. like, super down. spin, spin, all way around, a full 360. >> all right. two spins. >> right. >> all right. it's hoveriffic. it's horrific. >> it's working good, super tight on your eyes, i just want the little -- watery. so do you mind if i assist a little bit? can i get one of those altoids? ready? really good.
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that's great. now. >> it's hoveriffic. it's horrific. [ laughter ] >> hi, i'm l.a. clippers shooting guard jamal crawford. >> i'm crying. >> it's hoveriffic. it's horrific. >> okay, we can bring in the kids now. can we get the kids now, please? and kids, skate, fast. jamal, can you turn, too, just in case -- >> spin? >> as smooth as possible. >> counterclockwise. >> me, too? >> no. guys! >> i'm sorry. jamal, i'm sorry.
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>> no, no -- we're here for the kids, as long as they're all right. >> jamal, are you dizzy? >> whatever they need to be all right. >> one more time, and then everybody can lie down if they have to. spin, spin, spin. jamal? >> oh, spin. >> there's probably music playing here. and show that there's music in your body a little bit. >> where is zach at? >> he's starting to get annoyed. >> stunt team, we'll get jamal in the rig. >> say what? >> i don't know if this is part of my contract. >> it's so easy. >> i think i'll get in trouble for this. >> for going in the air? >> i've try to be a good sport, but i'm sorry, i can't do that. >> if i do it, will you do it? it's so safe and easy. ready?
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>> he is a do it all type of guy. >> if one of the kids do it, will you be less scared? >> if one of the kids do it, will you be less scared? >> in my contract, i can't do that. there's a bunch of things i can't do. >> jet skis are incredibly dangerous. >> you'll be in and out in 90 seconds. >> i can't do that. >> what the hell are you doing? who are these kids, man? >> you didn't know about this? >> what are you doing? >> we're doing hoverboards. kids that don't have hoverboards. >> they had me put tears in my eyes. jumping. >> i thought this was a psa for kids. >> it is for under privileged kids. what are you doing? >> the wrong shoot. >> the wrong shoot? >> i just got here. they got jimmy kimmel watching this, like, what the hell is going on?
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[ cheers and applause ] >> i promise, only for zach. he's mean to the kids. i'm like, if he says something else to the kids, i'm going to say something to him. you're not even here. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: zach lavine and jamal crawford, you're a very good sport. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ sarah is a fifth-grade teacher. when it comes to molding young minds, nobody does it better. she also builds her own fighting robots. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident.
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>> jimmy: i want to thank julius randle, owen wilson, zach lavine, and jamal crawford. you're a trusting and patient
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man. >> probably too trusting. >> jimmy: will there be retaliation of any kind? >> if there is, he won't ever know. >> jimmy: if something happens, just know, you deserved it. thank you both very much. apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time with him. stay up. we have a new show later with mandy moore and jerrod carmichael. we'll see you then. ♪ ♪
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should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. live for abc 7 news. >> come back in cleveland, they are scoring the history. good evening. thank you for joining us, we will to get game four of the nba finals. you saw the finals. the series returns to oracle arena. let's begin with sports director. >> we saw some, and it to be the most threes in a
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finals game. get to the highlights, warriors fan. with the t-shirt, he was hopeful. cavs with the finals record, 49 points in the first period. lebron james. the lay-up plus the foul. and kevin durant single handedly tried to keep it in. kd went for 35. he was dominant. cut to 11. never challenging, and had lebron, with authority. triple-double from lebron. the cavs roll 137-116. handing the dubs the first loss since april 10th. the cavaliers were a
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the first punch. >> but we have done a good job of bouncing back. you know, we can't go home and just expect that, because we are at home, it's our game. you know, we have to have it start on the physical side of it. and both teams wil wil wil wil l >> i i' i' i' i' i' i' but we will go back and t it up again. >> the with a warriors about --
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>> on to game five. and steve kerr mentioned, again, the warriors hold a series lead. with draymond green and kevin durant. big difference. >> huge. >> leths ho's hope it makes the difference. >> let's continue our coverage. >> we are at the watch party and it had a different feel, katie? >> it did, but many warriors fans, wanted that sweep, they didn't get it and others wanted a longers finals series. all of the dubs nation agrees that the warriors are in a pretty good position. the drum line brought the intensity in the fourth at the oracle arena watch party t warriors on the other hand did not. and for the first time this series. they felt the sting of defeat. the fans say, they are not concerned. >> i think we are going to close it out in five. i think they want to do it on the home court.
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bring it back court advantage. we will see a a a a a a a a >> here before game five, join abc 7 sports director, larry beale and mike shumann. >> i have a lot of news to cover tonight. and we are staying on top of breaking news out of san francisco. and a san francisco police cruiser rolled over and landed
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on top of the roof. a great highway beesbees beach. that's the tow truck driver got here a few minutes ago. and flipped it over, it's on its roof. incredible the two officers that were inside tonight are going to be okay. -- >> a police car was driving fast in the number one lane and the car in the number two lane wanted to change lanes in front of the police car. and the siren was not activated.
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the witness that remains to want to remain anonymous. the squad car hit a boulder and flipped over. both officers were taken to the san francisco general with minor injuries. i asked where the officers were going and how fast they were driving and if they had lights and sirens on and he said it's all under investigation. >> the officers don't appear to be on call at the time. this is just another reminder of the hazards of driving in san francisco. and the hazards that they have to face every day.
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s surveillance video in the area that will explain what happened here before the crash and why it occurred. you can see the tow truck moving around to try and get the squad car out of the road so they can open the southbound lanes again. we get the new details from abc reporter, in mountainview. >> and suddenly in the middle of the play, we saw sparks in the theater and we just heard a loud kind of, i don't know, a loud sound. >> mia popovichs was working as an usher when the lights went out around 8:15 thursday night t show could not go on. the public library was
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evacuated, but without power the staff could not use the announcement system. >> we had flashlights and used our phones they have a good strong flashlight on the phons to make sure that everyone was out. >> this is the evidence mountainview police were working with. >> we were able to recover, a very, very burned drone and right now, we are trying to figure out who owns the drone. where it was flying, why it was in that area. >> witnesses told police they saw a man with whitehair, flying a drone on polaris avenue shortly before the outage the drones are not allowed to be flown near people and they must avoid obstacles. >> we don't have enough regulation to figure out what is going on with the drones. >> pg&e said 1600 customers lost power. anyone with information about the drone pilot is asked to call
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mountainview police. all right, stay with us, coming up on abc 7 news. president trump hits back at fired fbi director, james comey and his block buster testimony. >> temperatures will be cooler than average this weekend. but big changes someday, gus will invent this thing and change the world. this is the thing that could change gus' world. and this is the doctor that could cure that thing so he can grow up to invent this thing. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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all right the bwarriors may have loft, but we have the weekend. >> hopefully we can recover. let's hear about the weather we can expect for the weekend. >> we are going to see cooler than normal conditions. right now on live doppler 7, you will notice that we have a few clouds around. temperatures are at the 50s. and as we look at the golden gate bridge camera, temperatures are below average. there's a cans of showers on sunday and warmer weather next week. upper 40s to the mid 50s. it will be a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. low 60s to low 70s and here's a
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look at the graduation forecast for herk leez high school. nice comfortable weather. temperatures in the mid 60s. hour by hour forecast. a few clouds in the morning. here's what we are watching sunday afternoon in to the evening hours. there may in the northern and eastern end. not out of the question. download the accu-weather. -- and get ready for a rebound low to mid 60s. >> near than 20 million people watched the former fbi director testify before congress. now the president is firing
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back. >> no collusion. no obstruction, he is a leaker but we want to get back to running our great country. >> president trump, friday, declaring james comey's testimony a total and complete vindication. the former bi director, accused the white house of lying about him and the fbi. the administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi by saying that the organization was in disarray. that it was poorly led. that the workforce had lost confidence in its leader. those were lies. plain and simple. >> this prompting a new line of attack by the president, accusing the fired fbi director of lying in much of the rest of his sworn testimony. >> but we were very, very happy and frankly james comey confirmed a lot of what i said and some of the things that he said just were not true. >> the truth about the contested
10:58 pm
conversations may come down to tapes which the president tweeted, may exist. tapes comey and many in congress now demand to hear. >> i have seen the tweet about tapes. lordy, you hope there's tapes. >> friday night, the house intelligence committee said they are giving the white house two weeks to hand over tapes that may exist. >> all right, stay with us, abc 7 news at 11:00 continues. here's larry. >> forget about 16-0, that turned in to 16-no. they are coming home for game five. >> and dubs fans are not celebrating the cavs comeback. it's a different story in cleveland. a student stabbed inside a library tonight and the police have someone in custody. >> the chan lynn of the oakland a's is facing complaints. a's is facing complaints. reports of sexual how far should pure alpine spring water a's is facing complaints. reports of sexual have to travel from its source to the bottle?
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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. back to the bay. lebron james and the cavs prove too much for the warriors in game four. now, the series is headed back to oracle. you saw the showdown right here on abc 7. >> it was tight, we have live team coverage, let's start with our sports director. hi, larry. >> actually -- >> well, we don't, larry is coming back to the studio in a minute. we will get to larry in a moment. you saw a tense game and they were overwhelmed. >> wayne will start our coverage tonight. >> he is live in cleveland. >> they played great, wayne. >> oh, they had a lot to say. how about context. warriors fans you wanted a win, and you wanted to go 16-0, you wanted to get it over with. you are probably disappointed. but, realistically, going in to the playo


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