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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. back to the bay. lebron james and the cavs prove too much for the warriors in game four. now, the series is headed back to oracle. you saw the showdown right here on abc 7. >> it was tight, we have live team coverage, let's start with our sports director. hi, larry. >> actually -- >> well, we don't, larry is coming back to the studio in a minute. we will get to larry in a moment. you saw a tense game and they were overwhelmed. >> wayne will start our coverage tonight. >> he is live in cleveland. >> they played great, wayne. >> oh, they had a lot to say. how about context. warriors fans you wanted a win, and you wanted to go 16-0, you wanted to get it over with. you are probably disappointed. but, realistically, going in to the playoff championship series, all these games, would you have
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settled for 15-1? because that's where we withstand in cleveland tonight. two words fans, pride goeth and you know what follows statements like this. >> we are expected to sweep. >> history had, 16-0, warriors sweep, new champions. >> that was the script anyway as written by bay area fans that threw themselves to the mercy of the airline travel system. our bay area cameras caught in man as he hopped a plane and flew to cleveland for tonight and arrived with plenty of time to spare. >> we close it ought at halftime. >> drive, left, scoop left. pass to himself and throws it down. >> in fact, it was, though not as anticipated the warriors got done to them tonight what they have done to everyone else in 15 previous playoff games. tonight they ran in to a determined cavs team that made this game look more like a shoot around at times. 86 points in the first half of a finals game. that's a record, a surprise to bay area fans as the cavaliers made 58% of their threes.
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for once, the dubs, got drubed when it ended the faithful remained undaunted. >> what does it mean? >> nothing. >> it took a record breaking perform appears by cleveland to finally beat us. >> now the warrer i don't e-- warriors come home, 3-1. they will tb furs to clinch at home on wood since the 80s. >> we can be there with our family, where we should be. >> in short, no worries. >> you are not coming back to cleveland, again, are you? >> no way, this will be done next week. >> we got it in five. we got it in five. >> abc 7 news. >> espn and abc's coverage of game five of the nba finals starts monday at 5:30 here on abc 7, and right before game five, join us for the dubs on 7 pregame show, brought to you by jeep. larry and shoe will be live monday at 5:00 p.m. >> well, a 13-year-old teenager
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is recovering after being stabbed outside the local library. the attacker has been taken in to custody. the stabbing appears to be completely random say police. we have more. >> reporter: school ended friday classes early and then students came to the library, a normal routine turned frightening after a 13-year-old became a victim of a stabbing attack. >> it's just appalling, it really is. it makes you frightened for your children. makes you frightened for yourself is. >> reporter: detectives say that the male teen was hanging outside the library with his friends when a transient man walked up to him. >> without any sign or reason, just began to stab him with what we believe to be a pocketknife. >> reporter: the man stabbed the boy multiple times in both arms. >> the teenager was shocked and panicking, he didn't know what was going on or why he was attacked. >> reporter: police rushed to
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the scene and administered first aid on the victim before he was taken to the hospital. police took the in to custody and detectives said strangely the suspect hung around. >> after the attack, he did not flee, he stayed in the area. on top of that, it's another unusual circumstance. >> reporter: the teenager is a taylor middle school student. he underwent surgery and he is expected to recover. as for his attacker, he is in san matteo county jail. the detectives say they are trying to figure out who he is, and why he randomly attacked a kid. abc 7 news. >> all right, now back to the warriors and what felt like a long painful game. >> boy, it was tough, and tense. larry has been running around like crazy, he is here with more coverage. >> i was ready to put it behind me, dan. i was moving on to game five. >> i don't blame you. >> the cavs they were desperate and played like it. they stay alive in a 137-116 win. durant did all he can to keep
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the warriors in the game. fouled, off balance and still got it to go. kd went for 35 points and kyrie irving, dominated. look at the drive in the finish with the left hand. cavs were up 18 at the half. and the warriors tried to chip away. but lebron was doing lebron like things. 31 points, ten boards, 11 assists and kyrie made sure, not going to happen tonight. finished with 40 and an nba finals record for the cavs in three-point shooting. hit 24 and they win easily, handing the dubs the first loss since april 10th. >> they play with their backs against the wall. they had a free swing at it and it was a night where we just, didn't have anything clicking. >> we played a desperate team on their home floor. a great team. with great players. and they came out and handed it to us. simple as that. >> summed up well. game five, back at oracle arena, tipoff at 6:00 monday night and we will have it for you here on
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abc 7. >> all right, thank you, larry. >> all right, let's move on to other matters. some church members are coming forward tonight to raise concerns about some former staff members at a northern california summer camp. >> yeah, a camp founded and run by the chaplin for the oak alan az. >> more than 30,000 kids have attended the camp over the years. and the parents should know about the accusations of the sexual abuse with former staff. several years ago, i was trying to get mark mcguire to come to chapel. >> 61-year-old donnie moore is the chaplin of the oak aland a'. he is also a minute ter. more than 30,000 kids have attended his radical reality
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summer camps but he has been dealing with complaints that his former camp director, mark holiday sexually abused some children that he met at the camp and the church. >> my friend woke me up and said, we need to leave right now. >> ron tells me he was 15 when he and a friend spent a night in the camp director's room before camp started. he said that his friend complained that mark holiday had just fondled him. >> my friend tried to stay away and get away. and mark was pulling him closer. >> the next morning holiday apologized to the boys saying it happened in his sleep. >> he is sorry, and it's nothing. you know, and he didn't mean to do it. >> around the same timeframe, david martin said holiday molested him and his brother on several occasions. you would take the boy on trips the parent ks could not afford. you two were arguing over who
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had to sleep in the bed with mark? >> yeah. right. >> because you didn't want to get molested. >> it's probably the thing that drives me the most. because i still feel guilty to this day that my brother ended up sleeping in the bed. >> the martin brothers are coming forward to say, that donnie moore knew about the problems with the camp director long ago and allowed him to remain at the camp. >> anyone with half a brain, knows that if you have molested kids you probably should not work can kids. >> tim martin and others confronted him in 2004, as donnie moore looks on. >> and mark caved and in front of everyone and admitted that he hd done this. and doni looked stunny. >> and after that meeting, church officials ordered an evaluation for holiday. it concluded that being alone with children would not be in the best interest of anyone in light of the behavior that he has admitted to and to not use mark in camps for two years.
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but the camp photographer said that she took pictures less than a year later that show moore and holiday back for an easter camp. and moore allowed holiday to organization missions. when the victims found that he was still working with kids another meeting was pushed for. she say that holiday admitted having more victims but stopped in 1998. >> he cannot remember their names because there was too many. >> that was what he said at the meeting? >> it scary. >> it's sickening. >> i was so disappointed in the fact that all the kids we had brought and all the kids that were through the camp were put at risk. >> the church officials banned holiday for working for the church and in the camps and sent a letter to donnie moore saying we have an obligation to guard the children and remove an individual with these issues in their past. >> i'm deeply sorry for your pain. >> the chaplin posted this video saying the incidents took place
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before holiday came to work as the administrator 30 years ago, but urged victims to contact authorities. >> your lives have been forever scarred by the acts. >> the sheriff's office interviewed the brothers and identified eight victims for a child molestation investigation. but then closed it for statute of limitations. the church said that an investigation was conducted involving many interviews and the sheriff was not able to find one individual that was molested at a radical reality event. i tried to peek speak to donnie moore. i found him in stockton, but he would not discuss any of it and his lawyer has not responded to my e-mail, posing the question, why would moore allow holiday to return to the camp after he admitted molesting children? in that video, moore seems to suggest that he did not
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understand the extent of the alleged abuse until after the meet engine ing in 2015. >> burying the deep emotional scars, i have found the complete truth of the situation. >> by phone, mike holiday declined to comment, so i caught up with him, he offered a general denial of the complaints and refused to talk earlier. >> go ahead and call the police, it's a public place, mark. but mark holiday is not the only one who worked on donnie moore's camp staff accused of child sexual abuse. i pick up that story after the break. >> i'm abc 7 meteorologist, live doppler seven tracking showers find out if they dap
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>> all right, now part two of the investigation in to former staff. >> there are child sex abuse convictions of other women that worked at the camps -- of other workers that worked at the camps. michele wolf met at the church in stockton, they dated in high school and married and worked as youth pastors at the radical reality summer camps founded and run by donnie moore. >> we were counselors. >> in 1998, away from the camp, michele watched as a mother questioned him about sexually
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abusing her son and his friends. >> and his response was, i never meant to hurt them, i loved them. >> he received a 12 year prison sentence after confessing to molesting the boys. >> he talked about the boyi in spending time in his >> including hum, church members have identified three mn that worked at donnie moore's camps that were later convicted of child molestation the victims in the other cases did not come from the moore camps. michele believes that donnie moore should spread the word about the people that he had working at his camps that went on to be convicted child molesters. >> what should happen with donnie moore now? >> he should not be able to minister anymore and i think he should have to go back and let
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all of the kids at camps or missions trips or whatever he has been a part of, let them all know that hey, there were child molesters at camp. parents have the conversation even if your kids are grown. >> donnie moore did not return my phone calls so i found him in stockt stockton. he refused to be interviewed as did his attorney. i was there last month when another young man filed a police report claiming sexual abuse by a different youth pastor from his camps. it's a more recent case, so i will keep track of it and keep track of what happens and get back on that as well. >> important story, good work. >> thank you, dan. >> let's turn our attention to the weekend forecast. what do we have coming? >> we will see cooler than average conditions. before i get to that, i have to show you a time lapse of the strawberry moon. it's the full moon of june and it was a name that was given for the best time to pick strawberries. there you have it. now you are educated on that, and it is a small moon, you will
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notice, it's known as a micro moon. now, i want to show you, winds have been an issue, and have been still gusting, although they have come down, you will notice that the wind is really going to start to pick back up again as we head towards tomorrow afternoon and evening. gusting to about 30 miles an hour, possibly stronger as we head to sunday. keep that in mind. right now, i will show you a live picture as we take a look. a shaky camera, live doppler 7, showing you a couple of clouds around. the wind is keeping the atmosphere stirred up enough to where we are not seeing an organized that marine layer, we are seeing a lovely view of the bay bridge and temperatures are in the 50s from san francisco to oakland and san jose, and a live look from the kgo roof camera, the center there all lit up in the warriors colors. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s and another live picture from the east bay hills camera,
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we have a great viewpoint of below the bay. we are looking at a chance of a few showers on sunday and us will be warmer next week. -- and it will be warmer next week. upper 40s to mid 50s. you will see clouds around, clear skies and then for the afternoon, we will have a combination of sun and clouds. keeping it on the cool side. low 60s to low 70s. there's a system that is going to reinforce that cooler air on sunday and check out what it may be bringing. the system is going to stay over land, and now, 3:00 lake county could be seeing a few showers sunday afternoon. 4:00 p.m. heading in to the inland east bay, heading to the delta, and could see showers around the north bay. brief, not a game changer don't change your plans but be aware of the fact that you may need the umbrella in the areas. we will deal with the gusty winds, 30, 40, miles an hour, it will be pretty windy here along the coast.
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breezy over the inland areas, so, definitely a good time to go fly a kite or if you are heading up to the sierra, i do want to show you this is unusual. late in the season, a winter weather advisory. midnight saturday to midnight sunday. travel problems expected. 4 to 8 inches of snow. download the accu-weather app, you can keep track of the shower chances with live radar and as you look at the accu weather seven day. mid to upper 50s coast side and temperatures will begin to rise on monday. and they begin to rebound mid week. it's summer like heat, thursday, friday, we will bring in the 90s inland and 60s coast. we will be seeing the summer micro climates, get ready for major changes. i mean, we are talking 22 to 24 degree rise between tomorrow and next friday. >> big swings. >> yeah. >> thanks. >> all right, dub nation, they >> all right, dub nation, they could use sweetness
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crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. this morning, abc 7 news, dropped in to a pacific bakery that is extra sweet on the warriors, that would be the bakery located on manna drive, staffkmrs are warriors fans. and they say, they take special orders with your favorite players number or jersey. >> oh. all low calorie. >> of course, if only that translated to the court in our favor tonight. >> larry is back with more coverage of a disappointing game. but the cavs were on fire. >> a little chocolate therapy would be pretty good right now. the warriors were thinking history and the cavs made some tonight. kyrie irving went off.
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good evening, the warriors were hoping to make history, instead, there were on the wrong end of it. they set an nba finals record. warriors fans, modifying the land t-shirt to make it the end. cavs with the nba finals record. scoring 49 points in the first quarter. that is ridiculous. lebron james, the hoop and the foul. kd can all he could to keep the warriors in it. athletic, finished there, and the foul. he went for 25. j.r. smith from the parking lot.
11:29 pm
and kyrie irving, in uncle drew mode, everything that he threw up was going in. the drive and he is so good with his left hand. cavs up 18 at the half. third quarter, lebron. i mean, it's instinct. he is trying to pass it and passes it to himself, because his teammate turned his back. kyrie making sure there was no come back in the offing. they hand the dubs the first loss since april 10th. >> the cavaliers were a desperate team and came out and threw the first punch. the warriors could not respond. >> i have felt this feeling walking off the court with a loss in a while. but we have done a good job of bouncing back and being resilient all year. we have to be way better, we cannot go home and expect that because we are at home, it's our game, we have to take it. i think it starts on the physical side of it and both
11:30 pm
teams will be battling, it should be fun. >> the hardest thing to do is to close out a series. i mean, they are not going to lay down. they are here for a reason. we have to get back to being the acongregre aggressor. >> i'm sure draymond will not get suspended for game five. maybe he will, i don't know. but we will go back and tee it up again. >> well the warriors can forget about 16-0, now they want to go back to oracle and close it out. reporting from the q in cleveland, abc 7 sports. >> thank you, get you to baseballs. giants and twins. santana, he is the pitcher. and that's a bases loaded double off of matt moore. complete game shutout, struck out five and posey ended it and the twins like the giants, 4-0, the a's opening four games in three day series against the rays in tampa. oakland gave up five homers in the game.
11:31 pm
andrew triggs started the season so strong and allowed three of them and eight runs total. they roll 13-04. they will play a doubleheader tomorrow. >> so, the warriors are going to file it away. assume the cavs will not hit 24 threes in game five and the up side of it is, if they can close it out in five, then they get to celebrate on their home court with their fans. and enjoy it. but they have to get it done and you will see it here on abc 7. >> we wi
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lrtall right, that is our
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report. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. i'mgreat weekend. steve preston, the big cheese at big fun in beautiful cleveland, ohio. tonight jimmy welcomes mandy moore, jerrod carmichael, musical guest bebe rexha featuring lil wayne. and now, enjoy the show! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, mandy moore, comedian jerrod carmichael, the national spelling bee champ, and music from bebe rexha featuring lil wayne. and now, if there are no objections, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome, welcome. thank you. hi there, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming.


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