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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 10, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> thanks for working with us on this saturday june 10th. let's start with a quick look at the weather. lisa argen is tracking the conditions where you live. >> hey, chris, not a lot of cloud cover. we do have gusty winds and low clouds, winds gusting to over 40 miles an hour on top of mount tam, closer to the surface, just a little bit breezy, here is an area of low pressure and a weather system that will not reach us with rain but will bring some chilly air. walnut creek, 57 in starting out bright. we will see a few clouds around today. a cool 45 in santa rosa, 52 in livermore. we are much, much cooler. thank goodness.
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witness again looking at temperatures making their way to 60s a few clouds in the lower 70s our inland valleys. very breezy winds, upper viktor around the bay, chris. >> thank you, breaking news, police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that left one man injured. it happened last night on birchwood road. police have fought released the man's condition. right now, it's unclear what led up to the shooting. however, no officers were hurt. san francisco police are investigating after one of its patrol vehicles rolled over and landed on top of its roof. two officer were hurt in the crash on great highway just before '078:00 last night. we spoke with a witness driving behind the squad car right before the crash. >> the police car was driving fast in the number within lane
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and the number two lane wanted to change lanes in front of the police car and the southeastern wasn't activated. >> police say the officer driving tried to pass that car when the squad vehicle hit a boulder in the center median and flipped over. both officers were taken to hospital with minor injuries. >> officers done appear to be on a call at this time. we're still trying to understand where they were going and what they were doing. >> they are looking for under surveillance to help with the investigation. in the south bay, police are look fork a drone pilot who caused a huge power out annual. nearly 1,600 customers were plunged into darkness for hours, abc 7 news reporter katie marzulo has the details. >> we saw sparks in the theater. we just we heard a louded sound. >> reporter: maya popovich was work as an usher when the lights
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went out at the mountain view center for the performing arts. the library was evacuated. she couldn't use the animated announcement system. >> all the staff went in the corners and crannies of the library to find people who had a good strong flashlight to make sure everybody was out. >> there is what police were working with. >> we were able to recover a very burned drone. right now we are trying to find out who owns the drone, why it was flying in that area. >> witnesses say they saw a man with white hair flying a drone shortly before the out annual t.faa did not allow drones to be flown near people. they must be kept clear of obstacles. >> we headed out of the ocean to figure out what's going on with the drone. >> reporter: pg & e says 1,600 customers lost power. it wasn't restored until after
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11:00 p.m.. anyone with information is asked to call mountain view police. abc 7 news. happening today, two groups of protesters will express their very different views in santa clara, a group called act for america will sponsor an anti-sharia law real. sharia is the law of islam. act for america claims sharia is incompatible with u.s. law and american values. local interfaith groups will put on a counterprotest nearby. >> we want the inclusion, diversity, of celebrating this very strong and vibrant communi community. >> both departments will have extra patrols. we don't anticipate any problems. >> act for america did not return our request for comment. they asked for them to be a hate
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group. anyone riding bart should plan ahead this weekend no trains will run between lake merritt and fruitvale. this will be the last weekend for the work, which began in april. bart says to expect 20 to 40 minute delays, normal service will resume on monday. the warriors are playing back to the bay area after a tough loss. the team gets a chance to win it all open home court. they return after an explosive game four. golden state was ready to make history, instead were handed their first post-season loss. it is also their first loss since april 10th. >> obviously, we had developed this fear of walking on the court with a loss in a while. we've done a good job of bouncing back. we have been resilient all year and obviously learning from all different experiences we have
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been through. >> game 75 monday night at 6:00 p.m.. abc sports director larry biel will have highlights later in sports. cals fans, of course, have a lot to celebrate. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman was at quicken loans and has reaction from warriors fans who went to the game. >> reporter: two words, statements like this. >> history 16 and o warriors sweep. >> reporter: that was the script, anyway, as written by bay area fans who threw themselves at the system. justin from palo alto hopped a plane to cleveland to arrive with plenty of time to >> he drives. he closes down. >> in fact, it was, though not as anticipated. the warriors got done to them what they have done to everyone else in 15 previous playoff games. tonight they ran into a
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determined cavs team that made this game look more like a shoot around at times. 86 points in the first half of a finals game? that's a record. a surprise to bay area fans as the cavaliers made 58% of their 3s. for once, the dubs got drubbed, they remain undauntd. >> it's a record breaking performance by cleveland to beat us. >> now the warriors come home 3-1. a chance to be the first bay area team to clinch the turf since the oejd as in 1970s. is eight small price? >> we are going home with our family where we should be. >> in short no, o, o, o, o, >> from cleveland. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> few want to be there for game five, tickets go on sale today.
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for season ticket priority weight list members noon. the final pre sale is at 3:00 p.m.. tickets go on sale at 5:00 p.m.. few can't get tickets today through the warriors' website, secondary market sites have plenty of tickets available. but they will not come cheap. we checked some web sites, here's what we found. on stubhub it's $820. gametime $872 and ticket iiq it's $4u6789 apiece. those are for upper level. lower level seating will cost you $3,000. meteorologist lisa argen is
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here now and you're tracking cooler temperatures to start the day? >> yeah, that's been the trend, in fact, it's not going to change much. we will see gusty winds in the upper elevation, over 40 miles an hour, at the surface, breezy, 57 in oakland. in the 40s in sonoma county. ill let you know how long this cooling trend will last. we are talking about a big warm-up. >> looking forward to that, thank you. also ahead, president trump hitting back at former fbi director james comey and the blockbuster testimony. plus a bill milestone for a big
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. welcome back to abc 7 morning. nearly 20 million people watched fbi director james comey testify before congress. now the president is firing back. >> reporte . >> no collusion, no obstruct, he's a leaker, but we want to get back to running our great country. >> reporter: president trump friday declaring james trump's testimony a total and complete vindication since his first appearance since being fired, james comey accused the excuse u white house of lying about him and the fbi. >> the administration chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi by saying the
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organization was in disarray, it was poorly led. they lost confidence in its leader. those were lies plain and simple. >> this prompting a new line of attack by accusing the rest of lying. >> we are very, very happy. frankly, james comey confirm a lot of what i said and some of the this i think so that he said weren't true. >> the truth about the contested conversation may come down to tapes which the president tweeted my exist. tapes comey and many in congress demand to hear. >> i seen the tweet about tapes. lordy, i hope there are tapes. >> reporter: friday night they are giving the white house two weeks to turn over any tapes that may exist. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi says she has serious concerns about president trump's ability to do his job. >> the president's fitness for office is something that calls into question.
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it takes a certain curiosity to learn the facts, to base your comments on evidence and data and truth and we worry about his fitness. >> the bay area democrat also called trump's presidency so far a failure. she says president trump may simply lack the curiosity, discipline and stamina to be a competent commander-in-chief. 6:14 is our time t. contra costa district attorney is now under criminal investigation. our media partner reports the state attorney general's office has seized the phone and other items of mark peterson. he is accused of spending $66,000. of campaign cash on personal expenses and lying about it in documents sent to the state. la m last month they recommended he be removed from office. jerry brown plet with the environment am minister in san francisco. baer the governor criticized the
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president's decision to pull of the of the paris climate accord. >> this path must not be continued. you can't go against every country in the whole world except what is it nicaragua and syria. i don't think that's possible. >> governor brown praised germany and china for working with states in the united states to help combat climate change. he was asked if he tried to persuade the president to stay in the paris accord. >> i haven't talked to mr. trump since i was the mayor of oak, looking for a casino for economic growth. >> germany's environmental minister says she believes the u.s. will retake its role as the global leader on climate change in the future. an oak teenager who is battling cancer got to do something incredible yesterday. he graduated from high school. as ac 7 explains the young man is a warrior in every sense of the word. >> here it is!
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the one and only. >> reporter: darryl aikens arrived to a hero's welcome and says he's amazed. the former football player hasn't been to school in a while. in fact, he was told this day might never come. >> this is a dream come true. >> reporter: he has leukemia, even after a bone marrow transplant last spring. doctors told him he has only months to live. >> they said he wouldn't be here. he's here. >> reporter: proving aikens is not a quitter. >> when they count him out, he keeps going. >> reporter: he is also something else, at a school where attendance and graduation rates are falling, he is defying the odds academically and medically. >> to graduate, it's huge, we are trying to make things better. he made it. >> aikens has had some inspiration if his drive to keep fighting a. life long warriors
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fan, he got to meet the team with the make a fish foundation a few months ago. he loves kevin durant. >> there is so beautiful. >> reporter: the feeling is mutual. >> you are so strong and courageous, i can learn a lot from him. >> so can his classmates who say he is easy olove. >> i was almost in tears. i thought he wasn't going to make it across the stage. >> darryl aikens. >> reporter: but walk the stage he did, just hours before game four of the nba finals. >> his wish was to graduate and watch the warriors in the championship. so here we today. >> reporter: when the buzzer rings and confetti falls, he will be on his feet again. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning, unfortunately the cool weather continues through the weekend. if you are hoping for some warmth, you have as to wait several days and areas of low
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pressure. they bring us those breezy winds and continue with that cool atmosphere. here's emeryville this morning, it is sunny, yesterday, it was humid for much of the day, 53 in san francisco. and mountain view, 54 in half moon bay. 57, 52 in san jose, from the airport, no delays, nice and sunny here, today looking at lots of 60s. so certainly cooler than average on the peninsula. that's cool, 54 in novato. livermore checking in at 52 degrees. santa cruz once again, low 70s, a nice afternoon, it could be warmer, but it looks nice and clear and calm out there right now. below average, gusty winds this weekend, up here by the shore line tomorrow a. chance of a few isolated showers tomorrow, overall, you will notice the warm-up coming into play early next week, the heat coming back at the end of next week. your hour by hour forecast, to bring in the clouds through the
6:19 am
early morning hours, then by the afternoon, we call it partly cloudy, mostly sunny for your saturday. skipping ahead sunday, starting out clear. look what happens by the afternoon, a higher elevation to the north bay and east bay out by the delta. maybe an isolated shower. we see breezy and gusty winds along the coast. oakland, average high is 69. we slowly climb into the mid-60s by this afternoon. 2:00 to 4:00, 45 degrees. on the peninsula, it's cool, numbers today in the upper 60s. even cooler tomorrow, a little change on monday, trying to warm it up, it will be nice and sunny, though, notice the middle of the week, plenty of sunshine with 70s, it's by friday when it will start to feel pretty warm around here, in and around the bay, this has not changed with 60s and 70s, feeling like spring and a rain last week and the breezy winds and the cool
6:20 am
temperatures continue today. 59 in santa rosa. 67 in fremont, palo alto 68. san jose just 71 today. and looking at a partly cloudy to mostly clear night tonight, upper 40s in the north bay. accuweather, we're still going to be cool the next several days. you can cheque out our cameras, it's warm-up you are noticing mid-week to the end of the week. that's when we look at the summer warmth and the heat coming back. breezy at times, maybe a shower. then a gradual warm-up. at least we have that going for us. >> it's really the forecast with a little something for everyone. >> just
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>> welcome back, everyone, no state sells more hybrid cars than california. can hybrid-like bicycles be the next big thing? michael finney has a closer look. >> he has been riding a bike five years. he got on the saddle seven weeks ago. they both share an enthusiasm for electric bikes. >> it's kind of funment it's like being on a two wheeled golf cart. it's actually a fun day. you know, j you the ride, itself, is fun. >> josh lamb who co-founded easton shows us the lithium
6:24 am
battery that gives these bikes an extra oomf. >> it feels like you have power boosters in your leg. >> you can power them solely with your legs but as soon as you turn on the power assist, the battery kicks in, will you notice a sudden thrust. >> he's also like zoom. so you feel really strong. >> there is no feeling that compares to riding on the bike. i would say having the wednesday through your air. it doesn't quite apply to me. >> karen weiner co-owns one of the shops in the area that sells ebikes. new wheel opened its first store in 2011 in san francisco. since then, it has opened a second shop in marin sales have increased from under 100 bikes to more than 500 annually. overall, north america, it's estimated 152,000 ebikes were sold last year. compare that to the nearly 33 million in asia. >> our infrastructure improfls.
6:25 am
we see the demand for bikes go up. >> reporter: class one and two beaks go up to 20 piles per her. no driver's license or special permit is needed. after seven weeks of riding one, he says he can't see going without his ebike. >> they sell for self thousand, he signed as to make them aailable to uber drivers for 20% discount. i'm michael funny, 7 on your side. >> abc 7 news dropped into a bakery that's extra sweet on the warriors, that would be be mazetti bakery. they are big warriors fan, that adds up to a lot of warrior inspired goodies, cakes,
6:26 am
cookies, you name it. you can get your favorite player's number or jersey. still to come, dub nation packed oracle arena for a watch party. plus, world wide fans of the warriors, why [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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>> shaep saturday, everyone, hope it's off to a great start. let's get a quick check of the accuweather forecast from lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. >> hey, chris, check it out. looks beautiful. lots of sunshine here and around the bay. there is some fog in spots, temperatures are ranging from low vests in gilroy and san jose, 53 in mountain view and san francisco, 57 in oakland. here's a look at your east bay hills camera, numbers are clear in the north bay, 41 in napa. it's 52 in livermore, much, much cooler. yesterday cloud cover and humidity. we are drying out. although there is a weather system to the north of us that will continue to keep us on the cool side. 50s and 60s by about 7:00. by about noon time, we're still in the 50s at the coast. all day long, managing upper 60s around the by a.
6:30 am
when will summer get here? we will talk about warmth in the week ahead, coming up. the warriors are coming back to the bay area today in homes of winning a championship on the home court. they will have a chance to be the first bay team clinch it since the oakland as won three years ago. they had an explosive and record setting performance from the cavaliers t. loss is the warriors first this post-season and the first since april soth. the series returns to oracle arena at 6:00 p.m.. warriors fans packed oracle arena last night for a watch party. fans said they aren't worried about the loss t. >> reporter: the watch party, the dub nation felt the sting of
6:31 am
defeat, fans say they're not concerne concerned. >> i want to do it on home court. >> reporter: we asked some pint size experts their take. >> it was really sad, but i think we can win the next game at home. >> we probably would have within it. if they would have played hard. they just played this game, i don't know, hope they they win game five on monday. >> they weren't trying their best. >> reporter: the dub nation delivers a strong home court advantage, we are sure we will see a reenergized team monday night. >> and great to hear from those kids. well, there is no doubt there are dubs fans across the nation t. warriors have also captured the hearts of people in cone. >> reporter: in china town san francisco, fans don't sister to look for for a sense of warriors pride. >> i had a display in the window. they see that, they come in and
6:32 am
ask. >> reporter: yes, we love golden state in the bay, dub nationics tends in china to win. >> a 10:00 start in beijing is better than the east coast team. >> reporter: players are relatable to the chinese according to producer howard chen. >> if they were not playing, there is hope for them. you know what, if they go and practice a ton, they can maybe gt steph curry. he is like a symbol of hope. >> an entertainment company creates content exclusively for the market. >> if you skaeb nba fans in china is more than half the population of people in the states. it's because there is a lot of people in china. that's what it comes down to. >> basketball isn't just a means of cultural exchange between china san the u.s., the warriors
6:33 am
have capitalized into their success, tapping into the market that celebrate the country's heritage. >> they have like big stars like seteph curry and kevin durant. they love sharing and love shooting 3s and the excitement of them is really high. >> reporter: chinese viewership has been high during finals with more than 30 million web clicks per game. espn and abc's coverage of game 5 of the nba finals starts monday on abc 7. right before the game, be sure to join larry biel and mike schuman on the pre game show brought to you by jeep. of course. we want to see your fan photos and video. use the time now is 6:33
6:34 am
more local news, an 8-year-old boy is recovering after being stabbed outside the library. they took an alleged attacker into custody. they say the stabbing appears to be completely random. lonnie rivera has the story. >> reporter: in melrose, schools ended friday classes early when students came to the library a. normal routine turned frightening after a 13-year-old became a victim of a stabbing attack. >> it's just a calling. it is. >> reporter: detectives say the male teen was hanging outside the library his friends when a 40-year-old transient man walk up to him. >> without any sight or reason, he stabbed him with a pocket knife. >> reporter: they say he stabbed the boy multiple times in both arms. >> the teenager was shocked, he was panicking. he didn't know what was going on, he didn't know why he was being attacked. >> reporter: police officers
6:35 am
next store rushed to the scene. they administered first-aid on the victim. they took him into custody, detectives say strangely the suspect hung around. >> after the attack, he didn't flee, he stayed in the area. so on top of that, it's another unusual circumstance. >> reporter: the teenager is a taylor middle school student. he underwent surgely. he is expected to recover. as for his attacker, he's in san mat? eo county jail. daves say they're trying to physical out who he is and why he randomly attacked a kid. >> the woman sexually assaulted by director roman polanski when she was 13 asked the judge to end the 40-year-old case. yesterday she appeared in a los angeles courtroom telling the judge she wants an outright dismissal or to have him sentenced without him being present. the director's repeated requests for the same rulings have been denied t. judge did not issue an immediate ruling.
6:36 am
>> i am standing here saying, he needs to serve his sentence. i never asked anybody to stand in for this. he was lied to. he did his sentence, he owes me nothing. he owes the state of california nothing. >> sentencing. she considers herself a victim of criminal justice system. >> raiders fans will hold a press conference to announce they have retained james quinn, a well respected litigator. quinn defeated the nfl in a mannedmark court case in 1992 that granted players unry stricted free agency. the move likely sets the stage for a lawsuit against the nfl and raiders over the team's planned moves to las vegas. online music service pandora is
6:37 am
making a series of moves toplace raise cash. they are selling a 20% stake to sirius xm for $480 million. it will raise another 200 million selling to event right. most pandora users listen for free. many march, they launched a subscription service similar in strategy to competitors such as spotify and apple music. tim cook gained the commencement address at m.i.t. yesterday. he told the graduates to never let technology overtake their compassion. >> sometimes the technology meant to connect us divides us. i'm optimistic because i believe in your generation. your passion, your journey to serve humanity. we are all counting on you. >> he urged all graduates to
6:38 am
measure their impact in humanity not in the likes but the lives they touch. new details on the summer concert. our partners report that the city of san francisco revealed plans for a free concert after denying a promoter permits for celebration. the recreation and parks 20 rejected permits. former mayor willie brown is behind the free concert, which will take place june 21st in golden state park. tickets are sold out no matter which way the cookie crumbles, why everyone is sweet on the cookie lady in cleveland, including steph curry and draymond green. first the time is 6:38. we are taking a live look outside. off to a full start throughout the bye area. lisa argen will have your at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach.
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♪ at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. . welcome back, everyone, you are rocking at the newest attraction at the oakland zoo. the zoo's gondola opened, it opposite up to a restaurant that will open on monday. next year it will transport people to a new california trolley that's currently under construction. it will feature animals native to california, including grizzly bears. happening today, preparations are under way for a big pool
6:42 am
party in wall future creek t. grand opening will be held at 11:00 a.m.. it also features a splash playgrounds. you can get in free all day today if you want to i don't know the celebration. >> that means they are hoep probably hoping for warmer temperatures. at least it's the east bay. a little warmer. >> you would expect '80s. barely in the 70s. few want those 90s, it will take all week, though, the 50s san money an livermore, 20 degrees to go, hay, 70s is not warm there and we will talk about how long this cool weather sticks around in just a few minutes. >> thank you. also ahead, nba finals heat up. larry biel has the game 4
6:43 am
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in sports, both the as and joonts will try to rebound from losses, the aed take on tampa bay hunter-reays at tropicana field. the giants face the twins at at&t park. first pitch there is at 1:05. last night history was made at quicken loans arena in cleveland. it wasn't the history the warriors were hoping to make. here's larry biel with the post-game reaction in this morning's sports.
6:46 am
>> good morning, everybody, the warriors were hoping to make history t. cavaliers set nba finals records for point and they crushed the warriors in game four of the finals. fans are metsing with the shirt. they're turning it into the end tee shirts t. cavs and nba finals records, 49 points in the first quarter. are you kidding me? kevin durant tried to keep the warriors in this thing. he goes for 35. cavs 24 3s, it was a parking lot. kyrie irving dominated. finished with 40. the drive, the lefty finished. so good. up 18th at the half and lebron james, you want to talk about on the fly here, literally. he won the pass, there was nobody opened. so he flipped it opened on the glass himself. 11 assists for lebron and kyrie. the finishing dagger,
6:47 am
handing them their first loss. >> the cavaliers were a desperate team. they came out through the first punch. the warriors could not respond. it's the first time in a long time they felt what it was like to lose a game. >> i haven't felt this fear on a court in a while. we did a good job of bouncing back. we have been resilient all year. we got to be better. we can't go home and expect because it's at home, it's our game. we got to take it. i think it starts on the physical side of it. both teams will be battling, so it should be fun. >> the hardest thing to do is to close out a series. we have to come back to get back to being aggressive. >> last year is last year. this year is this year. i'm sure draymond won't get suspended for game five. maybe he will. i don't know. but we'll go back and tee it up
6:48 am
again. >> reporter: now they want to go back to oracle and close this series out. >> thank you. game five at oracle on monday. giants and twins fourth inning. a pitcher, 35 careers in 13 seasons, bases loaded. matt moore drops to 2 an 7. struck out five buster posey to end it. they opened four games in three series against the rays and tampa. oakland gave up five homers totaling this game, andrew trigs, he allowed three of them. started off the season so well. not going well lately. rays will play a double header today. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody, i'm larry biel. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning to you, at least it's not raining, right? we got that out of the way. now we have sunshine, can we
6:49 am
warm it up? a like look outside, fog here earlier. >> that has since cleared. sunshine on the way, breezy winds, in fact, quite gusty at the shore line. if we look at what's expected for the week ahead in napa, 39 below average once again, knack, the next several days just in the 70s, it will take right on through the end of the week until you warm up. when we do, it will be quite warm, into the 90s. so beach weather here, not so much. it does look pretty here in santa cruz, temperatures will be in the 70s today, in fact, that's where you were yesterday. so we are looking at kind of a mixed bag with some sunshine, breezy winds, and at times we'll see a few clouds, right now a live look outside, we will show you how nice it is right now. like doppler 7 picking up on some of the low cover at the san mat? eo coast. keeping it intact. once it goes beyond that we're going to an off shore flow by the end of the week, right now, we are looking at rain across
6:50 am
the city, eureka, snow this time of year. look how gusty it is from mount tam the winds are gusting. 41 miles an hour. so we're definitely looking at those blustery winds, upper elevations, 53 if san francisco. 53 in mountain view. good morning, gilroy, 52 if san jose sfo, peninsula numbers cool. still stuck at 45 santa rosa. 55 concord. in livermore, it's 52 degrees. it's been breezy. that's not going to change, in the ellevations, it will be gusty. all in all this is below average temperature reading for the weekend. a chance of a few isolated showers in the upper elevation, much, much warmer as we head towards the end of next week. hour by hour, a few clouds here and there, overall, we see a lot of sunshine today. this is your saturday. low fog tonight. 40s returning, skipping ahead to
6:51 am
sunday. it's about the same. we're clear. by the afternoon, we'll see some pockets of showers, in fact, upper elevations of the north and east bay and those puffy cumulus clouds, once again, remain breezy, gusty at the coast. look for 72 in redwood city, below average once again, you feel the breeze, 61 for you, do downtown 679 looking at santa rosa, berkeley 63 san leandro 66. you will manage the 70s today. 70 in livermore, if you are headed into the city bring the jacket. if you download the accuweather app, you can track the warm-up. nothing but sin shine. 60s and 70s for most. 50s at the coast.
6:52 am
looking at tomorrow knocking temperatures down, after that all uphill with a steady warming trend. >> you made a great.lisa, thank you. the warriors will try to put the cavs away on monday in game five of the nba finals. there is one woman in cleveland who supports both teams. here's abc 7 reporter wayne freedman with the sweet story. >> reporter: why does this man look leak he has something to hide? it's a long story, one that in cleveland requires a trip beyond traditional tourist areas into a red brick suburb where in this house dozens of miracles occur before every nba playoff game. >> you have to try one. >> i have to try one, i don't have a sweet tooth. >> you don't sister a sweet tooth? >> no, ma him. >> reporter: diane siemen's and they taste like heaven. she is known as the cleveland
6:53 am
cookie lady. draymond green and steph curry, they like red sugar ones. >> after the game he has ten. >> here's die an texting him now. >> to me, he's a teddy bear. diane takes no money for this, just an occasional pick. in this batch of chocolate chips will go to kevin durnts. >> that is where the trouble started. >> you have to try my cookies. before you leave this kitchen. >> reporter: rumor has it that no one can eat just one. hmm. i am speechless. >> hence the marks, one sudden filled with cookies bordering on sinfully good, dianes fans exude a suspicious looking character who doesn't have a sweet tooth. in freedman, nbc 7 news. >> we'll tell
6:54 am
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6:57 am
procession of bands and floats. for the first time, organizers created a passport no fairing a sift. students can learn about science, technology and math. it runs through june 18th at the san mat? e -- san mateo arts center. i was going to say, it's june. what's up with these
6:58 am
temperatures? >> summer is almost here. >> thank you for joining us on abc 7 morning. i'm chris nguyen. the news continues online, on twitter, facebook and instagram. "good morning america" is next. we will leave you a look at our emeryville camera. abc 7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. we will see you then. when you're clocking out. i'm the one clocking in & sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. there. i can even warm these to help you fall asleep faster. does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed.
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disneyland resort. hero up! good morning, america. this morning, he said/he said. president trump now responding to his fired fbi director james comey's testimony on capitol hill. >> no collusion. no obstruction. he's a leaker. >> trump denying he asked for loyalty and saying he's ready to tell all. >> would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of these events? >> 100%. >> plus, when he says we'll know more about any secret tapes of their conversation. highway standoff. the harrowing scene. s.w.a.t. teams surround an 18-wheeler following a high-speed chase. a car incinerated during the chain of accidents. how the driver was finally caught and what we're learning about him this morning. caught on camera, look at this balloon accident. high winds sending this hot air


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