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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. a posing view points, opposing street corners. a busy intersection becomes a protest overt activists say it leads to abuses against women and terrorism. the other side thinkathize protests are anti-muslim and rallying call. leslie, you spoke to both sides. >> reporter: i sure did. it was a war of words across a very busy boulevard here on this side of the street those who said they were defending the u.s. constitution against what
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they call sharia law. the protest was protested saying it is anti-muslim. >> i think the stand is to basically say it is not compatible with the constitution. we believe in many places it is starting to creep in. >> are you worried it would creep in in california? >> yes. >> a lot of muslims follow sharia law. our rule of law is the u.s. constitution. >> i am horrified to see what is happening because of terrorist actions in europe. >> reporter: citing everything from female mutilation to recent terrorist attacks. these activists stood their ground on this biddy street corner across from the santana row shopping area. across the haonking traffic wer many who interpret prom a different angle. >> even though they are hiding
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in terms of anti-sharia this is anti-muslim protest. >> muslims are experiencing, our civil rights are being questioned. we are standing together in solidari solidarity. >> 120 area groups organized this counter protest from 11 to 3. came from san francisco to santa cruz. >> amazing to see so many people come up in the name of unity as opposed to standing against. >> sign toting activists periodically walked across the street but police kept them on the sidewalks and out of the lanes of traffic. in the end it was disruptive but peaceful. in santa clara, abc 7 > the protest in santa clara was one of several that took place across the country. this was a scene in lower manhattan where protesters faced
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off. police say the demonstration remained peaceful. several arrests were made during a protest in seattle, washington. police had to use pepper spray to separate the crowd. police say water bottles were thrown. two people were in the hospital after an officer-involved shooting. police say one man was shot by an officer. according to the chronicle the shooting happened after the car a man was in went across a lawn and hit a home. second suspect was hurt and both were expected to survive and no officers were injured. morgan hill police are looking for this man who was accused of sexually assaulting a man. investigators say the man walked into the convenience store and demanded items for free. police say the woman smacked the man in the face and he ran off. he is described as 25 to 35 years old, tattoo under his left
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niand on his neck. palo alto police are turning to social media. on june 10, 2001, 24-year-old maria show was shot and killed. she was with friends and family celebrating her 21st birthday. police say they don't believe she was targeted but they haven't developed a motive. >> in our circle of friends we don't know anyone who has been murdered prmpt we don't know anyone that's in a gang. >> police have re-released a video that they are asking people to share on social media. there is a $100,000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction. new information is emerging into the investigation on the terror attack on the london bridge. police are announcing new arrests and details about how the terrorists planned for more carnage. >> reporter: new evidence that it could have been so much
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worse. police releasing photos from the investigation into last weekend's london terror attack. first, one of the weapons used in the attack, a pink ceramic kitchen knife with a leather grip. >> anybody who knows any information about the knives then please contact us. >> reporter: a closer look at the van used as a battering ram to hit pedestrians on london bridge. police say attacker initially tried to rent a larger truck but the payment was declined so the men went with a smaller vehicle. inside bags of gravel to help add weight. investigators found a dozen wine bottles filled with flammable liquid and rags along with two blow torturchestorches. please announcing two new arrests linked to the plot bringing the total to 18. one week after the rampage that killed eight people and injured dozens more.
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-- >> london carries on. >> reporter: officials are urging residents ands to face down any remaining fear and get out to enjoy the weekend. parts of borough market remains closed. >> very determined. >> reporter: officials hope the entire market will be open in another week or so but security is priority one. >> you will be seeing police armed and unarmed. unarmed. una. >> reporter: abc news, london. the navy's newest warship was commissioned today. hillary clinton, jill biden and congress woman nancy pelosi were among those who spoke. giffords survived a mass shooting in 2011. here injuries forced her to resign from congress. giffords says it is strong and tough just like its crew. >> you make me proud.
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you make america proud. i will never forget this day or the crew of the "u.s.s. gabrielle giffords." >> the home port will be san diego. attorney general jeff sessions has agreed to testify before the senate intelligence committee tuesday as the panel looks into russian meddling. sessions appearance comes a week after james comey's testimony. the attorney general has admitted he met twice last year with russia's ambassador to the u.s. despite denying that he did during the campaign. warriors fans are glum but optimistic that their team will win at all on home court. last night the cavaliers needed an historic scoring performance. tickets for game five just went on sale to the general public at the top of the hour. the team got back to the bay area about three hours ago. this is the warriors getting off
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of their charter flight. oracle arena is spruced up to host game five on monday. warriors' fans showed up eager for team gear from the dubs store and more hungry for the nba title. >> to bring it back not only for redemption for last year but bring it for k.d., david west would be amazing. i'm glad they are here. we are going to get it done on monday. >> come home and realize they got the fans behind them. play a little defense and cut down on turnovers. >> despite last night's loss they say it was only a temporary setback. the cleveland cavaliers checked into their san francisco hotel today. last year the cavs were in exactly this position down 3-1 going back to oracle and came back to win it all. some fans said they felt disrespected and the cavs said they felt disrespected by talks of the inevitability and fuelled the performance last night. espn and abc's coverage of
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game five of the nba finals starts monday here on abc 7 and just before the game join larry beal and mike shuman. the pregame show brought to you by jeep. larry and mike will be live monday at 5 p.m. don't want to miss it. >> hollywood pays tribute to the original caped crusader. ♪ batman >> next remembering actor adam west, the man best known as tv's batman. and pride celebrations take a different tone one year after the pulse night club massacre. a bright and breezy start to our saturday. a live look. tomorrow i'm tracking a chance for showers for some and then a major warmup for everyone. a look at numbers ahead in the forecast.
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legendary actor adam west who played batman in the '60s tv series has died. >> shall i steal your voice or end your life? >> whichever you decide i'm sure will be the wrong choice. >> west played a campy version of the caped crusader for 120
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episodes and widely known for being the original tv batman. he made cameo voiceover roles on simpsons and family guy. west had a short but brave battle with leukemia. adam west was 88 years old. the nation's capitol marked the beginning of gay pride weekend on a solemn note. a large crowd gathered in tribute otrib tribute to the victims of pulse night club. the human rights campaign illuminated their washington d.c. building to honor the 49 lives lost. a memorial service was held today in honor of a 2-year-old girl whose casket was discovered by work crews digging at a home. mourners gathered at green lawn cemetery to pay tribute to edith cook who died when she was 2 in 1876. a dna test led her to her grand
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nephew. a donated head stone bears her name and her new grave. paying back the community that raised him. a football star comes home with big news for one east bay neighborhood. we will have the scoop. i'm drew tuma. temperatures ten degrees below normal. beach weather is on the way. i will show
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new atlanta falcons linebacker mckinley returned to his hometown today. abc 7 news was in richmond where community members gathered for a meet and greet. he signed a four year contract worth more than $10 million. the nonprofit group established a scholarship in the name of his late grandmother. he promised her he would make it to the nfl. >> without that promise i
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probably wouldn't be talking to you right now. i made that promise and i completed it. i can't wait to help them win games. >> the richmond city council announced that july 14 will be established as day. world oceans day was celebrated. the aquarium of the bay sponsored beach cleanup. volunteers cleaned up trash. >> our mission at the aquarium is to protect, inspire conservation of san francisco bay. this lines up with our mission. >> the aquarium sponsored four beach cleanups each year. now your acuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> we are track ag bright start to the weekend. tomorrow a chance of a couple of pop up showers for parts of the region. live doppler 7 along with satellite we are seeing tons of
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sunshine. just a few clouds around. we will be dry tonight. temperatures well below normal. that's how we will finish the weekend. tomorrow only in the 60s. those temperatures will rapidly turn around. by the weekend into early next weekend the heat will come back. if you are craving summer like warmth you will like the second half. % it is bright and beautiful. folks taking pictures of the iconic bridge. a light breeze on the golden gate. it is active across the region. take a look at winds rather breezy. current wind gust of 32 miles per hour. the same in napa. fairfield has active of 26 miles per hour. 28 that number in san jose. this wind is going to be with us once again tomorrow afternoon. expect windy conditions to round out the weekend, as well. current temperatures right now a lot of 60s. very cool for this time of year.
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68 in oakland. 62 in san francisco. our average high in san jose this time of year is 80 degrees. more than ten degrees below normal at 69. 72 that number in fairfield. overnight tonight a few clouds bubbling up along the coast and drifting to the south bay. plenty of stars in the north bay. most locations falling mid to low 50s. future weather let's go hour by hour. 10:00 tomorrow morning most of us starting the day with tons of sunshine. perhaps a few clouds along the coast. what we are watching into the afternoon a ripple of energy that is passing by just to our north. it is trying to touch off a shower. looks like the best chance would be in the north bay around napa, santa rosa, middle town. could see a shower drift into concord. what we are watching there may be enough energy in the atmosphere to hear a clap of lightning or thunder. these showers are going to diminish rather quickly as the
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sun sets. it will not be a widespread event tomorrow. we will be tracking it for you here. san francisco 60. it is still the cool pattern. 67 in san jose. 70 in concord. 70 the number in napa with a chance of a shower. accuweather seven day forecast the next seven days. it is still cool on monday. and then temperatures will just turn around by tuesday and wednesday we finally get warmth. we are back to average and the numbers continue to climb. by friday and especially into saturday we could be approaching triple digits inland this time next week. >> i am so impressed by the lightning in your forecast in june. >> could be fun to see tomorrow. what's going on in sports? >> no need to panic. i know it is a record setting night for the cavaliers to break through in the series. the brooms were put back in the closet in cleveland as the dubs
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[ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] now sports from abc 7 news. >> the warriors can't go perfect 16-0 but can clinch the trophy on their home court monday night. booze and chants from a home crowd. doesn't want to go back there for a game six especially after
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post game comments. >> don't seem to be the sharpest people around. whatever. >> good thing i don't think he is going back to cleveland so doesn't have to worry about comments. now to baseball. it is rare to intentionally schedule a double header. it is more rare at tropicana field. gear up for an entire day of baseball. oakland trails in the ninth. davis scores from second. that made it 5-5 going to bonus ball. bottom ten with a base hit for his eighth career walk off hit. the rays take game one. 6-5 is the final. game two didn't start out well for the rays. left the game into the second with an injury. so called up because of the double header admittedly gives up a solo blast. his second of the season.
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the as take a 2-1 lead and sthat where it stands. the as up a run in the fourth inning. giants hosting the twins. i'm on a boat. first inning brandon bell hits the 73 rd flash home run in giants history. that is a solo shot giving san francisco a 1-nil lead. coming off his second win of the season. that is not good. vargas showing off power well over 400 feet. that tied it at 1-1. fifth inning for dozier who had his tenth home run of the season. dropped to 2-8 in the season. twins win it 3-2. the 149th running of the belmont stakes did not feature potential triple crown winner but had plenty of drama. the track came down to two horses in the end. >> on the outside temperate has
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taken the lead. it is temperate and jose ortiz in the belmont stakes. >> a 5-1 odds with late surge beats the favorite irish war cry. jose ortiz finished the race in 2 2:30. shocking upset. the third seed was defeated by unse unseeded ostipinko. 4-6, 6-4, rafael nadal will take on on sunday. it is still a chance to clinch on monday. dinner time interrupted. the unwa
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coming up at 6:00, a gas tax could raise for california road projects but are we willing to fork over a few bucks a nungt make that happen. a southern california man's security camera is giving us a look at what a mom bear will do to protect her cubs. mother bear and her baby rummage through cans.
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a coyote appears. mama bear thwarting the coyote's effo tonight, breaking news. the violent protests here at home over islam. demonstrations igniting into all-out brawls. the protests and backlash. one side warning about the dangers of islamic law. the other side calling that racism. russian contacts. the spotlight now turning to attorney general jeff sessions. new questions raised from comey's explosive testimony. disturbing discovery. never before seen video. police rescuing a woman held hostage in chains by a south carolina serial killer. tonight, inside the makeshift dungeon. summer danger. it's known as secondary drowning. the new warning for parents and children who love to swim in the summertime. what one family says saved their child's life.


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