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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 10, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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i felt that pride that i was doing what was right. >> an east bay soldier and new high school graduate says he did the right thing by walking out of his graduation ceremony. good evening. i'm eric thomas. tonight that incident is prompting an apology from liberty union high school in brentwood. the student also happens to be a private in the u.s. army and was told that he couldn't walk during his graduation yesterday if he wore his military blues. new at 11:00, abc 7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian joins to us explain. lisa? >> reporter: harvey fletcher enlisted as soon as he turned 17. he entered into a program called split option which allowed him to complete basic training and finish his senior year on time. when he was ready to walk across the stage at his graduation ceremony in his uniform, he was told to cover up.
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>> my favorite part? i'd have to say the u.s. >> reporter: harvey fletcher is no ordinary private first class and army reservist. he finished basic training at 17 and tonight is his high school graduation party. unfortunately, he missed his graduation ceremony yesterday at liberty high school. [ cheers and applause ] he missed the excitement, the energy, the camaraderie, because of this. >> he basically told me this is a graduation ceremony, you're not allowed to wear that uniform. you're supposed to wear a cap and gown. >> reprter: school administrators even told harley he could borrow a cap and gown. he refused to cover up his uniform and left. >> i just was in disbelief. to see my husband devastated and my son devastated, being told that he couldn't wear his uniform, was just crushing. >> reporter: late today liberty union high school superintendent released this apology, citing state legislation that allows a high schooler who has completed
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basic training to wear a uniform at graduation. he goes on to say, "no slight was meant to harland nor the u.s. army. in fact, with a little prior notification i'm sure that principal walsh and the site administration would have come to this conclusion before the ceremony." that's not true, say the fletchers. >> he had spoken to his counselor several times over the weeks leading up to the graduation. she'd advised him yes, it's acceptable. >> reporter: harley plans to pick up his diploma on monday. he also hasn't ruled out the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the school district. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. to developing news here. abc 7 was in san francisco just a couple of hours ago after a mother and her 3-year-old child were injured by a hit-and-run driver. it happened between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. in the south of market area between folsom and harrison streets. the suspect was arrested three miles away off silver and san bruno avenues. the mother and child have been
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taken to the hospital. no word yet on the extent of their injuries. tonight we know the name of a man shot and killed in sunnyvale two days ago. 21-year-old adu belize delgado was found dead in a strip mall parking lot around 2:00 a.m. in the morning. a second victim was wounded but is expected to survive. this is sunnyvale's first homicide of the year. a deadly crash involving two motorcycles and a truck closed down all eastbound lanes of 580 in the east bay this afternoon. abc 7 news was at the scene in livermore. a motorcyclist who the chp says was going over 90 miles an hour, lost control and rear-ended a pickup truck, causing another rider to crash. the cyclist that collided with the pickup died at the scene. the other was taken to a trauma center. all lanes were reopened in about three hours. new developments in morgan hill, where police have arrested the man accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a gas station. 27-year-old richard dollarhide was taken into custody tonight. police say he went into a gas station convenience store this
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morning and demanded free items. the woman working there told him to leave. police say he dragged the woman toward a back storage room but she hit him in the face and he ran off. a call for shots fired turned into a hate crime investigation at an east bay church. abc 7 news was in san leandro where police say a man fired shots into a statue at st. felitas church this afternoon. police say responding officers struggled with him before forcibly removing his gun and and taking him into custody. police have not said what prompted them to classify this as a hate crime. firefighters on the scene of a grass fire tonight in a lot about a mile east of the oakland airport. that fire broke out near 98th avenue and empire road a little after 9:00 p.m. while the lot there is mostly empty, multiple campers and trailers were set on fire. firefighters on the scene had to request additional support and battled the blaze for about 45 minutes before getting it under control. well, the bay area is hoping for a warriors championship win during game 5 of the finals in
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oakland on monday. both the warriors and cavs arrived in the east bay -- or rather the bay area today. abc 7 news reporter lonnie rivera is live at san francisco's st. regis hotel where the cavs are staying tonight. and warriors fans are not deterred by the loss yesterday. >> reporter: not at all, eric. in fact, they're really believing warriors still have a chance. this is where the cavs are staying tonight. tickets are going, we checked earlier, for $700, standing room only. now cavs are hoping to build on their momentum while warriors fans are hoping the cavaliers are staying here only for two nights in san francisco. the warriors are back in the bay and the chance for championship history is still within reach. >> it would be a historic moment that the bay area would just be super proud of. >> reporter: the dubs have a chance to wrap things up on their home court, something that's never happened in warriors history. >> it's always great to win the championship game on your home arena. in front of your home fans.
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especially since they're going to be moving to frisco in a couple of years. >> reporter: 2015's win on the road was memorable. the sting from 2016's defeat by the cavs lingers. a victory at home this year would be sweet. >> i think it would be awesome, you know, to come back from last year and be able to win this year. that would be great. >> reporter: in downtown san francisco the cavs arrived with ear plugs in and serious faces. >> i think they're expected the crowd to be more harsh than it was. but you know, they're here to handle business. >> richard jefferson and his friend channing frye. >> reporter: it's not easy rooting for cleveland when you're from oakland. this fan believes the cavs have a shot. >> they just came out, they didn't want to lose. they didn't want their season to end. and you can't go against lebron. >> reporter: on a different note, this warriors fan has a message for lebron james. >> i hope he has a good night here, enjoys the city, and monday night they're on a plane back home. >> realize they got fans behind them, play a little defense, and cut down on turnovers. >> reporter: that's advice he offs the dubs in order to win
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game 5 of the nba finals. in san francisco, lonni rivera, abc 7 news. >> espn and abc's coverage of game 5 of the nba finals starts monday at 5:30 right here on abc 7, and right before the game join abc 7's larry beil and mike shumann for the dubs on 7 pregame show brought to you by jeep. larry and mike will be live monday at 5:00 p.m. moving on to the weather now, with an unsettled system rolling our way. could we see some lightning? abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma's tracking the system. drew? >> reporter: yeah, eric. and that chance for a thourp will pop up tomorrow afternoon. live doppler 7 along with satellites showing you just to the north there's our storm system that will scrape by us just to our east, but it will be close enough to try to touch off a shower. future weather gets you into the hour by-hour forecast tomorrow afternoon, 4:00 in the afternoon. it looks like that best chance for a shower will likely be in the north bay and parts of the inland east bay. it's for that fact the storm
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prediction center, which monitors the entire united states for a chance of a of the bay area shaded in green under that chance of hearing a clap of thunder. so we'll take a much closer look at this system, go hour by hour throughout the rest of your weekend, and show you a major warm-up on the way in the full accuweather forecast. eric? >> drew, thank you very much. protesters and counterprotesters squared off across the country. >> border walls have got to go. from palestine to mexico. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, how a nationwide demonstration against islamic law led to dueling protests and a look at one here in the bay area. and an event today by the raiders that pretty much puts all the other summer camps to shame. and then before there was the iphone there were these. the story behind these
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crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. we have new details on the officer-involved shooting in brentwood. here you can see the damage done to a home on birchwood drive last night. police say a car hit the home. at some point at least one officer opened fire on the two men in that car. one man was shot in the hip. a neighbor says he heard several
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gunshots. >> he was on the ground yelling, "i'm hit. i'm hit." he was cussing and swearing. >> another suspect suffered a facial injury. no officers were hurt. the brentwood police department and contra costa county d.a.'s office are investigating. clashes erupted into brawls in a number of cities over islam. the group behind the initial protests wanted to speak out against sharia law, a philosophical code derived from the koran to guide the behavior of observant muslims. they say it leads to terrorism and abuse against women. civil rights groups held counterprotests. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley takes us to a peaceful demonstration in santa clara. >> reporter: citing everything from female mutilation to recent terrorist attacks, these activists organized by act for america stood their ground on this busy street corner across from the santana row shopping cnter. >> you either support the constitution or you support sharia. you can't have two conflicting rules of law. >> do you feel as though there's a movement afoot to impose
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sharia law in california? >> oh, yes. absolutely. >> i lost my son mark bingham on 9/11. on every other issue i'm a liberal. but when it comes to the imposition of sharia law on american soil i am very much against it. >> reporter: across the honking traffic were many who interpreted the message from a different angle. >> i think it's very clear that what they're saying is really based on a lack of knowledge about islam and about sharia. >> reporter: 120 bay area civil rights and faith groups organized this counterprotest from 11:00 to 3:00. they came from san francisco to santa cruz. >> it's really amazing to see so many people come up in the name of unity as opposed to standing against one religious tradition. >> reporter: sign-toting activists periodically walked across the street to infiltrate the other side for a while. but police kept them on the sidewalks and out of the lanes of traffic. >> it's been completely peaceful here. >> reporter: others say they felt harassed. >> just walking around the bay area with the hat in general,
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it's like i'm wearing a target -- i have a target on my back. >> reporter: this ideological showdown ended peacefully. in santa clara i'm leslie brinkl brinkley, abc 7 news. hundreds of people also gathered in roseville. three groups held demonstrations, one calling themselves anti-sharia law. a counterprotest group calling themselves anti-fascists. and a third group demonstrating for unity. >> just came out to show my support for the muslim community and to say we're glad you're here, we want you here. >> reporter: at least one person was arrested in connection with the protests at it's not clear which group that individual belonged to. walnut creek residents looking to beat the heat this summer now have another option. the renovated larky swim center held its grand opening today complete with raffles, food trucks and synchronized swimming. the pool will be available for lessons and school trip rentals and just in time. next week temperatures in walnut creek are expected to soar past 95 degrees. the oakland raiders held a clinic today at their alameda
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practice facility for high school students and coaches. as you can see in this video from the raiders, the kids took part in drills and learned tips from the pros on the same practice field the team uses. they also learned about the importance of proper technique, work ethic and nutrition from raiders defensive coordinator ken norton jr. >> it's your turn to have your success. we're here to make sure you get yours. >> new raider and oakland tech alum marshawn lynch made an appearance at the event as did two of the top picks in the raiders' upcoming rookie class. what a perfect day for a parade, and this one kicked off opening day at the san mateo county fair. groups from throughout the bay area were invited to celebrate the fair's 80th year. the music group smashmouth will perform next saturday. the headliner of this year's event. the fair will be open through june 18th at the san mateo county fairgrounds. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. we're track a cool finish to
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the weekend that could include a pop-up shower for some of us tomorrow afternoon. live doppler 7 along with satellite, we enjoy plentiful sunshine today. and tonight you notice we have mainly clear skies. just a few puffy clouds indicated by that gray shading you see on your screen. today certainly windy. frequent wind gusts. over 30 miles per hour. and the wind forecast over the next 24 hours not too much of a break in the wind. take a look. the wind coming out of the west will continue through the next 24 hours. even tomorrow afternoon winds will frequently gust over 20 miles per hour. so it will be a breezy, bright, but also a cool finish to the weekend. outside we go. live look from our exploratorium camera. atop pier 15. you do notice the moonlight bouncing off of the bay waters. it's a quiet evening out there right now. most of us have fallen back into the 50s after a really cool afternoon. out there right now 59 the current number in oakland. about 57 in san jose. 54 in fairfield. and napa currently checking in with a temperature of 56 degrees. here's the call.
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overnight tonight a few clouds bubbling up after midnight, mainly in the suth bay. for most of us it will just be i mainly clear night. and temperatures not falling too far from where we are right now. most of us settling in the mid to low 50s overnight tonight. so sunday future weather. let's go hour by hour. 8:00 tomorrow morning waking up to a quiet morning, just a mixture of sunshine and cloud cover out there. it's really in the afternoon. our attention will focus into the north bay. by sunday 6:00 you do notice we're seeing some showers begin to pop up as a system moves in from the north. and you do notice a pop of yellow just to the north of napa. it's not out of the question to see a quick downpour and perhaps here a clap of thunder as this system tries to scrape by us to the east. by 7:00 future weather showing you the shower may try to move into concord but as the sun sets the system's going to lose its energy to produce showers. as the sun goes down the shower activity diminishes pb. and by sunday we're just left over with some cloud cover out there. highs on your sunday, you do notice it's cool for this time of the year by some five to ten
11:20 pm
degrees below normal for this time of the year. 67 the high in san jose. about 70 in concord. 71 vallejo with the chance of the pop-up shower. same in napa, 71 degrees and 71 the high in antioch. this system will also produce a few snowflakes in the sierra. a winter weather advisory in the month of june. until monday morning. we could see one to twour inches of snow as low as 5,500 feet. it is a cold system moving through. going to take you to oakland on monday. game 5 of the nba finals. you do notice if you're going to oracle no weather worries. mixture of sun and cloud. 64 degrees. as the game starts, cooling down to 57 degrees. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you an isolated shower on your sunday. monday we're still cool. but we're dry completely. then tuesday and wednesday temperatures turn around and by thursday, friday, and into saturday it is just downright hot with 80s and 90s making a return across the region.
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>> it's a good thing walnut creek has that new swim set. they're going to need it. >> they're going to enjoy it. don't mess with
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check out what a mother bear will do to protect her cubs. a southern california man's security camera gives us a look. mother bear and her baby rummage for food through chris mcdonald's trash can this week at his la canada-flintridge home. suddenly a coyote appears. mama bear keeps her cub very close and the coyote doesn't get any closer than that. the must-have apple item of the week, it's extremely low-tech. take a look. a pair of vintage apple sneakers from the 1990' are up for auction. those sneakers were made exclusively for apple employees. you see they feature the couple's old rainbow-colored logo.
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opening bid $15,000. bidding ends tomorrow. i wear size 11. but maybe anthony could buy them. >> they look pretty cool. but i think we need cleats for this next one. at least the a's would. the a's spent more than seven hours at the ballpark in tampa with their marathon day end in a [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after.
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forget about making lunch or dinner plans for the aisz in tampa. their calendar was absolutely booked. they spent the entire day at the ballpark with major league baseball scheduling a rare doubleheader against the rays.
11:29 pm
sonny gray pitched six innings striking out ten including his former catcher. ray window up with a no decision. ryan healy doubles to left. rajai davis scores from second. it's 5-5. this game goes to extra innings. bottom ten, evan longoria with a base hit off liam hendricks for his eighth career walk-off hit. rays take game 1. 6-5 is the final. game 2 of the double dip, matt and reis left the game with an injury. hu called up with the doubleheader. he gives up a solo blast to josh phegley. 2-1 a's. now to the sixth, jacob bruggemann who had his first game if game one. the bunt that stapz on the line for a fair ball. 3-1 a's. oakland would tack on three more runs in the seventh inning when ryan healy and chad pinder both go yard. healy with his 14th of the season. pinder with his eighth of the
11:30 pm
year. the a's win 7-12, splitting the doubleheader. back here at home the giants hosting the twins. great day to be chilling on the water. first inning brandon belt goes for a little swim. it's the 73rd splash home run in giants history as a solo shot shot, his 11th of the season. the giants take a 1-0 lead. jeff samardzija coming off his second of the season. fourth inning, that is not good. kenny vargas with his sixth home run. that ties the game at 1-1. fifth inning, two outs, one on for brian dozer. that is out of here. samardzija. drop to 2-8 for the season. as the twins win it by the final of 3-2. >> we played a good game. i though the threw the ball fine. sure he made a couple mistakes. three runs, six innings. we only get two today. and we've talked about the need to score four runs. >> it takes one guy to get going usually for everybody to fall in line and then it just kind of becomes contagious.
11:31 pm
we need to keep going at it. we need to better oufl too. we can win games 2-1 and then get it rolling that way also. the giants and twins will wrap up their three-game series tomorrow at at&t. this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. in the second half hour of sports we will talk a little cavaliers and warriors. >> oh, are they in town? >> yeah, they've got this game on monday. maybe you've heard about it. >> i think i have. anthony, thank you very much. some important information for parents about a seldom heard of summer hazard. have you ever heard of dry drowning? we'll have information that all parents should know. but first -- >> we're going to get you out of there. okay? just hang loose for me. >> and you're seeing a rescue in progress of a woman kidnapped by a
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good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines a brentwood school district is apologizing after a liberty high school graduate was told he couldn't walk in the graduation ceremony wearing his military blues. army private harley fletcher was told he needed to wear a cap and gown. he refused and left the ceremony. the golden state warriors and cleveland cavaliers are back in the bay area tonight. the warriors landed in oakland this afternoon. a couple hours later the cavs arrived in san francisco. the teams are getting ready for game 5 monday night at oracle. the warriors have a chance to win a championship at home for the first time. they're up three games to one. in santa clara and across the country today demonstrators marched against sharia law. that's a philosophical code derived from the koran to guide
11:36 pm
the behavior of observant muslims. some claim it leads to terrorism and abuses against women. the protesters were met by counterprotesters who were calling for unity. no arrests were reported. a chilling video is out tonight showing the rescue of a woman held captive by an accused serial killer in south carolina. certain scenes may be disturbing for some viewers. abc news reporter eva pilgrim has our story. >> reporter: tonight the dramatic and disturbing new images showing the moment authorities walked up to this sealed shipping container where a woman was being held captive. authorities using a saw and crowbars to break into the container. once inside, pitch black. investigators armed with guns walk through, finding kayla brown chained up inside the crate. >> how are you, honey? >> reporter: the 30-year-old held prisoner for two months by an admitted serial killer. in the video you can see brown with a chain around her neck. >> it's attached to a chain through a wall and my neck's
11:37 pm
attached to the wall up here. >> reporter: wearing glasses, sitting on a makeshift bed. >> something straight out of hannibal lecter. here's this girl chapd up like a dog in the back of a container. >> authorities using bolt cutters to free brown, who had been trapped inside the container on this property belonging to 46-year-old todd colehep, a seemingly successful local realtor. brown spoke to dr. phil mcgraw about the moment she was rescued. >> calm just washed over me. i was just -- i was just there, and i was free. and i was ready to get off that property. >> reporter: she immediately told detectives her boyfriend charlie carver did not survive. >> todd kohlhepp shot charlie three times in the chest, put him in a bucket of the tractor, locked me down here, i've never seen him again. he says he's dead and buried. >> reporter: kohlhepp has now confessed to killing seven people including four people he gunned down at a motorcycle shop. >> i cleared that building in under 30 seconds. you guys would have been proud.
11:38 pm
i'm sorry, but you guys would have been proud. >> reporter: kohlhepp pled guilty to murder and kidnapping charges. a judge sentenced him to life in prison. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. attorney general jeff sessions has agreed to appear before the senate intelligence committee as it investigates possible russian meddling in the presidential election. sessions says his decision comes in light of last week's testimony by fired fbi director james comey. sessions recused himself from a federal investigation into contacts between russia and the trump campaign after acknowledging that he had met twice last year with the russian ambassador to the u.s. new developments tonight on the recent attack on london bridge. investigators announced two more arrests and have found other evidence indicating the attack could have been far worse. police say one of the attackers attempted to rent a seven-ton truck to ram pedestrians on the morning of the attack. police also found 13 molotov cocktails and two blow torches inside the smaller white van that the attackers ended up using.
11:39 pm
in eastern afghanistan american servicemen have come under attack by an afghan army soldier they were training. at least three died and another was wounded when that soldier suddenly turned on the u.s. troops. abc news reporter stephanie ramos has the late details. >> reporter: tonight at least four american soldiers coming under fire in that deadly insider attack in eastern afghanistan. according to pentagon officials, an afghan soldier turned his weapon u.s. service members there to train him. three u.s. army soldiers killed, one more wounded. the taliban tonight claiming responsibility and releasing this photo of the alleged attacker who was killed. >> they want to ruin tactical effectiveness between u.s., nato, and afghan military units. >> reporter: the attack in the same province where the u.s. dropped the mother of all bombs on taliban targets in april. president trump and vice president pence were briefed on the deadly attack. >> when heroes fall, americans grieve, and our thoughts and prayers are with the families of
11:40 pm
these american heroes. >> reporter: today's insider attack the deadliest in more than a year. there are vetting procedures in place for afghans serving alongside americans. but there are still legitimate fears an attacker can put up enough of an act to join. at the pentagon stephanie ramos, abc news. actor adam west, the man who played batman in the 1960s tv series, has died. >> shall i steal your voice or end your life? >> whichever you decide, i'm sure it'll be the wrong choice. >> west played the caped crusader for 120 episodes on abc and is widely known for being the original tv batman. he never got out from under the dark knight's shadow for the rest of his acting career, but later in life he embraced the opportunities that the role created. most recently cameo voice-over roles on "the simpsons" and "family guy." his family says he died following a short battle with leukemia. west was 88 years old. a dangerous condition is
11:41 pm
catching some parents off guard. >> he was perfectly healthy, you know, the few days before. >> children suddenly becoming severely ill. it's a type of drowning that can happen hours after children are in a pool. the warning sign for parents. also, poor pup. the sticky situation involving this dog. the good news is he's fine now. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. and accuweather attracting the more people are choosing nissan. ♪ ♪ it's america's best sales event at nissan the fastest-growing auto brand in the u.s.a. take on every day
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parents are sharing their frightening experiences with a condition many of us are not familiar with. it's called dry drowning. abc news reporter adrienne bankert has information every parent can use to keep their children safe. >> reporter: tonight a warning for families about a silent summer danger. >> he was perfectly healthy, you know, the few days before. >> reporter: hours after playing in the pool garon vega's son geo
11:45 pm
became sick. >> he was exhibiting really high fever, lethargy, and i noticed his heart was beating rapidly. >> reporter: after seeing recent headlines about secondary drowning the boy's family rushed geo to the e.r. doctors diagnosing the 2-year-old with pneumonia. the family saying these doctors told them secondary drowning was to blame. it's when a small amount of water is inhaled into the lungs. >> if we probably would have waited till the next day it probably would have been a bad outcome. >> reporter: lindsay kujawa's son was diagnosed with secondary drowning after jumping into the jacuzzi. >> i'm like he's okay, he's not blue, he's choking up the water. >> reporter: doctors say the condition is rare but can be fatal. >> it takes a surprisingly small amount of fluid to cause damage to the lungs. in a child it can be as little as a quarter of a can of soda. >> reporter: the symptoms to look for when water inhalation may have occurred include doufg, lethargy, difficulty breathing and irritability or confusion. experts say if your child is experiencing any of these
11:46 pm
symptoms get them to a doctor and if they're having trouble breathing get them to the emergency room right away. adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. connecticut police are searching for the owner of a dog after the animal was found with dozens of porcupine quills in its head and face. take a look. a good samaritan found the job on a highway in danbury this morning and took it to a vet. police say it took the vet more than four hours to remove all those quills. the dog didn't have a tag and is not microchipped. a marine biologist in monterey is using some great drone video to show sharks are misunderstood. the video shows young great white sharks placidly swimming around him. researcher johncarlo tomei said 20 have been birthed in the last three months near the aptos cement ship. many pups stick around because adult sharks leave and they feel safe there on familiar ground. check the weather now with drew tuma. >> quiet night out there tonight. tomorrow we'll start off with lots of sunshine. and then a few of us could have a couple of showers pop up. live doppler 7 along with
11:47 pm
satellite showing you it's a really clear picture out there. just a few puffy clouds right now. and that'll be the theme through the next 12 hours. the wider picture, though, just to our north you see that cyclone spinning just to the north of medford. a couple of showers there. that system's going to scrape by us just to our east and try to give us a shower. basically in the north bay. that's the best chance. future weather we'll go hour by hour for you. watch the time stamp. this is 8:00 in the morning. it's really just a mix of sunshine and clouds out there. then we get into the afternoon. by 5:00, 6:00 there you can see a couple of colors on your screen. green, yellow, that's the chance of a shower. we zoom in a little closer. and reit now the best chance around santa rosa, napa, vallejo, could have a shower try and move into concord even around, say, san rafael. but the showers are really going to be fueled by the sun. and as the sun sets, the showers are really going to diminish. so they'll be out of here as we approach midnight on sunday. highs on sunday, take a look, it's going to be a cool finish
11:48 pm
to the weekend. 67 in san francisco. 67 in san jose. average high this time of the year is about 80 degrees in san jose. well below normal. 7 0234 n. con order, 64 richmond. the accuweather forecast, the chance of a shower tomorrow, could hear a clap of thunder. it's cool on monday but then we see the numbers rapidly rise mid-week. by thursday and friday it feels like summer around here and downright hot to start the weekend on saturday. >> thank you very much. also hot, game 5. >> oh, yeah, big couple of days coming up. we know talking is about for any relationship. but what about a rivalry? what the warriors said to inspire their rivals before game 4. stick around
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
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with hustle, determination, and his chatter draymond green is the heartbeat of the
11:52 pm
warriors, but he's also helping to inspire the cavaliers during this nba finals series. after falling behind three games to none the cavs had a record shooting performance from behind the arc to win game 4. the cavs say they were motivated by the noise coming from green and the dubs about wanting to pop open the publishy on their home court. >> we see everything. i'd be sitting up here lying if i said didn't see it. but i'm relishing that challenge. i know my teammates do as well. it's been going back and forth all season. and now we're in the finals and everything is just pinpointed. but definitely heard the chatter. >> the other day we didn't expect them to come out and lay down. they came out and did exactly what we thought they would do. i can't foresee them coming to oracle and hitting 24 threes. all right. game 5 of the nba finals will be monday night at 6:00 p.m. and can be seen right here on abc 7. the a's and rays were working beyond overtime. it was a little more like a
11:53 pm
marathon in tam papp more than seven hours at the ballpark for a rare scheduled doubleheader. game 1, sonny gray got the start for oakland he pitched six innings striking out ten including his former catcher derek norris 37 but gray would end up with a no decision. oakland trailed 5-4 in the ninth. healy. rajai davis scores from second. that knots things at 5-5. this game would go to extra innings. bottom ten, evan longoria says go home, this thing is over. it is his eighth career walk-off hit. the a's take game 1. 6-5 is the final. game 2 of the double dip, matt ond reis ond reis ond reisd chi wei hu. a bunt that stops on the line for a fair ball. 3-1 a's.
11:54 pm
now, oakland would tack on three more runs in the seventh when healy and chad pender both go yard. healy with his 14th. pender with his eighth. the a's win 7-2. they split the doubleheader. back here at home giants hosting the twins. great day to be chilling on the water. first inning, brandon belt at the dish. he sends it up, up, and away. it's the 73rd splash home run in giants history. his 11th of the season. and san francisco takes a 1-0 lead. jeff samardzija on the hill coming off his second win of the season. fourth inning, that is not good. vargas goes deep. that's his sixth home run of the year and ties the game at 1. then in the fifth with a man on for brian dozier, he sends it up and out of the yard. samardzija allowed three runs in six innings, drops to 2-8 on the season as the twins win it 3-2. we really played a good game. i thought shark threw the ball fine. sure, he made a couple mistakes, but three runs, six innings, we
11:55 pm
only got two today, and we've talked about the need to score four runs. >> takes one guy to get going usually for everybody to kind of follow in line and then it kind of becomes contagious. we just need to keep going at it. we need to push a little better ourselves too. we can win games 2-1 and then get it rolling that way also. and now to the ponies. and many were thinking the belmont stakes would have no drama because there was no potential triple crown winner. that would not be the case. the mile and a half track and this race would come down to two horses and a sprint to the finish. >> and on the outside tapwrit. tapwrit has taken the lead. tapwrit and irish war cry come down to the line together. it is tapwrit and jose ortiz win the belmont stakes! >> how's that for drama? tapwrit 5-1 odds beats the favorite irish war cry. they finishes the kras in 2:30.
11:56 pm
tennis, anyone? a shocking upset in the women's french open final. third seeded simona halep was defeated by unseeded jelena ostapenko. she turns 20 in two days. lost first set but won the next two for a first ever grand slam championship. 4-6, 6-4, 6-3. she becomes the first unseeded women's champion at this tournament since 1933. to the links. third round of the st. jude classic in memphis, tennessee. we kim shot a 1-under 69 and here shoots the shot of the day on 16. third of the par 5. the eagle has landed. he is at 6 under. just three black of the co-leaders, rafaero bello and stuart cink. also shot a 1-under 69. the three leaders are all tied at 9 under par. this abc 7 sports report is
11:57 pm
brought to you by river rock casino. and you heard the chatter going on. i don't think there were enough things the warriors can say into spire the cavaliers to play in game 5 the way they did in game 4, but we will find out on monday night. >> hey, they both get each other going on the court. this is a true rivalry. >> it certainly is. >> at least for the past three years or so. thank you, anthony. that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. for drew and anthony florez thanks for joining us. have a great evening and an even better morning. how far should pure alpine spring water have to travel from its source to the bottle? a hundred miles? a thousand miles? how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser always bottled at the mountain source.
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