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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 11, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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at the mountain source. time for fresh viral videos "right this minute." the terrifying sight of a runaway stroller prompts a man to -- >> jump down on to the train track. >> the intense story behind a hero's life-or-death decision. >> imagine a word where you could just jump and run around. >> without the worry of being bare foot. why it looks like a game changer. >> i want it. >> a man is forced to live with a medical problem. what's behind the condition that just keeps coming back. and playing something called -- the game that can strike at any time. >> get out! >> you can never be too careful on a train platform. it can be a dangerous place to
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be. look out! oh, my gosh. this stroller falling on the train tracks. here comes our hero. quickly grabs the stroller, puts it back up. >> wait a minute. is this real? >> obviously something's up. but i'm just impressed. let's break it down. let's take ooh look. did that stroller really just fall? >> no. >> she pushed it. >> you can see the stroller pull back and get shoved. so clearly that was a setup. then you see the hero run over, jump down on to the train tracks. you hear a baby crying. that's an easy sound to dub in. this is where i really had to look at the video over and over. he gets really close. i really was not convinced that this was a video effect. i really thought he just made it too, too close. until i clicked on his profile on instagram. and looked at some of his other videos.
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>> see? these guys are very talented obviously. >> zack king to manipulate reality and pull off these illusions. in this case, he's just making some crazy stuff up. >> my only thing with this as we know on the internet, people like to follow other folks. and you'll have some other persons thinking that they can do it. so it's cool, he's cool. but on the internet, don't try to be cool. >> he did not do this. if you want to be cool, be cool by learning how to really create some incredible post-production, and composite editing. i think this train near miss falls right into that category of what you see is not what really happened. >> if you're like me and love to buy shoes but hate wearing them, you will love this latest kick-starter campaign. >> what do you do then? >> we're extremely confused. >> it's called snake pit.
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>> imagine a word you could just jump and run around without worrying about being bare foot. the ultimate way of protecting your feet in every circumstance. >> i want one in every color. >> for walking wherever you want. >> you can wear it to the pool, you can wear it out on the sand, you can wear them in the water. >> you stick a sole to the sole of your foot? >> yes. >> how resistant are they? i imagine if they step on a thorn, is it still going to protect you or a sharp rock? >> the thing, like a band-aid, once it's on, great. but it will start peeling off. >> you do only use it one time. men, women's and children's sizes, you get ten for just $33. elastic, easy off and on. >> water parks and stuff like that, that's when you really want it. you're afraid of all these other people running around, you never know what's out there on the floor and you hate having to carry your shoes around.
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i could definitely see the benefit here. it just has to work. >> i'll give it a shot. i don't know if it's the answer to all my barefoot prayers. >> how many do you have? >> i have a lot, oli. running through my head. >> they're trying to raise over $22,000 to get this up and running. i hope they do. i love it. >> this red car with the dash cam is waiting to merge onto the main road. it's zipping past and the driver asks a question. and i have to be honest, it's a question you're going to be asking a lot in this video. you see up ahead that camaro has already been slowed down. like in slow traffic. i don't think he's happy about it. he starts doing this. one. one. and the third one, boom. and then floors it. he approaches this intersection. look how close he gets to that truck! just misses in that case. then heavy on the brakes as the
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white car turns right at the light. >> now look at what's ahead. what is this guy's problem? >> that's my point. now, the camaro and car are both deciding they want to turn left. they stop at this red light. apparently in the description for this video the guy said he's continuing to communicate through the mirror. >> you see all that, and you're kind of like, bro, go about your business. your instincts in this case, nick, are perfect. loses the back end. >> oh! >> okay. >> whoa! >> that's how you climb a telephone pole with your car. >> i did not see that coming. >> i did laugh quite a lot when i saw that happen. apparently he goes up one of the guy wires that holds it up. that's where that camaro stays. wheels are spinning. apparently this driver was unlicensed. and police say he was arrested on suspicion of dui. now we head to russia, we're approaching an intersection up ahead. heavy on the brakes. look out! then we get to see why.
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>> did the child fall out? >> the hatch opened up. >> you can see this 3-year-old girl lying on the road as the car disappears. but guys, there's more to this story, especially when we go high to this angle. keep an eye on the car. as it pulls out of the intersection. there goes another child. two children fall out of the back. you can see the little boy jumps up to his feet and runs off to the side. while the 3-year-old is still lying in the road until other vehicles stop and pick her up and try to render aid. >> why weren't they belted in? >> there are so many questions involved here. i think the biggest one being why did the mother not notice and not stop? the 3-year-old girl was taken to hospital to deal with some of the injuries with being thrown from the car. they did catch up with the mother, who faces charges for this. mostly people are amazed at the complete cluelessness to what was going on. >> imagine that having a medical condition that makes everyone around you scared of you. and, therefore, you have to live
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as a recluse. that's exactly the case of this indonesian man, 34-year-old who is believed to have a specific type of eye cancer that has forced this growth in his right eye. >> that's his eye? >> yeah. >> and he pulls it up. you see there is actually an eyelid. when he opens that up, i do believe it's his cornea and pupil we are seeing. >> can he see through that? >> no, he cannot see through that. he is completely blind on the right side. >> i feel so bad for this guy. you know, people just don't understand. they are fearful. it's like a modern-day elephant man syndrome. >> in fact, a lot of people are comparing his deformity to an elephant trunk. >> how long has he lived with this condition? >> since he was 3 months old. that's when his mom first noticed there was a lump growing in his eye. he's had it removed a total of five times, and eventually they decided to let it be.
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unfortunately it's now spreading to other parts of his body. now, you see him interacting in the video with kids. they might be nieces or other kids, members of his family. they're not afraid of him. they're totally fine being around him. >> there's no reason to be afraid of him. it's just a growth. but it's just people not understanding. >> their family has spent all their money and sold everything they have to pay for treatment, and it's still not enough. >> there's trouble at the market. over what this young woman is wearing. >> almost wearing. >> exactly. watch what sent this older lady into fight mode. >> oh, that's gross! >> and daddy's in for a treat. >> that's jordan. she don't want to hear daddy. >> he's definitely got a long road ahead of him. man #2: we're not coming out! man #1: [ sighs ] flo: [ amplified ] i got this.
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closed captioning provided by -- re's to the 99%. gold bond powder spray. anytime. anywhere. stay cool, america. there's a certain farmer's market in russia that has some fresh peaches that are getting some attention. this leggy blond is out shopping. >> a lot of people in the market are paying her a lot of attention. watch this one mature woman. you see the girl looking off to her left. there's an argument happening.
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this woman has since been identified as victoria pandora on instagram. where there she gets lots of attention for her beauty blogs, 32,000 followers and counting. but her look not so appreciated this day in the market. >> what's the problem? people can wear what she wants. >> it seems she's getting ridiculed. >> flat-out letting her have it. >> as victoria turns around with her bag of apricots, she reaches in, pulls one out and throws it at one of the other market people. the apricot lands, and now here comes the lady. >> oh! >> victoria wasn't happy with this woman. and the egg lady attacks. >> this older woman, she's
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getting it. that woman's got victoria by the scruff. a couple of guys step in to try to separate these two. and they do. but the fight isn't quite over. you see victoria speed up to walk after this woman. the old lady grabs her by the hair again. before victoria winds up leaving the market, she gets one last lick. last little spiteful -- she scoots off. that where it seems to end. >> some of us are just born witty. >> ooh! that's jordan. she don't want to hear, daddy. she's so cute. she has the gift of gab.
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and the gift of the clap back. >> i want to hear what you're saying. i want to hear it first. the only reason i'm talking is because you're talking. >> she's talking there. doesn't look like you're going to win this one. >> stop slapping your hands. you keep clapping. >> i wonder where she learned that from. it's just a mystery to me where she would have got all those hand motions and those words. >> you're going to do it again. we've been arguing for 12 hours. >> her mom brittany is recording all of this. it was taken when she was 1. in this video she's 1.
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>> oh, goodness, daddy, you've got a long road ahead of you. >> wait until the terrible 2s. >> she is now 2. but they just recently posted the video for all of our enjoyment. >> you got school tomorrow. >> this is going nowhere. >> who said you need a plane in order to sky dive. >> imagine the money they save on airplane fuel. so they can go up and sky dive. >> actually, that's exactly the point. let's see how they do it. >> are you kidding me? >> plus, mack lethal wraps to a letter he received from an 11-year-old. why this tune carries a powerful message ♪ why did you want me to feel so embarrassed ♪ >> man. icense! (cheering) woo! going on my first targetrun. need anything? laundry detergent! toothpaste! i'll get my purse. ok, nana. get everyday low prices on everyday essentials,
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fungi-nail. you get the power of 10. the power to take on skin itch and irritation. and get fast acting relief that lasts 10 full hours. that's the power of 10. cortizone 10®. we're in spain, enjoying paragliding. but clearly, they look a little bit bored. three, two, one, they cut away and then they just tearing toward the earth with proximity flying. we know how difficult this is. why do just one thing when you can make a combo out of it? >> the canopy all inflated. you're seeing a beautiful view. why isn't that enough for the guy? >> this is just the way they do things. they rode up to an altitude to where they think it's safe enough. they can instantly cut away and make it a 2-for-1 special. >> imagine the money they save on airplane fuel.
3:21 pm
>> that's exactly the point. in fact, the title of their video is how to sky dive without a plane. you don't need that massive investment anymore, you can just get yourself up there, and then get yourself back down. >> they're so green-friendly. >> what about the canopies? >> are you kidding me? oh, my god! >> the first time i saw it, i couldn't believe it. there's a canopy handing down to the ground. he goes past it. hooks it with his foot. ready for the next ride. >> he did that in one attempt. there is no edit mark in there. >> there's so many cool shots in this video. sometimes they're jumping off from tandem rides, sometimes they're doing it by themselves. but it looks like they may have just had the best day ever. >> i would be impressed if they threw in one more sport to make it interesting. >> juggling. >> yeah. >> when we were kids, we had a lot of good memories of doing good stuff with our friends,
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summer vacation. but sometimes there are bad things, they're the strongest memories that adults carry with them. ma mack% recently got a letter. >> i hope this helps him. you and me used to be best friends. we used to ride bikes and go -- >> this 11-year-old wrote the letter to the other child who he says has been bullying him for the last two years. >> you used to come to my house and play ps4. yesterday you kicked me and said mean things to my sister. you pushed me off my bike, now i have a huge blister. you used to be my best friend in the world. now you don't like my because you say i throw like a girl. >> man, you can tell, that's coming from this kid's heart, from his experience, from his broken heart. >> he basically breaks down the things that he's been going through and how he's been
3:23 pm
feeling. >> it hurts. i'm still mad at you for ripping my new shirt. i lied how it got ripped to my mom. >> when he starts talking about the things he still wants them to do together, you think, kids are kids. >> are you mad for me saying kootie? maybe i was wrong and it really isn't bad. i'll play with you again, just ask me. i have the same gamer tag. >> just cut this guy out. he's not worth it. >> i was certainly bullied. but when you get older you look back and realize, yeah, it gets better, but at the time you don't think it will. >> i know i'm different. but i still care about you and our friendship. >> that's what he's telling him, yes, you are good. that's a good thing. >> he gives credit to the little boy who sent it in and the beats were by danny groove. >> maybe in some ways this video will get this kid the help that he needs. >> come on, world. >> they do definitely have a sense of humor.
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>> get out! >> find out the rules to this entertaining game. have to travel from its source to the bottle? a hundred miles? a thousand miles? how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser always bottled at the mountain source.
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how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. seems to love it, too. >> wow! >> when the cat just wants to sleep. ♪
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>> a game you may recognize. >> get out! >> just playing a game. if you tell one of the other people the floor is level, they have five seconds to get off the floor. the fun part being, they always do it at really inopportune moments. like, for example, in the middle of grocery shopping. >> the floor is lava. five, four, three -- >> oh! >> cleanup on aisle 3. >> and that's why mom hated that game. >> it doesn't matter where they are, they've got to go for it. >> the floor is lava. >> oh, my -- >> ah! >> that is commitment to the craft right there. >> i think that's why these
3:29 pm
views are getting so much attention. because their commitment is just -- you've got to respect it. >> the floor is lava. >> he always gets busted at the wrong, wrong time. >> i'm getting busted in all the wrong places, too. but she's by far the best at this game, and the winner for me comes at the end. it looks like they're at a random corner store. >> the floor is lava. the floor is lava. five, four, three -- >> this is commitment. when she figured out where to go -- >> bravo, girl! >> a lot of businesses may not want them to play this game, but please send us the videos. thanks for hanging out with us, friends. we appreciate it. us, friends. we appreciate it. we'll see you next time on rtm. -- captions by vitac --
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