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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  June 11, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> live where you live, this is abc 7 news. we won't be erased. we won't be harassed. we won't be divided. >> a message of unity, gay pride celebrations across the country and here in the bay area, morph into movements. hello, thank for joining you. a crowd of hundreds marched in downtown san jose today for lbgtq equality. marching on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the orlando pulse nightclub shooting. leslie brink lin is live in san jose with the story. >> reporter: this area behind me was filled with rainbow flags
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and banners, filled with diversity as what was billed as a unity and equality march. a massive march wound through downtown san jose peacefully. >> for the many watching these marchs across the nation, we want to say, this is not fake news. this is reality. we won't be erased. >> the resounding theme. >> in this state, we celebrate our diversity. we don't ban it. we don't depart it. as we sure as hell don't wall it off, not in california. >> make no mistakes, that the trump admin vaistration is perpetuating the general side of trans women of color. we are at a critical time in this country where we have to stand together. >> reporter: but there was something else weighing on everyone else's mind here. >> tomorrow is the first anniversary of orlando. where 49 precious lives were
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gunned down. and i think that they would be prideful about what we're doing today. but they would also instruct us that we have a lot more work to do. >> the fact that the city continues to remember those victims and continues to fight for lbgt people of color means a l lot. >> just looking to the future and hoping that nothing like that happens again. >>. >> reporter: to remember those who died last year in orlando, a vigil is scheduled for monday night at 18th and astro in san francisco. >> in washington, d.c., advocates for lbgtq rights took their message to the white house in an equality march at the nation's capital. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> marchers sang the national anthem ae as they made their way through the capital carrying a big rainbow flag.
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many say they are worried about president trump's plan to erase the supreme court's 2015 landmark ruling legalizing same-sex marriage. >> love is love is love is love is love. >> a similar message resonated in los angeles where a so-called resist march was held through the heart of west hollywood. the event took on a somber tone as marchers there honored pulse nightclub victims and honored those to protect the lbgqt rights that they say are under attack. the attorney general gets ready to testify on capitol hill. president trump once again taking to twitter to take fire at james comey. mary bruce is with the president at his new jersey golf resort. >> reporter: president trump and his fired fbi director now locked in a he said/he said. >> those were lies, plain and simple. >> some things he said just weren't true. >> the president said he is
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ready to give his side of the story. >> would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of -- >> 100%. >> trump striking back at comey on twitter saying i believe that james comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible. totally illegal, very cowardly. >> your own worst enemy, here mr. president, knock it off. >> members of the president's own party warning him to back off. >> you may be the first president in history to go down because you can't stop inappropriately talking about an investigation that if you just were quiet would clear you. >> when it comes down to who is telling the truth and who's not, most people would side reasonably with james comey. >> former u.s. attorney for new york can relate. he was also fired by trump back in march. and said he also had some awkward encounters with the president. including repeated phone calls from trump starting even before he took office. >> it was a little bit uncomfortable. he was not the president, only
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president-elect. >> but that changed when trump called again m march, this time as president. >> we deliberated over it. thought it was inappropriate to return the call. 22 years later i was asked to resign. >> this week the attorney general, jeff sessions, will be in the hot seat. set to testify in front of the same panel as comey. sessions already recused himself from the russia investigation. >> i should not be involved investigating a campaign i have a role in. >> but comey hinted there were other reasons. >> we also were aware of nakts i can't discuss in an open setting. >> sessions says it is important that i have an opportunity to address these matters. mary bruce, abc news, bedminster, new jersey. >> new at 5:00, embattled ceo of uber could be placed on leave. that's according to a report in new york times. uber's board of directors met this morning to dicuss putting travis county on a leave of absence. they were expected to review findinges from a m month-long investigation done by eric
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holder about the culture. uber has been involved in a widespread scandal involving vex you' sexual harassment. a single car crash happened just before 10:00 on monarch bay drive at neptune drive near the san leandro marina. occupants were leaving party when the car slammed into palm tree. family members pulled the passenger out the car and performed cpr on the man. he died. a man was later found hiding in nearby golf course with serious injuries. he could face felony hit and run charges. it is not clear whether drugs or alcohol were factors. 2,000 athletes showed up for a triathlon but high winds kept them out of san francisco bay. abc 7 news was at san francisco's marina green when competitors finished the escape from alcatraz triathlon with an eight-mile ron. original plans were for them to swim in the bay but the wind
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made it too dangerous for support boat to accompany them. >> it breaks your heart. we were able to at least get a great cycle in, a great run. every leg of this course is iconic. >> it is disappointing because you always want to have a full triathlon, have the full swim. but i understand the safety aspect. >> in addition to the run the athletes also pedalled along 18-mile long bicycle course. you heard thereabout the wind and choppy water. did we also have rain drops falling from the sky? let's check in with meteorologist, rick tomb meteorologist ri meteorologimeet ol rick tomba. >> let's get to you where satllite action is happening at this hour. we have showers and storms moving through napa and fairfield at this hour. numerous vivid lightning strikes. 63 in last 15 minutes. zoom in down to street level.
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live doppler. you see heavy downpours. this rain is falling at almost an inch per hour. that is a very big downpour that is moving through continuing into fairfield as well with lightning and heavy rain. so what will happen the showers and storms in they will be short-lived. future weather showing you by 6:00 watch as they fall apart and by 8:00 our skies quiet down. it is cool right now for june but we have a major warm-up on the way we look at numbers in the accuweather forecast in a moment, eric. >> drew, thank you very much. >> in about 24 hours the warriors will get another shot to win it all and right if front after home crowd. abc 7 news was at the war yario practice. king james and the rest of the cavs will try to stop the warriors momentum and take the series back to cleveland. he and teammates got practice in. shu will have more coming up in
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sports. oakland mayor is hosting an auction for two luxury box tickets for tomorrow's game and provides will benefit a nonprove that helps oakland's yet. you can bid twon two tickets ata mezzanine suite at oracle. young people can have the chance to become entrepreneurs. we have a link on our website on abc 7 news pn't com. don't worry if you can't be there in person. game five is tomorrow at 5:30 on abc 7. right before the game, join dubson7 pregame show. larry and shoe will be live at 5:00 p.m. could we have a 51st state in the union. u.s.ter tory that voted today to become part of the u.s. will today's vote carry any
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weight in d.c. ? how san francisco is taking a stand tofor the environment.
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other u.s. cities and putting climate change information, delete fretd environmental protection agency website on to their own web domains. the city saves the information and reposts data. some other cities taking part are atlanta, boston, seattle, houston and philadelphia. mayor ed lee says the public deserves to see publicly funded research on climate change. puerto ricans voted overwhelmingly today to become america's 51st state. they have dealt with the economic crisis for a decade now. half million puerto ricans moved to the mainland due to a lack of jobs and high cost of living at home. other choices were remaining a u.s. territory or taking steps towards independence. congress will have the final say on puerto rico's future. a neighborhood celebration turns 40. that's not own thely reason why this year's hate street fair is expoen in recall. we will explain. >> tracking thunderstorms out there right now.
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a wedding crasher made quite a splash at a wedding in new jersey. >> that's right you're looking at cell phone video of the wedding crasher himself at president trump, heard of the free world checked in at wedding reception at a golf club about 25 miles west of new york city. mr. trump signed and passed out a few great america great again hats to guests. thousands of people enjoyed a tradition this weekend. abc 7 news at haight-ashbury street fair. folks found plenty to see, eat and enjoy. this celebrated the 50th anniversary of the summer of love in 1967. the fair began in the 1970s. this marks the 40th year in the
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city. >> and in accuweather this afternoon. most of us are enjoying sunshine, breezy conditions, a few of us are seeing strong storms moving through the north bay at this hour. right to live doppler 7 to show you what is going on at this hour. zoom right into the street level. i want to show you the active line of showers that is pressing through sonoma, napa at this hour. you notice there are several lightning strikes moving through with this system. counting over 60 in past 15 minutes or so. live doppler 7 also has the ability not only to show you the rain and lightning but also the hail that is coming out of this line of showers and storms anywhere from dime to golf ball sized hail is approaching napa and vacaville at this hour. thin line of showers does mean serious business. down to the street level you go. you see the pop of yellow ena or not willing on your screen. here is the lightning approaching petaluma at this hour. if you hear thunder move indoors
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immediately. lightening is close enough to strike. you move into napa at this hour. several reports on twit are of the lightning moving through. i want it time-out this vivid line of lightning driving to the south and east. live doppler 7 is estimating around 5:22, american canyon. right around 5:35 p.m., vallejo, expect to see lightning and heavy rain to move through your neck of the woods. this picture coming to my twitter page through drew. this torm is just showing you on live doppler 7. see angry clouds and see the downpour of rain moving through. there are dark skies out there. it is wreezy though for most of us p. in the next hour soar, these storms really lose their punch as the sun starts to go down these storms essentially lose their fuel to survive. by 8 will ok:00, look how quiet becomes. you see 7:00 in the morning, bright and quiet start for most of us. out there right now, the winds
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are very active. look at this. over 30 miles per hour in most locations. and that wind is sticking with us over the next 24 hours. that is not going to change. that is keeping numbers well below normal for this time of the year. 50s and 60s, the name of the game this evening. overnight tonight, here is the call. showers you have now, they will diminish in the next three hours or so. little bit of cloud cover, mainly clear in north bay. temperatures falling into the 50s tomorrow morning. into monday, no threat of shower popping up. we will have plentiful sunshine, breezy conditions and temperatures only in the 60s and 70s. if you are headed to oracle tomorrow, no weather worries. enjoy the game. game five the finals. 65 degrees by 5:00. as folks are entering the arena and as the exit a temperature of 57 degrees. accuweather, seven-day forecast, showing you the cool june day tomorrow. then temperatures quickly rebound by tuesday and wednesday we turn warm. look at thursday an friday.
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warm to hot. saturday, we're approaching 100 degrees inland and ditto for dad on father's day one week from today. >> thank you very much for that. >> sure. >> someone is back in cleveland. >> anne and i brougd i brought way it cleveland. >> there is still another game. >> all right. anyone remember when warriors add 3-1 lead in the finals and lost? last year, right back there again this year. with the cavaliers win friday night
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well, i think the warriors got caught up in another number like last year with a record 73 regular season victories. this year, 16-0 in post season but cleveland the other ideas. warriors of game 4 friday night to get back to 3-1 series record. when cleveland won three straight to win the title. this creeped into the warriors minds but have to be happy that game five is here in oakland. >> we are right where we want to be. disappointed we didn't play better the other night but aware we are playing a great team and they were desperate and outplayed us. we are where we need to be. we would love to take care of business. we're planning on playing better tomorrow and we will see what happens. >> obviously, this is the opportunity to stay out and you don't want to let the series for long so come out with a killer instinct -- >> all right. they should rename the men's
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french open the rafael the rafae et only one to win ten times and his 15th major title. rafa at top of your screen, despite the injuries at past few years, runs down and rips it down the line for 99 mile-an-hour winner. just catching the corner. to match point. another unforced error. rafa just too much today. just over two hours, winning tenth french open title and three major in two years. >> that means that a lot for me, you know, i worked a lot to be here. it is special . i play well in season so just very happy. >> giants hosting twins trying to end the two-game slide with matt cain on the hill. buster posey double down the line. two runs score.
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giants lead 6-5. pies drove in four runs. hunter pens following with third double of the game. posey scoring 7-5 giants with eight doubles in the game tying franchise record. four run nets seventh. five in the eighth. bases loaded triple. here by austin slader. he had four rbis. offense finally explodes. one in the series. 13-8 victory. a's in tampa. got some offensive help from his catcher, steven vogt. two rbis off the base hit in the second and a's go up 2-0. rays kept coming back fifth inning. longoria ties it up. allowing three runs in five innings. no decision. sixth inning, tying it up off liam hendriks for ninth home run seat s of the season. 5-4 your final. warriors left the door
5:26 pm
cracked and lebron and his boys kicked it wide open. monday night will be something to see. a team on the brink of elimination like the cavs are a dangerous team every night. they do not want to go back it cleveland. >> no, they don't. but you can't shoot like that every night. >> thanks a lot. >> drew tuma, back with an ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪ for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects
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coming up at 6:00, developing story in san leandro,
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a car goes into the water, a good samaritan may have saved a life. another developing story. first responders called to a restaurant after someone throws a molotov cocktail in france. man waiting for hours nearly 200 feet in the air. you don't have to wait at all for a look at forecast. here's drew. >> a look at storms moving through the north bay, live doppler 7 right down at street level. active scene through petaluma, big pen, sonoma, napa, several lightning strikes. 25 in the last 15 minutes or so. tighter on live doppler 7. you see pops of yellow and orange on your screen, those are downpours moving through. live doppler 7 estimating more than an inch per hour. that's a lot of heavy rain moving through. this is the storm through sonoma for pat. if you can safely take a picture of the weather where you live, we would love to share them here or on-line. >> thanks, pat.
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that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. see you again at 6:00. tonight, the president back on the offensive, taking to twitter to slam fired fbi director james comey. this, as republican leaders implore him to stop his social media rants. plus, a former high-profile u.s. attorney who says there could be a case for obstruction of justice against the president. home explosions. two homes blown into pieces, more than 50 houses in the impact zone. what sparked these blasts in separate states? emergency landing. the air scare involving a private jet carrying hollywood star jennifer lawrence. the actress' reps calling it a double engine failure. mirror image. can you tell the difference between these two men? one man went to prison for 17 years, but these photos side by side set him free. and, dance fever. the patient, post surgery,


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