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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 11, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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♪ wait, that's way cheaper than cable. live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> the clouds opened up and the rain came down. and that's not all. a hailstorm pounded parts of the north and east bay, and lightning tore through the sky in sonoma. good evening. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. it came fast and furious and a blast of nasty weather caught many offguard. one of the hardest hit areas was napa, getting a combination of pounding rain and hail. abc 7 news reporter lilian kim joins us now live with a closer look at this blast of unseasonal weather. lilian? >> eric, rain, hail, lightning and snow, today had a little bit of everything. not something you would expect with summer around the corner. as if the sierra needed more snow, today temperatures took a big dip. 25 degrees below normal in some
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cases. a caltrans employee tweeted about the unseasonably cold weather from interstate 80. >> please slow down. the cars behind are going far too fast for the conditions. enjoy the view. it's the middle of june and it's snowing. that's why i love working on donner pass. >> in napa, it was hail that gave residents quite a surprise. the sound of thunder also rattled a few nerves. in petaluma, a resident even caught the lightning on video. north bay residents we talked to found the whole thing amusing. >> my neighbor and i, we were cracking up. it went from being really sunny to all of the sudden thunder, lightning, raining, wind. and we both looked at each other and said what the heck? it's june. >> and i said oh my goodness, i got to get my pad path owe furniture pads in. the hail came down. it was pretty big sized, like a marble size. pretty big. >> in other cities it was the more mundane stuff. this was the rain coming down in brentwood. while most people may be tired of the wet weather, it there was a silver lining. a beautiful rainbow appear over
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the bay area. lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> we can consider this storm before the warm. let's check in now with abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma. drew, are we done with the snoyrm weather? >> yeah, the stormy weather is done. but i want to take you back to a few hours ago. live doppler 7 was tracking all the action. you take a look at antioch. we had hail. this video sent in from dave. this is pea to marble-sized hail bouncing off his suv. and folks that saw these storms move through, this is a very common scene earlier this evening. live doppler 7 showing you this was the storm system responsible for the hail, the lightning, and the downpours. that lightning at the peak at 4:00 this afternoon. take a look at this. 147 lightning strikes within that line of showers and storms. along with that, we had some hail. take a look at this. live doppler 7 showing the hail tracks from pea to golf ball sized hail. this is how it looked from brentwood. lee sending this one in. you can safely take some photos when weather likes this happens,
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we would love to see them. #abc 7 now on social media makes it toes find them. tomorrow morning no precipitation. well will see a major warmup in the days ahead. we'll have the numbers and the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes, eric. >> thank you. be prepared no matter what the weather brings. you can check the forecast where you live any time with the abc 7 accuweather app. less than 24 hours, the golden state warriors will try to regain the nba crown in front of home fans at oracle arena. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live at san francisco's ferry building to show us how fans are gearing up for the game. melanie? >> eric, are they ever! the city is lit up tonight in orange and blue. the giants won earlier today, and warriors fans say it's their turn tomorrow. you guys doing all right? >> great. >> awesome. >> inside sports basement, above the warrior shirt, hat, and socks, employees have added their own flare. >> a crying lebron. the best picture of him we got.
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>> you put up that? >> yes, i did. >> they say get ready for the warriors championship shirts. >> our buyer for sports apparel is going to be picking them up in daly city first thing in the morning if they win. >> finding a place for them shouldn't be a problem. >> right here for purchase. we've got all the lebron james socks. and just in case you want the throw them away, there you go. >> yep, that's a cut-out garbage can. >> just had to represent. >> jokeses aside -- >> i'm an undercover fan, yeah there. >> are cavs fans here in the bay area. they've made a not so secret home for themselves at r-bar on sutter street. they don't think lebron james will have anything to cry about come monday. >> let's swhee he can rally the team to do in the next game. >> not enough according to die-hard warriors fans gearing up for a win at home. >> i think the warriors are going to blow them out. i really do. i think they're not going to go go back to cleveland. they want to do it at home. >> i will say 113-91. >> the warriors, of course.
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in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. two luxury box tickets are up for grabs for tomorrow's game. oakland mayor libby schaaf is hosting an action and proceeds will benefit a nonprofit that benefits oakland youth. the current bid is more than $6,000. and we have a link to the auction online on our website at and don't worry if you can't be there in person. espn and abc's coverage of game five of the nba finals starts tomorrow at 5:30 right here on abc 7. abc 7 news was in palo alto when more than 100 people of all faiths came together to celebrate the muslim month of ramadan. the dinner's organizer began hosting her friends several years ago. it's become so big now that the crowd spills into the street outside her home. samina hopes to build unity among people from many backgrounds. >> we really need to do that more than ever before because
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since trump presidency, there is so much division in our nation. and that is scary. my goal is to challenge myself and all of my guests to start focusing on what is similar. >> ramadan continues through june 24th. it is gay pride month, and hundreds marched in downtown san jose today for lgbt unity on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the orlando nightclub shooting. >> for the many watching these marches across the nation, we want to say this is not fake news. this is reality. we won't be erased. >> demonstrators marched from city hall to cesar chavez plaza. they heard words about pride and sacrifice as well as a warning of what might be around the corner. >> when there is a national climate perpetuates hate and bigotry, standing together is
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the first step in bringing ourselves to a place where we feel safe and comfortable to live open and genuine lives. >> to honor the victims of the shooting a village legal held tomorrow at 6:30 in san francisco at 18th and castro. the napa county coroner will try and determine why an 82-year-old driver veered off a driveway in napa county and down an embankment where he died. it happened 12:30 this afternoon off hairline. traffic was backed up for nearly two and a half hours before officers could clear the scene. the driver of a car that crashed last night, leaving a passenger dead now faces felony hit-and-run charges. the crash happened on monarch bay drive at neptune drive near the san leandro marina. police say the victims were leaving a party when the car slammed into a tree. family members were able to pull the passenger out of the car and perform cpr, but he died of his injuries. the driver was found hiding in a nearby golf course. he had serious injuries. also in san leandro, a bizarre sequence of events when
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a man rescued from a submerged car took off without giving his name. witnesses say it was just before 2:00 in afternoon when a car began fishtailing when it came around a corner, hit some rocks, flipped over and landed upside down in the marina. two men went into the water to try to save the driver who had been clearly trapped. >> that's when i kicked off my shoes and threw my phone in the car and just ran right into the water with the other gentlemen. >> someone tossed me a rock, and i broke the window open. and felt an arm, grabbed him and pulled out. >> the driver didn't give his name and jumped into a truck with some friends. police would like to talk with the driver to make sure he is okay. a powerful blast rips apart a home down to its foundation. >> the whole house shook. the whole street shook. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, neighbors and witnesses share terrifying accounts about the moment it happened. and an uncertain future for uber's ceo. late tonight we learned a bit
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about what happened during today's board meeting. and later, a man celebrating freedom after 17 years in
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when the warriors are in the nba finals, we're all ready to play. this is our team. it's happening in our town. dub nation. this is where you live. we're the best team and the greatest fans. are bring it home, warriors! see it all only on abc 7. it's a dramatic scene. you're seeing the result of a
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natural gas explosion today in new jersey. a blast so powerful, it blew the house right off its foundation. and it's not the only explosion rocking neighborhoods this weekend. 50 homes were in the danger zone in a similar explosion in chicago. abc news reporter adrian banker has details. >> tonight this suburban new jersey home golan blown to pieces. >> my whole body and my arm, shaking. >> around 4:00 a.m., a fireball sending a shockwave rattling nearby homes. >> a house explosion confirmed. fully engulfed house fire. >> neighbors rushing to the homeowner before paramedics arrive. dave perosi says the man was thrown in the blast, narrowly escaping. >> he was charred. it looked like projectiles hit him in the face. >> obviously appears to have been a gas leak. and not only, that it was a major leak. >> less than an hour later in chicago, two houses explode.
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>> we have a house explosion. we've got two people trapped in the house. >> the blast so powerful, 50 homes are damaged. a witness capturing the suburb on fire. flames seen shooting into the air from blocks away. >> windows out everywhere. i went outside and saw flames. >> four people are rescued, two sent to the hospital and later released. crews are still investigating in both cities. fire officials telling us that a gas explosion can happen at any time even in warmer months. and even a lighter can trigger a blast even if there is a slight link. puerto ricans voted overwhelmingly to become america's 51st state. today's referendum comes as puerto rico strugs with an economic crisis. the nonbinding referendum sends a strong message to u.s. congressmen and the world. the other choices included remaining a u.s. territory or taking steps towards independence. congress will have the final say on puerto rico's future. a half million puerto ricans
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have moved to the u.s. mainland in the last decade due to the lack of jobs and the high cost of living at home. to developing news. word late tonight that the board of uber has unanimously voted to adopt all the recommendations from former attorney general eric holder. among them, a possible leave of absence for the embattled ceo of uber and the departure of his top lieutenant. holder was investigating accusations that uber executives turned a blind eye to sexual harassment and other sort misbehavior. that's travis kalanick, the ceo. uber is expected to hold a news conference on tuesday. 2,000 athletes showed up for a high tri-athlon, but high winds kept them outside of san francisco bay. competitors finished the escape from alcatraz triathlon. the original plan called for them to swim in the bay but the high winds and choppy waters made it too hard for boats to follow them. >> it breaks your heart. well were able to get a great
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cycle in, a great run. every leg of this course is iconic. >> it's disappointing because you always want to have a full triathlon. you want to have the full swim. but i understand the safety aspect. >> the athletes pedalled for 18 miles before running for eight more. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> in accuweather tonight, the storms have moved out. now our attention turns to the temperatures. they're going to rise and turn to summer-like heat by the end of the week. get ready to set to sweat. live doppler 7. this was an active picture earlier this evening. now all has quieted down. the storms have moved out. take a look at this, though. something interesting right around tahoe. yeah, we're seeing a few snowflakes at this hour. in fact, there is a winter weather advisory for the next six hours for the west slope of the sierra until 5:00 tomorrow morning. where anywhere from 2 to 5 inches of snow can fall above 5500 feet. today, while not everyone saw the storms, we all certainly felt the wind.
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unfortunately, that wind is going to be with us the next 24 hours. take a look at the wind forecast. the winds generally around 20, 25 miles per hour out of the northwest. and it's really going to stay rather uniform, even through tomorrow afternoon. the wind direction out of the northwest, that's a cool wind. so temperatures tomorrow on the cool side. that direction is going to flip midweek and bring in warmer air. outside we go. a live look from the exploratorium camera atop pier 15. wow. this is a beautiful picture. look at that. bright moon reflecting off the beautiful bay. waters rising over the bay bridge. that's a keeper right there. and temperature-wise, we're cooling off into the 40s and the 50s at this hour. 55 in san francisco. look at fairfield, though, down to 49 degrees already. 56 in san jose. 57 in oakland. and 56 that current number right now in hayward. so the call. overnight tonight, numbers are not falling too far from where we are right now. it will be a seasonably cool night. a mixture of stars and clouds. but no weather worries in terms of precipitation. so highs on your monday. it's going to be another cool
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june day. take a look at this. san jose. your average high this time of the year is 80 degrees. only going up to 68 tomorrow with sunshine. 67 that number in santa clara. about 66 in cupertino. 63 redwood city. 64 that number in mountain view. downtown san francisco will be bright, but it will be breezy and cool. 61 downtown. about 59 in daly city. into the north bay, 60s and 70s. 3 in santa rosa. 72 vallejo. sausalito cool. 68 the number novato. the east bay, a few clouds popping up. 62346 oakland. 65 in hercules. inland mid 60s to low 70s. 62346 livermore. about 70 concord. 71 that number in brentwood. want to take you to oracle tomorrow. game five, nba finals. no issues getting to or from the arena weather-wise. partly cloudy skies by 5:00. a temperature of 65 degrees. by 9:00, as the game is wrapping up, a temperature of 57 degrees. watch what happens the next five days.
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from monday to friday, temperatures are going to do a major turnaround tomorrow. we're stuck in the 60s and 70s. by friday, we'll be in the 80s and 90s, from san francisco to concord. you see we're going to warm some 11 to 27 degrees by friday. concord and santa rosa the mid-90s. mid to upper 80s in the south bay. san francisco up to 72 degrees. if you like the summer warmth, it's coming. accuweather seven-day forecast will show you tomorrow it's a cool june day. temps quickly rebound tuesday and into wednesday midweek. by thursday and friday warm to hot. by saturday and father's day on sunday, 80s and 90s will be very common across the region. >> all right, drew, thank you. >> sure. well, as if being a hero isn't enough, this man has become an online sensation due to his bravery and his braun. the handballer 1: you know what i could go for? scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99.
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former president jimmy carter was in the handshaking mood earlier this week. this cell phone video shows carter shaking the hands of every passenger on a flight to washington from atlanta. carter, who has enjoyed a spectacular post-president career is 92 years old. a sheriff's deputy in florida has gone viral for his act of heroism and for what many consider to be his good looks. the jacksonville sheriff's department posted this picture of sergeant billy irvin. it was taken moments after he rescued a woman from a river. the post quickly received a rush of comments from women asking urban to rescue them. the sheriff's department is asking women not to jump into the river. they're saying there are plenty of other safer ways to meet a great man. like online. don't jump into the water for that. >> follow that! warriors hope for a second title with a win tomorrow night. over the cavs, please.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> we face off on the ice. game six of the stanley cup final in nashville with pittsburgh leading the predators 3-2. now the home team has not lost in the series until tonight as the penguins we s win back-to-b stanley cups for the first time since detroit back in the '97-'98 seasons. lord stanley's cup getting polished. thinking they got on the board, philip forsberg by matt murray but lost the puck. blew the whistle. that's not reviewable. no goal.
11:29 pm
late third period, this time the goal will count. patric hornqvist passes the puck midair off the back of pekka rinne. the penguins win their second consecutive cup. series mvp sidney crosby raises the cup for the third time in his career. >> we knew it was going to be tough all year. but we just tried to keep with it. we had a lot of injuries and things like that. we just kept finding ways. that's really what we did all season, all play-offs. it's great to be able to do it. now the warriors are hoping to become the first bay area team to clinch a championship in their own arena since the oakland a's did it in 1974. the dubs can do just that with a win over the cavaliers tomorrow night at oracle. both teams practicing at the warriors' facility today. and the cavs came back from a 3-1 deficit last year to win. the dubs did not have draymond green last year due to a suspension. and they do not want to go back
11:30 pm
to cleveland. >> we're right where we want to be. disappoint wed didn't play better the other night. but aware that we're playing a great team. they were desperate and they outplayed us. we're where we need to be. we love to take care of business. we're planning on playing a lot better tomorrow, and we'll see what happens. all right. giants hosting the twins. he is ready. trying to end a two-game slide. 7th inning, buster posey doubled down the line. giants lead 6-5. hunter pence follows with a double off the wall. posy scores, 7-5. johnson eight doubles in the game, tying a franchise record. hunter had three of them. four runs in the second, five in the eighth. coming off a bases loaded tripled by austin slater. he also had four rbi. the giants offense finally explodes as they get a 13-8 victory. jesse hahn on the bump trying to take the sting out of the rays. he got help from stephen vogt. two coming on this base hit in the second. 2-0 athletics.
11:31 pm
but the rays kept coming back. fifth inning, evan longoria ties wit a base hit off hahn who allow lead runs in five innings. hahn gets the no decision. off liam hendriks, his ninth home run of the season. the rays take three of four from the rays. 5-4 your final. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. stick around. we hope it over tomorrow night. >> yes we do. fingers crossed. thanks. president trump facing new criticism from top republicans. what they're asking him to stop doing. that's ahead. also, mirror image. man's persistence pays off when he finds his doppe
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headline, the warriors can wrap up the championship monday night at oracle. shops selling dubs gear are ready to stock up on world champion tees if the warriors can pull it off. our coverage begins tomorrow at 5:00 tomorrow with shu and larry beil tomorrow at oracle. quality for all, no wall! >> the lgbt community was celebrated with equality marches across the nation today, including here in san jose. and as part of gay pride month, a village legal be held in san francisco tomorrow to remember the victims of the orlando nightclub tragedy. police in san leandro are looking for the driver of this submerged car. witnesses say the driver was speeding when he went off the road in the san leandro marina and landed upside down water. after being rescued, the driver jumped in a truck with friends and left.
11:36 pm
tonight top republicans say president trump is his own worst enemy. by continuing to push the testimony of james comey into major headlines. abc news reporter mary bruce explains. >> president trump tonight back on twitter and back on the offensive against james comey. tweeting "i believe that james comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible. totally illegal, very cowardly." >> your own worst enemy here, mr. president. knock it off. >> today a top republican imploring the president to cut it out. >> you may be the first president in history to go down because you can't stop inappropriately talking about an investigation that if you just were quiet would clear you. >> no public events for the president this weekend. but he did pop by a wedding. comey recalls the president telling him i hope you can see your way to letting this go, to letting flynn go. something he documented in a memo. >> i took it as a direction. >> right. >> i mean, this is the president of the united states with me
11:37 pm
alone saying i hope this. i took it as this is what he wants me to do. >> but trump says that never happened. >> i didn't say that. >> so he lied than? >> well, i didn't say that i will tell you, i didn't say that. >> now trump's own son is seeming to contradict him. suggesting trump may have said something like that, but it wasn't an order. >> when he tells you to do something, guess what? there is no ambiguity in it there is no hey, i'm hoping. you and i are friends. hey, i hope this happens, but you got to do your job. that's what he told comey. >> the president says he is ready to give his side of the story. >> would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of the events? >> 100%. >> and the top democrat in the senate is eager to hear it. >> i'd like to invite the president to testify before the senate. >> mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. u.s. senator dianne feinstein of california believes president trump's integrity is in question, and she wants to be, quote, all hands on deck for lawmakers to find out what was
11:38 pm
said when the president met with fired fbi director james comey. >> now can't you just let it go? are the words that fairly indelibly impressed on my mind? >> what comey says he said and the president says he did not. >> yes. so there were no witnesses. if there are tapes, please, and the presidency eequivocal on that, bring those tapes forward. >> feinstein is the top democrat on the judiciary committee that oversees the fbi. san francisco is joining 12 other cities that will post climate change information that the epa deleted off its own website. the city's save the information and have reposted the data on the city's websites to show what they say is the threat caused by climate change. some other cities taking part include atlanta, boston, seattle, houston, and philadelphia. san francisco mayor ed lee says the public deserves to see publicly funded research on climate change. man who served 17 years in a missouri prison is free tonight.
11:39 pm
a judge cleared him of the charges after lawyers discovered the man had a look-alike. abc news reporter ron claiborne picked up the story. >> this was it, jubilation as richard jones is set free after spending 17 years in prison for a crime he insisted all along he never committed. >> i didn't get excited until i walked out of jail that feeling was surreal, man. may michigan granddaughter was there and my daughter. >> jones' nightmare began in 2000 with an aggravated robbery for a purse snatching at a walmart parking lot in kansas city, kansas. several witnesses picked his photo from this group of six. the defense presented alibi witnesses. relatives and his then girlfriend who said jones was at home at the time. but he was convicted. >> law enforcement didn't spend a lot of time trying to solve this crime. once they had mr. jones picked out, that was enough for them. >> all of jones' appeals went nowhere, until he contacted the innocence project, which discovered another man who had done time in the same jail,
11:40 pm
richard amos, who practically loks likes jones' twin. that's amos on the left, jones on the right. >> once i seen a picture of this man, you know, like i understood why people were saying what they were saying. it made sense to me. >> the similarities in appearance and lack of any hard evidence outside of witness testimony was enough to get a judge to toss out jones' case. >> i never gave up hope. jones says he is not bitter because when he saw the resemblance between he and amos, he understood it was all a terrible mistake and not a matter of witnesses at that trial trying to pin on him a crime he did not commit. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. a construction worker is in the hospital tonight after dangling from a 17th floor of a high-rise in sarasota, florida. one of the cables on his scaffolding snapped. the worker was stranded for more than an hour before firefighters pulled him out, using what's called a high angle rescue. the firefighter who rappel over the roof said he talked to the
11:41 pm
dangling man the whole time and says he was scared stiff. we may have found the biggest warriors fan out there. he is clearly in the top ten. >> the dub nation, it's a nation. >> well, some consider him a king of dub nation. and this is his castle. we'll take you to the house the warriors built. and get in the game. the big e3 games fest is about to kick off in los angeles. this year's event will be full of nostalgia. we'll have a preview. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. the storms you had earlier this evening, they are now out of here. and behind that storm system, warmer air
11:42 pm
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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we may have found the biggest warriors fan in oakland. drone view 7 flew over this house. it's blue and gold all over. abcreporter laura anthony has the story. >> tucked in the shadow of the oakland skyline, there is a
11:45 pm
little house on the west side of town. a house that clearly stands out, all decked out in blue and gold. >> i'm not one your fan. ain't nobody like me. >> they aren't shy about displaying their warriors pride. they've got the garb to go with the house, which has become a gathering place for neighbors. >> lloyd's a true warriors fan. i'm a warriors fan for life. we're going to do this. i want everybody to calm down. don't burn no sofas, just have fun. >> lloyd goes way back with the warriors, 1979 to be exact. this grainy old photo shows a young lloyd, a soda vendor at the arena with then warriors forward sunny parker. >> dub nation all the way. >> the enthusiasm is clearly contagious. >> blue and yellow is my favorite color, you know what i mean? >> darryl langston didn't paint his house, but he did spruce up his blue car with a little gold trim. >> we're tough warrior fans out here. the dub nation is a nation, not just a group. >> absolutely incredible.
11:46 pm
>> the novelty of this house is certainly not lost on passersby who often stop to take picture. >> man, this is the greatest monument i've ever seen. >> after all, when your whole world revolves around a winning team like the warriors, you've just got to show it. >> go warriors! go warriors! >> laura anthony, abc 7 news. construction on the bart tracks leading to and from oracle should be done in time for game five tomorrow. this weekend bart crews are rebuilding the trackway between lake merritt and fruitvale stations. the lake merritt station is closed. this is scheduled to be the last weekend for the work which began back in april. some people have shelled out tens of thousands of dollars for the chance to see the warriors win an nba championship at home. darryl ravel with our sister network espn tweeted two floor level seats sold for $90,000. and somebody else paid 82 grand for two courtside seats. but you can see all the action
11:47 pm
for free. abc's coverage of game five of the nba finals starts tomorrow at 5:30 right here on abc 7. and before the game, check in with abc 7's larry beil and mike shumann for the dubs on 7, a pregame show brought to you by jeep. larry and mike will be live tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. gamers all around the world will keep a close eye on california this week. that's because for the first time the public can attend e3 which stands for electronic entertainment expo. it will run from tuesday through thursday in l.a. many industry insiders expect to see sequels of popular games like mario and call of duty. but gamecreationscreationscr >> microsoft, one of their biggest companies in their wheel house is bringing out sea of thieves. a big new co-op game. you're pirates on the sea. i played it last year. it's a lot of fun. >> about 15,000 hard-core gamelers join tens of thousands of industry pros.
11:48 pm
let's check out that forecast. father's day is next weekend. here is drew. >> next sunday that will come with some very warm temperatures. today is about the cool air and the storms that popped up. live doppler 7 the past six hours or so showing you the storm system that scraped by just to the east is now pushing away. it brought the thunder, the lightning, the hail, and it's also bringing snow into the sierra. also brought some very windy conditions. winds were well over 40 miles per hour in a lot of spots. as the storm system slowly pulls away, tonight most locations and winds have backed off to less than 10 miles per hour. lone exception still gusting to 20 miles per hour overnight tonight a cool night. upper 40s to low 50s the name of the game with a mixture of stars and clouds out there from time to time. as we get you into your monday, it's going to be another cool day. temperatures running more than 10 degrees below normal for this time of the year in june. breezy in san francisco.
11:49 pm
61. about 67 in oakland. 68 that high in san jose. our warmest spots only in the low 70s. 72, antioch. the same vallejo. about 73 in santa rosa. future tracker temperature shows by friday, though, watch what happens. inland we're getting very close to 100 degrees. and 80s and 90s will be widespread. even some warm numbers along the coast. so the accuweather forecast will show you tomorrow it's cool for june. then tuesday and wednesday, temperatures will rebound under sunny skies. thursday, those warm winds bump us up even more to friday. hot inland and the hot numbers will continue saturday and father's day on sunday. so sunshine will rule the sky for much of the seven-day. >> all right, sir. thank you very much. let's hope a win rules game five for the warriors. that would be nice for a parade too. >> thinking ahead, this guy. >> all right. warriors need to show up, though, for game five tomorrow night at oracle. night at oracle. because if game four i ♪
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> the warriors led the cavaliers 3-1 last year only to lose three straight and the nba title. same scenario this season. but the cavs will have to win four straight for this year's title. a tall task. both teams with their final tune-up today at the warriors facility. and the cavs are a dangerous team knowing they're on the break of elimination every night. the warriors have to come out with more of a focus than in game four. they do not want to go back to cleveland. it would be great to win it in front of the home fans. >> it would be a great night to get it done, to take advantage of, you know, the home crowd, the energy. you know, how poor we played in game four to try to make the necessary adjustments energy wise and focus wise to get it done. and we're in really good shape right now to have this opportunity tomorrow. i'm looking for ward to it.
11:54 pm
>> so are we. rafa nadal owns the french open. he won his tenth today beating stan wawrinka in straight sets. did not lose a set in the entire event. the only player to win a grand slam ten times. oh, yeah, the 31-year-old's 15th major title. up 4-1 in the second set. he can still run despite knee injuries the past few years. runs down this forehand and rips it down the line for a 99 miles per hour winner, just catching the corner. we go to match point. wawrinka with another unforced error. rafa too much the today. stan's ball finds the net. rafa wins in straight sets winning his first major in three years. >> the only thing is i have this trophy again with me. and that means a lot for me. i work a lot to be here. so for me is very, very special. i play well during both week. i am playing well the beginning of the season. so very happy. giants hosting the twins. trying to end a two-game slide. matt cain son the hill.
11:55 pm
and that little guy is ready. seventh inning, buster ball game. double down the line. two runs will score. giants led 6-5. poy drove in four runs. hunter pence follows. double off the wall. posy scores. eight doubles in the game that ties a franchise record. giants four runs in the seventh. three coming off this bases loaded triple by austin slater. also had four rbis. the giant offense finally sbloeds. they get one with a 13-8 victory. >> mentally i was trying to come in with the same attitude, the same approach every day. whether i was in the lineup or not. you know, it helps to get in a little bit of a rhythm being in there every day. i think that's natural. you talk to anyone, i think they would say the same thing. but, you know, i'm happy they got this opportunity. i'm trying to take advantage. all right. a's in tampa. jesse hahn on the bump trying to take the sting out of the rays. he got some offensive help from his catcher stephen vogt. two of the rbi coming on this base hit in the second. a's go up 2-0.
11:56 pm
but the rays battle back. fifth inning, evan longoria ties wit a base hit off hahn. 3-3 game. hahn will get a no decision. then in the sixth, colby rasmus drives it deep center, ninth home run of the season. the rays take three out of four ankees taking on the -4 victory. orioles. aaron judd, all 6'7" of him hit his 20th home run of the year. 496 feet. longest home reason recorded since espn started measuring them back in 2009. he ended up 4 for 4 with two home runs on the day. the yankees win it 14-3. final tune-up before this year's u.s. open. the st. jude classic in memphis. phil mickelson won't be playing next week going to his child's graduation. co-leader through 11. but a second shot on 12 finds the water. triple bogey had him finish ninth place at seventh under. daniel berger, chipping from just off the green. perfect touch. nothing but net. a little birdie there he shot a
11:57 pm
4 under 66. this birdie on 15 gave him the outright lead. he would par in the rest of the way. his second career pga tour victory. 10 under par winning this event two years in a row. this abc 7 sports report broi broug brought to you by river rock casino. first team to do it at home since the a's in 1974. >> which would be nice because he doesn't want to go back to cleveland. nothing against cleveland. >> great city. >> thanks a lot. for drew and shu, i'm eric thomas. have a great night and even better morning.
11:58 pm
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