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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 12, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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5:00 a.m., and welcome to monday. hope you had a great weekend. jessica castro still enjoying her time, and mike nicco, too. we have lisa argen with us. >> we will be looking at improving conditions. in fact, live doppler 7 picking up on cloud cover from the san mateo coast down through livermore and san jose this morning. temperatures, though, mild in the 50s but this is what is still going on, the snow in the sierra nevada from blue canyon to south lake and reno.
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that will exit today, but going out the door, 52 in walnut creek. it's 50 in pleasant ton, and looking at 40s from santa rosa to napa. mid-60s around the bay, and breezy on the water and upper 50s there. alexis. no major issues to talk about, and walnut creek looking good, and things are definitely starting to fill in. mass transit also looking good today, and i know we had the major track closure over the weekend, and the tracks are back open and we have 31 trains in service with no delays so far this morning, so that's great. should be choppy on the bay, and ace one out on time today, too, so we are in the green as far as mass transit is concerned. we will look at issue in the south bay and that's coming up in less than ten. a top executive at uber a top executive at uber could be on the way out
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may not be far behind either. >> reporter: uber employees are likely anxious to hear what is going to happen to its ceo. the company has been in the spotlight since allegations of harassment and mismanagement emerged. they adopted a series of recommendations about the company's culprit culture. board members would not comment on the future of ceo, but multiple media outlets said the board was considering a leave of absent, and uber came under fire when a former engineer wrote in a blog that said her claims of harassment were ignored by management. last week uber said it fired 20 employees for harassment problems. earlier this year, one
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lost his patience with a driver and it was caught on camera, and he admitted he needs to fundamentally change and grow up. there's a lot of turmoil within the top ranks and we should learn more because the company's board of directors are expected to tell the employees about the recommendations they adopted. >> that will be interesting to watch it unfold. it has been decades since a bay area team lost a championship at home. >> that prospect has some people reaching deep into their wallets. amy hollyfield is live for us at oracle arena. >> reporter: we found a seat available if you want to come to the game tonight, it's only $43,458. and the seat next to it is for
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sale too if you want to bring a game. they are hoping to clinch the championship here at home tonight. the warriors had a practice yesterday so they could stay loose for the big game, and steph curry said he is confident and energetic and positive about this opportunity, and they are 3-1 against the cavs again, and curry says he thinks it's going to be a fun night. >> for us to be back in this situation, and like you said, it's the third time, and it's the level of competition and intensity in the finals is unbelievable, and especially when you have that history with the opposing team -- >> reporter: they look good and feel good. let's take it back here live at oracle, and i can show you the shirts out tonight for the fans, and these were already printed, and these are ready to go just in case there was a game five, and everybody that comes tonight gets one of the shirts and they
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are hoping everybody will be wearing them where they watch a game and get to hopefully also watch a trophy presentation here in the middle of the court. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. for most of us, watching amy on tv is the closest we will get to oracle, but have no fear the coverage of the game starts at 5:30 and you watch it from your living room on abc7. >> there's a pregame show brought to you by jeep and larry and mike will be live at 5:00 p.m. and then the sheriff's office is asking for your help looking for a missing kayaker seen last yesterday morning in lake tahoe. weather conditions forced the authorities to call off the search yesterday. you can go to a you want to donate to the
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gofundme. the ghost ship founder is charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in the deadly december fire. harris helped to operate the building and organize the concert that took place the night of the concert. al menna is scheduled to be arraigned on thursday. witnesses say before 2:00 this afternoon when a car began fishtailing near the san leandro arena and it landed upside down in the water. you see it there. good samaritans ran in the water to save the driver who was trapped. >> i just kicked off my shoes and through my phone and ran into the water with the other gentleman. >> somebody tossed me a rock and i broke the window open, and i felt an arm, and grabbed him and pulled him out. >> the driver didn't give his
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name and jumped into a truck with friends. police would like to talk to the driver to make sure he's okay. the car had no license plates. and then going up for sale and expected to be bought for millions of bucks, the landmark is expected to sale for more than $300 million. the private equity group that oepbdz t owns the build something selling it. the ferry building will go on the market in just a few weeks. now a live desk update. >> there's a new development on the london bridge attack. they now made a new arrest. a man was taken into custody during a late-night raid in lond london. the suspects have not been identified or charged, and britain's threat level remain severe meaning an attack is
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highly likely. jeff sessions agreed to testify before the senate intelligence committee tomorrow. it's not clear whether this will be a public hearing or if this will be behind closed doors, the panel will decide. sessions recused himself from overseeing the investigation in march. he admitted meeting twice last year with the russian ambassador to the u.s. he will likely answer questions about the firing of james special counse robert mueller is ramping up his investigation. star said after james comey's testimony last week it's looking like a he said he said case. >> the key is what even if the president said the director said he said, does that constitute
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obstruction of justice or another crime, and i don't think it's even close at this stage. >> you can see more of the interview coming up on "gma" after "abc7 mornings." now your accuweather 7-day forecast with mike nicco. >> mike's not here but i am. we have clouds, low clouds, and they will list and we are looking at visibility from napa. elsewhere looking good. in the sierra nevada, still snowing. clouds and rain showers, still bringing some snow but that pulls out today and a live look outside, yes, looking nice out there. 52 in the city and 54 in san jose. today we begin to recover from the cool weather, and 54 on the peninsula. from our sutro tower camera, the sun up in another 35 minutes so. 54 in concord. i know it's only monday. let's go to friday why don't we.
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80 degrees in oakland and 90s in the north bay. we will warm up quickly come the middle of the week, but as for today, low 60s and breezy at the coast, and 67 over in oakland, and 70 in concord, and 68 in san jose and the accuweather 7 day of course, we are warming up slowly tomorrow, and temperatures rebounding and then the 90s arrive and 80s around the bay and 70s at the coast by the weekend. we had a few issues pop up on the roads here and there and nothing significant so far, nothing that is slowing you down this morning. highway 17, we had some type of hazard reported and that has not turned into too much so that's not a major issue, it could be a tree branch or something like that but use caution in the area but there are no significant delays as you head into the los gatos area. and the san mateo bridge, wide open on westbound 92. no significant delays anywhere this morning. we will see our drive times coming up at 5:20.
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a yearbook controversy at a new jersey high school. the political images mysteriously removed from some photos and how some officials are responding. and then reaction to june's unusual weather. unusual weather.
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] a man has been released from prison after serving 17 years for an armed robbery he says he did not commit. >> turns out it could be a
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mix-up with a look-alike prisoner. and we have the details in today's "gma" first look. >> in this morning's "gma" first look a man that says he was wrongfully imprisoned for 17 years free after tracking down his own tkauble ganger. >> i hoped and prayed for this day to come. >> he was charged with aggravated robbery in kansas city, kansas, nearly 20 years ago. accused of trying to steal a purse in a parking lot. jones had an alibi, and no physical evidence, dna or fingerprints ever linked him to the crime. witnesses picking his photo from this line-up of six mugshots that eyewitness testimony landed him behind bars. >> it was hard. i won't say it was easy because it wasn't, but i made it through it. >> we will have more on this case and how this look-alike was exonerated.
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> >> what a story. bank of america is having problems with the portrayal of julius cesar. last night saying its statement withdrawing the funding for the production now, and delta airlines pulled its sponsorship sayi saying they crossed the line in good taste. a new jersey high school is investigating after students reported that three separate donald trump references were removed from the yearbook, and two students said they wore clothes with trump logo that were removed, and one girl she selected a trump quote
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her photo is not there. 97% of voters chose the state hood in the nonbinding referendum yesterday. however the decision is not up to puerto rico voters and only congress can grant state hood, and the island is billions of dollars in debt and struggles with high poverty rates and % there was an extremely low turn out. let's talk tony, shall we? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i could listen to that song all day. the superpowerful show about a teenage outcast found itself the most popular musical of the night. it picked up six tonys, the most of any show including best music musical and best actor.
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and beth middler leave that stage until she was done. i just want to say -- i just want to say -- shut that crap off. i just want to say -- i just want to say. >> yeah, and the orchestra did stop. >> yeah, she's the divine miss m. >> she told the audience "hello dolly" never went away and told her to go and see the revival of the musical. >> when she went backstage, she kept talking, and it was really amazing and touching. you should check it out. rain, hail, lightning, snow, not something you would expect with summer around the corner. lillian kim shows us a blast of nasty weather caught us off guard. >> temperatures took a big dip, 25 degrees below normal in some cases. the caltrans employee tweeted
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about the unseasonably cold weather from interstate 80. >> please slow down. cars are going far too fast for these conditions. enjoy the view. >> in napa, hail gave residents quite a surprise. the sound of thunder also rattled a few nerves. in petaluma a resident caught the lightning on video and residents found the whole thing amusing. >> me and my neighbor were cracking up because it went from being sunny to thunder, lightning, raining, wind, and we both looked at each skput saoth head, what the heck? it's june. >> the hail came down and it was a big size, i would say like a marble size, you know. >> in other cities, it was the more mundane stuff. there was a silver lining. a beautiful rainbow appeared over the bay area, and lillian
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kim, abc7 news. >> nice to see the rainbow. >> but what on earth? lisa argen, it's june. >> i know. i will bring you good news. that's behind us and we are slowly pulling out of the seasonably cool weather regime beginning today. we do have clouds from fremont, the peninsula into the south bay but still snow, sierra nevada, blue canyon, the tahoe valley airport and a mixed bag as you go into nevada, so this continues for the next couple of hours. slushy roadways and then they will get into afternoon sun. right now the exploratorium camera, breezy and not as breezy as wed. the winds are in the upper elevations in the golden gate bridge, nice and clear. concord at 54, and we will look for lots of sunshine today. those northwesterly winds kicking up again, and we will see a warmer day tomorrow and the temperatures really climb throughout the middle of the week. here's the fog, the low
5:20 am
cloudiness from livermore and san carlos out of here by mid morning, and then look at the trend. tomorrow we are looking at temperatures from the 70s today to the 80s inland to still saying comfortable along the coast, but by wednesday, wow, we are in the upper 80s and we will be saying what cooling trend, right? what unseasonably cool weather. it's going to get quite toasty into next weekend. for cavs and warriors, we are looking at mid-60s in oakland and should be a lovely afternoon, and by the evening temperatures are dropping into the 50s. prepare for just a light jacket a. little breezy out there today and alexis has a look at your roadways this morning. good morning, lisa. so far so good if you are driving out there this morning. southbound 101, still light volumes there as you can see and pretty decent driving conditions, too, and that wind dying down if you are driving over one of the bridges this morning. getting word from vta one of the
5:21 am
rains in the northbound direction is having mechanical issues between virginia and children's discovery museum station. crews are working on the north bay train right now and they are saying you can anticipate possible delays due to that issue. hopefully they will provide us with an update soon and i will pass that along as soon as we get more information. drive times looking good, highway 4 to the maze, 17 minutes. and i also have some more information, and talking about the snow in sierra, you need to chain up in some areas, and more on that coming up next. coming up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> the graduation gift that keeps on giving. and then want your hands on two luxury box tickets for tonight's game? how oakland's mayor can make your dream come true. >> post your photo or video
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trintellix had no significant impact on weight in clinical trials. ask your healthcare professional about trintellix. it's 5:24. here are the seven things we think should know starting with the kwrawarriors. abc7 is the only place you can watch the game. our coverage starts at 5:30. the head of uber may be leaving the company. it's not known if it will be for a short time or if he is going to resign. this comes as uber's board of directors adopt add ses a serief recommendations by eric holder. and then a vigil outside the pulse nightclub in orlando. it has been one year since the gunman killed many people. a bell will ring for each of the
5:25 am
victims today at noon. winds just another day for you, but not as gusty as yesterday. they will be breezy, and we will look at winds out of the northwest and out of the coast still 25 to 35 and we will look at temperatures on the mild side. mid and upper 50s out the door. number five, if you are headed to the sierra this morning you will have to chain up. we have chains required on interstate 80 between cisco drove and donner lake, and state route 88 you will have to put chains on around silver lake as well and that's for all vehicles unless you have four wheel drive with snow tires. and then the pothole blitz today. crews will work in different neighborhoods each week until the end of july. a warning for new jersey brides to be. if you book your wedding at a trump property, there's a chance the president could crash it. president trump went to at least
5:26 am
two private events at his golf club over the weekend, and the bride and groom said they had no idea the potus would stop by. and then one teen, this is pretty creative, though. >> she was surprised by her family as a dough roll. the money rolled up into a tissue box. her mom recorded amount was 1,000 bucks. coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including googles massive expansion plans, and not everybody happy about it. and the suit president trump is expected to be slapped with later today. later today. a beautiful look
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♪ later today. a beautiful look ♪ ♪
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get go ppg >> this is "abc7 mornings." it's monday june 12th. 5:29 on a day when hopefully the warriors will take it. i swear to you i had a yellow tie picked out and is setting on my kitchen counter. >> when we wore yellow o friday, bad things happened. they only win when i have worn blue. we're getting very superstitious. how about sunshine today. the winds, we will deal with them a little bit today and this
5:30 am
afternoon. napa and clouds around half moon bay. and looking at the snow winding down in the sierra nevada. yes, middle of the june and the system finally pulling out. 48 in vallejo. and we will look for sunny skies, upper 50s to the upper 60s by noontime and then low 70s, so we're coming up at three or four degrees inland with the breezy northwest winds along the coast. taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, took longer than an average week day, but 5:28 the metering lights have been flipped on so things fill into the maze, not terrible. and westbound 580, tracy to dublin just under an hour. westbound 4, antioch to concord, 15 minutes, and san rafael to san francisco in the green at just 15 minutes. google's proposal to build a
5:31 am
new campus in san jose promises to be an enormous boost for the city's economy. >> some business owners mixed feelings about that. >> this is what the city wants. a major business like google moving in, and making it where you can find housing and entertainment and jobs. what happens to the businesses that are already here? according to the media partner, the "mercury news," it will displace a lot of long-time businesses. google has not announced its plans yet but the project will be 6 million square feet of space and offices. "mercury news" reports some made a deal with google and moving help won't be coming either, and it only aids those
5:32 am
displaced from government buildings. and is uber ceo headed for a break? uber's directors are weighing a three-month leave of absence for the ceo. the board met for a marathon seven-hour meeting and they decided to unanimously adopt all of the recommendations made by eric holder. he was already planning to take time off for the death of his mother last month. and today is a big day for the warriors. they are going to try and close out the nba finals against the cavs and win their second championship in three years. >> dub nation is coming out strong hoping to get that championship gear. amy hollyfield is live for us at oracle. >> reporter: good phaoerpmornin
5:33 am
reggie. oracle is almost ready to go. they still have the cover on the court and they are going to polish it late this morning. roger waters played here last night and so they are turning to work this into a basketball arena. retailers are planning and preparing, too, for a victory. they have been selling warriors' gear, of course, and they are hoping to have championship t-shirts, too. they are working on where to put them in the store and a plan to pick them up. >> our buyer for sports team apparel is picking them up first thing in the morning if they win on tuesday. >> players were in an upbeat mood at practice yesterday, and steph curry said he's confident and energetic and positive about this opportunity. the warriors could be the first bay area team to clinch a championship at home since 1974, so in 43 years. that could happen tonight and hopefully we will see a trophy
5:34 am
presentation here at center court. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> oakland mayor is auctioning off two box tickets and the proceeds will help oakland's youth. the bid was $5,000 the last time we checked. and the initiative helps underrepresent young people become intrapreneurs. we have a link to the auction on our website, and the game coverage starts at 5:30 here on abc7, and before the game you can join the dubs on 7 pregame show brought to you by jeep with larry and mike at 5:00. and then the attorneys general of maryland and the district of columbia say the president violated anti-corruption clauses in the
5:35 am
constitution, and president trump accepted payments and benefits from foreign governments. he said he was shifting his business assets to a trust managed by his sons. san francisco is joining a dozen other cities that will post climate change information that the epa duh hraetd frelete own website. other cities taking part include atlanta, boston, seattle, houstn and philadelphia. the community deserves to see publicly funded research on climate change. happening now, marking the first anniversary of the pulse nightclub shooting. events started early in the morning and continue throughout the day. our reporter is live. >> reporter: good morning. the memorial here outside the pulse nightclub continues to
5:36 am
grow. all night long we have been seeing people here around the clock coming to pay their respect. >> him and the other victims won't be forgotten. >> family and friends are stepping back inside the pulse nightclub one year after losing their loved ones in the worst mass shooting in our country's history. 49 people died, and more than 50 others injured. >> the city is showing support and love and i think that's extremely important and that makes people like me feel more comfortable, like we are accepted in places we were not accepted before. >> now the city is coming together for orlando united day a day described as love and kindness, triumphing over that night of hate. recently released video from police body cam is a gruesome reminder at how a saturday night at a popular gay club quickly turned into confusion and chaos.
5:37 am
victims screaming for help. gunshots still ringing out. the gunman barricading himself somewhere in the club. police finally take down the shooter. 29-year-old new york born mateen pledged his allegiance to the islamic state. today is about that lasting legacy of the 49 people who lost their lives. >> even though it's devastating i think there's a lot of beautiful things that come from this and it changed the way people view the gay community and gay people in general. >> reporter: there are more events planned throughout the day and police tell us they expect thousands of people to fill up the street behind me. in orlando, abc7 news. >> so hard to watch that footage. a vigil will be held tonight in the bay area, and it's for a show of solidarity and that starts at 6:30.
5:38 am
a group of raiders fans will hold a news conference today to announce they hired a noted sports attorney to keep professional football in oakland. his hiring likely sets the stage for a salute against the nfl and the raiders over the team's planned move to las vegas, the groups including we stand with oakland and forever oakland say they are willing to take the team go but want to keep the right to the raiders name and team colors. happy monday to you. we have low clouds from the san mateo coast, and a few over in livermore and fremont and also wintry weather conditions continuing in the sierra nevada for the next couple of hours. it's still snowing in truckee at 32 degrees, and a rain/snow mix in nevada. the winter advisory extends until 10:00, and an inch of snow is possible for interstate 80.
5:39 am
slick roadways, and we have campers this time of year, so it's cold and slick there while the bay area begins to warm up a bit with good conditions if you are headed out for mass transit, a little breezy on the bay, and you will need your sunglasses today. we will see a few clouds lingering over the higher elevations, but numbers once again in the 60s, but more 70s for you over in the east bay. look what happens tomorrow. we are in the low 80s inland. 74 in redwood city with santa rosa climbing to near 81 degrees, but by wednesday, a bigger jump, and boy, it's above average. 87 in concord, and 80 in san jose. tonight once again the fog will be patchy along the san mateo coast and over in the east bay and 40s in the north bay. good morning, alexis. good morning. taking a live look this morning at the traffic maps, and we have an issue from the central valley into the tri-valley. westbound 580 a crash before
5:40 am
elchel charro road, so that's slowing you down as you leave livermore and head towards the double dublin direction. and then the richmond side of the richmond san rafael bridge, overall that's the way most roadways look. we have mechanical issues on a north bay train on vta, and crews are saying to anticipate possible delays and that's the latest information from them. one new problem just reported on the nimitz and we'll talk about that coming up at 5:50. a united front for equal rights, a south bay gay pride celebration takes a defiant tone this year. and then coming out a big winner as well. why the million-dollar bonus is coming just in time.
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>> announcer: now a live desk update. >> reports that at least one person is dead after an officer-involved shooting in milwaukee wisconsin. this happened last night. a green suv drove up into a median before at least one
5:44 am
sheriff's deputy open fire. it took two gunshot victims to the hospital. more details expected to be released this morning. one word is quickly becoming a rallying cry. resist. in san jose gay pride was on full display over the weekend and with a vow not to see the progress involving gay unravel. >> when there's a national climate that perpetuates big tree, and standing together is the first step in bringing ourselves to a place where we feel safe and open to win genuine lives. >> the silicon pride valley and parade will be at the end of august. and bill cosby's attorneys prepare to defend him in a
5:45 am
sexual assault trial. his wife was beside him minutes ago. cosby's spokesman said the actor may testify. he is accused of drugging and molesting a woman in 2004 and he says the counter was consensual. and 18 men's of the a fraternity at penn state are going to go to trial. a member fell down a flight of stairs at the house, and it was almost 12 hours before anybody called 911. he died the next day. first lady melania trump officially moved into the white house. she tweeted out a photo and said she is looking forward to the memories that will be made in the new home. trump's son barron also made the news.
5:46 am
mrs. trump and barron did stay in new york after trump was sworn in so barron could finish the school year. the sole winning lottery ticket was bought in riverside county. for the store owner, he gets $1 million, and he was just diagnosed with cancer so it could not have come at a better time. here are the numbers. let's get over in for mike nicco. >> we are going feel like summer in the next couple of days. live doppler 7 shows clouds on the peninsula and east bay and it's this system slowly pulling out into the sierra nevada. and it's still snowing in blue canyon, so winter weather advisory until 10:00 with an additional inch of snow perhaps
5:47 am
around interstate 80, highway 50 and slick roadways. but looks nice and calm here, and the winds will pick up on the bay and not as gusty as wed, but we will call it breezy and warmer and then we will see a dramatic increase. the coast, although warm not too warm. we will get that typical sea breeze. your hour-by-hour forecast, notice the clouds will linger a bit on the peninsula and the south bay and then into full sunshine throughout the day today. download the accuweather app and you can check out live cameras. we will be looking at mid morning sun. and san francisco, checking in at 61, and you have in the north bay, topping out in the low 70s. that's a shift. warming up a few degrees. and then on the east bay, a couple degrees warmer, 67 for you in union city, so shy of average. but we are getting there. today highs in the low 70s
5:48 am
should feel good at 3:00 in the afternoon. the accuweather 7-day forecast, we are looking at today as the coolest day of the week, and then 80 tomorrow and mid to upper 80s midweek and then getting hot by the end of the week, just in time for the weekend with near 70 on the coast. hi, alexis. good morning. i want to take you into the traffic maps and take you into a problem on the nimitz, and it sounds like its revolving itself, already. we had a solo collision blocking the left lane and it's pushed off to the shoulder but there are delays spilling over on to 238 there as well if you are coming through the castro valley stretch, and does not take much in the area to slow down the commute. also a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, we have our spider friend at the bottom of the screen, and we have the metering lights on, too, and things are backing up into the maze and that's filling in as usual. and drive times, overall decent, and a solid hour here tracy to
5:49 am
dublin, and 680, dublin to mission boulevard, 24 minutes, and then 101 and the green there at 15 minutes. and gas prices slightly dropped over the last three weeks. the average price for a gallon of regular has fallen less than a penny but that could change in the next coming up weeks. aaa says the national average is $2.33, and of course here in the bay area it's higher, about $3.15. the box office race was over before it started and one thing was made clear, women rule. "wonder woman" scored $57.2 pwhe million over the the mummy was in second, and
5:50 am
"captain underpants" came in third. and then the san francisco neighborhood celebration turns 40, and that's not only why this affair was special. dangling from the 17th floor. the dramatic rescue of a man that waited for hours at the end of a rope. of a rope. and even as
5:51 am
[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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a construction worker is in the hospital recovering from a scary ordeal. take a look. he ended up dangling there from the 17th floor in a high-rise in sarasota, florida. he was up there for more than an hour before firefighters managed
5:53 am
to pull him to safety and they perform ads what is known as a high ankle rescue. the dangling man said he was just scared stiff. >> i do not blame him. gamers around the world will keep a close eye at the bay area because of the electronic gaming expo. many expect to see sequels to popular games like mario and call of duty, and new stuff, too. >> some of the companies like microsoft, one of the biggest companies in the wheelhouse develop a sea of thieves, a big new co-opt game. everybody is taking positions on the ship. i played it last year and it's a lot of fun. >> about 15,000 gamers will join tens of thousands of industry pros. and then thousands of people enjoying a decades's long
5:54 am
tradition this weekend. this year's fair celebrated the 50th anniversary of the summer of love and hate in 1967. of love and hate in 1967. the fair so this is its 40th. visibility is not much of an issue. we are looking at low 50s in the north bay and 53 in mountain view and san jose. a little bit mild, so the next several hours numbers will climb in the mid and upper 50s. the winds gusting along the coast and around the bay, breezy, 15 to 20-mile-per-hour winds and you will notice through the afternoon we're breezy at times. so tonight the game, 65 degrees over at oracle, dropping through the upper 50s and elsewhere around the bay today, highs in the low 60s with the winds at the coast and we'll call it about 70 today in concord, and 73 in santa rosa. we are getting a little milder
5:55 am
day by day, and remember to use the sun screen today, the sun strong out there, and tomorrow we will get warmer and feeling like summer the next several days. alexis is here with a check on your monday morning commute. we are looking good to kick things off here. kicking off the workweek we don't have any major issues if you are traveling through the north bay, southbound 101 looking good as you come across the golden gate bridge. and b.a.r.t. had the major track closure over the weekend and the tracks are back open and no issues there this morning. vta having a issue between virginia and the montgomery children's station, and golden gate ferry should be calmer on the water today, still a little chop but no delays for you and normal service. former president jimmy carter was apparently in a hand-shaking mood in a recent flight this cell phone video
5:56 am
shows the former president shaking hands of every person on a flight. carter who has enjoyed a great presidential career enjoy aggregate career is 92 years old, and i am told this is his standard operating procedure. >> i love that. >> i do, too. a act of heroism, and what many consider his good looks. look at the chiselled the sergeant rescued a woman from a river, hence, why he's dripping. >> the wet t-shirt. >> look how nice his lighting is. what is this? >> it is good. that post quickly received a rush of comments from women in particular offering to have him rescue them and the sheriff's office is reiterating -- does it need to -- not to jump into the river saying there are plenty of other safer ways to meet your man. >> if i jumped into a river i
5:57 am
would not be looking so great. >> i am about to do a deep dive into his personal history. please take the next story. and then tweeting out a photo from inside the presidential mansion last night saying she is looking forward to the memories she is making in the new home. the first family arrived at the white house aboard marine one yesterday. former 49 eer kaepernick is still looking for a team. why he's not worried about a paycheck. what is happening as a san francisco based company deals with controversy after controversy. when you look at your screen, it looks like the same person but it is not. the story behind these photos one of the craziest cases of mistaken identity you will ever hear. hear. keep on top of w
5:58 am
5:59 am
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>> announcer: good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. this is "abc7 mornings." we have the best seats in the house at least for right now as we get ready for game five of the nba finals. >> the prices to get in are reaching absurd levels right now, and we are tracking it live as the countdown begins. >> if every viewer gives then maybe we could go once a year. >> nope. >> i think we brought our lucky charm, lisa, so hopefully we can get it done. >> i will take that. sure. get it done. things turning around tonight for sure. fog not only on the peninsula but as we head outside i will show a few live pictures, still snowing in the sierra nevada with a winter weather advisory until 10:00. a little gray out there and fog in napa. 52 in san francisco. from san francisco you are looking at sunshine with mid and upper 40s


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