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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 13, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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two out of three years, right? 73 wins last yearear didn't do this year we got it done. >> we go what? we go what? we go what? >> we go back to back! >> i want those guys here, they should be here this morning. >> they're probably still up. dub nation delirium after the warriors cleared their second nba championship in three seasons, round of aflaws, i know a lot of you are up because i saw you as i was driving in. good morning on tuesday, june 13. it will be a long day and we'll all get through it. >> what a good way to start. we have winning weather to start as well. >> going with the yellow and gold theme, that sunshine will be in full force. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you a quiet picture so hello to the south bay, good morning san jose, you can see the sun starting to peek up lightening the sky on the
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horizon. the sunrise at 5:47 a.m. then sunshine from then on out. by noon and 4:00, a light breeze, low 80s inland mid-70s around the bay and lower 60s along the coast. let's get a check of the roads with alexis. >> good morning, we are looking at the south bay as well. you can see 101 and 882 we're seeing light volume pretty much all the way around. our drive time is looking good. westbound 580 tracy to dublin under a half hour. westbound 4 antioch to concord 14 minutes. southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco in the green at 16 minutes. we have a problem on 20523 y if you're trying to get out of tracy. i'll talk about that in less than 10. here it is, redemption in golden state. one of the great playoff comebacks of all time is complete. the warriors are champions again. >> it was a tough matchup against the cavs but golden
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state pulled it off in front of the loud sellout crowd. fans celebrating the second warriors title in just three seasons. >> came out hungry this time. we wanted to close out the game. i don't know. i can't put it up to right now. it's such a good feeling. >> the players, as you can see, excited to bring the trophy back to the bay area. >> it's history, you know? we're going down as one of the best teams ever and that's a special thing you cannot take away from us. >> that's why we're here. to make each other better and we're trying to win championships. >> i just realized even the goggles are golden. that's amazing. >> i love this. >> the team says being at home for game five helped fuel them to victory. >> the parade is happening thursday morning and if you want to be an mvp, you have to plan today. >> you do because a million people are expected to watch the warriors take to the streets in oakland. abc 7 news reporter amy
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hollyfield is very early to the party at the lake merritt part station this morning. amy? >> reporter: good morning, reggie, officials are strongly suggesting you make bart a part of your plan or some form of public transportation. they're saying you need to be patient because there will be so many people filling up the trains. here's a look at what the parade looked like a couple years ago when the warriors won and the parade went through the streets of oakland. there is a parade and the rally will be on the south side of lake merritt. officials say don't attend both, you won't be able to move from one to the other. they think crowds will gather early thursday morning so they think there will be delays starting early and lasting through the day. officials are focused on safety and they say everyone needs to be a part of that plan and needs to be alert. reminding people if you see something, say something. any kind of an abandoned bag, anything that looks suspicious they want you to call it in.
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the parade is set to start at 10:00 thursday morning and the rally at 12:15. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> let's take you through the parade route. it's the same one we saw at 2015. it starts at broadway and 11th street to grand avenue then make a right on to grand to harrison, a right on harrison to 19th and a left on 19th and they continue on lakeside drive and end on oak street with a procession to the henry j. kaiser convention center. you watched the warriors become nba champs on abc 7 and youcan see the victory celebration, too. abc 7 news will have live coverage all morning on thursday, we are calling it a dub nation celebration. >> this is dedication because before the game was over dub nation's most faithful were lining up at sporting goods stores to get that championship gear. >> this morning, many of the rest of us who have got to be tired are lining up again. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is monitoring the developments at san jose.
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>> reporter: you have to be fashionable, you don't want to be wearing last season's clothes or 2015's. that's what i'm doing. i came prepared with my 2015 nba championship gear. i've got the shirt and hat so you know i need to freshen it up, inside the dick's sporting good store in san jose on blossom hill road you can see they have all the new gear lined up on the table. you have blue shirts, black shirt, yellow shirts, gold shirts, all kinds of shirts in there. you have one that says the bay's day, 2017 nba champs so all your gear is inside and the doors open up at 6:00. we have three people -- hello, good morning, i didn't see you earlier. we have irving who joins us now. why did you come out so early? >> it's my nephews graduation so he wanted gear for his graduation present so doing it for the family. >> that's really nice. and pat here, you came out earlier this morning.
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what's the one item you want to get. >> the hat that's on your head except i want this years. >> you can have this hat and i'll trade you for the new one. >> no, i have that one. >> they call this vintage. >> i have that. >> reporter: okay, of course you do. good morning. how are you? what are you out here for? >> well, father's day is coming up and this is a good spot to pick up last-minute gifts here. >> reporter: for your dad or you. >> undecided. >> both maybe, all right. that's a good idea. take a look at the video we had of the line last night. it went around the corner at this blossom hill store. the fans started lining up around 7:30, 7:45 before the game was over so they were confident they were going to win. this morning dick's sporting goods says if golden state wins the nba championship -- which they did -- we whether reopen after the game and open at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow so in just an hour you can get in and get your gear. back to you in the studio. >> i love how these people look
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>> i love how these people look so fresh-faced since the warriors stole a road win during the finals, the fast food chain is letting everyone steal a taco from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. the giveaway is limited to one taco per person while supplies. live update is warriors related. the win trending on social media. the giants relief picture george contos on instagram showing the warriors with the hashtags "things we do in the bay" and "forever home." also from the a's, this is fun, a congratulations neighbors with this awesome gif of steph curry dancing. the a's tweet has been liked 1700 times.
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reggie, natasha, back to you. >> was that the carlton? that was good. >> it looked like the carlton. now just the steph. >> one of the special guests was the national spelling bee champ. with abc 7 asked her what large word she would use to describe the atmosphere and the experience. >> rap sod cal. >> and what does that mean? >> it means like a flow, like music. rhapsodical. rhapsodical. >> spell it. r-h-a-p-s-o-d-i-d- r-h-a-p-s-o-d-i-d-c-a-l. >> she and her family got to ride in a game in a limousine. it was her first nba game. she said it was fun being in oracle in the thick of it. good morning, time 5:08. at accuweather we are setting ourselves up for a spectacular
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day on the way. live doppler 7 along with satellite, you can see a clear picture out there. current numbers as we get you on the door, a lot of spots in the 50s. 56. good morning oakland, 53 in san jose, the same in san francisco, 50 in napa and present wood with a temperature of 55. future tracker temperatures and cloud cover showing by 9:00 already seeing spots in the 60s and with the sunshine in full force it will warm up quickly. nice day to be outside to eat your meal. 60s and 70s will be the name of the game. today highs warmest spots in the low 80s. 60s and 70s around the bay. 77 san jose later today. 69 oakland. 66 san francisco and 76 in napa. if you notice you're sniffling and sneezing a bit more, this is the reason why -- tree pollen is now at high levels. that's your main offender. i want to give you a heads up. we have intense heat coming our way friday into the upcoming weekend. on father's day, sunday, look at
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that. triple digits inland and around the bay, a lot of spots going into the low 90s. let's get a check of traffic with alexis. good morning. >> maybe get a portable ac unit for father's day. >> or a pool. >> hey, that sounds better. i like that idea. we're doing okay with the exception of one spot. getting out of the central valley we have our sig alert westbound 205. we have two semis colliding around midnight. fuel spill involved as well. only the far left lane is blocked. we had another minor crash. trust me, this is beyond the range of our traffic data but it's almost to the i-5 interchange if you're coming from manteca or the area. we should have 15 more minutes before the metering lights flip on and we're seeing light volume around the rest of the bay. we'll look at mass transit at 5:20. >> thanks, alexis. an investigation in cupertino almost too bizarre to
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in oakland, a motorcycle
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officer is recovering after being hit by a suspected drunk driver. this happened around 11:30 on international boulevard near 57th avenue. sky 7 was overhead as police helped the officer and was taken to the hospital and is now we're told stable. police say the driver was arrested on suspicion of dui. santa clara county sheriff's investigators are calling a gruesome attack in cupertino a random attack. >> katie martino talks to a neighbor who encountered the suspected killer without knowing it. >> reporter: richard freeman was at his home in cupertino friday afternoon when his doorbell rang. >> i looked and there was no mail trucks, no u.p.s., nobody standing around. i went what the heck? >> reporter: he stepped outside to investigate. >> this woman was completely naked holding a hammer running out of my backyard and got in the middle of the street and stopped and she said "do you love jesus?" i said "jesus told me to put
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your clothes back on." >> reporter: he called 911. it wasn't until saturday morning that friends found a 74-year-old woman dead in her home a few doors down. saturday night, santa clara county sheriff's deputies arrested 39-year-old suzanne hernandez. a source tells me a hammer was used in the attack and hernandez may have been suffering from mental issues. i'm told hernandez recently moved out of this apartment in los gatos. neighbors didn't want to go on camera but they told me she was nice, friendly, would wave when she was out with her two small children. a woman who says they were friends can't believe she would be capable of something like this. the victim's neighbors can't believe it, either. >> she was a very nice lady. >> very scary because this community is supposedly very safe. >> reporter: sheriff's investigators don't believe the two women knew each other. hernandez is being held without bail. in cupertino, katie marzullo, abc 7 news. prosecutors in the case against 18 former penn state fraternity brothers just unveiled a key piece of evidence. >> it's a three hour long surveillance video showing the death of a pledge after heavy
5:16 am
drinking. here's the story. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, the criminally charged frat brothers packing into the courtroom monday. >> reporter: do you have any comment? >> not right now. >> reporter: watching disturbing surveillance video from inside the frat house showing 19-year-old tim piazza and other beta theta pi pledges going through an obstacle course. piazza drunk and fell down a flight of stairs. >> some admitted "we were worried we'd get in trouble." >> reporter: the video capturing the nearly 12-hour or deal. >> you have to remember, this is not something who has a gaping head wound gushing blood. this is somebody whose blood alcohol was three times the legal limit and apparently had internal injuries. he probably looked like just another frat kid. >> reporter: we'll have the latest on the case at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, abc news, pennsylvania.
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happening today, community memb members and parents are holding a news conference to talk about what they call a lack of accident by school officials after a racial incident. it involves monta vista high school and free month district high school administrators. parents say a student started a kill list, the list targeted african-american students. if you live or work in san francisco, then you know traffic is worse than ever. a new study says ride-hailing companies could be to blame. according to and lyft are to blame. data also shows that most of the ride-hailing traffic came from neighbors that already see the most traffic congestion during peak traffic times and they include downtown, south of market, the marina and the mission. marin county supervisors plan to regulate short term
5:18 am
rentals in unincorporated parts of the county. the community development agency hired a firm to look at short-term rentals. potential regulations will be presented to the board at a public meeting next month. according to our media partner the marin ij, some supervisors have heard concerns about lack of housing on the coast and how short term rentals threaten to reduce the stock of housing. now the dangerous weather in wyoming. this is a look at a tornado that carved a path near the city of cheyenne yesterday. storm chasers recorded this. thankfully, no injuries or damage reported there. some people also reported hail as large as softballs. a system that brought the tornado and hail triggered an alert across two counties. fortunately, nothing like that in the bay area and drew is saying we're going to have blue skies and sunshine. >> yes, perfect ten day guys but that system that you just saw that produced that tornado, the same system that brought us the hailstorms sunday afternoon, now a live look outside, the golden
5:19 am
gate bridge camera beautiful. you can see not a cloud in the sky and that's going to lead the way to a sunny afternoon with comfortable temperatures. live doppler 7 along with the slide showing you we're getting the all-clear as of the next 24 hours temp temperature in the 50s. 53 in mountain view, 51 san mateo, 50 in napa, 48 in san ramon and oakland in one of the warmer spots at 56. so we break down your tuesday hour by hour. the icons you'll see more in the way of sunshine and less in cloud cover but the theme is that sunshine is going to rule, especially in the south bay. 77 in san jose today. getting close to average. average this time of year 80. so 76 skupt. 75 for sunny vail. redwood city 73. 26 in half moon bay with plentiful sunshine. 66 in downtown san francisco. sunset district, you're going to get your name just right, tons of sunshine and 68 degrees.
5:20 am
into the north bay, 57 in petaluma, 68 in sausalito along the water. 80 in cal 80 walnut creek and livermore 79. the accuweather seven-day forecast. watch what happens. those numbers take off midweek and then it's down right hot over 2 weekend for father's day, look at that, 90s around the bay and triple digits inland. that's weather. let's get to traffic with alexis. >> we're looking quiet. a lot of folks may be sleeping in. light volumes all the way around i think that slight delay on 82 on that southbound side is probably not that slow at the moment. i don't have any incidents reported so maybe the maps acting up but mostly green and then a couple spots with a
5:21 am
little slowing there. we are seeing very slight volume even northbound 101 between gilroy and morgan hill, totally dreen traveling conditions so if you are heading into work or school, you should have an easy commute. mass transit is looking good on bart. no delays, 41 trains in service. the only issue is vta, the almaden light rail shuttle has been canceled. you'll have a longer commute due to that. normal service on golden gate ferry. here's the richmond side of the richmond/san rafael bridge. three, four, five vehicles out there at the moment. you get the idea. nice and light. we'll look at our only problem in the central valley coming up next. thanks, alexis. next, the seven things you need to know as you begin your day. >> plus, the warriors game was a star-studded event. did you catch all the a-listers? and tons of people posting photos and videos of their warriors pride on social media. use the hashtag dubs on 7 and we
5:22 am
may feature your photos on abc 7 news our on our web site. news our on our web site. >> keeping you up to
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may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can more active. ask youroctor about lyrica. whether you're just joining us or headed out the door, these are the seven things you need to know. number one, of course, warriors, redeposition. the warriors are the nba champs again after beating the cavs at oracle. kevin durant was named finals mvp after dominating throughout the series. it's the first time a local team has won the championship at home in more than four decades. number two, the victory parade is thursday morning in oakland at 10:00 a.m. and ends with a big rally at the henry j. keiser convention center. >> number three from the live desk, the warriors nba win trending on social media with celebrities from all sorts of industries including huge basketball stars like dwyane wade congratulating dub nation on the win last night calling kevin durant a monoer? the finals.
5:25 am
number four, meteorologist drew tuma, we are on to a bright and beautiful day. temperature wise 60s along the coast, 70s around the bay and our warmest spots enjoy in the low 80s. our biggest issue on the roads so far is in tracy. so westbound 205 around naglee road trying to clean up a crash that's been there since midnight. a couple semis blocking the two right lanes. this backup almost back to the i-5 interchange so expect longer commute times. number six, the ceo travis kalanick could be decided today. results of a sweeping investigation into the company's culture will be released. reforms are expected to include plans for kalanick to take a leave of absence. and president trump reportedly considering firing special counsel robert mueller. the 72-year-old is leading the investigation into possible ties between the russian government and the trump campaign. warriors fans still feeling euphoric this morning. the crowd took to the streets of
5:26 am
oakland to dance and celebrate the nba champs. >> megan brooks tweeted the video with the hashtag "oakland community love." they got a dance together pretty quickly. that shows dubs fans getting down having a great time after the big win. >> love it. we are coming back with another full 90 minutes of news, including the bay area water provider considering a rate hike and how customers can speak out. >> and the warriors celebration in san francisco that got too rowdy and the action police had to take to cool things down. speaking of rowdy, people getting rowdy on twitter this morning and across social media. the big win is what everyone's talking about and i'm tracking it at the live desk. we are having a better day, we hope you are, too, taking a look at the embarcadero this morning. you're waking up a winner. >> are those supposed to be the warriors colors? ? let's not. >> i wonder that every morning >> i wonder that every morning and this is orange,
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[ cheers and applause ] dub nation, we are still celebrating this morning. the warriors are your nba champions again for the second time in three years. fans partied inside and outside oracle arena and now it's time to get ready for the big celebration. >> and get your swag on. >> we're ready to go. >> i'm feeling my hat right now. >> alexis, you like this. >> can we please wear it for the rest of the newscast? >> this is a preview of what you can buy this morning. >> people already lining up. >> so we'll talk about that for the next couple of hours, good morning on this tuesday, june 13 and congratulations to dub nation. >> absolutely. let's kick it off with golden sunshine. >> it will be perfect today and for the parade tomorrow.
5:30 am
live doppler 7 -- i should say the parade thursday. showing you a quiet picture. tons of sunshine as the sun gets up in a couple minutes. live look from the exploratorium atop pier 15, here's your forecast over the next 12 hours. nothing but sunshine in the afternoon, a light breeze going to the low 80s inland, mid-70s around the bay and lower 60s along the coast. higher numbers, more intense heat is coming this weekend. first let's get a check on the roads with alexis. we have two new crashes in the east bay. so the first one if you're coming into the tri-valley, westbound 580 before 680, sounds like a couple vehicles involved in this one including a dump truck. we have the slow lane blocked so the far right lane a little bit of a delay. i'll have more details on that in just a few. zbl southbound 880 at 23rd and oakland, another multicar crash blocking the two center lanes so we have delays forming. on top of that, that sig alert
5:31 am
in tracy, next traffic update in less than 10. >> alexis, thank you. yes, champions again. >> the warriors captured their second title in three seasons beating the cavs 4-1. >> they didn't hand this tos, folks, it was a close game. in the end golden state pulled it out with a win and did it in front of their home crowd. it's something that hasn't been done in the bay area since 1974. vegas odds makesers are already looking ahead to next season. the warriors are chevy favorites to win next year's nba championships. that's what we love to hear. moments after the game ended, dubs nation marked another celebration. >> they honored kevin durant and his first championship. >> your bill russell 2017 finals mvp, kevin durant. [ cheers and applause ] >> durant led the team throughout the series, scoring more than 30 points each game. after just one season with the dubs, kevin durant says his teammates already made him a better player. >> i have teammates that
5:32 am
encourage you, that lift you up, that's what we all need in life, you know what i mean? it was amazing to just see that all year. >> i'm happy for him. you have to call kevin durant a champ now. he's put the time in and i'm so happy for him to be able to realize his goal and be my teammate. >> i just noticed he was rocking that hat backward so i have to do that. head coach steve kerr says he's happy kevin durant broke through and he believes there's much more to come from him. i want to show you one of the most retweeted and liked tweets from the warriors. it is this one. it kind of makes me chuckle. it's a baby steph curry sitting in a bathtub with the word "grateful" in the top right corner. you can see both of his championship trophyst then it says "glory to god." this actually has been retweeted 32,000 times, liked 73,000 times.
5:33 am
a staggering amount. the other tweet that's gaining a lot of traction is this one and it's the moment you see kevin durant getting out of the car holding up the championship trophy. that is trending. watch as he gets out and holds it up, sheer excitement. 2 pnt 2.8 thousand retweets. this has the tash hag "why we play" and it's for that moment. all that excitement and celebration. reggie, natasha, back to you. >> we love it. thanks, jess. the city of oakland already preparing for the parade thursday morning and we're getting details of the dub nation celebration and what you can and can't bring. >> amy hollyfield is live at lake merritt bart station. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. bart will be a crucial part of thursday's plan. officials say you should use public transportation. it's going to be so crowded in downtown and to be patient because the trains will likely be full. they're expecting about a million people to come on thursday.
5:34 am
here's a look at what last year's -- sorry, two years ago parade looked like the last time the warriors got to parade through the streets of downtown. this gives you an idea of what to expect. there is a parade and rally, officials say don't plan to go to both. there are too many people. you won't get from one to the other. it's too crowded. the rally will be on the south side of lake merritt. they expect the area to fill up and they won't allow boats on the water that day. there's quite a long list of things you can't do or bring on thursday. we featured a few of them here so plan now. put the drone away. they don't want drones here, no drones flying over the crowd. no hard-sided containers like coolers. no glass or cans, no lawn furniture or folding chairs. they don't want alcohol, drugs or weapons here or poles or brooms that could be used as weapons. they also want you to leave large umbrellas and those pop-up tents at home. the parade starts at 10:00
5:35 am
thursday morning, they expect the rally to start at 12:15. that's where the players speak. they expect that area to start filling up early thursday morning. live in oakland, amy abc 7 news. the parade will follow the same route it did on 2015. it starts on broadway and 11th street heads up to grand avenue, makes a right on grand to harrison, a right on harrison to 19th street, a left on 19th and continues on lakeside drive and ends on oak street with a procession to the henry j. keiser convention center. you watched the warriors become nba champs on abc 7 and you can see the victory celebration here, too. abc 7 news will have live coverage all morning thursday. we're calling it a dub nation celebration. >> and fans already spilled out on to the streets of oakland following the win. sky 7 was above east oakland as a sideshow unfolded -- i don't believe we're showing you the right video. it unfolded near 101st and international. i wish you could see the doughnuts, they were impressive,
5:36 am
a van also involved. oakland police tells abc 7 news officers responded to reports of celebratory gunfire into the city but no injuries were reported. sky 7 was over san francisco's mission district. this is the video that natasha was just talking about of the person doing the doughnuts. we can advance to the next video. a few people threw glass bottles at police near 22nd and mission. small fires were set there. one confrontation between a man and a police officer was caught on video. [ cheers and applause ] video posted on social media showed one person getting arrested. those clouds cleared out. the stars sure were out last night, did you see any of them e-40 and snoop posted for a pic. nfl star and
5:37 am
aaron rodgers and the stars of "hamilton" chris rock and diddy all in attendance. ♪ were so gallantly streaming >> beautiful harmonies. i think cast of "hamilton" was the good luck charm. one of the hottest acts in the bay area, they sang the national anthem before game 5 at oracle arena last night. >> dubs! [ cheers and applause ] >> boirz! warriors! >> that's warriors dance mom robin shriver on jimmy kimmel showing off her dance moves, now famous. kimmel opened the show with dance mom at oracle and she read the guest lineup without skipping a beat. she's awesome. >> i like her new outfit. it's more blingy. >> bedazzled. >> and look at the front page of the san francisco chronicle. it says "champs again" it shows steph curry taking on the moment
5:38 am
as kevin durant takes on smiling. you can find the paper at newsstands for $1.50. in accuweather, let's take you to thursday, if you are headed to the parade in oakland to celebrate dub nation, no weather worries, it will be a great golden sunshine by 2:00 in the afternoon, mild and comfortable at 75. live doppler 7 with satellite right now. it's a quiet picture of live doppler 7 sweeping around. current numbers 50s on the board. good morning hayward, 54 degrees. 52 half moon by a, 47 at san jose, santa rosa 53. highs today, enjoy. it will be a comfortable day almost average for this time of year. 66 in san francisco with sunny skies. 69 in oakland, about 77 in san jose, 82 antioch and 76 in napa. an update on the pollen, if you've started to sneeze again, this is why. tree pollen at high levels once
5:39 am
again. your main offenders cedar, juniper and fine. just want to give you a heads up to intense heat headed our way friday into the weekend. look at this, numbers in the 90s and going into the triple digits on sunday inland for father's day. a lot of 80s and 90s around the bay so prepare for heat to increase later this week. that's weather, let's get traffic with alexis, good morning. >> hey, drew. we're getting busy in the traffic department. first in oakland, southbound 880 crash at 23rd is now a sig alert. multicar crash, it was in the two center lanes, that i pushed that to the right lane now but any time they issue a sig alert it will be 30 minutes before they can get that cleared so that backup continues to grow. also if you're traveling through the tri-valley, westbound 508 before you get to hop i don't know yard, another multivehicle crash, five vehicles involved including a dump truck. this is blocking the far right lane, the slow lane, no sig alert yet so hopefully that will
5:40 am
clear quicker than the other one. still a sig alert in tracy at naglee road. crews trying to clean up a crash involving two semis that happened at midnight. the backup much worse than what you see on the traffic maps. it goes all the way back to i-5 if you're coming from the manatma manteca area. next traffic update at 5:50. >> thanks, alexis. you pay a toll when you cross the bay area bridge but is the driver next to you paying? how much toll cheats cost taxpayers every year. congress is ready to hear from attorney general jeff sessions on the russia investigation. the possible move by president trump that could cast a shadow over his testimony. over his testimony. >> and y
5:41 am
♪ over his testimony. >> and y ♪ ♪
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5:43 am
happening today, the man accused of stabbing a boy outside of a millbrae library is expected to be in court. 44-year-old nelson tolentino of south san francisco faces willful injury to a child charges and attempted murder. police say he approached the 13-year-old outside of the library friday and attacked him. he stabbed the boy four times in the one arm and three times in the other. investigators say tolentino has had a string of recen arrests and people say he started hanging out there. >> he never bothers anybody. i would never expect it is him.
5:44 am
>> the boy is out of the hospital but he will have to go back for more surgery. the bay area is losing nearly $13 million in bridge tolls because cars are going throughout through without license plates. the san francisco "chronicle" reports two and a half million of those vehicles go through fast lanes at the seven-state owned bridges without paying. they say ride hailing companies like uber and lyft could be part of the problem because drivers lease or rent cars that may not have permanent plates. a state law goes into effect but not until 2019. that would require all new cars and used ones to have visible and unique temporary plates. >> east bay med water users have a chance to speak out about the proposed rate hikes. the utility wants to raise your hikes by 9.25% next month and another 9% next year. sewer rates would also go up next year. east by a mun says it needs the money to repair aging pipelines and systems. there's a public hearing at east
5:45 am
bay m murk bay mun headquarters. also today, jeff sessions will face questions from congress about his deals with russian officials. he's expected to have to answer to allegations of perjury during his confirmation hearings. he failed to disclose meetings with russia's ambassador. sessions was forced to recuse himself from the investigation. it's being handled by robert mueller. now there's word president trump may have him fired. >> he's weighing that option. i think it would be a significant mistake even though i don't think there's a justification. >> the white house is denying that claim sessions will be asked whether he played a role to fire james comey. comey testified last week. >> let's get over for drew tu man in for mike nicco. >> we are tracking a fantastic
5:46 am
start to your morning. a live look outside from the tam cam showing you sunrise over mainly clear skies. satellite live doppler 7 giving you the active sweep coming up empty handed. nothing but sunshine on your tuesday ahead. 48 the current number in san ramon, 48 in novato. 53 in san francisco and san jose and oakland 55. your day planner on your tuesday, let's go our by hour. the sun gets up at 5:47. nothing but sunshine into afternoon, a light breeze, let's show highs in micro climate. 80 degrees. 77 for san jose, along the peninsula 73. san mateo and 60 in pacifica.
5:47 am
66 and sunny in daly city. into the north bay, a lot of 70s, 76 in sonoma, 75 for vallejo, 79 santa rosa. 69 in oakland but 74, you see that number in newark and fremont. inland 82 antioch, 77 that number in san ramon. going to the at&t park the giants game, the royals are in the town. first pitch comfortable 62. temperatures cooling off to 57 degrees. future tracker temperatures as we get you into wednesday, numbers will warm and they'll do the same thing on thursday and if you are headed to oakland for the warriors parade, don't worry, tons of sunshine and comfortable temperatures in the 70s. here's your seven-day forecast. the numbers will continue to rise, look at the numbers over the weekend. especially by sunday going into the triple digits inland and around the bay, no relief in the upper 80s to lower 90s. that's weather, let's get a check on traffic with alexis.
5:48 am
good morning. good morning, we have several issues, including this traffic alert in oakland. southbound 880 at 23rd we have a multicar crash. they have been able to contain that to the far right lane but any time they issue a sig alert that means 30 minutes. that happens about 15 minutes ago so hopefully we'll get closer to clearing that. that backup a little over two miles in the haven't gotten the clear before hopyard. this one minor injuries. they're waiting to get a dump truck towed out with dama damage. in the meantime, we have the bay bridge metering lights on at 5:23 so yes there are a few people waking up and heading into work and school today. we started off quiet this morning but things are slowly starting to fill in. uick check of some drive times westbound 580 tracy to dublin 36 minutes. we have big problems on 205 if you're starting in tracy. an update on that next.
5:49 am
westbound 4 antioch to concord 19. southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco, 18 minutes. an officer making a routine stop in the north bay ends up uncovering a massive identity theft scheme. details on how many people are affect affected. but first, flooding did millions of dollars of damage in san jose and now we've learned workers may have known trouble emotional moment between kevin durant and his mom moments after the warriors won the title. she shares with abc 7 what she told her son. a better day starts right here on abc 7 mornings. here on abc 7 mornings. you see the sun coming u
5:50 am
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5:52 am
. contra costa county will discuss a propose ordnance that will prohibit businesses that sell tobacco and related products from opening within a thousand feet of an existing school, playground, park or library. they also can't open within 500 feet of a similar existing business and new hookah lounges and vapor lounges would be outlawed. >> work will begin to shore up a levee that was damaged when coyote creek flooded back in february. our media partner the "mercury news" reports san jose city workers knew the creek was rising quickly much earlier than previously indicated. the merc reports several people stationed at different locations reported issues almost 24 hours before the city ordered evacuations. two pleasant hill businesses are red tagged after a driver lost control of her vehicle at a shopping center parking lot. the owner of one of those businesses tells abc 7 news an elderly woman clipped her car which was parked outside the store of pleasant hill road. when she came out to deal with
5:53 am
it, the driver hit the gas. the driver did doughnuts in the parking lot before taking out a support pole. firefighters tried to shore up the building. police escorted the driver from the scene. witnesses say she appeared to be shaken but okay. facebook is reportedly looking at opening its first office in san francisco. according to bloomberg, facebook is looking at a space at 181 fremont street, the new sky scraper in soma. the office would house about 100 instagram workers. the report wants to see how the location looks out and hasn't signed a lease yet and is still looking at other properties. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a nice looking day for tuesday. temperature wise, the 50s right now. no spots, 54 that current number in hayward. good morning half moon bay, 52. sun is up, good morning, live look from sutro tower. a gorgeous start to tuesday morning. no weather worries. put on that sunscreen, uv index is running very high today. tons of sunshine throughout the
5:54 am
day, a light breeze by the afternoon. we'll see low 60s along the coast. comfortable mid-70s around the immediate bay and our warmest spots later today going into the lower 80s inland. that's the weather, let's get a look at traffic. after a quiet start we're not looking so great. two sig alerts to talk about. the first one in tracy westbound 205 around naglee road. two semis still trying to get towed out. the two far right lanes are blocked. you're jamming from the i-5 interchanged so stick to either 11th or 580 to take the long way around. the other sig alert, southbound 880 at 23rd, multicar crash blocking the far right lane. sounds like they're waiting for a big rig tow truck. on top of that, a problem in the tri-valley. i'll talk about that at 6:00. a hip-hop mogul is the top earner on "forbes" list for 100 highest-paid celebrities. the magazine says sean diddy combs brought in $130 million
5:55 am
from june 12016 to june 1 of this year. he earned most of his money by selling a third of his sean john clothing line. beyonce is number two and "harry potter" author jk rowling earned $35 million. >> she writes the kids books? >> he knows i'm a real fan. also real dub nation fan and speaking of which let's get back to the champion ship >> steph curry took his young e daughter ryan on the stage and jumped up and down with her then we saw riley. there she is. you can see her at the bottom of the screen. she had a little dance move i think. this girl always steals the show no matter where she goes. >> did you see kd? he celebrated with his mom. he calls her the real mvp. a mom and son duo sharing this emotional moment. she says she is proud of him. abc 7 sports anchor mike shuman
5:56 am
spoke with her after the game. >> i told him when i met him on the podium i told him you did this your way. that's it. so this is a moment of celebration for our family and friends and those in the organization that helped put the work in with tim and be there for him during the hard times and celebrate with him during the good times so this is for us all. >> yeah. and when accepting his finals mvp award durant said to his mom "we did it. i told you when i was eight years old. we did it." amazing. dub nation celebrating the nba title in a big way. keep sharing it with us, use the hashtag dubs on 7 is we can find it and share it on air or online. hunting goes social. one company letting you apply through a job through snapchat. >> and call it the ride hail takeover. we have stunning numbers that show how many uber and lyfts are rolling around san francisco. plus, social media still
5:57 am
blowing up this morning after the big win last night at oracle. i'll have the latest next. >> obviously lebron james not happy about losing the nba happy about losing the nba finals b
5:58 am
5:59 am
kevin durant jump shots, got it. durant gets away, all the way to the rim. another electrifying performance for kevin durant. >> yes, kd had the golden touch. fans celebrating across the golden state and in the end the dubs lifting the golden barry o'brien trophy. truly all gold everything. good morning, it's championship tuesday this june 13. the warriors are once again on top of the basketball world. we have you covered from the gear to the parade and all the details. >> first, drew tuma is in for mike nicco bringing us a golden sun rise. >> a live look from walnut creek, we have the sun up and
6:00 am
we're doing so under mainly clear skies and the day ahead. that will be sunshine that's dominating the forecast. wear that sunscreen, the uv index running very high, you can burn quickly today. by the afternoon just a light breeze around the bay into the mid-70s and warpest spots inland are headed into the low 80s. let's get a check on the roadways with alexis. not quite as enjoyable as your forecast. we have three main problems to get to. southbound 880 at 23rd. we have a multicar crash, they push that to the right lane, still have a sig alert. we got toward that that semi is waiting for the tow truck. it's leaking fuel and they need something to absorb it to stop the leak. so that sounds like that could be there for a while. our other issue right now on 580, the within side before hopyard, waiting for a big rig tow truck.


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