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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 14, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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...until we found a connection. you have the power to change your child's life. the boys town national hline can help. (tdd# 1-800-448-1433) high rise horror in london.
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a raging fire is destroying a 24 story apartment building. tonight there are fears people may be trapped inside and building could collapse. thanks for joining us, i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. many people in the 120-unit building were still asleep. emergency evacuations forced residents to run for their lives, some with no items, even clothing. reported people trapped inside, including screaming for help and waving phones but don't have equipment to reach the upper levels. >> loved ones have received calls from people inside with goodbyes. shut down the streets around. if building collapses could cause much more damage. 30 people taken to hospitals. not yet been inside to search for survivors. building burned more than two
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decades ago but nothing like this. >> could see from garden. left-hand side piece there. couple of floors and over the hours it spread and it's gone around the left of the building as well. and i can't blest way it's gone up so quick. >> bbc reports action group in the neighborhood had claimed the building was a fire risk. several people who escaped said didn't hear any fire alarms. live look. wednesday morning in london, smoke still pouring from all sides, facade burned away as firefighters try to cool it with water. inside the core of the building is crumbling. we'll have updates but if you want to follow now, it's livestreaming on developing news from castro valley. hundreds of rare and exotic birds found in a back yard.
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video from sky 7. on jensen road not far from 580 where lonny rivera is live. >> reporter: quiet right now but sunup to sundown neighbors have had enough of a sound and smell from the house on the street. this home looks pretty normal outside. but the sounds coming from the back yard are very unusual. >> screeching, cry it sounds like coming from there. >> reporter: neighbors complain about the noise and smell from what authorities say appears to be a bird mill. >> call and send a message. birds are out of control. she'll apologize, i'll move them inside. >> reporter: says it's become a nuisance. >> all the flies. every time we open the door flies come inside. >> is this a breeding mill just to make money and profit?
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would like to work with the homeowner on this. >> reporter: communication between alameda county authorities and homeowner is not going well. >> not talking to us, won't allow us to come on the property. >> reporter: talked to the daughter. >> mom is taking care of the situation. >> reporter: flew over the property and estimated 500 exotic birds living here. >> ads on craigslist and people coming and going. >> reporter: could face several violations. county authorities are meeting tomorrow and hope the owner resolves the situation soon. castro valley, abc7 news. jc penny in antioch had to be evacuated because of unknown chemical. one taken to ambulance, nine others affected.
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hazmat crew went in to investigate. full swing for the warriors. >> massive undertaking. joining us live from the kaiser convention center. >> reporter: workers out here for hours setting up stage, figuring out lighting. making sure every detail accounted for so thursday is perfect. they have less than two days to transform this lot into a rally stage fit for champions. and warriors fans can't wait. even taking photos of the setup process. >> going to wear my new warriors championship shirt and bring all my gear and make noise and go crazy. >> reporter: and city is getting ready. no parking signs up, barriers out and street closures planned. >> just going to be n parking.
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don't bring bikes, skateboards or scooters, not allowed in the parade area. >> reporter: expected 1.5 to 2 million people will descend on oakland. could disrupt the flow of business getting downtown. court appearances -- >> we have hearings scheduled and might have to get them continued i'm finding out. >> reporter: to medical appointments. >> going to be crazy. we're going to be closed. >> reporter: just about everything put on hold for thursday's celebrations. includes plans for police department. >> all hands on deck. time off and days off canceled. as far as oakland police, everybody will be here. >> reporter: oakland police chief already asked neighboring jurisdictions to help with mutual aid. abc7 news. >> going to be crowded on thursday. b.a.r.t. is advising that parking at stations will be packed. free at oracle lot, a quick walk
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to the coliseum b.a.r.t. station. some trains may not stop at lake merritt if the rally zone reached capacity or there's crowding. b.a.r.t. says trains may not show up at usual scheduled times either. >> parade follows same route as 2013, broadway and 11th and wind way to the convention center. we'll have live coverage. dub nation celebration starting at 10:00 a.m. for guide on everything you need to know, our website, two grass fires broke out around the same time today in the bay area. what crews call a stubborn fire in orindda. tough because of the power lines. used bolt cutters to get to the fire.
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second in vallejo burned close to homes and golf course. rushes down the heil sd towards a house. scorched ten acres. cal fire and two other fire departments helped fight the flames. today jeff sessions was answering questions on the russian investigation. >> he wasn't alone. >> and the suggestion that i participated in any collusion is an appalling and detestable lie. >> reporter: at times the testimony was heated. >> mr. comey said there were matters with respect to the recusal that were problematic and he couldn't talk about them. what are they? >> why don't you tell me? there are none senator wyden. there are none, i can tell you that for certainty. >> reporter: sparks flying after senator wyden accused him of
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stonewalling. just want answers for the american people. >> we're the committee with the legal obligation to do vigorous oversight. officials can't say they're not going to answer because they don't feel like it. >> reporter: among the topics, questions about russia and meetings with the russian ambassador. >> recused myself of investigations into the campaign against the president but not against defending my honor against skury lus and false accusations. >> reporter: at white house president trump declined to discuss comments about possible firing of robert mueller. but one person who could fire him testified that the white house could not make that call. >> if not good cause, doesn't matter what anybody would say. >> reporter: also asked if the president did have secret white house tapes about conversations
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with james comey. sessions said he didn't know. more than a month ago the president tweeted out there may be tapes and white house has yet to confirm if they do exist. from capitol hill. abc news. l.e.d. streetlights don't sound controversial but privacy concerns in the largest city in bay area. the veteran who lost his home to foreclosure and abc7 responding. sexist comment igniting new controversy at uber. sandhya
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♪ oat from the farm is the yum in yo bowl ♪ ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around hey! ♪ ♪ good goes around good goes around and around and around. hey! ♪ here's more of our breaking news story. 24 story apartment building, home to hundreds of people has been destroyed by fire in london. look at all the smoke still coming off it. live video showing it still smoldering right now. smoke seen for miles across the city. witnesses report that people were trapped inside, authorities fear it could collapse causing
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even more damage. new at 11:00, san jose city council is moving ahead with a pilot program to try out new streetlights. >> but will the new technology include cameras? katie? >> reporter: the short answer is no, pilot program will not employ cameras but the devices that will go on the light poles are camera-ready should the city decide to activate that feature. this is a traffic camera used at intersections throughout san jose but what if also cameras on streetlights aimed at things other thang cars? says it's not happening. >> no intention to deploy cameras. we need to have a privacy policy in place before we go down that road. >> reporter: approved a pilot problem to replace the streetlights with l.e.d. lights.
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small cell technology to improve cell surface and other. >> the offer to disable the camera component sounded like a good move. >> reporter: mixed feeling about cameras. >> inside i feel invasion of privacy but in england been successful in reducing crime. >> reporter: pilot program is between 300 and 1,000 streetlights and last one year. san jose, abc7 news. update on a story from yesterday, vietnam war veteran who lost home of 34 years wants to thank viewers for outpouring of support. had to move out of home in san mateo because lender foreclosed on it. sent $20,000 to people and companies who offered to save
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the home but didn't help. after our story calls came in. didn't get to keep the home but received financial assistance, help with rent and place in nearby duplex. >> with my family, many places feel like home. >> d.a. is looking into possible fraud or elder abuse. uber. >> there's a lot of data that shows one woman on the board, more likely to be a second. >> actually shows there's much likely to be more talking. >> david bonderman's exchange game as the board was discussing a policy change for sexual harassment and corporate misbehavior. short time later he resigned from the board and ceo travis kalanick said he would take a
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leave of absence for unspecified time to grieve his mother's death and become a better leader. came as list released of recommendations to improve uber's culture. include limiting company spending on alcohol, prohibiting use of nonprescription controlled substances and banning office romances between employees when one reports to another. time to focus on the weather. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> it's going to be cooking later on this week. look at what you need to worry about. heat's up friday through sunday. risk of heat illness and poor air quality and possibility of records. check out temperature trend, you will notice that concord is really going to heat up. so starts out pretty comfortable next few days then the temperatures are soaring.
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saturday, sunday, close to 100 degrees. average high is 82 degrees. beautiful time lapse of the setting sun tonight. skies were clear. no clouds, just a beautiful sunset. as we look at view from live doppler 7, you will notice the absence of fog. one of the reasons why the warming trend is going to continue as we head into tomorrow. temperatures right now, 50s, 60s. here's a beautiful live picture from the sutra tower camera. visibility is terrific. warming tend continues tomorrow and summer-like heat. triple digits saturday and sunday. tomorrow a crisp start and then tomorrow afternoon take advantage of the mild to warm weather, still comfortable. mid-60s to upper 80s. going to get uncomfortable but not for the dub nation
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celebration. warriors parade won't be too hot. mild. temperatures rise to about 73. have sunscreen, perhaps a hat and be aware of the fact we have excessive heat watch. friday through sunday, this is when inland areas will be under the heat watch. not hard for you. avoid overexposure to the sun. inland upper 90s, sizzling inland on saturday. 100s and father's day cooking 100, 102. along the coastline, temperatures in the 70s. accuweather app, you can check out temperatures minute by minute to plan your weekend and show you warming trend continuing. mid-60s to low 90s thursday.
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and hot inland friday through father's day. coast side is comfortable. summer microclimates. tuesday is first day of summer. temperatures start to back off. funny how that works. coming up, quick-thinki when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many.
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a rookie police officer has already made a name for himself following a water rescue captured on video. officer ron faris just clearing the scene of a car accident today when dog that escaped from vehicle involved got into trouble. he describes what happened. >> pretty excited, trying to get water out of the lake. fell in. i heard the splash, turned over and saw him swimming, just went and grabbed him. >> poor thing. faris is on probation, a field training officer when the accident happened. case not closed just yet. search continues for the dog's owner. >> quick action. sports. what are we going to talk about
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tonight? >> larry beil with that. >> warriors maybe. >> if you feel like it. >> season has ended dan. time to savor the title right? no odds are out for next year. life moves
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♪ be a powerful force. nature valley
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good evening. been a little over 24 hours since the warriors won the nba title. haven't gotten to the parade yet but never too soon to look ahead. vegas odds out on next year. warriors are heavy favorites. 1-2 odds. second best is 3-1. at this time the warriors were popping bottles. kevin durant stopped drinking alcohol when hurt his knee. beers hit him hard which he realized. >> talking too much at this point. too many beers. haven't had a beer since
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february. to have it now and come talk to guys, it feels great. >> and he's gone. we'll see him at parade. giants had the day off. bunch of them went to oracle for finals. wore cap in the clubhouse for the game against the royals. shark showed up in kofi koeb. ty blach, didn't go so well. top of the sixth, bases loaded for alcides escobar down the line and just stops. 4-1 kc. blaak's night gone. whit merrifield, slicing fly ball. pence gave it all he had. jason vargas, only gave up a run and five hit. giants lose 8-1.
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marlins stadium has a swimming pool should be mandatory. ow marcell ozuna, it's gone. giancarlo stanton so strong. muscles have muscles. pinball in the outfield goes crazy. fireworks. marlins cruise 8-1. homer in cleveland and then rounding the bases double obscene gesture is coming. explained later that fans were heckling him. that's his response. kwooeg. not your friend. dennis rodman is back in north korea. he's buddies with kim jong notice sure he's


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