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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 14, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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marlins stadium has a swimming pool should be mandatory. ow marcell ozuna, it's gone. giancarlo stanton so strong. muscles have muscles. pinball in the outfield goes crazy. fireworks. marlins cruise 8-1. homer in cleveland and then rounding the bases double obscene gesture is coming. explained later that fans were heckling him. that's his response. kwooeg. not your friend. dennis rodman is back in north korea. he's buddies with kim jong notice sure he not sure he's going to -- no
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my neighbor says that i shouldn't let my kids raid the fridge whenever they want. i'm dancing with the devil, she says. give them a taste of freedom at this age, soon they are running wild doing whatever they want,
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whenever they want and then "boom", i'm a grandma. please sharon, it's just yogurt. ♪ that's our report. appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for we've got new viral videos on an all new show "right this minute." a customer went into the
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restroom at a grocery store and found the unthinkable. >> no. >> find out what's in that bin. getting ready for takeoff. >> this particular spit fire has had a long and storied history. >> see why once again it's about to make history. >> oh! >> nose dive. plus, these monkeys are causing some serious heat. >> according to the smithsonian channel, the fellas with the biggest noses tend to get the women. because -- >> you don't say. >> i mean, it's a thing, you know. >> find out the reason for that from the host himself of this new three-part series. and he's having some serious anxiety -- >> there's something wrong with their seat belts. >> time to get off. >> see what happens when the slingshot launches. imagine going into the restroom and finding this.
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>> oh, god. it's a newborn. >> a woman was shopping at a grocery store, went into the restroom and noticed that there was a newborn in the trash can. so she went and she alerted the employees. that woman then went back into the restroom and brought the trash bin out. >> it's still covered in fluid and it looks like the umbilical cord is dangling from the side. >> you're right. the umbilical cord is still connected and the placenta is there as well. >> holy moly. >> but she goes in and takes pieces out of the trash can and then lifts the baby. >> oh, my goodness. not by the head. hold it. >> what are you doing? >> in that position, though, there really isn't a way for her to get the baby out. >> oh, my goodness. this is really difficult to see. you've got to wonder what kind of predicament the mother of that child was in to feel or to leave the child behind like this. >> it's not a tiny baby. it doesn't look like it was a
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preemie. it looked like it was fully developed. >> they did call police and the baby was taken to the hospital where the baby is actually just fine. and thriving. which is a good thing. there's no telling what brought this woman to do this. >> i cannot -- what a way to come into this world. >> fortunately the baby is safe and healthy and law enforcement is looking for the mother. trying to figure out who she is. but they haven't found her thus far. it's always such a treat to see these war birds in action once again. this particular spitfire has had a long and storied history. delivered to the royal air force in 1945 and went on to do all kinds of other stuff over the decades it's been on the ground. >> oh! >> nose dive. >> it sits kind of low. as soon as he puts it up, tail comes up. but pitches forward. propeller catches the ground and digs in causing the plane to end over just like that.
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the plane is upside down and this is an extraordinarily dangerous moment for the pilot who's trapped inside. because fuel can spill out onto the hot engine parts and that plane can go into flames quickly. others rushing to the aid as soon as possible. but there's not a whole lot these few crew members can do. that's when everybody who was standing here by and watching decided to step in and lift the plane up by hand so they can pull the pilot out. >> yeah. because there's no side door. that thing has a latch on the top. that was the only way to get him out. >> only way to recover that pilot. it looks pretty bad, but all reports that i read said the pilot did not suffer any injuries. you see the firefighter spraying foam to make sure that thing isn't going to go ahead and catch fire. famous last words. the plan with these guys is to splash their friends hanging out there. they're going to use these water craft.
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they're going to spin around and just whoosh and douse them in water. >> oh. >> devon kind of blew it. >> devon! >> the gopro goes flying into the depths of the water. everybody was okay. once they made sure of that, go down, retrieve the camera. >> bro, it's recording. >> yeah, bro. solid. got ourselves a clip. >> devon! i love the smithsonian channel. i could binge watch it all night. because they have stuff like this. >> the monkey. the males have by far the biggest noses of any primate. >> so strange and so cool. >> they are strange and they are cool. that is one heck of a shnoz the have. >> they can smell good.
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>> but they can also get the ladies. according to the smithsonian channel, the fellas with the biggest noses tend to get the women. >> you don't say. >> did not see that coming. >> patrick knows. >> the nose acts as a resonating chamber. the bigger the nose, the louder the call. >> everybody likes deep voices no matter what species. >> y'all are going to need to calm down a little bit. >> the smithsonian probably didn't know they had this kind of gold when they made this new show debuting called "amazing monkeys." >> it's a great idea. there are so many different types. this is going to be an opportunity for everyone to learn all the differences that there are and why. >> the person who knows a lot more about this and who's hosting this three-part series
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is patrick "right this minute" via skype. welcome to the show, patrick. >> hey. >> you're an animal expert, but did you think you'd get the type of reaction like from my co-hosts here. >> we're curious people. >> it's something for everybody, right? >> their noses are that big for a reason and it is to stir the ladies. >> see. >> it clearly worked. >> not in the way we would think. makes this show was a fantastic opportunity. it gives us an opportunity to showcase the wealth of diversity that you find in the pri mate family and tell people the differences between them. >> what are you telling people who may not be necessarily interested in something like this? >> ultimately with all the shows i've made, it's about transporting the audience to that location. whether we're 5,000 miles away or 50 miles away, i want the
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au like they've been transported to a magical tropical destination. and they get to see this really privileged view of these fantastic animals. i would love for you to have a connection with the animals and realize how important they are to the diversity of the natural world. >> watch on the smithsonian channel on june 14th. three-part series starting at 8:00 p.m. pacific and eastern. this is getting so much love on the interwebs because it is showing so much love. that's anthony there. >> what's that, dude? >> anthony has been with zach's mom for five years now. they are now married. they also welcomed a little sister for zach some time after. >> thanks, dad, happy father's day. >> anthony's in the air force and they weren't sure whether he was going to be in town for father's day. so they decided to give him his
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father's day gift a little early. >> dear dad, i still remember the day i met you. i was 5 years old and mom told me we were going to the beach. >> so he's writing this letter to thank anthony for being such a cool person. >> thanks to you i know how a man should treat a woman. >> oh, hey, snap. keep him, lock him in the basement. keep that one. >> he's a keeper but let's not put had imin the basement. >> maybe like a man cave. >> you are going to be the best father figure in my life. thanks, dude. i was never a burden in your eyes. i was a bonus. love you. >> love you. >> and now we see zach giving anthony a hug. but there's more. >> so i have a question for you. will you adopt me. >> little zach has asked anthony to please be my dad officially. followed with all the documents that he would need.
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>> just sign right where i've highlighted here. the little sticky notes that say sign here, just follow along. very easy to do. that's huge. becoming a father figure to a child that isn't yours is sometimes a delicate balance. you know? and it looks like anthony has just totally nailed it. looks like they've built a really loving, awesome, fun family. can't ask for a better gift. >> and then he gets up and just gives him a big hug. >> that's cool. a driver captures a strange sight on the roadway. >> whoa. >> oh, gosh. and the windshield is smashed. >> find out why this man is clinging to the hood of a car. and -- >> when my alarm goes off in the morning, could you yell every five minutes as if i've missed it? >> check out this hilarious video about what kids would say to their mom. >> i wasn't hung bry at all. i was just thirsty. >> anybody else's mom say just drink more water, you wouldn't be hungry.
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the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen, i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and, if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ] e closed captioning provided by -- for relief is as effective at hour 24 as hour one. so be wise all take new xyzal®. there are many ways to ride in a car. front seat, back seat, in the truck sometimes you can ride in the bed.
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this is not how someone was intended to ride this car. look over there to the left. that guy is ride on the hood. >> and the windshield is smashed. looks like he's been hit. >> he's the one that hit that. according to police in germany, this man was in another car, drove it into a field, got out of the car, and jumped on the hood of that car. now, the driver tried several maneuvers to dislodge this man. you can see that man took his knee and he rammed it into the windshield. they do say the man was take ton the hospital for a personal issue. >> yeah. he was having some type of episode, it seems. >> they say the driver of the van was okay after this incident. >> i'm happy that person didn't lose control and freak out. i'll give youtube motorcycle riders a hundred bucks if you can do that. as a matter of fact, i'll give you a hundred bucks not to do this. as we get closer to that motorcycle up ahead, we notice the rider is using an alternative method of riding that. >> yeah.
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pass the hundred bucks. >> that's an easy one. >> i know you're not going to do that. >> you said you'd pay them not to do it. why can't i get in on not to do it. >> a lot of people experience a throttle lock which keeps the speed of the bike on a straight road and they stand up on it. >> is this a true motorcycle or a souped-up moped? that's my next question. >> it's a common scooter. it's just stupid. i mean, he doesn't even have a helmet on. instead of falling from three feet you'll fall from six feet or more. moms have a special talent. it's a built-in mute button. >> mom, mom, mom. >> i think they turn it off a lot more if they heard more stuff like this. >> mom, where does this go? >> mom, can you brush my hair? >> mom, before i put this away, do you need anything ironed? >> do you want to share in case the hot water runs out. >> mom, can you show me the dance you were doing? >> that one there.
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although my mom can two step. >> mom, just because she's my sister doesn't mean she can't come to me movies with me and my friends. >> i think moms would play this on a loop instead of soothing music. just to remind them of what life could be like. >> well, i think they nail it here with things moms never hear from their kids. >> actually, mom, you're spot on. this will spoil my dinner. >> if you thought of anything we forgot to discuss, write it on my face. >> that's why they never get added. or if they get added, they get blocked. >> i know my mom added all of us. >> don't worry. if i were younger i'd block her. >> you haven't accepted my friend request. >> mom, i'll give you help with the shopping bac inping bags. >> i need a track suit. can you sew me something? >> you'd never hear that. >> i still want to borrow the money, but can you make sure dad is okay with it. >> you develop a system where you find the one parent that's
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going to say yes. >> yeah. that works all the time. usually it's dad when you're the daughter. >> should we have a chat? >> mom, if i leave clothes on the floor, just ask. >> i was going to say turn the music down so we could talk. >> i was just thirsty. >> anyone else's mom tell them to drink water and they wouldn't be thirsty. >> i say that now. >> and it's still not working. >> set the snabl i've already done it. >> and here's your change. >> met a girl last night, mom. you want to hear about it? >> can you put some of your music on my ipod? renaissance fairs can be -- >> a whole lot of fun. but something goes terribly wrong for one of these performers. >> oh, oh, oh. plus, a hammer that empowers fish to break people's stuff. >> when the fish stops long enough, the hammer drops. >> an episode of when a fish gets revenge. >> this is their way of striking back. >> exactly. got my license! (cheering) woo! going on my first targetrun. need anything?
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promotional considerations provided by -- new icyhot lidocaine patch. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine patch. albreakthrough withyou back. non-drowsy allegra® for fast 5-in-1 multi-symptom relief. breakthrough allergies with allegra®. renaissance fairs can be a whole lot of fun. this one in alabama took an unexpected turn. >> oh, oh. >> that's all part of the act, though, right? this is the grand finale at the end of the fairs. the guys say you got me and fell to the ground. >> look. something went wrong. >> this wasn't part of the act, nick. as they were jousting, one glance to the face and falls off his horse. lays on the ground for awhile. about five minutes. they say he's okay. >> maybe it just knocked him out. >> they do start tending to him
2:02 am
and take his helmet off. again, fortunately, he's okay. these fellas are just looking for pain. they decided to take a cactus and tape it to a football and try to put it through the upright. >> oh, no. >> now, why anyone would ever want to do this is beyond me. >> jackass auditions are long over. that's going to hurt for a long time. those little thorns are going to be in his foot for awhile. >> he has the tweezers and tries to go in and get them. >> there's a couple here and we need to get them. >> there's more than a couple, my friend wow. okay. that's one of the dumber things i've seen in awhile. >> well they made a video and we're talking about it. hopefully he's okay. >> and the reason we're talking about it is to say don't do this at home. we've done a lot of damage to our oceans.
2:03 am
plastic and trash and overfishing. what do you say we give the fish some power of their own? let them fight back. this art piece created by neil mendoza in collaboration with autodesks artists in residency program. got a nice little setup here. he created what he calls the fish hammer. a web cam is tracking that goldfish in his bowl in the background. and when the fish stops long enough, the hammer drops. >> oh. sweet. this is awesome. >> the fish's name is smashy. >> we deserve this. we deserve this because of all the garbage and all the water bottles and stuff that we leave in the seas. this is their way of striking back. >> exactly. it's kind of cool. it's obviously created with lots of different technologies and stuff. you could see the hammer rolling around on that circular track. it translates it to the hammer
2:04 am
and then the hammer -- >> and it's 100% controlled by the movement, nothing else? >> the fish is going about its business and destroying stuff. doesn't even know he's doing it. kind of the way we damage the ocean. we go about our daily lives. lots of stuff gets tossed in the ocean. we don't even know about it. so this is a very artistic look at what's going on in our environment. >> the difference between us and these fish, though, is actually we do know about it. we need to be more mindful. we know we should throw away our trash. people just don't do it. he's in total freakout mode. >> i love these. >> but that dude definitely doesn't feel the same way.
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2:06 am, click on tv show, or use our mobile app. we've all been here on a ride at an amusement park. you know, looking a little nervous. but you go through with it because you're going to be fine. this guy, though, he's freaking out.
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>> i want to get off. i want to get off. i want to get off. i want to get off. >> i love these. >> i want to get off. >> dude has already changed his mind. he wants to get out. he's bringing hard. the girl next to him is enjoying it. >> they've moved a foot. in low gear. >> the anticipation is killing him. >> who him? >> got to tighten it. >> there's something wrong with their seat belts. >> time to get off. >> i guarantee that operator is just messing with this guy. >> as they're trying to make sure their seat belts are on properly, the attendant lets the other people know that they have a problem. >> hey, i got a seat problem. [ screaming ] >> yes, just when they think they have a legit problem, they get launched. >> he's on, like,


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