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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 14, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> even so, when it was all over, four people were dead, including the shooter. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. people inside the ups building say the >> at 17th and bruno street, the eye team has learned the gunman was jimmy lam of san francisco. >> he shot five people, three of them died. two were taken to the hospital. police recovered two weapons at the scene. >> abc7 news reporter vic lee has been there all day since the beginning. he begins our live team coverage tonight. vic? >> reporter: we are at utah and mariposa, about a block, block and a half from the ups building which is right behind me. police held their last briefing here for the day about an hour and a half ago. assistant chief tony chaplain said the shooting victims were found inside and outside the ups building. and although police won't confirm this, sources tell us, as you said, that the suspect is
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jimmy lam. our sources also say that he suffered from some kind of mental illness problem and that he was also estranged from his wife and all ofho t caused his . now, we also know that the gunman went into the ups building this morning just as they were holding their routine morning meeting and that he began firing as the drivers were about to go out on their run. san francisco police responded to 911 dispatch calls at 8:55 this morning. people shot at ups building. 17th and san bruno. the gunman parked his bmw at 16th and vermont near the building. he entered the massive complex where hundreds of people worked. he then went on a shooting spree. people fanned outlooking for him -- out looking for him as they evacuated. >> the suspect was armed with an assault pistol.
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he put the gun to his head and discharged the weapon. >> reporter: but not before he shot five people. >> the suspect is deceased as are three of the shooting victims. >> reporter: teams of officers continued searching the building for possibly more victims and perhaps accomplices. they found none. >> the building has been secured at this point. we believe the incident involves only one suspect. >> reporter: this afternoonmayoe ed the crime scene, saying the city will provide health and trauma counseling. >> we want to make sure that ups, their management, their employees know that the city is behind, helping them recover from this incident. >> reporter: and this request by the president of northern california ups. >> if i could at this time just ask all of you to please keep ups-ers in your prayers. >> reporter: well, assistant chief chaplain says the search of that ups building is now completed and that csi is on the scene to reconstruct, if you will, the crime scene to see if
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they can learn anything more. we are also told that the worker ups building, this massive structure, will be allowed to return back to their herkplace to get t belg inirgs. that's the very latest. vic lee, abc7 news. >> thank you, vic. as you can imagine, the shooting has caused panic among ups workers getting ready to go out to deliver their packages this morning. >> pop, pop, pop, pop, about 7 shots. >> marvin calderon was inside the ups building. he was getting ready for the morning meeting when he heard the shots. then people started to run and shout, go, go, go. calderon barely made it out. >> he was right behind me. he was like 6, 7 shots inside. at least five to six outside. i was just running. i didn't wait to look the guy. >> workers huddled together in the street and gathered in a church near the ups building to be interviewed by police. family members waited closenthe runited and feel safe again.
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it was just terrifying for them. >> families of the victims have been showing up at san francisco general. some telling us about their devastation in discovering their loved one's fate. >> abc7 news reporter kate larson is live a at s.f. general with a very personal story, kate. >> reporter: well, dan, kristen, mike lefiti was shot at the ups facility where he worked this morning and then later on in the day his family, dozens of them who live here in the san francisco area, showed up here to f. s.encourse, received horrible news that he had passed. >> i heard gunshots. >> reporter: mack toya said he heard shots around 9:00 this morning at the ups facility at potreo hill. he was there to pickup his cousin from walked up towards t and i looked over and i saw my cousin sprawled out on the concrete. >> reporter: he says he ran to his cousin who he believes was shot in the stomach and told him, i love you. >> police officers were right
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on, right on the scene just like that. so, i got to touch him but i couldn't hug him. they just pushed me away because they were trying to resuscitate him. >> reporter: lefiti worked for ups for 17 years and had a short workday today because he was on light duty. >> mike, i used to call him my gentle giant. >> reporter: a former ups worker who did not want to be identified told us he and l lefifti had nearby routes and he was always helpful. >> we used to have many serious talks about religion, about how life treats us, and that there's always something good that comes out of learn in everyday life. >> reporter: likely difficult for friends and family to see the good right now in theirea . lefiti was 46 years old, a father of five, and just celebrated his yweg anniversary yesterday. his cousin says they come from a very tight knit san francisco family, most of whom are here at san francisco general grieving
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right now. >> it just wasn't -- i want him back. i want him back. >> reporter: and just a tragedy for that family. we do know that two of the people who were shot survived the shooting and we know from a source close to the hospital that those two shooting victims have being treated here at san francisco general. there were also five other people who were injured in the chaos after the shooting who received non-gunshot wound injuries. we are waiting to learn more about all of those conditions. live at san francisco general, i'm kate larson, abc7 news. >> kate, thank you. ups released a statement. the company is saddened and deeply concerned about affected employees, family members a the community we share. our thoughts and prayers are with all those touched by this incident. >> well, the impact of today's shooting extends well beyond the ups building. of course, the entire neighborhood is practically a ghost town with many businesses deciding to close for the day.
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>> abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom is live with that part of our coverage. jonaan tragedy that affected not only the ups workers and their families, but as you said, really the entire neighborhood. we are standing at one of the 12 intersections that was closed down as a result of the police activities surrounding that shooting and as for the local businesses, well, many of those ups workers are also their customers. gatherin sg of those workers stl in their ups uniforms as they emerged from say church on 17th street that had been used an evacuation center. they assembled in the shade of a nearby gas station and handed printed materials by officils te refobe workers in that group di not talk to the media. waiting inside the crime scene tape were several family members who did not want to be interviewed but they told us they were still waiting to find out if their own loved ones were safe. as it turns out, many of the survivors were led to the other side of the crime scene to a building where the red cross and the salvation army had set up serve siz for em from the loca foods store came biwa meals and
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cookies. >> just to give back to the local community.we're two blocke it happened. a lot of our customers are ups families and everything and we a nybothdyive back and swho that needs it. >> they're closed off. all these cars out here are police, none of my customers can get to me that made appointments ad my parts departments can't deliver because they won't legalilet them go by. >> reporter: and that's the other way local businesses got involved, not by choice after police activity cut them off from the neighborhood. sfmta said they were working closed arteries as well as the freeway off ramp. muni had to reroute four bus lnes. they said a few minutes ago they released the last of their street closures and traffic is back to flowing normally once again. in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc7 news. >> oka ch. now, the san francisco giants held a moment of silence today at their game. the victims of both the ups
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shooting and the shooting at a congressional baseball practice outside washington, d.c. were recognized. those shootings were back to back, but 3,000 miles apart. the one here in san francisco, the other in alexandria, virginia. >> and that attack happened on a baseball field as republican lawmakers practiced for tonight's charity game against their democratic counterparts. house gop whip steve scalise of louisiana was among five people wounded. he is out of surgery and now in critical condition. >> i could see steve scalise out in the field. he dragged himself after he was shot from near second base about 10 or 15 yards into the field. just to be i think a little further away from the gunman. he was laying motionless out there. >> nine california lawmakers were on both teams including eric swalwell of pleasanton and jared huff man of marin. the game will be played as scheduled. the attacker who was killed in the shootou with capital police was identified as 66-year-old james hodge kin son of illinois.
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his facebook page is filled with anti-trump rants. >> governor brown issued a statement saying, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by senseless violence today in san francisco and alexandria. >> a lot m eortoni nght. >> one of the rangers was threatened with assault. >> just for doing his job. in san jose, rangers are at risk. fires are increasing and a solution appears to be a long way off. >> the headache overngro gwi silicon valley housing costs, now google is taking a step to ease some of the pain. >> i'm spencer christian. we have a heat watch in effect friday through sunday. temperatures are going to soar above 100 degrees in many locations. i'm give you a close up look at my accuweather forecast in just a moment. >> and how facebook is one step closer to being your scheduling service.
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tonight there are more worries about safety because of homeless camps along coyote creek in san jose. the new problems are centered north of the old jungle homeless camp between interstate 280 and highway 101. abc7 news reporter jeannine de la vega is live in that area tonight. jeannine, first responders say they are facing violence and even fire danger. >> reporter: yeah, dan. and fire fighters who respond to this area say they are noticing an uptick in fires and that's not good with a lot of this dry vegetation all around. there are a lot of homeless people who still live here near the creek area and now there are incidents of people who patrol this area being threatened. bags of garbage are being hauled out from coyote creek. this is just one of hundreds of homeless encampments in the city. in the last couple weeks, transyentran transients in the area clashed and things turned violent. >> involved in just trying to pickup litter was threatened b a
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someone with a knife. a ranger was threatened with assault by someone who was in an unlawful encampment. >> reporter: they halted her team from patrolling the meadows unless a police escort is present. while police rangers are responsible for protecting the environment they are constantly assessing for safety. >> it is a challenge because you're talking 30 miles of creek in san jose. you're never going to have enough resources and power, manpower to deal with eliminating all risk. >> reporter: fire fighters who work the region say lately they are getting called to put out brush fires in the area formerly known as the young l sometimes three to five times a day. this video shows fir s encampments in the last month. so far there's been one person arrested for arson. >> this is very concerning because arson is a dangerous crime. not just a fire, but fires can spread and hurt people and damage property. so, we take it very seriously.
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>> reporter: the city says there is an open investigation into the fire reports. they are trying to figure out if one or two people are responsible, or if the fires are part of systemic problem. in san jose, jeannine de la vega, abc7 news. >> all right. breaking news now in fairfield where a lockdown at travis air force base has just been lifted. after a report of an active shooter. >> yes, you are looking at video right now from sky 7 over the scene. a very tense scene not too long ago. they posted on the facebook page that they responded to reports of shots fired and were unable to find a shooter. it all started around 3:30 this military police officers armed with rifles responded to the incident near the bx or base exchange which serve as the general store on post. >> the base had been conducting a security incident drill today when this actual real incident happened. we are going to bring you more information as soon as we learn it on abc7 news and through the abc7 news app.
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>> meantime, new developments about the contra costa county d.a. accused of miss using campaign funds just moments ago in court, he pleaded no contest to pejery and we've lerpd that he is resigned from office. mark peterson will not go to jail, though. he'll spend three years on probation but cannot run for office during that time. peterson revoked his resignation from office this earn however, his no contest plea would force him to resign anyway. he would have 250 hours of community service. county supervisors will have to find a replacement and assign an acting district attorney. investigators say peterson illegally spent $66,000 of campaign donations on personal items, and then lied about it on documents filed with the state. >> google is coming to the rescue of employees who say they simply can't afford housing even though they pull down a salary of $160,000. the solution? prefab housing, alphabet, google's parent company is
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making a $30ilon investment in modular housing. according to the "wall street journal," that should provide temporary space for 300 employees. apple and facebook are also building housing in order to help out their employees. >> human interaction could get you more impersonal, but it could save you from some uncomfortable conversations. >> >> that's true. michael finney has more on artificial intelligence. >> a.i., for those who like to text. some people find this very cool. others might end up shaking their heads. facebook is developing a chat bot that would use artificial intelligence to negotiate with another chat bot or human being. the same chat bot could negotiate the time of a meeting or lunch date. the idea is to replace conversation some of us hate to have. this is perhaps an extension of the text stick which replaced the traditional phone call for many of us. the technology is still in the research stage.
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antivirus software designed to protect you from malware and various viruss, you know that, but now comes word hundreds of antivirus apps may be fake. that is a conclusion of a report from risk iq about apps for android, google play is more accessible and open than the apple store but that leaves app fans more vulnerable. iq found 11% of the antivirus apps on google were potentially malicious. to protect yourself, avoid companies with e-mails not coming from business domains and also research the developer's name. it didn't take long, just a week after ikea announced it would make its products available online on third-party sites. it has already happened. we found numerous products from ikea being sold on amazon. ikea had originally announced its products would be made available to third-party sites next year. no word on why it moved up the time line.
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last week, here it is. >> they seem expensive. not sure they are actually more expensive, but they seem that way. >> that's interesting. i'll check the prices. great idea. >> thanks, michael. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> let's talk about the heat wave coming our way. we're going to have inland temperatures above 100 degrees in many of our inland locations. starting on friday so let's take a look at antioch as our indicator of the high temperature trend over the next 7 days. average high temperature this time of year in antioch 86 degrees. tomorrow's high will be 90. it will go up to 95 on friday. by saturday 100 degrees, 104 the high, 18 degrees above the average on sunday which is fathers day. dropping off to a mere 101 on tuesday and wednesday -- monday and tuesday, rather, next wednesday back up to 104 anyrees. t' td of our inland locations can expect as this heat wave cranks up. here's a look at live doppler 7. mild to warm conditions across the bay area. westward we can see 63 degrees
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in san francisco, under sunny skies. 07 in oakland, mountain view 75. 90 gilroy. 59 half moon bay. this is a view from mount tam under bright sunny skies. 83 in napa, 84 santa rosa. 87 fairfield, 88 concord, livermore 84 degrees. golden gate blue skies. these are our forecast features. summer like warming continues tomorrow. excessive heat tough digit temp prevail saturday through wednesday. mild conditions, low temperatures generally in the mid 50s and tomorrow under sunny skies, highs will range near 70 at the coast to upper 70s and low 80s around the bay. up to 90 degrees in the warm est inland locations. it is going to get a whole lot warmer as the weekend approaches. also tomorrow warriors victory parade downtown oakland starts at 10:00 tomorrow morning under sunny skies. it will be mild with a temperature about 66 degrees at that hour. going up to mid to upper 70s in
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the afternoon. now i mentioned the excess i. heat watch earlier. right now it's extending from friday through sunday, but it could be extended even farther if this heat wave persists. for all the bay area except the immediate coast line, we expect the heat to be so intense that heat related illnesses are a possibility. so to avoid illnesses, you can avoid overexposure to the sun and you can stay hydrated. those are two ways to stay healthy during this extreme heat. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. it warms up tomorrow, continues warming up to summer-like sizzle on friday. but it really gets hot on saturday and remains that way in our inland areas especially through next wednesday. high temperatures will exceed 100 degrees in numerous locations during that five-day period in our inland areas. upper 80, to 90s in the bay, 60s on the coast. get ready for the heat. >> finally. >> that's true. >> thanks, spencer. you were talking about the warriors parade, right? >> how does it feel to be an nba
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champion? >> it's like awesome, man. >> the media descends on kevin durant this is how it feels when you eat a subway® $6 footlong sub of the day. it's the taste you love, at a price you can't get enough of. the $6 footlong sub of the day. seven days, seven footlongs, seven more ways to enjoy subway®.
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the stage is almost set for the warriors victory celebration. take a look at this shot taken by droneview7. workers putting the stage together for tomorrow's rally at lake merritt in oakland. city officials will close down the area to traffic by 7:00 p.m. tonight to sweep it for security. safety, of course. it will be open at 9:00 p.m. to start bag checks and allow fans to claim a spot. >> it will be a lot of fun. tune in with us tomorrow. it's going to be a great day. while oakland prepares for the parade, so do the warriors themselves. a few notables met with reporters this afternoon. >> abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is one of them. he joins us live from downtown oakland. wayne? >> reporter: quite an experience at the warriors headquarters, here comes one player, then the next player, then the next player, just ordinary guys, away from the thrill of the championship or so it would
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seem. elite athletes do not decompress fast and they know what they have in store tomorrow. above oakland today, the owe zone layer may be a little thinner, the air certainly more rarified, especially on the top floor of the oakland convention center. on the warriors practice court, in the middle of a media skrum. >> it's sweeter this year. it's going to be a better summer for sure. >> reporter: in the shadows of previous greats as the warriors prep for tomorrow's parade, they brought out sean livingston, steph curry, kevin durant, klay thompson. a main question for all of them, will the team stay together? and then we went on from there. >> we'll all figure something out. we'll work something out. like i said, i want to be here. we just won a championship, man. let's see if we can do it again. >> at the end of the day, we know what's best for us as a group going forward and want to do everything we can to keep this team together. >> what do you love about these guys? >> probably the selflessness and
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just their willingness to come to work every day and compete and get better. this group didn't take any shortcuts to get here. >> reporter: and tomorrow, the parade with predictions of a million people lining the streets. >> what do you look forward to in that parade tomorrow? >> just celebrating with my teammates, celebrating with all of the bay, the bay area. just being there in attendance. again, all the support they've given us, being there by us, sticking by us, you know. it feels good to bring the trophy to them, celebrate with them. >> reporter: if last year's parade serves as any indication, expect a love fest tomorrow. from warriors headquarters in oakland, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> crowded. >> yeah, right. >> all right. and the team will have some special company tomorrow. >> oh, yeah, why you can call him the toast of warrior town. >> abc7 news at 5:00 we'll be right back.
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coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, we have much more on our breaking news out of san francisco, that fatal shooting at ups. the eye team dan noyes has been digging and has more on the shooter. the peninsula home, before the couple knew it, they were being asked for almost $4,000. then 7 on your side michael finney stepped in. all that and much more coming up on abc7 news at 6:00. kristen, dan? >> we'll see you then. >> a warriors die hard fan got an invitation to an event thanks to a snazzy kitchen appliance. >> we told you about the toaster last week. a lot of stars autographed it. >> it was klay thompson who took
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interest when it was his turn to sign it. >> he recognized some of the signatures. he recognized david lee right there. he recognized draymond. so, i'm like, yeah, draymond and david lee right there. man, that's really cool. it's the first time i've ever seen this. >> ray sent this tweet this morning saying he got a personal invitation to tomorrow's victory parade from klay. very impressed and yes, he will be riding on a float. >> awesome. that's going to be so fun. well, the parade will follow the same route as 2015. it will start at broadway and 11th head to the western edge of lake merritt near harrison and grand and wind its way to the henne i j. kaiser convention center. >> that's right. abc7 news of course will have live coverage of the victory parade tomorrow. we're calling it a dub nation celebration. so, please join us. it all starts at 10:00 a.m. >> yeah, and kristen and i will be right here with you for that. so please tune if. it will be a lot of fun. >> "world news tonight with david muir" coming up.
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aim i'm kristen sze. >> i'm tonight from washington, the horrifying moment. new video of the gunfire on the ball field. members of congress, the intended targets. the images now emerging the moment when gun shots began. the gunman allegedly asking be beforehand, are they republicans? democrats? then opening fire on lawmakers and staff congressman steve scalise is in critical condition, among five people shot. two wounded capitol hill police officers taking down the gunman. president trump addressing the nation. tonight, what we have learned about the gunman. the 66-year-old building inspector, a husband and bernie sanders supporter. his rage on social media about the president. also breaking tonight, the deadly shooting rampage at u.p.s. an employee opening fire after showing up for work. and the horrif


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