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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 15, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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lot of stuff. >> the suspect is an employee. >> a local teamster's official said lamb filed a grievance claiming he was working too much over time, and the officials said he was not angry. and he had a history of mental problems and was estranged from his wife, and employees says he has children. >> he kept to himself and did not participate with other drivers. >> this retired ups employee worked with lamb for 15 years. >> never heard anything else about him when it came to management, he would have friction with management. >> and authorities are not sure if he was shooting at random or targeting his victims. >> ups will resume deliveries from san francisco this morning. ups sent this note to customers
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citing an emergency situation caused delays. and then make sure to download our app for free to be alerted when breaking news is happening in our community. right now i'm tracking breaking news in san jose. a fire at caroline davis middle school near eden veil and admiral. crews knocked the fire down in about half an hour, and no word yet on whether this is arson or something else and we have calls in and are waiting to hear back. now something to celebrate. the huge party for the warriors start in just a few hours. >> there are a few things you need to know before you leave the house. amy hollyfield is live at the start of the parade route this morning at 11th and broadway.
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>> reporter: it's starting to look like a parade is going to happen here. look at the fun arch of balloons that just went up, and we are at eleventh and broadway. there will be 12 of these along the route. we are seeing a few early birds but there are plenty of prime parade watching space available if you want to head this way and get a spot. look at the crowd two years ago. they think this year could be bigger. there is a parade and then a rally, and officials are saying pick one, that it will be too crowded to move from one to the other. we talked to a couple women already here looking to make this a full, fun day. >> so far i'm awake. we only had 2 1/2 hours asleep and the reason i came was mostly to hangout with friends i don't see very often, and also to rub it into my son who is in england right now and a big warrior's fan. >> reporter: here's a list of
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what they do not want you to bring today, no bags larger than 16 x 16 x 8. folding chairs are not allowed, no alcohol or large poles or brooms or pop-up tents and no boats on lake merritt. that's where the rally will take place. police say they are working hard to make sure it's a safe event but are emphasizing that phrase we have heard before, if you see something say something. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the parade will follow the same route at 2015, and it will wind its way to the convention center. abc7 news will have live coverage of today's victory parade, our dub nation celebration we are calling it, and our coverage will begin shortly before it begins. and then changes in mass transit. >> yeah, impacting you if you
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are not heading to the celeb ration -- >> yeah, if you are one of the four folks that has to go to work, especially b.a.r.t. riders, pay attention to this. you will want to leave by 7:00 this morning, no later than that because we have a lot of trains to service. and nine trains on the pittsburg line will help with the massive crowds to oakland and half of the trains from fremont will not go to san francisco but will turn around and stop in oakland and go back to fremont. and the 12th street station and 19th, use those and avoid lake merritt. and you will need to be out by 4:00, and that's good news. and also ac transit, 21 bus lines are being detoured. a lot of ambassadors that will be deployed throughout downtown that will help navigate.
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and then one more note i want to pass along here, if you want to be driving on 880, we have got three ramps that will be closed starting at 7:00 this morning, and oak street and jackson street and broadway, and that will likely last well into the afternoon, so we're definitely going to be looking for congestion on 880 when we get later into the morning, and i will stay on top of it of course for you all day. the stars of the show are celebrating with dub nation in today's parade. steph curry said his teammates had an unbelievable time two years ago, and they expect that will happen again. >> i expect that same kind of vibe with a little bit of experience behind it of how to do it right and how to celebrate right and enjoy, you know, being champions again, so i'm going to get a good night's sleep and be ready. >> and not surprisingly we are already talking about next year, and they all said they want to
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come back. for a complete guide on everything you need to know go to the website, now to washington, d.c., special counsel robert mueller is investigating president trump for obstruction of justice. and now look into the president's conduct following the firing of james comey. former fbi director comey testified last week, and he believed he was fired because of the russia investigation. uber faces a federal investigation for how it handles the personal data of its ridesharing customers. and this comes as the company is dealing with sexual harassment complaints that prompted a shake-up among some top executives. uber just paid $20 million in january to settle federal charges that it used misleading
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information to attract new drivers. contra costa county looking for a new district attorney this morning following the resignation of peterson. it was part of a plea deal he reached on a felony perjury charge and he illegally spent $66,000 of campaign donations on personal items and lied about it on documents filed with the state. he will do 250 hours of community service. during that time he will not be allowed to hold office. he has until tomorrow evening to book himself into jail and that's a required formality before he can be released to start his probation. on our way to a sunny golden sunshine, and mild at 66 and by 2:00, we are warming up to 76 degrees for all the folks headed over into the east bay.
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out there, 50s and 60s are the name of the game. san jose, 56. and future tracker, temperatures by 9:00 in the morning spots are in the 70s, and by 11:00, 80s are popping up. you can see this afternoon, our warmest spots will go into the 90s. sunny skies, 74 in san francisco. and 78, oakland. 84 in san jose, and 88 in napa. we do have an excessive heat watch that will go into effect tomorrow afternoon, and our first heat wave of 2018 and we'll have that coming up in just a few minutes, guys. crime scene still up where a gunman fired at washington lawmakers. we are live for a show of unity from the republicans and democrats today. the safety concern in san jose for workers trying to prevent a fire tragedy. we expect traffic is going
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to be something else today given what is happening with the dubs what is happening with the dubs and the east
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stphaoeufpltd on to developing news, a republican congressional leader remains in critical condition after an ambush shooting touring a practice outside of washington, d.c. abc news reporter stephanie ramos joins us live from
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alexandria, virginia, with more. stephanie. >> reporter: you can see the crime scene tape skill up here at the baseball park where lawmakers showed up yesterday around this same time for batting practice when they were -- when shots rang out. a blaze of gunshots fired at republican congressmen at a baseball diamond eight miles from capitol hill in alexandria, virginia. 26 republican members of congress practicing for their annual charity baseball game against democrats and some seeking refuge in the dugout. >> there's also a victim down on the baseball field. >> that victim, congressman scalise of louisiana with a rifle shot to the left hip, medevaced off the field. the house security whip security detail firing back at the shooter from behind an suv according to two witnesses, and both officers injured.
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the shooter, 66-year-old hodgkinson is down, and the unemployed illinois man reportedly had been in the washington area for a couple months living out of his van and had a long and public history of anti-trump and anti-republican rhetoric. in all, four shot. in all, four shot. the congressman, two officers injured. the local ymca's windows shattered, and that charity baseball game is still set for tonight at national's baseball park. abc7 news. now a live desk update. >> just into our live desk the death toll from the massive high-rise fire in london has
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gone up. 17 people have died, up last night. and this morning 37 people are hospitalized and 17 in critical condition. firefighters say they are still battling small pockets of fire in the building, almost 36 hours after it broke out. inspectors say next they will do a detailed fingerprint search at the scene which is what this video has this morning, and you can see what the tower looks like right now. they are trying to identify anymore vehicle uplz still in there. the process expected to take several weeks, though. natasha, back to you. >> terrible beyond believe. thank you, jessica. and then new safety issues being raised. the new problems are centered north of the old jungle homeless camp. firefighters who work in the bay area say they have been up -- area say they have been up -- there's been an
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>> a member of the downtown streets team who is involved in trying to pick up litter was threatened by somebody with a knife, and there's another incident a couple days prior, i believe, that one of the rangers was threatened with assault by somebody who was in an unlawful encampment. >> and they are being called to put out brushfires in the area, sometimes three to five times a day and so far one person has been arrested for arson. and then looking at rules allowing samples of marijuana to be passed out at county fares across california, and this comes as the state gets ready for the start of legal marijuana sales next year. supporters of legalized marijuana believe it will be a $7 billion per year industry. and green went to l.a. last night ahead of today's parade.
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>> that's because he was on jimmy kimmel live. >> the whole song about the cavs -- >> are you going to sing it? >> nope. >> you know all the lyrics? >> nope. >> they suck. yep. lebron, nope. slash brothers -- >> yep. >> i can't remember the rest, i was not in my right state of mind. >> he's being truthful. that's what i like about him. >> i am surprised the song is so clean. >> i have a feeling it wasn't. >> you can watch "jimmy kimmel live" right here on he was trying to keep it clean for the kids. >> we're on our way to a really great start. outside we go, east bay hills
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camera. we are basking in great visibility, and temperatures on the mild side, san ramon at 53 degrees. and santa rosa checking in with a current temperature of 50 degrees. your thursday planner, hour-by-hour we go. nothing but sunshine throughout the day and that's going to lead the day to a warm afternoon, and that sun gets up here at 5:47 a.m., and then inland go into the 90s and low 80s around the bay and mid-60s along the coast. we will take you into oakland, a dub nation celebration. the warrior's parade, golden sunshine, a nice morning, starting out at 66 degrees by 10:00, and by 2:00 in the afternoon, really comfortable at 76 degrees. when we get into friday, we will have an excessive heat watch go into effect for a majority of the region and only exception along the coast because we are tracking our first heat wave of 2017. just look at what happens over
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the weekend and for much of next week, triple digits inland. 80s and 90s around the bay. that's weather and let's get a check of traffic with ahreubgsice miles per hour we are seeing light volumes for now and we will enjoy it while it lasts because i think it's going to be a tough traffic day here. and no metering lights bay bridge toll plaza, and we'll see when that happens today, and everybody is trying to get to oakland for the warriors victory parade. we had an overnight sigalert north bay 880, a rollover crash, and got the leans back open by 3:30 this morning and it sounds like there's rebar possibly sticking up so use caution in that area. i don't think we have any vehicles pulled over with damage right now but chp does know about it. in the green all the way around. southbound 101 from santa rosa into the city, and 17, highway 101 to los gatos, only taking
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you 25 minutes. we all know housing in the bay area is expensive and getting worse. the solution google is counting on to help out its workers. and then the plan state lawmakers are considering to level of playing field. the warriors will have a special guest for today's parade in oakland. call him the toast of the town. first, this morning's tech bytes. >> in today's tech bytes samsung versus apple. >> consumer reports say the >> consumer reports say the samsung gal >> and facebook is celebrating the 30th birthday by giving all users the ability to post skwreufz in their comments and not just updates. >> the creator of the jif clarified it's pronounced
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>> it should be gift. >> it's his krcreation. >> a super couple in singapore >> a super couple in singapore stopped by the apple store to
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. for the past 30 years is going silence. neal young says the concert is canceled for good. this is concert from 2001.
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the bridge school helps children with speech and physical impairments and he and his wife, peggy, have hosted the decision for decades and the decision is based on personal reasons. based on personal reasons. and then helping compete with ridesharing companies. taxi drivers would no longer need permits for each city they drive in and they would be able to raise and lower their fares similar to uber and surge pricing during peak times. as they look to expand in california, taxi drivers are looking to lawmakers for relief. and then one solution for google's employees, pre-built housing. that should provide temporary
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space for 300 employees, and apple and facebook are also building housing to help employees out. and then a private invite to a public event thanks to a kitchen appliance. >> we told you about the state warrior toaster, and it was klay thompson who took this to a new level when it was his turn to sign. >> he recognized some of the signatures and recognized david lee and draymond, and he said, that's really cool, and that's the first time i have ever seen this. >> ray sent this tweet yesterday saying he received a personal invitation from klay to ride in a float during today's victory parade. that's my favorite story of the whole season so far. >> oh, wow. >> and that toaster puts a dubs'
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imprint on the toast. >> yeah, we were talking about the toast on twitter. >> avocado toast. >> i just had that yesterday for lunch. i made it. it was very good. saved money. we're in the 50s and 60s across the board. this is going to be the launching pad to get us into a warm afternoon. 57 right now, and oakland, 61 concord and highs today, lots of sunshine from the get go. look at this. 84 san francisco. san francisco, going up to a mild 74. 78 in oakland and 89 in santa rosa and 90s in the warmest spots inland. we're looking okay right now. here's a live look at golden gate bridge. southbound 101, no issues if you are coming from the north bay. and mass transit looking good at this point, too, and i feel like i can't stress some of this stuff enough, we are going to have major changes in a few hours, so if you take b.a.r.t. to work or school normally you are not going to the festivities
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in oakland, you need to leave before 7:00 a.m. or you might get caught up in the crunch. there are nine trains on the pittsburg line that will help out with the parade lane, and in the warms spring city line half of those trains will go to oakland instead of san francisco. for b.a.r.t. if you are headed to the festivities, 19th and 12th stations, don't go to lake merritt. all of the downtown oakland routes will be defoured so do your homework before you head out the door. you may find this cool or just shaking your head. facebook is developing a chat bot that will negotiate the price of another human being. the idea is to replace conversations some of us don't really like having. experts say it's the next step in a trend starting by texting with a lot of us now use instead of calling people.
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the technology still in the research stage. next at 5:00 a.m., it's almost time for dub nation celebration. we will let you know the dos and the don'ts before heading over to oakland. you will hear the harrowing account from the alexandria shooting that stood just feet away from the gunman. i will let you know what is happening today to help employees cope with the ups incident. we have the beginning of a golden sunshine ahead of dub nation celebration. we'll be right back. the warriors, 2017 champions. our team. our town. our fans. all the best in basketball. >> guys get along and sacrifice for the greater good, and this for the greater good, and this is the greater good right
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5:00 a.m., and welcome to thursday, june 15th. we're glad you are here. >> and we are glad so many of you will be celebrating the warriors today, and we will have live coverage once the parade kicks off and team coverage this morning as well, but first we have to get to the weather. i hear it's going to be great. >> it's going to be so fantastic, guys. so much warmth on our way, and temperatures will quickly rise once the sun gets up in 47 minutes. we have the all clear. outside we go. beautiful sides from the east bay hills


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