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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 15, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." it's thursday, june 15th. i think a lot of people headed to the warriors parade, dub nation celebration. you should be watching us on your app right now and get on over there right now. >> yeah, because you are late. i just want to point out i feel like the bay area is decked out in the warriors' colors. look behind us. going to be a nice day. >> i will take full advantage of the forecast and show you we have nothing but sunshine on the way so enjoy. a gorgeous thursday. live doppler 7 along with satellite, patchy fog along the immediate coastline around half moon bay. and then sutro tower, beautiful, the golden gate bridge soaked in sunshine. your day planner, look at that at 4:00, tons of sunshine, and 90s inland and mid-60s along the coast. how are the roadways, alexis? >> yeah, let's look outside at more of the golden sunshine here
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in the walnut creek area. southbound 680, not seeing major issues and the volumes may be better than typically they are, so i think a lot of folks m maye calling in sick today. of course we are anticipating a huge push on mass transit today due to that. if you are taking b.a.r.t. for your normal commute purposes, leave in the next half sooner. also you are going to want to use 19th or 12th street stations and avoid lake merritt station and they are going to bypass that once they have capacity issues. downtown oakland buses are going to be rerouted all day today. we will take a look at drive times coming up next. if anything is an indication of seeing more people on b.a.r.t. this morning than what we saw during the last championship, that could be a record that we are going to hit today as dub nation comes through, we are just hours away from the championship parade. >> our team already in place,
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and amy hollyfield at the start of the parade route, but let's start with matt keller rally will happen. >> reporter: one person here, and i didn't expect him to show up, crying lebron showed up today on a sign. does anybody feel bad for lebron? >> no! >> reporter: i thought they were going to be a little sympathetic to the poor guy that just lost the nba championship. they are here for the warriors, of course. all the fans here showed up early and i talked to a couple fans who talked to me calmly and told me what they thought about today. >> i wanted to celebrate with the team. i came out here the last time they did this and i just wanted to be here with all the excitement. >> everybody have fun and get
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elan, so it's good, you know, to show all of this solidarity among the people. >> reporter: safety is important. oakland police are asking you to report any suspicious behavior, not loud orphan behavior, just suspicious stuff. if you see something, say something, like a bag unattended or a vehicle being driven in an erratic way, and let an officer know or call police. port a potties are spread out along the parade help and if you need medical help, look to where the red balloons are, and this fan will be here to let you know about champs, and people may have stayed up all night, and i can smell the alcohol from here. >> he is going to crash in 30 minutes. you have seen where the rally is happening, but what
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about that parade? >> amy hollyfield has us discovered, a little calmer at the start of the parade route where plenty of people are arriving. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. fans are already lining broadway here for the parade. very excited to see the warriors. this is where the parade starts at broadway and 11th. many people telling us they were here two years ago and they are back again so that's a good endorsement for this event and they say it's so much fun. we are hearing great stories about what fans love for their warriors. look at this little guy, yes a. 3-year-old snuggled into the wagon, and they got here at 5:00, and his mom says he loves steph curry and wrote a song for him that he plans to play today on his drum. his mom says she has not slept and wanted to make sure they were the first ones here. >> there's no need in coming if you cannot bear witness to all
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that has transpired and we are very excited and i wanted my son to be in the midst of it as well, and he tells me, steph curry can't guard me, mommy. >> reporter: they are at the parade start, 11th and broadway. if you are trying to figure out where you want to set up, grand avenue could be a good spot if broadway is full or try 19th street. the parade will end by lake merritt and that's where the rally will take place by matt keller. a beautiful balloon arch here at the entrance and you will see 12 of these along the route, and it's going to be the players that steal the show. there are lots of fans to greet him and i am hoping steph curry will look over and see the 3-year-old playing the drum for him. and abc7 news will have live coverage of the dub nation celebration.
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the parade starts at 10:00 a.m. and our coverage begins a few minutes before that. for a complete guide on everything you need to know including what you do not want to take with you and what you don't want to do on mass transit, go to our website, now a live desk update. >> right now i want to show you a live look at the growing memorial this morning for the victims of the ups center, and it's near diamond heights boulevard and gold mine drive, and it's on the route michael lefiti used to drive and he was one of the four killed when a gunman open fire yesterday. you can see tons of bouquets out there, flowers and balloons and signs and a warriors flag with a note on it, and grief counsellors will be on hand as drivers go back to work this morning. back to you. we now know the names of the
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ups employees that died in that tragedy. >> the first victim we knew of, michael lefiti, and a lot of people called him big mike. the gunman has been identified as jimmy lam. he also lived in san francisco and he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. police say he open fire on his coworkers at a morning drivers meeting and investigators are still looking for a motive and they do not believe this was an act of terror. >> officers took boxes and other items from the house on 4th avenue near geary. and neighborhoods say he stood out because of his ups uniform and they would see him smoking cigarettes and talking on the phone or hanging out by his car. >> and he claimed he was working excessive over time and asked to be relieved of the extra ot and reportedly was not angry about
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it. he had a history of mental problems and was estranged from his wife, and ups employees told us he does have children. a terrifying incident caught on camera, and how this woman on camera, and how this woman ends up getting
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time now is 6:11 a.m. live look at oakland, and people lined up to celebrate the warriors today. if you are headed to oakland, a beautiful-looking forecast. 66 degrees at 10:00, and by 2:00 warming up to 76 degrees. highs across the region, sunshine no matter where you live, coast, inland or bay. 84 the high in san jose today. and 78 in oakland. 90 in concord and 88 the high in napa. that's weather and let's get a check of >> here's a live look at the richmond side of the richmond san rafael bridge. the drive times not looking too bad. we have the metering lights on, and we are in the green all the way around. highway 4 to the maze 22
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"abc7 mornings," all news, all morning. >> we are hearing this morning from two of the congressmen that were on a baseball field when a gunman open fire outside washington, d.c. representatives from ohio and alabama both escaped getting hurt. those republican lawmakers began giving first aid to the victims, including their wounded colleag colleague, and one was a in iraq. >> i found the entry wound but could not find an exit wound which had me greatly concerned. >> i helped put a little pressure on the wound and having a physician there on the field with us was extremely important. >> the battlefield surgeon -- >> you can see that coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 after "abc7 mornings."
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you are looking at the marijuana plants and guns seized by deputies and they arrested six people in clearlake oaks. and the plants were being grown illegally outdoors and inside a greenhouse. the growers were diverting water from a nearby creek to help grow the crop. police want victims to come forward following a violent string of robbies targeting liquor stores and pharmacies. this is one of the suspects in the robbery. he brought a 16-year-old girl with him to several robberies between february and april. the "mercury news" reports he was arrested while trying to escape in a stolen car. and you will look at the case of road rage in southern california. a woman is attached to the black car and holding on for dear life. she's being dragged by the driver. the man who shot the video in santa ana says he saw the woman get out of the car and on to the
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55 freeway, and she then ran over to the honda and started pounding on the car's window. the woman eventually let go to the car and started walking on the freeway. it doesn't appear as anybody was really hurt here, and we don't know what led up to the dangerous confrontation. and then voting on a flavored tobaccos ban. despite strong pushback coming from small business owners, the ban would prohibit retailers from selling any tobaccos, and if passed the ban would take affect on january 1st. facebook seems to be getting in on the tv action. according to the "mercury news" the first show for the company's programming line-up is an upcoming reality contest and it will be called last state standing and the show will feature one person from each state competing for half a million grand prize. and the production is under way
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and no premiere date has been set. let's talk about the weather today because this is the perfect weather for the parade and for the rally, so you came through, drew. >> how could you not be happy today? in oakland, sunshine right now. a live look outside. gorgeous the entire region is just baskinging in the morning sunshine, and temperatures are responding quite nicely at this hour. a lot of 50s on the board right now. good morning, san raw and napa, 52 degrees. future tracker temperatures, by 9:00 expecting areas to get into the low 70s, and then lunchtime warming in the 70s and 80s, so perfect to eat lunch outside, and then the hottest spots in the low 90s. comfortable around the bay waters in the 70s and 80s. and hour-by-hour forecast, inland low 90s and bay 80s and then on the coast, mid-60s.
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the numbers will get warmer friday and over the weekend and it's for that fact the entire region except the immediate coastline will go into an excessive heat watch starting on friday because you are tracking the first heat wave of 2017 and the heat will be pretty intense by sunday. the heat increases on saturday and then sunday hot for father's day and it looks like the heat will hang on for much of next week. that's weather and let's get you to the roads with alexis. and crowds on the south end of lake merritt here, and we have a ton of folks filling in for the rally and gives you an idea of how crazy it will be later today. we have all the surface streets in the downtown oakland area closed and we will have on-ramp and off-ramps from i-80 closing soon, and so there are already masses out there this morning. b.a.r.t. will be the main way folks are getting to the rally
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and parade today. things are ramping up, too, and b.a.r.t. let us know they were up 5% than the parade in 2015, and just an indication this could be the busiest day ever, and if you are just taking b.a.r.t. for your normal commute today you will want to leave early because there are several service changes. work underway to remove fuel from the barge capsized and settled on the bay april 7th. and plans for removing the barge itself are still in progress. it could take several add fuel removed. new developments in the misconduct scandal that shut down the bachelor in in paradise." she says she can't remember what happened on the night in question but that she is a victim and suffered sreuz kul
6:21 am
a -- physical and emotional injuries while filming. the producer says it's investigating. a key member of the championship team is leaving. jerry west is planning to sign a contract with the l.a. clippers in a similar role. he joined golden state six years ago when they bought the team. the move back to southern california is a chance for him to go home to l.a. and a new challenge for him. he's seen here hugging kevin durant because he knew it was his final game with the warriors. well, of course we are live in oakland as fans are pouring in to watch the parade and rally. this is a look at the convention center where the rally is going
6:22 am
to happen later this morning. to happen later this morning. you can watch it all
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that breaking news in china where there has been an explosion in front of a
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kindergarten. i have learned at least seven people are dead and 66 are hurt. it happened just south of beijing. i have been trying to find video and photos for you but i can tell you the first images we are seeing a social media are too graphic to show on tv. we have seen children among the victims. it's unclear if this was a targeted attack or accident. as soon as i learn more i will let you know. >> terrible. thank you, jessica. it's time to ask finney and this morning elvis from alameda had a question about fidget spinners. >> why do people buy fidget spinners so they can use regular old toys that can save money? they break easily, fidget spinners. >> that's a good question. i am glad you asked it. they are one of the most popular toys out there right now. people seem to like whatever is new and different and they are certainly that. companies marketing them say the toy is supposed to help improve
6:26 am
the focus of students but the consumer products safety commission is investigating the fidget spinners over allegations they can fall apart and small pieces may be swallowed by a young child. ellis, thank you for your question. >> if you have a question share it on social media with #askfinney. may see your question answers right here on "abc7 mornings." coming up next, weather and traffic as we continue into the next half hour and we have a damage following a case of arson as a san jose middle school. how the zuckerbergs plan to help the teachers achieve the american dream. and then providing coverage of the dubs celebration. a huge crowd is already forming and everybody vying to get a great spot for the victory rally. just getting in a statement
6:27 am
just getting in a statement from u
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warriors fans, today day. the dub nation celebration is finally here. >> yes, you are looking at the stage from sky 7 right now at the convention center where they are getting ready for this huge
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rally. as you can see, a lot of your friends and coworkers and family are already there, so hopefully they are saving your spot and if not, you need to get your plan in place and i'm talking about an hour ago. >> everybody is calling in sick today, huh? >> yeah, i think so. >> if you see missing coworkers to your left and right, you will know why. >> golden sunrise, and state warriors. >> sky 7, a beautiful shot. we have a live look over the fans at lake merritt. look at that, early in the morning already lining up now and they have a great-looking forecast on the way. and dub nation, calling it 66 degrees by 10:00 and 76 by 2:00. area wide, nothing but sunshine. enjoy the warmth. 74 in san francisco, and going to 90 in concord. yeah, seeing a ton of the sunshine on the traffic cameras this morning, and the really bright sun glare, the metering
6:31 am
lights have been on over an hour at this point. one new problem in the east bay, southbound 880 we have a collision blocking the far left lane and it does sound like they are close to getting it pushed off to the side but we have a backup. ramps will be closing soon, and mass transit changes soon, and we will talk about that ucoming up. and our team has you covered, and matt keller is standing by at the convention center, but let's kick it off with amy hollyfield at the start of the parade route. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. i think i have found the fan of the day. i want to introduce you to jasmine colt who has decorated her beautiful pregnant belly
6:32 am
with the warriors logo. >> this is baby j5, fifth baby, and so for the past few months after has been saying i have a basketball in my belly so with the playoffs going on and with the finals, i just decided i wanted to paint my belly like a warriors basketball. >> have fun today and what a fun memory for j5. she said she was here two years ago and it's worth coming again, and that's what we are hearing a lot of today. i want to show you here, broadway and 11th, a lot of repeat customers coming back for the second parade because they said it was such a good time. most of the prime front row spots are already taken, people got here really early. and they want you to choose between the parade and rally and too many people to get from one end to the other, and a man that
6:33 am
went to the rally last year said it was too uncomfortable and crowded and you have to stay in one spot for too long, and this year he's choosing the parade. and have fun today. there are still a few spots, and don't be intimidated to come out, and we will save room for you, okay. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> looks great. the big crowd already packing into kaiser plaza right now. >> and matt keller is live where they have been celebrating for hours now. good morning, matt. >> we will play where's waldo again, and there are a ton of warriors fans, 3,000, i'm thinking. let's see if you can find me? i'm camouflaged in here. got me yet? here i am. i am with the fans from pittsburg. they showed up here at 5:20 this morning, and you have elalanna, jewel and jonathan, and i sat
6:34 am
here because they have cheese-it's. thanks for letting me sit there, and maybe i will take a cheese-it -- no -- they want their hat back, too. that was good camouflage. we have the crowd up front here and trying to get as close to the stage as possible, and the huge billboards just announcing the new champions of the 2017 season. a lot of people are showing up and you have to get here soon if you want a chance to be at the rally because once it is filled to capacity, they will close it off and you will have to go elsewhere to watch the parade and rally, but oakland fans here are really excited. >> oakland is just awesome and people will show up like that because we love the city and the dubs. >> trying to get to the front but didn't get here early enough and i might have to squeeze my
6:35 am
way through these people. >> reporter: safety is obviously important. oakland police want to make sure if you see anything suspicious out here to say something. you see something you say something, and that includes bags left unattendeunattended acting suspiciously, and people are out here to have fun but they want you to keep that in mind as well. look at all these fans. little fans and big fans. we have everybody here. it's an exciting day. all the signs say revenge, a day to celebrate without lebron. back to you in the studio. >> matt, that's a lot of fun. thank you so much. it's fun seeing how people are creative in detkebdecoratindeco bodies as well. >> a lot of changes in mass transit. >> the busiest day ever for b.a.r.t. was the giant's
6:36 am
celebration, and the second busiest day was the 2015 dubs parade, and today could be the busiest day ever for b.a.r.t., and if you are just trying to get into work or school you need to leave -- well, now, really, at the very latest by 7:00 a.m. we have nine trains on the pittsburg line shifting to other routes so they can accommodate other tpersti merit, there's a smaller station and they may start to bypass that as we have capacity issues. this is new, free parking at coliseum lots a and b and that starts at 8:00 and goes until 4:00. and there's a temporary transit center at castro streets, and a lot of folks will be helping you with the vests on, and you can ask them for assistance.
6:37 am
coming up in 23 minutes here we will have the 880 off-ramps to oakland, jackson and oak street closing, and the side streets already closed. the stars of the show looking to celebrate with dub nation in today's parade, and steph curry said his teammates had an unbelievable time two years ago and said they talked about it for so long after it and can't wait to do it again. >> i expect it now with experience behind it and how to do it right and enjoy being champions again. i am going to get a good night's sleep and be ready. >> as they continue to look forward to next year, steph, kevin durant and others said they want to come back. >> good to hear. >> the parade will start on broadway and 11th and then wind its way to the kaiser convention center.
6:38 am
abc news will have live coverage of the today's victory parade, the dub nation celebration is what we are calling it. the coverage will begin shortly before it begins. here at the live desk, want to bring you a new statement just released by ups this morning following yesterday's shooting that claimed four lives at its facility. the ups family is deeply saddened by the tragic shooting in san jose on wednesday when four employees lost their lives. i extend sincere condolences to the families of the deceased and we pray for the speedy recovery of the injured employees and we are working to help those impacted heal from the senseless tragedy and also investigating the circumstances that led up to the event, and that's released by the ceo this morning as employees head back to work and grief counsellors will be on hand for those people today. developing news in san francisco, police trying to
6:39 am
figure out why the ups employee went on a shooting rampage. >> here's the latest information we know. four people are dead including the gunman identified as jimmy lam. police recovered two firearms from the crime scene and one was an assault pistol they identify as the murder weapon and they believe lam acted alone and is not a terror act. and the shooting victims have been identified. one of those victims we just mentioned, called a gentle giant. he leaves behind five children. one of his cousins watched police and paramedics trying to save him. >> i got to touch him. i couldn't hug him. they just pushed me away. >> trying to do their job to
6:40 am
support their family, and now they don't get to do that. just because one guy couldn't handle it. >> a lot of people who were on his route in diamond heights, that's where he has been working most recently, they said they knew him at big mike and tphrhes a live look in diamond heights at the save weigh along diamond heights boulevard and gold mine drive, and other businesses including safeway were on his route and that's why it's located there, and so many people have been coming out on facebook and social media telling us they loved him. >> and most deliveries were canceled yesterday and ups sent this letter to customers citing a emergency situation that caused delays. >> we let you know what was happening yesterday as soon as we did by the push alerts.
6:41 am
if you want to download the app you can get the alerts when breaking news is happening where you live. a fire described as suspicious in appear school in san jose. it's on eden view drive. it took crews ten minutes to put out the fire and investigators are looking for what caused the fire and for other evidence at the scene. an accuweather sky 7 up in the air, a live look at the parade route. still three hours away, we have folks already lined up right around the parade route, and got that sunshine up there now and going to be a golden looking day. hour-by-hour we go, mild morning. nothing but sunshine through the afternoon. warm today, going into the 90s inland. 80s popping up around the bay and along the coast it will be in the mid-60s. the heat is going to increase the next couple of days.
6:42 am
look at this, over the weekend, especially on father's day, sunday, going to the triple digits, 90s around the bay. an excessive heat watch will go into effect over the weekend. things are definitely starting to ramp up. here's a live look outside at walnut creek, although it's not terrible, we have stop and go traffic here on southbound 680 and a little good news in the east bay as well. we did have a crash on southbound 880 in the oakland area. it sounds like they have been able to push that off to the side. it was southbound 880 before high street so folks going away from the downtown oakland area, and it looks like we have a bit of a delay on that northbound side. we had a backup until about 15 minutes ago. also, just check ld in with b.a.r.t. obviously this is going to be an extremely busy day today with the warriors parade. they gave us this update as of 6:30 this morning, 35,724 entered into a b.a.r.t.
6:43 am
platform, and 17,710 have exited, and that was a few minutes ago. and can't stress this enough whether you are trying to get to the festivities, the parade and rally today in oakland or one of the poor few that will be working today, you have to leave early because the push is ramping up and things are going to be jammed packed. after the break, a new possible problem for uber and how your personal data may be involved. we are watching all of this come together as dub nation gets ready to celebrate their team. sky 7 above oakland this morning. here's a look at one of the balloon arches we have been seeing going up this morning along the parade route. much more as the anticipation much more as the anticipation builds for the parade and
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
it is 6:46, and we are getting ready to celebrate our nba champs and so is much of the bay area. look at your neighbors and friends and family members and coworkers out on the streets of oakland this morning. >> and maybe your boss, right? dub nation, we want to see you come through in your gold and blue. >> some of these folks have been waiting not just since this morning but since last night to get the perfect spot to watch all of this go down.
6:47 am
>> it's already lit out there, and amy hollyfield is live in oakland with dub celebration is under way, and actually let's get over to matt keller. >> reporter: we have thousands and thousands and thousands of people, and you can always tell people are talking about, they should be at work, they walk by the camera like this, the boss is going to see me. a lot of people here and excited to be here. check out the stage right here. you can see they gt the new champions 2017 billboard ready to go, and we have a lot of people that have been here since very early in the morning. i have lance here, and where did you come from? >> hayward. >> reporter: he's here, and he was here at 4:00 this morning getting ready to see everything. i need to ask you guys, are you excited to see kd? [ cheering ] > reporter: what about steph and draymond? [ cheering ]
6:48 am
>> reporter: wait, wait, what about lebron? [ booing ] >> reporter: i don't expect lebron but i have been seeing a lot of pictures of the crying lebron and that's the only lebron they are allowing out here. everybody is excited here and back to you in the studio. >> looks like he's making new friends out there. matt is very popular this morning. >> this is amy hollyfield live, and amy, calmer where you are, huh? >> reporter: hi, and good morning. my fans are excited because they will be the first people the players see, and the players will come down 11th street, and this is where they start and they will turn here on broadway, and these are the fans that they will see first. notice they have got some artwork down here waiting for the players, and this was all created by this man that is
6:49 am
standing here. >> my hope is to get them signed and this is the best group right here, this is the warriors nation right here. the bay area, great team, and what can you say, diversity, strength in numbers. >> i hope you get it signed. i will stay near you and maybe i can get an interview with the players while they sign your artwork. we still have three hours to go, and you can see the prime front row spots are already taken. a lot of these people are here for the second time, and they came two years ago and they tell me it was so much fun and it is very much worth the wait. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> you really do have to see a picture of this woman amy interviewed that is pregnant and she decorated her belly to be a warriors basketball, and i tweeted it out and it's on my facebook, too. and then how uber handles
6:50 am
the data of its customers. and this comes as the company is dealing with sexual harassment complaints that have prompted a shake-up among top executives. uber just paid $20 million in january to settle federal charges that it used misleading information to attract new drivers. facebook founder, mark zuckerberg and his wife want to make it easier for teachers to buy homes. it pays half of a 20% down payment with a cap of $120,000, and the "mercury news" reports the donation will help teachers in three school districts in the redwood area. and then a live look at sky 7. folks already lining up and waiting to see the warriors right along 2:00 p.m. this afternoon around there, and you can see the wider picture, we
6:51 am
are soaked in sunshine. 66 degrees by 10:00. future temperatures, we are going to warm nicely. by 9:00, already seeing spots in the 70s, and by midday we are seeing some of the warmer spots in the 80s. a warm afternoon on the way. accuweather 7-day forecast shows you warm today but turns hot over the weekend and those temperatures that are hot continue into next week. that's weather and let's get a check of traffic with alexis. we are seeing beautiful sunshine, and so folks head into san francisco, you are doing okay. of course, once you make it through the bay bridge toll plaza, we have had very few incidents this morning so that's good news. heads up, though, in just a few minutes a lengthy delay will form on 880, and that's because the ramps at broadway, jackson and oak street are closing at 7:00 a.m., so they are trying to limit all the cars go into the downtown oakland area and surface streets are closed.
6:52 am
drive times, westbound 580, just under an hour. and southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, 16. >> thanks, alexis. warriors nation rise up, today is your day. we are celebrating all morning long and getting ready for the parade and rally. there's a live look at the scene there's a live look at the scene of the rally where food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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here are the seven things you need to know. up early this morning, the shot from sky 7, and it shows big crowds packing in in front of the kaiser convention center in oakland. if you are going you probably should get going earlier rather than later because there's limited space and once that area reaches capacity that will be closed off. number two, b.a.r.t. expecting record numbers for this morning's celebration, including this fan who decorated her beautiful pregnant belly. and b.a.r.t. riders be warned, you need to leave before 7:00 if possible or you will get caught up in a crush that fans. the busiest hours on b.a.r.t. expected to be 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. and then tracking a beautiful forecast for dub nation. temperatures in the mid-70s by 2:00 in the afternoon. across the region, sunshine from the coast to the bay inland and the warm spots in the low 9s.
6:55 am
and then the biggest traffic story will be the warriors parade and rally, so b.a.r.t., you know the deal, leave earlier rather than later. and you want to avoid lake merritt station because that's quite a bit smaller. and routes being detoured and rerouted today. several memorials are growing for the deadly ups shooting in san francisco, as employees head back to work this morning grief counsellors will be thereafter a co-worker shot and killed three workers yesterday. number six, got this minutes ago. breaking news at the live desk, and then jess has been captured in south dakota after being the run for a year. number seven, donald trump being investigated for possibly
6:56 am
obstructing justice. the "washington post" reports special counsel, robert mueller, wants to interview three white house officials, and this expands the probe between russia and mr. trump's campaign. we know a lot of you won't be able to make it in person to the parade or the rally, so we have you covered online on tv and on our news app, so check it out as the coverage begins just before 10:00 a.m. with the rally and the parade. >> we will bring you the front row seat, steph, kevin, everybody there. go dubs.
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