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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 15, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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and, also clay. they jumped from the double decker busses to actually sign autographs and high five the fans, and really make that personal connection, thank them for supporting them through what's been a very exciting season. >> that's exactly why so many of the folks showed up at 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00 and 5:00 this morning. there's ed lee. soon, in a couple years, the warriors play in his city, san francisco, but for the moment, it's oakland's team. that's why the fans gathered early, hoping for a high five, autograph, a selfie, and for fans, that's happening today because as larry pointed out, players are breaking the instructions, breaking the rules, and meeting fans face to face. >> marc made a great point there, writing for espn. >> yeah. >> and he, you know, nothing's guaranteed. sit here and talk about potential dynasties, but we saw how fragile everybody is,
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injuring a knee, and all this could be the last year, curry hurt an ankle and knee. you don't know when the next parade will be. there's a lot of players who thought early in the careers had success, and, oh, we'll be back every year. is that -- is he out in the crowd? >> yep, sure is. >> we have to go down for that. >> high fiving. >> larry, interesting at the game, game five, when we won it all, although he was mvp, people were chanting mvp for him, but when curry was there, chanted mvp as well. >> love it. a big a part of this turn around as anybody. it's funny the way it worked out because if he had not had the ankle injury that he suffered, he would not have gotten such a team friendly contract, which he's the fourth highest paid player on the team. he's a two-time mvp, fourth
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highest paid making by nba standards a poultry sum of $11 million, and his low salary allowed them to go out and get kevin durant who this past year made $26 million and will make more next year. they are both free agents. they are both going to resign. >> all right. let's go to eric thomas on the streets. eric? >> reporter: and i'm here with oakland's chief -- got out of the per of you were in to talk to us. how are things going in the parade route? >> very great. i mean, excellent. everybody's in celebration mode, they are having a great time. the aumpss aofficers are well-p and having a great time for the crowd as well. >> do you take responsibility for them winning? you moved here. >> i do. i was in chicago when the cubs won, so i take a little responsibility, but it's all their talent. >> you're the good luck charm. >> okay, realm, thank -
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>> we want you to come and just continue to be vigilant with one another, and we want everyone to be well hydrated. it's hot out here. overall, just celebrate the warriors. >> you heard it from the chief of the oakland police department, thank you very much, chief. >> you see some of the more floats coming through. minutes ago, matt barnes came tr through, he said after 15 years, this was a dream come true, clay got out to shake hands with the lines here. a lot of music. it's noisy. i'm sure you can see that. that's my buddy, donald, right there in the bmw. coming along. >> making noise. >> they are great. >> we got you back. we lost you for a second. well, it worked out as eric talked with the new police chief, ann, this worked out well
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for durant. worked out for the police chief, being the police chief of a championship city. >> matt barnes will not stop. logging several miles already. >> don't just look at the players, but the fans, smiling, the delight on their faces. look at the kid in front, grinning ear to ear. >> you know, the fact he has two young boys makes him eager to greet the young fans, right? >> for sure. >> k.d., his mom, wanda, right behind him, with him every step of the way. >> it's just interesting to see what kevin durant has to say up at the podium. >> oh, yeah. >> this is the reason he came here. this is the reason the warriors wanted him. there's a lot of teams where you have superstars, and they want all the good players, but they don't want a guy like -- had to be willing and open to embracing
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kevin durant's arrival and sharing the stage. >> let's go to wayne. >> like you said, you know, 15 years, ten years later, coming back here, joining in the amazing group of guys that welcomed me mid season and made me feel like family and be able to win a championship is a blessing. >> reporter: you're from the area and know what it means. what does it mean? >> it's been amazing. always been a a great fan base. supports good or bad. it's always good to give back to the city and no better way than to win a championship. >> reporter: finished with the nba or coming back? >> i'm coming back. >> reporter: coming back. [ cheers and applause ] >> deafening. >> it really is. it's exciting. here's a more subdued >> now, matt barnes talked about how easy it was to come in mid season and fit into the team. there's just something very welcoming and open about it, larry, probably due to the lack of egos, which you don't see a lot of at this level. >> remarkable. and they said that that's what
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makes the warriorings the warriors because there's a lot of teams and, you know, we can name them, whether it's the cavaliers -- that's lebron's team. he wants other guys and wants the helpings but it's nothing other than lebron's team. i don't know how he'd react to a durant even thinking about it, and durant, himself, curry lobbied him. there was a famous text sent to him, like, if you win the mvp, i will be in the front row cheering for you at the ceremony. and -- what his parents have done in raising him -- i sound like a grandfather talking at this point, but -- >> the cigar there, curry, man of the hour. >> looks like a teenager that broke into dad's cigar case. a baby face. >> baby face. >> larry, you were at oracle for game five and what was a telling and touching moment was after the championship was won at that
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really long high five embrace by durant and curry, there was a genuinist there, a friendship there that's real. >> yeah. you saw curry yelling to k.d., this is what you came for, this is what you came for. >> that's what he was saying? >> yeah, that's what he was saying. i think the rest of the warriors were as invested in k.d.'s success and shielding him from the trolls and the haters because they hated seeing what he was going through and all the ridicule he was taking, is it's like one unite, one group, and that's what makes them awesome, and that's, like, he doesn't care how many points scored last night. it's all about the victory. >> right. >> there's a lot of players that just. to get theirs. >> right. >> if the team wins, that's cool, but it's more about -- >> that's been a big criticism of the nba for years, unlike college ball, that it's a
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selfish league and about the individual, and the warriors -- >> those who score more make the most money. >> yeah. >> all right, matt keller is out at the rally. folks have been waiting a long time, matt? >> reporter: yes. we've been waiting a long time out here for the rally to get started in front of the convention center. i rap into a lot of my friends, my close personal friends, thousands of them, are out here waiting, and it's follow-up unn. the crowd was excited add 4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., and now they look tired, out here for a long time, it is a beautiful day. the sun, though, is beating down on them. it's warm. people are fanning themselves. waiting for the parade to end here. for the rally to begin. it really was an exciting morning. everybody just an fit pating the players to get here, and, of course, to see the larry o'brian t
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trophy as well. i heard you talking about this, who is your favorite player, warriors, fans, of course, who is the favorite player? it was split. half for curry and half for k.d., which i thought interesting because i figured there'd be more curry fans considering how long he's been with the team, but people feel like they associate with k.d. because he came here and everybody hated him, but he was ours. that's why nay are fans of k.d. and excited for him to win the mvp. i don't know what you think about that, but out here, that's what the fans are saying, k.d. jerseys, and people are excited to see the mvp of the nba finals, and then the two-time mvp, curry, the regular season for the last two years before that. great point. >> durant was accepted immediately by warriors fans, which is remarkable, and not even die hard fans, he was a household name quickly around
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here. >> absolutely. >> let's get to katie, a great location where i they make the turn, hopefully giving you a great view of the players, katie. >> reporter: i am, yes. we got a shot of the championship trophy there with curry hoisting that up, his wife next to him, aiming that at the crowd right now, surrounded by the warriors dance team, incredible moment for him. does not look old enough to hold the cigar, baby face assassin there, soaking it up, wife waving to the crowd, a fan favorite here. curry, clark, all of the family's on top of the bus. i know you can hear the crowd around me. they are going absolutely wild. this is one of the people they have been waiting for all morning. it is hot out here. the enthusiasm as they see curry go by is still there. a lot of fun for these fans. what this it like to see curry? >> good.
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>> reporter: what do you think? >> good. >> reporter: a lot of goods out here. it's exciting. maybe you have more words. what's it like to see curry? >> amazing to see him from this close. it is really amazing. he is the man. >> and we saw green hop off the bus there and mingle with the fans. what was that like? >> he's been dremond, just a crowd pleaser, like the heart and soul of the warriors, and you know what, he really know how to just touch the heart of the warriors. >> tell you what, he did, and he's fast. i had a hard time keeping up with him. you can keep up with the rest of the parade somebody else has a better angle at this point. >> okay, thank you a lot. fun stuff. what great opportunity for the fans. lucky enough to get a high five or an autograph or selfie with the players up close. >> more of that to come. in the meantime, we have much more of the celebration. >> stay with us. back in a moment. zblmplgt
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the warriors 2017 champions. >> we here, champs, man. >> our team. >> go warriors! >> our town. >> our fans are winners! >> our fans. all the best in basketball. >> that's what it's about, guys sacrificing for the greater good, and this is the greater good right here, championship. >> congrats
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this is abc 7's dub nation celebration. >> and welcome back. what a celebration it is right now in oakland. live via skynow, looking over 1.5 million people even in the streets of oakland. >> wow. >> packed in there as you can
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see. outside celebrating the warriors 2017 nba championship. >> awesome. we are glad to be here with you. our team is all over the streets of oakland bringing you some of the best camera angles you'll see in a community celebration we are proud to cover and watch. very special. >> just looking at the crowd that's gathered to hear the speeches -- look at the people packed in. that is amazing. >> and one thing the city tried to tell people this year, you can't do both. you can't watch the parade and get to the civic center, so some of the fans had to pick. many will try to move their way to the civic center, but a lot of fans who lined up early in the parade route will not make it to the civic center, but the crowd is just massive. estimated they expected as many as 1.5 million people. we don't know if that's the number, but clearly, hundreds of
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thousands of people. >> wayne is out there to bring you all the excitement thertherr wayne? >> reporter: something else out here. donald passed by. people looking at the parade. look at the balcony right there. people are on balconies there. look at the building in the bkds. they are hanging off rafters, on and on it goes. al, let me come around. how special is this day for you? >> you know what, you never, never realize how it is until you're not going anymore. this is just a great day. the bay area, i grew in up new jersey, north carolina, but this is good. >> what does all this love feel like? >> pardon me?
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>> reporter: what does all this love feel like? >> just what people feel, you know, when you're out there, and you don't get the opportunity to see this, you don't know how they feel. this really makes you feel good and happy to be a part of it. >> thanks, al, enjoy your day. >> thank you. >> reporter: we were holding up the parade a little bit. look at the crowd over here. my lord, it's loud. marc spears, did you expect this to be like this? >> see who's up there? kevin durant. >> no wonder. he's with his mom. wanda's to the left of him. all this group. all these people. gave a lot of shoutouts for supporting him the whole way. i wish i could get him to come down. >> there he is. let's listen to this.
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[ cheers and applause ] all right. we're in the heart of it now. let's move it in the crowd for a minute to talk to a couple folks. all right! >> hi! >> reporter: you got what you waited for, haven't you? >> yes, yes i did. yes i did. >> reporter: you've seen these guys going by. what do you say to them? >> congrats! we are so proud of you. >> reporter: how do you feel inside? >> i feel really good. i'm really glad to be here. >> thank you. >> bob, the general manager of the warriors. how's it feel to do this two out of three years? >> pretty good. pretty good. >> the exit interviews yesterday, talking with the players, how does that go? what do you say? >> say congratulations and thank you. those are easy ones when you
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win. most times you don't, but happy for guys who never won, really, a lot of guys on the team had not won a championship, kevin, david, so unbelievele. >> reporter: if you bottled up this day, bottle a moment, a feeling, a picture, what is it >> it's seeing everybody, seeing the players, kevin with a smile on the face. i mean, it's seeing the fans. i mean, this is why we do it. it's seeing expressions of kids, parents, and grandparents, just loving it. >> reporter: you guys are giving this city lifetime memories. >> you know what, that's what living's about, right, for memories. if we can do that, >> reporter: congratulations, enjoy the offseason. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: take care. the general manager of the golden state war yoriorwarriors appropriately, in a gold colored packard no less.
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who's next? gets better and better. the assistant general manager right there. and more people. have not seen a lot of confetti yet. just a little bit. marc? saving the best for last here? >> oh, yeah, curry's back there somewhere, livingston's on the bus right here. this is the heart of the parade, when it gets really good. and the crowd can't get enough of this. >> reporter: yeah. >> listen. >> this guy here, a republookie a ring, as a rookie. >> reporter: to get a ring in the nba as a player, anything better? there can't be. >> no. that's the ultimate prize. so many great players like charles and many who did not get
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one, so just to have one, james michael mcadoo has two rings now. >> reporter: can they do it again? >> yeah. cleveland has ability to do something, trade love for a big time player to challenge warriors, but as long as they stay healthy and everybody resigns as i expect them to, i don't see any reason why we won't be back here next summer. >> you know, we asked the guys yesterday in the exit interviews if they thought they were a so-called superteam. they said, no, curry drafted first, a lot of the guys. >> i covered the celtics. kevin garnett traded there, ray allen traded there. when lebron james was in miami, signed there as a free agent. those are making of super teams. give larry riley, formatter general manager credit for putting the guys together.
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he didn't want to come here, he wanted the knicks. clay was 12th pick. he was not a high pick. greene a second rounder. they had the foresight to see and know great players, put them together, and when you get that great mix, you go and get andre and kevin durant, and then you have a super tea, i guess. >> reporter: when you talk super, super team, you really are talking about -- >> stopping right here, this is -- let's get you 2 short. >> showing the trophy with the crowd, hopping out. there's eric thomas getting a picture of the moment. great, eric. if he takes a picture or you take one out there, share it on social media using #dubson7. celebrate together. larry, the other thing is, you know, marc spears, talking about
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livingston, patrick -- we'll get back to that, but right now, eric has somebody. >> if you can hear me, ask you. every person that enjoys the team -- it's just special for every person in the bay area who loves basketball, enjoys the coach here. this is what it's all about right here. yeah! >> yeah! [ inaudible ] >> took all the guys.
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clay, myself, everybody. got a championship. took everybody. that's basketball, why we celebrate how we do because we put time in from day one. this is the goal. we here. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. congratulations, man. there we go. [ cheers and applause ] i don't know how well you saw it, everybody, but you heard from curry mingling with the crowd showing them the 2017 nba finals trophy, a special thing for these fans here, him, one of the true superstars of the game getting off the bus and talking and mingling with the folks here. we got more players coming through. coach, nice job. >> gosh. thanks, eric. really, really exciting.
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look at the bus going by. look at the right there, the shot from sky 7 at the huge crowd gathered in front of the convention center on the shores of the lake, ready for a massive rally. the parade is beginning to filter all the way to the convention center now. the rally is supposed to start at about 12:15. >> hearing speeches from the coaches and players. >> absolutely. s >> interesting when he said it took all 15 guys. larry, i thought, wow, he's as hum ble humble, he mentioned himself. he mentioned every guy. >> he's selfless, the most humble superstar and why the team is successful. i just want to point out one thing. if you caught the back of his cap, the quote is, i can do all things. >> oh. >> that's a bible quote. it's from philippians 4: 13, i
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can do all things through christ who strengthens me. he's a man of faith, deeply religious, many of the players are. it's what bonds them together and part of the selflessness that makes the warriors a special, special team. >> and the humbleness. >> yes, yes. >> stay with us. our live coverage of the remarkable day in downtown oakland,
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welcome back to our warriors raid. this is a live look at sky 7 on your right. you can see the masses of people that are gathered in front of the kaiser convention center waiting for the rally that should begin in about 45 minutes, give or take from now.
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and then on your left, you see all the folks gathered as well. this is a shot where you can see beautiful lake on this picture-perfect day. sea of blue and gold. warriors fans here to celebrate our second championship in three years. >> you see the buses making their way to the kaiser convention center on those buses. the warriors as well as some of their family and perhaps some friends, whoever they invited on their bus, and many of these players have been getting off the buses and high-fiving and running along with the crowd taking selfies and signing autographs. >> one of the great things we had the pleasure of covering on abc7 working with a rookie as far as tv was concerned, but a tremendous coach, he's standing by with >> we just drove here in the
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golf cart. can you believe how many people are out here? >> i'm surprised or maybe not surprised at how important the doves on center crew. taking pictures all morning, it's all warriors nation. obviously, not all come to the arena but great to have them be a part of this because they're always watching. so really a nice day. great weather, great celebration. great pick for the warriors and the >> there's a ton of fans who don't get a chance to come to the championships. it's millions. >> as we came up, a few players got out of the bus and reach out to the fans and a cool moment. these are fans at heart and love the warriors, but to get a chance to kind of experience that having never been to a game on the street side, touching the fans, high-fiving, just a day a t


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