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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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half of the work is already done. she's isolated and -- >> she's helpless. >> uber passenger gone public with cell phone video he says shows driver's unsettling attitude towards women. i'm ama daetz, dan ashley is off. ride share company acted swiftly to get that driver off the street. live with recording and reaction. >> reporter: passenger asked us not to use his name but picked up in this area after 1:00 in the morning over the weekend. uber pool and the conversation between other passengers and driver was quote disgusting. here's the recording. >> my dream is to have some
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drunk chick by herself, go home at end of my shift and she wants me to come in. perfect ending to my day. >> reporter: man says that's uber driver speaking to passengers after a pickup in san jose. conference continued. >> half the work already done, she's isolated and drunk. >> reporter: passenger asks if taken advantage, driver says this. >> get really drunk too and can't be held responsible. >> reporter: man thought driver crossed line. posted it on facebook as warning to women in san jose and complained to uber who was responsive. released a statement reads the comments in the video are disturbing and don't represent the driver-partner community. been banned from uber. that's good news to this
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but this woman would be skeptical. >> i don't know what they do to ensure the drivers are qualified or decent people. >> reporter: former attorney general eric holder released recommendations to help the company with workplace issues. ceo serving a controversial sentence for domestic violence. dozens of people rallied outside the courtroom in support of the victim. gattani serve 13 days in jail for abuse of his estranged wife. >> hoping for something more to happen but at this point in time thank everyone for being here for me. >> i'm confident we reached right outcome given the merits of the case. >> d.a.'s office says wasn't
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enough evidence for harsher penalty. tributes pouring in for ups personnel who died from shooter. earlier today volleyball players paid tribute to their coach benson louie. ups drivers filled in on the route covered by mike lefiti and wayne chan. set up this memorial to chan. new details on pleasanton woman charged with murder for dui collision. police say struck resident as he stood next to his vehicle on the side of the highway. he died from injuries two days later. arrested again today after released from custody awaiting
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toxicology results. boat rescued two women. jet ski overturned after 7:00 p.m. no injuries reported and group said to be in good spirits. brace yourself for a heat wave coming to some parts of the bay area this weekend and next couple of days. go to meteorology sandhya patel with a heat advisory. >> issued for good reason. we're in for a stretch of hot days. look at time stamp, 11:00 a.m. saturday to 11:00 p.m. monday, all areas with exception of san francisco and coast under heat advisory. heat related illness is possible. stay hydrated and avoid overexposure to the sun. first heat wave of the year, limit outdoor activity, check on elderly and pets.
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there is patchy fog on live doppler 7, find out if it sticks around for father's day weekend. full look at temperatures coming up. ama? ♪ we are the champions my friends ♪ >> warriors fans packed downtown oakland to celebrate second nba championship in just three years with parade and big rally. fans showered with blue and gold confetti throughout the route but what comes down must be picked up. live in oakland with the cleanup effort. >> reporter: yes. there is still some blue and yellow streamers left behind here on the street. some debris left. stage still partially up but crews are working late tonight to get the city looking as good as fans are feeling. cleanup can be fun when you host a huge celebration for nba
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champions and devoted fans. >> started at 4:00 in the morning setting up. going home about midnight. >> reporter: crew has no complaints about overtime. >> did it a couple of years ago and went okay. same setup this year. everything is good, making money for the family, i'm happy. >> reporter: left behind confetti in the street, air and inside stores. >> it was a lot worse. confetti everywhere, expect to find it weeks from now. >> reporter: but all good when you sell merchandise that celebrates oakland. winning team enhances business. >> people from all walks. east bay, south bay, north bay. >> reporter: this celebration comes with a price and team owner is picking up the tab. >> this parade, this whole day, all the costs, every dollar is on us. >> reporter: street sweepers are cleaning things up but don't
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tell these young fans the party is over. >> it is contagious, just happy. out in same clothes from this morning, just happy. >> reporter: feeling of pride continues and desire to celebrate again. abc7 news. number of riders who took b.a.r.t. to the celebration is sixth highest in the agencies history. 480,000 people took the trains today. few thousand less than 2015. at one point so big, entry gates at 9th street had to be closed to prevent unsafe crowding on the platform. oakland police arrested three people at rally. two for public intoxication and one for assault on officer but say no major incidents. huge crowds that showed up relished every moment of the celebration.
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more from fans and players as well. >> oakland was beaming today. people smiling and having a good time. players and fans. all 1 million people on the ground had a lot to celebrate. today oakland erupted. >> we have confetti. >> blue and gold was everywhere. this city had a lot to celebrate. ♪ we are the champions, my friends ♪ >> a second championship title in just three years brought pride to everyone on the ground including the players. >> we built an identity around this warriors organization that's second to none, so unique and something we need to cherish. >> this has always been a great fan base who supports good or bad. good to give back to the city and no better way than win a championship. >> fans couldn't agree more.
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>> to have warriors win and children experience it with me is blessing. >> good to win another championship. >> signs and sights said it all. this team is special. sense of magic that happens when these players get together. they know it and fans know it. >> we'll get it. k.d. locked in, championship here on out. >> little confidence in play too. >> we the champs! >> abc7 news. festive mood one day after frightening ambush. bipartisan show of unity tonight to honor victims of yesterday's shooting that targeted republican lawmakers. and deli store robber weapon of
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democrats won tonight's annual congressional charity baseball game but message of the game was bipartisanship and solidarity with republican politicians shot and wounded yesterday. at nationals park. >> reporter: very first pitch thrown by special agent david bailey who rushed into gunfire, friendly rivalry more than a century old between republicans and democrats. paying tibt to colleague in critical condition, stephen scalise, he was shot as republican team prepped for the
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game and matt mika and crystal griner, listed by hospital in good condition. >> those who could come did. arrived on crutches. some members of the first family in attendance but president remained behind for stuart concerns, sending video. >> james t. hodgkinson, wife still in disbelief. >> no idea was going to happen and i don't know what to say about it. >> spoke to local fox affiliate in st. louis about the occupy wall street movement. >> 99% getting pushed around and 1% not digiving a damn. >> but bringing them together. mood festive. held up signs like these and
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traded congressional baseball cards. plenty of party and country pride on display and raised a lot of money for charity. well over $1 million but see how much the spirit of bipartisanship translates when everybody is back at the office. reporting from national as park. new york police arrested a man accused of hurling avocados at bronx store clerk. released this video of the attack. repeatedly hit with avocados and bananas in the deli. suffered broken jaw, fractures and cuts to face. second day on the job. attackers angry after dispute over a food order. bat signal lit up the los angeles sky tonight in honor of late actor adam west at city hall. died last friday after a battle
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with leukemia. best known for role as superhero batman in the 1960s television series. tribute to west portrayal of the bright night. one month away from one of the bay area's biggest fundraising events. kickoff for aids walk san francisco, at lighthouse for the blind and visually impaired. abc7 a long-time sponsor of the largest event to support bay people living with hiv and aids. in golden gate park. dan ashley emceed the event tonight. turning to the weather. meteorologist sandhya patel with what's to come. >> you'll feel the heat. tomorrow temperatures, fairfield starts out in 60s, 67 to 97 by 3:00 p.m. rapidly rising 30
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degrees for fairfield. going to be a hot one and really the case for all inland areas. check out live picture from emeryville camera, good visibility with exceptions near the coast. half moon bay, fog is reducing visibility. watch out tomorrow morning you'll notice the fog. temperatures in 60s and 70s, mild to warm for this time of year. live picture from east bay hills camera. it is a little bit shaky so we have a breeze as we head into tomorrow, hotter conditions. heat advisory begins on saturday. triple digit temperatures expected in inland areas and heat is going to linger into next week. show you sampling of the hot spots tomorrow. concord 96 degrees. upper 90s around antioch, fairfield, 95 in livermore, a
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hot day tomorrow. if you're driving, morning commute planner, watch out for foggy spots. use caution. light breeze on the ferry and walking good, both good. mild conditions. fog confined to the coast tomorrow morning. temperatures in mid-50s. inland mild. low to mid-60s. when you're that warm doesn't take much to warm up further. hot spots along the coastline. it's not going to stay this way. inland get even hotter on saturday. triple digits on saturday. father's day up to 20 degrees above average. some of the temperatures a little bit high. ignore the 107, 106 but father's day take dad closer to the coast. remains hot monday. 90s and 100s. download the accuweather app to
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keep track of the minute by minute forecast to plan for the upcoming weekend which is special for and hotter inland. triple digit stretch. typically heat waves last three days and break. not this time around. five days. so air quality will suffer. coastline will have enough of sea breeze for comfort zone. >> all right thank you sandhya. sweet revenge. ♪ ♪
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draymond green trolled the cleveland cavs with a custom-made t-shirt. quickie, quicken loans arena where the cavs play and speed with which they dispatched the cavs. friendly rivalry with lebron james who won t-shirt when they won last year. strength in numbers. catchy phrase. warriors celebrate second title in three years and might be just getting started. only rain on their parade was blue and yellow
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it was a golden day for the golden state warriors as more than a million fans came out to sell bait second nba champion in three years. following the parade players posed with the larry o'breien trophy, featured a sea of confetti. heavily favored to repeat as champs next season but first want to savor this moment. >> we're going to enjoy this one. >> keep it going, we're healthy and capable. >> been in the league ten plus years and seen championship caliber teams. it's two times, want to keep it going. >> keep this going years to come, be out in the cali sunshine every june. dub nation, we're the champs.
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we the champs! >> yes they are. giants nearly pulled off miracle win from eight-run deficit. buster posy, ninth home home the season. injured ankle and had to leave. brandon crawford cut lead to one. tied in ninth but rockies answered. hunter pence's throw not in time for reynolds, colorado wins 10-9. matt chapman made debut. yonder alonso beats tie. another hourme run, tied for te lead. blows a save, 6-6.
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a's loaded the bases. strikes out chapman to end, yankees lead 7-6. u.s. open, rough day for defending champ dustin johnson. jordan spieth hacked his way into 1 over par. jason day two triple bogeys in one round. may not make the cut. ric rick ricky fowler had best day. leading by one. river rock casino. >> stay with us. we'll be right back.
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abc7 news continues now online, twitter, facebook and all mobile devices with the abc7 news app. next news cast at 4:30 tomorrow morning. that's it for tonight. thanks for watching. i'm ama daetz, for all of us
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