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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 16, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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certainly it looks nice and crisp and cool outside right now, but as we get closer to father's day weekend the heat will be turned up. >> how hot will it get where you live? we're hoping you plan ahead. welcome to friday, june 16th. >> drew, what do you say? get set to sweat. >> yeah, and hot to trot. it's a battle. >> yeah. all of the things, we want to start with sue hall in for alexis. >> we are looking for friday
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light and hoping, right now we have a nice shot of the golden gate bridge with four lanes in the southbound commute direction. the sun is just coming up and it's a gorgeous morning out there. light conditions with a 20-minute drive from novato into san francisco and even the altamont pass looks good this morning, so a couple problem spots. we had an earlier accident over the sunol grade and that has been cleared but still seeing slow traffic, and they may have emergency crews out there keeping things slow. we'll check back on that and some of your mass transit options in just a few minutes. we're tracking mild temperatures out there this morning. good morning, 63 right now in san jose. 59 in san francisco. look at the day planner later on today. it's nothing but sunshine, and it's going to be warm to hot. mid-90s inland, and even around the bay. we're go into the mid-80s along
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the coast and we are go into the mid-60s. heat advisory will be in place and we'll talk about temperatures in a few minutes, guys. >> what is it in here, like d degrees right now in the studio? >> it's like a heat warning. amy hollyfield is live at the b.a.r.t. station where commuters are getting an early start before the temperatures start climbing. >> reporter: we are talking to people who are headed out of the heat and towards san francisco, towards the coast and they are happy about that. it is going to be a good weekend to head to the beach. grab dad and a beach chair, especially since father' day is expected to be dangerously hot. the whole weekend will bring heat, with the heat advisory starting tomorrow morning and lasting until monday night. those that live in the heat but work in san francisco are feeling lucky right now and are sympathetic for those who will
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stay in the east bay. >> for those that will be in the heat it's going to suck, but i am in san francisco so it's not too hot out there, i don't think. when you get out from over there to here, it's totally different. >> reporter: a couple reminders as we shift to the new weather pattern, protect the pets, the pavement is hot on the paws, and they need lots of water and don't leave them in cars, and take care of you, and lots of water, and mainly we want you to be aware of the change shift, and you are thinking towards hot, hot weather. reporting live in pleasanton, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> amy, thank you. the best way to keep track of the heat is to go with the new abc7 news app on your phone, and you can find it for free in your phone's app store. a co-worker says the driver that shot and killed three fellow ups workers seemed down,
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lightly. jimmy lam killed himself when san francisco police confronted him at the end of h rampage on wednesday. and one man said he urged lam years ago to seek professional help to battle depression and lam took time off from work and appeared to feel better when he returned to ups. tracking breaking news in london, and officials there just held a conference about the terrible high-rise, and they say it was not deliberately set and the death toll claimbed to 30. investigators say they have put out some of the fires that were burning inside the building and they believe they know where it started. the death toll still expected to climb, though they don't know to how many.
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they are still looking to part of that. and british police say some of the victims may never be identified. >> thank you. police are expected to soon release the identity of a man killed while running across a freeway during a police chase. and it happened near west laurel drive last night. the suspect was driving a stolen car trying to get away from police when he crashed and he and another passenger got out and started running and he was hit by a pickup truck and died at the scene, but the other passenger got away. and then abc news was in palo alto where dozens rallied outside the courtroom in support of the victim. he co-founded a business startup and he will serve 13 days in jail for the verbal and physical abuse of his estranged wife. >> i was looking for something
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better to happen, and i just want to thank everybody for being here for me. >> i am confident that we reached the right outcome given the merits of the case. >> the da's office said there was not enough evidence to impose a harsher penalty. and then rescuing two adults and a child after their jet ski overturned last night. it took less than ten minutes for the coast guard to reach them. no injuries reported and the no injuries reported and the group was said to be in good pair it' pa spirits. one smart board member expect a soft open for smart next week. whenever service starts smart will not charge full fares until after labor day. what a day for the warriors and dub nation.
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an estimated million people pack spwa ed into downtown oakland for the rally. >> it was a sea of blue and gold. many jumped off the buses to give draymond green mocked lebron james for saying he never played on a super team. >> you started the super team, bro! bro! >> the rally c music. and now it's all confetti everywhere. >> after the amazing celebration across oakland the unsung heroes are stepping in, as lonni rivera shows us what comes down must come up. >> cleaning can be fun when you host a celebration for the
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champions and devoted fans. >> we will be going home about midnight. >> the crew has no complaints about over time. >> we did it a couple years ago, you know, and it went okay and it's basically the is a -- same set uup this year. >> and they left confetti on the streets and in the stores. >> we expect to find confetti for weeks from now. >> a winning basketball team only enhances business. >> definitely people from all walks, east bay, south bay. >> this kind of celebration comes with a price and the team owner is picking up the tab. >> this parade, the whole day, every cost, every dollar, is on us. street sweepers are cleaning things up but don't tell the young fans the party is over.
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>> we're just happy. we are out here in the same clothes from this morning, just happy. >> reporter: there's a huge desire to return back to celebrate again. lonni rivera, abc7 news. >> oakland police arrested three people at the rally, and two for public intoxication and for an assault on an officer. there were no major incidents. if you missed the celebration or want to relive it all over again, we have the photos and video and more at now your weather forecast with drew tuma. >> we are showing you the 5-week-old puppies because somebody left them in a hot car in south carolina. it's going to resonate here. a police officer noticed them and the car registering at 94 degrees, and that can happen rather quickly. she got the two puppies out and
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had a cooler in her car with ice packs and the owner is being charged with ill treatment of animals. this weekend, especially check on your pets and your elderly neighbors, they are the most susceptible to the heat this time of year. outside we go , a live look fro sutro tower. 9:00 this morning we already have spots in the 80s and as we head towards midday we will be quickly warming up into the 80s and low 90s already, so it's going to be a warm to hot afternoon on the way. highs today, take a look, lots of sunshine no matter where you are from the coast to the bay, and inland pheutd and that's weather, and let's get a check of traffic with sue. friday light so far and we hope it stays that way. we have traffic moving well through the san jose area, and this is highway 280 at the 880
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over crossing up towards cupertino, so from san jose into kaouper ton kwru cupertino, an eight-minute drive. and then nice flowing here from dublin -- pardon me, from concord towards the 24 interchange, you are looking at less than ten minutes. we do have a couple problem spots, mostly green and even out of the central valley, and that's fantastic news, about 20 minutes to get into the livermore area, and westbound 128 near tubs lane, we have an accident blocking the southbound lane. thank you. do not panic when you log into twitter this morning. we will explain. we will explain. a mama bear, how she ended
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at a sacramento convenience store went viral, and it started when two walked out of a store for items they did not pay for, and a woman captured the video and another woman went to grab the phone and got a jolt with a taser. >> it was over hot cheetos? >> apparently. in today's "gma" first look,
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a dramatic scene where a blimp flying over the open crashed. >> alex perez has the details. >> federal investigators are working to figure out what caused this advertising blimp to come crashing down exploding into a ball of flames. the aircraft came crash into the field about half a mile from the u.s. open tournament golf course in wisconsin around 11:15 thursday morning. thousands of spectators watching the competition, and many finding themselves watching this instead, in disbelief. >> we saw the whole thing going down and then three explosions on the ground. >> onboard, the pilot, and rescue crews pulled him from the blimp, and thompson placed on a stretcher and carried on to a waiting medevac helicopter. and coming up, we will have more on the investigation, with your
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gma first look, i am alex perez, wisconsin. and then a stricter rule where the california public utilities commission hopes to cut greenhouse gases emitted. utilities had not been required utilities had not been required to cut down the leaks that don't put people in danger. and then the national's park last night, the squads faced off one day after a gunman open fire in virginia. congressman steve scalise remains in the hospital, and paul ryan and nancy pelosi got together before the game. >> we know each other well and
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many of the members do but not enough do. we need to find more opportunities for republicans and democrats to break bread, and literally go and have meals together. >> i thought you were going to brag about how much my grandchildren like you. >> yeah, her grandchildren like me! >> you may notice they are both wearing louisiana state apparel, and that's in honor of scalise to graduated from lsu. and the trophy is going to go to scalise's office. the lifesaving epipen has a new competitor this morning. it's a new product from a san diego-based pharmaceuticals. and epipen's costs is $94 ten years ago but rose to more than $600 last year. both products can save people from an allergic reaction. what if you could recharge
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your electric car while driving down i-80. stanford scientists have overcome a hurdle by transmitting electricity to a moving object. if the technology is perfected it would eliminate range anxiety. the results are here in this week's edition of the journal nation. you may wake up to a new look on twitter this morning. twitter says it's faster and easier to use and has boulder headlines and more intuitive icons. the biggest thing you will notice is the profile images are now instead of square, which is perfect for our logo. it would not be twitter without it would not be twitter without people making jokes, like this meme of a round spongebob.
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the alameda county fair is opening today. >> and prepare for the heat, it opens at 11:00 and nintendo is bringing some of the latest games and consoles so you can play for them free this weekend, and on sunday dads get in for free on sunday. the fair runs through july 9th. >> sounds like a lot of fun. going back to twitter, all everybody wants is the edit button. >> let us edit our tweets! we will show you the plan over the alameda county fair. it's hot out there. by 3:00, 94 degrees. drink plenty of water and put the sun screen on, and it's already a mild start out there and a lot of 60s across the board, and a 70-degree reading right now in brentwood. your day planner for your friday, look into the afternoon, it's warm to hot.
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mid-90s inland and even around the bay we will go into the mid-80s and along the coast, cool but still mild for this time of the year go into the mid-'60s. watch what happens on sunday, this heat is going to crank. 90 will be the high in oakland but that's one of the cooler spots. inland in the north bay we are go into the triple digits and even san francisco will be toasty at 80 degrees. it's for that fact a heat advisory will go into effect for the entire region starting tomorrow morning, and the only exception along the coast. and stay hydrated with water and our bodies are not used to this type of heat, and check on the seniors and pets. that's weather and let's get on the roads with sue. >> we will look at the bridge toll plaza, and no metering lights on yet. just a minor delay for the cash-paying folks and the spider is back on the webcam, if you will. we had an earlier stall on the
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westbound span, and here at the san mateo bridge, the flat section up towards the high-rise and over towards foster city. you are looking at about an 18-minute drive, so less than 20 minutes. look at all the green on the maps. it's wonderful this time of morning. we usually have a heavy flow of traffic out of the central valley and we are not seeing that. improvement on the sunol grade with speeds picking up a bit, we had a sigalert with a big rig, and that has been cleared over an hour now and traffic is recovering nicely now. st. luke's hospital in san francisco plans to close one facility by october. it's owned by sutter merged with st. luke's to form st. luke's campus. the closure will affect 44 patients and 72 employees. a representative said they are
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working with patients and their families to ensure a transition to a local facility. and then a fire started at 2:30 yesterday in the south park neighborhood. six units of the complex the red cross is helping out those evacuees. something adorable at the zoo, black bear cubs. this almost didn't happen. the bears were captured after the mother bear attacked a woman in kern county. in kern county. by law that means but instead the cubs had not been weaned so they send them there. and the trump administration and the trump administration wanted to
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good morning. whether you are just joining us or heading out the door here are the seven things to know before you head out the door. warm to hot today but over the weekend especially father's day on sunday down right hot. a heat advisory goes into effect tomorrow morning. and number two, a uber passenger has gone public with a video where the driver can be making inappropriate comments about drunk female passengers and uber says the driver is no longer driving for them. russia says they may have russia says they may have killed the leader of isis, if it's true it would be a severe blow to the extremist group. and the memorials continue to grow for the fallen ups workers. you are looking at one of the
5:26 am
tributes in diamond heights. they were shot by a co-worker on wednesday. and then the cleanup continues after the warriors' victory parade and rally. number six, sue hall abc traffic center, no metering lights yet and the sensors are showing green around the bay area. one unhealthy fad may be on its way out with teenagers. the number of high school and middle schoolers using e-cigarettes dropped and that's the first decline since 2011. another 90 minutes of news coming up including russia's claims that it killed the leader of isis. what u.s. reports are saying. and the two accused in the ghost ship fire is back in court
5:27 am
this morning and what one is saying about the charges against him. the queen and prince william the queen and prince william making a visit to the
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morning after one of its drivers in the south bay is heard making really disturbing comments about women. what he said was all caught on camera. soon you could be seeing this at bay area airports. the new technology meant to speed up security lines. if you are not taking off for the weekend, prepare for the heat. this cool morning is about to change. >> i love it is getting warm out there. >> jessica has been waiting for this moment to happen for
5:30 am
basically a year. she's excited about it. >> take it away, drew tuma. >> we will see with your day planner on the day. the picture outside showing you bright skies already. your day planner, it's going to be quickly warming by noon. 4:00, just warm to hot across the region. mid-90s inland, and the bay, we are in the mid-80s. it's going to get even warmer over the weekend. so it's for that fact a heat advisory will go into effect tomorrow morning, and lasting through monday night everywhere except the coast. we will detail how hot we get, and first a check of the roadways with sue. >> we go outside to the east shore freeway, the stream of headlights heading past golden gate fields. it looks busy but traffic is moving at the limit and no delays so far at the bay bridge. look at all the green on the maps and even coming out of the central valley, we have a blip of slow traffic, and still we are looking at the limit in most
5:31 am
places, maybe everybody had so much fun at the warriors parade yesterday they are taking the day to chill today. >> sounds good. thank you so much. this morning one uber driver is not going to be picking up rides after saying he would like to take advantage of drunk female passengers. >> the man that overheard this conversation recorded all of it on his phone. matt keller is live for us in san jose. matt? >> reporter: that man got into an uber carpool early in the morning this past weekend and when he got inside there were two men already there in the car and he said the conversation was disgusting. here's the driver. >> half of the work is already done, man, he's isolated and drunk. >> helpless. >> yep. >> reporter: that man that recorded the video said he thought the driver crossed the line and posted the video on facebook as a warning to women. >> my dream is to have some drunk chick by herself, and it's
5:32 am
the end of my shift and she wants me to come in and that would be a perfect ending to my day and i would be really drunk too, and then i can't be held responsible if i am drunk. >> reporter: the passenger complained to uber and said aoub kwru uber was responsive. that driver has been banned from uber. >> thank you, matt. a person died and another victim went to the hospital after they were both stabbed. this happened near 78th avenue and macarthur boulevard around 1:00 this morning. the police have not said what led to the people being stabbed or what led to the stabbing. and then two are s to be arraigned in a courtroom. they face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for each of the people killed in the fire.
5:33 am
and harris contradicts claims he blocked access to a second stairwell. it gave upstairs guests one way to escape, and harris says he has faith he will one day walk free. we are learning details about the deaths of the ups workers killed by a co-worker. workers killed by a co-worker. friends and family of defedu witnesses say a gunman, jimmy lam, did not say a word as he tracked down and killed lefiti, louie and the third victim, chan. chan. he shot authorities are still trying to figure out why jimmy lam shot and killed his three coworkers and wounded two more before killing himself.
5:34 am
homeland security revoked program aimed at shielding parents who are here illegally but have american-born children. the program, though, was blocked by a federal judge in texas after 26 states filed a lawsuit to block it, and this fulfills a key campaign promise made by president trump. look at this, these images of the queen and prince william, they were visiting victims of tuesday's high-rise fire and we have also learned this morning, i reported it earlier, but we learned the death toll nearly doubled up to 30 so this visit very timely. we could see the royals talking to victims and the queen and prince were at a relief center this morning so they were also meeting with volunteers, residents and members of the nearby community, and they also paid tribute to the brave reof the firefighters that responded
5:35 am
to the massive blaze. right now the search continues for victims still inside the building and a criminal investigation into the fire is under way. reggie? a pleasanton woman facing murder charges in a dui crash that killed a man. it happened in livermore in may. the 73-year-old was standing next to his car when he was hit and died two days later. and police have pending toxicology results, but she was rearrested yesterday. and after state lawmakers passed the spending plan yesterday. the democrats hold super majorities in both houses. california's new budget calls for spending $125 billion, and of that $2.8 billion will be spent on roads and $20 million will go towards housing for the homeless and that includes $10 million in san francisco alone. this morning the warriors
5:36 am
are in las vegas celebrating following yesterday's victory parade and rally in downtown oakland and lake merritt. >> want to keep this thing going for years to come. every june, dub nation, the champs. >> to have the warriors win and to have my children experience it with me is a blessing. >> an estimated 1 million warriors fans celebrated the team's second nba championship in just three years. the streets of downtown oakland are almost clean again. crews and street sweepers worked late into the night to clean up the confetti yesterday. let's turn to b.a.r.t., now. more than 487,000 people road the trains yesterday. that's the sixth highest ridership total in the agencies history, and when it was all
5:37 am
over it looked like this at the 19th street station in downtown oakland. so packed there b.a.r.t. had to control the flow of people going down to the platform. >> oakland police were out in full force trying to stop side shows, and officers were saturated well-known hot spots and they were posted cars towed in relation to side shows and issued a whole lot of tickets. and the trump administration backing off a threat to california setting its own standards to combat climate change. pruitt said he might try to pruitt said he might try to weaken or authority to weaken the emissions. and creating dangerous
5:38 am
conditions to attract sharks to shore. whether it's chumming or other antics the real danger is it can change the shark's behavior. officials say boaters can be cited for throwing material-like bait into the waters so close to the beach. once you see the forecast this weekend the beach is going to be a great place to go to beat the heat because we are seeing temperatures we have not seen so far this year. good morning, oakland. 60 degrees. and vallejo sitting at 60 degrees as well. we are going to quickly warm up this morning. total sunshine from the get go, and by 9:00 in the morning, already have some spots in the 70s and low 80s. those numbers continue to rise by 11:00 in the morning, fairfield already at 90 degrees, and even around the immediate bay, a lot of 70s and 80s popping up on the board.
5:39 am
highs on your friday, enjoy. sunny and warm, and look at the 96 for concord, and even oakland up to 80. 86, san jose. santa rosa up to 96 degrees. your three-day forecast over the weekend. watch what happens. it gets down right hot for father's day on sunday. inland, we are go into the triple digits and even around the bay, you will not be exempt from the heat. future tracker temperatures, we are tracking dangerous heat on sunday afternoon. look at the numbers inland, and even in the north bay, 102 in san rafael. and even san francisco, toasty at 80 degrees. take it easy this weekend. that's weather and let's get a check of traffic. >> war's getting a live look at the golden gate bridge. two lanes in the north bay and four lanes in your southbound direction, clear and fog free here and traffic is obviously light and moving at the limit out of the waldo funnel and into san francisco. light commute so far. knock on wood. we have a little slow traffic
5:40 am
coming out of tracy, the red sensors showing things about 40, 35 to 40 miles per hour. we had an earlier problem on the sunol grade and it's wide open right now and traffic is flowing nicely from dublin into the fremont area. here are some of the drive times. golden gate bridge, eight minutes get into san francisco. the bay bridge looking good, and san mateo bridge across the bay, also a nice drive. we will see if the bay bridge metering lights are on in our next look. and then scaling back on potentially threatening post on facebook. and then where in san francisco can you get your hands on an exhibit to stretch your imagination? we have a friday feeling and an amber sunrise to watch. an amber sunrise to watch. we will
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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we're back at 5:43. pacifica warning homeowners warning about a law that applies even if the homeowner doesn't realize fireworks are being set off. the ordinance comes with a $1,000 fine and if kids are found with fireworks their parents are going to be the ones held strictly liable. police in tennessee crediting a homeowner for the
5:44 am
capture of inmates that escaped. a homeowner heard something outside his home in nashville and saw the men and held them at gunpoint until the police got there. that homeowner is a brave person. happening today, president trump plans to unveil a policy between the u.s. and cuba. some of mr. trump's changes will reverse policies enacted by president obama. and now americans will have t keep track of all transactions made in cuba for five years after their visit and the trump administration wants to cut off money to cuba's military. the u.s. will keep its new embassy open in havana. airline complaints shot up following the outrage over a man being dragged off a united airlines flight.
5:45 am
complaints rose 70% in april compared to the same period last year. the department of transportation received 750 complaints about flight deplays and cancelations and complaints about overbooking also doubled. the group flyers says passengers used to think travel problems are normal and now they are speaking up. california seasonal rain and snow could be triggering more earthquakes. the winter snow and rain could act as weights on our mountains pressing down the sierra and the coastal ranges. when the weights are lifted and the state dries out, the earth's crust rebounds. you can find the full study in this month's edition of "the journal of science." abc7 has been a long time sponsor of the walk and this
5:46 am
walk is happening on july 17th. dan ashley has been involved in the aids walk for a number of years. and then a new exhibit that will have visitors thinking outside of the box, and we are talking about the cardboard box in this case. it's a wildcard exhibit. it's made of cardboard scraps. it's a windy road and trucks, and road sides and opening doors and tiny houses, and it's even fantast fantastical, and it's hands on, and you are welcome to explore. wildcard aims to open up the imagination and encourage recycling. >> for the first time i can say the exhibit is garbage and it's not an insult. >> do you guys see that covfefe -- >> no, i didn't.
5:47 am
>> go back to the video. and then sunshine is up and a gorgeous view over san francisco right now. current temperature wise you step out the door and you are noticing it feels warm for this time of day. 60, currently in oakland. san francisco you are at 59. brentwood, just one degree shy of 70 at this hour. let's take your hour-by-hour forecast, and a friday daytime planner, we are quickly warming. by 4:00, it's warm to hot out there. and inland, mid-80s around the bay and the coast go into the mid-60s. and those numbers will just continue to rise over the weekend. future tracker temperatures showing you as we get into saturday, yes, triple digits do make their return even around the bay, and 80s and 90s will be a popular temperature. the numbers, warm, and even more for father's day on sunday. that's get into dangerous heat territory inland. 106 in fairfield. and even concord, 105.
5:48 am
almost 110 in clover day and 100 degrees in san jose. the heat advisory will go into effect tomorrow morning for everybody except the immediate coastline where we will be rather cool out there. this is the first heat wave of 2017 and our bodies are not used to this type of heat so stay hydrated with water, and if you are going to exercise, try to do it in the morning hours. check on seniors and pets, and they are the most susceptible to the heat this time of year. once we get the hot air over the weekend, it's going to stick around for several days, and how appropriate as we welcome summer officially on tuesday. good morning, everyone. we have a live look at the bay bridge. metering lights were turned on. 5:28 was the magic hour this morning, and stacking up towards the maze, and once you get to the span though it's smooth sale into san francisco. take a look at the richmond san rafael bridge, no toll takers
5:49 am
here, just very few cars and trucks coming through. it's a light drive over towards marin county from the east bay. all the way around, looking at friday light so far, and that's good news, especially coming out of the central valley. b.a.r.t., a great way to go this morning, cal trains running up and down the peninsula with no problem. and ace trains one and three are on time out of the central valley as well. we'll look at your drive times in just a few minutes. next at 6:00, find out how soon you can be riding the smart train. plus the incredible tribute in l.a. to honor adam west, the original batman. better days start right here better days start right here on morni
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[ seagulls squawking ]
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it's 5:52. a coast guard cutter from add mila is back in california after a successful drug operation, and you are looking at the drugs they intercepted that the haul was suspected from drug-smuggling vessels. the cocaine haul came from bails of narcotics dumped into open waters from drug smugglers. and then after recent attacks british and french officials are looking to fine companies that do not remove terrorists material quickly. facebook says it has more than 150 people dedicated to countering the spread of terror content. and that facebook also uses
5:53 am
artificial intelligence to seek out terrorists post its site. and then another air bag problem affecting dodge caravan caravans. the airbags could deploy unexpectedly while you are driving and that poses a danger of crashes. the company did not report any accidents or injuries. chrysler will notify owners for a free repair. los angeles created a fitting tribute to the late batman, adam west. >> take a look at that. the bat signal lighting up the night last night. the mayor and police chief join west's family and friends to light up the city hall with that iconic signal. he was best known for his role as batman in the 1960s television series. the tsa is testing technology to screen carry on bags. they are being used at airports
5:54 am
in phoenix and boston. several cameras provide screeners with vivid images to help identify items without them having to open the bag. they use the same technology to screen checked bags. good morning. the time is 5:54. we are tracking a warm to hot day on the way. it's going to get toasty especially inland and those numbers will rise over the weekend. we are at 74 in san francisco this afternoon, and 80 in oakland and 86 in san jose, and watch what happens. the week ahead and into the weekend, father's day, it's going to be down right hot, 90s around the bay. let's get a check of the roads with sue. >> we go outside and take a live look right now at the san mateo bridge. sun is coming up and we are looking good across the causeway and up towards foster city. less than 20 minutes to get towards 880, and then making the
5:55 am
turn up to highway 24, that's all moving at the limit as well. coming out of concord, you are looking at less than ten minutes to get to the 24 junction. we will take a look at some of your drive times right now, and tracy all the way up and over the dublin grade into castro valley, a little over an hour, so that's a moderate drive for you. 101 northbound from san jose to the airport, and highway 1 to the city is looking great to the city on 280. we will come back with more of your south bay drive in just a bit. a big hole in san francisco where the south convention hall kwraus used to be. this is how workers have moved the street on what used to be a sidewalk as they make room for a massive underground convention. the construction caused many big conventions to be held somewhere else leaving a gaping hole in the pockets of nearby businesses. >> many people think we are
5:56 am
closed because the streets are closed. it's just been devastating. >> this whole year has been a lot slower than usual and it has to do with the convention center for sure. >> and then the underground space is set to open next year. people say two people under arrest after trying to rip off a casino with phoney $100 bills. this is more than 35,000 bucks in fake c notes. sonoma county deputies say they found the phoney money stuffed in the suspects' pockets and in their car. one unhealthy fad may be on its way out with teenagers. teen vaping have become more popular in recent years, and the number of high school and middle school students using e-cigarettes fell last year.
5:57 am
experts say it's too soon to know if the trend will continue. insight into a possible motive behind the ups shooting in san francisco. a fight at a gas station going viral right now, and how somebody filming it all fought back. still tracking the international news, the leader of isis may have been killed. how will it affect the fight against the group? that's next. and then convicted of domestic violence heads to jail domestic violence heads to jail to
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning on this friday, june 16th. welcome to our super team. >> super team. >> everybody is talking about super teams recently so i thought i would throw that in there. >> super temperatures, too.
6:00 am
are you ready for the heat? >> i know jess is. >> yeah, sue. >> happy to go first. we have light traffic conditions this morning for you. 280 in the san jose area, 880 in the over crossing, just a few cars on the screen. you are looking at an eight-minute drive from san jose, and headlights headed northbound, light conditions here. so far so good. green sensors good. we have slowing out of the central valley and we will check on some of your drive times in just a few minutes. a live look outside. the sutro tower, and the sun is up and shining. we are going to be quickly warming throughout the day. the 12-hour planner, by the afternoon, warm to hot day. around the bay, mid-60s along the coast. this is the coolest day


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