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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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are you ready for the heat? >> i know jess is. >> yeah, sue. >> happy to go first. we have light traffic conditions this morning for you. 280 in the san jose area, 880 in the over crossing, just a few cars on the screen. you are looking at an eight-minute drive from san jose, and headlights headed northbound, light conditions here. so far so good. green sensors good. we have slowing out of the central valley and we will check on some of your drive times in just a few minutes. a live look outside. the sutro tower, and the sun is up and shining. we are going to be quickly warming throughout the day. the 12-hour planner, by the afternoon, warm to hot day. around the bay, mid-60s along the coast. this is the coolest day we have in the next seven. in fact, a heat advisory will go
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into affect tomorrow morning, lasting through monday night. we are about to see some of the hottest air we have seen so far this year. we will talk about temperatures in a few minutes, guys, coming up in the forecast. many of us will look for the waves to beat the heat this weekend. >> amy hollyfield is live at the dublin and pleasanton b.a.r.t. station where riders are getting an early start before the temperatures go up. >> reporter: the commuters are happy about the direction they are going, towards san francisco where it will still be hot but cooler than it will be out here. that heat advisory will start tomorrow morning and it does go through monday evening, so maybe thinking about father's day plans at the beach or inside a cool movie theater or museum, because sunday, father's day is supposed to be dangerously hot. today's commuters are thinking about the pool or lake for this weekend but today they are relieved to be going into work. >> san francisco i don't think will get too hot, but just drink
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lots of water and stay hydrated. plain and simple. >> do you like the heat? >> i don't mind it. i live in the valley so i'm used to it. >> reporter: this heat wave means it's time to think about the vulnerable around you. keep the kids hydrated and not in hot cars and watch the pets closely, those little pause would appreciate staying off the hot pavement and check on the elderly, and this is going to be the hottest it has been all year. live in pleasanton, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> you can track the scorching temperatures with the abc7 news app, and we have live doppler 7 on the app. you can enable the push alerts. update on breaking international news. the leader of isis may have been in syria, and we want to tell you how the death of abu bakr al
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baghdadi could affect the operations. the russian defense minister said that much in a statement just moments ago, cautioning that if their investigation proves true the fight against isis is not over but it would be a big blow. the strike they are investigating right now happened on may 28th in the city of raqqa, and the u.s. has not confirmed the news yet. new details on the ups shooting in san francisco. a co-worker says the driver that shot and killed three fellow workers seemed down lately. jimmy lam killed himself when san francisco police confronted him after a shooting rampage at a ups facility on wednesday. his co-worker last spoke with him a view weeks ago and he said he urged lam years ago to seek professional help to battle depression and lam took time off from work and appeared to feel better when he returned to ups. and man was killed running
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across the freeway during a police chase. police say the suspect was driving a stolen car trying to evade police when he crashed. he and another passenger got out and started running. the driver was hit by a pickup truck and died on the scene and officers chased the other suspect was he was able to get away. and then serving a controversial sentence for domestic violence. dozens of people rallied outside the courtroom in support of the victim yesterday. he co-founded a business matrix startup and will serve just 13 days in jail for the verbal and physical abuse of his estranged wife. >> i was really hoping for something better to happen, but at this point i want to thank everybody for being here for me. >> i am confident that we reached the right outcome given the merits of the case. >> the da's office said there
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was not enough evidence to impose a harsher penalty. and then federal officials wrapped up their review of the line and it's not clear as to when commuters can ride the trains. one smart board member expect a soft open as soon as next week and smart could offer full service next month and when the service does start smart will not charge full fares until after labor day. and then packing downtown oakland to see this, and a sea of blue and gold showered the nba champs with love and the team showed their appreciation back. many jumped off their buses to give hi-fives to fans. and draymond green mocked law brain james for saying he never played for a super team. >> i never played on a super team. you started the super team, bro!
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>> the rally concluded with the warriors posing for pictures with the trophy. and there was plenty of gold confetti covering everything. >> blue confetti, too. coupled with the huge crowd and all of it means it was a big cleanup job overnight, and abc news caught up with workers trying to dismantle the stage and seating. >> when you get a bunch of people together, there will be some kind of ruckus, and it was not that bad and we're good. this is the best part of the job, getting it over with and going home. >> yeah, and he's a realist and we appreciate it him and his work, and trash cans were overflowing along the parade route. they did a good job. if you missed the celebration or want to relive it all over again
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we have photos and video and more on and then the trump administration tried to weaken the california's stance for reduced emissions. how one bear ended up alive how one bear ended up alive and here in the bay
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good morning. time is 6:10 a.m., and we are tracking the heat rising over the next conyou wilconcouple of. the sunshine is going to make us go into the triple digits inland, and even the 90s around the bay. we are going to jump ahead into sunday. this is dangerous heat especially in the north bay and inland. 80 in san francisco, and 90 the high in oakland. take it easy out there over the weekend. let's get to traffic with sue. >> so far so good. look at the east shore freeway where the traffic is flowing past university avenue and on into the maze, and we will look
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at the drive time in just a second. oh, my goodness. look at the spider in the sun. and we have slow traffic out of the central valley but here's a look at your drive times. antioch to hercules, not bad at all, and highway 4 to the hayes, under 20 minutes and that's amazing, and in the south bay, a seven minute drive up to the airport. president trump reversing another obama administration effort now after the break that thousands of people will be affected. an act of brave retkery a live look in santa cruz, and we have a heat wave on the way. as we head to break we introducing mocktails from ocean spray. non-alcoholic juice drinks inspired by your favorite cocktails. [ plays chord ]
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when you eat a subway® $6 footlong sub of the day. it's the taste you love, at a price you can't get enough of. the $6 footlong sub of the day. seven days, seven footlongs, seven more ways to enjoy subway®. the obama administration's wind down of the military commitment in afghanistan is now being reversed and the pentagon now plans to spend 4,000 additional american forces there and the trump administration is hoping to break a stalemate in a war passed to a third president. and this is the largest
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deployment so far in president trump. members of congress huddled and prayed for a wounded colleague for moments before on the baseball diamond. the squads faced off one day after a gunman open fire on the gop's baseball practical in virginia. house speaker paul ryan and minority leader nancy together before the game. >> we need to find more opportunities for republican and democrats to break bread. >> i thought you were going to brag about how much my grandchildren -- >> yeah, that's right, her grandkids like me. >> we have a responsibility to find common ground. >> you may notice pwoeboth
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wearing louisiana state gear. that's in honor of scalise. video of a confrontation at a sacramento convenience stoere is going viral. the hot cheetos went flying. meanwhile a customer sitting outside in a car captured the video on her phone, and another woman went to grab the phone but got a jolt by a taser. and then video service as a 12-year-old mormon girl that indicate out as a lesbian. he was speaking at a podium when she broke the news. >> i believe i was made the way i am.
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they did not mess up when they gave me tprebg tprebgles or made me to be gay. >> she came out, and the church leader asked her to sat down and instead she walked off. as drew said earlier, you have to prepare for the heat. the fair opens at 11:00. nintendo will try out games and consoles you can try out for free. the concert series kicks off with sugar ray. and no matter hot, will not stop the eating. the deep-fried oreos -- >> that place is like a temporary amusement park. it's amazing.
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if you have not been, you have to go. >> do they have tilt-a-world. >> yeah. >> i'm there. >> bring your sun screen and hat. live doppler 7, here we go, a beautiful look at the golden gate bridge, and the fog will evaporate in the next hour or so. it's about quickly warming and tons of sunshine, and it's warm to hot today. mid-90s, going midland mid-80s, and if you are headed to the fair today it's going to be a hot one. tons of sunshine at the alameda county fair. by 3:00, it's hot, we're at 94 degrees. cooling off rather nicely. by 11:00, it's mild. temperatures around 72 degrees. those numbers just continue to rise over the weekend. so it's for that fact we do have a heat advisory go into effect on saturday and only exception along the coast.
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and they will see the hottest temperatures over the weekend. future tracker temperatures will jump ahead into your saturday. triple digits do make a return. a lot of 80s and 90s around the bay, and those numbers will just climb even more on sunday. so take it easy out there, and drink plenty of water over the weekend. a accuweather 7-day forecast, we are going to hold on to the heat over the forecast, and we will welcome summer with the temperatures on tuesday. let's get to the roads with sue. >> we have busy roads starting to happen now with the san mateo bridge getting a little clogged as you make your way from hayward over from foster city, and up and over the high-rise, a drive from the tolls over towards 101. golden gate bridge, a beautiful ride this morning. four lanes on the span itself. two lanes in the north bay, and four lanes i should say in the southbound morning commute direction.
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green is good. just a few minor areas of slow traffic and we look at your mass transit. 50 b.a.r.t. trains on time. and cal tran is looking good, and trains one and three from the central valley on time and train five set to leave in 20 minutes or so. a popular children's toy, where to buy it, michael finney has answers. changes you can see on your twitter page over the next few days. days. stay on top so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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we have breaking news coming into our live desk. amazon is buying whole foods for more than $13 billion and the deal set to wrap up by the end of the year. we know amazon has been trying to beef up its grocery store business for sometime, and i am digging into details and will have an update in a few minutes. you may be waking up to a new look on twitter this morning. the san francisco-based company rolling out new platforms. it's faster and easier to use. i'm not sure how. all i noticed is that things are
6:24 am
in circles now instead of squares. it used to be a square thing, yeah. so already people to twitter are making fun of it, and somebody has decided to make spongebob squarepants into a rounded spongebob. >> well played. kelsey has a question about children's toys. >> and she was at the ask finney event in daly city and michael finney has her answer. >> what is the best place to a shop. >> several stores, they are available online and in stores just about everywhere. however, your parents or guardian can also check shopkins official website, there you may find some when they first come out before anybody has them.
6:25 am
have fun and thanks for the question. >> i feel out of the loop of what is popular with kids these days. you can head to finney. sadly, i knew what a shopkin was. do not judge. and then four new stars at the zoo, and they are educational ambassadors at the california's trail exhibit. the bears were captured in may after mom swiped at a woman who is now recovering from a wound to her arm and by law that means the mother bear would have to be euthanized, and it was determined the cubs were not weaned yet so they sent them all to the siozoo. and then a disturbing
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conversation with an uber driver. what led to this bombshell cover on "time" magazine. in accuweather, i am tracking some of the hottest air this weekend so far, and the heat advisory goes into affect starting tomorrow. as you get your day into gear, take a look at the morning light on the bay bridge ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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good morning, and it's friday, june 16th. if you have been waiting for that summertime weather, now is your chance, my friends. even in very good san francisco, you will get warm. >> you said 80 degrees on sunday? >> one or two days a year it gets warm in san francisco but across the board this is going to be the hottest air we have seen this year. live outside we go to the exploratorium camera -- >> look at the kayakers. >> oh, good morning. i didn't notice that. getting their work in early because it's going to turn by 4:00, mid-80s and 90s. that's a check of your forecast today and let's get a check of the roads. just a couple incidents from from the chp. this is to fairfield and it's
6:30 am
westbound 80 after west texas. apparently a couple fires started on the right-hand shoulder and under the overpass there, and emergency crews fire on the way there so they may have to block a lane to get that fire out but smoke is thick across the freeway, so heads up in fairfield. this morning one uber driver will not be picking up any rides after saying he would like to take advantage of drunk female passengers. >> the man that heard the conversation recorded it on his cell phone. matt kellers is live in san jose. >> reporter: certainly a disturbing recording of the passenger. the passenger released the recording because he wants to issue it as a warning to women. >> my dream is to have some drunk chick by herself going home at the end of my shift, and
6:31 am
she wants me to come in and that would be a perfect ending to my day. >> reporter: the passenger asked us not to use his name and he was picked up near the tech museum and it was an uber pool and he said the conversation between the driver and the othe. >> i would get drunk, too, and i couldn't be held responsible. >> the man who recorded the video told us he thought the driver crossed the line and posted the video on facebook and he complained to uber and said the company was very responsive. and uber released a statement saying the driver can no longer work for uber. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. take a look at the cover of "time" magazine, probably not the attention uber wants. the headline shows uber fail, and it shows an app with uber headquarters on fire.
6:32 am
and uber has been embroiled in a widespread cancel including sexual harassment among other issues, and that issue hits stands on june 26th. amazon is buying whole foods and the deal said to be worth $13.7 billion, and amazon will pay 42 bucks per share of whole foods market, and amazon launched online grocery delivery services in the past year but this would be its big foray into brick and mortar stores acquiring whole foods, and we are speculating this would give amazon some prime retail space in many high-end neighborhoods, so that's a pretty big deal. reggie? >> this is really unusual and stunning. a person is dead and another in the hospital after they were
6:33 am
both stabbed in oakland near 78th avenue and macarthur boulevard around 1:00 this morning. we are waiting to hear if police made any arrests. and then gose ship founder and his second in command face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for each of the people killed in last december's fire. and harris contradicts claims he blocked access to the second stairwell, and prosecutors say it gave guests only one way out. and we are learning more about the deaths of the ups employees. earlier in the day volleyball players paid tribute to their beloved coach, and the gunman
6:34 am
lower manhatta lower manhatta jimmy lam did not say a word he killed them. a merchant along chan's route set up a memorial. authorities don't know why lam shot his victims before turning the gun on himself. a pleasanton woman facing murder charges in a dui crash that took a man's life. this video shows her getting a sobriety test in may after hitting a man in livermore. the 83-year-old was standing next to his car when he got hit and died two days later. police rearrested her yesterday. homeland security revoked an obama era immigration program to protect parents. it was aimed at shielding
6:35 am
parents here illegally but have american children. the program was blocked by a federal judge in texas after 26 states filed a lawsuit to block it. this fulfills a key campaign promise made by trump. and then after state lawmakers and the assembly passed the governor's spending plan yesterday. his fellow democrats majorities in both houses. the trump administration is backing off the threat to revoke california's authority to set its own tough paw louson standards for cars and truck, and pruitt said his agent is not looking to take away california's power to combat climate change. earlier this year pruitt said he might try to weaken or end california's authority to reduce emissions. instead, he's now praising the
6:36 am
state's leadership for its clean air. this morning the warriors are in las vegas celebrating following yesterday's victory parade and rally in downtown oakland and lake merritt. > i want to keep this thing going for years to come. and we can count on this every june, dub nation, we champs. >> to have the warriors win and to have my children experience it with me is a blessing. >> and then celebrating the second nba championship in just three years. >> the streets of downtown oakland are almost clean again, and crews and street sweepers worked late into the night. and the rally for the team was being picked up by the team from the city. seems people are hearing the warnings and making plans to keep cool. and amy hollyfield is catching up with early-morning commuters
6:37 am
at the b.a.r.t. station. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. yeah, these commuters are happy about the direction they are going. they are headed towards san francisco and toward the coast where it's going to be a little cooler so they are happy about that because it's going to be a good weekend to be at the beach. maybe grab dad, grab the beach chair and head over to the coast, especially on father's day when it's going to be dangerously hot on sunday. the whole weekend will bring the heat with the heat advisory starting tomorrow morning and lasting until monday night. those that live in the heat and work in san francisco are feeling lucky right now, and some say they hope to escape the heat this weekend. >> stay inside, yeah, just want to be safe and don't want to get a heat stroke, and most of my clothes are black so i stay out of the sun as much as possible. >> i am a lot happier, because i can wear a sweater because it's going to be cold in the city. it has always been 102, 103 out
6:38 am
there, and it's going to be that way all weekend, right? >> reporter: a couple reminders as we shift to the new weather pattern. don't forget to protect your pets, the pavement will on their little paws. and take care of you, lots of water, and mainly we want to give you the heads up that this big change is coming so you can shift your thinking towards hot, hot weather. reporting live in pleasanton, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> and speaking of that amy, let's check in with our expert, drew tuma. drew, it's your birthday weekend. >> how appropriate, though. hot to trot, however you want to say it, it's going to turn warm around here. some of the hottest air we have seen so far this year, and take it easy, the body is not used to it quite yet. and later on today, we're go into the mid-80s around the bay,
6:39 am
and it just turns hot both saturday and on sunday. father's day is going to be the pe peak of the heat with the weather system. 100-degree readings in the bay, and warm 90s. for that fact, a heat advisory will go into effect tomorrow morning and everywhere except the immediate coastline, and the temperatures will be some of the warmest readings around there, so take it easy out there. and i want to get you into sunday, the peak of the heat. look at all the numbers. 90 degrees in oakland and 80 in san francisco, and even san jose, approaching 100 degrees. the north bay and inland, surpassing that as well. and remember, the uv index is running very high so slap on that sun screen. and we're going to show you once we get that hot air over the weekend, we will stick with it next week, and appropriately summer will arrive on tuesday.
6:40 am
let's get a check of traffic with sue. happy friday. we go to the richmond san rafael bridge. minor delays for folks paying cash and we are starting to see sluggish backup towards the richmond parkway, and it's not bad over towards the marin side of things. we had an earlier fire under the underpass in fairfield in west texas, and the fire trucks are out of the way now so you can see there's no delay through there. however we have a problem on 680 north bay before gold hill and a motorcycle and a car got into it in the left lane, and right now not seeing any traffic towards the junction, but be aware that emergency crews are headed to the scene. we'll look at some of your drive times on this friday morning when we come back in a few minutes. did former president obama spill major beans? the twitter universe is going
6:41 am
nuts about what he revealed over beyonce's twins. we are trying to help you make it a
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happening today, president trump plans to unveil new policies affecting the relationship between the u.s. and cuba, and he will announce this during a speech in miami.
6:44 am
some of the changes will reverse policies enacted by former president barack obama. american tourism to cuba after that embargo was lifted. the trump administration wants to cut off money to cuba's military. one thing that won't change is the newest embassy in will stay open. a brave tennessee home opener credited with catching two jail. police say the inmates escaped after over powering two guards while being moved between prisons on tuesday. and then a coast guard is back in california after a successful drug operation.
6:45 am
the haul was from suspected drug smuggling vessels and this is video of one of the interceptions. and the haul came from bails of narcotics dumped into open waters by drug smugglers. guys, quickly want to tell you how wall street is reacting to the big breaking news. amazon is going to buy whole foods and amazon stock is up 23 points right now, and this is going to be good for whole foods, too, and amazon buying the company at 42 bucks a share and that's an 18% premium on whole foods closing price yesterday. whole foods had been struggling for sometime with falling sales. >> that's huge. we also huge this morning that walmart is going to buy the men's wear company. however you say that. and then analysts say the
6:46 am
man being dragged off a flight may have caused other passengers to talk about their own gripes. complaints rose 70% in april compared to the same period last year, and the transportation department had more complaints about flight delays and complaints about overbooking also doubled. passengers used to think travel problems were just normal, and now they are speaking up. >> i am personally being sent into a downward spiral about the next story. nonetheless, this is the story about french fries that are outs of the new study and it suggests french fries, the warm and golden and crispy slightly potato sticks that make life worth living could lead to an early death, and not just french fries, but hash browns and
6:47 am
potato ships, and people that eat them two to three times a week have twice the chance of an early death compared to people who eat the tried potatoes. >> please, drew, honestly. >> i am still eating french fries. i never met a potato i hated. >> mr. potato, he's a charmer. >> good point. good morning, everybody. a live look outside the exploratorium camera, you see the nice glow along the bay waters. we are in store for a fantastic day but it will be a warm one. by 9:00 in the morning, we are warming into the 70s and 80s in the warmest spots and by lunchtime, we expect a couple occasions already at the 90-degree reading. the temperatures under full sunshine are going to quickly warm. highs on your friday, from the coast to the bay and inland, it will be warm to hot going from
6:48 am
80 degrees this afternoon to 86, and then 74 in san francisco, although 96 in santa rosa and 97 in fairfield and antioch. even warmer air set to arrive over the weekend and it's for that fact a heat advisory will go into effect tomorrow morning lasting through monday night and the hottest air so far this year arrives. and then you can already see 100-degree readings or even better inland, and even a lot of 80s and 90s around the bay, and then the numbers will just continue to rise on sunday. so father's day is looking like a hot day no matter where you live across the entire region. our bodies are not used to this type of heat so far, so stay hydrated with water and check on seniors and pets and they are the most susceptible to the heat this time of year. we turn hot on saturday and lasting through father's day on sunday and we will keep the hot air through the official start
6:49 am
on summer on tuesday. happy friday, and so far so good. traffic flowing nicely through san rafael. and up and over to central san rafael where you reach the golden gate bridge. no problems, no fog, and traffic is at the limit. four lanes in the southbound commute, and north bay two lanes, and not a bad drive at all, just a little minor slowing out of novato right now. a couple problem spots. we had an earlier car fire in fairfield west texas, and that has been put out, and now north bay before gold hill, north bay 680, we have a car blocking the left lane, aspecial it hit the center did yvide. and then there's your drive from san rafael to the city, just over 15 minutes. natasha and reggie. >> thank you. a big hole sits in san francisco where the south convention hall used to be.
6:50 am
take a look at the video from drone view 7, and it shows how workers have moved howard street on what used to be the sidewalk as they make way for a underground convention space. you can see the beginnings of the new howard street, but the construction caused many big conventions to be held somewhere else leaving a gaping hole in the pockets of the nearby merchants. >> a 50% decrease in the business and people think we're closed because the streets are closed and it has just been devastating. >> it has been slower than usual and it has to do with the convention center for sure. >> they hope the space will win back conventions that got too big for the area to hold. facebook's war against terrorists propaganda is ramping up. after recent attacks, british and french officials are threatening to fine companies that do not remove terrorists materials quickly. facebook says it has more than
6:51 am
150 now dedicated to countering the spread of terror-related content and will soon have a team of 7500 wur 'cause with law enforcement experience, and they use artificial intelligence to seek out terrorists post on its sight. and then another air bag problem, and the recall affects caravans from model years 2011 and 2012. chrysler says they may deploy unexpectedly while driving. the company did not report any accidents or injuries so far and chrysler will notify if you need that repair. and then twin girls for beyonce, and obama may have accidentally leaked the news. >> jay and i are fools for our daughters, although he will have me beat once those two twins show up. >> see, i couldn't interpret it
6:52 am
that way. >> it could be a good and a boy twin, and he still has two daughters because of blue ivy? well, the internet exploding over there, and he appeared in over there, and he appeared in the video to inducty. one person posting he's going to be in trouble for spilling the bees. >> i wonder if there was a text message between those -- >> yeah. yeah, the sun already glaring on the lens there, and glaring on the lens there, and the
6:53 am
6:54 am
here are the seven things to know before you go. amazon buying whole foods. amazon will pay 42 buck per share of whole foods. the deal expected to close by the end of the year. number two, i am meteorologist, drew tuma. get set to sweat over the weekend. it's warm to hot today and then the numbers really rise over the weekend for father's day itself. a heat advisory goes into affect saturday morning. number three, an uber passenger in san jose has gone public with cell phone video he says shows a driver's unsettling
6:55 am
attitude toward women. the driver can be heard making inappropriate comments about drunk female passengers riding solo and uber says that driver is no longer allowed to be with the company. and then memorials continue to grow for the three fallen ups workers and you are looking at one of the tributes in diamond heights. it was a top on the route of the victims. and then cleaning up, crews worked to clear the streets last night. the rally stage and convention center will be taken down today. number six, the traffic is starting to build this friday morning. can you see a little bit sluggish at the san mateo bridge, and the metering lights at the bay brdge were on at 5:26. the hip-hop mogul donating $10 million to a new high school being built in his hometown and the money will go to a
6:56 am
performing arts center for students. >> that's great. there will be a lot of tired people at work today, right? >> if they go to work. >> yeah. >> and look who showed up for you today? we did. we thought about it, and we still showed up. hope you have a great day, and we will be back in 25 minutes with updates on your weather and traffic. >> happy birthday to drew tuma. thanks for joining us this week. >> happy father's day, dads. you are one in a million. >> one in a million. >> one of our one million friends on facebook. >> that's a big deal. >> that's kind of a big deal. >> yep, we just hit a million. >> and it's all because of you. >> you. >> so thank you. thank you. >> a million times. >> thank you. >> thanks, bay area. >> thank you for making abc7 the bay area's most liked local news on facebook. >> you are
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but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪
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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. the russian defense ministry claiming the leader of isis may be dead. the man responsible for the deaths of thousands. possibly killed in a russian air strike. what we're learning overnight. also this morning major reversal. president trump's big announcement about cuba now just hours away. and the new fallout over his twitter tirade, calling the russia investigation a witch-hunt led by bad people and still tweeting about hillary clinton months after the election. and a new twist this morning, reports that the business dealings of jared kushner are now being investigated by the special counsel. medical mystery. new revelations that the american student held captive in north korea now has extreme brain damage. his doctors calling it


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