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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 16, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live where you live, breaking news. the chp announced airszs this morning and the piece of evidence that led to several suspects. >> first, it's a big weekend warmup. a look at walnut creek, one of the hot spots just in time of father's day. thank you for joining us. i'm jessica kcastro. >> let's get right to our meteorologist with what's in store for the warm weekend. drew? >> tracking the warmest year so
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far this year, well, over the weekend. a refreshing look outside from the emeriville camera. busy water. refreshing look. temperature-wise, in the 70s and 80s, and some at 90 degrees in this early hour. tracking temperatures this afternoon, low 90s, but this is the coolest day we have in the next seven days. a heat advisory in effect tomorrow morning and excessive heat warning in effect for solano county. we'll track how hot temperatures get and how long the heat wave lasts in that full accuweather forecast. guys? >> thank you. talking more about that because you may feel the heat already. the first heat wave of 2017 just about on us as drew mentioned. temperatures already rising across the bay, it's going to get hot, hot, hot. we're looking at icnland temperatures in the 80s this morning, and sunday, 100 in places.
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that trend continues into next week. >> i stay inside, yeah, i usually just want to be safe, don't want to get heatstroke, so, yeah. most of my clothes are black, so i stay out of the sun as much as possible. >> i'm a lot happier the direction i'm going, i'm in a sweater because it was cold in the city, but, yeah, always been, like, 102 out there, and it's going to be that way, i think, all weekend, right? >> that's right. time to shed the sweater even in the city. some tips for dealing with the high temperatures, stay hydrated, light clothing, and check on seniors and pets. track the temperatures with the abc 7 news app. we have live doppler 7 on the app and enable push alerts and get weather advisories on the phone or tablets. new developments in the ghost ship fire investigation. attorneys from both defendants appeared in court a short time ago, and we talked for the first time the attorney of wumone of defendants, max harris. we are live, amy?
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>> reporter: reggie max harris's and questioning why the owner of the building has not been charged with crimes in this case. no cameras were allowed in the kproo courtroom, but we have the mug shot of harris. prosecutors say he organized the warehouse party in december and accused him of hosting it in a a building of what they called a fire trap with one escape route from the second floor. they say it violated fire codes. harris tried to save lives that night and should not be charged, according to the attorney. >> they picked up four starving artis artists, losing their belongings and friends in that fire and now pinned for criminal charges. that's immoral. our client is a beautiful person. >> reporter: harris has a codefenda codefendant, the landlord for the residents in the warehouse,
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and harris was the right hand man. they face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 36 people who died in the fire. today's proceedings were postponed. both men were there. they are in custody, but they did not enter pleas. they did have family members and friends in the courtroom to support them. many of them plan to go on to a press conference on behalf of harris. that's going to be held later this afternoon so we should be hearing more on this case. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. new developments in the lyft driver. after months of searching for suspects, there's finally multi. people under arrest, all thanks large in part to dramatic cell phone video of the brutal beating. >> a major break in the case of a bay area lyft driver hurt after reportedly being beaten beat up by a group of dirt bike
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riders. >> he had a broken leg as i said, a bloodied face, road rash, just in rough shape. >> reporter: officers had been looking for sus penalties for months. chp posted videos today and pictures. they talked to the driver, 35-year-old alex, right after he got attacked in early march. >> they were all hitting and kicking from everywhere. >> reporter: describing the nasty end counter near the caesar chavez exit where the bikers trying to run him off the road, damaging the car, and trying to beat him up. >> he looked at me, i just could lay and cry and think of my kids. >> he had severe injuries. they arrested 33-year-old dwyane johnson, 25-year-old rodriguez, and 19-year-old williams jr. on social media, chp thanked the
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public for the tips and victims for being patient. >> suspects face a range of charges, some of the most serious include assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy, and battery. this morning, an uber driver is not picking up anybody after become caught on video in the south bay making inappropriate comments about drunk female passengers. >> some drunk chick, at the end of the shift, and she asked me to come in, perfect ending to my day. >> shocking to hear that, a passenger recorded the conversation on his phone, he was picked up in san jose near the tech museum last weekend. when he got in the car, the conversation between the driver and other passengers was, quote, disgusting. >> isolated, the work is already done. i get drunk too, and i can't be held responsible. >> they relosed the statement that says the comments in the
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video are disturbing and do not represent our driver partner community. the driver has been banned from uber. new developments, president trump confirming he's under investigation comments in a tweet. here it is saying, i'm being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch hunt. unclear if the president's comments based on reports or if the white house was given official notice. in a recent interview, the president said he was thinking about the russia controversy when he made the decision to fire james comey last month. in a string of tweets this morning, he slammed the media and denied any kind of collusion with the russian government. new this morning, big business news that's quite shocking to a lot of us. amazon is now buying whole foods for more than $13 billion. the deal is set to close later this year. we know amazon has been trying to beef up the supermarket business for some time now. it launched online grocery delivery services in the past year.
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this the first brick and mortar store of the supermarket kind. no word how it affects customers, but some speculate this gives amazon prime retail space in high end neighborhoods. leaders celebrate this morning as the police department starts a new academy. a shortage of officers plagued the city for several years, but now officials say the tide has turned. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has the story from san jose. >> it's a big deal. this is a very big deal for us. >> reporter: san jose police chief eddy garcia celebrates today. one year ago, dealing with historically low numberof officers on the streets, low morale and academy class of seven recruits. today, a new class begins with 54 recruits, the most in several years. >> we're not where we want to be yet, and we won't rebuild overnight, but make no mistake, we are rising again. help is on the way. >> reporter: a lot of help. 107 new officers currently in the training process.
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27 in the field training program. 26 are midway through academy class 29, and 54 starting 30 today bringing the total number to 983, short of the authorized level of 1109 officers. while the new recruits get the attention today, officers who stuck it out with the department over six years dealt with layoffs and cuts in pay and pension. they work mandatory overtime, 160, ten hour shifts a week. >> this is not a department that's made great because we have 54 new recruits. this is a department that was already great. >> reporter: command staff has not lowered standards for being an officer, but they are more aggressive in recruiting. gone are the days where they attracted talent. they now have to go get them, but chief garcia says the issues that caused the department to lose officers had been fixed, pay and pension and benefits are now competitive with other
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departments. now is the time to rebuild. >> anybody's who's been, you know, in a a boat that's taking on water is happy holes are are fixed, and now we just bail out the water, which is where we are right now. >> the class scheduled to graduate in december and patrol on their own next april. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. still to come, beyonce baby drama, and a powerful friend spill the beans at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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new this morning, germany mourning the the loss of the former chancellor dying this morning at the age of of 87. he served as chancellor for 16 years from 1 the 982-1998. former president bill clinton once described him as thee most important european statesman since world war ii. no word on cause of death. developing news now on the world stage. the leader of isis may be dead. the russian military saying it killed the leader in an air strike in syria last month, but so far, the u.s. has not confirmed that. abc has more. >> reporter: a russian air strike in syria last month may have killed isis leader, and the claim came this morning in an official statement from the russian defense ministry. the u.s. military cannot confirm the claim, and abc news
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contributor says proving he is dead will not be easy. >> remember iraq is a city under siege so russians have no hard evidence, no dna evidence to suggest he's dead. >> if true, it's certainly a major victory the raid began three years ago, became the face of evil to the civil ieszed world, and he conquered territory and ruled over 5 million people. he imposed his iron will and executed anyone who stood in his way. baghd baghdadi stunned followers with atrocitie atrocities, four americans were victims taken hostage in syria. james, steven, peter, and kayla whose parents say he took her daughter as a personal sex slave before she died in captivity. >> reporter: he's a target of
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u.s. forces and reported deceased several times before only to pop back up again. abc news, washington. still to come at 11:00, a live cattle drive happening in the east bay. sky 7 gives us a live look. deta
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welcome back. >> move over. this is udderly amazing. >> uh-huh. >> that's a cattle drive captured moments ago on sky 7.
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right now main street was not the first time the coupe fair brought a cattle drive through the city of downtown. >> 60 riders, 150 steers, all part of the fair's opening day festivities. the fair, itself, runs through july 9th. the theme is western weekend, highlighting colorful wild west heritages. yep. look at that. >> don't have a cow. i'm totally out of animal reference from here on out. >> you had four puns. >> yeah, yeah. >> do you have any? >> no, none at all. >> oh, come on. >> talk about the heat though at the fair. it is warm there, in the 80s, hot there this afternoon, 94 degrees. it will be a mild night, cooling down to 72. end joy. refreshing view from the santa cruz camera, water temperature is a chilly 55 degrees. air temperature, quickly warming. look at this, in the 80s inland, 85 in concord, and 90 in 90 in
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brentwood before the lunchtime hour. a warm afternoon today. the highs today, not saturday, going to be very warm out there. a lot of 90s on the board and 70s and 80s in the bay. overnight tonight, hold on to a lot of the warmth out there, so mid-50s to upper 60s under stars, and this will be the launching pad to get us to a very hot afternoon, both saturday and even on sunday. take a look, future tracker temperatures, this is tomorrow afternoon. we go back into the triple digits inland, even around the bay, you're not immune to the heat, going to 85 in oakland, san jose toasty at 9 is 1 degrees, and san francisco at 77. even more warming occurs sunday. this is why we have that heat advisory in effect because it's dangerous. we have widespread triple digits, 102, fairfield 106 to round out father's day. 104 in livermore, 100 in san
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jose, and 80 in san francisco. this is the first heat wave of 2017. our bodies are not used to the heat quite yet. stay hydrated with water. wear lightweight clothing, and check on seniors and pets, most susceptible to the heat this time of year. one place to beat the heat is the coast. the beach will be popular, especially sunday. here's the forecast. a lot of 60s on the board, but there's the ocean water temperature sitting at a chilly 56 degrees. the seven-day forecast, once we get this intense heat around here on saturday and sunday, it's really sticking around for a long time. by monday and tuesday as we welcome summer, little in the way of cooling by wednesday, so hot, and thursday, cooling off just a little bit, but the next seven days are the hottest seen so far this year. >> you warned us, we're ready. if you prokracrastinated on
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gifts, we have you covered. abc 7 mornings has tips on hoodline on what's happening in the bay this weekend and what the family may love. >> it's about dad this father's day weekend, and there's plenty of ways to celebrate in the bay. get him out of the workshop and into the exploratory for the new wild card exhibit launching friday at san francisco's pier 15 and involves card gun, and imagination. they create everything from volcanos to forests, and more. runs friday until september 4th. comics your dad's thing? go to batman trivia tonight, show off bruce wayne knowledge friday. the expert with the most point in three rounds gets a gift card. speaking of gifts, your father's day shopping is saturday at the pop-up shop on 3rd in the dog
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patch nand. circa is celebrating 30 years of making belts, travel cases, and more. enjoy beverages and snacks while you browse. on top of these events, there's a ton of brunch specials just for dad sunday. check out all the details on the website, abc 7 and click on hoodline section. >> that's across the street, i want to go to the exhibit, looks so cool. >> looks great. >> yeah. beyonce and jay-zjay-zjay-zz twin girls, well, if you believe the tea leaves out by president obama. >> he accidently leaked the news in a video message. >> he's going to have it big once those twins show up. >> the former president hinting the carters may be expecting twin girls. he revealed that last night in a video to mark induction into the hall of fame in new york. >> huh.
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the question, did he really spill the beans? beyonce has not revealed the gender of the kids, so we'll just have to wait and see. you know, this couple, they usually control the message very tightly, and seems hard to believe the president wouldn't have. on the same page with them. i don't know. i'm not buying it. >> you think it's a fly announcement. >> i think it could be, yes, just a curve. >> we'll wait and see. still to come, we are >> on the hunt for an extremely rare creature. >> what the heck is doing to happen this
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welcome back. coming up at 5:00, what could be a case against google, the tech giant has a potential for a record fine. tonight at 5:00. thank goodness it's friday and time to meet this week's perfect pet. >> drew is back here with us. >> guys, this week, a cat from the san francisco spca. let's meet eva, 5 years old, volunteers says she's a staff favorite and described as super sweet and cuddly and the ultimate lap cat. eva is family-friendly and spepds time with kids. the shelter waived her adoption fee through the end of the month. account fast. call the spca at the number on
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the screen, 415-522-3500. >> look at her. >> i was just there a week and a half ago, and that place, if you have not been in the mission -- >> yeah? >> gorgeous. >> it is beautiful. >> yeah. and they call each of the places where the cats and dogs are cond condos. >> oh. nice. >> yeah. they are really nice. if you have kids, they have a thing where you can feed the pets treats. they have a bowl in the window, and kids do that. yeah, it's a lot of fun. >> why does their life sound better than mine? >> they have a bigger condo than most. >> i want fed free treats and live in a condo. >> it's good living. >> yeah. thank you for watching us today, and shoutout to the dads, happy father's day. >> yeah
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>> hey, everybody, get ready, because in the next 30 minutes, you may be watching someone walk out of here very, very rich. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right. recently engaged, our returning contesnt would love to give his fiancée the honeymoon of her dreams. from devon, pennsylvania, please welcome back patrick walsh. hey, buddy, looking good. >> thank you, you are too. smart. liherts ing, power ties. >> power ties. we are powerful men. >> we are, yes. >> not to be messed with. >> got to impress my fiancée. >> yeah, you got your fiancée and the wedding coming up, but now is the family--have they approved of you? is this wedding gonna happen? >> i'm a little nervous about this. you


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