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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  June 17, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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breaking news this morning, the judge in the bill cosby sexual assault case has declared a mistrial. after deliberating for 52 hours the jury was unable come to a unanimous decision. cosby was charged with three second degree aggravated indecent assault t. 79-year-old was facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life in prison. the district attorney says he will retry cosby. it is saturday, june 17th. thank you so much for joining us, i'm chris nguyen. here's meteorologist lisa argen, she is tracking live doppler 7. >> hey there, yes. we are looking at lots of sunshine at this hour, in fact, from our future tower camera, you notice in good view, 59 in
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the city, 55 half moon bay. gilroy, san jose 65 in mountain view. so very little wind the sea breeze will kick up throughout the afternoon, keeping it breezy at the coast. 74 in concord and pretty comfortable at the coast as well. so first 2017, good idea to keep water with you. wear light clothing, of course, check on seniors and pets. we're under a heat advisory, solano county under an excessive heat warning. the temperatures spike. they will hub. so today, tomorrow and into monday, look at those numbers, very later relief, perhaps for some of you on monday. beyond that, you will want to stay tuned for my accuweather forecast. it still stays awfully warm throughout the week. >> thank you. first, developing news out of antioch, just before midnight, a 37-year-old man was
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shot and killed in an officer-involved shooting. it took place near manzanita and mahogany way. at this time it's not clear what not injured. shooting. both the antioch police department and the contra costa da are investigating the shooting. as you just we heard from lisa, it will be a hot one, inland cities could see weather and high fire danger. now, we see high winds and hot temperatures led to a quick spread of this glass fire, video from an abc 7 news viewer showss the highway. crews contained it to 6 acres. we see another big problem some bay area residents are dealing with and why it couldn't have come at a worse time. >> reporter: he grabbed the remote t. power is out. it's about 83 degrees indoor. so what is a kid to do?
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>> it's like those times when you don't have technology, you have to figure out what to do it forced families to make a long trek to find a cool pool. >> it's shut off for some reason. >> reporter: while some swim for relief, others race to watermelon, the cross training run. >> we have no control over the temperature so you have to get used to it. so if we train in it, we're acompliment i climated for us, it's letter for us. >> it should be a beautiful day if santa cruz, with temperatures expected to reach the low '80s. if you plan to surf today, be aware lots of other people may have the same idea. leave early if you are looking to beat the heat and the traffic, drive carefully. highway 17 has seen an increase in accidents so far this year, mainly due to speed. >> give yourself extra time to get to where you are going. expect delays. there's going to be traffic. put your cell phone down, no
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texting or being on your phone, it's illegal and unsafe. >> lifeguards are also warning parents to watch their children and not turn their backs on the ocean t. dangerous rip currents, wind and surf can turn a dun u fun day into a tragedy in a matter of seconds. stay up to date with our abc news app. seven sailors are missing after a november destroyer crashed with a tanker. u.s. and japanese forces continue after dark. >> reporter: this morning uss fitzgerald, the navy saying multiple sailors were injured in the monstrous collision with the containership, five sailors, badly enough they had to be medevac'ed. one the ship's commanding officer. the japanese coast guard leading
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the initial rescue, can you see responders near the wreckage to extract the wounded. the helicopter footage shows the mangles mid-section. the damage in compartment, destroying ship machinery and its radio room. damage above and below the water line caused major flooding. those red hoses seen pumping sea water out of the belly of the ship typically has a crew of nearly 300 t. navy says this 30,000 ton containership and the smaller u.s. destroyer collided in open water 56 miles southwest of yokosuka, japan. the navy telling abc news this morning the extent of the personnel injuries aboard the ship is still being assessed. >> there are two primary questions e questions going forward. which of the ships had right of way, perhaps a bigger issue, how did a ship with some of the most
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sophisticated radar on the planet can neither see or manage to avoid something the size of a small island bearing down on it. back here at home, happening today house minority leader nancy pelosi will be at golden gate park to receive a award to honor her courageous leadership against hiv and aids as well as her 30 years in congress t. event starts at 8:30 and will join pelosi joining volunteers to plant a new magnolia tree. the deadly governmentship warehouse fire appeared together for the first time this week. they are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow was in court with the suspects and has the details. >> reporter: max harris' attorney says the district attorney is prosecuting the
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people least likely to have the financial means to defend themselves. >> somebody who loved people as much as max harris truly loves people, as much as somebody loved creating art, as much as he loved creating art would never put people and art in a position to be destroyed and armed. >> reporter: he and his co-defendant face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 36 lives lost in the ghostship warehouse pyre fire. >> max was involved in two events over two years, where he actually had a role and risk event whereas not one of them. >> there is not a malicious or greedy bone in max's body. >> he wrote this statement. >> i am heart broken for someone that witnessed the whole event and lost loved ones for now is on trial for something i never imagine possible. >> reporter: their plea hearing was moved to july. >> we don't really view there
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trial, foresee that emphasis on defending our client is going to be reversal of a role where we will be prosecuting, we will be prosecuting from our perspective the relevant culprit. >> reporter: his attorney says that includes the building's owner, pg & e, the fire department and building inspectors. none of whom are facing criminal charges. >> it took fire crews more than three hours to control a warehouse fire in san francisco. abc 7 news was on donner avenue near candlestick points where 120 firefighters worked to put out the flames. at one point, sparks started shooting from the electrical fire. they shot water through a hole t. building was once used as a metal shop. no one was hurt. police are blaming a driver who sped through a red light for a crash that killed a man in
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east palo alto. it happened at cavanaugh drive and university avenue yesterday. our media partners at the mercury news reports they hit the gas through the light and slammed into a car that was turning. three people were injured. the fourth of july weekend is just around the corner and police in pacifica now have a new way to keep people from using illegal fireworks. fines. every year fireworks are blamed for wild fires t. pacifica city council passed an ordinance that allows officers to have a fine and to the owners and representers and fireworks are used. >> they were able to issue that fine, even if we don't see who lit that fire, we have to see where it came from. >> pacifica does allow so-called safe and sane fireworks that don't fly in the air or explode. happening today, an as hall of famer will be honored against
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the yankees t. sea gate at the coliseum will be renamed against jim catfish hunter. he pitched ten seasons and is one of five people to have their number retired by the club the ceremony will include appearances by hunter's widow and children, former teammates and it's set to begin at 9:30 this morning. meteorologist lisa argen is here tracking our heat wave. >> certainly the best part of the day is right now. we have 50s and a little fog here from our tam cam. temperatures, though, telling a different story. 74 in concord, 77 in livermore, 72 in los scatas. we will talk about how long next. lisa, thank you. also ahead the medical report released on carrie fisher's death. next the unexpected findings. and nearly three dozen dogs in the s
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>> welcome back, everyone, the san francisco police officer says the ups driver who shot three colleagues appears to have disrespected by his co-workers. he did not provide more details, but says it could be one of
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jimmy lamb's motives. one co-worker says lamb struggled with personal issues but had shown improvement. this was the time he filed a grievance. officials say lamb appears to have targeted the three drivers he fatally shot. lamb killed himself as officers made their approach t. time now is 8:14. fire department rescuers pulled a man to safety at baker beach. check it out, sky 7 was over the scene yesterday. this man was stranded on the rock face. he tried to walk down to the beep but kept slipping. the fire department got the call around 2:30 t. crew took about 45 minutes to have a high angle rescue. they brought him back up the cliff. no injuries were reported. a paraglider is recovering this morning at john muir medical center in walnut creek after crashing in villejo. you can see him getting into a helicopter here. the crash happened at around
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4:00 yesterday afternoon. firefighters say there were turbulent weather conditions at the time. the man has injuries to his spine and knees. the los angeles coroner could not determine carrie fisher's exact cause of death, but her daughter blames drug use. last night the coroner's office released the report blaming sleep apnea and other factors.f. her daughter said in a statement her mom ultimately died of drug addiction and mental illness. the trump administration is leaving in place an immigration protection program that was thought to have been on the coping block. the decision to continue deferred action for children was announced thursday. it's aimed at sometimes dreamers from deportation t. program does not grant them residency status but does permit them to work legally. president trump is setting
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the course for more tense relationship between the united states and cuba. the president criticized president obama's dealings with cuba during a speech in miami yesterday. mr. trump says he is can selling the previous administration's quote one-sided deal with cuba. although he is leaving many of his policies in place. trump is calling on cuba to release all political prisoners and to legalize all political parties. >> when cuba is ready to take concrete steps to these ends, we will be ready, willing and able to come to the table to negotiate that much better deal. >> president trump's changes could restrict some u.s. companies from doing business in cuba. senator jerry moran, a kansas republican, says that's bad for farmers. in a statement, he said, putting america first means exporting what we produced to other countries, including cuba. happening today in milpitas high
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school the monthly town hall meeting. he is expected to discuss current events and how activities in congress will affect his constituents. canna is expected to take questions and it will start at noon to 1:30 afternoon. a rescue operation saved dozens of dogs from a puppy mill. the shelter could use some help, itself. katie marzulo has the story from santa cruz. >> reporter: the santa cruz county animal shelter is overrun with black and one boston bull ter years. the dogs were rescued from a home in scotts valley. >> the dogs did not have food or water. some of them were in their own excell or urine report. they say they rescued 34 dogs. they were live income stacked cages in dark rooms with little ventilation that appears they didn't get out very often.
8:18 am
>> the majority of them were really soliciting attention, wanted to come out and as soon as we were up in the cages almost jumped in our arms. >> he said they obtained video of the dog's living conditions. the police and district attorney are working to time charges against the owner. >> we would hear her swearing at her dogs loudly. >> reporter: he didn't know exactly what was happening at his neighbor's house, he's glad it's over. >> it's good too hear, because i have been worried about what's going on over there, especially if there is animals getting abused. >> reporter: a large influx of dogs puts a strain on the resources. if you can do nate money to the extra mile fund, it all goes to their medical care. we put a link on our website in santa cruz, katie mar sul lo, abc news. >> for the first time ever, a cow drive kicked the fair off.
8:19 am
sky 7 was following the herd literally a. bunch of cowboys took the herd down main street. it was a scene out of a hollywood western and the sidewalks were jammed with thousands of people as that herd went by. abcp news anchor dan ashley got a chance to ride along. >> you don't know, you have to keep the cows together. >> you just learned everything about it. you saw the herding dogs the cowboys and the cattle. so it was really fun. >> reporter: the alameda county fair starts at 11:00 a.m. this morning. there will be a fireworks show at 9:30 >> good saturday morning to you. check out the low clouds and upper 50s at the coast. so this will be the source of your cooling today with the sea breeze. in fact, winds getting pretty gusty at times. so that's a relief, elsewhere, we're already into the sfernts. in santa cruz right now, 58 degrees, going for a high of 85.
8:20 am
it was 84 yesterday. so we didn't hit triple digits for your friday. they're on the way today, hottest day tomorrow. 61 in the city. 67 in san jose. half moon byay 55 going for a high of 84, in fact, '80s all week long here in the mountains at south lake. 74 in concord, 70 in livermore as well as napa. you started out in the 50. from emeryville, air quality today believe it or not is good, it goes down tomorrow and also in the santa clara valley. he wears the father's day weekend. records are possible tomorrow, likely triple digit heat continues into next week. we have a couple cooler days, we highlight tomorrow the hottest day, which is 105 in concord. santa rosa 100. look what happens on monday, we are pretty much coming out of the triple digits.
8:21 am
even on tuesday, the 70s around the bay. they crank up a little bit, but tuesday shouldn't be as oppressive. wednesday and thursday we'll be able show that you in our extended outlook. 16 half moon bay. looking at 69 ocean beach. we talked about santa cruz and one of the hottest locations all week long in antioch today, upper 90s, triple digits all the way through the week. so it's going to be a rough one for you out there. remember to stay hydrate and don't spend too much time in the sun if you can help it. 91 today in san jose. look for the upper '80s in milpitas. on the peninsula, you were hot today, low 90s. you get a little of a breeze, though. 80 in milbrae. there is the 60s here at the coast, at the airport 79, 100 today in santa rosa, nevada, 97,
8:22 am
ouch the east bay will be well into the mid-80s to near 90. fremont you head in, look at that, yes, it is very, very warm out there. it will be 100 in pittsburgh. overnight tonight, warmer than we were this morning, due to retaining all the heat throughout the afternoon. we will keep it in the 70s. download our accuweather app. you will be able to track the accuweather 7-day forecast. this is what i mean in the inland east bay, you are well into the triple digits right on through the week, minor fluctuation around the bay and the coast in the next couple days. >> that all has to do with the fog and the sea breeze, which will not reach our friends in east bay. >> all right, lisa, thank you. just ahead, picking up the tab, how much the warrior's
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welcome back, everybody, as a gifts to the city of oakland, warriors co-owners announce they'll pick up the tab for the championship parade. yesterday we found out that the final bill is $4 million. a team's city usually helps to cover the cost of the parade. but oakland is facing a massive buck shortfall and they volunteered to foot the entire bill. 8:25 is our time. those winter storms that blanket the sierra snows that triggered er earthquakes in northern california. they found out that snow and rain can press down the mountain
8:26 am
spring builds up. >> that movement increases the seismic activity by 10% in the sprin. other areas are affected at different times. >> the central coast ranges, what we all l actually see is that the stresses that are more favorable are in the late summer and early fall. >> that's caused by drying streams in the summer. the research does not suggest that there is an earthquake season in california. still to come on abc 7 morning, breaking news, a judge declares a mistrial in the bill cosby case. how his attorney is reacting. and a fighting mistake
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. recapping our top story the news broke ability an hour ago t. judge in the bill cosby sexual assault case has declared a mistrial. abc has more on what's transpired since the closing argument several days ago. >> reporter: after days of deliberation, we have a hung injury, unable reach a verdict in the case against the comedienne once known as america's dad t.. the jury was deliberating since monday, including hearing excerpts from his 2005 deposition in a civil suit brought on by his accuser, he admitted giving her benedryl to
8:30 am
relax, he described a consensual sexual encounter. saying he didn't ask but she did not refuse his as advances. the jury asked to hear the testimony of the police officer who conducted constand's initial police interview when she first reported the assault. in it she accused cosby of giving her three blue pills and sexually assaulting her in his pennsylvania home in 24. on monday, during closing arguments, prosecutors described cosby as a calculating sexual predator. the defense told the jury, cosby may have been an adulterer, but he was no criminal. and after deliberating for several days, the jury was asked to continue to reach a verdict. but they were unable to do so. cosby's lead attorney applauded the results. >> this is what happens, juries are stuck. when a prosecutor seeks to put
8:31 am
someone in prison for things that are simply not presented in the courtroom. >> cosby was charged with three second degree felony counts of aggravated indecent assault. prosecutors cited his own statements that he drugged and touched the former temple employee in 2004. >> it's too early to celebrate, mr. cosby. round two may be just around the corner. and this time, justice may prevail. >> the 79-year-old was facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life in prison and as you just we heard, it is possible that he will be tried again. all right. the time now is 8:31. we know the hot weather is on the minds of many people out there. here's meteorologist lisa argen. she is tracking the conditions where you live. >> good morning. we are looking at patches of fog from mount tam. the winds are up to 20 miles an
8:32 am
hour here. we will have a breeze at the coast. san jose checking in at 67, gilroy already at 69. half moon bay 55. from our east bay hills camera, the air quality goes down tomorrow. as for right now, 70 in napa. livermore at 73. looking at a heat advisory throughout the entire bay area, except at the coast. so it is possible for you to not feel so great today. that's due to the heat. limit your outdoor activities. stay high detroited. stay out of the sun. excessive heat warning, fairfield warmer for the next several days. sfo near 80 today, right now 61 to 74. by noon time, into the mid-90s, triple digits arrive today, a very warm evening ahead arc look at my accuweather -day outlook in a few minutes.
8:33 am
chris. lisa, thank you. a davis woman who pled guilty to vandalizing a local mosque has been sentenced to five years probation. she was caught on camera, breaking windows and damaging property and wrapping bacon around door handles. the davis police detective submitted evidence of her expressing her desire to commit mass murder. she suffers from bipolar disorder. new details this morning on a petsmart guillermo charged with animal abuse and cruelty. yesterday they found him fought guilty of strangling a 1-year-old dog named henry. henry was brought to petsmart to have his nails trimmed. he took him to a back room and rushed out with a bloody dog. an autopsy revealed the dog died of strangulation. new this morning, a scary surprise for a woman in
8:34 am
calabasus who accidentally picked up a baby rattlesnake slithering in her back yard. >> reporter: >> i almost died. because i am so scared. we have three kids and imagine if that would have happened to the kids? you know, you don't think that snakes come out. >> reporter: she found out they do in a frightening but funny encounter caught on camera. >> i grabbed it and instead of going up, i realized he was gushy, he had like a feeling to it. like a hot dog, sort of, you know, so i let it go and for some reason i thought that it was still on me. >> reporter: she had just gotten out of the family hot tub, thought she was picking up a dog toy but grabbed a snake. >> she yelled she picked up a snake. it made no sense.
8:35 am
>> reporter: they say they've never seen a rattlesnake in the back yard until wednesday night. >> they tell us here you know there is these rattlesnakes where we live. so you hear it, stay. nothing. it was like a quiet snake. >> reporter: it wasn't quiet when the fire department came to dispose of the snake. crews telling the family how lucky they were no one was bit. >> this could have been a whole another story. this could have been my wife in the hospital, our dog in the bed. it's funny, but at the same, it's really scary. >> first they saw the encounter, her husband couldn't pass off posting a video online where it's quickly going viral. >> i was cracking umm. it's little e hilarious. i can't believe i did that. i can't bliev picked up a snake. i mean out of all things, check ought my bucket list of things to do. >> the time is 8:35. happening today the 67th annual
8:36 am
juneteenth festival in san francisco. billing itself as the large evidence gathering of in facten americans t. festival commemorates the end of slavery in the united states. this is video from last year's festival on philmore between turk and setter. it will be in the same spot this year. it starts at 10:00 a.m.. activities include a car show and peting zoo. a juneteenth festival is taking place in richmond at nickel park. still ahead the bay area car show you probably never we heard of and this one is hosted by one of the biggest names in film. as we head to break, here's a live look outside from our emeryville camera, looking nice out there. get ready for those hot temperatures, though, is
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happening today, last minute preparations for tonight's big lgbtq events. all week abc 7 news has been following the story at the cemetery price center. it's opened to any teen. it aims to challenge the accepted gender norms of a typical high school prom. >> i wanted a space where they can feel accepted. some schools don't allow you to go with some of the same sex. >> organizers hope to make this an annual event. it goes until 11:00 the cost is $15 to get in.
8:40 am
happening today, the 63rd annual north beach festival considered one of the country's outdoor festivals. the annual tradition combines arts and crafts with live music and gourmet grub. there was a caulk arts center for the kids and a beer garden for grownups. as you can see, last year, more than 125 vendors showed up to par tis pavement entry to the festival is always free an runs from 10:00 to 6:00. lisa argen is here. it's always a great idea to hydrate, hydrate. >> and hide from that sun. we are looking at warm temperatures already, except for at the coast. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. it's already 79 in san money, 70 in livermore, 57 half moon bay with some fog. we are 3 degrees warmer than yesterday. the breeze will be with us today. i will explain coming up in a
8:41 am
newspaper minutes. >> thank you. also ahead, fresh off the championship parade the warriors championship parade the warriors are on a pl food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. welcome back, everyone, the sports the warriors are continuing their celebration in vegas this weekend. this is the team greeted at the mgm resorts thursday night. tonight they will be attending
8:44 am
andre ward's championship fight against sergei kovalov at mandalay bay resort. steph curry went to hollywood with his wife. he might rejoin his teammates to see the fight. >> good morning, so you always remember your first and rookie matt chapman will not forget last night. it turned out to be a game winner and baby's first game as well. check this out. probably asleep by the finish. 3-o as in the third aaron judge, judge, jury, executioner.ioner..
8:45 am
4-3 jampgese. we go top sivenlths game tied at 4. cris carter. the go ahead, solo by him, he hits it a ton. bases loaded with the as. the kid down the line. his first major league hit. drives in a ware. that wins it for the athletics, -6 final. giants and rockies, co., happy father's day, daddy. how's your face? top of the 3rd. denard span, he likes the altitude off antonia reall say the expression solo homer 3-1. bottom five a blast. rockies jump back in front 6-4.
8:46 am
facing the forecast. he got the strike. home plate umpire disagrees, he actually has to watch this from hunter pence, a base, oh, away. ha, goodness, this is the way the giants season has gone. he's on pace to lose 101 games. steph curry putting the trophy on the ground. everybody back. everybody back ian clark can shoot 3s, stick the landing. he picks up his money, too. >> i wish i can do that just once. seth, katie, draymond green are going to be in vegas watching the pride of oakland. beat the crush back in november. this is the rematch. ward wants his fists to do the
8:47 am
talking. >> i'm not trying to win an argument before this fight about who won, who lost, who got the upper hand? we are getting ready to fight. i'm excited for the moment and to be on the big stage. >> they're speaking a lot and they will pay. and exactly the reward we will pay. >> round two of the u.s. open at erin hills in wisconsin, rickie fowler on . this is for birdie from 51 feet away. after opening with a 65 shot a 73 in round two, so he's one off the lead. brooks koepka, a great ahope open 12 here, ends up, he is 7 under in a four-way tie for the lead. jason day, rory mcilroy both missed the cut. that's a wrap on morning sports, have a great weekend, everybody, i'm larry biel. >> good morning to you. a little traffic with your weather, notice the golden gate
8:48 am
bridge, those folks probably already headed to the beach. that's where we're going to have the sea breeze and temperatures in the upper 60s, elsewhere, warmer than yesterday. we didn't hit 100 yesterday, but today, yesterday was a preview. today we're looking at temperatures in san francisco. still pretty mild, upper 70s and we cool back a little bit tomorrow, even into monday, we got 60s. the numbers come up again and if we go to some of our inland valleys, today not only in the hundreds in livermore, probably not financial to notice a change on pond, tuesday perhaps, then look what happens, we're back up into the triple digits. so we're going to sew a week where the heat would be quite oppressive. as we look outside, you will notice that the flag is blowing just a little bit. that's what we need, the pleasy northwest winds will be with us. we'll look for low clouds and fog still along the coast. so that's a lot for temperatures to stay comfortable.
8:49 am
live doppler 17 showing you that. in the sierra nevada, temperatures 60s. right now, '80s all week long, starting today, 84 degrees, 61 in san francisco. 65 in mountain view, 67 san jose, gilroy is at 71. half moon bay 55 degrees. three miles of visibility. heat wave for father's day week, upon us right now and records are possible tomorrow with triple digit heat continuing into next week. sfo 80 degrees today. so you we heard about the excessive heat warning. this is for the inland valleys and also particularly around zpo ma county. fairfield, villejo,
8:50 am
fairfield,ville. sizzling tomorrow, 19 degrees above average, 106 if antioch, should be around 81. >> that should be typical in oakland as well. yes, we are looking at temperatures as much as 15 to 17 degrees above average from oakland to nap pa. so the heat advisory, poor air quality tomorrow. the beach hot in santa cruz, upper 60s with that breeze, half noon bay and pacifica. if you are headed over to oakland, it will be a warm one. highs today ranging from skating half moon bay to the triple digits inland. overnight lows tonight, not so cool, numbers in the upper 60s to low 70s. download the accuweather app. check out our live cameras, probably will get lazier aize h
8:51 am
hazier and hazier, the fog comes back. this one is prolonged, inland and subtle changes, low clouds and fog around the bay and coast. >> just too much. go away. lisa, thank you. the time now is 8:51. kachow, "cars 3" is now opened in theaters. the people behind pixar's latest animated film are pretty serious about their own cars and a recent celebration proved it. >> reporter: lightning mcqueen has some competition. >> enjoy your retirement. >> reporter: with a full size model graceing pixar's main lobby the creative officer is getting hugs all around at this car studded release party for "cars 3." . the co-producer is one of many who has worked on "cars" since the first film, she rode
8:52 am
along with nassau zriefrs for research. >> what it takes to do is amazing. >> reporter: like the rest of the team, she's become a bit of a gearhead. >> that's the perk of this film t. research is good. we get to go to these great car museums and racetracks. >> reporter: one benefit is this, motorrama is more than a celebration, it's a serious car show by any standards. >> i said, we should have a car shows let's do it. it's employees bringing their cars. >> reporter: three movies later, they made some connections. >> this car belongs to jayleno. >> reporter: some cars inspire characters in the movies and other wide united states astonishment. >> my today works for chrysler, one of his car is here he worked on. >> reporter: it's one of three, a turbo chrysler. >> it sounds like a jet engine. >> reporter: the team wants the characters to look and sound like the right thing. so they spent years studying the car sounds u sound. >> met sal metal.
8:53 am
we cheat, it doesn't bend a lot. >> reporter: besides the relationship, they did different mud. >> it has dry pud, caulky mud, thick mud. >> reporter: getting to know all about cars doesn't feel like work at all. >> it's a dream come true. it's one more excuse to go to a car show or museum. it's fun. >> reporter: abc 7 news. >> disney the parent company of pixar and abc 7. coming up, flying a kite,
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
. happening today, families looking for fun outdoor activity this weekend should check out the presidia from noon to 5:00 t. san francisco kite festival is back this year. highlights are a build your own kite lesson and the free event features a giant kite display showing off their 100 foot kites. the event takes place on the main ground in the presidia. >> that looks fun. >> the weather will be nice there, 70 degrees. we are starting off, the pink and red, that means out of control heat today. at the beaches, 69 ocean beach. 68 half moon bay. 85 if santa cruz, water temperature in the mid-50s and the rest of the bay area, oh boy, you will be bake, 95 in sas rafael. 100 in livermore. tomorrow will be the hottest day
8:57 am
with 106 inland for fathers day, 90 around the bay and a little relief with patchy fog. a good idea to stay out of the sun. >> baking away in the bay area. thank you. thanks for joining us. we want to thank abc 7 news for this gorgeous pick. you can share your pictures with us use the #abc7now. you may see it on air or online. as always, we appreciate your time. news continues now on twitter, facebook and instagram. abc news continues at 5:00 p.m. until then, make it a great day, everybody.
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