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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 17, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. seeking relief from the heat. a look at the problems this unseasonably hot weather is causing and how people are trying to keep their cool. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller in for eric thomas. we begin with the blast of heat in the bay area. here's a telling shot of today's weather. you can almost see the heat. this after 9:00 tonight from our east bay hills camera. tomorrow is expected to be even hotter. let's get the latest now from abc 7 news meteorologist drew tum. hot one for father's day, huh, drew? >> yeah, certainly, matt it was hot today and we're going to finish the weekend with even warmer numbers. highs today. 100 degrees in concord, the same i santa rosa, 89 in san jose, 77 in san francisco, and we're holding on to some of this heat even right now. current numbers as of 11:00 is
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still 80 in san ramon and livermore. 79 in santa rosa. 71 in oakland and 73 that current reading in san jose. future tracker temperatures sunday morning, this is 8:00 in the morning on sunday. we're already at 90 degrees in santa rosa and widespread 70s and 80s. it's going to be another hot day on the way. it's for that fact the heat advisory still in effect for tomorrow, going through wednesday in fact for a very warm temperature. we'll talk about how hot we get tomorrow afternoon and when this heat will finally break in that full accuweather forecast. matt? >> thank you, drew. the heat can be bad for your health. abc 7 news reporter katie udas is live at the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton, and this might be the best time to be there, huh, katie? >> yes, matt, that is the case. the fair officially closed at 11:00 tonight but the rides as you can see behind me, they are still in operation. that's because they're trying to make up for lost revenue. it was so hot this morning that not as many people were taking to the rides but we've noticed tonight as the temperatures cool the fair heats up.
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how hot do you think it is out? >> super duper duper hot. >> reporter: the bay area has hit triple digits. >> i think at one point i saw 103 on our weather gauge. >> reporter: at the alameda county fair in pleasanton, that meins an increase in the number of heat exhaustion incidents. firefighters responded to more than a dozen calls today. >> that's a huge spike in our heat-related calls. >> reporter: so if you're hitting up your favorite fair attraction -- >> my favorite spot is where all the rides are. >> reporter: how about you? >> mine is where all the games are. >> mine is where all the slides are. >> reporter: remember to take a break. at the water misters. >> they're amazing. those are like the hidden spots. we might head over there again later on tonight. >> reporter: some sought relief today at the wave in dublin. the water park is offering free rec swim between 6:00 and 8:00 this weekend. this heat wave may feel like the dog days of summer, but it didn't stop the style witnessed
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at corgi-con. take in the fresh air at san francisco's ocean beach or the evening breeze back at the fair. >> we get a nice breeze through the property. so definitely in the evening we've been seeing larger crowds. >> reporter: because a little heat shouldn't keep you away from your favorite fair treat. >> i come here just for this. this is so good. >> reporter: katie udas, abc 7 news. >> the weather's prompting a warning from fire crews. abc 7 news was in oakland, where the temperatures may have contributed to a grass fire this afternoon. closed down the northbound lane of highway 13 at redwood road until nearly 6:30 tonight. firefighters are warning everyone to ul during the hot dry weather. and are warning people not to throw cigarette butts out of their car windows. in the bay area this is where you go when the heat is on. the beach. the umbrellas and blankets were scattered today all along the santa cruz main beach, where it reached a high of 85 degrees. you can keep track of the heat on the go with the new abc 7 news accuweather app.
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you can find it free in your phone's app store. a police officer in antioch shot and killed a man, and tonight a full investigation is under way. happened around 11:30 last night on mans nooeto way. the officer was not injured. police said the suspect was 37 years old. they've not said whoa was or what led to the shooting. another officer-involved shooting in san jose. this time no one was hit and the suspect got away. happened just after midnight on oakland road. officers say they spotted a car and the driver reversed toward them. police say one officer fired his gun in defense of his life. this was the seventh officer-involved shooting this year for san jose police. now to developing news in concord, police have a suspect in custody in connection with the shooting death of a man outside a popular nightclub. happened early this morning on salvio streets. an argument broke out in front of the nica lodge, got heated according to this witness. >> i couldn't hear.
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i knew it was just on bad terms. and that's it. he just got shot twice and then fell and then it was done. fighting for his life. >> police served a cech warrant for the suspect in oakley but he was not at home. the suspect, a 27-year-old man, was later involved in a traffic accident that led to his arrest. friends identified the victim as 42-year-old rob natural, who often worked as a security guard at the bar. in other developing news the u.s. navy tonight said the bodies of missing sailors were found inside the damaged destroyer "uss fitzgerald." the sailors were found in areas of the ship that flooded after the collision. the number of bodies recovered has not been released. it's not clear what caused the two ships to collide in the predawn hours today. crews towed the "uss fitzgerald back to its home port in tokyo and the bodies were discovered after search and rescue crews were able to enter the ship. massachusetts investigators want to know why a ferry was so off course it led to a crash and 18 people injured. late last night a ferry with 57
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passengers and crew on board rammed into a jetty near the town of hyannis. 15 people went to the hospital. two officers at the helm have 60 years of experience between them. they tested negative for alcohol. a car fire slowed freeway traffic for a while tonight in emeryville. these pictures were taken by our emeryville tower camera. witnesses tell us the front end of a car going westbound on i-80 burst into flames. it happened at around 9:45 near powell street. all the occupants were able to get out of the car without injury. one lane had to be shut down while the fire department attended to the fire. well, tonight the man once known as america's dad remains a free man. a judge in pennsylvania today declared a mistrial in the criminal sexual assault case against bill cosby. after deliberating for more than six days jurors could not reach a unanimous decision on whether the comedian drugged and molested andrea constand. cosby walked out of court raising his hand in the air. a cosby representative read a scathing statement from the entertainer's wife. >> how do i describe the judge?
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overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney. how do i describe the counsels for the accusers? totally unethical. >> prosecutors have a year to retry cosby on the charges. >> we will retry it. as i said in court, our plan is to move this case forward as soon as possible. >> this is the only criminal case against cosby. more than 50 other women have come forward accusing him of drugging and/or sexual misconduct. new at 11:00, a cosby accuser living in the north bay reacted to today's mistrial. abc 7 news's lon investment rivera visited the woman, who says she was also sexually assaulted by cosby. she joins us now with more. >> reporter: yes, matt, janice baker kenny has kept in touch with other victims who attended the trial, and while she wasn't surprised the outcome wasn't what she hoped to hear. >> watching all of this unfold on the news now kind of makes me sick to my stomach. >> reporter: janice baker kinney
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checked her phone right away this morning. she wanted to know what jurorsi assault trial. >> it really wasn't that surprised. >> reporter: given today's culture she says victims are often victimized again. she says it happened to her. >> i was one of the few victims that accepted drugs from him while i was at a party. >> reporter: back in 1982 janice was a 24-year-old bartender at harrah's in reno. cosby was performing there. . he invited her to a party where she accepted pills from him. she passed out, and she says cosby sexually assaulted her. >> even after i was raped i perpetuated a rape culture because i blamed myself. >> reporter: she felt it was her fault for years. then other women began sharing similar stories. janice then felt the courage to come forward. this "new york" magazine recently featured janice and other women who accused cosby of sexual assault. many of the women have formed a bond. >> people were thanking us for
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coming forward because it helped them have a voice. >> reporter: after sharing her story kenny heard from other female and male victims of sexual assault. >> no matter what happens with the verdict, guilty or not, this is the beginning for a lot of us. >> reporter: whatever the final outcome, she says the case draws attention to a problem. and that in itself is positive. in the north bay lonni rivera, abc 7 news. a shocking find for animal control officers in california. up next, hundreds and hundreds of animals discovered trapped in a moving trick in triple-digit heat. a look at the effort to save them. lgbt prom. it seems much more fun than a normal one. >> prom first for the peninsula. the story behind a night these teens will never forget. and a bit later, anger igited. the target of growing anger ove
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♪ new at 11:00, abc 7 news was in san mateo where the music was thumping at the first ever queer prom. the san mateo pride center hosted tonight's event for
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teenagers ages 16 to 19. organizers want lgbtq students and their friends to have a safe place to go to prom free from the typical gender norms at a high school dance. >> it's prom, and i didn't get to go to prom before, but like now i have all these friends and we're here dancing. >> it's something that i never really experienced before where all of my friends are coming together and really being themselves. >> lgbt prom. it seems much more fun than a normal one. >> there's people like me. there's people like me. >> organizers hope to make this an annual event. a fast-moving brush fire in los angeles county has so far burned at least 1,000 acres. flames broke out this afternoon at lake castaic, a popular spot for camping and swimming. voluntary evacuation took place at the lake's recreation area. the fire is about 10% contained. our heat wave is bringing scorching temperatures to the central valley. animal services there had to rescue nearly 1,000 animals trapped in the heat in the back
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of a moving truck in fresno county. 18 of those animals died. corey james from our sister station in fresno has the story. >> reporter: sitting in crates one by one are dozens of animals who were just rescued from the back of this moving truck in trim-digit weather. >> it turned out to be 955 small animals and birds. >> reporter: and they were all trapped for hours with no water and no ventilaton. >> it was just heartbreaking. >> reporter: brenda mitchell with fresno humane animal services says one of their officers got the call at around 3:00 p.m. friday after people in a fresno county neighborhood reported the smell of something dead. >> when he got out there, he discovered this and was just panicked. >> reporter: inside were countless birds, rabbits, guinea pigds pigs, and three little piglets. >> it was 107 degrees at the front part of the truck. sought further you would go back because they were just stacked in there tight, that it was probably hotter as you went back. >> reporter: now volunteers are working around the clock to help these animals recover, placing them in wagd pools with food and
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water. and because this was all unexpected, they're in need of the public's help. >> we need duckling food and chicken food. just things like that to start off with. >> reporter: as for the person linked to the moving truck, no charges have been filed. but the humane services says it is still an active and ongoing investigation. in fresno corey james, nbc 7 news. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> and in accuweather tonight it's going to be warm overnight, and that's going to lead to a hotter day on the way tomorrow afternoon. live doppler 7 along with satellite finding no hints of fog anywhere, and that means no free ac from mother nature tonight. it's all about the temperatures the next 24 hours. inland once again they're going to warm rather quickly. we'll take concord, for example. look at this. by 9:00 in the morning you're already in the mid 80s at 85 degrees and you are set to soar into the triple-digit territory. by 3:00 a temperature of 102 degrees. this is part of the reason why we have a heat advisory in effect the next 24 hours. outside we go.
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let's take a shot from our east bay hills camera. great visibility tonight. the camera barely shaking. some of us would love to have a breeze kicking in right now, but that's not the case. as we track those temperatures rising next 24 hours, unfortunately our air quality is going to decline. inland east bay and santa clara valley especially poor air quality's going to be forecasted the next 24 hours. spare the air day has been issued. if you can, take public transportation and carpool to kind of of cut down on the pollutants this time. year. out there right now, look at these numbers. we're approaching midnight, and we still have a fair amount of spots right around 80 degrees. like livermore, 83 in brentwood right now, 78 that current number in concord. a mild 73 in san jose still warm in san francisco at 65 degrees for this time of the night and 71 the current number in oakland. so here's the call. overnight tonight plenty of stars out there. we will see spots away from the coast holding in the 70s overnight tonight. and this is going to create the launching pad for us to turn warm to hot once again on your
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father's day afternoon. future tracker temperatures, watch this. get the workout in early if you are going to be outside. by 7:00 in the morning tomorrow morning we're already into the 80s in many of our inland communities. 60s and 70s the name of the game right around the immediate bay waters. by the lunchtime water we're certainly sizzling at fairfield and santa rosa at 100 degrees. a lot of 90s including san jose and concord. even san francisco and oakland will be mild in the upper 70s to lower 80s by 12:00 in the afternoon. here we go. highs on your sunday, even warmer tomorrow than we were today. a high of 102 in concord, even san jose. we're going for a forecasted high of 100 degrees. palo alto not immune to the heat. 95. even san francisco. it's going to be a warm one in the city. 89 richmond and santa rosa up to 101 degrees. if you are going to the beach to beat the heat, we'll see 70s in many of our coastal communities. sunny skies but slap on that sunscreen. uv index will be running very
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high tomorrow. so you can burn rather quickly. if your skin is left unprotected, that ocean water temperature sitting at a cool 56 degrees. fast forward into monday. future tracker temperatures, there is little relief as we start the new week on monday. 4:00 in the afternoon we're still seeing readings near 100 degrees inland. even around the bay a lot of 80s and low 90s are going to be forecasted. so the accuweather seven-day forecast is planned the next seven days for your father's day tomorrow it's going to be hot. monday just a little coastal fog cools the coast down but elsewhere we're still warm to hot. summer officially begins tuesday, and by wednesday and thursday we're warming up again. it's not until friday and really saturday that it's widespread relief from this heat. this heat wave will likely be lasting at least six days by thursday. >> i never thought i'd be looking forward to 92. thank you, drew. all right. well, here's something you don't see every day. up close and personal with a rocket. new look at the future of space exploration ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00.
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beyongs and jay-z have now officially grown their family by two. numerous reports out tonight say music's royal couple welcomed their new twins earlier this week at ucla medical center. when exactly she gave birth and the baby's gender has not yet been revealed. the new bundles of joy join 5-year-old big sister blue ivy, who also made a big pop culture splash when she was born. we're getting a new look inside tesla's rocket facility in hawthorne. check it out. tesla ceo elon musk tweeted this video of a drone flying inside the production room. these are falcon 9 rockets. the drone even flies inside of one. tesla's set to launch a falcon 9 rocket monday morning. anthony flores is no for shu tonight for sports. big fight in vegas. >> a big night in boxing and a big win for a local product. andre ward remains perfect in the ring. how the pride of oakland
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defended his world title in the light heavyweight
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the first time andre ward beat sergi kovalev there was controversy surrounding his victory. this time he didn't leave it up to the judges. ward-kovalev 2 the rematch in las vegas. ward still has not lost a fight in his professional career. but he was in danger. kovalev the aggressor early. according to unofficial scorecards, he won five of the first seven rounds. but ward countered with a tko in the eighth round thanks to a right hand to the chin followed by three shots to the body. ward with the victory improves to a perfect 32-0 in his career
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with 15 knockouts. even par is usually a good score at the u.s. open. not this year. a record 32 players were under par in the third round including justin thomas, who played a round for the ages. thomas became just the fifth player tofr shoot a 63 at the open and set the record low score in relation to par at 9 under. look at this birdie on 5. how did he start that putt out way over there, then ended up in the hole? he drains the short eagle putt on 18 to complete the round. 11 under for the tournament. lefty brian harmon has the outright lead thanks to the birdie on 15. shot a 5-under 67. harmon will be with thomas in the final pairing on sunday. brooks koepka and tommy fleetwood are just one shot off the lead. if the a's played the yankees every game, they'd be in first place, right? all right, maybe not. but despite having the worst record in the american league the a's have won three in a row against the first place yankees. this guy paying tribute to the yanks' aaron judges is from
11:30 pm
lyndon just outside of stockton. first inning matt joyce leading oft game with his eighth home run of the season. joyce on base five times in this game. oakland takes a 1-0 lead. now to the second, yankees up 2-1. not anymore. ryan healy goes on a power trip. it's his 16th homer of the year. that tied the game at 2-2. then in the fourth it is a replay. healy with a second home run of the game. 17th of the season. as for aaron judge, he struck out three times in the game. jesse hawn gets him here. hahn picks up the win. five innings. he struck out six. the a's go on to win it by the final of 5-2. giants and rockies. dad enjoying a special day with these two youngsters. the giants had ten hits in this game but only one run scored. that game in the fourth. hernandez way base hit to right. nick hundley beats the throw. tying the game at 1-1. matt kane working five innings, allowing two runs on nine hits. fifth inning, trevor story goes right back up the middle.
11:31 pm
2-1 rockies. then in the seventh pat voliquet with the blooper to right. hunter pence playing back near the track. can't run it down. the giants lose their fifth straight. 5-1 is the final. the giants have now lost eight in a row to the rockies. this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. and they'll be glad to pull out to colorado after sunday night's game. >> they will, thank you, anthony. opposition tonight to the president's tougher policy against cuba. the complaint from some republicans. also -- cries for justice in london after the casualty count in a high-rise fire significantly grows. protesters are now targeting t
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good evening. i'm matt keller in for eric thomas. in tonight's headlines, if you thought it was hot today just wait until tomorrow. drew tuma is forecasting it to be the hottest it's been during our current heat wave with temperatures reaching triple digits in many spots. a heat advisory is in effect until wednesday night. police in antioch are investigating an officer-involved shooting that left one man dead. happened late friday night on manzanita way. authorities have not said what led to the shooting, only that a 37-year-old antioch resident was killed. the officer who fired was not hurt. a rohnert park woman says shefield feels sick to her stomach knowing bill cosby is a free man. janice baker kinney states she was raped by cosby 35 years ago while working at a reno nightclub. she says the best thing to come out of today's hung jury decision is that it draws
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attention to the problem of sexual assault. the death toll in that tragic apartment fire in london is on the rise. 58 people now presumed dead. tonight there is mounting anger over what many say were ignored warnings about how dangerous that building was. abc news reporter molly hunter is on the scene. >> reporter: with the death toll climbing, protesters banging on the doors, desperately trying to force their way in. the angry crowd then storming this government building. >> people are missing. people are dead. no one is telling us the truth. >> reporter: residents of the tower had warned about the dangers of a catastrophic fire. the building had no sprinkler system throughout, only one staircase-x no fire escapes. even though the building went through a $13 million refurbishment last year. investigators back in the building today trying to recover the bodies. now 58 presumed dead, but police say that number could rise. >> may must go! may must go!
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>> reporter: much of the anger directed at prime minister theresa may. under attack for not reaching out to the community sooner. but when she finally met with victims friday, a mob gathered outside. the prime minister fled out a side door and cameras caught her being bundled into her land rover. >> this is ridiculous. at the end of the day if you care show you care. >> reporter: molly hunter, abc news, london. in the capital of colombia three people died after a bomb went off inside one of the busiest shopping malls in the country. the homemade explosive was found inside a women's bathroom. one of the victims was a french woman who was in the country doing volunteer work. nine people were injured. bogota's mayor blames a rebel group he called it a, quote, cowardly terrorist bombing. to new details now on the condition of house majority whip steve scalise, who's recovering after being shot on wednesday. docors now say the louisiana representative has a good possibility of recovery after first saying he was at imminent risk of death. the bullet tore across his pelvis, cracking bones and
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injuring organs. he remains in critical condition and faces additional surgeries. on the peninsula neighbors are hoping to stop what's being called mod he shall erin-day slavery. abc 7 news was in san mateo today as congresswoman jackie speier hosted an event to educate people on how to spot human trafficking and illegal brothels. it's a problem abc 7 news first showed you exclusively last year when san mateo police raided a home across the street from serra high school. >> sex trafficking isn't going on somewhere across the ocean but right here in our communities, maybe even right next door. >> police say it was tips from neighbors who noticed unusual activity that helped them make arrests and shut down that brothel last november. president trump's rollback of american policy toward cuba has angered many republicans and stiffened the resolve of several u.s. citizens who do business with the island nation. the president's speech in miami yesterday was a hit with anti-castro conservatives. but some republicans complain the plan surrenders a potential
11:39 pm
lucrative market for american goods to u.s. competitors. one man who makes pontoon boats to sell to cuba made his feelings clear. >> yeah, you can go virtually anywhere in the world. there's very few places that you can't go as an american. and i think we should be able to go wherever we want to go and when we want to go because we're the land of the free. >> the president's policy bans most business dealings with the cuban military, puts some limits on travel, and will enforce the embargo. president trump is spending father's day weekend at the camp david presidential retreat in maryland. it's mr. trump's first visit to the rustic hideaway. he flew by helicopter to camp david today with his wife melania, 11-year-old son barron and the first lady's parents. the president is scheduled to return to the white house tomorrow. a little boy rushes to help a complete stranger. >> he's underwater, and i don't even think he can swim. >> he's credited with helping save the life of another child.
11:40 pm
ahead, a cautionary tale for all parents now that pool season is in full swing. and something that's making the golden gate bridge an even bigger attraction. as we approach midnight tonight, still
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new details tonight about that rock slide that closed the main entrance to yosemite. alpertal road on highway 140 will open at 6:00 tomorrow morning thanks to hard work by road crews. on monday 4,000 pounds of rock slid and covered the highway, leading to commuter nightmares for park employees and tourists alike. park rangers say more than 100 dump trucks were used to clear the road, which will be repaired later. a large tree branch came crashing down on two women during a church picnic in the east bay. abc 7 news was in pleasanton where the branch fell at shadow cliffs regional recreation area. two women were hit.
11:44 pm
one refused to be taken to the hospital. she put an ice pack on her neck instead. >> it happened just like that. which is they just heard a crack and the tree came over. the branches. and then the other lady she was just in shock. so they had to took her to the hospital. >> those at the peck nick say they're thankful more people weren't hurt. now to a cautionary story. as we head into summer, a 3-year-old boy in a florida pool nearly drowned without anyone noticing. another child came to the rescue. abc news reporter adrienne bankert has the details. >> reporter: tonight that toddler alive after the heroic acts of perfect strangers. surveillance video captures the moment the 3-year-old boy went under at this pool in tallahassee, florida. his head bobbing as he struggled. others in the pool unaware. nearly three minutes passing by until 9-year-old colby heard noticed what was happening. >> i thought, wait a minute, he's underwater, and i don't ee think he can swim. >> reporter: colby pulling the
11:45 pm
boy up and alerting grown-ups, who carried the child's motionless body out of the pool. colby's mom, a registered nurse, sprang to action. >> i knew i had to start cpr. all my focus was come on, baby, come on, baby, come on, baby. >> reporter: the toddler revived, making a full recovery. >> him and his mom saved my baby's life. and i thank them so much. >> reporter: children aged 1 to 4 are most likely to drown. after two minutes underwater a child will lose consciousness. four to six minutes underwater can cause irreversible brain damage. colby saving a life and learning a life lesson. >> take care of the people you don't know. you should just help them even though you don't know them. >> reporter: first responders saying colby's quick thinking and his mom's cpr training made a vital difference. they're calling them both heroes. adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. today's heat couldn't stop an east bay woman from celebrating a century on this earth. patricia gross needed a little help blowing out the candles on her cake. she celebrated her 100th birthday with her children and
11:46 pm
grandchildren at pinole senior village today. trisha is a retired teacher who educated generations of children in the west contra costa county school district. westmont living provided these pictures and video of today's celebration. in the east bay a love of cool cars brought people together today. abc 7 news was in downtown castro valley for the city's yearly car show. more than classic and exotic cars from around the bay area and the entire country were on display. the star of the show was the batmobile complete with retractable weapons and flames that shot out of the back. the castro valley moose lodge has been organizing this event for the past 11 years. the latest social media star is swimming around the bay area. abc 7 news was on the san francisco side of the golden gate bridge today where you could just see two humpback whales swimming in the chilly water. mila zinkova shared this video of them swimming around. whale sightings don't happen
11:47 pm
year round but the warmer weather in the summer time drives them up here from central to southern california. cool to see them up here. looks like a lot of people want to jump into the bay this weekend, right, drew? >> totally, matt. and the temperature -- ocean water temperature i should say is about 56 degrees. so it is rather chilly. if you want to dip your toes into there. live doppler 7. we've got nothing on here. all clear. no natura ac from the fog. the heat advisory we had today extends until tomorrow and will actually last through wednesday night. that's how long this heat is going to stick around. excessive heat warning is in effect for solano county. outside right now look at this. 78 concord, 73 in san jose. still approaching 80 in santa rosa and san francisco mild at this hour at 65 degrees. so it will be a warm night overnight. plenty of stars. 56 san francisco. antioch and our inland communities we're going to hold probably in the 70s overnight tonight. it's a mild night. and that's going to lead the way
11:48 pm
to a very warm to hot day tomorrow. in fact, highs on your sunday for father's day is going to be very hot. a lot of triple-digit readings from san jose over to concord up into fairfield and into santa rosa and napa even cloverdale and lakeport. everyone will be at or above the century mark, even 90 in oakland. 95 in palo alto. 80 in san francisco. that is warm. 89 that number in richmond. some tips to take away from the heat. the next several days. if you're outside, take frequent breaks in the shade. stay hydrated with water as well. wear lightweight clothing. and also just from time to time check on your seniors and also your pets because they are most susceptible to the heat this time of year. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's hot tomorrow. coastal fog on monday but not enough to bring widespread cooling. some arrives on tuesday and then warming up again by wednesday and thursday. it's not until friday you'll see widespread cooling and by saturday the heat is going to ease and those numbers come back down to more typical levels for this time.
11:49 pm
year. >> all right. summer starts on tuesday. here we are sunday it's going to be 106. >> we're a little early. >> thank you, drew. well, anthony's in for shu today and we're talking about the oakland a's. ? yeah, we're talking about the boys of summer and the a's honoring one of their pitchers. catfish hunter won three titles with t [ inhales, exhales ]
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playing the best is bringing out the best in the a's. despite having the worst record in the american league, the a's have won three in a row against the first place yankees. hey, everybody in the ballpark, nobody judge me! i think he's rooting for aaron judge of the yankees. first inning matt joyce getting the party started. leads off the game with his eighth home run of the season. the game. oakland taking a 1-0 lead. second inning, yankees up 2-1. not anymore. ryan healy with a power surge.
11:53 pm
that's his 16th of the year. that ties the game at 2-2. then in the fourth he's doing it again. his second home run of the game. 17th of the seas as for aaron judge, from linden just outside of stockton, he struck out three times. jesse hahn gets him here. picks up the win. five innings allowing three runs on two hits. he struck out six. a's win it 5-2. now, before the game the a's officially immortalized one of their former greats unveiling the new jim catfish hunter gate at the coliseum. originally known as the c gate, it gets the official name from the late great a's pitcher who helped lead the team to three straight world championships back in the '70s. some of his former teammates and his widow were on hand for this special honor. >> it is so cool to have been a teammate of his, and this couldn't be a better honor than what they've doing today. >> you look at what he did in his career, the bod yif work, it's real easy to honor somebody with that special a talent. >> i just thank you so much for being -- honoring jimmy with
11:54 pm
this gate. he would be thrilled and honored himself. and my family and i are too. >> special day at the ballpark for this dad and his two youngsters checking out the giants and the rockies. now, the g-men had ten hits in the game but only one run. that came in the fourth inning. hernandez with a base hit to right. nick hundley beats the throw, tying the score 1-1. matt kane worked five innings allowing two runs on nine hits. fifth inning trevor story goes right back up the box. 2-1 rockies. watch this. hunter pence is playing all the way by the track. the pop fly with two outs he. can't run up to make the play. the run will score. giants lose their fifth straight. 5-1 is the final. well, the first time andre ward beat sergei kovalev there was controversy surrounding his victory. this team he left no doubt about it. ward-kovalev 2, the rematch in vegas. ward still no blemishes on his resume. but he was in danger. kovalev the aggressor early on. according to the unofficial
11:55 pm
scorecards kovalev won five of the first seven rounds. but ward countered with a tko in the eighth round thanks to a right to the chin followed by three body shots. andre ward improves to a perfect 32-0 with 15 knockouts. well, the nba draft is on thursday. but oh, some big news. the first overall pick looks like it's going to be this guy right here. the 76ers acquired the first overall pick from the celtics in exchange for the third overall selection. the sixers will likely take washington guard markelle fultz. big surprise there. saturday is known as moving day on the he pga tour. what justin thomas did today moved him near the top of the leaderboard and into the history books at the u.s. open. rickie fowler, a huge fan favorite, in wisconsin. fowler shot a 4-under 68. this birdie on 16 was his third in a row. gets him to 10 under. he was just two shots off the lead. thomas had the round of the day,
11:56 pm
became just the fifth player ever to shoot a 63 at the u.s. open. how did he make that putt? he putt td off the green. matt, can you do that? i don't think so. great putt. sets the record. low score in relation to par. 9 under. look at that birdie on 5. then he eagles the 18th. 11 under in the tournament. he was the clubhouse leader until tommy fleetwood made this birdie on 15 to get to 12 under, but he would have trouble coming home. bogeys 18. giving lefty brian harbin the outright lead. 5-under 67. harbin will be with thomas in the final pairing on sunday. brooks koepka and tommy fleetwood are right in there just one back. no major champion within the top 16 players. so we could see our first first-time winner of a major for the seventh consecutive grand slam event. here's thomas on his record setting round. >> i'm so excited to give myself a great chance to win this golf tournament. i felt like my game has been good enough to compete in the majors this year.
11:57 pm
so to be able to do so and have a chance tomorrow is going to be great. all right. and the quakes and sporting kc played to a scoreless draw. this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> never a bad night see a game at avaya stadium. >> ceremony is not. >> that's it for tonight. i'm matt color. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. for drew and anthony, have a great night, everyone.
11:58 pm
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