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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  June 18, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. and new this morning, crash investigation. the bodies of seven sailors now recovered in that tragic ship collision involving the "uss fitzgerald" off the coast of japan. >> our deepest sympathies go out to the families. >> the question this morning, why did that container ship make a mysterious u-turn, setting it on a collision course. new trial? prosecutors say get ready for round two after the jury deadlocks in bill cosby's sexual assault case and the judge declares a mistrial. >> we're going to retry the case. >> the reaction from the woman at the heart of this case and the scathing statement from cosby's wife. big bucks campaign. the most expensive congressional race in american history. the face-off for the seat now
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turning ugly. >> the unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting republicans. when will it stop? >> why the race is seen as a bellwether in the battle to control congress. ♪ and the breaking news on beyonce, reports that the twins are here. social media in a frenzy. blue ivy now a big sister. congratulations to the family pouring in this morning. good sunday morning, everyone. happy father's day. dan. >> thank you. >> rob. two extraordinary fathers. ron, i don't know if you have any children, but if you do, happy father's day. >> thank you. thank you for that, i think. >> we're going to start with the breaking news in ron's personal life. >> we're going to be celebrating with some of our dads on set. one of those dads, rob, you a lot cooking in the weather department. we want you to look at this video of a huge downpour in kansas city, missouri,
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overnight. there is a massive storm system moving across the country. 80 million americans at risk for severe weather through monday. >> robert tells us there's also some stuff brewing in the tropic, so we'll talk about that, as well. but we're going to start here this morning with true breaking news overnight. the search for the seven missing sailors aboard the "uss fitzgerald" has now been sadly called off. the bodies were found in the flooded compartments of the u.s. navy destroyer, which collided with a container ship off the coast of japan. >> and this development comes as we are learning more about the final moments before the crash. the bizarre course change right before impact. and the investigation the navy plans on launching. abc's matt gutman is on the story from our los angeles bureau this morning. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, paula and dan. we knew the collision with that behemoth cargo ship was devastating. we're now learning that the u.s. naval ship nearly sank taking on a huge amount of water. the container ship plowing right
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into the sleeping quarters of 160 sailors in the middle of the night. the navy now calling the crash and the fight to save the ship traumatic. this morning, the navy revealing that hellish collision nearly sank the "uss fitzgerald." the damage you see to the ship's mangled midsection relatively minimal in comparison to what happened beneath the water line. >> association the water flow was tremendous, and so there wasn't a lot of time in those spaces that were opened to the sea. and as you can see now, the ship is still listing. >> reporter: the collision with the 30,000-ton "acx crystal" overnight occurred in one of the busiest shipping lanes gutted the 500-foot-long destroyer's middle compartment. the container ship's bulbous bow plowing right into the living quarters. >> three compartments were severely damage, one machinery room and two berthing areas, berthing areas for 116 of the crew. and also the ship or the ship's
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skipper's cabin as well. >> reporter: the skipper the ship a commander survived but had to be medevacked along with two others. they say there were other injuries that were treated on board. this morning, the navy is calling off the search and rescue. drivers went through the sealed off sections of the ship locating the remains of all seven missing sailors. that as a now unexplained twist arises. multiple maritime trackers show the "acx crystal" cargo ship completing a u-turn just minutes before colliding with the u.s. naval vessel. the parent company of "acx" has not responded to abc news requests for comment. but the navy is vowing multiple investigations. >> under my authority, we will launch a j.a.g. man investigation into this collision. i will appoint a flag officer to lead that investigation, and there will also be a safety investigation. >> reporter: now the multiple
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navy and civilian investigations will likely examine why that container ship hooked that seemingly abrupt u-turn and, more importantly, for the navy, why the "uss fitzgerald" with its sophisticated radar didn't see it. the navy says it will appoint an admiral-level officer to lead that investigation. dan and paula. >> a really sad story, matt, thank you. we're going to turn to politics. president trump is up and already tweeting this morning. he and the first family waking up for the first time at camp david. here they are boarding marine one on saturday tore their inaugural visit to the famous presidential retreat. >> the president and the entire political world will be closely watching a special congressional election coming up this tuesday. a young democrat named jon ossoff is making a strong showing in a traditional republican district. if the democrats win, what does that say about the. republicans' chances of holding on to power in the midterms. abc's david wright is at the white house this morning. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the president has with him at camp david the first family and the first in-laws.
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but the political world grinds on. the president tweeted this morning that his agenda is doing well despite the distraction of the witch-hunt. of course, much of that agenda depends on republican control of congress, and that brings us to that congressional seat in georgia. it's been seen by many as the canary in the coal mine. an early warning for both parties. georgia six is now the most expensive congressional race in american history pitting democrat jon ossoff -- >> with the whole world watching georgia right now. >> reporter: -- against republican karen handel. between them, the two parties have spent upwards of $40 million. >> and we appreciate everything that you have done for us. >> reporter: the two are running neck and neck in the polls. the seat held until a few months ago by president trump's secretary of health and human services, tom price, now seen as a bellwether in the battle to control congress.
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>> which tells me we've got to have a crazy high turnout for election on tuesday. >> reporter: today a shocking new ad from a political action committee, not from either campaign capitalizes on the alexandria shooting at a republican baseball practice. >> now the unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting republicans. when will it stop? it won't if jon ossoff wins on tuesday. >> reporter: ossoff denounced the ad noting a man is fighting for his life in the hospital right now, and it's shameful to politicize it. before the shooting, the alleged alexandria gunman denounced handel in a facebook post for this comment she made in the runoff debate. >> i do not support a livable wage. >> reporter: the candidate condemned the shooting as a despicable, unprovoked attack. her spokeswoman calls the new ad disturbing and disgusting. well, happily the weekend brought some good news with respect to congressman steve scalise.
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he's the congressman who was shot at that baseball practice. overnight, doctors have upgraded his condition from critical to serious, and he tweeted that he would be up watching lsu play in the college world series, and lsu won its game. dan and paula? >> the congressman in good spirits, seemingly. david wright, thanks for your reporting this morning. and we do want to continue the political discussion with abc news chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz, who is hosting "this week" later this morning. martha joins us from washington. martha, good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. >> okay, so we're talking about that special election in georgia, and this is a republican stronghold, but if the democrats and jon ossoff pull off a victory, martha, how significant would it be? >> you know you heard david wright there, bellwether, canary in a coal mine. everyone looks at this as a big race because of the history of the district and how safe that seat has been for them and surely a loss would be an embarrassment, but this is a very big deal for democrats, as
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well. remember, the democrats have already lost the two other high-profile special elections. so, they would be very disappointed with a loss and what effect it might have on fund-raising, recruiting and downballot elections, especially with those midterms not all that far away. and this is also a race that is centered on jobs and local issue, not on donald trump. >> let's talk for a moment about the "uss fitzgerald." you've covered the u.s. military for a long time, and you spent time on naval destroyers. how rare is it to lose life on this kind of ship? and what do you make of those final moments with the cargo ship? >> dan and paula, it's so horrifying to think of this. the loss of life on a navy ship i think has been decades caused by a collision. we, of course, had the "uss cole" back in the year 2000. a great loss of life. that was a terrorist attack. but there just aren't accidents at sea like the this, and there really shouldn't be because of
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that sophisticated radar, and i keep thinking of that poor crew in the middle of the night. those berthing areas are so -- 0 such tight quarters and to have that container ship hit in the middle of the night, water flooding in. it must have been absolutely terrifying. i think they will probably look at everything that led up to this, how they responded. the captain of the ship, as we know, was injured. was he in his berthing area, or had he made it up to the bridge? did they have any indication at all the container ship was about to hit them? >> we'll find out more when the navy launches that investigation. martha, thank you so much for your analysis this morning. we're going to let you go. we know you have a big show coming up on "this week." she's going to talk to trump ally and former house speaker newt gingrich and the top congressman on that committee, adam schiff, on what is next in the russia investigation.
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all coming up on "this wreak." we turn now to the mistrial in the bill cosby sexual assault case. minutes after the judge made his announcement, the prosecutor said he and his team are getting set to put the comedian on trial again. >> and the judge setting a pretty tight time line. the question, can they pull it off? abc's linsey davis who has been covering the trial from the start joins us with the latest. good morning to you, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. just to give you a little bit of color from inside the courtroom. when the judge made the announcement that this trial was going to end in a mistrial, it was rather quiet. i think this was the outcome that at that point a lot of people were starting to expect. but i'll tell you what really did elicit a response was when the prosecutor's office announced they plan to retry bill cosby. bill cosby raised his fist in victory saturday after arriving at his pennsylvania home. the legendary comedian walked out of the montgomery county courthouse a free man for now, greeted by both chants of scorn and support. [ chanting ] after more than 50 hours of deliberations, the jury of 12
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hopelessly deadlocked prompting the judge to declare a mistrial in cosby's sexual assault trial. the jury, seven men and five women, included two african-americans. as the judge announced the jury was still deadlocked, cosby leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. >> having 12 perfect strangers deliberate on your fate has to be a strain the likes of which i can't even imagine. >> reporter: a cosby representative read this scathing statement from cosby's wife, camille. >> how do i describe the district attorney, heinously and exploitively ambitious. how do i describe the judge? overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney. >> reporter: the district attorney had a fierce statement of his own, immediately announcing plans to retry cosby. >> we're going to retry the case. i said it in court. there was no pause or hesitation about that, and we're moving forward. >> reporter: he says he's doing it in part because of the resolve of andrea constand. the woman at the heart of the case who claimed cosby drugged
7:13 am
and sexually assaulted her in 2004. cosby claims the encounter was consensual. constand's attorney released this statement on her behalf saying in part, we are confident that these proceedings have given a voice to the many victims who felt powerless and silenced. the judge reminded the court that a mistrial is neither vindication nor victory for anybody. he also says the time line for another trial would be within the next 120 days. >> there definitely will be difficulties in finding jurors who won't have heard about the case and the evidence. but the question becomes, can you find jurors that will be fair and impartial? >> reporter: so with this mistrial, it's almost as if this trial never even happened. bill cosby is still out on bond. he still faces three counts of felony sexual assault. and the same judge who oversaw this first trial will oversee the next one. dan and paula. >> linsey, it's pretty ambitious of the judge to want to try cosby again in the next 120 days.
7:14 am
how much of a financial burden will the retrial put on taxpayers there in montgomery county? >> reporter: that's a real question. because on top of, you know, everything else, they also had the added burden of bringing in the jury from the pittsburgh area, putting them up in hotels et cetera for two weeks, and when the district attorney was asked that question at the press conference following the trial about how he would respond to potential critics of the cost, he said, you can't put a price tag on justice. >> pretty extraordinary they want to try to pull this off again within 120 days. linsey, we want to say extraordinary reporting on the first trial. we know you're going to -- you got your work cut out for you in the next trial as well. >> thank you. got to do it all over again. >> linsey, thank you. a lot of other news overnight. and for that, as always, we get it over to ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> dan, good morning. paula, adrienne. rob, welcome back from boston. we'll begin in portugal where a fast-moving fire has
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killed more than 50 people in portugal. this video showing some of the victims were trapped in their cars as flamed raced across the road in a town north of lisbon. right now nearly 600 firefighters are battling the blaze. portugal's prime minister says high temperatures may have contributed to the cause. in afghanistan, at least seven u.s. troops were wounded when an afghan soldier opened fire on them at a military base. that was near the capital city kabul. the u.s. official says the u.s. soldiers returned fire killing the afghan soldier. a taliban spokesperson praised the attack but did not take responsibility. that's the second insider attack by an afghan soldier just in the past week. in milwaukee, wisconsin, a woman caught on camera allegedly setting a deadly fire to a building with people in it. dramatic video there. you see one person jumping from a window to safety. the flames quickly spread through the housing complex. a 72-year-old man who was in the building was killed. police now searching for the suspect. and actor stephen furst, best known for his role as flounder in the 1978 house "animal house" has died.
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his family announcing that he died friday from complications of diabetes. furst also appeared in the tv series "melrose place" and "st. elsewhere." >> flounder. big role. take a look at this video out of colorado. this is from a drone used to find two men and their dog who had been missing for several hours. the group went missing thursday night when they went hiking in pike national forest. the men called for help just before their cell phones ran out of power. you can see them atop of some giant rocks there. when the search and rescue team got them out, one of the rescued men asked, how much is this going to cost me? probably a lot. and finally one giant swing and a miss by tim tebow, the former quarterback, turned minor league baseball player. take a look. yep, that's a bat that goes flying into the upper deck of the stands slipping out of his hands. actually hit some fans, but no one was injured. tebow playing for the mets minor league team. i think the single a team of the columbia, south carolina, fireflies.
7:17 am
the former heisman winner went 1 for 4 with a strikeout on the night. the strikeout was on the next pitch, i believe, in that at bat. >> not a great at bat all around. >> he's trying. he's trying. >> he still draws crowds. people love some tim tebow. >> they really do. >> absolutely. >> and they love to see him hit home runs. did you say he got the bat back? >> i didn't say that. >> okay. >> it was a long toss. >> a souvenir. >> i doubt it very much. >> what's cooking in the weather department, sir? >> well, you know, i'm sure there's a lot of sons that will be taking their dads and vice versa to the ball games today. hopefully, the weather works out. in missouri, in kahoka, big-time hail there. baseball-size, breaking some windows. not doing too well. kansas city, a couple of inches of rain in a short period of time. some flooding and 70-mile-an-hour winds as these severe storms rolled through and now they're south of kansas city, oklahoma city, already a severe thunderstorm watch there as this line pushes into some unstable air. the sun will help heat things up. and we'll see more in the way of
7:18 am
severe storms fire up late this afternoon from little rock to louisville to upstate new york and through the st. lawrence river valley. and then tomorrow, this all slides farther to the east, and we have a significant chance of seeing severe weather along the i-95 corridor. 50 million people in the path tomorrow afternoon, so we'll be watching that carefully and heat building >> record-breaki >> record-breaking heat for some fathers out there in the west. so, grab some shade and take it easy. it's your day. >> well, you know, it is a
7:19 am
big day for a lot of folks who are honoring their fathers and grandfathers. i wanted to give a little shoutout to grandfather, johnny reynolds, a native of covington, georgia, and he has been a huge inspirational father figure in my life all my life. in fact, that's us in atlanta, georgia. he entered me in a pageant. i would have never done it. >> what year was this? >> i'm not saying. but i will tell you, he passed away a couple of years ago. but he saw me get to the first stage of my career and was so proud, and so i'm glad that i was able to honor him today, so let's talk about dan's father. >> i think we just flashed a picture there of paula. but i'll start with -- >> that wasn't you? >> that was not me. there's a picture here of -- that's dr. jay harris in the top left next to his dad, sam harris. and then in the bottom left my brother matt. and the surly looking dude, the future news anchor, that's -- >> you look like trouble. >> it was not the greatest kid.
7:20 am
>> i like the attitude. >> smart, smart kid. >> i think we're going my dad. edward george faris. i have a couple of photos. but i just want to say, my dad, ed, big ed, he's always got my back. tough love. he was always there for me. and i've got a funny photo from, gosh, i think i was 4 years old. this was the traditional bowl cut that so many of us had. >> you're so cute. >> my dad has the best mustache on the planet. >> look at that stash. >> you got a bowl of soup after that haircut, right? >> i did. >> ron, what about you? >> my dad, with all respect to your fathers, was the best father ever. all-time. the greatest influence on me. whatever positive attributes i have, i attribute to him. i love my dad. he died 23 years ago now. and i still think about him every day. he was a great, great, great guy. good guy. >> i'm not going to argue with you there although my dad was a great one too. he managed to surprise me for my 30th birthday. and so proud that he kept the secret. this is a picture of that. mom's not too happy with what's in my mouth or my hand. dad no longer with us, as well.
7:21 am
anthony marciano. love him dearly. >> you never forget your father and the influence he had or the father figures that come into your life to make a difference. >> that's so true. you know, for those of us that don't have our fathers anymore, somebody once said, look in the mirror and you can see him looking right back, through the eyes. thinking about all of you whose fathers are not here anymore as well. happy father's day, everybody. still to come, a mother mysteriously disappears at sea on a trip with her husband. why the fbi is focusing on the couple's home now. and a silent killer in the water. what you need to know to keep your family safe after the death of a teenager. plus, the big baby news for beyonce reportedly delivering twins just in time for father's day. we're right back. father's day. we're right back. "good morning america" is brought to you by atlantis paradise island bahamas. visit now. se island bahamas. visit now.
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good morning, i'm jessica castro, breaking news, the chp investigating an officer involving shooting on the bay bridge. they vr investigating a separate accident and the suspect was shot several times after driving at officers and ignoring
7:28 am
commands to stop. his condition not known. the suspect in the hospital right now. eastbound lanes are closed right before the toll plaza. they think it is only going to be reopened about 90 minutes from now. and the other big headline, the heat. hi lisa. >> a heat advisory continues into thursday from the east bay hills camera and where we'll have the excessive heat today. we're in the 70s already. in parts of the east bay, tam looking at 70s as well. very little wind today. 72 at half moon bay. over 105 in antioch and
7:29 am
♪ ♪ ♪
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and welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. happening right now, sailor tragedy. the bodies of seven missing sailors recovered in that navy ship collision off the coast of japan. they were found in the flooded compartments of the "uss fitzgerald." now the navy launching an admiral level investigation into how this happened. also happening right now, protests in london. people taking to the streets there for answers as the death toll reaches more than 50. much of the anger directed at prime minister teresa may under attack for not reaching out to the community sooner after the inferno. this morning, lawmakers urging investigators to secure every piece of evidence after that high-rise fire. and the final round of the u.s. open kicking off this afternoon. justin thomas tying a record yesterday with the lowest score
7:31 am
in major championship history. he's just one shot behind the leader. >> it was all in the pink pants. shot a 9 under, 63. >> one of my hard and fast golf rules. >> pink pants? >> also why i never play golf. >> if that's all it took. >> i love golf clothing. >> rob, you're going to be watching the u.s. open. >> absolutely. it's a father's day tradition. >> i'm going to lose my husband the rest of the day because of the u.s. open. >> it's father's day. he's allowed to do whatever he wants. >> exactly. >> he gets to put his feet up and watch golf. >> he gets a free pass. also coming up, beyonce's baby watch is reportedly over with word that the twins have, indeed, arrived. what are the genders? what are the names? are we going to see photos soon? predictably, social media is in an absolute meltdown this morning. but we're going to turn first now to the case of a mother lost at sea one month ago. she was on a boating trip near the bahamas with her husband. >> now the fbi is searching the home the couple shared with their 9-month-old baby in del ray beach, florida. and abc's linzie janis has more on the investigation. >> reporter: this morning, the investigation into what happened to missing mom isabella hellmann intensifying. the fbi spending hours searching
7:32 am
the couple's south florida home friday. >> maybe this will bring closure to what happened to her. >> reporter: hellmann and bennett, who have a young daughter, were on a sailing trip off the coast of the bahamas when the coast guard received a distress signal early in the morning of may 15th. >> the initial report that we had was that the catamaran vessel struck an unknown submerged object and began taking on water. >> reporter: rescuers discovering bennett in a life raft not far from his overturned catamaran. bennett telling investigators he woke up when the boat hit something and his wife was nowhere to be found. >> someone said my best friend went missing, and we have yet to receive any answers. >> reporter: hellmann's friends and family launching a facebook page. and her best friend sara cortez telling abc news of a fight before the trip saying hellmann had been refusing to move to her new husband's native australia. >> she was set on, no, i'm not moving. so, he was upset about her not
7:33 am
wanting to go with him home. >> reporter: now, a month later, the fbi conducting a court authorized search of the couple's condo. >> they must have some information that would suggest that there may be some foul play going on. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with "the daily mail," bennett stating his innocence, stating, i understand why they have to investigate. and that is fair enough. i have nothing to hide. >> the family is destroyed. the family is extremely hurt. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> and we do want to say that abc news reached out to lewis bennett for comment on this story. we have not heard back. let's check the weather yet again and get it back to rob. hey, rob. >> good morning, again, guys. fathers who want to hit the beach, here's your father's day forecast. the bouncing ball included. temperatures warm up since last week in the water. 70 in atlantic city. southwest facing beaches will be a little bit cooler with that southwesterly wind. down south, not too shabby. but generally speaking the eastern half of the country really kind of muggy, not bright sunshine. might be an isolated shower or two in the afternoon.
7:34 am
down to the tropics we go. the western caribbean. 40% to 80% chance of this thing developing and getting to the gulf of mexico. actually 80% chance in the next five days and then our computer models spray it anywhere from texas to florida as something. we'll be watching this very, very carefully. the waters in the gulf of mexico very warm. we mentioned that front approaching the east coast tomorrow with severe weather. might be enough to spawn flash flooding. pretty saturated with all the rain we've had as of late. and again, today and tomorrow, we're seeing one to two inches of rainfall expected in the eastern half of the country. that is what's happening >> this weather report is brought to you by carmax. >> this weather report is brought to you by carmax. perhaps a maserati for father's day? >> that would be nice. >> ferrari.
7:35 am
>> something italiano. buy it with someone else's credit card. >> fiat, ferrari, and maserati. >> and bugati. >> oh, there you go. >> i'll take just a day on the couch. coming up on "gma," we're going to have a sad story, unfortunately, of a teenager's death from a silent killer in the water. what we all need to know to keep safe this summer. and why this is a great month to expand your family with a furry friend. that's coming up in "pop news" with adrienne. >> kittens on the set. >> kittens on the set. always a hit. >> kittens on the set. always a hit. and of course, wbyceiydbo we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours hey, what if i wanted to sell my car? wbyceiydbo! wbyceiydbo? we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours wbyceiydbo wbyceiydbo!! wbyceiydbo wbyceiydbo!! wbyceiydbo! wbyceiydbo!!! wbyceiydbo!!! no, no, we're cool. i got you. ok. it's the right thing to do.
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this morning, we have a warning for the summer about a silent killer. >> that killer in the water, turning a refreshing dip into a deadly decision. and abc's erielle reshef has more on one teen's tragic story and what we all need to look out for. erielle, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. an ohio family was enjoying a day of fun on the lake when the unthinkable happened. an electrical current running through the water, claiming the life of a son who was trying to save his father. this morning, the sudden death of a 19-year-old from ohio, a stark warning about a devastating danger. >> marine patrol, can you start
7:40 am
towards put-in-bay, downtown harbor. we have an unresponsive cpr in progress. >> reporter: the teen electrocuted after jumping off his family's boat into the water to help his father and family dog struggling against an undetected electrical current running through the water. >> once that happened, the wife that was still on the boat pulled out the shore plug that was connected to the boat and the electric current that was in the water stopped. >> reporter: it's called electric shock drowning when a current usually from a short in the wiring from a dock marina or boat spreads through the water. last year, jimmy and casey's 15-year-old daughter, carmen, died after her family says she was electrocuted in a lake. the deadly currents came from a light switch box that charged the dock in their alabama backyard. >> i could have saved her if it ha electrocution in the water. >> reporter: several states are now considering changes calling for circuit breakers near the water and for these type of
7:41 am
electrical outlets required in most bathrooms to shut down when there's a short or an overload. >> there's probably a lot of drownings that happen that could be from this that people don't know what it is. >> they never even realize. >> reporter: to keep your family safe, experts say you should inspect the electrical equipment at pool, docks, marinas at least once a year. it's great idea to get a shock alarm or similar product that warns when there's electricity in the water. experts tell us the most important thing to remember is never swim near marinas or docks. those areas are most likely to have electricity that could seep into the water. dan, paula. >> such a sad story for that family but a useful warning for the rest of us. erielle, thank you very much. >> thanks, erielle. and coming up on "good morning america" this sunday, oh, baby. reports that the superstar's twins have arrived. dan, rob, ron, i know you're on the edge of your seat waiting for the news. >> names, i want names. >> it's coming up. >> how did the minnesota twins do? id the minnesota twins do?
7:42 am
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♪ you're caught up in your permanent emotions and all the loving i've been giving goes unnoticed ♪ few people keep a secret better than beyonce. she's known for dropping surprise albums and the like. but the word is now out about her twins. >> that chair makes me a little nervous, by the way. reports that her bundles of joy have finally arrived just in time for father's day, and abc's eva pilgrim joins us with more. good morning, eva. >> reporter: she likes to drop these surprises on saturdays, too, right, guys? the family of three is now a family of five. but the big question this morning, what did she have? boys? girls? or one of each? ♪ i'm trying to make a ♪ you're the one >> reporter: the countdown is over. the babies have arrived. ♪ young b in the r-o-c ♪ uh-oh
7:46 am
>> reporter: beyonce and husband jay z's twins are here. this morning, news of their secret birth beginning to trickle out blowing up the internet and flooding social media with congratulations and love. >> a source tells us that beyonce and jay z are thrilled and that they have begun sharing the news with the people closest to them, their family, all of their famous friends. >> reporter: the beyhive first buzzing over the stunning instagram post back in february. the singer's official double baby announcement sharing, "we have been blessed two times over. we are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two." then this tear-jerking grammys performance dedicated to motherhood. her baby bump on full display. ♪ that i couldn't say >> reporter: since then, fans have been liking, commenting, and following queen bey's pregnancy journey every step of the way. more than 100 million followers. ♪ what's worse looking jealous
7:47 am
or crazy jealous or crazy ♪ >> reporter: no names or photos yet. ♪ i work hard >> reporter: as the world awaits the woman who has empowered an entire generation to give a glimpse of her very special delivery. no names. no pictures yet. we're all waiting. anxiously waiting. but this is something many parents can relate to. there are reports that beyonce and jay z have been looking for a bigger house for their now bigger family, needing a little extra space. >> i suspect they can afford it. >> reporter: i suspect they probably can. >> putting all three kids in one room is a bad idea? >> no judgment here. >> reporter: and you know the difference between one and three makes a big difference as for as how they overtake your house. >> yes. we call that you're going into zone defense. instead of man to man, you're not outnumbered by your children. well wooshgsary we're happy for beyonce and jay z. congratulations. and coming up on "good morning america," how dads, listen up, dads, we're going to give you a free beer today. beers all around. that's in "pop news" with adrienne. >> free, my favorite price.
7:48 am
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by lowe's. >> aw. >> all right. time for "pop news." >> daddy, i love you so much. i hope you come home soon so i can give you your gift. happy father's day. >> happy father's day, daddy. >> i love you. >> love you. >> a little surprise for you guys. >> oh, boy. alexander and then robert's maddi. >> i love maddi, come home soon, so i can give you your gift. >> we should explain. it's father's day. but we're also in the middle of national adopt a shelter cat month. so we've got kittens and daddies. >> look at adrienne. >> my kitten is drinking my water. he just took the straw out of my water. this is nugget. but we really do want to say this is a special "pop news" with a special tribute to the
7:53 am
pops. happy father's day to rob and dan. but you know what, we know what kind of a cat lover you are, dan. we have some -- i can't talk right now. i've got this kitten. he's so cute. we're surrounded by some adorable little faces this morning. this is nugget. you guys are going to wash my cup later. i know. but, yeah, we have the aspca bringing us these cuties for a special event. this happens to be the month of june, and it is adopt a shelter cat month. so, kittens on father's day. you've got jeff, the 4-year-old cat that has made quite a name for himself. take a look at this. a lot of the shelter workers noticed that jeff likes to give hugs. >> oh, wow. >> isn't that sweet? >> it's the most loving cat i have ever seen. >> so, all the kittens on our set as well as jeff are super sweet and up for adoption. you can contact the aspca. for more.
7:54 am
and nugget really likes straws. >> can i say my usual thing about adopting an animal, cat, dog, whatever. it's a great way, for free, to save a life and improve your own. so go for it, everybody. >> dan, a famous cat owner. >> look at rob's cat. >> i lost control. claiborne, get her. >> you just have to go with it. there are a lot of celebrity dads celebrating their first father's day this year. so, congratulations, of course, are in order for george clooney, a brand-new father of twins. ella and alexander with wife, amal. and then one direction's liam payne, who welcomed bear, in march. what a name. >> bear? >> yeah, bear. >> b-a-r-e? >> b-e-a-r, like the animal. and bradley cooper became a dad that month to little lea with girlfriend irina shayk. and "dancing with the star maks and peta welcomed shai
7:55 am
aleksander. and he's not a new dad but we have to show you this pic of orlando whom with his 6-year-old. if you're looking for something to do on father's day, how about sharing a movie that captures the meaning of the holiday? here are some suggestions. >> people will come, ray. people will most definitely come. >> i mean, a classic. "field of dreams" starring kevin costner and james earl jones. you'll never forget that one, right? "the pursuit of happiness" with will smith and real-life son jaden in this movie. of course, that's a great inspirational tale for fathers. and "father of the bride," one of my favorites. whether you're a fan of the steve martin version or the earlier spencer tracy version. you laugh. you might even cry. and how about a toast to free beer on father's day. >> yes. >> ibotta thanking fathers hops for pops, the mobile shopping app offering 24 hours free beer for downloading the free app. nobody is paying attention. they have kittens. rebate in the restaurants and bars category in the app store and you can get a brew at your local restaurant.
7:56 am
yes. >> hops for pops. >> get $5 in your account just for signing up. >> great job. happy sunday, everybody. happy father's day. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next weekend. good morning, i'm jessica castro. breaking news. the chp investigating an officer involving shooting on the bay bridge causing a traffic nightmare. officials say the officers were investigating a separate accident. they say the suspect was shot several times after driving at officers and ignoring commands to stop. his condition not known. that person was taken to the
7:57 am
hospital. the chp said eastbound lanes are closed just before the toll plaza effecting the entire commute on the bay bridge. estimated time of reopen is about an hour from now. concord police have a suspect in custody with the connection of a shooting death outside of a popular nightclub at salvo street in front of the niko lounge. police served a search warrant and he wasn't home and they arrested the 27-year-old after a traffic accident and they do have him under arrest at this point. okay. our other big headline, it is hot out there. another hot day in store for us. hi, lisa. >> good morning. heat advisory again and the spare the air alert today. look at blue sky. the air quality here is good today. it is in the inland east bay and south bay where the air quality declines with the hottest temperatures. 63 in san francisco. 74 in oakland. 76 in san jose.
7:58 am
gilroy is at 72. still 50s half moon bay. and from mt. tam, we're in the 70s already. 80 in concord. so the beach will be comfortable but still warmer than yesterday. low to mid-70s from half moon bay to ocean beach and that cool 56 degrees water temperature. so in the city today, 80 degrees. 90 over in oakland with 100s from san jose and livermore and napa and looking at the relief from the heat, a little bit tonight as fog returns in the accuweather seven-day forecast, still
7:59 am
8:00 am
"this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. >> the president's tweet, i am being investigated. seeming to confirm he is now under investigation for possible obstruction of justice. >> are you under investigation by the fbi? >> president trump now hiring more lawyers, and fighting back, calling the russia investigation the single greatest witch hunt in american political history. attacking the special counsel as bad and conflicted. will the president try to fire special counsel robert mueller? we'll ask our exclusive guest, trump ally, newt gingrich, one of mueller's biggest critic. >> technically, the president of the united states cannot obstruct justice.


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