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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  June 18, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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ow ♪ ask your heart doctor about entresto. and help make tomorrow possible. ♪ you're only a day away. live where you live. this is abc 7 news. a day for hats and ice cold water. the bay area sweats through a heat wave and it has just been extended. the mercury went up, setting five record highs. a live look outside from the east bay hills camera. it looks hazy, it's a spare the air day and san francisco set a recorded today at 88 degrees. it was nearly hot enough to get in to the water. abc 7 news was at ocean beach as crowds were enjoying the air.
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where more people on the water, rescue crews were holding drills. a record high today, 96 in oakland airport. we have a look at the other record highs and drew, you guess, we have on get used to the heat. >> yes, the heat we have not seen this far, breaking records in five areas. san jose, 102, sfo, 96. and even moffett field approaching the century mark, look outside, no matter where you live, it's warm to hot. concord is at 107, 99 in san jose, we have dropped to 87 in oakland, and 85 that current number in san francisco. future tracker temperatures. it will be a warm evening on the way. you can get an hourly forecast no matter where you live with the abc 7 accu-weather app.
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our heat advisory has been extended through thursday night through the majority of the region. in fact, today may not be the wave we have. >> other news, traffic heading east on the bay bridge is back to normal, following a shooting, involving the chp that left a man injured and shut down all east bound lanes. we are live at the toll plaza in oakland with new details. >> eric, police say that shooting victim is expected to s -- survive. this morning there was not a car in sight. it was shut down as the investigation unfolded. many drivers were stranded. >> i'm on the bay bridge at 6:00 a.m. watching the sunrise.
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>> reporter: this drive tweeted his frustration after being stranded for hours. it began at 3:45 a.m. the officers were investigating an east bound crash about a mile from the toll plaza. officers say a red cadillac tried to get around the traffic back up by using right emergency lane. the same lane where officers were standing. >> they issued multiple commands, verbal commands to stop. it did not stop. drove at one of the sistofficerd that officer felt threatened and diskarg -- discharged rounds. >> the driver was taken to a hospital and the chp said he is expected to survive. two passengers were not hurt and were questioned. the bay bridge was shut down for five hours. traffic was detoured at fourth
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street. some were tweets shots of them out of their cars, and a driver boldly standing on the roof of the car. chp got drivers turned around through treasure island, but sky 7 was overhead as the police investigation with the red ready cadillac continued in to the mid morning and so did the bridge back up. for police the big question remains. >> trying to determine why the driver did what he did. >> reporter: all lanes opened at 9:30 a.m. >> well, straungers -- strangers became heroes when they jumped in to help a officer during an attack. it happened near american canyon, the officer had pulled over a track that was involved in an accident. the driver punched the officer and kicked her. people passing by stopped and pulled the man off the officer. he is now facing charges. the officer went to the hospital
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and expected to be okay. daly city police are trying to figure out more about what appears to be a homicide. someone found the victim's body before 10:00 this morning. at this point, police released few details about the crime. abc 7 news was in oakland after a person was shot near 90th avenue and olive street, technology alerted them to the crime as us happened. >> we received spots of shots fired. and we located an individual suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. >> police have made no arrests. breaking news out of syria, where a u.s. fighter jet shot down an assad regime fighter jet. it happened after bombs were dropped fighting isis. this is the first time a man ne
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fighter was shot down fighting isis. the u.s. navy is launching an investigation in to the crash that killed seven american sailors, their bodies were recovered today. the navy wants to know how a container ship ran in to a u.s. destroyer off the coast of japan. we have the latest. sgla a heartbreaking discovery on board the uss fitzgerald. the bodies of seven missing sailors found in the flooded wreck. the commander of the fleet revealing the damage you can see, the ship's midsection mine compared to what you cannot see. >> the damage is underneath the water line and it's a large gash. and near the keel of the ship, the water flow was tremendous. >> reporter: the collision pitted the 9,000 ton fitzgerald against the 30,000 ton ship.
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they had minutes to escape and save the ship and themselves. >> they had to fight the ship to keep it above the surface. and so, it was ship's crew was swift and responsive and i cannot tell you how proud i am of the crew for what they did to save the ship. >> reporter: the ship's skipper was injured in the collision and had to be air lifted to shore. the navy crew found the missing bodies. >> we have watch teams that are awake throughout the night. but a significant part of the crew was sleeping. >> reporter: the fleet is ordering an investigation. they show the ship co ship co so uturn before hitting the vessel. to developing news out of
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portugal where 60 people died in a wild fire. search crews expect to find more victims. a town 95 miles north of lidbon. people tried to escape but died in their cars. a warning tonight about a water hazard we cannot see. next on abc 7 news, a young man is electricuted after jumping in water. and something new, the plan to improve the
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a young man died in the great lakes and it appears a nearly invisible killer is to blame, they believe an electrical current is to blame. he jumped in to the water near ohio to help his father and a dog. the electrical current escaped in to the water from a boat or a dock, once that happened, the plug was pulled out and the current stopped. >> new laws are being considered. the outlets cut off power when that's a short or an overload, and it can prevent electricity in the water. the watch dog agency has stepped down following a claim of sexual harassment. he was the head of the please of accountability for a little over
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a month. a city employee came over with a claim of sexual harassment dating back to 2014. he resigned on thursday. the deputy director will be named the interim detecter tomorrow. new buses will be coming to the busiest line. new trolly buses will be replacing the electric coaches. similar buses are run engine seattle. they believe they will be more reliable than the older trolly buses. a wild day at the san francisco zoo. we will have a look. plus -- >> turned and look and that's when i saw this huge pig. >> no, we are not talking about a little piggy. it turns out to be more than police expected. and record breaking heat to finish off the weekend and a
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hotter day looks to linger on the horizon, i will explain in the accu-weather forecast ahead. here is a look at what is ahead on abc world news. coming up onpresident trump is on the attack after saying he is under investigation his lawyer now insisting that he is not. and several u.s. be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections
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abc 7 news was in berkley the festival. one of the events organizers shared his vision of what people should take from the organization. >> we have so much misunderstanding. and it's time to get some understanding as a neighbor and as a friend, get to know each other. >> it celebrates that
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signed the emancipation proclamation. now to a special treat on father's day. we were at the san francisco zoo, where families took advantage of free admission for the fathers. it's to celebrate world giraffe day. it about strategy, tire the kids out early, and spend the rest of the day watching the game in peace. and a surprise for police in massachusetts. >> hi, there, buddy. how are we doing? yeah. >> it was not your normal call to police. but what the georgetown officer said he found was shocking. he responded to a report of a loose pig, he was thinking of a pot bell y pig, a miniture one. he then encount --
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thousand pound pig. >> i saw a huge pig. i was not getting out of the cruiser, no. >> wise. >> police were able to track down the pig's owner that will try to keep the pig, by the way, whose name was bruno, from trying to escape. >> we are baking five cities have set records. it will be a hot stretch of weather. it's a really quiet picture out there. enjoying tons of sunshine as long as you are finding a way to stay cool. whether it's at the coast or inside with ac, but we should -- we show you the picture. it's busy on the bay waters. a way to beat the heat, sailing on a boat. it is a rather hot day across the region. we were advertising this. and it has come to fruition, look at the numbers inland. we are in the triple digits.
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well above 100. still 107 that number in concord. 104 in livermore. and 99 in fremont, and 100 in novado and san francisco, a warm 85 degrees. just a little bit of a breeze out there, not enough to really bring you relief. generally around 10-15 and the wind going to stay light over the next 24 hours. overnight tonight, it's hot right now, we are going to hang onwarmth. it's mild, away from the coast. a lot of spots in the 60s and a few spots could linger in the lower 70s. what they are noticing, there's return from the shallow marine layer and it will bring cooling effects to the immediate coast line. watch the time stamp, it's nice to see the fog as you live along the coast. unfortunately, it's not going to be deep enough or strong enough
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to bring cooling relief inland.a so, here's the highs on monday. it's going to be a hot one inland, still at 100 or a few degrees over that in concord, antioch livermore and fairfield. around the bay, not as hot tomorrow as you are right now. well above normal for this time of year. 95 in fremont, 96 that high in san jose. going going to 84, and 90 palo alto, and 94 that it's busy on the beach. if you are doing to the coast, a nice beach day setting up. sunny skies, but the uv index high, so slap on the sunscreen. live doppler seven with the satellite. here's the culprit of the heat. a massive area of high pressure to the east, it's surging in warm south winds and this thing is not moving any time soon.
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in fact, future tracker temperatures, the potential is there, as we fast forward in to thursday. and we can have a hotter day on the way than today. look at the numbers, 109 in antioch and 105 in san jose, and 108 in oakland. here's the abc 7 forecast. tomorrow, the little but of coastal cooling, still, brutally hot inland, summer on begins tuesday, and wednesday warming up, and thursday, i want to highlight the day, it will be hot, it's mid 90s around the bay. and then, finally you want relief, probably not until sunday. a week from today that we cool off. >> so the furs day -- the first day of summer is cooler than the rest of the week. >> yes. >> love it. >> we have baseball? >> yes, the ups and downs of the baseball season, the a's bring out of the brooms against the
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bronx bom
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. now, sports from abc 7 news. >> a break through in the heart land, the first time major champion in the u.s. open. brian harmon was done a shot but hit a long birdie on the par 4 third hole. koepka regained the lead by knocking in a long birdie putt and moves to 14 under parful.
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matsuyama put on the pressure, 6 under 66, he was in the clubhouse at 12 under par. that is when koepka put his foot on the gas and his third out of the bunker on the par 5-14, sets up an easy birdie and gives him a 2 shot lead at 14 under par and hit the birdie putt on 15. and gets three in a row on 16. reading the green perfectly. nice right to left break, 16 under par on a 4 shot lead, shoots a final round 67 with a par on 18, ties the u.s. open scoring record on 16 under, a 4 stroke victory and a first championship. oakland was a tough out at the coliseum. only majors have a better home record than the a's. oakland going for the four-game sweep of the yankees. cotton pitched well. the rookie knocks in a run with
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a base hit. and new york has a 2-0 lead. the a's respond in their half of the inning. pendeltoner doubles to the gap. they score and the ball game is knotted at two. two batters later. davis with an 18th home run of the sentence to center field, the a's complete the sweep, 4-3 is the final. >> any time you beat a team of their caliber four times in a row. it's tough to sweep a three-game series, let alone a four-game series. there was contributions from everyone in the series. >> the vibe is good. it's growing. we are confident, we will get that much better. i love it. it's fun to watch them play every day. >> they have a great team over there. you know, obviously for us, we have kind of been scuffling and had a little jeckle and hyde, this was a great series for us and hope to keep the momentum going. >> well the game only lasts a few hours but the memories last a lifetime. nice shot.
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giants and rockies down 2-1. story almost to the top of the bleachers, tying the game at two, and blach pulled after 6-2/3 innings. pence taps the rockies, the fourth home run of the season. a two-run shot, giants up 4-3. what could go wrong? this. 5-4 g-men. arenado with a three-run walk off home run. he hits for the cycle and the giants lose their sixth straight, 7-5 is the final. this marks the fiscal tididdiddi time that they lost this season. >> bullpen fails again. >> again. >> anthony, thank you. >> a social p
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new on abc 7 news at 6:00,6, small community is forced from their homes by rising waters. we have confirmation that the b-hive has expanded. fans are expressing their anger on twitter. they wanted her to make big reveal about her twins, so far she is keeping quiet. and it's reported that she gave birth to a boy and girl last monday. that is it for abc 7 news at
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tonight, breaking overseas. shootdown over syria. for the first time, a u.s. fighter jet takes down a syrian warplane. will this escalate the conflict? and, president trump on the attack. the president said he's under investigation for obstruction of justice. but now his lawyers insist he's not. >> the president is not and has not been under investigation. >> the mixed messages coming in. the president calling it a witch hunt. the search for those missing u.s. sailors called off. several bodies recovered. inside those final moments. sailors asleep during the crash. did no one see it coming? the raging inferno. more than 60 people killed. victims trapped in their cars trying to escape. the worst wildfire in portugal's history.


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