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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 18, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. >> a swelterring day in the bay area, made more uncomfortable by a power outage. good evening. about 19,000 customers remain in the dark. tonight, pg&e is urging customers to conserve power during heat waves. in livermore temperatures surged and many are still in the dark. we have more, melanie? >> reporter: yeah, eric, the power outage began around 4:30 this afternoon. there's about 3,000 customers that still do not have power. and according to pg&e. those numbers were around 5,000.
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you can see the lights flashing. they are investigating the cause of the power outage and are hopeful to have the power restored by midnight. as the sunset if in livermore, car headlights were the only thing lighting up the city. >> we are surprised to he see everything is closed. >> reporter: pg&e said that more than 5,000 customers were without power on this hot day. >> it was harsh. >> reporter: peet's employees were asked to go home. >> they said it's going to be out for if rest of the evening, so they asked everyone to leave. >> reporter: with dozens of businesses following suit. many leaving notes on doors, apologizing to customers. there would be no father's day dinners here. >> we are going to look for another place. maybe in dublin area. >> reporter: looking for another place was the theme. where people were escaping the heat in san francisco, where
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record temps were lower. >> it's nice to be here where it's cooler with the breeze. >> reporter: with the heat wave expected all week, pg&e are recommending people conserve power between noon and 7:30 p.m. abc 7 news. >> about the only way to escape the heat was well, you are looking at it, the water. abc 7 news was at ocean beach as crowds enjoyed the cooler ocean air. we were above the station showing the beautiful weather out there, even san francisco saw record heat as you heard. a live look now from the sfo camera, it's currently, well, we will see how warm it is out there, but temperatures were topping out at 97. a new record, tell us more. >> yeah, we had ten cities today break records with the intense heat that settled over us this afternoon. look at highs today. many cities made it to the century mark, if not greater than that.
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103 in san jose, 108 in concord, 97 in oakland, and 106 that high in santa rosa. right now, temperature wise, we have locations in the 80s and brentwood at 90 and cooler at half moon bay. 8:00 in the morning, we are already warming in the 70s and 80s in our warmest spots. it's for the fact, ourer heat advisory, in affect for tomorrow. it has been extended now through thursday night and we are tracking a day that could potentially rival today's heat once again. we will detail that in the full accu weather forecast and tell you when the heat will break in a few minutes. eric? >> great. drew, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> in napa a dog is resting a a vet after she was rescued after a locked hot car. police posted this picture, she was noticed in a shopping center and the police were called.
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the dog's owner was shopping. the temperature was 136 degrees in the car. the police say, leave pets home when it's this hot. in los angeles county, firefighters are making progress on a fire burning dry hot brush. it started in a picnic area north of l.a. cooler weather helped to increase containment to 20%. 800 acres has burned and two barns has been destroyed. heat for dads in the central valley to spend father's day on the move. 300 people had to evacuate an rv campground on the kings river because of flooding from excessive snow melt. firefighters say a small lake rose 25 feetin 12 hours. drews dumped sand between the river and river to build a barrier to protect people that could not leave. a live look, it's a relatively mild night there. relatively being the important word there. remember to watch us
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starting at 4:30 for the full forecast. developing news now in london, where it's just after 7:00 a.m. and this is a live look at the scene where police say a van drove in to a crowd of people near a mosque as woreshippers were heading home. at least one person is dead and eight others injured. police are calling it a potential terrorist attack. they arrested the 48-year-old driver and took him to the hospital for an evaluation. dave packer has the latest. >> reporter: police surrounding a mosque in north london after a report that a vehicle struck pedestrians in a nearby building. >> i see some of the ambulance taking the people. >> reporter: the muslim council tweeted woreshippers were hit bay van after leaving a mosque. a large crowd of muslims gathered at the site. >> there's three people actually in the van. >> reporter: three people? >> three people in the van. and one arrested by the police.
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they catch him. and two on their way. >> reporter: theresa may issuing a statement saying it was a horrific accident. the london ambulance service saying the injured are taken to a hospital. and emergency medical treatment was given to one of the injured. three muslim extremists that carried out of the the attack were killed by police. two sailors killed in a u.s. navy collision were from california. tonight all seven sailors were identified who died in the uss fitzgerald crash that happened yesterday. a container ship slammed in to the destroyer. the two sailors were among those seven victims. navy divers recovered the victims' bodies today and the
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damaged ship of towed in to port. tonight, u.s. navy acting secretary promised a full investigation in to the cause. a fire destroyed four units in a san jose apartmnt complex today the hot weather prompting extra crewed to be called in to the scene. >> reporter: eric, it appears the fire started in one of the two units on the second floor during the hottest part of the day which no doubt took a toll on firefighters. the fire broke out in one of the outer units of central park apartments. all six of these people were home. >> we heard the noise and someone said, help, help had, help, so we opened the window and when we did that, somebody said fire, fire. >> reporter: smoke overwhelmed the building. they put the fire extinguishers
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to good use. >> we ran around the complex, grabbing the extinguishers and trying to keep, you know, it from moving over. >> reporter: minutes later firefighters took over and two units on the second floor were engulfed in flames already and they called for more crews and with the heat, called for more. >> when we are wearing our gear, it's warm enough, and with it being over 100 degrees, it takes it out on you. we bring a lot of personnel so we can rotate people quickly so we dote against -- so we don't get our people injured. >> reporter: four units were destroyed. they plan to stay with friends until they are back on their feet. >> we are okay, i'm okay. the good thing is everyone is safe. >> reporter: a handful of tenants whose apartments were not damaged must find a stay until power is restored to the building. abc 7 news. a delivery truck driver died
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in a crash. it happened near the north capitol avenue off ramp. he veered and hit a light pole and it landed on the truck and caught fire. no other drivers were involved. sky 7 flew over daly city,c, where someone found a body just before 10:00 this morning. the coroner's office is working on identifying the person and figuring out how they died. a concord police k-9 is recovering after he was bitten by another call on a swat call. this picture was shared yesterday. a pit bull in oak will i charge -- at oakley officers. they shot the other dog to save themselves and their dog from injury and death. he is resting comfortably at his
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handler's home. a shooting shuts down the eastern span of the bay bridge. why the chp said an officer opened fire and a patrol car break down for officers responding to this week's u.p.s. shooting the measures they had to take to get there. skpnchlths later a terrifying wrong way crash, but amazingly no one was seriously hurt. but first, more than $250 million worth of cocaine seized by you the almeida
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developing news out of portugal, where many died in a
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wild fire. a fire swept through pedrogao grande many died trapped in their cars. more firefighters and water dumping planes and army units are due to arrive tomorrow. a u.s. fighter jet has shot down an assad fighter jet. a u.s. jet has not shot down another manned airplane since 1999. this action carries the rusk of a potential escalation. here in the bay area, officer involved shooting brought east bound traffic to a halt this morning. the chp was forced to open fire on a car that was headed for them directly. we have the details. >> i'm on the bay bridge at 6:00 a.m. watching the sunrise. >> reporter: this driver tweeted frustration after being stranded for hours on the bay bridge.
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it began at 3:45 a.m. chp officers were investigating a crash a mile from the toll plaza. officers say a red cadillac tried to get around the traffic back-up by using the right emergency lane. the same lane where officers were standing. >> they issued multiple commands for the vehicle to stop. it would not stop, kept coming. drove at one of the officers and that officer felt threatened and discharged several rounds at the driver of that vehicle. the driver was struck. the vehicle was brought to a stop. >> reporter: the driver was taken to a hospital. the chp said he is expected to survive. two passengers were not hurt. they were questioned by police. the shooting investigation shut down the east bound bay bridge for five hours. traffic detoured off the san francisco sky-way at fourth street. those that were stuck in the middle of it all were taking to social media. this picture of a driver, boldly
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standing on the roof of his car. chp got drivers turned around eventually through treasure island but sky 7 was overhead as the investigation with the red cadillac continued in to the mid morning and so did the bridge back up. for the police, the big question remains. >> trying determine why the driver did what he did. >>. >> reporter: all lanes reopened at 9:30 a.m. >> the first police to arrive to the u.p.s. shooting wednesday almost did not make it. when they got the call the patrol car would not call. the san francisco police officer's association said they had to take a civilian car and take the civilian with them. most of san francisco's police fleet is outdated as we reported earlierer this month the department last requested 142 new police cars but got 48.
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a coast guard cutter will sail home after seizing millions dollars in illegal drugs on the way to u.s. streets. you are looking at a picture provided by the coast guard showing the 17,000 pounds of cocaine seized by the crew of the cutter in the pacific. officials say the street value of the coke is $266 million. ♪ abc 7 news was in downtown palo alto when sounds from around the globe came alive for world music day. you can see a variety of performers with people braving the heat. it's the ninth year that world music day was celebrated. it began in france and now is celebrated in more than 120 countries. now to a special treat for dad this father's day. abc 7 news was at the san francisco zoo where several families took advantage of free admission for fathers.
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the offer in part to celebrate world giraffe day. >> now your accuweather forecast. >> a warm day today, ten cities set records and now a warm night for most. a hot day tomorrow. live doppler 7 and satellite showing you nothing to be found in terms of precipitation and nor sign of a marine layer. if you are hoping for mother nature's ac, you will be out of luck. we will show you the live look of the tower, showing you beautiful san francisco city hall, lit up in rainbow colors ahead of pride weekend next week. and temperature wise, it's mild for much of the region. san jose, a record high today of 103. we are still sitding at 81 degrees as we approach the midnight hour right now. 87, that number in concord and 89 in brentwood, cooler in the bay waters, most cities like san
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francisco, oakland and san matteo are hold engine the 60s. but the call, overnight, it will be a mild night once again, away from the coast. you will hold on to the warmth we have right now. a lot of spots will hold in the 60s overnight. away from the coast. right along the coast, 50s the name of the game. you will notice, future weather will try to bring in a bit of patchy fog after midnight. future weather, watch the time stamp. 6:00 tomorrow morning. this will be a shall marine layer that develops. meaning it will not bring widespread cooling unfortunately just means a bit of in the way of cloud cover, but we are on our way to another warm to hot day across the region for monday. not as hot as we were today. but still temperatures well above normal for this time of year. so, our heat wave continues for another day. 90 to the day, and 1 on 02 in concord, and 96 in san jose, and oakland, mild in san francisco, 78 and 94 in san rararara
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cloe -- headed to the beach? a lot of sunshine but the uv index high. slap on the sunscreen. ocean water temperatures chilly 55 degrees. live doppler 7, along with the satellite, the reason we have the warmth a big area of high pressure acting like a heat pump, surging in warm south air, and in fact, it's going to strengthen late in the week. future tracker temperatures. as we fast forward in to thursday. look at the forecasted numbers. this could be a hotter day on thursday than what we experienced. so, it's for that fact, the heat advisory, gets extended to thursday night. it will be a warm day on thursday. with temperatures well in to the lower 100s in many areas, of course you can track the temperatureses in the accu-weather app. the next seven days, it's going to be warm. summer arrives on tuesday.
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we are warming up again wednesday and there's thursday, that hot day across the board, you want relief, guess when it arrives? one week from today on sunday. this will be a long stretch of hot weather we have coming our way. >> 92 is your relief. >> 92
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take a look at this, home security camera video of a man fighting off a group of armed robbers at his home in florida. a man grabbed a machete and disarmed one of the robbers, he held the man at knife point until police arrived, the police captured the other four who ran away after the man confronted them. i bet they ran away quickly. >> yeah. >> the u.s. open is supposed to
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abc 7 sports. old man par was no match for the wave of young guns on the pga tour, a record 31 players finished the u.s. open under par, including brooks koepka, who tied the mark for lowest scar and became the seventh straight first time major champion. final round in wisconsin. brian harmon had the lead heading in to the final round, was down a shot. but hits the long birdie par on the par 4-3rd.
11:30 pm
koepka regained the lead on 8 by knocking in a birdie putt of his own. mat sue ya yaue -- matsuyama wa clubhouse at 12 under, and koepka put the foot on the gas, out of of the beach, this is great. third of the parr 5-14, sets up an easy birdie, 14 under and hits the birdie putt on 15, and three in a row on 16. look at the read there, 16 under par and a 4-shot lead. shoots 5 under 67 and a par on 18. he had a 4 stroke convict have i and a first major championship. >> to win my first major in the united states is pretty special. and you know, it is father's day, so, hopefully -- i didn't
11:31 pm
get him a card, so i really hope this works. >> this will do. >> yeah, i think it works well. don't be fooled by the over-all record. oakland is a tough out at the coliseum. five teams in all of baseball are better on the home field than the a's . oakland going for the four-game sweep of the yankees. bottom three, chad pender doubles to the gap, phegley and joyce will score to make it a 2-2 game. davis playing keep away. 18th home run of the season. the a's complete the sweep by the final of 4-3. a great way to spend father's day at the ballpark the giants and the rockies. down 2-1. rockies hit two home runs off of ty blach, trevor story, almost out to the top of the bleachers tied the game at two. blach pulled after 6-2/3 innings. hunter pence leaves the yard. his fourth home run of the season to give the giants a 4-3
11:32 pm
lead. a lead they would not hold. bottom of the ninth. now, 5-4 giants and then nolan arenado with a three-run walk-off home run. he hit for the cycle and the giants lose their sixth straight. they fall to the rockies by the final of 7-5. this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. and the second half hour of sports we will hit the track with nascar.
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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. good evening, i'm eric thomas, in tonight's headlines a rare bay area recommendation
11:36 pm
from pg&e, they want customers to conserve power between and 7:30 tomorrow. customers lost power tomorrow. nearly 20,000 homes and businesses are still in the dark. and in san jose, a fire destroyed four apartments during the hottest part of the day. it happened after 3:30 on stoke street. residents used fire extinguishers to stop the fire from spreading from firefighters got there. in london, they are investigating what could be the second terrorist attack in two weeks. a van ran over people after worshippers exited a mosque. new questions tonight about president trump and a possible investigation in to obstruction of justice. the president and his team sending mixed messages after he took to twitter to confirm he is under investigation. today, one of his lawyers is
11:37 pm
contradicting the president. david wright has more. >> reporter: tonight, the president back from camp david is girding himself for another week of battle. his first tweet this morning defiant. the make america great again agenda is doing very well, despite the distraction of the witch hunt, he insisted. but on the sunday shows, that so-called distraction took center stage. >> he is infuriated and legitimately in my judgment by this rauch ussian bow loney. >> we are closer to the beginning of the investigation than to the end. >> reporter: the president's lawyer making the rounds, was at pains to correct the record about a presidential tweet that appeared to confirm that he is facing an obstruction of justice investigation after firing james comey. >> the president is not and has
11:38 pm
not been under investigation. >> how do you know? >> we have received no notice of investigation. >> reporter: yet trump's tweet suggests otherwise. "i'm being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi dr director, witch hunt," today his lawyer was unable to clear it up. >> you have now said he is being investigated after saying you didn't -- you just said, sir. you just said he is being investigated. >> i do not appreciate you putting words in my mouth. when i have been crystal clear that the president is not, and has not been under investigation. i don't think i could be clearer than that. >> well you don't know he is under investigation, again, sir. >> you are right, i cannot read the mind of the special prosecutor. >> okay, we are in agreement. >> reporter: despite the growing concerns, the president may move to fire special council. marco rubio insisted that the
11:39 pm
investigation should run i.t. course. >> we will get the full truth and i repeat, that's the best thing that can happen for the president and for this adm administrati administration. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, washington. >> a young democrat is looking to flip that sixth district. conservative group is igniting outrage for run ago political advertisement. tonight the push in the most expensive congressional race in huft. the tight battle for the georgia sixth district. seens as -- seen as an indicator of things to come. the democrat is ahead of the special election. >> we appreciate everything that you have done for us. against the republican, the two neck in neck. this weekend, getting help from big political names.
11:40 pm
fwa ga congressman john lewis. >> he is committed. >> and tom price, is the health and human services secretary. >> we have to have a crazy high turnout for election on tuesday. >> the two parties spending nearly $40 million on the race. which turned ugly this weekend. this disturbing ad from a pac capitalizing on the shooting in a gop baseball practice. >> no is unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting republicans. when will it stop? it won't if john ossoff wins on tuesday. >> the shooter denounced the gop candidate. ossoff calling the ad shameful, demanding it's pulled before tuesday's election. every year, about a thousand americans die because of people driving the wrong way on our highways.
11:41 pm
you are looking at video of a head on crash in utah. fortunately everyone survived, including a driver who was stunned by what happened. >> i could not believe it at all. you know, it's hard to really think about it. >> the majority of wrong-way drivers are usually drunk, but they are pro foundly drunk, more than twice the average. >> his own car, in to a wrong way driver to protect others. police, say if you see a wrong way driver, call 9-1-1, you can blare your horn or flash your headlines so get their attention. a young man died in the great lakes and it appears a nearly invisible killer is to blame. investigators believe an electrical current shocked the 19-year-old to death. he jumped in the water in ohio to help his father and their dog, somehow, electricity escaped through a short from a dock or a boat. once that happened the wipe that
11:42 pm
was in the boat pulled out of the plug and the current stopped. >> several states are considering new laws to require circuit breakers. those outlets cut off power when there's a short or an overload. it can prevent the tragedy by detecting the electricity in the water. a swine surprised police in massachusetts. take a look. >> hey, there, buddy. how are we doing? yeah. >> yeah, it was a strange call to begin with, but what the police officer said he found was shocking. he responded to a report of a loose pig. he was thinking a pot belly pig, a pet, instead, he encountered this, a 1,000 pound porker. >> i saw this giant shadowy figure and i turn and look and i saw this huge pig. i was not getting out of the
11:43 pm
cruiser, no. >> police were able to track down the pig's owner and he said that he will add measures to keep the pig, bruno is his name, from escaping again. and a reason to smile for one dad this father's day, meet a little boy with a big heart. and after record breaking heat, we will
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well this father's day, a dad is smiling extra wide, his brave little boy has a new heart and there's a lot of love to go around. we have the story. >> reporter: when 5-year-old arie schultz found he was getting a new heart, it was too much. >> i think they found one and it may be perfect for you. what do you think? >> they found one? >> yeah, they did.
11:47 pm
what do you think? >> great. >> reporter: this hockey, baseball and golf obsessed little boy with the megawat smile finally off the transplant list after 211 days. >> when am i going to get it? are they going find a good spot to put it? are they going to poke me. >> reporter: diagnosed with a bad heart, his tiny body rejected a new heart and it stopped beating for 36 hours. he dug in and fought heard. after 189 days. >> 189, that is crazy. >> reporter: he left the hospital. and went home. >> hi! >> hi! >> reporter: he is one of the few to live unbelievably. this father's day, they celebrated it on the golf course. abc news washington. >> well, some like it hot, at
11:48 pm
least this week. here's drew. >> yeah, those are people that are loving the week ahead, heat is certainly on the seven day forecast. out there right now, it's warm. we have 80s on the board. concord, 81, and 81 in san jose. cooler on the coast. san francisco down the 63 after a record high of 88 earlier today. overnight, mid 50s and upper 60s. name of the game, further away from the coast, the warmer you will be. plenty of stars out there. may have a couple of clouds, trying to bubble with up along the cost. the marine layer will be with us. 100 in livermore, 84 in oakland and 96 in san jose. and 78 in san francisco and lakeport up to 102, in fact, that heat advisory will continue tomorrow and actually has been expanded through thursday night, so we are in a pretty long stretch of temperatures that are above normal for this time of the year.
11:49 pm
so, the seven-day forecast. tomorrow, we will have warm temperatures, cooling on the coast, not widespread, summer officially arrives in the evening on tuesday. wednesday and thursday, we are warming back up, and thursday is specially hot everywhere, and then, by sunday, we have a widespre widespread, but a sunny finish to the forecast. >> anthony has sports. >> heat is not bothering the a's. the a's break out of the brooms as they sweep up against the bronx
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abc 7 sports. this was 90 degrees today at the coliseum, and the only thing that was hotter than the temperatures was the play of the oakland a's, they have some of the hottest play.
11:53 pm
they earned the first sweep since back in last september. now, cotton pitched well, but he could not solve aaron judge, third inning, rookie knocks in a run with a base hit to right. the a's answered in their half of the inning. pender doubled to the gap, and phegley and joyce scored. we have a 2-2 ball game. davis guess for a jog in the park. 18th home run in the season. the a's sweep the first place yankees, 4-3. any time you beat a team of their caliber four times in a row, it's tough to sweep a three-game series, let alone a four-game series. >> the vibe is good right now. you know, like you said, it's growing. i think we are confident. we are going to get that much better, we have a good defense going on right now. and i love it, it's fun to go out and play. >> they have a great team over there. and you know, obviously for us, we have kind of been scu ffli
11:54 pm
and had jekel and hyde. >> father and on, making memories. rockies hit a pair of home runs in the 7th, and story leaves the yard in a hurry, tying the game. san francisco trailed 3-2 in the ninth and pence taps the rockies with a two-run shot, fourth home run of the season. the giants take a 4-3 lead and melanson cannot hold it. blows it in the bottom of the ninth. giants up 5-our and arenado with a three-walk off home run. a major championship experience may be over rated. koepka had the lowest score in the u.s. open, being the seventh straight third time major winner. harmon had the lead going in to the final round, was down a shot. hit the long birdie on the par 4
11:55 pm
third hole. he is the coal leader with koepka at 13 under. koepka regained the lead knocking in the long birdie putt. he moves to 14 under and mat uyaum a shot a 6 under 66, he was in the clubhouse at 12 under. that is when koepka put his foot on the gas. from the bunker, no problem, sets up an easy birdie on the par 5--14. how about three in a row on 16. you bet. a 4-shot lead, shot a final, with a par on 18. and he ties a u.s. open scoring record at 16 under par. it's a 4 shot victory in the first major championship. >> what i have done this week is amazing to be even in the same category and to win the tourms is, some of the guys on the trophy is unbelievable.
11:56 pm
you know, it's just really truly special. nascar in michigan, this is owen, son of driver kyle larson, hoping his dad brings home the checkers. three cars get side-by-side, danieal suarez is bumped and takes out danica patrick. wrong place, wrong time. she finished dead last in 37th place on the restart. larson takes the lead dispite being in the outside, he finishes second and a nice hug from his son. >> cool to one it, great father's day for myself and all the other fathers out there. my dad is out there too. looking forward to celebrating with them. >> next up, nascar heads to wine country. just because the forecast was so much fun the first time, how about a quick run down. >> it will be hot, heat advisory
11:57 pm
in affect until thursday. the hottest day will be thursday afternoon and cooling by next weekend. we will have the numbers at 4:30. >> a lot of this? >> a lot of this. >> i was hoping the forecast changed in the ten minutes. i guess not. that is it for tonight. news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. thank you for joining us, have a great evening and a better morning. we will see you later.
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