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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 19, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this monday morning, breaking overnight, terror attack in london. this time muslims targeted. a van barreling through a group leaving a mosque, the suspect under arrest and new details from witnesses on the scene in a live report. the search for answers following a deadly crash at sea. a u.s. navy destroyer and a cargo ship collide. overnight we're learning the victims' identities as the investigations get under way. severe storms moving east. flash flooding advisory already posted. where the threat is this morning and the extreme heat in the west reaching 120 degrees in major cities. and he's not panhandling. he's not protesting either. we're going to show you the unusual punishment for a teen accused of stealing from his boss.
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and we do say good morning to everyone on this monday. we are leading off yet again with breaking news from london. this time a group of muslim worshippers targeted. >> a crowd was leaving a mosque when a van drove up on the sidewalk hitting several people. at least one person died at the scene. several others injured. witnesses say the driver did it on purpose. and police just moments ago said the incident is being treated as a terrorist attack. >> several hours after that attack you can see these live images here. there are several investigators who are still there on the scene. the van that was part of that incident, you see it right incident, you see it right there at the center of the screen with the back door open gives you a sense of how large that vehicle was as it plowed into those worshippers. abc's molly hunter has just been back from that scene and she joins us now from the bureau. molly, good morning to you. >> reporter: kendis, diane, good morning. that's right. police have called this a
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terrorist attack and said it was attack against london and we should stand against extremists. overnight another chaotic scene in london. >> it was -- i can't even describe how it was. i was just running around. >> reporter: police descending on a mosque after a vehicle ran over nearly a dozen people. witnesses saying the van turned down a one-way street and accelerated plowing into a crowd of worshippers who were just leaving evening prayers with just one week left in the holy month of ramadan. >> basically drove on the pavement coming straight towards all the muslims. >> reporter: now, here's the police cordon. we can't go any further than this, but it's just behind there. that white van turned on to a one-way street before plowing through people in front of a mosque. this man says it was a deliberate act and the man under arrest was targeting muslims. >> at the beginning it was all muslims, i want to kill all muslims. >> reporter: and these dramatic moments. bystanders wrestling the subject from the van holding him down until police arrived. he is 48 years old, and eyewitnesses describe him as a white man with an english accent.
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>> whatever happened it was done in a very vindictive way. it wasn't an accident. it wasn't that the person was drunk and the car went -- the van went out of control. >> this is being treated as a terrorist attack, and the counterterrorism command is investigating. >> reporter: the mayor of london calling it a horrific terrorist attack. it comes just weeks after a van veered into pedestrians on the london bridge setting off vehicle and knife attacks that killed eight people and wounded many more. three muslim extremists who carried out that attack were killed at the time by police. this community is totally in shock. now every single eyewitness we spoke with said without a doubt this attack was a terrorist attack. now we left the scene about an hour ago and the anger there still palpable. diane, kendis. >> and, molly, those same eyewitnesses also told you that they saw more than one person in that van. the investigators updated that information moments ago from new scotland yard. what are they saying? >> reporter: that's right,
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kendis. so almost every eyewitness we spoke with for the last few hours said they saw three people in that van or truck now that we've seen aerial photos of that van. it's really huge, as you mentioned. but everyone said they saw three people in that truck, a driver who we've seen video of that arrest and then two people who bailed sometime during that attack. now, investigators said initially that was a key line of inquiry because, of course, they had heard the same thing. after speaking with more witnesses, they're now saying they actually do not believe that anyone else was in that truck. >> well, good to hear at the very least they think they have the person responsible for this in custody, and no doubt they'll be trying to find out even more information as the investigation gets under way. that's molly hunter live from london for us. molly, thanks. moving on now and overnight the navy identified seven american sailors who were killed aboard a destroyer off japan. >> those sailors were on the "uss fitzgerald" when it was hit by a massive cargo ship in the middle of the night. most of those killed were only in their 20s. >> and this morning we're hearing about the terrifying
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moments that followed that crash. abc's janai norman with the latest. >> reporter: terrifying moments for sailors aboard the "uss fitzgerald" left with a mangled midsection. the destroyer t-boned in the middle of the night immediately flooding the cramped compartment where more than 100 of the crew slept. >> the damage is mostly underneath the water line, and it's a large gash and near the keel of the ship, and so the water flow was tremendous. so there wasn't a lot of time in those spaces that were open to the sea. >> reporter: multiple maritime trackers show the acx crystal making a giant u-turn just 25 minutes before colliding with the "uss fitzgerald." the 30,000-ton container ship's bulbous head smashed right into the crew's living quarters leaving just minutes for the crew to escape, save the 9,000-ton ship and themselves. >> they had to fight the ship to keep it above the surface, so it was traumatic. >> reporter: the navy called off the search for survivors and announced divers found the
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bodies of the seven missing sailors, though it's unclear if they were killed by the impact of the crash or drowned in the flooding. the search for those answers and more are only just beginning. >> we're going to cooperate with all the stakeholders in this, especially the japanese, but we will get those answers. >> reporter: and after multiple requests from abc news, there's still no response from the cargo ship's owner about that sharp u-turn just minutes before the crash, but they say they are cooperating with the investigation. kendis and diane. >> yeah, some strange moments in japan there. janai, thank you. and for the first time a u.s. fighter jet has shot down a syrian warplane apparently killing the lone pilot on board. the pentagon confirmed the attack saying it happened after the syrian jet bombed u.s.-backed forces battling isis. the coalition says it's not looking to fight the syrian regime or russia, but it is vowing to defend its forces from any threat. now, this all comes the same day that iran launched missiles at isis targets inside syria as well.
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and back here at home, we take a look now at your weather. the latest radar images show a line of storms stretching up the mississippi and ohio river valleys moving towards the east coast where flooding rains are expected today. that weather front pummeled the midwest over the weekend with torrential rains triggering flash floods. 70-mile-an-hour winds downing trees and hail shattering car windshields. in the meantime, a dangerous heat wave is sizzling the southwest. excessive heat warnings are posted. phoenix could reach a record tomorrow of 122 degrees. still ahead, find out where it could soon be illegal to sell a phone to anyone under 13. and the mixed messages from the white house. is president trump under investigation? the president and his lawyer saying two completely different things. plus, the new video this morning of a tsunami coming
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ashore as people run for safety. ming ashore as people run for safety.
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president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner is heading to the middle east this week in pursuit of a peace deal. >> kushner's trip comes as he faces growing scrutiny over his business dealings and his meetings with high-level russian officials. he plans to meet, though, with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the palestinian president mahmoud abbas. now, president trump is back at the white house following his first weekend at camp david in a series of mixed messages. >> the president will host the president of panama at the white house today, and he'll take part in a reception with technology
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leaders. this as the president's legal team struggles to clarify his tweet that declared he's under investigation. abc's david wright has more. >> reporter: the president back from camp david is girding himself for another week of battle. his tweet defiant, the make america great again agenda is doing very well despite the distraction of the witch hunt, he insisted. but on the sunday shows, that so-called distraction took center stage. the president's lawyer making the rounds was at pains to correct the record about a presidential tweet that appeared to confirm he's facing an obstruction of justice investigation after his decision to fire fbi director james comey. >> the president is not and has not been under investigation. >> how do you know? >> because we've received no notice of investigation. >> reporter: and yet trump's own tweet would seem to suggest otherwise. quote, i'm being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the
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fbi director, witch hunt. trump's lawyer appeared to be unable to clear up the confusion. >> and now he's being investigated by the department of justice. >> you've now said that he is being investigated after saying that you didn't -- >> no. >> you just said -- >> no, he's not being investigated. >> you just said that he's being investigated. >> i do not appreciate you putting words in my mouth when i've been crystal clear that the president is not and has not been under investigation. i don't think i could be any clearer than that. >> you don't know that he's not under investigation, again, sir. i mean you -- >> i cannot read -- you're right, chris, i can't read the mind of the special prosecutor. >> so we're in agreement. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, washington. >> so in the end they agreed, hey. voters go to the polls tomorrow in the most expensive congressional race in history. republican karen handel and democrat jon ossoff are battling for the seat in georgia's 6th district. more than $50 million has been spent in the special election. the atlanta area district has gone republican since 1979. 140,000 ballots have been cast in early voting.
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hey, buddy. >> it wouldn't be my buddy. a curious black bear got a friendly welcome from a sheriff's deputy outside of ocala, florida. deputy remington caught the bear on video. he even opened the door to his cruiser to greet his new furry friend before the bear eventually took off. >> didn't want to go for a ride. >> no. all right, now for a look at your morning road conditions. driving wet from the upper midwest down to the southeast and the gulf coast with flooding conditions in the northeast. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in new york, boston, washington, detroit, atlanta -- you see the rest. it's going to be very, very busy. two separate incidents involving the deadly mix of
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water and electricity have killed a 19-year-old man in ohio and an 11-year-old girl in new jersey. >> it happened where you might not expect to find that danger of electrocution. abc's steve osunsami has more. >> reporter: a devastated new jersey family is planning a funeral this morning for their 11-year-old daughter who was electrocuted in their backyard. >> female electrocuted unconscious, breathing. >> reporter: police say 11-year-old kayla matos and two of her friends were playing with an inflatable raft in a backyard lagoon saturday night and swimming near this metal boat lift when they touched it. electricity from the lift went soaring through the children and into the water. the day before, a similar heartbreaking tragedy, this time in ohio. a 19-year-old was electrocuted after he jumped in the water to save his dad and his dog. it's called electric shock drowning usually caused by a short in the wiring of a charging line or a power source at a dock, marina or boat. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> experts say you should
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inspect the electrical equipment at docks and marinas at least once a year, and we'll also take a closer look at the hidden electrical dangers in swimming pools coming up later this morning on "good morning america." overseas the government of portugal has called for three days of mourning. the out-of-control wildfires there have killed at least 62 people. many of those victims were burned inside their cars alive as they tried to flee. nearly 600 square miles of forest have been destroyed. scorching weather along with tinder dry conditions and strong gusty winds are fanning the flames there in that country. horrible images coming out of there. and this morning we're seeing some of the damage from a tsunami that hit western greenland. the flooding was triggered by a magnitude 4.0 earthquake over the weekend. 40 people were evacuated from a small village. four have been reported missing. reports say 9 people were injured and 11 buildings there were damaged. and the dash camera of a vehicle in utah captured a man's near-miss with a wrong way driver.
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the truck was going the wrong way and had already hit several other vehicles. thankfully the man whose camera caught the incident was able to avoid a direct hit. the driver who was going the wrong way then abandoned his truck. police later found the suspect at home. and now it's time for some sports. >> let's get the highlights from our guys at espn. good morning, america. good morning, utica. john buccigross, john anderson. brooks koepka is not a father but he has one, bob, and his son won the u.s. open on sunday. >> do you interlock or overlap? >> i'm an overlap bar and grip. >> i'm an interlocker. >> yeah. >> let's go to erin hills, fourth and final round of the u.s. open. our national champion brooks koepka started 1 back. when he rolled that one in, lo and behold had won by four. koepka, a final round 67 to win his first major championship. 16 under ties rory mcilroy, lowest score ever in relation to par at the national open. seventh straight. first time winner.
4:19 am
he gets that nifty trophy and the gold medal that's got the picture of jack nicklaus on it. from the central time zone to the mountain time zone in denver, bottom of the ninth, rockies trail, 5-4. two on, get out. three coming in. nolan arenado was a home run shy of the cycle. he hits his home run to get his cycle and he wins the game. only five guys have ever done that, complete the cycle with a walkoff homer. rockies win, 7-3. might want an umbrella in utica today. a little chance of rain, especially around noontime. >> you heard it from john. it must be true. good morning, america. >> thanks, fellas. up next in "the pulse," why an airline gave someone free air travel for life. and picketing for forgiveness. the unusual punishment for a teen who admits to stealing from his boss. and on our facebook page right now, beyonce and jay z welcoming twins. see the big baby news on
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♪ ♪ ♪ time to check "the pulse" starting with a movement in colorado to keep smartphones out of the hands of kids. >> a denver area doctor is leading an effort to get a law on the ballot next year that would impose fines of up to $20,000 to retailers who sell smartphones to or for children under the age of 13. and dr. tim farnum says once kids get smartphones, they become reclusive and lose interest in outside activities. one state senator says he understands the reasoning, but thinks the issue should remain a family matter. >> and memo to the doctor, it's not actually just kids who become reclusive once you get a smartphone. adults, as well.
4:23 am
specifically this one. i'm just going to go off to my side here. a passenger who, get this, follow me here, did not pay for his ticket on a flight to india can continue to fly free for the rest of his life. >> the woman gave birth sunday at 35,000 feet in the air aboard a flight from saudi arabia. now india's jet airways has awarded her baby boy a free lifetime travel pass. >> so the baby was delivered by the flight crew and a passenger who happened to be a paramedic on board, and now he's destined to be a jet-setter. jet airways, see, and he's going to be a jet-setter. >> he's flying for free now. >> jet airways. well, a teenager accused of stealing $30,000 in merchandise from his boss' house has his job back but with a catch. >> yeah, we're talking about 17-year-old mark doyle who avoided a prison jumpsuit by putting on these. his boss said doyle had to stand near a freeway wearing a pink
4:24 am
t-shirt, cartoon character shorts and a woman's hat. let's not forget the boots. >> killer boots. >> the houston area teen also had to hold up a sign explaining what he did. he was embarrassed but said it was better than actually being locked up. >> mom apparently supported the punishment saying he's generally a good kid, and now this is just going to help reinforce that. >> but did they have to be so tight? >> lesson learned. >> lesson learned, indeed, for all of us. >> more news coming up after this. the average family's new, but old, home: it stood up to 2 rookies, 3 terrible two's, and a one-coat wonder named "grams". it survived multiple personalities, 3 staycations, and 1 tiny announcement. behr. number one rated interior paint, exterior paint and stain. protecting and perfecting since 1947. only at the home depot.
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> so cool and so deceptive. the bay area sparkling in this live look from our east bay cam. >> but we are going to be sweltering once again as we're on day four of our heat wave. imagine how miserable for anyone dealing with a power outage on top of that. to that, we say good morning on this monday, june 19th. hopefully that didn't depress you too much. mike is back from vacation and he's finding it's exactly what he thought, hot. >> no humidity here. but there was just enough. did you see those thunderstorms yesterday? the big towering cumulonimbus clouds over the sierra. check out this video from arinda near the colacaught at about 1:00 this morning. heard some reports of lightning, thunder out of that.
4:28 am
and brief downpours, even you had wet weather near your neighborhood. let's take a look at what's going on. you can see right there, showers moving from south-east to northwest, and for the most part, they're just about over. let's take a look at today's temperatures and they're going to be almost as hot as yesterday, except for the coast significantly cooler there. 60s, while we'll be in the mid 80s to mid 90s in the inland by noon. 82 to 98 by 4:00, and then 76 to 89. still pretty warm and toasty as we head through the evening hours. >> good morning, yeah, a little surprised. i walked out to let the dog out this morning and it was raining in san rafael. pretty cool, keeping it hopefully on the downlow today. san mateo bridge looking good. we have no delays getting across the span and the section over towards the high rise. you're looking at about a 15-minute drive from hayward over towards foster city, 880 to 101. here's san rafael, not far from where i live, and experienced some rain. i had to use the wind shield
4:29 am
wipers this morning past the north gate mall, you're looking at a nice smooth drive all the way to the golden gate bridge. we'll come back and take a look at the span in a few minutes. >> thank you. >> pg&e crews are working to get power on to thousands of people still affected by an outage. 42,000 customers lost power yesterday. >> ruining a lot of people's father's day plans. amy hollyfield live for us in the east bay. amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning, reggie. look how warm it is in livermore. the sun hasn't come up and we're already in the 70s at 4:30 in the morning. look at what the streets looked like yesterday in livermore. they were empty. looked like people just stayed inside. pg&e did make a lot of progress overnight. they restored power to 37,000 customers. only 1400 people still don't have power in the east bay. south bay, bigger problem there, 3500 people without. residents say it was a bummer when they lost power.
4:30 am
in livermore, that meant businesses like pete's coffee had to close. >> i think it was about 5:00 when it went out. and then an hour into it, they said they called pg&e and they said it's going to be out probably for the rest of the evening, so they asked everybody to leave. probably safety thing. so it was harsh. 104 degrees. >> the streets of livermore were empty, but here's where you could find people. that is at the beach. lots of people flocked to the cool ocean air. as long as you put that sunscreen on and drink a lot of water, doctors say this is a good place to be, but they say everyone is vulnerable to dehydration and heat-related illnesses. it's going to be a hot week. we're not through with this yet and we need to take this seriously. live in livermore, amy hollyfield. >> thank you. >> here's a look right now at pg&e's current outage map. right now, it looks all clear. so hopefully that's a good sign for things to come in the


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