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in livermore, that meant businesses like pete's coffee had to close. >> i think it was about 5:00 when it went out. and then an hour into it, they said they called pg&e and they said it's going to be out probably for the rest of the evening, so they asked everybody to leave. probably safety thing. so it was harsh. 104 degrees. >> the streets of livermore were empty, but here's where you could find people. that is at the beach. lots of people flocked to the cool ocean air. as long as you put that sunscreen on and drink a lot of water, doctors say this is a good place to be, but they say everyone is vulnerable to dehydration and heat-related illnesses. it's going to be a hot week. we're not through with this yet and we need to take this seriously. live in livermore, amy hollyfield. >> thank you. >> here's a look right now at pg&e's current outage map. right now, it looks all clear. so hopefully that's a good sign for things to come in the next day. >> let's check on that.
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happening now, firefighters taking advantage of cooler overnight temperatures and calmer winds to get a handle on the brush fire burning north of l.a. the 800 acre fire is 20% contained this morning. no homes are threatened, but the fire has destroyed two barns. >> the heat is also sending extra snow melt into the sierra into our rivers causing them to overflow. 300 people in tulary county had to evacuate an rv camp along the king's river because of flooding. a lake at the campground rose 25 feet in just 12 hours. crews dumped sand to create a birrier between the fast rising water and a nearby restaurant and apartment complex. you can keep track of the heat on our abc7 news accuweather app. download it to be alerted to heat alerts and advisories. >> breaking news out of luntden. police now calling yesterday's attack a terrorist attack. a van plowed into a group of
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muzlic worshiper as they left a mosque. one person killed, ten others hurt. the 48-year-old suspect reportedly shouted he wanted to kill muslims. the british pm said moments ago he acted alone. police now trying to determine if this was a copycat or something else. and this attack, we saw yesterday, was the third such attack where cars were used as weapons in london in the recent months. back to you. >> thank you. happening today, religious leaders will lead a prayer service in san francisco for the victims of the ups shooting rampage. three drivers lost their lives when a coworker opened fire in a meeting wednesday morning. many people have left tributes for the three. the gunman also died after shooting himself. today's service begins at noon outside the u.p.s. building. the group organizing it conducts prayer services for all murder victims in the city. >> a driver who was shot on the
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bay bridge by chp officers is recovering as authorities try to figure out why he tried to drive through an emergency lane, dangerously close to several officers. cornell barnard has the story. >> chp officers were investigating an eastbound crash about a mile from the toll plaza. officers say a red cadillac tried getting around the traffic backup by using the right emergency lane. the same lane where officers were standing. >> they issued multiple commands, verbal commands for the vehicle to stop. vehicle kept coming. drove essentially by one of the officers and that officer felt threatened and discharged several rounds at the driver of that vehicle. the driver was struck. the vehicle was brought to a stop. >> the male driver was taken to a hospital. the chp says he's expected to survive. two passengers in the cadillac were not hurt. they were questioned by police. the shooting investigation shut down the eastbound bay bridge for five hours. traffic detoured off the san francisco skyway at fourth
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street. those who were stuck in the middle of it all took to social media. manny fernandez tweeting this shot of drivers out of their cars walking on the bridge deck. and this picture of a driver boldly standing on the roof of his car. the chp eventually got drivers turned around through treasure island, but sky 7 was overhead as the police investigation with the red cadillac continued. for police, the big question remains. >> trying to determine exactly why the driver did what he did. >> on the bay bridge, cornell barnard. abc7 news. >> daly city police are investigating a suspicious death as a homicide. sky 7 flew over the scene. that's where someone found a man's body in a wooded area near a commercial building. the coroner's office is working to identify the person and figure out how they died. >> berkeley city council was set to hold a special meeting tomorrow to determine if the police force should continue participating in urban shield. it's the annual training program seen here that brings together
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police forces from the bay area and beyond. according to the daily californians, several members think police will become militarized they participate, while others want the money spent on mental health training. >> voting on a contract to equip police with body cameras. last year, a grand jury recommended that police departments that don't have cameras implement them by this fall. the san mateo city council tested body cameras and chose the company axon. the rollout expected to cost $670,000 in five years. >> san mateo police said the department could begin fully using those cameras by september. >> let's talk more in detail about the big story today. hello again, everybody. let's go straight to the heat advisory. just about all of us except for along the coast and the bay shore still have to deal with excessive heat for the fourth consecutive day. now, it's possible this heat, especially inland, could last all the way through thursday.
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and that would be seven days of excessive heat. and each day you're out in it and working in it, it's going to tear down your body and make you more susceptible to those heat-related illnesses. find shade and stay hydrated with water if you can. check out these temperatures. air conditioners still running in our inland east bay neighborhoods, especially around antioch at 81. danville, 79 degrees. and 77 right now in pleasant hill. a little cooler around oakland, 65. san francisco, 60. san jose, 73. and about 64 in santa rosa. let's talk about what's going to happen today with mass transit. clean air out there. not a spare the air day. on the water, a little breezy. on the roads, hot. 60 at the coast. 70s in san francisco. 80s and 90s around the bay. and 100s inland. we have relief near the coast. that will spread across the bay, even a few inland neighborhoods will start to get a little cooler with just 1 h100
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antioch. then gets cooler wednesday and thursday. >> thanks so much. >> two investigations are under way into a ship collision that left seven american navy sailors dead. the sudden u-turn that they're focusing on. muni is ready to roll out new buses to replace hundreds of old ones. the routes they're specifically intended for. >> why a southern california >> why a southern california power company
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we're back at 4:40. the navy launching a double investigation into the deadly collision off japan that killed seven american sailors including two from california. the big question now, how did a container ship hit a sophisticated u.s. destroyer? >> reporter: terrifying moments for sailors aboard the uss fitzgerald left with a mangled midsection. the destroying t-boned in the middle of the night, immediately flooding the cramped compartment for more than 100 of the crew slept. >> the damage is mostly underneath the water line and it's a large gash. near the keel of the ship. so the water flow was tremendous. so there wasn't a lot of time in those spaces that were open to the sea. >> multiple maritime trackers show the acx crystal making a
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giant u-turn just 25 minutes before colliding with the "uss fitzgerald." the 35,000 ton container ship crashed into the quarters leaving minutes for the crew to escape. the navy called off the search for survivors and announced divers for the bodies of seven missing sailors though it's unclear if they were killed by the impact of the crash or drowned in the flooding. the search for those answers and more are just beginning. >> we're going to cooperate with all of the stake holders in this, especially the japanese, but we will get those answers. >> and after multiple requests from abc news, there's still no response from the cargo ship's owner about the sharp turn just before the crash. they say they are cooperating with the investigation. janay norman. abc news, washington. >> we have new details in the deadly high rise fire in london. officials said 79 people have died or are missing after last wednesday's fire.
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only five have been formally identified. we do have some new video from inside of grenfiel tower. you can see it, british officials say they're investigating whether insulating panels played a role in the fire. those panels are banned on large buildings in the uk and u.s. >> police in modesto are investigating a triple homicide that involves children. officers found a woman and two young boys ages 4 and 9, dead inside a home in the northern part of the city around 7:30 saturday night. this photo of the crime scene is from modesto police. they also found a man outside the house who had cut himself on his leg and had an altered level of consciousness. the man is in the hospital. he and the three victims lived in the home together. they have not revealed the relationship or how the victims were killed. >> each day, at least 19 children in the u.s. are injured or killed by gunfire. that's according to a new report from the centers for disease control and prevention. it says boys, teenagers and african-americans are more at
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riv. fire-related homicides of children increased between '02 and '07, but they declined in '07 to '14. that's because of strategies to help communities build programs, policies, around violence prevention. >> the judge in the sexual assault trial of bill cosby could decide whether to reveal the names of the jurors. a mistrial was declared on saturday morning after 52 hours of deliberations. the jurors remain shielded under a protective order. the judge is expected to respond to requests to reveal their names. cosby remains free on $1 million bail. they will retry the man once known as america's dad. >> a commute on muni's hilliest and busiest bus lines. you might ride a new bus soon. they have signed off on the purchase of 185 new buses to replace the old trolley coaches like what you see here. muni's new trolley buses like that one are going to look like longer articulated diesel coaches that recently hit the streets. they're very similar to new
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trolley buses carrying riders in seattle. muni says the new buses work better on hills, need less maintenance and last longer. >> a southern california company says it plans to cancel most but not all power outages. that's ticking people out who are expressing another day of extreme heat. notices were delivered earlier this month when temperatures were not as hot. the outages were expected to last four hours at a time. some can't be put off because failing to do so would provide more widespread outages. >> don't they know it's june. for the last 12 to 14 days, we've had alerts that it's going to be extreme weather this time. the scheduled outage time. i thought it was, you know, a big inconvenience. >> the utility says the outages that do happen will be shorter than four hours. still not sitting so well with customers who are bie forced to
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deal with extreme temperatures. >> sound like it's time to find someone's pool and jump in. >> that's a head scratcher. why would you plan any type of outage in the middle of the desert in the middle of summer? i don't know. maybe they need to tell us more. that would be nice. here's a look at sutro tower. we have our own dangerous heat and it's going to remain inland until saturday. i took the bay and coast out of the heat at least for tomorrow, today and tomorrow. but it's going to return again wednesday and it peaks with records possible thursday, just like we had yesterday. and i'll put a list of those together and get them on twitter and facebook here in the next half hour or so. here's a look at our winds. you can see a little more of an onshore wind, especially at sfo, 13 miles there. it looks like it's sliding to the south bay and weakens considerably to about 5 miles per hour. same thing inland. we do have temperatures still hot, just not quite as hot as yesterday. 92 in milpitas.
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san jose, 96. gilroy will be pushing 100. santa cruz, comfortable 76 today. quite the spread on the peninsula. from the low 80s around sfo to 87 at san mateo, to even some 90s around redwood city. palo alto and possibly menlo park. 68, daly city with a few more clouds. not quite as sunny along the coast as it was yesterday. 78 in downtown san francisco. in the north bay, about 91 to 95 degrees. along the east bay shore, 81 in berkeley to about 95 in fremont. as you head inland, we'll have temperatures around the 100 to 106 degree mark. good news, even when it's hot today, it's going to be a little more comfortable tonight. 50s and 60s for most of us. a few 70s out near antioch. here's my seven-day forecast. you can see the 100s kind of hang around all the way through saturday inland. but it's the bay and coast where you'll see a dip the next two days. a surge thursday, and then back to more seasonal type weather for sunday. sue. >> good morning. we go to the bay bridge where
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the metering lights are not yet on. we just have a few scattered cash payers on the left-hand lanes. other than that, looking pretty good. they had an earlier issue near treasure island with a stall. that's been pushed off, so no problems getting into san francisco at this hour on the bay bridge. we'll check out the golden gate bridge. oh, there you go. you get to see the zipper truck live in action, getting ready to switch the lanes from three and three to four in the southbound direction and two in the northbound direction. traffic getting across that span is flowing nicely. we do have an incident by san francisco airport on 101. we will update that in a couple minutes. >> marin natives, this is a story for us. paramount pictures reportedly getting ready to shoot a feature film in marin. the company is building a set where i grew up in san rafael. yeah, california film commission spokesperson believes the project is likely an action film. i don't know what kind of action
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is going on in peacock gap, but who knows. television shooting currently shooting the second season of "13 reasons why" in marin and other parts of the bay area. >> taking matters in his own hands. he resorts to an interesting tactic to fight off intruders. >> and spacex set to make a double launch. >> and the call about a loose pig that turned out to be much more than police expected. >> first, this morning's tech bites. >> a group of parents in colorado wants to keep smartphones out of the hands of kids. >> a doctor is leading the charge for a law prohibiting the sale of smartphones to and for kids under 14. >> it's back to the future on the video gaming scene. >> atari coming out with a new console 24 years after its last system hit the market. atari's ceo confirmed the news which comes 4 years after the
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company filed for bankruptcy. >> a new milestone for katy perry, twitter tweeted congratulations, the first to reach 100 million followers. >> and she tweeted back her gratitude, saying thank you twitter for always giving me an opportunity to have a voice. >> she's a prolific tweeter. >> you're close to that, right? >> yeah, i've got one. >> yeah, i've got one. >> the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here.
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a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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th for wounded warriorsgram and their families to build new lives together. when my dad left, i was, like, this big, but now i'm, like, this big. my dad got a master's degree in human resources. thanks to warriors to work that my dad has a terrific job. when the warrior project helps them by, you know, giving them another start. now that my dad's home, i get a lot more hugs. i'm really proud of him. find out more about wounded warrior project at welcome home the brave. with all our beaches packed with people during the heat wave, rescue crews have to be
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ready in case there's an emergency in the water. san francisco firefighters posted a video of this exercise. the included training with a helicopter when the surf is too rou rough. >> a concord police canine is recovering after he got bitten by another dog on a s.w.a.t. call. the department shared this photo of hancock. on saturday, a pit bull in oakley charged at officers and bit hancock on the leg and neck. police say they shot and killed the other dog sothey could save their canine and themselves frometer getting more hurt or even death. hancock is now resting comfortably at his handler's home. >> spacex is expected to launch two rockets this week. the california company postponed a launch set for today because of an issue. the launch now set for friday will send bulgaria's first geocommunication satellite into space. they'll use a reused rocket for only the second time.
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the company pchs's second launch will happen next saturday. >> it's official. the beehive has grown. beyonce's father tweeted a message to his newest grandkids. now, some beyonce fans are not happy the news came from him. they wanted beyonce, known for epic posts like this one, when she announced she was pregnant, to make the big reveal about her twins. so far, she said nothing. publicly, at least. us weekly reports beyonce gave birth to a boy and girl, and that she did it last monday. the carters can keep a secret. >> yes. >> hi, mike nicco. >> good morning. no secret, going to be hot again today for most of us, but we had some rain last night. were you one of those who was taken aback by the thunderstorm that rolled through? here's a look from mt. tamalpais at some of the areas on the left side, berkeley hills, piedmont,
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richmond, san rafael, all receiving .01 inch of rain. average high is 80 in san jose. you had 103 yesterday. your record today would be 99. you won't quite get there, but near 70 at 9:00. near 90 at noon, and in the 90s through at least about 5:00. if you're going to the coliseum after a huge sweep of the yankees, 7:05 first fitch. 76, dropping down to 69. good luck, a's. here's sue. >> let's take a look outside. we've got some green sensors for the most part. we do have some slowing out of the central valley with speeds of about 35 miles per hour slowing things into the dublin, pleasanton area. one problem spot right near sfo northbound 101 near 380. a car blocking the middle lane. appare apparently, a tire blown out. i'm not seeing a lot of slow traffic in here, but just be aware it is there, and we'll take a look at some of the drive times if you're heading out right now. moderate tracy into dublin, 38
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minutes. highway four westbound traveling to concord, looking good. westbound from antioch and into san francisco from marin county, no delays there. had some debris near the robin williams tunnel. that has been since cleared out so you're looking pretty good all the way into san francisco. >> sue, thank you. >> researchers in new york are gearing up for a project so ambitious it's being called the human project. 10,000 new yorkers will be asked to share personal information like blood samples, cell phone locations and credit card swipes for 20 years. the goal is to get as much data as possible to draet a holistic picture of the population including health, aging, education, and other aspects of human life. >> you're looking at home security video of a man fighting off a group of armed robbers inside his home in florida. the man grabbed a machete and began chasing the five masked men around his property, even disarming one robber who pointed a shotgun at him. the man held the man at
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knifepoint, and officers captured the four suspected robbers who ran away after the man confronted him. >> surprising police in massachusetts. >> hey, there, buddy. what are we doing? yeah? >> i'm not your buddy, he says. >> okay, this is a strange call to begin with. an officer called out for a report of a loose pig. the officer thought, okay, this is probably going to be a potbelly pig. someone's pet. instead, he found this 1,000-pound swine. >> i noticed out of the corner of my eye, saw this giant shadowing figure and turn and look. that's when i saw this huge pig. i was not getting out of the cruiser, no. >> when you see the perspective of this, i mean, that is crazy. police were able to track down the pig's owner who says he'll add measures to try to keep the animal from escaping again. >> that looks like a domestic pig turning into a wild boar
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real fast. >> what is happening with this situation? >> all right. some like it hot but not this hot, right? >> next at 5:00 a.m., the growing impact from the searing bay area heat wave. >> and are african-americans and hispanics really treated unfairly by police during traffic stops? find out what is happening today that could shed light on the truth. >> and taking a live look outside. keep tabs on weather and traffic throughout the commercial break.
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welcome on this monday, june 19th. we were just talking about how we're totally different shades today. >> yeah, true story. mike nicco, like a bronzed god today. >> you're too kind. that's because i wore spf 50 instead of 100 on vacation and it still didn't work. put it on three or four times a day. >> it worked because you actually have skin tone. it worked a little bit. >> i guess you're right. >> it did help a little. all right, that's a good way to put it. hi, everybody. here's a


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