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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 20, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." right now at 11:00, a bay
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area heat wave, uncomfortably and dangerously high temperatures are not going away soon. sandhya has the accuweather forecast. >> and the heat is straining the state's electrical grid. as a result. california power officials making a plea tonight. >> with the heat comes fire danger. it has forced bay area homeowners to evacuate. i'm kristen sze in for ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. it will stay hot in the inland area tomorrow. >> let's begin with sandhya patel checking out live doppler seven. take a look for for for for that fog made a difference where temperatures were in the 60s to 80s, but well inland has triple digits, 104 in antioch a hot one. sweltering heat not going away any too many soon. hee relate willed illness is
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possible which is why heat advisory is up until 9:00 p.m. thursday. we have an excessive heat warning covering solano county until 8:00 p.m. thursday. it will get hotter than it was today. i will be back with a full look at the forecast. >> thanks so much. to sky seven showing the threat facing homeowners in east bay, a raging grass fire and the heat did not help. it started at 2:30 this afternoon behind campo linda high school. "abc 7 news" reporter katie utehs live with the story. >> reporter: dan, investigators will be out tomorrow to try to determine where the fire started and what started it. meanwhile, residents can sleep easier knowing there are a couple of crews still on the hill site watching for hot spots. >> as soon as i stemmed outside i was like, oh, there's a fire. >> she lives just south of where
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a grass fire threated 20 to 30 homes this afternoon. >> i couldn't see any flames, but i knew knew it was kind of scare zblooe. >> it hits a tree, the tree lights up fast. >> reporter: high temperatures and shifting winds moved the fire quickly across 16 acres. firefighters asked people to shelter in place but some chose to evacuate instead. >> ee grabbed a few items of clothing and some stuff for the animals and that was it. it was like way too fast to even think about anything else. >> reporter: the mirago fire district called in help from east bay regional parks and cal fire. the spectacle of scooping water from the lafayette reservoir drew onlookers. >> they're doing a good job putting water on the leading edge. >> reporter: within a few hours crews knocked down the fire, doing so in heat, exceeding 90 degrees. >> people get tired more quickly
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and we have to rotate them off the fire to rehabilitate them before we can put them back out so we don't end up with heat emergency. >> reporter: firefighters say the fire started somewhere on private property on the hillside. in myrrh aud ah, indicate earry utehs, "abc 7 news." right now are working in darkness attacking a rapidly spreading fire in san bernardino county. it has scorched 850 acres in a rural area near big lake. some people voluntarily evacuated. 450 firefighters are working this blaze. a difficult and dangerous battle with temperatures in the mid 80s and humidity less than 10%. state power officials are urging all of us to do our best to conserve electricity over the next two days. the nonprofit that oversees california's power system has issued a flex alert asking everyone to use less electricity between 2:00 and 9:00 p.m. tuesday and wednesday.
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power use has surged with the temperatures, pg&e is now using generators to keep power flowing in livermore where some businesses have experienced intermittent power outages. >> the stress because you don't know when the power is coming back, you don't know if you send employees home. >> pg&e just updated their numbers. a little more than 2,000 customers are without power right now with half of those in the south bay. you can stay on top of the heat wave with the "abc 7 news" accuweather app. download the app and track your forecast on the go. developing news tonight in the north bay. a santa rosa mother is grieving after losing her two children. police say they were killed by their own father who then killed himself. the bodies were discovered today on slater street where "abc 7 news" reporter lilian kim is live with this terribly tragic story. lilian. >> reporter: dan, alvara camaro was supposed to return his children to their mother last
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night but that didn't happen. instead deputies found them in his apartment this morning. neighbors say he appeared to be a loving father, separated from his wife. camara would bring his children to a santa rosa home when it was his turn to have his kids, a six-year-old daughter and 18 month old kid. >> he was a good father, playing with them, rileding his bike with them. >> he looked at his son with so much love and pride, it is just really sad. >> reporter: but neighbors say camara appeared to be on edge in recent days. some time between yesterday and this morning police say he killed his two children inside his apartment where he then hanged himself. deputies made the discovery by climbing through the bathroom window sometime after 9:00 a.m. the children's mother called the sheriff's department last night to report he failed to meet her to hand over the kids. >> we're still going to be exploring the timelines to determine when the children were lalast seen and when this trage occurred. the mother immediately did report it to the sheriff's department and they immediately
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began investigating. >> reporter: the mother is being comfort by loved ones at her sonoma county home. law enforcement say she and camara had a "volatile arrangement." >> he was having a hard time going through divorce and there were issues with the kids and custody and all of that. >> reporter: police say as part of their investigation they will go through court records and the family history. in santa rosa, lilian kent. a man is killed of killing his mother in a fire he set in a trailer. he sent the fire yesterday afternoon at the santa rosa estate. it spread throughout the house trapping his 66-year-old mother. firefighters found her body in a rear bathroom. eenl though detectives believe he did not intend to kill his mother, they booked him for arson and whom side. traffic is back to normal tonight on i-680 following this, a massive delay through the evening commute. sky 7 was over the scene in milpitas. the chp detoured cars off the freeway. this is the northbound direction
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at the landis avenue/montaguegue exit. officers say someone was threatening to jump from the overpass. the situation ended at 6:30 no one was injured. >> a dump trump driver faces charges tonight. 55 year old joseph savilles of alameda was under the influence of a controlled substance and had krystal methamphetamine on him. about 50 people were playing bingo in the room where this crash happened. no one was hurt. the senior center suffered major damage and will be closed indefinitely for repairs. some seven months after the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oak land, a 50-page report finds the cause of the fire to be undetermined. >> "abc 7 news" katie marzullo has new information for you. >> reporter: these two photos show the before and after of one of the areas inside the ghost ship warehouse. investigators say the space was bordered by a partial trailer on
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one side and a travel trailer on the other, the fire reduced it all to rubble. in another room you see a table collapsed on to metal chairs and in this photo a dorm size and full size refrigerator, both burned from the top down. investigators say the fire did not originate in these appliances. in fact, the report reveals because of the extensive damage, investigators don't know what started the fire. they cannot rule out candles, incense, a careless or intentional open flame or most prominently an electrical cause. electrical engineers with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives found modifications to the electrical systems, two heavily damaged spider boxes were found in the debris. the report calls them makeshift that supplied parts of the building with electricity. you can see tuper section of the staircase and second floor
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collapsed on to the first floor. the report indicates several victims fell from the second floor. all 36 people who died, died of smoke inhalation. there is one man who was seriously injured and is still in the hospital. his eyewitness account is not available. the ghost ship founder and his second in charge face man slates charges in connection with the fire. katie marzullo, "abc 7 news." stay with us. a lot more to come. a student in prison in north korea passes away days after gaining his freedom. >> coming up the message his heart broken family is sending to the north korean government tonight. >> mallallallallallallallallalll >> and sean spicer may be stepping away from the podium. >> here is what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" at 11:00. >> i invite you to feel the love in our father's youtube challenge for 2017.
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the president is slamming north korea after an american student who spent 17 months in prison there has died. >> now otto warmbier's father is
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speaking out. abc news reporter dana baccas has details. >> reporter: days after his release from detainment, 22 old at owe warmbier has died. he was held captive in north korea for more than a year, sentenced to 15 years hard labor for allegedly stealing a poster during a tour stop there. >> i made the worst mistake of my life. >> reporter: last week he return to ohio, carried off a medevac plane, awake but unresponsive. doctors say he had extensive brain damage. his family saying he looked very uncomfortable, almost anguish. within a day the countenance of his face changed, he was at peace, he was home, and we believe he could sense that. just days before he was released, the north koreans say warmbier contracted botulism and
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fell into a comb after after taking a sleeping pill. >> there's no excuse for a civilized nation to have kept his condition secret and denied him medical care for so long. >> reporter: at the white house monday president trump condemning the north korean regime. >> it is a brutal regime and we'll be able to handle it. >> reporter: the family blames north korea for otto's death saying the awful, tortuous mistreatment of our son received at the hands of the north koreans ensured no other outcome was possible. abc news, los angeles. bears killed two people in alaska in separate attacks over the last two days. during a mountain race sunday, a 250-pound black bear chased down a 16-year-old boy and killed him. before it reached him the teen managed to call his brother. park staffers found his body a mile from the race path with the bear still guarding it. the bear ran off after they shot it. today a bear attacked two people
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outside a gold mine 300 miles away killing one. wildlife officials said unprovoked attacks are rare. well, for washington and politics now. new tonight, sean spicer may be stepping down as the white house press secretary. political reports, spicer is helping search for his own replacement. white house official also met with fox news contributor laura ingraham. reports spicer could move into a more senior role as part of an ongoing staff shakeup. a fallen tree led to a volunteer search to save birds in the east bay. a oip was in oak land to take tree was home to knowy egrets snapped in two this morning. it was a delicate operation for public works crews who had to carefully cut the branches as volunteers went to work. >> they're going through meticulously every branch that's been cut down and finding
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survivors. >> at least four birds were sadly killed. three of them nestlings but the injured birds are being nursed back to health. >> that's good at least. let's turn our attention back to the brutal heat that persists. >> how much longer? >> we have to hang on to the sunscreen, the water and really hang on through the end of the workweek before this heat wave will actually break for our inland communities. take a look at the temperatures tomorrow. tomorrow morning starting you out in antioch at 73 degrees, and really the temperatures just rise rapidly getting you up to 102 degrees tomorrow after noob. that's just two degrees below where you were today and the temperatures are going to hold on in the 90s and eventually the 80s for evening hours. so not much relief coming your way. triple digits around for a while, but there was relief. as you look from our tower camera around the coast and bay today as the fog rolled in and a beautiful sunset tonight. that fog is with us and tomorrow it will continue its cooling influence around the same places
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that we saw the relief today. so inland areas, you're still going to cook. as you take a look at live doppler 7, you will notice fog near the coastline here. it will expand a little more as we head towards tomorrow morning. temperatures right now just a wide range from the 50s at the coast all the way to the 80s inland. so at least if you're inland, the way i look at it is you have some ac at night to help you sleep better. if you're not inland, well, there is some change in our temperatures. hopefully that breeze will help give you a good night sleep here, down six degrees in san francisco. san jose, you're running 12 degrees cooler, and a live look from our sutro tower camera. city hall getting ready for pride celebrations this weekend. here is another live picture from our south bay camera. don't worry, it is not going to be as hot as we head towards the week edged. here is the deal. cooling continues near the bay tomorrow. summer starts tomorrow night at 9:24, and it will be sizzling inland through friday before all areas will get a break. tomorrow morning beginning you with some fog right near the cost and parts of the bay. temperatures will be in the 50s
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along the coastline. well inland, a mild, clear start, 60s 70s. when you start out that mild it will warm up quick. ofly. 96 gilroy. on the peninsula looking at low to mid 80s for most of you. half moon bay 62 degrees so cooler than today. 71 in downtown san francisco. the sun will be shining. it will be warm in the north bay, not as warm as today. 91 napa, 92 santa rosa. east bay low low low low low low 98 in san ramon. if you are going to the a's game tomorrow night, don't worry, sun will be out obviously early part of the game. as the sun sets, breeze kicks in, it will be quite comfortable, low to upper 60s. download the accuweather app to help keep track of the temperatures. if any heat warning going up, you will get the push alert.
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the accuweather seven day forecast will feature summer starting tomorrow night, 9:24. appropriately so. it will be blistering heat heading to thursday, 108 inlanltd. wednesday we will see triple digits at well. in the 70s on thursday on the coast side and slowly temperatures drop on friday. by this weekend for pride celebrations temperatures will be down to low levels, low to mid
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new at 11:00, there's nothing like family bonding. the curry family did just that with new tattoos. an artist who made an in-house call for the curry clan posted a video and shows on instagram. this happened before the championship parade. stefan and eye isha did not show their new tats. father's tattoo is a mystery world leading to much speculation on social media. >> hmm, maybe steph says, egadala stay. >> that would be a good message. >> i think it is a dollar sign
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if you want to start inking up there. we will get to that story. the giants sink to a new low in a season of lows. losing streak our family was drifting apart... ...until we found a connection. you have the power to change your child's life. the boys town national hline can help. (tdd# 1-800-448-1433)
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"abc 7 news" sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. giants open a four game series in atlanta. they lost again. we'll show times-union highlights in a second, but the braves have got this cool new promotion. it is the best thing called "the freeze." a former track star is in costume. they pick a random dude out of the crowd who gets a headstart on the freeze. this race a met for for the entire giants' season. the freeze blasts past the fan and coasts to victory. i love the freeze. it is the best thing in baseball right now. johnny kwayde not the best thing in baseball, giving up a lot of home runs this season. there goes one of them. it was to matt adams. cueto, the braves would explode for seven more in the eighth. derek law. danny santana that is way out. giants ice cold like the freeze.
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9-0 the final. they're 20 games under .500. ace and astros, mcgee living the jug life. here he is. threw out the first pitch at the coliseum. a little low but call it a strike. seven feet tall and he can't teach that. he's hosting a charity softball game at this weekend. facing brad peacock. to the gap. mat joyce scores. chad pinder heading for home. swipes left. a's down 2-1, top eight. it is a springer dinger. george springer off action burg. astros snap the a's win streak. 4 las vegas 1 is final. money games begin. kevin durant will opt out of his contract, plans to resign with golden state. if durant was looking for most cash he could get a deal max 35 million a year, but apparently willing to take a few men on the table, leave money for ewwadala.
1:37 am
here is general manage on durant. >> think he is happy. i think he was happy with the season personally and obviously for the team. i think -- i don't know it could have gone any better for him. so i look forward to sitting down with him and doing whatever is fair, but we certainly want him back. i think he wants to go back. so, you know, when you win those exit interviews are pretty good. >> so report out today indicating egwadala would consider options elsewhere. that runs counter to what he said during the final. maybe to make sure at age 33 andre gets the number of years he wants in a new deal. jerry west introduced as consultant for the clippers, may get as much as four to five million a year for the job. among the projects for west, see if he can lure lebron james to clippers next summer. abc 7 sports


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