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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 20, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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here is general manage on durant. >> think he is happy. i think he was happy with the season personally and obviously for the team. i think -- i don't know it could have gone any better for him. so i look forward to sitting down with him and doing whatever is fair, but we certainly want him back. i think he wants to go back. so, you know, when you win those exit interviews are pretty good. >> so report out today indicating egwadala would consider options elsewhere. that runs counter to what he said during the final. maybe to make sure at age 33 andre gets the number of years he wants in a new deal. jerry west introduced as consultant for the clippers, may get as much as four to five million a year for the job. among the projects for west, see if he can lure lebron james to clippers next summer. abc 7 sports brought to you by
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all right. that's our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. right now jimmy kimmel. we've got new viral videos on an all new show "right this minute." he was trying to take a selfie --
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>> at the top of pedro bonita peak in brazil. >> but instead he captured dramatic footage. i can't do the perfect ones, but i make it work. >> she's a beauty vlogger and has a powerful message for all the ladies. >> you're beautiful just the way that you naturally look. >> hear her inspiring story. >> wow. plus a woman is in danger when a group of individuals come -- >> banging on the windows trying to open the door. >> see what happens next. all the time. >> and mila has had enough. >> she can't catch a break. >> find out who's getting under her skin. >> gosh, that attitude at that age. it's only going to get worse. with so many people having cameras in their pockets these days, it's not hard to believe that things like this get captured.
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>> but where'd he go? >> he fell far. this kid trying to take a selfie at the top of pedro bonita peak in brazil thought he was going to get himself an amazing shot. and that he did. he found trees near the base of that mountain. it took four hours to find the guy because he was stuck in all those trees down below. thankfully his parachute was somewhat open and slowed his fall, but that still caused serious injuries. he's listed in critical condition. >> oh, man. >> wow. >> according to reports, leonardo did not use the launch ramps that are installed up there. and when you see hum start to run, the wind collapses and stalls before he even jumps. so his wing wasn't ever properly inflated. before he just committed and down he went. >> we all know a way.
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>> and these guys in norway have decided to go out kayaking. they found themselves a beautiful spot to do so. first guy to do so, adrian, tries to pick a good line. and -- that's an >> he's back up. >> yes. but he hit bottom. that's not good. thankfully adrian is okay. next up is perman. >> looking from that perspective, i really appreciate how far he fell. >> he goes. he does not hit bottom. but -- >> no. >> did strike a rock at some point. thinks his arm might be broken. they head off to the hospital. thankfully just a heavy contusion. it could have been worse, but they were lucky to get out of that one. to the roads of south africa where this video comes from and we know how quickly things can get dangerous there. that's exactly what happened for
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the driver of the vehicle right in front of us. the second we pull up to that stop sign, people from inside the vehicle in front of the white car get out and immediately begin trying to car jack the woman behind them. banging on the windows, trying to open the door. and you could actually spot at least one of the men with a handg handgun. we don't get to see exactly what happens next. but the commotion continues off camera. and in no time we see the woman that was driving that car running in front of us trying to get help. unfortunately the carjackers got away and left her there stranded. this case is under investigation. while they haven't solved it, they did end up finding the car a little while later. the next one is a chilling video that comes from new zealand. this is from a gas station that had been rigged so that after a certain time of the day, you need to be buzzed in before you can actually come inside of the
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store. and you see that's exactly what's happening at the beginning of the video, except -- and see what happened there? >> he held the door open for his buddy to come in. >> yep. three other men slip in and go behind the counter. they take as much tobacco products as they can. including forcing the clerk to open the till and take an undisclosed amount of money. >> they look like jackal >> fortunately they didn't harm the clerk that was there that night. the company he works for did offer him some services to help him cope with this, obviously, traumatic and scary situation. but he rejected. well, something unbelievable just happened to us. >> that's fred and the us is him, his wife, and his son trent. they were out on the range in the middle of what looks like
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nowhere. where they got a little visitor. >> come here, bud. this is unbelievable. this is so cool. try and pet him again. i have never seen this. >> he said in his 40 years of hunting, something like this has never happened to him. >> what's that antelope doing? >> he's pushing on his leg. >> the antelope is like, play time. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> i should add that fred is a tv host for the outdoor channel and sportsmans channel. >> so he knows how to be around and how to respectfully act around these animals. >> i wonder why this antelope is so easy going and familiar with people. >> that's what's astonishing him and his family. they cannot believe this is happening. >> it really is playing with them. it's hanging out. >> what's really sad, the look that the antelope gives him when it's time to go. >> no. wait, where you going? >> oh, take me with you, please.
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>> bye! bye! >> he's like, wait a minute. i'm an antelope, i can move with speed. >> don't leave a brother in the dust. >> again, he said it's a once in a lifetime experience for him being an outdoorsman. >> this is so cool. but in this next video from nebraska, look what's coming on down the street. >> wait a minute. >> that is macgyver. macgyver is still on the road. >> oh, my gosh. >> a full grown bull in a car. >> this guy didn't want to put the horns on the front. he figured he'd take the whole bull with him. >> this one. hi, guys. and welcome back.
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>> 18-year-old michaela is a fashion and makeup vlogger. she has a youtube channel and loves shares tutorials. and everything about fashion and makeup. >> it gets fun to put on makeup and get all glammed up and put on a nice outfit. i absolutely love it. >> her main message is for people of all shapes, sizes, various characteristics to just love themselves. >> i can use my passion and hobbies to open the doors for people with disabilities. >> you have noticed she's about 2 feet 6 inches tall. she has a bone condition. she's had 25 surgeries and broken about 90 bones. >> i'm very blessed with a great support system and a great family. >> now, you'll notice here her mother was also born with the same condition. >> my parents quit counting fractures at 200 when i was just a young child. i estimate that i've had about 300 fractures.
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>> what? >> wow. and she still with that condition had a child, has raised the child, and is obviously keeping a home. these women are wonder women. >> yes. they're both phenomenal women. and michaela is in college now studying marketing. >> really positive comments. it can be overwhelming at times. it's hard to see 29,000 people. it's amazing. >> here she is with her fun size style youtube channel, she has about 30,000 followers and people reach out to her often about how she inspires them. >> i think how michaela inspires people is they instantly see that, oh, my goodness, this girl has a lot to deal with every day. and look at her attitude. she's smiling. >> people have told her what she can't do her entire life. she mentioned that doctors told her she shouldn't even be alive. >> you might have to do things differently than normal people do. but that's okay. >> here she is doing life the way she wants to do it on her terms and loving every minute of
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in their neighborhoods. in their schools. even in their own homes. exposure to violence can have a devastating and lifelong impact. through community action and leadership at the national level, we're identifying the children who need our help. i'm attorney general, eric holder, and i'm asking those of you who have a role in a child's life to take action. through your attention and early intervention, we can help children in need to heal, to thrive. together we can change their lives
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and their futures. join the justice department in defending childhood. closed captioning provided by -- try new xyzal®. for relief is as effective at hour 24 as hour one. so be wise all take new xyzal®. there's so many active things for kids to do these days. but choosing to do this seems absolutely insane. in russia, they've got subways. so when these guys hop aboard, they make their way outside of the train. when the train stops, the kid slips off, runs through that very narrow gap between the train cars and the tunnel, but wait. it gets even dumber. because this kid is going to turn himself into the on the windshield and ride the front of the train. >> this is nuts. >> bad idea.
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>> it looks like he's staying out of the view of the train engineer in the front. the train pulls into the terminal here. he's even giving the shocker to people standing on the platform. looks like he's got a buddy there waiting for him to give him a hand and they take off through the crowd. they could even pick up things like drone flying. that's a lot safer. like this kid is iceland. he's whipping through this narrow canyon. almost like luke sky walker on the death star. this is a talented pilot. he gets so low, he splashes the lens. remember i said this isn't as dangerous as skipping on trains. >> you were just kidding. >> i was a little bit wrong about that. >> so close! and that was such a cool shot too. >> crashes the drone. here's where it gets dangerous. the pilot decided to try and go get that drone. he went down a very steep hill, slipped and fell.
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tumbled into the river. got kind of hurt, dried everything out, had to go back a few days later with the help of his sister. they used climbing equipment. the kid wound up with an injured near and a broken rib. >> best buds. ♪ there you see big dog tv in front of a very familiar skyline. yes, this is new york city. got to show people the money. >> ten dollar bills to give to
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true strangers who are true to their passions. >> what do you love to do? >> i love to help other people. >> i'm an actor. but i have an audition right now. >> no way, dude. >> he thinks, hey, that's great that you're doing what you love to do. so gives them a little tip. >> all i got to say is we're rewarding people following their dreams. so here's a hundred bucks in this envelope just to help pursue your dreams. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> find people who are following their passions and give them a paycheck. >> and in new york city, you can use every ten you can get. >> what are you most passionate about? >> being an entrepreneur. >> what do you do? >> digital marketing. >> how many of us have said i'm busy, no thank you, before they even ask the question. this guy, he says music is his passion. >> what kind of music do you do?
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>> pretty much a bit of everything. >> he gives him some money. he also gives that woman who had a passion for helping the homeless money. but he found some street musicians. this guy, he doesn't even perform for us, but he does have some cool words to say. >> man, this is a day. >> but this woman has the voice of an angel. [ singing ] >> wow. pay that woman. >> yeah. can you give her a couple envelopes? >> this first campaign will sponsor five people and give them money to pursue their passion. they're calling it the passion paycheck. >> hey, it's paying off, man. these ladies are at the -- >> right place, wrong time. >> and here's why. >> oh! >> oh, gosh, the trailer came loose. plus, for the last nine
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listerine® total care strengthens teeth, after brushing, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. talk about unfortunate. right place, wrong time, impeccable timing. these four girls just left school. as they're there walking next to this motorcycle -- >> oh, gosh. the trailer came loose. >> yes. there's a vehicle driving down the street carrying a trailer that becomes unhitched. it comes crashing toward these girls. you see that people immediately rush over to help them out. >> how are they? because that's not exactly a light piece of equipment.
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>> their injuries weren't severe. they were all discharged. one of them appears to have had a broken wrist. they had bruises and lacerations that they had to have stitched. the good news is they were all able to live after this incident. now over to australia where that bridge is that a driver will obviously not pay attention to especially when driving a truck way too tall. >> oh. >> good grief. >> that's dangerous for everybody. underneath, on the bridge. oh, man. >> yeah. just shattered. >> yeah. there's debris everywhere. according to reports, the truck was fivene. the driver was fine. unfortunate accident that is now going to serve as a reminder for people to drive carefully. i know the show is called "right this minute," but this video actually started nine years ago.
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way back in 2008, young kid about 17 years old. but since then he's taken a picture of himself every single day. >> oh, wow. >> changing styles, he's a big fan of hats at this stage. you can see different people in this life coming and going. but this video is about six minutes long. in fact, the entire video covers nine years and one month. he missed a few days here and there. it's neat to see brian grow from a teenager into a young man. >> yeah. and i love the fact he's kept his style for such a long time. >> and he gets into a piercing phase. first one, then two. >> yeah. now his hair color is changing. >> has a couple of injuries throughout the years. now we've got snake bite piercings. those come and go. so do the hoops. >> that is so interesting. >> but the hats remain. >> yeah, he still likes the hats. >> the facial hair is growing now. >> at one point, looks like he suffered a black eye. >> must have been a good party. >> but look as his face now starts to change. you can definitely tell he's getting more mature.
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you can see some of his travels as well. eventually the long hair goes bye-bye. >> this is a good reminder to chill and let the phases pass. they seem like they happen forever. but when you look back, it's just a blip in time. don't dare mess with mila. find out who's got it coming. >> drama. whatever.
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supervision, kids. you're welcome, america. mila, mila, mila, mila, mila. she's got a new beef. and she's got a just reason to have it. >> talk about charles. >> charles is her brother. >> i don't want to be on the receiving end of her wrath. charles is in trouble. >> why did you? >> she can't can catch a break. >> i'm done with it. this is drama.
2:06 am
whatever. >> mila can bring the drama if you want the drama, charles. >> i know somebody like that. >> do you, now? >> yeah. >> okay. >> he knows nothing. if i'm so tiny, jump over me. >> yeah. bring it. >> roll the tape. >> she's got the video footage to prove what she's telling us. there she is with her s dance moves. >> when here comes charles trying to jump over her tiny self and just boom. >> you can't. >> and in that moment, mila is exonerated. because, she


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