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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 20, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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son. california's under a flex atlert morning and we'll all advised to conserve electricity to ease pressure on the power grid. this is a graph from the agency that oversees our statewide system. we're at the lowest point right now, but it is expected to peak between 5:00 and 6:00. the flex alert is issued from 2:00 to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow with temperatures expected to climb even higher on thursday. they say this heat wave is the biggest single heat event affecting power use since 2006. >> and the heat is posting some problems for our roads. in santa rosa part of the sidewalk along shah nate road buckled under the triple digit temperatures. this happens when concrete expands due to prolonged heat. neighbors first spotted the buckled sidewalk saturday. street crews couldn't get to it till yesterday. there is a run on fans and air conditioners. abc 7 news was at the orchard supply hardware where shelves
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were nearly empty. one lucky customer was getting the last ac as we were there. the manager says they have more ac's and fans arriving regularly. >> a wildfire in southern california is forcing voluntary evacuations this morning. it broke out yesterday around 3:00. it jumped to 850 acheners a maertd of hours and the last time we checked the fire was 0% contained. 4-50 firefighters are working that blaze. you can track the temperatures where you live on the app, you can piend it freon the app store. google wants to build a mega campus in downtown san jose and today the city will decide whether to take the next step and enter into talks. >> not everyone is so happy about the splent. matt keller is live us in san jose. >> reporter: good morning. google has good plans for this area but some community activists want to make sure they have their say. the city sees a lot of
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opportunity here in the downtown area. the tech giant twoobts wants to build a mega campus between 6 to 8 million square feet with cam track and eventually the bart ex-tense. google has started buying up parcels. today the council will decide if it wants to move forward with an exclusive negotiating agreement with goolg for some of the city-owned and successor agency to the redevelopment agency properties. labor leaders and community activists are concerned residents will be left out and result in for again tra if i occasion in the downtown area. tey want the city workers and company to build the project and hire local people to work in it when it's complete. >> there's an substantial risk it will acc zaser base income inequality and make the housing problem worse than it already is. >> this will abe long process. the mayor predicts the project
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could take a decade to kpleelt. today's council meeting starts at 1:30 this afternoon. >> matt, thank you. one of the biggest questions people have about the ghost ship fire may never be answered. a report by oakland fire investigators it says they can't determine how the fire started. investigators say it could be electrical failure but they don't rule out candles or smoking materials. they did determine that a makeshift electrical system was powering the warehouse. 36 people died in december's fire. the ghost ship art collector's founder and his second in charge face man slauder charges with that fire. a north bay mother is grieving who lost her two children. the bodies were discovered yesterday on slater street? santa rosa. lilian kim has the story. >> reporter: neighbors say alvaro camara appeared to be a loving father.
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he would bring his children to his home when it was his turn to have the kids. >> they're really super sweet kids and he seemed like a really good father. he was always playing with them, riding his bike out here with them. >> he just looked at his son with so much love and pride, it's just really sad. >> reporter: but neighbors say he did appear to be on edge in vent days. police say he killed his two children inside his apartment where he then hanged himself. deputies made the discovery by climbing through the bathroom wind sometime after 9:00 a.m. the children's mother kaulds the sheriff's department to report that he failed to meet her to hand over the kids. >> we're still going to be exploring the timelines of when this tragedy occurred. the mother did immediately report it to the sheriff's department and they immediately began investigating. >> reporter: the mother is being comfort the by her loved ones at her sonoma county home. she said they have a, quote, volatile arrangement. >> there was issues with the
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kids and custody and all of that. >> police say as part of their investigation they'll be going through court records ant family's history. lilian kim, abc 7 news. a group of jewish students and visitors is suing san francisco state university against alleged anti-semitism and discrimination. it comes from last april when the mayor of jerusalem was invited to speak on the koofrp pus. they say they shouted chants and used bull horns while they told police to stand down. they zruchted the mayor's speech. the group who hosted him say their first amendment triet free speech was violated. yesterday the california citizens compensation commission approved a pay hike in december in the say fifth raise in three years for the law makers. that pushes his salary up to $195,000 making hip the highest paid in the country. they're set to vote on a
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proposal to ban the sale of flavored tobacco. it would prohibit selling products. they target vulnerable populations like african americans and teenagers. small business owners say the ban will hurt them and promote a black market of flavors tobacco products. happening today a vote on money for the controversial expansion of the west county detention center? richmond. protests are expected as they're set to vote on aloe indicating $25 million of the general fund for the project. supervisors voted to pursuit 400 bed jail expansion to alleviate overcrowding at the martinez jail. they say the money would be better spent on mental health and other services. now your accuweather forecast. >> let's talk more about the excessive heat that's still going to be around for some of us today. let's go to the map and you can see the areas not in orange, the bay shoreline, specifically the san francisco bay line and out
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towards the coast not in the heat advisory but everybody else in orange is. so another day of oppressive to possibly dangerous heat with the worst heat, the most dangerous heat up in solano county that's why you're under an excessive heat warning thlt this is all until thursday earning. 24 temperature change, hoem hopefully this puts a smile on your face as reggie mentioned. yeah where are a little better sleeping weather temperatures are 2 to 10 degrees cooler. in san francisco about 54 to about 57 degrees, elsewhere we're running in the upper 50s to low 60s around the bay shore into the south bay and northboy bay. upper 60s in east bay neighborhoods. for your frans it today, the bart stations there's going to be some warm ones, it's not going to be as warm if you're tark the ferry and that asphalt could get up to 135 to 40 degrees as you're driving around today. temperatures seventies and '80s around the bay, it gets hotter tomorrow and even on thursday more on that next.
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let's take a look outside we have a couple of issue. bay bridge no problems here. meetering lights remain off so it's a good time to head in if you have to be up this early. couple of problems in oakland. first we had a report of a stalled big rig westbound 580 before golf lynxes now we're getting reports chp the same area opposite direction an overturned vehicle. chp sont way there so we'll get some clarification when we come back in our next report. >> thank you, sioux. drones seem to be everywhere and with their popularity comes some concerns. now one bay area community is considering a crack done on those dwiegss. more relief coming for the more relief coming for the victims of coyote creek flood
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abc 7 mornings are. >> all zbluz all morning. >> santa cruz is now considering a new drone law to protect the safety of the community. according to "sent nal". they have complaints of privacy. the first draft was tro diced yesterday. proposed ideas include needing constent e sent for owners to fly over their property to staying away from police investigations and emergencies. if the city council approves the law at two public readings it would go into feekt 30 days later. now a live desk update.
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>> all eyes on georgia today for a special congressional election. the most expensive race in house history. >> i want to show you a look here at the polling place from just a few moments ago. it just opened up, one of the plafrss in georgia where people are casting their ballot in georgia's sixth district. historically republican, and the vase between gop candidate karen handel and the democrat 30-year-old newcomery jon osoff. if osoff wins it colorado would give democrats their first big win in the trump era. but either way it's a real eye opener for republicans who have a strong hold in that district since the year 1979. so we're going to see if it changes. >> no question, all eyes or georgia today. thanks. the company that authorized otto warmbier's travel to u.s. said stez is going to stop taking u.s. citizens to that country. he died after at home after 17
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months in captivity. >> reporter: he was the college junior turned north korean prisoner. he was enrolled at the university of virginia when he traveled to the communist cuntry and was captured on video stealing e stealing a propaganda poster. he was working to defame north korea as a pawn of the u.s. government, es spite his pleas for mercy, he was sentenced to 15 years hard labor. >> please save mistake of my life. >> that confession won't last time otto family's would hear his voice. after 17 months he returned home but upon arrival he was carried off a plane unable to walk, talk, or respond to verbal commands. >> his neurological condition can be best described as a state of unresponsive wakefulness. >> reporter: doctors said they saw no evidence of physical beatings or of botulism which north korean officials claim he
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contracted after taking a sleeping pill, but the family isn't buying it. >> even if you believe their explanation of botulism and a sleeping pill causing the coma, and we don't, there's no excuse for any civilized nation to have kept his condition secret. >> reporter: and just six days later, he died. >> he was in very tough condition but he just passed away a little while ago. that's a brutal regime and we'll be able to handle it. >> reporter: it's not clear what impact his death will have on the already tense situation between the united states and the rogue nuclear power. but at least one top republican wants to ban tourist travel to north korea after his death. well, japanese air bag maker takata is likely to seek bankruptcy protection. they say that will leave little money for those who sued the company after deaths caused by exploding air bag inflaters. at least 16 people died worldwide.
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it 2u67d off the biggest recall in history. they agreed to a $1 billion settlement. one lawyer says the fikts will get 5 to 10 cents on the dollar compared to what they would get suing a healthy company. millions of dollars of relief is coming to help state lawmakers. they passed a bill allowing $5.4 million to help flood relief. it will go directly to hauz housing for flood victims. last february coyote creek overflowed and the subsequent flooding caused over $100 million to homes in businesses in low-lying neighborhoods along the creek. happening in multiple agencies in san francisco they're teaming up to help beach goers about common hazards we face this time of year. they plan to address beach conditions and public safety where there are dangerous rip currents. rescue teams will conduct a mock rescue to teach people how they can help. they start at 10:00 this morning near lincoln way. people ledding to the beach
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to escape the hot weather are we out of it yet? >> at the beach we are the rest of us not so much. speaking of rip dhaurnts what me and my wif were doing. we watched a special on it and we sat there and montero beach sunday and it was fascinateding to see how they roll. all right. so you got a sneak peak of the coast right there, pacifica, half moon bay at 60s everywhere else on the pins pla in the 70s and 80s. here's a look from our roof camera. most daylight today and tomorrow, yeah, that's it. we have reached our peak of daylight as the summer sols stis tis hits at about 9:24 this evening. heat builds tomorrow, records likely thursday, and then the heat will subside as we head into the weekend. here's a look at what's going on at the coast, just to give you an idea, foggy conditions there were ceiling's about 300 feet, visibility about 2.5 miles. this isn't going to hang around there will abe little more sunshine at the coast than
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yesterday. temperatures, we're going to be from 83 to 88 in the san jose. 75 millbrae, 80 fwhun san mateo, look at these low to mid-60s along the coast, refreshing low 70s to mid sets san francisco, south san francisco. 87 in san rafael to 94 in santa rosa. richmond, berkley, oakland, everybody else in the 80s and a sprinkling of 100s in the east bay valleys. ithurs going to be brutal. sioux. we're going to go outside now, chp getting first reports of an accident. this is the east shore freeway in the westbound direction right at university and i'm not seeing any activity right now as far as emergency crews. it looks like traffic is flowing pretty nicely westbound past university we'll check back with the chp and get an update that. currently a couple other issues. we just had all lanes blocked temporarily, this is westbound
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5 -- pardon me, westbound 580 before golf links we have two incidents so we're trying to clear it up here. westbound is a stalled big rig, eastbound all lanes before golf links just temporarily while they get an overturned vehicle out of there. not seeing a lot of slowing yet. thank you. the bay area loses its bragging rights over beer, the brew that is now number one in the nation. >> the holidays are months away but one delivery company is already planning for it by charging you more. >> washington smaking it easier for your internet provider to sell your online habits. the california lawmakers are saying not here. first this morning's tech bites. >> in today's tech bitesual street opens in record territory this morning thanks in part to tech stocks. >> facebook, netflix and amen will open higher are the amazon hit an all-time high yesterday. this as several tech ceos met with the president at the white house. >> if you subscribe to apple music, they could save you some money. they atted a $99 annual plan.
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>> that's about $20 less than what most people say. if you have some old gadgets around the house, you'll like this. a working amen 1 from 1976 sold last week at auction for $355,000. it originally cost about $600. >> a discount. the model was hand built by reef e steve jobs himself in his very own garage. >> you've seen it from the movies. movies. >> i used to build things like
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we're back at 4:51. the pride flag is flying over san francisco city hall this morning. the mayor joined house majority leader nancy pelosi to raise the rainbow flag lot of night. this year's flag ceremony kicks off the 47th pride celebration and it honors gilbert baker he's the artist who created first rainbow flag right here in the city. he recently day. san francisco's pride zbraigs celebration happens this weekend. sending holiday gifts for ups could cost you more this year. >> i know you're trying to get me to think about krift mass, we're only in june. ups is saying it's planning to charge a surcharge for holiday deliveries this year. it's going to be sfwent cents foreground shipment earlier in the season ton 97 cents earlier in the peak times. there's a wind zo between december 3rd and the seven teeth where the charge will not apply and then kicks in again. they say the surcharges will help they'll cover the costs of
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hiring adrishl workers and rentding trucks and planes during the busy holiday season if the isn't that their job? isn't that the only thing they do is deliver mail. the top rated commercial beer in the nation no longer comes from the bay area. for the last eight years, elder has been named number one by the american home brewer's koegsz association. it's made by a ruks russian company here in santa rosa. however, thisser is vaps that bails hard man in the spot. it's one of the top six. piney elder comes in number two. brek taft stout, flee floyd zombie dust and hot slam. are these just words put together in a random order. >> we wanted to see if you would say it all. >> it looks like word salad to me but i'm sure people who love beer know what i'm talking about. >> pineya the elder was not included in the survey because it doesn't have wide enough
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distribution. >> zombie dust. >> zombie dust. >> doesn't sound like something want to drink. >> doesn't' sound healthy. >> maybe today i pour it on my head. >> there you go. >> you know how hot this dark hair gets. let's take a look at what's going on the exploratorium as we look from pier 15. let's take a look at your warming trend today. in fact, today's going to be our coolest day this week and temperatures are still anywhere from 3 to 16 degrees above average, at least coolest until we get to the weekend. here's some more good news. if you slept well this morning, keep it going tomorrow morning. look at that, 50s along the coast, mid-50s there, mid to upper 50s around the bay to some 60s inland. the only hot spot antioch about 73. and 102 today, 104 wednesday, 106 wednesday. 87 sunday, it's going to feel like spring, or fall four. let's talk about the a's they could make it another win but they've got another chance
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today. 7005 first pitch, dropping down to about 65. here's sioux. >> we'll go and check on where we have a couple problem spots this morning. first head over to oakland we have all lanes blocked, you can see that purple right there eastbound between golf link they're trying to remove an overturned vehicle to once again avoid eastbound if you can, take 880 at this hour. westbound stoold stalled big rig lane number four that's in the exact same, area, so two cooperate incidents confirmed and out near byron vas coroad at comean know diablo, both lanes blacked blokd with an accident there and that's a good bypass flower so expect delays. once they get that cleared we'll check back. >> all right. pu it. a new federal law alaws internet provideser to track your internet use and celt information they gather. but a metro introduced in sacramento aims to restore your privacy. it would, i them to get your
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consent before releasing the details. they also want to enghalk pay for privacy practices. >> we're talking about sensitive information including for example their health information, social security number, and also their browsing history as to what web sites that they have visited over the years. so this is very important and sensitive information that we want to do everything to protect. >> well, about a dozen other states are working on similar proposals. turns out pizza rat has some competition this morning. >> either that or pizza rat himself has been work out because now there's a rat who hauls trash. a woman in brooklyn started shooting video on her cell phone when she spotted this rod dent dragging a bag of garbage last week. it eventually dragged some pizza out of the bag. that's where it gets suspicious, if is it the same rat. people who live in the neighborhood say they're used to seeing rots rats on the streets and therp not afraid of getting close to hum zblanz i don't know if you remember how it ended, he think he loses the piece of
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pizza in the end. if this is pizza rat i'm excited he finally had his day. in case didn't know, we're in the middle of a heat wave we've been talking about nonstop. next at 5:00 what you need to know about it today. >> and where in northern california someone cooked bacon and cookies inside of a car. and hiel the heat is actually affecting travel this morning here at the live desk getting new numbers on all the flights that are stopped, i'll have the details next. who's going to regulate self-driving cars? tesla and google are both backing a new proposal that could draskally impact the antonymous car landscape.
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good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> ooif clock a.m. on a tuesday, june 20th. welcome to another hot day if you're inland. >> that's true. and it's going to get hot for the rest of us as this week goes on. thursday is the day we'll talk to mike in just a second about that. first we'll see how traffic looks this morning. >> a couple problem spots right now believe it or not at 5:00 a.m. we've got an overturned vehicle in oakland. this is eastbound 580 kbr golf links that purple they've had it closed down all lanes


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