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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 20, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> ooif clock a.m. on a tuesday, june 20th. welcome to another hot day if you're inland. >> that's true. and it's going to get hot for the rest of us as this week goes on. thursday is the day we'll talk to mike in just a second about that. first we'll see how traffic looks this morning. >> a couple problem spots right now believe it or not at 5:00 a.m. we've got an overturned vehicle in oakland. this is eastbound 580 kbr golf links that purple they've had it closed down all lanes there to get this out of the way.
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so for the time being take 880 and we'll let you know when this gets cleared up. the same area westbound before golf shrinks stalled, big rig is out in lanes there, lane number four. and vasco rode at comean know avenue we've got an accident blocking both lanes there. and also a car into the ditch southbound 101 near steele lane and a tow truck sont way there, may be block a lane. we'll keep you updated. mike. thank you, sue. good morning, summer starts today and today's going to be one of our cooler days until we get to the weekend. 57 in san francisco, 7:00. 59 oakland, you see 69 in san jose, oakland -- excuse me concord 67 and santa rosa about 69. still 64. 70s and 80s in our inland neighborhoods and by 4:00 look at all those 80s and 90s inland with 60s and 70s around the bay. as we pull back to 7:00 this evening we'll have temperatures
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again in the 60s and 70s around the bay. still some 80s to 90s inland. here's reggie with more news. thanks. pg&e has seen the most heat relalted outages they've seen be in a decade. >> we can tell you more than 1200 customers are still without power, most of the them in the south bay. we haven't even hit the hottest part of the week yet. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson is live in berkeley with what today's flex alert means. hey, tiffany. >> reporter: hey, there, natasha. this heat is not just taxing on our bodies it's a major drain on the power grid and that's what brings us to the flex alert. cal isoissued a statewide flex alert today and tomorrow from twop:00 to 9:00 p.m. so they're urging everyone to help avoid more power outages by limiting use. that means run their appliances dish washing machine, air-conditioning early on before
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electricity peeks. turn off all necessary lights and set your thermostats to 70 degrees or higher. this flex alert is meant to avoid widespread issues. a pg&e says sunday was the most impactful heat event since 2006. >> on thursday we're going to having another event that's similar in temperatures and so we're kind of using the knowledge that we gained from this past week and this past weekend and applying it to what we think is coming our way. >> pg&e is also stationing crews in the most high-risk areas to limit down time if and when outages occur. you can help protect the power grid by following the flex alert guidelines from 2:00 to 9:00 both tonight and tomorrow. live in berkeley, tiffany wilson. tiffany, thank you. pg&e does say this is the most impactful single heat event they've seen in more than 10
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years. in livermore many businesses around first street were closed yesterday. there's about intermittent electricity since sunday. >> problem is, once the power goes off, the heat rises really fast. >> that's because you don't know when the power's coming back, you don't know if you're sending employees home. >> and mike will tell you more about this, but thursday is forecast to be the hottest day of the workweek. pg&e is trying to staj its crews in the hottest spots so they can respond quickly to any problems. now a live desk update. >> reggie here at the live desk tracking this, the heat causing headaches for travelers this morning. american airlines just announced new cancellations today for the heat in phoenix. seven flights already cancelled yesterday and today, listen to this number. 43 already cancelled. they're mostly smaller regional flights from sky harbor to l.a., palm springs and other california airports and some in arizona. american officials say their jets cannot fly when it gets
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hotter than whun 18 degrees, expected to hit one 20 today and tomorrow in nooen phoenix and a lot of arizona. >> investigators will be back out in mar ragaed to try to determine what caused the 16-acre grass fire that happened right near a high school. you can see sky 7 over that fire. started at 2:30 yesterday afternoon and threatened 20 to 30 homes. residents were asked to shelter, some chose to evacuate instead. they were able to containt flames within a few hours. . they say it started some where on private property on the hillside. you can stay on top of the heat wave with the app. download the app and track your forecast on the go. we're digging deeper into this, it's a 50-page report that finds the cause of the ghost ship fire to be undetermined. abc 7 news reporter katy mar zula has more on this report nearly seven months after that deadly warehouse fire. >> these two photos showed the before and after of one of the areas inside the ghost ship
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warehouse. they say the space was bordered by a partial trailer on one side and a travel trailer on the other. the fire reduce today all to rubble. in another room you see a table collapsed on to metal chairs and in this photo a dorm-size and a full-size refrigerator both burned from the top down. investigators say the fire did not originate in these appliances. in fact, the report reveals because of the extensive damage, investigators don't know what started the fire. they cannot rule out candles, incense, a careless or intentional open flame, or most prominently an electrical cause. electrical engineers with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives found mod if i occasions to the warehouse's electrical systems. two heavily damaged temporary power distribution boxes or spider boxes were found in the firedry. the report calls them part of a makeshift system that supplied areas of the building with electricity. in this foet foe you can see what's left of a staircase to the second fleer. the upper section of the
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staircase and the second floor sur rounding it collapsed on to the first floor. the report indicates several victims also fell from the second floor. but all 36 people who died, died of smoke inhalation. there is one man who was seriously injured and is still in the hospital. his eyewitness account is not available. the ghost ship founder and his second in charge face manslaughter charges in connection with the fire. abc 7 news. and we have posted this entire report online if you'd like to read it you can find it by going to >> santa rosa detectives are now charge a man with homicide after a fire killed his mother. officials say 32-year-old ian stamp lit the fire sunday at theettes e estates. it spread through the home trapping his 66-year-old mother. they found her body in a rear bathroom. even though detectives don't believe to kill his mother, they booked him for arson and homicide. the u.s. senate appears to be on a road at passing
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obamacare. republicans hold the majority in the senate and gop leaders are crafting the obamacare replacement bill until closed-door meetings. democrats spoke against it for several hours on the senate floor yesterday and they promised to use several procedural moves to slow the bill's progress. a vote could take place next week. millions of americans could lose their health coverage. traffic is flowing this morning after a massive delay on i-6080. chp detoured cars off the freeway at expressway exit last night. they say someone was threatening to jump from the next overpass. lanes opened just before 10:00 p.m. and no one was hurt. federal lawmakers are considering a package of bills that would eliminate most rules governing self-driving cars. they say conflicting laws from 18 states make it difficult to design and test cars across states. lawmaker released a draft of 14 bilsz under consideration that would consolidate most of those regulations at the federal
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level. one would, i them to no longer disclose crashes involving these cars. i've always want dodd this. if you want a visual on how hot it's been, look at this photo by the national weather service in sacramento. they were cook something treats yesterday and tweeting it out write aflg four hours the bacon is crispy and the cookies cooked almost completely through. lunch is on them. more importantly this serves as a reminder just how hot cars can get and no doubt about it find of been an advocate for that, talk about it a lot. you can't leave anything in the car, a. he, your child, look before you lock. look in the backseat before you lock the door and leave your car. the car could get up to 150 degrees, it's ridiculous how hot it will get. i was joking yesterday i grabbed the steering wheel and said a few choice words that aren't suitable for television. but in all seriousness it's dangerous out there. listen to your body. change the heat tips a little bit because we're into about our
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third and fourth day. listen to your body. if your body's not feeling it, find some shade, hydrate often as much as you can, wear that light, loose-fitting clothing and check on our seen yoerz and pets and our young kids also. they want to be outside playing in this. temperatures right now, very comfortable on the peninsula, foster city at 60, everybody in the 50s. let's take a look at the east bay shore, low to mid-60s there. north bay mid to 60s and 70 out in antioch. walnut creek will hit 100 today. do it this morning, now if you could, exercise. cool conditions open our beechds and staying cool at the pool or at the beaches strong sunshine. 122 in palm springs and that's not a record high temperature. are you kidding me in the record high is 123. i'll show you if we're going to have sne records coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. sue. we've got problems in oakland with an yore turned blocking 580 in the is westbound -- pardon me,
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eastbound before golf links road and you can see the red sense sores there. traffic is coming to a halt. they had a temporarily all lanes blocked where they tried to get that overturned out of there. they have not told us if they are reopen and i'm guessing not because of the look of sensors there. and then westbound the other direction, same area we've got a big rig stalled in the lane number four. so chp headed with a big tow truck there. if you commute, vasco road we've got an accident blocking both lanes there this this that say busy thoroughfare and we'll come back and check on this acciden in santa rosa south 101 with a vehicle into the ditch in just a few minutes. thank you, sioux. protecting your bike at bart. the new high tech way to secure your bicycle now being tested. your bicycle now being tested. >> the best small town to
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newspaper details are emerging in the death of a tesla driver killed while us oog his car's mowed. you're loaning at video hereof this accident. he died after colliding with a large truck in florida last year. he kept his hands off the car's steering wheel even reno though onboard warnings told him to grab the wheel. tesla declined to comment on the federal report. in today's gma first look one of o.j. simpson's closest friends is talking as parole commissioners prepare to meet and decide his fate.
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>> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, o.j. simpson set to learn exactly when he will face a nevada parole board to ask for his freedom. he says he talks over the phone to the former nfl star on a weekly basis. >> he wants to keep a low profile, be with his kids, be with his family, play golf is one of his main things. >> simpson currently serving 33 years on armed robbery and kidnapping charges after a botched 2007 attempt to recover sports memorabilia he said belonged to him. the nfl hall of famer already marking a small victory in 2013 when he was granted parole on a few of those charges thanks to good behavior, but it's this next hearing that could set him free. coming up at 7:00 we'll have more on his hearing with your gma first look. abc news, new york. >> some of america's top tech minds we at the white house yesterday, ten of them from the bay area including ceos of amen,
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google, intel and adobe. notice who's missing facebook marc zuckerberg. he says he had a conflict. they say skipping the meet wagz mistake. >> if you care about the direction of this company, if you have the opportunity to go to the white house and sit down with the president of the united states whether it's a republican or democrat, show up. show up and tell them what you believe. look, no one is going to agree with everything you do, none of us do. but i would be there, i would show up and i would talk about what i care about. >> the tech leaders looked at ways to updates the government's outdate the tech systems. they also discussed social issues including immigrant rights and global warm. silicon valley law enforcement agencies have released information about a national program used to identify and arrest suspected child sexual predators. san jose police led the force for operation broken heart four. police say 30 suspects were arrested in silicon valley during april and may nationally more than 1,000 suspects were arrested. the operation included more than
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4,500 federal, state, and local agencies across the u.s. happening today activists plan to hold two protests trying to urge city leaders in berkley to block local police from taking part in this year's shield exercises. they take part in the large exercise every year. some community leaders feel s.w.a.t. training leads to the militarization of the local police. it takes place at teb:00 a.m. before city council holds a hearing on city shield. >> bart says it's making it easier for riders to store their bikes. more secure bike racks are being tested at pleasant street stations. they're locked with a mechanism significantly stronger than the bike rack. and an alarm will sound if anyone tampers with the bikes. they're allowing them on handrails to allow pass
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role roll their bikes. u.s. news and world report looked at cities with populations under 100,000 that offered a number of restaurants and attracts. they say sonoma is the best calling it napa's rustic, less refined and more relaxed sister. lake tahoe and monterey ranked fife mg and sixth. >> i cannot disagree. >> i love sonoma. >> yeah. sonoma, temperatures pretty unbearable right now. >> yes. sip that wine in the shade, if you will. absolutely. and then you can walk home or get in your pool. yeah, i've had friends that lived in sonoma, they absolutely loved it, wish they could move back. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. look at the flag right there you can see it's blowing towards our neighborhoods and that means more comfort for the bay and for the coast today. but not for our deepest inland valleys where we're going to soak up the most daylight we get all year today and tomorrow and turn it into 90 to 1 hungry heat again if the in fact, the heat will build tomorrow with records likely thursday, possibly back
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towards san francisco like we had sunday, and then the heat will break for all of us by sunday, which is great for the pride parade. you see a few clouds along the coast but not a thick marine layer like we would like to see the heat wave break. farther away from water the warmer you get. morgan hill gilroy 94 and 96. 88 in san jose. 75 mill bright, 80 look at these low 60s along the coast to even 66 in the sunset where we'll see a little more sunshine. 71 in downtown san francisco today. temperatures in the upper 80s, no 90s. sonoma, 90 degrees. little hot, not as hot as tomorrow and also thursday. mid-to upper 60s, richmond, oakland, and mid-80s for everybody else. 98 to about 103 is our spread in our east bay valley. 50s and 60s, more great sleeping weather tonight.
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my accuweather seven-day forecast, 108 inland to mid-niepts, maybe 70s at the coast thursday. by the time we goat sunday, 60s, 70s, and mainly 80s. sioux. all right. we've got the meetering lights on at the bay bridge 5:18 this morning it's going to be the beginning of of a hot day you can see the haze in the sky there and delays behind the toll plaza. we do have a stall or some sort of a hazard westbound right near treasure island blocking the left lane chp and bridge crews are on their way to clear that. three lanes still blocked in oakland. this is the reverse commute east bountd 580 before golf links they had the left lane finally open and temperature looked like just minor delays there. and the other direction westbound before golf links we have a stalled big rig still out there in lane four they're working to move that off to the should irrelevant. and up to santa rosa a car in a ditch this is southbound 101 near steele lane apparently some
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major damage there. you may see some slowing. thank you, sioux. a dump truck driver now faces dui charges after plowing into the san person with know senior sfer. 55-year-old joe swef seville of alameda was under a controlled substance and this crystal meth on him. about 13 people were playing bingo in the room and no one got hurt thankfully the the senior center suffered major damage it's going to be closed indefinitely. sean spicer is going to be having a new role. kimberly gill foil has expressed her interest in the spicer's condition. he wants to take on senior adviser for communications. white house reporters have expressed frustrations that spicer is holding fewer briefings and more of them off camera. personal information belonging to 198 million
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americans was uncovered on an amazon server. the data includes home addresses, birth dates, phone numbers of voters from both parties and not a single password was protecting it. the information was compiled by virginia company called deep root analytics. that company was hired by the republican national committee. deep root has taken full responsibility and has now blocked it from public access. coming up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. plus this photo that's 24 years old going viral. years old going viral.
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or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking or allergic and skin reactions which can be life-threatening. stop chantix and get help right away if you have any of these. tell your healthcare prd depression or other mental health problems. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution en driving or operating machinery. the most common side effect is nausea. thank you chantix. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. many insurance plans cover chantix for a low or $0 copay. 5:24 here are the seven things you need to know. number one california is under a flex alert today and tomorrow. everybody urged to conserve electricity as temperatures are going to continue going up. they say this heat wave is the biggest single heat event affecting power use in more than a decade. amazing heat out there especially in the east bay valleys. our summer extreme as of today
5:25 am
marks the beginning of summer. brentwood 103, livermore but daly city, half moon bay, 63, 62. >> number 3 in today san jose city council will consider entering talks with google over plans to build a mega campus. most of the proposal includes google buying city-owned land. they're worried it could squeeze out working san jose residents. number four from our live desk we've just learned that special council robert mueller will meet with the central judiciary committee. the committee investigating right now the circumstances around the president's firing of former fbi director james comey. and number four, sioux hull on the abc 7 traffic center has just issued an alert for this accident, left lane has been opened, three right lanes remain closed. they have no known time when those three lanes are going to be open so use 880.
5:26 am
number six ups will impose a surcharge for holiday deliveries this year. they're going to range from 27 cents to 97 cents for faster air delivery the. surcharges will help cover the cost of highing more workers and renting more trucks and planes. this total eclipse in honor of the of the event. when you touch the stamp, there is thermo chromic ink that changes color making it change to the moon on the right. >> what? >> i have no kwlad that means but it sounds like science to me. >> so cool. the total so he lar eclipse happen in september. >> san francisco prepares for pride this weekend one kounl the east coast is going viral foyer their pride photos. >> they took this photo at washington, d.c. pride in 1993. take a look. 24 years later they took the exact same photo at this year's
5:27 am
celebration. more than 23,000 people have shared this on facebook. >> very sweet. we're coming back with a full 90 minutes of news. the confrontation that's prompting legal action. also it pays to be governor, how much jerry brown will be earning come the end of the year. and just getting word about and just getting word about a possibl
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. happening today, an important vote in the south bay as google eyes more properties in his massive and controversial expansion. one of president trump's big promises was a tax code overhaul. now we're getting a timeline of when that could happen. as the sun starts to rise, the temperatures will too. here's a live look from our exploratorium camera as the bay area we brace for another warm one today. and the scary part, today's going to be one of the coolest days this week. it's going to get even hotter
5:30 am
tomorrow and thursday. hi, everybody. let's take a look at live do lar 7. there's not much out there right now as far as cloud cover. the marine layer is about 1,000 feet deep and that means parts the bay and coast will be cooler today while our inland neighborhoods are going to be scourging hot. 50s and 60s, i hope you slept better last night. 60s in the coast, 82 in the bay to 94 inland and a sprinkling of 100s in the deepest bay valleys. i'll 140e8 you that next. we have a couple of trouble spots for your tuesday morning commute put can see some of the red sensors coming out of sent tral valley and approaching the bay bridge. also here this is eastbound 580 before golf links we have a significant alert now issued. we've got some lanes blocked, three lanes as a matter of fact blocked in the eastbound direction. westbound is looking good, it is the reverse commute but if you need god that direction i would take 880. highway 9, this is near spring
5:31 am
creek it's been shut down to remove some power lines. google twoongts build a mega campus in soun town san jose and the city will decide to take the next step and enter into talks. >> not everyone's happy about the development. matt has more with that. >> reporter: good morning. google's plans are huge. they want to reheadache this whole area here in the downtown area about r, but community activists want to make sure that the locals are also taken care. the tech giant wants to build a mega campus between 6 million to 8 million square feet near the diridon spags. they've already started buying up parcels. labor leaders and activists are concerned residents will be left out. they want several things, including the city to use local workers and companies to build the complex and hire local people to work in it when it's complete. >> i'm concerned about those who are low income, i'm concerned
5:32 am
about what's going to happen to those who are oin disability. >> i don't want them to become displaced while google comes in and builds. >> the mayor predicts the splent could take a decade to complete. today the council will decide if it wants to move forward with an exclusive negotiating agreenlt with google for some of the city-owned to the redevelopment agency-owned profits here in downtown san jose. the council meeting starts at 1:30 this afternoon. reporting live in san jose. matt keller. >> thank you. we face several more days of these staggering temperatures and the question on a lot of people's mooinds mind how can we beat the heat. >> tiffany in berkeley. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. one way to beat the sheet goo outside right now because it's pretty comfortable at this berkeley bart station but that will not last long in your commute takes you inland. the extreme heat is back today, tomorrow, and thursday and as you know, triple digit
5:33 am
temperatures aren't just uncomfortable, they can be dangerous especially for the oldest and young eest among us. doctors warn that be dehydration can include muscle cramps, push thatta, fatigue and vomiting. staying hydrated, grabbing a snack and resting in a shady spot are some of the best things you can do if you're out work organize playing in the sun. around the bay area people have found other ways to beat the heat including splarning in fountains, snacking on ice cream or buying fans and air-conditioning units. phil's coffee customers have discovered a delicious way to cool off too. >> a host people like to order ma heat toes, sometimes one or two, sometimes three. >> and that bah reeft after says all of those extra ice beverages have depleted their stock of ice. over the weekend they had to send an employee out running for extra ice so they could keep those mint mow heat toes flowing. live in berkeley, tiffany
5:34 am
wilson. >> thank you. and california is under a flex alert this morning. we'll all advised to conserve electricity to ease pressure on our power grid. this is the graph from cal lie, the agency that oversees the statewide system. this is the expected demand for electricity today. we are at the lowest point right now but it's expected to peak between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. the flex alert is issued from 2:00 to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. temperatures could climb higher on thursday. this heat wave is the biggest single heat event affecting our power use since 2006. >> the heat is also posing problems for our roads. in santa rosa part of the sidewalk along shah nate road buckled under the triple digit temperatures. this happens when concrete expands due to prolonged heat. neighbors first spotted the buckled sidewalk on saturday. street crews weren't able to get it till yesterday. you know it's hot when the sidewalk cracks. san hoe sand stores across the bay area there is a run on fans and air-conditionsers. abc 7 news was at the hor chard
5:35 am
supply hardware where the shelves were nearly empty. the manager says they have more acs and fans arriving regularly. a wildfire in southern california is forcing voluntary evac weighings this morning. the whole com near is burning around san besh dino county. it jumped to 850 acres in just a matter of hours. the fierp was 0% contained. >> you can track the temperatures where you live with thence 7 news accuweather app. you can find it for free and download it to be instantly notified about heat alerts and advisories. one of the biggest questions we have about oakland's ghost ship fire may never be answered. a report says that they can't determine how the fire started. investigators say it could be an electrical failure but they can't rule out candles or smoking materials. they did determine that a makeshift election atlantic cal system was powering the
5:36 am
warehouse. 36 people died in that fire in december. the ghost ship art collector's founder and his second in charge face manslaughter charges in connection with the fire. police in santa rosa say a father killed his two children before killing himself. the bodies of alvara camara his 6-year-old daughter and 18 maryland son was found yesterday. his wife called the smar riff's department on sunday night to say that he failed to meet her to hand over the children. they convenient wally climbed in through a bathroom wind yesterday morning when they couldn't find him. neighbors say he was a good father but appeared to be on edge in recent days. >> he was having a hard time gok through the divorce and there was issues with the kids and custody and all of that. >> police say they're going to be going through court records and family history as part of their investigation. >> that is just so sad. a group of jewish students and visitors are suing san francisco state university over
5:37 am
alleged and the tie semitism and discrimination. it centers on a confrontation from last april when the mayor of jer reece lum was invited to speak on campus. the they say they shouted offensive chants and used bull horns while school officialsaldly told police to stand down. the protest successfully interrupted the mayor's speech. the group who host himd says his first amendment right to free speech got violated. governor brown and others getting a raise. they approved a3% pay hike starting in december. this is the fifth aise in as many years for the lawmakers and it pushes governor brown's salary to $195,000. that will make him the highest paid governor in the country. happening today, san francisco supervisor are set to vote on a proposal to ban the sale of flavored tobacco. it could prohibit retailers from selling men that will cigarettes, flavored chewing tobacco and other containing
5:38 am
nicotine. small business owners say the ban will hurt them and promote a black market of flavored tobacco products. now a live desk update. >> hi, everyone, i want to share this because i just found some pretty impressive video coming into our live desk. this is surveillance video, it's a tornado, possible tornado caught on camera in it's in green wood in the southern part of the state. you can see the storm rolling through the equipment yard, the winds really kick up and if you look you can see somedry, some objects there being droen thrown around, almost hitting that camera. turns out some of the big chunks of debris were from the equipment shed that broke apart. >> i chatted with mike a short time ago. he tells me no official determination on the tornado yet. they are expected to make that determination sometime this morning. so that is the latest here. back to you. thank you millions of
5:39 am
dollars in relief is coming to san jose to help the sflood victims there. they passioned a bill allot are $5.4 million for flood relief. it will go directly to housing for flood victims. last february days of heavy rain caused coyote creek to overflow. it caused at least $100 million in damage to homes and businesses all in the low-lying neighborhoods along the creek. now your forecast with mike mikko. >> i know you may not want to talk about it but we've got keep talking about it because it's getting more dangerous as we get dealership into this event. the heat advisory for all these areas you see in orange, all these areas where we need to be careful today because of the heat. good news the san francisco bay shore and out toward the coast, no worries. no threat of heat-related illnesses for you. an enhanced possibility of heat-related illnesses in solano county and this all goes into about 8:00 to 9:00 thursday. so the heat will start to break friday. wait till you see the weekend forecast make you go, awe.
5:40 am
how about this, wee a little bit cooler this morning, anywhere tw 2 to 8 degrees cooler than yesterday so hopefully you slept well. even our hottest areas yesterday afternoon are pretty mild this morning from 63 in concord, we still got some low 70s and antioch, dan ville, pleasant hill and laugh yet, but pleasant tonight ton 65, brentwood 69 right now. the reflt of our neighborhoods, san francisco 57, 61 in oakland, heywood ward 60 5. here's a look at 101 san jose. on the water today, not quite as warm as it was yesterday, not quite as breezy either. and that asphalt could get up to about 150 degrees today. here's a look at your temperatures. our coolest day is today and summer's spoesed to start this evening. when it does, it brings more heat tomorrow and record highs are possible thursday. we'll talk more about that coming up and that weekend forecast. here's sioux. 518 was the magic time for
5:41 am
the meetering lights this morning. you can see traffic is stacked up in our bay bridge spieder is overlooking the backup there. we had a stall near treasure island left lane, that has been cleared but you will find klug u sluggish conditions across the span. we'll take a look at some of your drive times in a second. much better news news for eastbound 580 in the oakland you can see the road sway clear. they had an earlier sig alert. for a time all lanes were blocked, that has been cleared out so no further delays eastbound before golf links or westbound. in san jose, this is the santa cruz mountains area, highway 9 remains closed due to some power poles that came down. they are going to clear those out, estimated time of opening is 8:00 this morning and there's a look at your drive times for your bridges. you can see that bay bridge is just jammed. guys. thank you, sioux. senator es elizabeth warren is going after wells fargo. what she wants done in response what she wants done in response to the bank's
5:42 am
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abc 7 mornings all news. >> all morning. >> questions still remain over the death of otto warm chl warmbier the american stud dwhoent was held captive by north korea. the 22-year-old died yesterday days after he returned home from a coma. he was released from north korea unconscious and unresponsive. the country claims that he contracted botulism.
5:45 am
his family said, quote, the awful torturous mistreatment our son received at the hands of the north koreans ensured that no other outcome was possible. >> even if you believe their explanation of botulism and a sleeping pill causing the coma, and we don't, there is no excuse for any civilized nation to have kept his condition secret. >> warmbier was arrested in 2016 for stealing a propaganda poster in north korea. he was sentenced to 15 years hard labor. senator elizabeth warren wants most of the wells fargo board of directors thrown out. she was written a letter demanding the federal reserve remove the 12 directors who served during the bank's fake accounts scandal. she says the fed has to hold board members accountable. 200 accounts were created without the customer's knowledge. they agreed to pay $185 million fine. banking experts say it's unlike like the fed will remove the
5:46 am
board members. house speaker powell ryan says congress will overhaul the tax code by the end of the year despite division dollars among republicans. in a speech he is set to deliver today, ryan says republicans and the white house can't blow the chance to simplify and make the tax system more efficient. ryan says he'll oppose an attempt by some republicans to only cut taxes. 5:46 now, santa cruz is considering a new drone law to protect the safety of the community, it says. according to the ant cruz "sent nel yts it kplaimz explains about invasion of privacy. proposed ideas call for needing consent to fly over their property and staying away from police investigation and medical emergencies. if the city council approves the law to public read tgz could go into effect 30 days later. ta cat is likely to seek bankruptcy protection. legal experts say that will leave little money for those who sued the company over deaths over exploding air bags. at least 16 people died across
5:47 am
the world. it touched off the biggest recall in u.s. auto history. takata pleaded guilty to fraud and an agreement to a $1 billion settlement. they say they will get 5 to 10 cents on the dollar considered what are they would get suing a healthy company. a controversial expansion of the west county detention center in richmond. the board of supervisor is set to vote on allocating $25 million of the general fund for the project. they voted to pursue the 400 bed jail expansion to alleviate overcrowding at the martinez jail. police are investigating a robbery at an 'em store. it april just before 11:00 on north assistant an cruz avenue. witnesses tell police four men went to the store and took a variety of display merchandise before running out. they left in a black dodge
5:48 am
charger. multiple agencies in san francisco are teaming up to help educate beach goers about common hazards this time year. officials plan to address several issues about beach conditions and public safety where there are dangerous rip currents. water rescue taemz teams will conduct a mock rescue to teach people how they can help. the activities start at 10:00 this morning near lincoln way. hopefully it looks better than that. now was not the greatest day to take this that video. >> we do have a marine layer creeping in. you can see it right here at half moon bay, all the way down to santa cruz and all the way up to the golden gate right now, about 300 feet. visibility about 2.5 miles. if that respect it's not too dangerous unlets you drive up into it trying to cross over the peninsula and vice-versa. here's the way it looks from mount tam this morning. you can he so a gorgeous sunrise about to develop. the marine layer it is there today an it's about a thousand feet deep zeep that means it's going reach over and touch places like oakland, 78 today,
5:49 am
little tolerable compared to what did we have, nearly 20 degrees warmer couple days ago. berkeley 76, 75 at richmond. fremont hayward about 84. 24 degree spread from pacifica at 61 to brentwood city at about 85 degrees. we'll head down to the south bay, warm to hot today, 88, warm in san jose, 91 in loss cot tose. we'll goup to the north where temperatures are going to be summer sweltering heat from 92 no santa rosa, sols lito you get near the water a cooler 72. and the question you could hash tag this first world problems, will the air conditioner ever stop running in our east bay neighborhoods. upper 90s to low 100s. it might tonight, look at this. temperatures in the 50s and 60s, there's still that one quarter in highway 4, antioch, brentwood
5:50 am
so summer starts this evening and you'll notice the warmth tomorrow and you'll notice the brutally dangerously hot temperatures with record highs thursday. the heat will start easing friday and by the time the pride parade begins sunday it will feel comfortable. sioux. we'll take a look at our traffic map and see where the red is, that means slow and go typically as you can see out of tracy and approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll take a live look out at the earlier problem, this is eastbound 580 before golf links. it was a sig alert for a time. we had an overturn and all lanes blocked but everything's flowing nicely now. not a problem. we'll take a look at your mass transit. 48 bart trains are currently running on time. no problems with caltrain up and down the peninsula. ace trains 1 and 3, are uning on time this morning as well. meetering lights are on at 588 teen at the bay bridge. we many an earlier stall near the station that's the reason for slow and go there the 'we'll check back on that. new at 6:00 a former san
5:51 am
francisco important studio could soon be hosting parties late into the night. the decision that he could leave neighbors upset. california lawmakers are fighting back against a new federal law that's making it easier for internet providers to sell details about what you do online. and who could forget pizza rat. turns out he has a brother or maybe he has been working out. we'll show you more of this. better day starts right here on abc 7 mornings. take a look at that. the fog sneaking back in and a golden sunrise over san francisco. francisco. we're going t
5:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪
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we're back at 5:53 and would
5:54 am
you take a look at that, the pride flag flying over san francisco hall this morning. the mayor joined nancy pelosi to raise the flag last night. this week's flag ceremony kicked off the 47th annual flag celebration. it honors gilbert baker. people have been in san francisco for a long time know that he's the person in the city who created the original pride flag. and you probably also know that he passed away earlier this year. sf pride says the parade this weekend is going to be led by a large collection of resistance groups, not happy with the lack of lgbt acceptance and support this year. all right. pizza rat may have some competition. >> eejer that or pizza rat has been working out because now there's a rat who hauls trash. a woman in brooklyn started shooting video on her cell phone when she spotted the row dent dragging a bag of garbage last week. it eventually dragged some pizza ot of that bag so there's our clue that it kieb relative of pizza rat. people who live in the neighborhood say they're used to
5:55 am
seeing rats in the streets and the rodents aren't afraid of getting too close to humans. so you lift, bro. actually they're calling him garbage rat. >> impressive strength there. we have ra coops and coyoteties. >> i know. we need to have them do something amazing. >> i had a ra soon come this close to me the other day while i was on a picnic. >> oh, for sure. >> go away now. >> yeah, sorry. here's a look at what's going on from our exploratorium camera. i was kidding. i know ra coops are nice creatures. all right. 3 degrees to 16 degrees warmer today than average and today's our coolest day. the swim team night at the "a" so strap on the speed doe, the goggles, the finds, just the swimmers, not the parents. 72 at 7:05 dropping down ton about 60 fooich. good luck. a's game. a couple of trouble spots but generally it's a busy
5:56 am
commute with you slow traffic on the east shore freeway that's the university overcrossing as you just kind of slow and go and slug your way into the bay bridge where you'll see meetering lights were on at 5:18 this morning. traffic stacking up now towards the mcarthur maize and we had an earlier stlal as well. a look at your drive times if you're heading out right now, not bad on highway 4, there's 80 from highway 4 all the way to the maize that's that slow and go even the shore and highway 87 is looking good. a new federal law allows internet service providers like comcast or at&t to track your internet use and then sell the information they gather. a measure introduced in sacramento aims to restore your internet privacy. . would, i them to get your consbrent using your personal details. the bill also prohibits providers from engaging in pay for privacy practices. >> we are talking about very sensitive information including for example their health information, i their social security number, and also their
5:57 am
browsing history as to what web sites that they have visited over the years. so this is very important and sensitive information that we want to do everything to protect. >> about a dozen other states are working on similar proposals. >> look, all i know is my phone was somehow able to tell me my dog's name yesterday and i thought -- >> you asked siri what is my dog's name. >> and it new, wood stock. >> how? new at 6:00 a health alert for anyone with back pain. what you might want to try. plus the dangerous heat across the state causing big concerns for california's power grid. the warning for all of us today. the warning for all of us today. natasha that heat
5:58 am
the energy conscious whopeople among usle?
5:59 am
say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. now at 6:00, power grid concerns. a statewide warning has california braces for another day of sweltering heat.
6:00 am
what power ovgz are asking all of us to do to help out today. good morning on this tuesday june 20th. for some of you it was a cooler night, congratulations. for others like sue hal, it was a little warmer. >> do you have ac at home? >> we don't. we only need it like ten days a year, but this is one of those ten. >> yeah. >> when you need it you need it, mike. >> she's still very chippy -- cheery i should say. everybody seems to be in a better mood today, hopefully that will last tomorrow and the next day as it gets even hotter. here's a look at live do lar 7, little bit of marine layer out there about a thousand feet deep and clouds along the coast. neither of those are going to hang around very long today. temperatures, we're mainly in the 50s, upper 50s to low 60s through about 7:00 today, but look by noon already 80s inland and 60s and 70s around the bay and by 4:00 we still got 70s and 80s around the bay but 80s and 90s inland. and by 7:00


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