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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 20, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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power outages, flight cancellations, grass fires. al of it happening today as a result of this relentless heat wave. now, it has lossened a little bit in parts of the bay area but it's not going to be long before the temperatures spike again, and we're talking about in record territory. thanks for joining us today. >> this heat wave is turning from uncomfortable to unbearable, impacting hot spots like walnut creek and san jose and even cooler locations like sfo where passengers are suffering through flight cancellations in cities across the scorching southwest. >> we begin with nbc 7
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meteorologist mike nicco. what's in store? >> reporter: the coolest day of the next two or three which means it's only going to get worse. summer officially starts at 9:24 this evening and may want to jump you into cold water like from the exploratorium. as renally mentioned, some of us not dealing with quite as much heat along the san francisco bay line and also the coast and everywhere in original and even in red. that's where the dangerous heat will be through at least thursday evening. a quick look at today's temperatures. the coast 62 degrees. san francisco a delightful 71. oakland 78. then you start to get uncomfortable down in the south bay. 88 in san jose and 92 in santa rosa and our east bay valleys for the third day in a row where we'll reach triple digits. a quick look and something to think about the next couple of days. listen to your body, hydrate and find shade often to keep yourself cool because, as i mentioned, the warmest days are ahead of us and record days are possible and i'll wrap it all up in the seven-day forecast. >> with the temperatures, california is under a flex alert
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this morning, and we'll all being urged to conserve electricity to ease pressure on power grid. >> pg&e says this heat wave is the biggest single heat event affecting power since 2006. my colleague from abc 7 morning joins us now and explain what it means. >> reporter: hi, reggie. yes, it's going to have a big impact an all your activities requiring folks to change the routine. flex alert issued from 9:00 to up in this extreme heat. it is staging crews in the hottest spots so they can get to them quickly. abc 7 news was at walnut creek this morning where thousands of people didn't have power. police said the outage was partly to blame on this tree branch that tracked and took out some power lines along amberwood lane. on nearby bancroft avenue traffic lights are actually out and that added some congestion to this morning's commute. right now more than 900 customers in the bay area are without electricity.
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pg&e just sent us these updated numbers. in the east bay more than 300 customers are now without power. about the same amount on the south bay and 171 in the north bay and 136 in san francisco and just 19 in the peninsula. >> well, for those who do have power. many are cranking up their air conditioning to try to stay cool. that's leading to a surge in calls to ac repair centers. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is in campbell with that part of the heat story. matt? >> reporter: kristen, i just checked my abc 7 news app and it shows campbell will be 88 degrees today, not so bad, especially compared to the last couple of days, but try doing it without electricity or air conditioning. the power went out to about 50 customers in this barracksia neighborhood in san jose last night and isn't expected to be back on until at least late this afternoon. >> my alarm, it went off. i said something is wrong with it. >> reporter: he's leaving his hot house to head to his air conditioned workplace, but his elderly mother is staying behind in the dark, a big concern
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today. >> she has a heart problem, so i have -- i'll come back and check her like every hour to see what's going on, because today it's pretty hot. >> reporter: pg&e says its equipment can't take the heat. increased demand for air conditioning overloads their equipment, leading to power outages. thousands and thousands of customers have been in the dark the past several days in the bay area. paul bates was prepared. a hot san jose neighborhood with no lights. >> oh, yeah. i can run my air conditioning. i can run my stove and my refrigerator on my generator and everything. >> reporter: are you going to invite all your neighbors over? >> i don't think so. no, i don't think so. >> reporter: the hot weather is god for business at supreme air systems in campbell. [ phone ringing ] >> supreme court air systems. what's to be the problem? it's not cooling at all. >> we're booked. >> i can go ahead and get that scheduled you.
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>> reporter: they were delivering the bad news over the fun. the schedule for their 11 crew is full. if you call now, you won't be getting cool air during the heat wave. >> if they are elderly and have newborn kids we want to get them in sooner because it's a health hazard, but really it's about two weeks. >> reporter: some advice from supreme air systems. do an annual maintenance check before summer. that way you can figure out if something is wrong with your system and also they won't be too busy to come out and fix it before it gets really hot. reporting live in campbell. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. as matt has been saying air conditioning conditions across the bay area are bus they week. >> yeah. when you call one local company they make it really clear they are not able to take on any new jobs. >> if you're a brand new customer, there's simply no way i can get to you right now. i can't even get to all my past customers. i know that's disappointing. please, do not leave a message because i will not call you back because i've got about 20 past customers to call back.
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i'm not exaggeratings, and i just have time for anyone else. >> if you do have a working air conditioner do your part to conserve power by setting the thermostat a little higher on hot days like today. >> you know it's hot when some planes can't take off or land from a major airport. if you're flying from heat to phoenix, check what type of aircraft you're on. that could mean the difference between getting there or not. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson has the story from sfo. >> reporter: lobster pot hot, that's how one passenger described phoenix today. >> oh, my god, it was insane. it was like stepping into an oven. >> reporter: he flew to phoenix for his college orientation. his flight home was grounded because of the heat. >> my flight got cancelled. my connecting flight, so i had to stay overnight in phoenix in order to -- to make it back here. >> reporter: phoenix resident larry cochran was on the same flight to sfo. he's a retired commercial pilot. >> i was a commercial pilot when it reached 122 in phoenix and sky harbor shut down because the asphalt was so soft that the airplanes were sinking into it.
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>> reporter: that was about 20 years ago. he says the runway isn't the problem today. it's the lift. >> the hotter the air gets, the thinner the air is. >> reporter: some of the smaller aircraft are only certified to operate up to 118 degrees, and that's why dozens of flights from regional airports into sky harbor international were cancelled today. phoenix is expected to hit 120 % this afternoon. so far no flights from san francisco to phoenix has been cancelled. that's because the largest chits that fly out of san francisco have a higher operating temperature of 126 or 127 degrees. cochran says passengers flying on larger boeing and airbus jets should not be concerned about landing in phoenix. >> if it's a safety risk, they wouldn't fly. >> reporter: and ortiz says the scorching sun won't cast a shadow on his excitement for freshman year at the university of arizona. >> no, not at all. i love it. >> reporter: at sfo, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> thanks, tiffany. from san francisco and all across the bay area, you can track the temperatures where you
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live with our abc 7 news accuweather app. you can find it free in your phone's app store and download it right now. you'll be instantly notified about heat alerts and advisories. and breaking news in downtown berkeley. sky 7 just flew over the scene. we'll try to get that back up for you. we're not talking about the brush fire from yesterday. we're talking about a car that drove into a building in berkeley along shattuck avenue near university just west of the uc berkeley campus. this happened about almost an hour ago now. we're told the building is the 85-degree bakery cafe. one person inside the cafe suffered a cut to their hand. nobody else was hurt. berkeley police are trying to find out what went wrong there. all right. also happening today, investigators will be back trying to discover what caused a 16-acre grass fryar here a high school. sky 7 was over the fire yesterday afternoon. at one point it threatened 20 to 30 homes. residents were asked to shelter
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in place. some chose to evacuate instead. crews were able to contain the flames within a few hours. firefighters say the fire started somewhere on private property. >> more than six months after the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland a 50-page report has the cause of the fire as undetermined. these two photos show the before and after of one of the areas inside. investors found the electrical systems were modified, but they can't say if that's what caused the fire. they haven't ruled anything out because of that extensive damage you're seeing. the 36 people who died, all dialed of smoke inhalation. the ghost ship founder and a second in charge face manslaughter charges in connection with the fire. so this is that 50-page report i was just talking about, and we do have it posted online if you would like to read the rest of it. can you find it at this morning we're hearing for the first time from the mother of two children who police say were killed by their own father. santa rosa police say alvaro
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camara hanged himself on father's day. they found his body along with his 6-year-old daughter and 18-month-old infant son in the father's apartment. the children's mother called the sheriff's department sunday night to report her estranged husband failed to meet her to hand over the kids. in a statement issued this morning to abc 7 news, the children's mother says she sought help on numerous occasions and said many, many, many times my children were in danger in their father's care, and i didn't receive the urgent help that i needed to save them. did you read her full statement on our news app and today san jose city council will consider google's plans for a mega campus and may even end up selling city-owned land. google wants to transform parts of downtown san jose near diradon station. the plans call for developing between 6 million and 8 million square feet for its workforce. community activists feel google's ambition could make san jose less affordable for working
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class families. >> if they are going to, you know, set a camp in san jose, i think it's only fair that they offer jobs to the people who live here. >> no question we've got an affordable housing crisis in this city and had one for some time but before we decide on the size of the ring we have to start dating. >> this afternoon city council meeting starts at 1:30. >> reporter: up next, a new investigation is launched into the death of the college student from ohio who was held captive in north korea. >> also hot weather fuels a nasty wildfire in southern california. there's a bit of good news for homeowners that were in harm's way. >> and all eyes on the priciest house campaign race in history
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developing news. firefighters are in the middle of another day battling flames in stifling heat in the southern california mountains. that fire broke out near big bear lake yesterday. the flames appear to be moving away from homes. this is about 200 miles east of los angeles. so far it's burned 150 acres. the u.s. forest service says it's now 10% contained, and they are looking to see what sparked that fire. >> there are new developments in the death of a young ohio man following his release from a north korean prison last week. 22-year-old otto warmbier died yesterday. he never woke up from a coma that began while he was in prison. now the coroner in lameton county ohio plans to investigate warmbier's death. his family suspects he had a
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brain injury. the university of virginia student received a 15-year sentence last year after being accused of stealing a propaganda banner. happening now. voters casting their ballots in georgia's sixth congressional district in what's become the most expensive house race in history. this is a runoff between democrat john ossoff and republican karen handel. it's being closely watched across the country. ossoff is running on an anti-donald trump platform and could carry the conservative-leaning district. polls going in today's runoff vote show an extremely close race. >> still to come on abc 7 news, the best town to vacation in is actually right here in the bay area. where you want to plan a weekend getaway to right now. >> and a live look right at our mt. tam camera. it's a little hazy right now
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skateboard pros pulling off huge stunts in an unlikely place. >> and just making it look super easy, super smooth, flowing through the entire factory. >> on the next "right this minute."
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all right. let's start with one of the areas that will be coolest today because of the breeze. look at this west wind at the golden gate bridge. it's about 12 miles per hour. it's been gusting up to 20. can you see it trying to pull in some of the marine layer moisture out there, but it's a marine layer that's not nearly as moist as it normally is, but it's out there, and that's why we're seeing cooling at the coast and around the bay today. as far as what's going to happen with our highlights, let's move on and talk about today and tomorrow. we're going to have the greatest amount of sunshine because the summer solstice is starting tonight. the heat will build wednesday, and that means we're going to see some near record high temperatures by thursday. the heat will break for all of
11:19 am
us thankfully by sun. a look at the dry air. you see it moving north to south along the coast and taking along some of the cloud cover we had this morning. let's see what it's doing to our temperatures. 59 in half moon bay and 67 and delightful in san francisco and a comfortable 72 in oakland. a little uncomfortable at san jose at 82. same thing at santa rosa and 88 at san ramo and brentwood on its way to 100. half dome, 8,800 feet, is that still a little bit of snow right there? that's possible because down in the valleys it's going to be in the mid-90s. if you'll be out today exercising, probably missed the best time of the day. it was probably a couple hours ago. you have to be careful if you're going to be out there later on today because of the heat and strong sunshine. the beaches, yeah, go jog there, right a bike if you can. they will be comfortable. 84 at sunnyvale and 84 in milipitas. a little bit of a breeze off the bay and the closer you are to the water, the cooler you'll be. we'll start at 75 in millbrae. everybody will be 81 to 85 on
11:20 am
the peninsula today. look at those temperatures along coast. low 60s to mid-60s and a delightful 21 in downtown san francisco. we'll have 87 in san rafael to 92 in santa rosa and 100s up to ukiah. berkeley, richmond and low 80s for the rest of the east bay. headed to the game tonight, a little bit cooler than last night. 7:05 last pitch and 72 and dropping down to 65. upper 80s and 90s to low 100s. everybody using their air conditioner. where we'll be in the 60s today, 70s and 80s by 6:00 for most of is. we're on our way to mid-60s in most neighborhoods so it will be a little bit cooler last night. if you slept well last night, you'll sleep well. building heat tomorrow and record highs on thursday and it could be a repeat of just how oppressive it was on sunday. hundreds hang on one more day on friday, and by the time we get
11:21 am
to sunday it will be pretty delightful everywhere. temperatures in the 60s, even in the 60s for the pride parade which starts at 6:30. >> good for marching. >> oakland airport will get more than $37 million from the fave to repave its main runway. runway 30 is where commercial flights in and out of oakland airport typically land. the port of oakland have been working with airlines, faa and construction companies to come up with a plan to being a date this cloesh our. an exact date for when the runway work will happen still hasn't been set. >> santa cruz is considering a new drone law to protect the safety of the community. according to "the santa cruz sentinal" the new law stems from complaints about invasion of privacy. the first draft was introduced today. one proposed idea includes needing consent from owners to fly over their property and another is to stay away from police and medical emergencies. >> you don't have to go far to visit the best small town in the
11:22 am
country. according to new rankings it's sonoma. "u.s. news & world report" looked at cities with populations under 100,000 that offer a lot of restaurants and attractions, and they shay sonoma is the best calling it napa's rustic, less refined and more relaxed sister. i think they would be okay with that. >> monterrey, by the way, came in number six. not too shappy. >> monterrey better for this heat wave. still to come on abc 7 news, barbie meets her match. >> the ken doll is getting a major makeover. people are going wild
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coming up at 4:00, amazon is taking new aim at clothing retailers. the one thing brick and mortar stores can let customers do that online retailers usually can't, and why it's no longer a problem for amazon. plus, the odds of having a c-section and why your biggest risk may be your hospital. the story tonight on "abc 7 news at 5:00." >> more than five decades after the world was first introduced to barbie's forever love ken he's getting a makeover. >> the new line of ken dolls was introduced on "good morning america" today. the dolls have three different body types, broad, slim and original. >> all look pretty slim to me.
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>> our contestants today are about to experience the most critical 30 minutes of their lives, and if they can handle the pressure, they'll leave here
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$1 million richer. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. welcome to "who wants to be a millionaire." you guys ready to go today? [cheers and applause] well, in order to prepare for this show, our returning contestant has been studying at work, but it's who helps her study that's the best part of the story. from arcadia, california, please welcome back jenn salas. [cheers and applause] jenn, welcome back. >> thanks again. >> welcome back. so who helped you? >> well, i work at a retirement community. >> okay. >> and a lot of my seniors know i'm gonna be on the show. they're really excited. they're probabl


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