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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 22, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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homeless. >> both individuals died of what's called hypertherm yeah, meaning their body temperatures went very, very high. >> the elderly are the most vulnerable along with young children and people with illnesses. bruce has multiple sclerosis. >> my symptoms get worse when it's hot. >> bruce is taking advantage of the cooling center at the library in san jose. >> much cooler than outside. >> libraries, senior centers and other locations in the county are staying open for extended hours, offering people air conditioning and water. >> if people take advantage of the services there, they're simple. they can avoid a lot of heat illness and perhaps even death. >> public health says heat related deaths are preventable. they're asking people to keep an eye out for anyone showing signs of illness. >> please extend a hand and help them get to a cold area or help them get medical assistance if they need it. >> for a list of cooling center locations in santa clara county,
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go to >> we're no longer under a flex alert, but we're still urged to conserve electricity today. they're looking at the graph so you can see demand at a low point right now, as you would expect, but it is expected to peak again around 5:00 this evening. the concerns that too many people using our electricity would cause power outages, and you can see the map now. pg&e dealing with small scattered outages throughout the bay area. >> quick action in the scorching heat by firefighters to keep small grass fires from getting out of control. thick smoke from this one along highway 101 slowed the evening commute. fire broke out at about 4:30 at mckee road. chp closed the road's on ramp to 101 for a while. the flames did not spread to nearby buildings. >> you can track the temperatures where you live with the accuweather app. download it to be alerted. >> developing news.
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gulf coast residents are keeping a close eye on tropical storm sandy which made landfall this morning. a wide area from texas to florida is affected by the storm. you're seeing a live look at flooding in biloxi, mississippi. marcie gonzalez live in lake charles, louisiana, with the latest. good morning, marcie. >> reporter: hi, natasha. good morning. right here, it's a bit breezy. it's drizzling a bit, but other areas are getting soaked this morning. bracing for a total of more than a foot of rain. and that's just a part of the impact expected from this storm. with pounding rain and wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour, the first tropical system to make landfall this season is hitting the gulf coast. the effects now being felt across five states. >> i think everyone has prepared themselves for the worst. >> it's bringing the expected. already in parts of grand isle, louisiana, and this neighborhood
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in galveston, texas, under water. >> it could be worse. that's a good thing because i have been through quite a few of them. >> with voluntary evacuations ordered for some low-lying areas, elsewhere, storm hardy southerners are riding out this stm. >> we made something out of it, everybody, we're going to bring the water, bring the lanterns, bring everything. >> tropical storm cindy is death, a 10-year-old boy hit by a log picked up by the storm surge on a alabama beach. a state of emergency declared in alabama and louisiana. there and across the storm zone -- >> i have never seen the waves this big. >> concerns of flash flooding, power outages. >> notorious for losing electricity. >> and tornadoes with the leading edge of the storm filled with funnel clouds and one already possibly touching down in the florida panhandle. >> thank god nobody was hurt. this is terrible.
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>> and that risk of tornadoes continues throughout today and into tomorrow. as the storm moves inland. live in lake charles, louisiana, marcie gonzalez, abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you, marcie. >> three men are recovering after a scary afternoon in the san francisco bay. their sailboat capsized in the bay yesterday afternoon just east of the golden gate bridge. this is video you'll see only on abc 7 news. a commuter ferry tried to rescue all of the boaters but only one was able to make it aboard. eventually, the coast guard got on the scene and rescued the other two. the coast guard said the three men did not take proper safety precautions. >> a message we can send across is please wear your life jackets and wear proper clothing becau lderbay water is usually much co than the air temperature. the men were wearing wet suits and suffered mild hypothermia. they're expected to be okay. >> b.a.r.t. service was suspended for about ten minutes because of police activity.
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alex reyes tweeted us this photo saying it's because someone was on the tracks. this happened just after 10:00 p.m. b.a.r.t. experienced a ten-minute delay on the fremont line following the incident. >> happening today in the south bay, san jose mayor sam liccardo and community leaders will announce the launch of a special hotline. the rapid response network is developed to protect immigrant families from deportation threats from the federal administration. the 24/7 hotline is providing help during and after immigration operations. today's announcement is scheduled at 11:30 a.m. in san jose. >> san francisco could be one step closer to closing the gender pay gap, prohibited employers from asking prior salaries. the ordinance aims to level the playing field for women to negotiate higher salaries. according to the census bureau, women in san francisco make 84 cents for every dollar earned by a man. the full board of supervisors will consider the proposal next
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tuesday. >> happening today, residents of san francisco's vezitation valley are planning a protest to keep marijuana dispensaries out of their neighborhood. the planning commission will hold a hearing on the development of a medical cannabis dispensary on bay shore boulevard. residents of the area say the proposed site is in close proximity to child care and youth community centers. over 100 people are expected to attend the protest. time and temperature, some of the most important things of this is a g. sunnyvale this morning, where you can see el camino real and south francis street, the bank there showing it's 4:35. 4:36 right now, and 68 degrees. that's a little warm for the morning. in fact, look at this. a 24-hour temperature change. oh, my. 4 degrees warmer in half moon bay to 16 degrees warmer in antioch. 14 in livermore and fairfield. those areas don't need to be warmer than yesterday because they're already hot from the last several days in the 100s.
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even san francisco and oakland, about 6 and 5 degrees warmer. let's look at san francisco. even though you're warmer, you're still very comfortable. 55 at lake merced. the castro, the mission, petrero hill. financial, ferry building at about 60 degrees. 66 at palo alto. santa clara, 70. walnut creek and pleasanton and petaluma at 60. all right, starting at 11:00, all the way through 9:00, that's when the heat is going to be most dangerous everywhere but the coast. how is it going to affect your commute? mild to hot on mass transit, blinding sunshine on the water. sunglasses always a good bet. on the road, hottest commute. want to make sure your car is running well because you don't want to be outside in the middle of the day with a broken down car. 81, san francisco, 107 in antioch. stop the madness. we will tomorrow. dramatic drops. 60s and 90s. back to average by saturday. hi, alexis. >> good morning, mike. taking a look at the roads this
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morning. one big difference from yesterday into today, that marine layer, that layer of fog, it is gone. so yes, as mike has been saying, the temperatures much, much warmer than they were 24 hours ago, and that is part of the reason why. we're not seeing any visibility issues this morning. definitely going to be toasty. so hopefully your ac is working fine, and then mass transit, a great choice today as well because it is a spare the air day. no delays for b.a.r.t. 23 trains out so far this morning. ace went out on time, and normal service, we don't have issues reported for vta either. we'll see how we're looking out of the central valley in less than ten. all right, thanks. peace, love, and plenty of tie dye. the partyn the park to celebrate the smer of love's 50th anniversary. >> motorcycle mayhem. this close call that had anti-trump protesters running for their lives. >> keep tabs on live weather and >> keep tabs on live weather and traffic whe
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would you cross a street? would you cross an ocean? would you go if you could use your knowledge to teach someone and, in the process, maybe learn something yourself? life is calling. how far will you go? peace corps. welcome back. take look. we're just getting our first images of a nasty roll-over crash in san jose. happened overnight. you can see that car completely flipped upside down. this is near curtner and union, tly after midnight. you see the car on its back. then you see that black car that
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police aric looking at, firefighters are looking inside there as well. we do have reports one person was injured, but their condition not released. police are still trying to determine if alcohol or speed played a role. we'll bring you any updates as soon as we get them in to our live desk. >> a motorcyclist faced charges for driving through a group of demonstrators in san francisco. protesters captured it all on camera. camera. people were rallying president trump's health care plan when it happened. protesters shared the video with us. a near miss shook them up, but will not stop them from future protests. >> this is video from similar training exercise in april.
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the community should not be alarmed by the sound of simulated gunfire or the presence of police cars and ambulances. officers will be firing blanks during the exercises. traffic surrounding berkley high's campus should not be impacted by the training. >> happening today, senate republicans expected to release a draft of their new health care bill. the bill has been prepared largely in secret ahead of an expected week. huge cuts to health care options for low-income americans like medicaid are expected. according to the congressional budget office, the house version of the bill would cut over $800 billion from the program over the next ten years. doctors and other health care providers are planning a protest today at zuckerberg san francisco general hospal. >> president trump defended his record iniowa, speaking in a campaign rally atmosphere for over an hour, he called the russia probe a witch hunt. he reiterated his desire for a border wall and immigration reform. the president also made a comment about secretary of commerce wilbur ross' presence at the rally.
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>> i love all people, rich or poor, but in particular positions, i just don't want a poor person. does that make sense? >> trump also attacked the news media and blasted his opponents as unbelievably nasty. a group of protesters was escorted out by children. >> the flower children who lived through the summer of love came back for a celebration. >> a party filled with peace, love, and plenty of nostalgia. katie was there last night. >> the crowd was fantastic. >> the summer solstice and a free concert brought people together on the anniversary of the summer of love. >> here we are 50 years later welcoming people back to golden gate park to create a connection between past and present. >> always interested in the haight-ashbury buzz i grew up in mar marin. i started going on peace marches against the vietnam war when i was 14. >> she wasn't alone. some 100,000 young people converged on san francisco in
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1967. flower children, hippies, counterculture. many opposed the vietnam war. like junior. >> i was a draft dodger for five years. they finally caught me, i ended up in prison. >> some say the summer of love vibe never ended. >> i feel like it's still haening. you just have to dig deeper. >> when i was walking around, i saw some elders still holding the torch and guiding us. guiding young people to still keep an eye on those priorities. >> not all priorities of the era were so pure. >> what do you miss most about it? >> the acid. >> tonight, the city's rec and park provided a safer trip. >> three, two, one! >> a light show projected on the conservatory of flowers. in san francisco, katie utes, abc 7 news. >> that looks brilliant. >> i wonder in the summer of love if it was hot like the summer we're seeing this year. >> surely nothing like today, at
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least, mike nicco. sweltering heat on the way. >> if it was in san francisco, you know it only lasted a day or two. here's a look at live doppler 7, clear and dry. no marine layer winds, no marine layer clouds. we're going to get the full amount of sunshine today, and you're going to feel it in places like here, walnut creek, looking south on 680 as you head towards 24. about 106 today in walnut creek. near record warmth. poor air quality possible. better sleeping starts tonight. head outside this weekend and enjoy the comfortable conditions. just remember to wear the sunscreen. let's jump right into the temperatures. this is what we're all talking about. 92 in milpitas. 97 in san jose. triple digits, los gatos, morgan hill, and gilroy. 79 in santa cruz. 95 in redwood city. the warm spot. peninsula, a lot of low to mid 90s there. we'll have 89, san mateo,o 84
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in millbrae. look at this, 69, half moon y. 72 in pacifica. 68 to 72, daly city into the sunset. we'll push the 80s in downtown south san francisco. and sausalito, but 96 in san rafael. that's one of the cool spots, in the north bay. look at the 100s, petaluma, sonoma, napa, northward. 87 at berkley, 88 in oakland. cool spots, everybody else around, 90 to 95 degrees. look at this, 104. that's the cool spot in our east bay valleys, brentwood. ridiculous, 108 today. my seven-day forecast. 100s gone after today, barely. 90s probably gone by sunday. we're back where we should be by monday. for the pride parade, temperatures in the mid 60s at 10:30 sunday morning. alexis. >> that's all right. hey, sue's been filling in for me a lot lately. i'll take that as a compliment. checking out the traffic maps, we have one issue in the fremont
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area, but it sounds minor. this is northbound 880 just before you get to thornton avenue. we have a solo vehicle crash that spun out, hit that wall, that barrier there, and quite a bit of damage, but it sounds like the driver is okay. part of the on-ramp is blocked and the main shoulder. also a quick check of drive times. westbound to castro valley, yellow. 12 minutes in the green, and northbound 280 into san francisco from highway one, you're in the green at nine minutes. >> golden gate bridge officials are set to vote on a plan to close all northbound les during the san francisco marathon. the proposal is t rheult of a london bridge terror attack where a man drove a vehicle into a crowd of people. during previous races, the bridge allowed traffic on southbound lanes and left one northbound lane open. under the plan, the bridge district says all northbound lanes would be closed from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. on sunday, july 23rd. >> we estimated there are about
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4500 vehicles that cross the bridge during that time. that's a smaller number than the 15,000 people registered to run for the marathon. >> golden gate transit buses will be allowed to travel northbound. they'll be accompanied by security vehicles patrolling the course. >> almost $4 million in disaster funds is available to help oakland recover from winter storms. a sewer main which backs up with water on fruitvale avenue is on the fix list. it will also fix damaged streets and mudslides. federal disasters were declared for the january and february storms. repairs were completed at 2 of 18 storm damage locations. the total cost is expected to be around $5 million. >> heads-up for parents. a popular car seat is being recalled. the danger it could put your children in. >> nothing like a game of uno with a world champ. javale mcgee spends the day with children's hospital oakland and this visit is something special. >> yes, plus the gift of life.
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two siblings beat the odds thanks to stanford hospital. now this morning's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, if you can't beat them, join them. >> nike is now the latest brand to team up with amazon. worrying about undermining its brand, they have agreed to sell some of isproduct on amazon as foot traffic in brick and mortar stores moves online. >> this shuttle will be making its way around parts of the university of michigan this fall. 15 passengers can ride at a time. >> but there's no driver. >> kind of cool. so a high-tech game in japan might be the wildest sport you have never seen. have never seen. >> check it out. >> it's basically robot sumo wrestling only way faster than actual sumo wrestlers. actual sumo wrestlers. the video is now
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california it's easy to add to the routine.
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for the thousands of wounded warriors returning from battle, wounded warrior project has developed the warriors to work program, a unique program that helps wounded warriors translate their military experience to the civilian workplace. the warriors to work program also works with employers to find the right job for the right warrior. contact wounded warrior project at welcome home the brave. thousands of baby car seats are recalled this morning, but t the whole seattclips. they're recalling the plastic chest clips on 207,000 car seats. the clips can break and pose a choking hazard. michael finney first alerted us to the issue last night. the company says the seats are still safe to use because the cls are not essential for securing the child. parents can contract them for a
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free replacement. michael has all the information on his facebook page. a consumer report survey says we're not thrilled with our cable tv companies, and more of us are cutting the cord. survey of 210,000 consumers gave high marks to services like google fiber. many said google provided reliable and cheaper service than traditional cable, leaving cable companies like comcast to receive low marks for pricing. also, more of us are saving money using streaming television. more than 800,000 americans have dropped their service so far this year. >> kids that can't easily get out in the world got a chance to meet a world champion. >> javale, we had a caller call in to say they love your smile. >> thank you. >> aw! >> the kids at children's hospital in oakland were smiling yesterday. javale mcgee of the golden state warriors stopped by to participate in the hospital's tv show, kids asked javale about his height, his cat, and softball. >> i thought you played
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basketball, not softball last time i checked. >> this is true. actually, a fact. this one is for my charity. which we take -- we build water wells inn yuganda. >> i didn't know we had a new reporter. >> his interviewing skills were on point. >> getting younger and younger. javale is hosting a softball tournament on saturday. kevin durant is expected to play. >> javale still had the beard going even though the finals are over. >> looks good, looks rested. ready to go next year. hope he's back next year. >> me, too. >> people outside the bay area don't understand how much the warriors give back to the community, all those haters out there. if they only knew. a look from sutro tower. a little hazy this morning. let's talk about the spare the air. everybody has good air quality right now. a good time to be outside. comfortable temperature wise. later on, poor air quality possible in the east bay valleys and santa clara valley. speaking of the east bay
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valleys, the alameda county fair, 94 at 11:00, 103 at 3:00. 89 at 7:00, and finally comfy at 11:00 at 75. and a day game at the coliseum with temperatures in the low to mid 80s. it will feel 10 to 15 degrees warmer than that if you're sitting in the sun. alexis. >> wow, maybe if you can talk your way into the dunk tank at the fair today, that wouldn't be such a bad idea. we're quiet on the roads right now. i want to talk about things this weekend. we have a major event, of course, pride celebration here in san francisco. so we've got the celebration both saturday and sunday at civic center plaza. saturday, 12:00 to 6:00. sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. then the actual parade is on sunday. that starts at 10:30 on sunday morning, and that will run up market street, starting at beal in the downtown area, financial district, and run up to eighth and a lot o street closures with this as well. the will sta closing at about 6:00 a.m., likely to about 3:00 in the afternoon. it's going to be really tough to drive through that area. one new issue on the peninsula, we'll check on that next.
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>> thank you. a family is making big plans for when a little boy returns home from recovering from a double lung transplant. his big sister had the same life-saving surgery three years ago. abc 7 was there when they met with one of the doctors yesterday. both siblings need lung transplants because of cystic fibrosis. 9-year-old david continues to recover after receiving his new lungs three months ago. >> how do you feel today? >> much better than i used to. thank you to the doctors and for everyone that has helped us get through this. >> they have done remarkably well. both with their transplants. >> they're sweet. surgeons tell us pediatric lung transplants are very rare. less than 50 were performed worldwide last year. >> fire updates, cooler center, and protecting your pets. next at 5:00, everything you need to know about today's finale of the heat wave. >> should san francisco police
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officers be armed with tasers? the new twist in the ongoing controversy. plus, we continue to track breaking news. we're getting new information, multiple people killed. a live report from the scene coming up in minutes. and this is not video from and this is not video from the win
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> are you ready 124 we're reaching the peak of the hottest string of days in nearly ten years. today, according to our weather team, will be the hottest one yet. >> good morning. it's thursday, june 22nd. i'm matt keller in for reggie. >> and natasha is with us. tracking breaking news. we have alexis


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