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tv   Nightline  ABC  June 23, 2017 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight new dash cam video of the deadly and controversial police shooting of philando castile. just days ago the officer's acquittal enraging a community. >> we've got to get out in & fight. >> the fatal reach? not caught on camera. what happened inside that car and the tensions at traffic stops across america. plus "the big sick." >> i've been dating this girm she's white. >> a romantic comedy based on a real-life romance. >> she was like this is our personal story, why would we want everyone to see it? >> how a chance encounter with judd apatow brought this silicon
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valley favorite to the big screen. and he opens up about working as a muslim community after 9/11. also tonight don't mess with mila. >> never. >> this 2-year-old is on a tear. airing her grievances with airport security and some other toddler trouble. but first here tonight, the "nightline" 5. and number 1 is coming
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good evening. and we begin here tonight with a bracing new look at a fatal traffic stop that shocked the world. just last week the officer who shot and killed philando castile was acquitted, adding more outrage to the already fraught relationship between the police and the black community. and now comes fresh video of this deadly encounter. >> please don't tell me that he's gone. >> reporter: it was the facebook live stream that horrified a nation. diamond reynolds, filming the aftermath of a shooting involving her boyfriend philando castile. hit several times by a police officer in minnesota. >> he's licensed to carry. he was trying to get out his i.d. and his wallet out his pocket and you let the officer know. >> reporter: now police dpash cam video released just this week -- >> hello, sir.
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>> good. how are you. >> reporter: shedding new light on the moments leading up to that shooting. >> you have your license and insurance? >> reporter: that's when castile reveals he had a gun, which he had a license to carry. about 40 seconds after approaching the car officer jeronimo yanez opens fire. >> i have to tell you, i do have a firearm on me. >> okay. don't reach for it then. don't pull it poupt. >> i'm not pulling it out. >> don't pull it out. >> reporter: he fired a total of seven rounds into the car. but what's not seen in either video is what castile was actually reaching for. officer yanez's defense team says he feared castile was reaching for that gun. >> i told him not to reach for it. and then he kept it right there. and i told him to take his hands off of it. and then he -- he had his grip a lot wider than a wallet. >> reporter: last week a jury acquitted yanez on charges of manslaughter and two counts of endangering castile's girlfriend and her young child, who was in the back seat at the time of the shooting. the verdict left a community reeling. this is philando castile's
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mother. >> and i am so very, very, very, very, very, very, very disappointed in the system here in the state of minnesota. the city killed my son. and the murderer gets away. >> reporter: this latest verdict adds to the list of recent high-profile fatal encounters such as the ones involving alton sterling, freddie gray, and terence crutcher where cops were either aquit or not brought to trial at all. renewing the national debate about how the justice system handles cases like these. and stoking long-simmering tensions between police and the communities they serve. >> when these communities are seeing these videotapes over and over and over again, i think there's a real sense of power msness. >> reporter: according to a report in the "new york times," of the recent 15 high-profile cases involving deaths of african-americans, only two have ended with a conviction or guilty plea of the police
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officers involved. >> by and large, when you have an officer who is telling the jury that he felt in danger for his life, it is very difficult to overcome that kind of testimony. and so we found -- prosecutors find that those cases are very, very difficult to prove. they're very, very difficult to convict. the standard is about what the officer perceives. that is very different from a layperson shooting a gun. >> things happen so quickly in some of these interactions that officers are just so tense and cautious and really on alert anytime they stop a car on traffic. >> reporter: tonight we spoke with former dallas police chief david brown about what he saw on that dash cam video. >> walk me through what you see on the videotape. >> it's very stark that the officer exhibited poor tactics in the way he approached the car. he walks right up, gets within
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very close proximity to the car. he stands right in front of the car door. all castile had to do if he was intending on harming the officer was open the door and push him back and knock him off balance, then draw his gun and do whatever he wanted to do. that is not what happens. >> and so just to be clear, you think the subsequent shooting was a dramatic overreaction? >> yes. and i believe given that the department terminated the officer, officer yanez, after the ruling of acquittal i think supports that, that this officer is not suited to continue on the force. those bullets could have passed through mr. castile, hit the kid, hit the girlfriend. it's just total recklessness in using your firearm. >> reporter: he says the key to avoiding these situations going forward is training. something we saw on stark display when we went on patrol with officers in richmond, california. >> lots of people carry around
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usually more firepower than the police do. >> reporter: it's a small city with a big gun problem. during our ride-along -- >> close the door. >> reporter: -- a routine traffic stop turned into an armed standoff. >> get your hands up! hands up! >> it's a firearm. >> reporter: the driver had a gun in plain view and within reach. >> hands up, man. >> keep your hands up! >> don't move. if you move you're going to get shot. do you understand? >> reporter: at first the driver was not complying. >> keep your hand right there. >> reporter: the driver finally put his hands on the steering wheel-a way from the gun. bu the two cops were outnumbered by the four men inside the car, and there was no telling whether the passengers were armed as well. >> keep your hands on the head reft. hands on the head rest. >> reporter: officer ben terio made a move. >> put a bead on him. >> reporter: holstering his gun, he disarmed the driver. >> i'm not doing anything. >> step out. step out of the car. put your hands behind your back. put your other hand behind your back. >> reporter: turned out there was a second gun in the back seat.
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>> revolver. >> reporter: officer terio said he had legal justification to shoot because there was a gun within the driver's reach and at first he wasn't complying. but he chose not to. >> keep your hands up, man. >> hands up! >> the difference is i've been in this situation so many times. if he was to reach for the gun just a little bit more, that's it. i can't wait anymore. training is probably the most key part of why that went down the way it did. >> reporter: more often than in many police departments all officers here in richmond are required to go through training like this. they do tefr few months. the purpose of this role play, to put officers in scenarios like traffic stops -- >> what's your first name? >> it's orlando. >> reporter: where they have to assess a situation and make split-second decisions that could mean life or death for themselves or for the driver. protocol, try to deescalate the situation using words. >> keep them on the steering wheel. don't move. >> reporter: they're trained to be transparent about what
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they're doing and why. >> i just need to see your hands, buddy. show me your hands. >> reporter: while also being vigilant about signs of a threat like a gun. >> i'm going in. >> reporter: and when necessary they're told do not hesitate to use their own gun. >> go down to your knees! >> maybe getting the guy to start talking about what his problem is. right? what's your name? what's going on? how can i help you? >> as the cop is approaching, you have to realize he doesn't know what's coming. >> reporter: motivated by the live-stream video in the aftermath of the philando castile shooting, kafe anderson, a biracial country music singer, decided to make this video showing exactly what he says drivers can do to defuse tensions at traffic stops and keep everybody, including the police, calm. >> you have to have your i.d. pulled out before the cop gets there. my car was completely turned off. the radio is all the way down, but i'm facing forward. both of my hands are here with my fingers out. >> reporter: the video went viral. >> at the end of the day the policeman wants to go home safely, we want to get home safely. even if the cop is having a bad day, you have to go home. >> reporter: but not all the
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feedback has been positive. >> it says, "doesn't this contribute to the blaming the victim?" and my response was i hope it doesn't. i pray that it helps defuse the tension between police and drivers when a traffic stop occurs. >> reporter: in the aftermath of the verdict in the philando castile case tensions across this country are higher than ever. and so are the stakes. >> if we come here with no weapons, why do y'all have -- >> reporter: lives are on the line every day, whether cop or civilian. next here, we're going to shift gears entirely. we're talking to judd apatow about his new movie "the big sick." the critics are loving this new rom com based on the real-life story of the star's cross-cultural marriage. nce wit! goin' up the country. love mom and dad' i'm takin' a nap. dude, you just woke up! ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪
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now to an unusual rom com that is getting a lot of love from critics. it stars a comedian who grew up in pakistan, and it tells the true story of his courtship and marriage to an american woman. here's abc's nick watt. >> i know, you guys said you don't need me to stay, but i think i'm just going to wait anyway. >> you guys broke up. i'm not sure why you're here. >> reporter: the big sick" is a rom com, a true story following a pakistani immigrant and struggling stand-up whose kind of ex cross-cultural girlfriend is in a coma. >> it's based on real stuff that happened know and my wife emily. >> reporter: xhul nanjiani stars and wrote the script with his sickly ex-girlfriend, now healthy wife. >> why did the real emily not appear in the film? >> she's not an actress. >> i have to tell you spg something. i've been dating this girl. she's white. >> a white girl?
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>> you can't look like you're -- >> it's okay. we hate terrorists. >> reporter: this is brought to you by producers judd apatow and barry mendel, who previously produced "bridesmaids" and "trainwre "trainwreck." >> i met kumail when i was doing pete holmes' podcast, and afterwards he said i have some movie ideas. >> i had a list of pitches. they were all dreadful. >> they were so bad i don't even remember what they were. >> the pitches were like it's a ghost of a witch. and that was a real one. >> and then he said oh, and there's this story that actually happened to us. >> he was like, all right, that's the movie we're going to make. >> reporter: nanjiani is probably best known for "silicon valley." >> you're not a strong negotiator. >> i'm a great negotiator. >> you're a terrible negotiator. >> i think "silicon valley" was just starting out. so he wasn't even at the level that he is now. >> i think we put it in the genre, what if we made a good movie? >> yeah. >> and that's it. >> initially what was fascinating was falling in love with somebody, having them get sick and winding up in a hospital hanging out with their
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parents. >> are you judge's pakistan's next top snold. >> no. we have arranged marriage in our culture. >> reporter: in real life kumail had not told his traditional parents he had a white girlfriend. they met when she heckled him ate stand-up show in chicago. >> you really shouldn't heckle comedians. it's so rude. >> i didn't heckle you. i just whoo-hooed you. >> as we got to know the story better and we began to understand how much of the story was about, you know, arranged marriage and the complications that he faced as a person trying to assimilate into america. >> i'm guessing it's a young single pakistani woman. >> this is zubeta. >> for your files. your x files. that's your favorite show, huh? the truth is out there! >> my parents have an arranged marriage and they're very happy, and i have a lot of cousins who have an arranged marriage and they all seem to be very happy. >> but you don't obviously regret -- >> no. no. first of all, we wouldn't have gotten a movie out of it.
12:56 am
a movie about a guy who listens to his parents and there's really no conflict at all. >> reporter: he grew up in pakistan, had never even shaken a woman's hand when he show showed up at grinnell college, iowa. this summer he gave the commencement address. >> the first time my parents met my wife, she was my wife. and you know what they did? they threw a big pakistani wedding. so here's another concrete piece of advice i can give you. have sex with an immigrant. we're going through a tough time right now. >> you can't just be a funny guy. you've got to be the muslim pakistani comic to a degree, right? >> well, i really felt the pressure when i first started doing it because i literally started at the end of 2001. so whenever i would get on stage i really, really had to address it. but what i learned was i would just do a quick little line and then i would just sort of do my jokes, which were pretty observational sort of one-linery things. about five years in i was like this is a big part of my life that i'm not talking about. so then i made the decision that i would start talking about it. but in a way that was true to my
12:57 am
experience of it. >> pakistan is a third world country. it's a developing nation. whatever. [ bleep ] third world country. >> reporter: that was unpronounceable. a joke about his name ten years ago. this from 2013. >> one of the levels in the new "call of duty" is called karachi. yep. the city i grew up in. they're basically like your hometown is now a battlefield! >> reporter: now "the big sick." >> 9/11. no, i mean, i've always wanted to have a conversation with -- about it with people. >> you've never talked to people about 9/11? >> reporter: his movie mother mother-in-law holly hunter. father-in-law, ray romano. >> i hated "everybody loves raymond." >> really? i love that show. >> really? >> yeah. >> plaid shirt, staircase in the broung
12:58 am
background. that -- >> you hate staircases? >> for me it was "ray romano's in it." and then i loved him. >> isn't he great? >> i thought i could start saying something and something smart would come out. >> when judd suggested him i was like, that's a stroke of genius. >> reporter: we met at meltdown comics in l.a. there's a theater in back. >> right here for six years i did a show here every wednesday. for six years. >> reporter: and taped his comedy central show "the meltdown" with jonah and kumail. >> is this seat -- okay. >> reporter: the big sick released this friday. nationwide mid july. focus grouped. >> they liked this movie even more than they liked bridesmaids and "trainwreck." >> it's my tip for culty hit of the summer. >> if you didn't like it but you had to pretend you liked it right now, how would you talk to me about it? >> it's really good. >> oh, thank you. i appreciate that. i would buy it. i'd buy your lie. >> reporter: as i mentioned, the real-life emily co-wrote the script. but zoe kazan plays her on
12:59 am
screen. >> i think i'm going to go home. >> wait. wait. >> we haven't even had sex again yet. >> yeah. i'm just not that kind of girl. i only have sex once on the first date. >> did you kind of fancy her a little bit as well? >> zoe kazan? >> yeah. >> oh, she's great. no comment on your question. i did ask emily to not be on set during the scenes where me and zoe had to make out. i asked emily to not be there. >> because you wanted to just enjoy it, right? >> well, i -- no comment. no, i just felt -- i just felt like -- why am i turning red? >> reporter: i'm nick watt for "nightline," in los angeles. next, a toddler on a rant about the tsa. how she's become a viral sensati sensation. and how her mom is reacting to some critical feedback online. [ crickets chirping ] [ light music playing ]
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and finally here tonight, as the parents of a toddler i know firsthand how demanding they can be. but check out this little girl. >> airport security.
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>> reporter: 2-year-old mila stauffer is fed up with airport security. >> he took my shoes and my sippy cup. >> reporter: the little diva venting about the stress of summer travel. >> what? i thought i was going to michigan. >> reporter: including the dreaded pat-down. >> let me out. but not charles. he got the pat down. >> reporter: this is not her first star turn. just recently this video of mila talking about her parents' budget went viral. >> no toys. no princess dress. my life is over. >> reporter: and here's another claim to fame. >> what is this? >> reporter: this rant is called "this isn't an iphone?" >> i thought i was being punked. >> reporter: mila's mom has shared a series of these toddler tirades racking up more than 2 million views on youtube and creating an internet sensation. >> she is a little bit strong-willed. but she's sweet too. >> reporter: mila's 14-year-old sister, who films and et cetera most of the videos, says mila's
1:06 am
rants are a team effort. >> sometimes she just says stuff. sometimes we'll have her repeat what she already said. and sometimes we'll add like a few lines to make it make sense. >> reporter: and the family saying this tonight in response to their critics. >> i get this isn't for everybody. but it's really something we do as a family that's fun. and it's supposed to make people laugh. >> reporter: moral of the story? toddlers can make video gold. and as every parent knows, they can also be a force to be reckoned with. >> i'm done with you. >> thank you for watching abc news tonight. as always, we're online 24/7 at and on our "nightline" facebook page. thanks again for watching. and good night.
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