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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 23, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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bagged. no outside alcohol can be brought inside the festival, but you can buy it inside. police urge everyone to stay with friends. there will be extra uniforms and plain clothed patrols but travel in groups when possible. pride goers are also encouraged to take public transit if possible. alexis smith will have details on all of the road closures this weekend. now, the big parade takes place sunday morning at 10:30, but the 14th annual transmarch will hit the streets tonight. participants will gather at dolores park and march to turk and tailor streets around 6:00 this evening. prior to the trans march, there will be a brunch and rally. those events kick off at 11:00 this morning. live in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> thank you, tiffany. we'll turn to the heat wave. this is a live look outside right now. the worst of the hot weather is behind us. this morning, some places like
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right there lookg at some fog out there. >> yeah, mike nicco says much of the bay area will still see warm temperatures today. as katie shows us, south bay residents are making an extra effort to help those most vulnerable in the hot weather. >> i'm lucky today. >> homeless advocates set up shop at st. james park in san jose handing out cold water and snacks to anyone in need. >> just something so they can be okay to survive the heat that we've been having, and so we don't lose any more people to death from heat. >> at least two people have died from heat related illnesses in san jose this week. one a homeless person in a car. santa clara also had homeless in mind when officials decided to open county libraries to pets. >> matthew and his mom had been taking turns staying outside with their dog queen until now. >> it's great. it's very wonderful to be able to have him, because she's still
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very young. >> it's a health concern throughout the entire county right now. so it's nice to do a little something that makes it a little easier for people to get through their day. >> caltrain has been forced to make accommodations in the heat when temperatures top 95 degrees, trains can't exceed 60 miles per hour. under normal conditions, they can go 79. yet, at the height of the heat wave, we found people bundled up in jackets. >> why not take it to the ice. >> the solar for america ice rink has declared itself the coolest place in town. >> and katie tweeted this after her report. you can see the resident that she just talked to that was in that story keeping his dog cool in the county library. pets are allowed in all eight of the santa clara county libraries today, as you heard in her story. >> 4:32 now. remember all the rain we had back in winter? that contributed to a massive snow pack in the sierra nevadas. now all that snow is melting quickly because of our heat
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wave. back in march, the snow pack here, 184% of normal. in the beginning of this month, down to 177%. just a few days ago, take a look over here, 143%. the department of water resources says run-off in rivers and reservoirs is up to 250% higher than average. >> power is back on this morning for most of the 3,000 pg&e customers who lost electricity in yesterday's heat. abc 7 news was in fremont where crews loaded up and replaced at least 400 transformers since saturday. heat is also blamed for tree branches that snapped and fell on power lines. you can track the temperatures where you live with the abc 7 news accuweather app. download it. >> police are asking for your help in identifying a suspected bank robber. investigators say the same man robbed a chase bank last week and a citi bank at san pablo town center on tuesday.
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detectives obtained this surveillance video in a liquor store. he's described as an african-american male, approximately 30 years old, 6 feet tall, medium build with a full trimmed beard. he also has several distinctive tattoos on his neck, shoulder and arm. >> a homeowner will not be charged for defending himself when he shot two people wednesday night. police say two men, one of them armed, tried to rob the man when he was alone inside his home on bird street. after being forced to open a safe, the man was able to get his gun and kill both suspects. there was someone in a getaway car who drove away after the shootings. a police investigation is ongoing. >> police have released a mugshot of mark peterson. he pleaded no contest to felony purgeacy last thursday. instead of jail time, he will do 250 hours of community service and spend three years on probation. he admitted to illegally spending $66,000 of campaign donations on personal items. he then lied about it on documents filed with the state.
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>> the golden gate bridge board of directors will decide whether or not all northbound lanes will be closed for the san francisco marathon. the bridge allowed traffic on southbound lanes and left one northbound lane open. given recent terror attacks, the board may take extra precautions this year. the district says all northbound lanes would be closed from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. on sunday, july 23rd. >> today, nascar fans will be packing sonoma raceway as their favorite drivers practicen the track. qualifying begins tomorrow for the save mart 350. tens of thousands of fans will bring heavy traffic all weekend lawn. eight different drivers have won the last eight races in sonoma. dale earnhardt, jr. will make his 18th and final appearance at sonoma. gates open at 10:00 a.m. today. drivers start practicing at noon. >> in petaluma, only hounds will be named the ugliest dog in the sonoma marin fair.
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the winning pooch and his or her owner get a trophy, $1500, and a flight to new york for media appearances. sweet pea took home the prize last year. judging is based on appearance and personality. it celebrates dogs who may have imperfections but are lovable and adoptable anyway. contest starts at 6:00 p.m. >> can't wait to have one of those on perfect pet. how many people will jump at that? >> the uglier they are, the more lovable. >> hi, everybody. we still have concerns with heat, but notice, it's just a select few areas now. mainly our east bay valleys. you can see the areas in orange. this is until 9:00 this evening. places like the tri-valley, out to highway 4 corridor and up into sonoma, solano county. here's a look from walnut creek. you can see our air quality is fine, but it's the inland east bay that could have poor air quality, putting all of us under another spare the air alert. here's a sign that things are
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changing. look at that. two degrees to 14 degrees cooler this morning. let's see what it translates to temperature wise. about 55 to 56 across s francisco. we've got glen park at 56. same thing in the marina, mission, castro, i can't name them all. they're mainly about 55 degrees. 60s from say union city, palo alto southward, low 60s. mid to upper 60s in the east bay valleys. petaluma 57 right now. san mateo bridge is starting to fog over. if you're on the water, breezy north of the bay bridge. watch out for the chop. on the roads, it's going to be good. not as hot. if you're taking mass transit, clouds and sunshine today. 68 in san francisco to 96 in antioch and livermore. the warm spots. relief returns. it will feel quite refreshing tomorrow with 60s near the coast, 70s around the bay and 80s inland and temperatures continue to drop through sunday. 60s, 70s, and 80s. i'll i'll let you know what's
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happening next. >> we have one new accident in the santa cruz mountains. if you're traveling on highway 17, the southbound direction, we have a disabled tractor trailer reported. that's in the right lane before you get to the summit. not seeing delays yet. that is countercommute direction. hopefully that won't turn into a big issue. a quick check of the bay bridge as you head into san francisco, you can see some of the fog. as you're around the treasure island area, inside the tunnel, right when you come out, it's pretty thick areas of the fog this morning, too. no dense fog advisory issued by chp, but we do have one for golden gate this morning. some areas with reduced visibility. we'll look at drive times in less than ten. >> all right, thanks. >> b.a.r.t. just voted to increase certain fares and that's not the only change they agreed on. >> elon musk likes to come up with creative concepts, but now he's trying to enter the music market. >> we'll keep tabs on live weather and traffic where you
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weather and traffic where you the energy conscious whopeople among us
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say small actions can add up to they don't help single moms. hi. hi. what happened to our house last year? it flooded. and the water flooded out. yeah. the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage, to be able to get it together and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
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b.a.r.t. is increasing fares for some passengers. and they're also backtracking on a contract policy. starting in january, anyone using paper tickets will have a bay a 50 cent surcharge. they're also extending youth fare discounts up to age 18.
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it will reduce the discount to 50% of adult fares down to 62.5%. the board of directors also avoted to repeal the seat deal. they will look at establishing a pilot program in the future. >> u.s. senate democrats and even some republicans are voicing their rejections of the health care bill. details surfaced yesterday after being crafted behind closed doors. we have more from washington, d.c. >> good morning. we knew the debate over health care wasn't over and it's just ramping up as republicans don't have the votes they need to pass the bill despite hoping for a bill. the senate republican health care bill drawn up under secrecy and kept under lock and key is revealed. >> obamacare is an attack on the middle class. >> donald trump called the deal mean, but democrats say the senate bill is meaner. >> the president said the senate
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bill needed heart. he cut health care is heartless. >> little negotiation, but it's going to be very good. >> under the proposed senate bill, americans would no longer be required to have health insurance. they could buy coverage with tax credits based on level of income, and some could end up paying a lot more for less. the senate bl also proposes major cuts to medicaid, rolling back obamacare's expansion. right now, it covers 1 out of 5 americans. welty americans on the other hand come out winners. they get sizable tax cuts. it would also give states the ability to drop the requirement that insurers cover essential services like emergency room visits. their bill allows states to opt out of requiring insurance companies to cover those with pre-existing conditions. republicans can only afford to lose two votes to pass the bill. and at this point, more than that have said they can't support the plan in its current form.
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janay norman, abc news, washington. >> covered california executive peter lee issued a statement saying it would not only provide skimpier health coverage, but millions of people would have no coverage at all. ed hernandez said california would have fewer people insured with more out of pocket expenses and skinnier coverage. we'll have more at 5:00. we have new details coming into the live desk on the death of american college student otto warmbier. north korea is now on the defensive. the country calling itself the biggest victim after warmbier was returned from over a year of detention in a coma. the korean central news agency has denied north korea tortured or cruelly treated warmbier and accused the united states of a smear campaign. u.s. doctors say he suffered severe neurological trauma but found no evidence of botulism. >> for the first time in about a
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month, thieves armed with hammers and a gun have targeted a bay area costco. it happened a about 11:00 yesterday morning on metro center boulevard. this is video from a similar incident in danville last month. yesterday, they broke a jewelry displace cay, took items inside in less than 30 seconds. they ran out of the store? into their car. >> tesla is considering opening a manufacturing facility in china, though not for the import back to the u.s. the proposed shanghai facility would serve the burgeoning chinese market which accounts for over 40% of global electric vehicle sales. in china, teslas are subject to import taxes that can make a $68,000 car cost over $100,000. the company did more than a billion dollars in business in china last year. most of its production will stay here in the u.s. >> speaking of tesla, also considering launching its own streaming music service, according to the tech site recode. according to the site's sources, the company has already spoken
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with several major labels about acquiring the rights to stream songs. the product could offer a tiered pricing model with customers able to choose their features. no word yet on if you would have to actually own a tesla to enjoy the service. >> apple's latest operating system, ios 11, rolled out, and includes a feature to make our roads safer. when activated, the do not disturb when driving mode will tell if you're inside a vehicle to see if your car is linked to the car by usb or bluetooth. anyone who texts you will get an automated response saying i'll see your message when i get where i'm going. your phone will still be able to give you driving direction and play music. >> the warriors will introduce the team's newest player who they acquired in last night's draft. >> the nba championsoughthe draft rights to university of oregon forward jordan bell. the 6'9" shot blocker was the pac-12's defensive player of the year and helped the ducks advance to the final four. the warriors didn't have any
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picks going into the draft, but they paid the bulls for the 38th pick. >> thrilled, and everybody we talked to had a lot of good things to say about him. and you know, he's -- like i said, he's one of the few guys we looked at and wanted to see if we could get. i was not optimistic we would be able to get him, but somehow, it came to fruition. >> bell will wear number 2 for the warriors and is expected to play on the summer league team in las vegas. >> 6'9". oh, my goodness. >> yes. they need a good nice defensive person in the middle of their lineup. we'll check in with mike who is talking about the cooldown. >> how could my favorite nba team draft a player who helped eliminate my favorite college team from the tournament last year? >> you're going to have to come to grips with that, mike. >> sorry, mike. >> i'll have a few month to do that. he played great against kansas last year. hi, everybody. here's a look at sutro tower. you can see, there he is,
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another old friend carl the fog coming back. that means we'll have cooling sea breeze everywhere today. becoming sunny. also a little sunshine, but it's not enough to break the heat, at least inland east bay and the poor air quality there. cloudy, cool, a little drizzle the next couple nights and the cooing will continue in the afternoons through tuesday. live doppler 7, pretty dry, but as i was driving out of the caldecott and across the bay bridge, i did run into mist and drizzle from time to time. 83n milpitas, 88 in san jose. low 90s, los gatos and gilroy. 72 in millbrae. low to mid 60s along the coast to 68 downtown san francisco. that's exactly where we should be. all right, the mets in town to take on the giants. giants back home after leaving atlanta with so many rain delays there. 62 at 7:15. dropping down to 57. it will become breezy. the north bay, mid to upper 80s. 83 in petaluma. napa at 86. oakland, 76.
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fremont, 84. mid 90s to upper 90s in the east bay. wow, what a relief. here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. still looks really nice all the way through the seven days. >> had to put my wipers on a couple times as well this morning. maybe the dense fog and a little bit of mist there on your windshield this morning too. we're looking at a pretty quiet start. we have one new issue in san ramon. northbound 680 before crow canyon, a report of some type of hazard in the two right lanes. we have not heard if that's a diabled vehicle or some debris. it's not causing a backup but i will give you an update if i get more info. drive times light. southbound 880, fremont to san jose, 15. and northbound 280 between 101 and cupertino, 11 minutes. talk about the north bay coming up next. >> thank you. how would you like to have an official state dinosaur? yeah, the giant step officials are taking to make it happen. >> as you gear up for sf pride,
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city hall is having a celebration. how you can say i do today. >> plus -- >> this is the coolest thing you will see all day. get ready t play super mario in real life. first this morning's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, a record robocalling fine. >> the fcc wants a florida company to pay out $120 million. they say the robocalls were made to cell phones violate a number of telecommunications laws. >> the company made more th96 million robocalls in the last three months of last year. >> amazon's digital assistant alexa is adding a skill to its resume. it can show owners a live video feed from their smart home cameras controlling with voice commands. >> a homeowner won't have to open a separate home security app to see who's ringsing the door bell. they can just ask alexa to show the front door. >> new apple store taking shape in chicago with a familiar look.
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>> the stoor's roof is designed to look like a giant mac book to look like a giant mac book laptop and
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(boy) grandpa, look what i got! (woman) oh dad, wait 'till you see the bike we got for jake. (narrator) hearing loss happens gradually with age... making it easy to ignore. yet most older americans aren't getting their hearing tested. untreated hearing loss can keep your loved ones from enjoying what they cherish most. (woman) dad, can you hear me? (narrator) don't let that happen. speak up about hearing loss. you'll be glad you did. welcome back. it's 4:53. are you ready it get married during pride weekend? the san francisco county clerk's office is inviting couples to tie the knot at a special lgbt pride celebration. extra marriage ceremony appointments are available and walk-in appointments will be
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assessmented on a first come first serve basis. they'll celebrate in a festive atmosphere celebrating lgbt pride. special licenses will be offered to couples today. to naming an official state oser dinosaur. this is a rendering of the dinosaur. >> ofolos? >> that's what we're saying, right? ofolos. there's a pf in there. fossils have only been found in california. the bill has advanced to the next committee. seven other states as well as columbia have official dinosaurs. >> i had no idea. >> a 12-year-old me would be very excited. >> the adult me is excited. >> this 96 story is going to make a lot of gamers smile. >> this is blowing my mind. a developer has created a super mario brothers game for mario brothers game for augmented reality.
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>> look at this. this video was posted online. he said he did this using microsoft hollow lens set. this is not on the market. he just did this on his own. it gives you a taste of what augmented reality games could end up looking like. he tested it out on new york's central park. that's him playing on the screen, dressed as mario. because it's new york, nobody looked at him twice. nobody cared he was jumping up and smashing the mushrooms and getting the coins. we posted the entire video on our website. it's worth watching. >> i have two thoughts. one, it's great people can actually when they're playing video games get out and get exercise. which is really cool. number two, we are all going to look really, reallyweird. walking around, jumping up. did you see that?he glov, too. looked like super mario. i feel so uncreative.
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not creative right now. oh, my god. that was awesome. let's talk about the alameda county fair where it was 100 yesterday at 11:00. it will be 83 today. 93 at 3:00. 82 at 7:00, and 69 at 11:00. it's going to feel great there. nascar your thing, and it's a lot of people's thing. you would be surprised if you try to get around sonoma this weekend. 85 today. 82 tomorrow, and 80 sunday. watch out for the strong sunshine. and of course, pride this weekend. and we're part of the pride parade here at abc 7. starts at 10:30. i'm going to talk about nascar this weekend, too. traffic wise, it is really going to be tough going on state route 37. base clay, the entire weekend. so starting today, we have events at the raceway, so sonoma raceway, toyota save mart 350. the main event is sunday, but we have qualifying, practice laps, all that stuff starting today. gates will open at 10:00 today. 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, and then sunday, nice and early at 7:00 a.m., and we're expecting
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gridlock there for state route 37. both from vallejo and from 101 side as well. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. a stack up in the cash lanes. up the middle, looking great. next traffic update at 5:00. >> thanks, alexis. >> the revised health care bill is open to the public. 5:00, what it will mean for us in california? >> and take a drive with drone view 7 as it flies over the transformation happening in the san francisco south of market neighborhood. >> and why california is paying other states to take our solar ener energy. >> a live look at the east bay hills. just the beginnings of a sunrise this morning. keeping live weather, live keeping live weather, live traf
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hi. the cooldown is coming. slowly. we peaked on our heat wave, and that means carl the fog is taking over the bay area. >> and carl is taking over the bridges too. believe it or not, yes, that is the golden gate bridge on the left. the bay bridge on the middle and the san mateo bridge on the right. you want to take it easy. we have a dense fog advisory in effect for golden gate. the other ones we don't have an official dense fog adviery, but i drove in on the bay area, and pretty dense. >> i used the windshield wipers i think twice. especially coming out of the caldecott, it was really thick. >> good to know. >> if i could hug the fog, i would hug it. >> luckily, we can hug you, mike. >> group hug. >> tv hug. >> the reason we do that is because hr is also watching. >> who knows how far the wires will let us go,


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